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In the winter period of training, the flight time of the crews of the Russian Air Force was completed

In the winter period of training, the flight time of the crews of the Russian Air Force was completed

In Voronezh, at the final stage of the training and methodological gathering of the leadership of the Air Force (Air Force) of Russia 24, the Military Council of the Air Force was held in May, during which the winter training period was summed up.

The meeting of the Military Council was attended by representatives of the Air Force High Command, commanders of the military transport and long-range aviation, the troops of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th commands of the Air Force and Air Defense, commanders of military units directly subordinate to the Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force, and the heads of universities.

According to the results of the winter period of training, the air force crews raid was performed in full, tactical exercises were conducted with military units of anti-aircraft missile and radio engineering troops with military firing at military ranges. It is noted that the 2012 graduate pilots of the year have already begun independent flights.

Until the end of the year, Air Force units will receive the Su-34, Su-30CM, Su-35С, Yak-130, Ka-52, Mi-28Н, Mi-8МТВ-5 helicopters, Sky-M and Podlet radar helicopters. "As well as the C-400 anti-aircraft missile systems and the Pantsir-S anti-aircraft missile and cannon systems.

In aviation centers, flight crews successfully retrain to new types of aviation equipment. Currently, pilots master the newest aircraft Su-34, Yak-130, Su-27CM3, Su-30M2.

Following the winter training period, a number of officers were awarded diplomas and thanks from the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

In the summer period of training, flight personnel of aviation units will continue to improve their skills during scheduled flights and tactical flight exercises as part of aviation squadrons and aviation groups.

The commander-in-chief of the Russian Air Force, Lieutenant-General Viktor Bondarev, emphasized the increasing level of training for flight personnel and their training for their intended purpose, the press service and information department of the Russian Defense Ministry said.
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  1. Bykov.
    Bykov. 28 May 2013 08: 07
    ... In the winter period of training, the raid of the crews of the Air Force of the Russian Federation was completed in full ...

    This is truly a good news, especially after the previous "no-fly" 90s. Life has become better, life has become more fun, and so on ...
    1. afire
      afire 28 May 2013 08: 48
      They should protect the country, let them work harder and learn more. Good luck to them! Yes, and to all of us!
      1. astra
        astra 28 May 2013 12: 27
        In the winter period of training, the flight time of the crews of the Russian Air Force was completed

        Pleased with the increase in flight hours for pilots, but the low number of pilots is sad. Statistics of wars shows that in the initial period of wars, the number of trained pilots dies, if there is no reserve, you have to hastily prepare new ones, and all this time and money. So it is necessary to increase the number of pilots along with new aircraft.
    2. VAF
      VAF 28 May 2013 17: 35
      Quote: Bulls.
      Truly Good News

      The news is really good, because truthful, only according to the results of the preparation for the transition period (in this winter) the results of the LEVEL OF PREPARATION, i.e. so many flights have been performed, they are day / read, PMU, SMU, they have been granted admission in extreme M / M weather, so much to the training ground .... with all types of TSA (I’ll list) .. so much so, young .. mastered the following levels of B / P, etc. ... wow .. news, and so ..... well, they flashed, well ????

      Further ... what the hell is retraining on the Su-27SM№ and Su-30M2, in which Centers ?????
      These are extreme cars and will never be produced NEVER. SM3 fly in Krymsk (now in Morozovsk) and two Su-30M2, and two more. For the place of the sparks are used in Dzemgah and C, U!
  2. svp67
    svp67 28 May 2013 08: 09
    In the winter period of training, the flight time of the crews of the Russian Air Force was completed
    They usually begin to speak openly about what they did not do after a few years. In general, of course, it would be "good" if the plans were fulfilled and simply "excellent" if the plans themselves had a very "high bar"
  3. avant-garde
    avant-garde 28 May 2013 08: 13
    Well now it’s left just a little to perform in the spring, summer and autumn, this will be cool
    1. svp67
      svp67 28 May 2013 08: 16
      Quote: avant-garde
      Well now it’s left just a little to perform in the spring, summer and autumn, this will be cool

      I can disappoint you, the military training periods are only two years old and winter ...
      1. Refund_SSSR
        Refund_SSSR 28 May 2013 08: 18
        Well why disappoint? The essence does not change.
        So there is even less to keep within the summer period good
        And then, fit in and scream.
      2. avant-garde
        avant-garde 28 May 2013 08: 50
        Well then, I’ll get better, let them do what is necessary to maintain aviation in good shape and full alert hi
    2. Airman
      Airman 28 May 2013 09: 08
      Quote: avant-garde
      Well now it’s left just a little to perform in the spring, summer and autumn, this will be cool

      The armed forces have 2 training periods: winter and summer.
      The crew raid was performed in full. And how much is the total volume? 20-30 hours? In Soviet times, in air regiments (not counting the BTA) there were 3 flight days a week, and the average flight time of pilots was 200-250 hours. Now they fly more on simulators, saving motor resources, but the real flight simulator will not replace. I think that every year the raid of our pilots will increase.
      1. trenitron
        trenitron 28 May 2013 09: 56
        Earlier, the head of the press service of the Western Military District (ZVO), Colonel Andrei Bobrun, informed that in 2012 the average flying time for each pilot increased significantly compared to the previous year and reached 125 hours. “At the same time, the average flight time of crew commanders was more than 175 hours,” he said. “Compared to 2011, this figure has increased by more than 20%.” According to him, the best indicators in 2012 were achieved by pilots from Kursk (in the “nomination” front-line and fighter aircraft) with a flying time of more than 150 hours. In army aviation - the air base in Vyazma, each pilot of which flew over 215 hours. A similar indicator in the aviation units of transport aircraft is at least 170 hours for each aviator.
  4. Vtel
    Vtel 28 May 2013 09: 24
    Well, our government would fulfill its promises to the people in full!
  5. pa_nik
    pa_nik 28 May 2013 09: 42
    Recently, they have taken up the army tightly ... sudden exercises almost every week. They do not have time to report, as the new is announced. Makes me think. hi
  6. Serov
    Serov 28 May 2013 15: 52
    Good news) I would like to see the Su-34 in the sky above Krasnodar
  7. Roman_999
    Roman_999 28 May 2013 23: 25
    How sincerely nice to hear this, I love the news about the fact that combat aircraft fly, we have the Fleet and the Strategic Missile Forces, I love about the harvest, about the successes of children's teams, scientific laboratories, the achievements of the defense complex and successes in Cosmonautics, I lack this I was born in I remember the USSR, about TV without advertising, talk shows, show business, washing out the personal life of "Stars" unfamiliar to me and other intolerable rubbish.

    The whole World, but especially "our strategic friends" need to firmly engrave in their memory and convey to the children that Russia - Like the Phoenix Bird, can be incinerated only by itself, to the core, but ALWAYS Revives Again, becoming only Bigger, Majesty and Beautiful ... IMHO.

    Thanks to all those who retained the Army, Scientific Schools and techies over the past quarter century of a liberal mess. We will stand on our feet. We're the best! We can!

    I apologize if I didn’t post it, something struck. Thank.