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German military suspected of purchasing defective weapons

In the Bundeswehr, a corruption scandal is ripening due to possible purchases of a defective rifle weapons. In the field of view of the judiciary got the Ministry of Defense and the Office of the supply of the Bundeswehr.

The prosecutor's office of the city of Koblenz investigates a case of suspicion of corruption in the Bundeswehr. The investigating authorities suspect a certain general in the German Ministry of Defense, an employee of the Federal Office for the Supply of the Bundeswehr, as well as a number of weapons companies in organizing the supply of several kinds of defective small arms to the German army. Inspections revealed insufficient accuracy of hitting during firing and too rapid wear of procured weapons, reported on Sunday, May 26, the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag.

The Federal Office for the Supply of the Bundeswehr confirmed the information about the investigation carried out by the prosecutor’s office of Koblenz, but refused to disclose its details. However, as reported by the n-tv channel on its website, back in March 2013, the department carried out checks and seized some documents. In addition, this structure of the Bundeswehr gave permission for the failed project to develop the Euro Hawk drone, because of which German Defense Minister Thomas de Maizière was under fire.
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  1. avant-garde
    avant-garde 3 June 2013 06: 17 New
    Yes, know in all countries, not only do we have our own Serdyukovs yes ! It’s interesting, but he will be imprisoned or brutalized with house arrest.?!
    1. Yuriwhite
      Yuriwhite 3 June 2013 06: 36 New
      If they put him in a 3-room cell with all conveniences, and on weekends he will be fired for good behavior.
      1. il grand casino
        il grand casino 3 June 2013 11: 55 New
        German prisons are not Norwegian ... although of course not ours.
  2. Vanek
    Vanek 3 June 2013 06: 39 New
    Everywhere there are Serdyukovs. laughing
    1. Ruslan67
      Ruslan67 3 June 2013 06: 47 New
      Quote: Vanek
      Everywhere there are Serdyukovs.

      And in some places Serdyuchka tongue wassat
      1. Vanek
        Vanek 3 June 2013 06: 50 New
        Quote: Ruslan67
        And here and there

        Well, how could it be without them? laughing

        I will give you a fantasy wassat
        1. Ruslan67
          Ruslan67 3 June 2013 06: 51 New
          Quote: Vanek
          I will give you a fantasy

          Rather -Faking horror show wassat
          1. Yarbay
            Yarbay 3 June 2013 07: 01 New
            Quote: Ruslan67
            horror show

            Good morning!!
            Germans probably in shock))))))))
            1. Ruslan67
              Ruslan67 3 June 2013 07: 55 New
              Quote: Yarbay
              Germans probably in shock))))))))

              Rather, in a coma, trying to understand what it is? science fiction what or horror am wassat
            2. il grand casino
              il grand casino 3 June 2013 11: 56 New
              He monitored German news for two days - nothing ...
              1. Aleks28
                4 June 2013 00: 23 New
                Quote: il grand casino
                He monitored German news for two days - nothing ...

                And nothing will happen. In Germany, do you know whether democracy, but freedom of the press ..... wink
  3. waisson
    waisson 3 June 2013 06: 56 New
    they even plant them and we only verbally mock
    1. Aleks28
      4 June 2013 00: 26 New
      Quote: waisson
      they even plant them and we only verbally mock

      Yes, calm down you, no one will be imprisoned .... Not that flight to sit.
  4. qwertynsan
    qwertynsan 3 June 2013 07: 08 New
    how they will be planted in them so we verbally scolded the same punishment.
  5. kind
    kind 3 June 2013 07: 12 New
    Probably, our general was paid to this, so that he turned the deal! laughing
  6. Edward72
    Edward72 3 June 2013 07: 13 New
    At one time, he worked at the construction site together with the Germans, so to say one thing they steal is no worse than ours.
  7. Scandinavian
    Scandinavian 3 June 2013 07: 23 New
    Dear Germans, where did your pedantry go? Where do the eyes of Hans and Greta look?
  8. Ermek
    Ermek 3 June 2013 08: 19 New
    In the photo, this Hans looks more like a black-browed divin. And the eyes are not blue at all, but like mine.
  9. JonnyT
    JonnyT 3 June 2013 08: 46 New
    Crisis x..le! German generals have nothing to buy truffle and Hennessy, that’s stealing, a lot of teachers))
  10. pa_nik
    pa_nik 3 June 2013 09: 37 New
    Quote: avant-garde
    Yes, know in all countries, not only do we have our own Serdyukovs!

    In the end, how will it be !? The country in which there are fewer will win !? lol
  11. Russ69
    Russ69 3 June 2013 09: 43 New
    I recall the recent scandals in the US Army, when the Chinese bought cartridges, it recently turned out that in Afghanistan they bought 600 bucks screwdrivers. They steal no less, if not more and there is nothing to be surprised at, then the system is one ...
  12. AlexxxNik
    AlexxxNik 3 June 2013 10: 33 New
    too fast wear of purchased weapons,
    whether the legs grow here from the declared fabulous shootings of the same glocks and M-4, the arithmetic is different, for the brochure and for practical use
  13. Yeraz
    Yeraz 9 June 2013 21: 54 New
    Even the Germans have problems))
  14. Aleks28
    15 August 2015 20: 21 New
    German G36 submachine gun invalid 0
    Text: Anna Rose
    18.04.2015, 15: 18
    Print version Print version
    Experts provided the German Ministry of Defense with feedback on the technical characteristics of the G36 assault rifle, which is in service with the Bundeswehr. As it turned out, he shoots past the target and heats up very much. The German government has long deliberately hushed up problems.