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The United States conducted a pending ballistic missile test: it left a strange bubble in the sky

The United States conducted a pending ballistic missile test: it left a strange bubble in the sky

The Americans launched an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) Minuteman III, which was postponed in early April because of the aggravated situation with the DPRK. The rocket was launched at 6: Pacific Morning 27, Colonel Brent MacArthur was appointed in charge of the launch, according to the US Air Force official website.

“Each test launch symbolizes hard work and dedication of those involved in the mission. Conducting such missions is vital to ensure the safe, reliable and efficient operation of the ICBM,” said Colonel Richard Pagliuko, who was also involved in the launch preparation process.

The rocket launched from the airborne base Vandenberg, located in California. It fell into the Pacific Ocean in less than half an hour, four thousand miles from the base in the Atoll Kwajalein, reports The Washington Post, citing representatives of the US Air Force.

This is the first Minuteman III test run on 2013. Every year, several such missiles are launched from Vandenberg, the main goal of the tests is to verify the accuracy weapons and system reliability. RIA "News"reminds that intercontinental ballistic missiles of this type with the 1970 of the year are in service with the US Army, their production was stopped in the 1978 year. Minuteman III is capable of hitting a target within 12 radius thousands of kilometers. In total, the US military has 450 of such missiles.

The rocket left a strange halo in the form of a bubble spreading in the sky

A few hours after launch, an article by Phil Plate appeared in the Slate online edition, which reported that the rocket had left a bright halo in the form of a blistering bubble. The journalist was told this by his acquaintance Adam Draginda, who works at an observatory to observe the weather conditions, located in Hawaii. It was the cameras of this observatory that fixed the bubble.

The journalist immediately guessed what was happening: in June 2011, he wrote a note about the same phenomenon, then the halo also left a rocket of this type. Minuteman III - a three-stage rocket, the last stage of which is equipped with holes. When the rocket enters the desired trajectory, the holes open and the remaining fuel is ejected through them. The speed of the ejection and movement of the rocket is so great that a halo is formed in the sky, spreading a bubble in the sky, while its edges are brighter than the core.
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  1. pot-bellied
    pot-bellied 23 May 2013 10: 04 New
    so what does all this mean? what does it mean?
    1. Burbulator
      Burbulator 23 May 2013 10: 05 New
      This suggests that nothing is rusted.
      1. Ataman
        Ataman 23 May 2013 15: 47 New
        ballistic missiles of this type have been in service with the U.S. Army since 1970, their production was stopped in 1978
        In addition, in 2010, the United States abandoned its modernization program. They do not produce new ones (unlike Trident 2 for submarines).
        In fact, 40 years for such a technique is age. That all the same took off, suggests that most of the time was not exposed to radiation, i.e. It was without warheads, and the third stage (breeding, in contrast to the first two solid fuel) was not long filled with highly toxic fuel.
        В целом, все говорит о том, что их не испытывают, а утилизируют. И попутно пытаются "кузькину мать" показывать.
        There was already an article about discipline at the US missile base. There, the military themselves have not considered themselves forces of constant combat readiness for a long time.
        It can be concluded that the United States is gradually abandoning the land component of strategic nuclear forces and is concentrating on the remnants of strategic nuclear submarines, and the main focus is on cruise missiles based on URO destroyers.
    2. evgenii67
      evgenii67 23 May 2013 10: 19 New
      Привет каждому! Так думаю, что этот "пузырь" для ракеты данного типа нормальное явление, а вот "пузырь" в американской экономики.....кто бы "иголочку" поднес, может Китай?
    3. w.ebdo.g
      w.ebdo.g 23 May 2013 10: 27 New
      "Каждый испытательный пуск символизирует тяжкий труд и самоотверженность тех, кто участвует в миссии" - они там отчего устали, окопы роют?
      and selflessness has to do with it, they, that they attack the bayonet every day?)))
      so they’re sitting only at computers with big masters, but in a real bayonet, there’s NO ONE more terrible than the Russians ... so the Japanese thought, and not only)))

      1. bulvas
        bulvas 23 May 2013 11: 27 New
        the only problem is to reach the computer with a bayonet
      2. il grand casino
        il grand casino 23 May 2013 13: 49 New
        Hmm ... it's better when you look at the enemy from the tank or from the cockpit than with a bayonet in the field)))
    4. Geisenberg
      Geisenberg 23 May 2013 10: 54 New
      Quote: pot-bellied
      so what does all this mean? what does it mean?

      They’re fooling us. Distract from the fact that the minuteman launched. We honestly do not care that someone farted at the American tsupu, we do not care that they are firing rockets ...
    5. Speedy
      Speedy 23 May 2013 11: 19 New
      Gases are vented through holes - they are the masters ...
    6. Volkhov
      Volkhov 23 May 2013 11: 22 New
      Quote: pot-bellied
      so what does all this mean? what does it mean?

