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Traces of reform found in Aviaremont


Rosoboronzakaz believes that Anatoly Serdyukov is to blame for the problems of the holding

Yesterday, the collegium of the Federal Defense Order Service (Rosoboronzakaz) discussed the performance of Aviaremont OJSC (a subsidiary of Oboronservis OJSC). It was recognized that the subholding is constantly disrupting the terms of contracts for the repair of aircraft (the work has not been done since 2011 of the year), but continues to regularly receive advance payments. As stated by Kommersant, the head of Rosoboronzakaz, Alexander Potapov, this became possible as a result of the reform of ex-minister Anatoly Serdyukov: Aviaremont departed from the original regulations, according to which the military had previously independently repaired aircraft. The Ministry of Defense recommended to recreate the apparatus of the chief of armaments.

The main report at the board was made by the head of the department of control of the state defense order (GOZ) Yuri Stolyarov, who oversees the department aviation direction. So, according to him, the work on the state defense order of 2011-2012 in the part of servicing airplanes, helicopters and flight support equipment totaling more than 75 billion rubles. The Ministry of Defense did not accept the “Air Repair”. Under the contracts, including from 2011, 11 aircraft and 24 helicopters have not yet been repaired. When discussing financial indicators, it turned out that between 2011 and May 2013, the military provided Aviaremont with 100 percent advance payment of the work planned under the SDO (42 billion, 37 billion and 34 billion rubles, respectively). This was done, according to Mr. Stolyarov, without any justification.

There were questions at Rosoboronzakaz and the income of Aviaremont. So, in the 2011 year, the profit of the subholding amounted to about 690 million rubles - of which about 140 million rubles. was received as income from placing funds in the accounts of commercial banks. In 2012, the bank interest rate exceeded already 210 million rubles. At the same time, according to Rosoboronzakaz, over 36 million rubles. They were given by Aviaremont to co-contractors - they still have not received information about the return of loans issued by the department. According to a Kommersant source in Rosoboronzakaz, the department’s requests in Aviaremont were not answered, citing commercial secrets.

“We need to understand: this is a company engaged in the repair of weapons and military equipment, or a financial institution that earns money from the Ministry of Defense,” Alexander Potapov, head of Rosoboronzakaz, told Kommersant. “What we revealed as part of Avairmont’s inspection is unprecedented. the work was financed by the Ministry of Defense ideally, exactly at the time prescribed by the contract, and the work undertaken by Aviaremont was simply ugly. If it was a Soviet period, all the heads would have flown away customer and by the artist. " In his opinion, the reason for the emergence of such a situation was the results of the reform carried out by ex-Minister Anatoly Serdyukov. "Neither in Soviet times nor in 2000-s such questions arose, because all the military factories were under the direct control of the Ministry of Defense," he said to "Kommersant". "They were led by military personnel who clearly adhered to the regulations and GOSTs determining that how to repair. " With the incorporation of factories and an increase in the number of civilian specialists, he said, these rules no longer worked.

Rosoboronzakaz recommended that the Ministry of Defense reestablish the apparatus of the chief of armament of the armed forces of the Russian Federation, as well as the corresponding structures in the types and types of troops. In fact, according to the Kommersant source in the department, the military was asked to return to the system that was in place until 2011, when the technical tasks for the repair of weapons were subject to mandatory coordination not only with representatives of the air force, but also with the permission of the deputy minister for armaments. According to Kommersant’s information, representatives of the Ministry of Defense who were present at the meeting (their orders are carried out by Aviaremont) left the comments of colleagues without comment, keeping silent even when they were given the floor.

Yesterday, the military was recommended to make a decision on the restructuring of Aviaremont and the transfer of its industrial plants only after the settlement of financial claims between customers, a subholding and co-contractors. Recall that, according to the plans of the Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu, the transfer of the nine aircraft repair factories of Aviaremont should take place in two stages: the second quarter of the 2013 of the year (the conclusion of the contract and the transfer to the trust management of the United Aircraft Building Corporation) shares of aircraft factories in the authorized capital of the corporation). However, according to Mr. Potapov, it is first necessary to resolve the issue of the full or partial transfer of all enterprises of the subholding. “If not all Aviaremont enterprises are transferred to the United Aircraft Building Corporation, the Russian Helicopters holding company, Oboronprom, then it is necessary to understand what will become of them”.

