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Information war against Russia - a threat to Syria

In the age of information technology, the Internet and independent media have become dangerous. weapons in the hands of special structures of different states. Information warfare is constantly being waged against a particular country.

The fact that the media is the fourth branch of government in the state has not been in doubt for a long time, and the governments of some countries have been successfully using the media for many years to justify their actions or to enlist the support of the people in one or another illegal or “foul-smelling” campaign. And also to create public sentiment in another country to achieve their goals. Many websites, television channels, print media and radio stations in all countries work to create public opinion that is beneficial to customers or creators of these information resources.

At present, an information war is being waged against Russia in order to create public opinion, which will further influence the power structures and, as a result, the official position of the Russian Federation in relation to the Syrian conflict. Today, Russia officially supports the Syrian government.

There are websites created on Russian domains (NEW-SYRIA.RU, OKO-PLANET.SU, etc.), which also have their own pages in all popular social networks. And they openly support the Syrian opposition, in whose ranks either mercenaries or militants are fighting, but clearly not the Syrian “peaceful” opposition.

In particular, I would like to talk about the site NEW-SYRIA.RU, which contains misinformation about events in Syria. It can be assumed that this site was specially created for these special purposes. US structures or their allies. The site openly distributes questionable materials that are not true.

So, in early February, a video was posted on the site called "Assad, stop killing children." The description says that the video shows a peaceful demonstration of students, which was shot at by government troops of Bashar al-Assad and one of the students was killed as a result of the shelling. In fact, the video does not record the fact of the use of weapons by government forces. A crowd of young people is shown, shouting anti-government slogans while moving along a city street, after which shots are fired, but no fighters of the government troops are shown, and it’s not at all clear where they shot and where. Then a crowd of people gets into the camera lens, which carries the body of a young man, but where did this crowd come from, and from where does the body of the deceased teenager remain and remains unclear. In this case, a completely opposite scenario is possible: the fighters of the opposition groups opened fire on a peaceful demonstration in order to discredit the government in the eyes of the people of Syria and the world community.

This fact of intentional misrepresentation of information is not the only one on the above mentioned sites. Also, the speeches of representatives of different countries, including Russia, are distorted, phrases are pulled out of context in order to achieve the opposite or other meaning of what was said or written by high-ranking officials.

Other activities of these sites and publications aimed at the dissemination of misinformation related to the combat readiness of Syria and its allies. This is confirmed by the fact that the events related to the Israeli air raids on Syrian objects are misinterpreted in the media.

The Strategy Page publication writes in its article: “Having completed three air strikes on Syria this year, Israel did not suffer any losses, despite the fact that Damascus, as is commonly believed, has modern Russian ground-to-air systems.”

This article aims to create a negative opinion about Russian weapons and create the illusion of the alleged superiority of the United States and its allies over Syria and Russia.

It should be noted that since these sites are located on Russian domains and all information on them is presented in Russian, their main target audience are Russians. This raises questions about how important Russia's support is for the Syrian government.

On the other hand, support for Syria is also strategically important for Russia itself, since the coming to power of opposition forces may mean, in the future, the presence of the American contingent in Syria, which in turn is a direct threat to the Russian Federation.
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  1. Xmypp
    Xmypp 7 June 2013 07: 29
    Cotton wool. In order to control the Internet within the country, you only need a desire to do this.
    If this applies to content from Europe, then bend the backbone provider (we can count them on the finger). The same is true in the country.
    It just turns out that as such the government has no control.
    1. Orel
      Orel 7 June 2013 10: 23
      We are currently responding well to the West in the information war. For example, Russia Today has for several years been the leader in annual audience growth in the United States, and on the Internet (on YOUTUBE), our channel is the undisputed leader and the American CNN and FOX NEWS lose it very significantly.
  2. My address
    My address 7 June 2013 08: 05
    Owner of the information owns the situation. And information about the merits of Russia can and should be created.
  3. Grenz
    Grenz 7 June 2013 08: 14
    It is naive to assume anything else. Lenin once said: "... the ideology of emptiness does not forgive." Or ours or someone else's.
    Under the Union, KONTPROPAGANDA issues were dealt with at the level of the Central Committee; there were corresponding departments in the PU SA of the USSR and the KGB of the USSR. Now this concept is ordered not to even be mentioned, but not what to implement. And who will do it.
    Specialists on counteracting the negative psychological information impact of the enemyas the real power is neutralized, the posts are transferred to a pack of officials, papers writing and filling them with everything and everyone.
    Powerful special services of the United States in matters of psychological warfare have vast experience, the world wide web, and well-developed techniques (as a rule they don’t misfire. Well, it’s just a hitch with Syria. They didn’t take anything from the ground to methodically discredit the regime.)
    And to which agency can we entrust the defense of our positions in the international arena and even domestically?
    Hey !? Where are you the ideological defenders of Russian interests, where are you specialists in the field of psychological warfare, in which department to look for you. Silence in response. Our campaigns on sites do not count.
    Who owns the information that owns the world. The Third World (psychological) war is already underway. We are on the defensive, in the trenches and are just fighting off somehow, we may soon be counterattacking. I really hope so!
    1. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 7 June 2013 13: 05
      Quote: grenz
      And to which agency can we entrust the defense of our positions in the international arena and even domestically?