      Говорит о предкатастрофном периоде и "обратном токе" в литосфере - Калифорния послужила катодом и выпустила порцию электронов в ионосферу, которые образовали визуальный "пузырь" при расхождении.
      Статья для головастиков, остальные могут обсуждать "противостояние НАТО".
      1. Volkhov
        Volkhov 23 May 2013 20: 50 New
        Второй вариант - выстрел рентгеновского лазера с орбиты, центр пузыря вначале не виден, если там яркая точка, а потом "пузырь" - то лазер, а ракета была учебной целью.
    7. w.ebdo.g
      w.ebdo.g 23 May 2013 14: 41 New
      this indicates (in the video presented) that the orientation micromotor has triggered.
      threw a stream of compressed nitrogen into space to obtain the desired impulse ...
      but this video says nothing more)))

      REJECTIVE ORIENTATION ENGINE - A common view will execute. organ orientation systems KLA. As R.D.O. micro-rocket engines are used - LRE, RDTT, RD, working on compressed gas (pneumatic RD), and other R.D.O. set on the SC so that the lines of action of their rods do not pass through the center of mass of the SC, but at certain distances from it; thanks to the presence of these shoulders. rods during the work of R.D.O. moments arise that change the angular position of the spacecraft. The number of RDOs needed for the triaxial orientation of the spacecraft varies from 6 to 12; in the latter case, the control moment relative to each axis of the apparatus is created simultaneously. the inclusion of two R.D.O. The flow rate of the working fluid per unit of time (hour, day) - an important indicator of the orientation system; it determines, for a given supply of the working fluid, the operating time of the system, and therefore the time of effective use of the entire spacecraft. The flow rate of the working fluid during the work of R.D.O. depends, in addition to the specific impulse, also on the operating mode (see Pulse mode) and the magnitude of the link arms, therefore placed in places farthest from the center of mass of the spacecraft

  2. JonnyT
    JonnyT 23 May 2013 10: 05 New
    bastards spoil the environment!
  3. Dangerous
    Dangerous 23 May 2013 10: 05 New
    It will be cool if Greenpeace conducts an audit and closes all the tests and launches of these missiles
    1. neri73-r
      neri73-r 23 May 2013 10: 25 New
      Greenpeace does not conduct checks against the owners, it is prohibited !!! Greenpeace is a mechanism of unfair competition!
      1. scrack
        scrack 23 May 2013 22: 24 New
        We have a prominent environmentalist Chirikov, so let him go there and protest against launches of ICBMs as sources of dirt for the atmosphere
    2. s1н7т
      s1н7т 23 May 2013 22: 32 New
      Quote: Dangerous
      Greenpeace will check and close all the tests and launches of these missiles

      And the 3rd world too! laughing
  4. igor36
    igor36 23 May 2013 10: 20 New
    Quote: Dangerous
    It will be cool if Greenpeace conducts an audit and closes all the tests and launches of these missiles

    Will Greenpeace close? Amers? And who will contain these Greenpeople?
  5. USNik
    USNik 23 May 2013 10: 25 New
    When the rocket reaches the desired trajectory, the holes open and the remaining fuel is ejected through them.

    Eee, like BE, in the minuteman-3 all stages are solid fuel. What is sprayed there? Although, maybe the breeding stage was meant? And so, yes, a speck of nichrome itself what size.
  6. mabuta
    mabuta 23 May 2013 10: 26 New
    She fell into the Pacific Ocean later less than half an hourIn four thousand miles from base in Kwajalein Atoll

    Not a big calculation: mile -1,852km multiply by 4 000 = 7408km per less than half an hour. It doesn’t grow together here. Lovers at 3,14 fool

    ps. This is like ours: -... yes, verst with a hook is not far away. A hook lope? A. Kh. fellow laughing
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. ed65b
      ed65b 23 May 2013 12: 03 New
      The land mile is less than the sea in my 1200m - 1 mile. And in what they consider I do not know.
      1. crambol
        crambol 23 May 2013 12: 37 New
        Land Mile - 1609,3 meters
      2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Andrey57
      Andrey57 23 May 2013 13: 02 New
      На 12,000км духу не хватило, вот твёрдое топливо "через дырочки" и стравилиlaughing
  7. mark1
    mark1 23 May 2013 10: 42 New
    Что интересно, производство ракеты завершено в 1978г и до сих пор она стоит на вооружении, проводятся регламентные работы, освоена технология перезарядки твердого топлива, модернизируется система управления... и будет она состоять на вооружении как минимум до 2030 года. Что,спрашивается, нашим то мешало пойти тем же путем и сохранить Р-39 и РТ-23? Сейчас бы не возникали б вопросы и по "Акулам" и по БЖРК.
    1. Ghenxnumx
      Ghenxnumx 23 May 2013 10: 54 New
      The question is correct, but it’s been late for 15 years hi . Yeltsin and Co. were glad to cut everything by agreement with the mustache am , but there was not enough capacity.
      The government was clearly pro-American, that’s how they caved in every way.
      And rocket mines with bunkers flooded and exploded, rather than being mothballed in case you finish kissing your gums until better times negative
      1. mark1
        mark1 23 May 2013 11: 16 New
        А кто салют (утилизацию) ракетами Р-39 произвел? Ельцин, что ли? Он конечно пьяное г-но, но отстреливал ракеты не он. К стати еще не все потеряно, есть какие то "кривые" слухи, что на базах хранения еще что то осталось от Р-39, если достойное количество - можно было б попытаться восстановить.
        1. leon-iv
          leon-iv 23 May 2013 11: 23 New
          that at the storage bases something else remains from the P-39