According to Kommersant’s information, Rosoboronzakaz is checking the subholding for use of counterfeit products during aircraft repair: its results will be sent to the investigating authorities.
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  1. rennim
    rennim 30 May 2013 10: 24
    And what will the transfer of military aircraft repair plants to a civilian give? There is even less order ...
    1. GreatRussia
      GreatRussia 30 May 2013 10: 40
      In his opinion, the reason for the emergence of such a situation was the results of the reform carried out by ex-minister Anatoly Serdyukov.

      This surname will indeed go down in the history of Russia accordingly!
      For what a person lives life, he probably does not understand.
    2. the polar
      the polar 30 May 2013 14: 07
      "And what will the transfer of military aircraft repair plants to civilian life give? There is even less order there .."

      It will lead to a complete collapse of the maintenance and repair of aircraft and to an unpredictable increase in the number of accidents. Well, of course, to a multiple increase in repair costs.
  2. Vtel
    Vtel 30 May 2013 10: 38
    Rosoboronzakaz believes that Anatoly Serdyukov is to blame for the problems of the holding

    Yes, I couldn’t do such a Tolik, here rather women are involved in any way. This is a big deal - in the zone, it would probably become a godfather, Schaub for such a period and so much - just a thieves talent. All the same, we must admit that in the furniture workshop, specialists work, polish the upper class, and even receive a premium from above. The circus is military!
  3. Ruslan67
    Ruslan67 30 May 2013 11: 10
    There is still a suspicion that the work on the collapse and sawing started long before him, and he already like a hamster going after the harvester, he picked up what remained
  4. andr327
    andr327 30 May 2013 11: 59
    Another fact is that the ongoing reform was not prepared: the possible options and consequences of the reorganization in the operation of military equipment, mob.readiness and personnel issues of personnel, ensuring the vital activity of troops were not calculated. But experts on these issues warned about the disastrous course of reforms. However, the head of the furniture factory simply spit on the opinion of the little green men: "What do they understand about sawing and polishing, it's dark!"
    1. The comment was deleted.
  5. ded10041948
    ded10041948 30 May 2013 13: 13
    And who would doubt! "Girls" also want to eat, and the salary is so small! (The monthly salary of any of these creatures is approximately equal to the annual pension of a veteran of the Armed Forces! And this is not counting the various bonuses that they regularly wrote out to themselves, loved ones!). Now they will be carefully discarded from all accusations and there will be peace and quiet. And the damage that they inflicted on the Armed Forces, at best, will be called insignificant (Who would explain to me, an old fool, and what then is the collapse and undermining of combat readiness?)
  6. NickitaDembelnulsa
    NickitaDembelnulsa 30 May 2013 13: 20
    Mig-25 Under repair !? Hooray! He still has a long fly.!
    1. VAF
      VAF 30 May 2013 14: 07
      Quote: NickitaDembelnulsa
      Mig-25 Under repair !? Hooray! He still has a long fly.!

      This photo was shot at least 5 years ago! In the photo Mig-25RU, no one is flying anymore (out of 2 extreme living flies)!

      So what about fellow , and even more so .. "for a long time to fly" with this to you, dear, only to the 3-volt and 100-watt .. there is such ... "ride" wassat
  7. ale-x
    ale-x 30 May 2013 13: 42
    Do you really believe that these are the consequences of "rash actions". The hedgehog understands that all these reforms are clearly planned and carried out in order not to restore or strengthen the country's defense capability, but, on the contrary, to destroy it (defense capability, and the Russian Federation) ...
    One person, not a group, not even very greedy for this is not capable ...
    Here and not only the personal interests of "our" comers, but also the hand of the intellectuals from Langley is clearly visible.
  8. the polar
    the polar 30 May 2013 14: 11
    It seems that the advisers from the CIA, not only worked with Chubais, but are now actively working in all Russian ministries.
  9. Sinbad
    Sinbad 30 May 2013 14: 11
    Serdyukov again. Yes, only the items listed in the article are enough to accuse him of sabotage and sabotage. So what?
    1. vladimirZ
      vladimirZ 30 May 2013 16: 51
      Serdyukov must be declared an enemy of the people with all the ensuing circumstances.
      As many as Serdyukov did for the destruction of the army, navy and air force of our state, not a single enemy of the people of the 30s did.
      And the connections, the main connection, on whose task he worked to identify this "figure", so that they do not stand aside.
      1. VAF
        VAF 30 May 2013 19: 57
        Quote: vladimirZ
        Serdyukov must be declared an enemy of the people with all the ensuing circumstances.

        This is not even discussed, +! But ..... "we are not 37th year" recourse

        Quote: vladimirZ
        And the connections, the main connection, on whose task he worked to identify this "figure", so that they do not stand aside.

        But I wonder who submits to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation? lol