      Issue of creation information warfare authority very sharply stood at the turn of the 2005-8 years. His decision was most seriously involved Specialists of the State Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. The structure involved 3 general positions, several departments with a total number of employees of up to a thousand people. The initiator of its creation was the GDP. But LADY wanted to steer such a structure herself. Tug games began: to whom this sharp instrument will belong. As a result, the GDP waved at the rejects of the receiver by hand, and everything went into mud.
      And then reduction and reform ... Already working structures went under the knife, to say nothing of those not yet created. So a good deed failed in the bud. The pro-American lapdog with the brains of the Ministry of Taxes and Reconciliation has spoiled here, having left the field of information battle to the mercy of the States and K *.
      RўRμRїRμSЂSЊ, instead of leading information, we are forced to “refute”, but few people believe that it is justified.
      "And you say ... PEACCOUNTS!" (C) - "White sun of the desert".
  4. regdan
    regdan 7 June 2013 08: 24
    +2 не поддерживает оппозицию.
    Вот несколько последних из их публикаций
  5. DeerIvanovich
    DeerIvanovich 7 June 2013 09: 02
    The whole truth about the events in Syria:
  6. Proud.
    Proud. 7 June 2013 09: 06
    Ivan Turgenev: "The Russian is the greatest and most inane liar in the whole world." Alexander Pushkin: "A people indifferent to the least duty, to the least justice, to the least truth, a people that does not recognize human dignity, that does not fully recognize either a free person or free thought" ... I ran into these quotes about two years ago, in the comments on the Tube (YouTube). I got angry, began to dig on the Internet. Here's what I found: (I.) Quotes, supposedly belonging to prominent figures in science and literature, published on sites where there are free forms for adding comments, and all publication dates are not earlier 07.2008, that is, a massive attack of lies and slander began about a month before the barbaric extermination of the inhabitants of South Ossetia
    (II.) The starting point for spreading the false journal is the Tbilisi pro-government website He cited it as an example of the information war. For more details, see
    1. cartridge
      cartridge 9 June 2013 00: 29
      For sakin children, chronic lying is an inborn norm of behavior. And if they even pay for the lies, then they are just masters of sports in lies.
  7. Vtel
    Vtel 7 June 2013 10: 24
    There are websites created on Russian domains (NEW-SYRIA.RU, OKO-PLANET.SU, etc.), which also have their own pages in all popular social networks. And they openly support the Syrian opposition, in whose ranks either mercenaries or militants are fighting, but clearly not the Syrian “peaceful” opposition.

    The backsides creating enti sites need to be in a well-heated pan, but a little more brushwood. And if they are not sitting with us, then let them read the alphabet - Trotsky - Rise and Fall. In this regard, Massad must be paid tribute to - they do not take permissions from anyone, they administer their court.
  8. d_trader
    d_trader 7 June 2013 11: 11
    Why the author decided that the Eye of the planet supports bandits in Syria is not clear ..
  9. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 7 June 2013 11: 36
    As for me, the Western news agencies have long created a rating of hypocrites and liars in Russia, I think they understand this very well and don’t really bother, it remains to deal with home-grown liberal media.
    SPIRITofFREEDOM 7 June 2013 13: 40
    We had enough of their jeans and chewing gum in the 90s
    Doshihpor cannot worry!
  11. elenagromova
    elenagromova 7 June 2013 14: 56
    OKO-PLANET.SU, as far as I know, does not support the "opposition", rather the opposite. Even my articles were there, and they were treated kindly. Another thing is that sometimes some questionable material from another resource can be accidentally placed there.
  12. elenagromova
    elenagromova 7 June 2013 15: 04
    As for the NEW-SYRIA website, the Qatari embassy allocated a million dollars to the Moscow "oppositionists" for its creation. Only that money, it seems, was appropriated, and the site was piled at a cheap option, if only to report to the owners. But the family of a certain Mahmud Al-Hamza then had an apartment in Moscow. And other "Moscow opponents" heated their hands.
    1. cartridge
      cartridge 9 June 2013 00: 32
      Well, so the fact that there are no honest people in the white carpets and will not be, it became clear right away, as soon as the Germans, Kasyanovs and other anal ones froze there ...
  13. Varies
    Varies 9 June 2013 12: 04
    The article put a minus for the info-throw regarding the oka-planets, in fact it is correctly written only in relation to the new-Syria, but no evidence was given against the oka-planets.