          there is a problem with the Southern Design Bureau because it is already not Ezalezhnaya. That's all. And we all know how our dear neighbors keep secrets.
          1. mark1
            mark1 23 May 2013 12: 14 New
            As far as I know - R-39 development of Design Bureau named after Makeev (Miass)
      2. leon-iv
        leon-iv 23 May 2013 11: 21 New
        and weren’t preserved in case the kissing of the gums ended until better times

        KO hints that the mine can only be used for a type of missile. Then it is destroyed and will be built in a new place elsewhere. And it’s destroyed because the liquid components of the fuel are poisonous (he’s talking about old types of missiles)
        1. mark1
          mark1 23 May 2013 12: 20 New
          The last case is that an old metal glass is thrown out from under the RS-18 from the silo, a new one is inserted (well, something else is changing), and this is the silo for the RS-24. Before that, there were precedents as well.
        SASCHAmIXEEW 23 May 2013 12: 26 New
        And now what a .. Jewish. Zionists all over the place .. Russian times, two, and got too big .. All for the collapse of the country ..
    2. Nitup
      Nitup 23 May 2013 12: 53 New
      Quote: mark1
      Что,спрашивается, нашим то мешало пойти тем же путем и сохранить Р-39 и РТ-23? Сейчас бы не возникали б вопросы и по "Акулам" и по БЖРК.

      Our defeat in the Cold War prevented us. Well, or at least a defeat in one of the battles, because until the end they had plans to split the RF into 25-30 small puppet states without nuclear weapons. So the war is not over.
  8. pa_nik
    pa_nik 23 May 2013 11: 13 New
    Quote: evgenii67
    кто бы "иголочку" поднес, может Китай?

    such a needle in China is preparing .. how do you bankruptcy of 22 provinces of China !? Link here: Then no one will seem a little. hi

    Quote: mark1
    rocket production completed in 1978

    yes, the problem is ... they are still flying angry
  9. Captain45
    Captain45 23 May 2013 11: 38 New
    Russia has created a bottom ballistic missile
    21 May 2013, 00: 01 | Army | Alexey Mikhailov
    “Skif”, hidden at a depth, will hit enemy ships and ground targets at the right time
    Until the end of June, factory tests of the latest Skif ballistic missile, capable of being in standby mode on the sea and ocean bottom and at the right time by command to shoot and hit ground and sea targets, will begin in the White Sea.
    As the military department told Izvestia, the missile was developed jointly by the Rubin Central Design Bureau (St. Petersburg) and the Academic Makeev (Miass) State Missile Center, commissioned by the Ministry of Defense.
    The official reasons for creating this rocket are not called. The editor of the website MilitaryRussia Dmitry Kornev notes that the laying of such missiles in several sections of the bottom will at the right time hit the strategic goals of the enemy without involving submarines.
    - Strategic submarines are vulnerable to enemy anti-submarine systems. It is enough to find the boat - and at the right time, you can easily disrupt the launch of a rocket. And the Skif rocket is almost invisible to the enemy, ”Kornev explained to Izvestia.
    At the same time, retired Rear Admiral Vladimir Zakharov noted that if the enemy detects a boat that sets the Scythians to the bottom, they can easily be neutralized.
    - If an enemy gets attached to our carrier boat, then there can be no talk of any hidden staging. If the rocket is installed in an open area of ​​the bottom, modern hydroacoustics can easily detect it, so much will depend on the actions of the captain of the carrier submarine, ”Zakharov explained.
    Tests of the first rocket are scheduled for late May - mid-June in the White Sea. The missile will be lowered to the bottom by the Sarov submarine, specially converted for the Scythian tests. In the bow of the Sarov, a torpedo tube of increased diameter (about 1 m) and special ballast tanks were installed, which should compensate for the weight of the dropped rocket and help the boat maintain stability.
    - In the course of future tests, we will check not only the missile, but also the system of its reloading at sea from ship to boat. If everything goes well, then after the factory tests, Skif will be transferred to the state ones, which will allow the missile to be adopted by the Russian Navy, ”Izvestia’s source explained.
    Izvestia confirmed to the Makeev State Rocket Center in Miass that they were working on a product with the Skif index, but did not disclose project details. The Rubin Central Design Bureau refused to comment on plans for further work on the Skif rocket in a timely manner, citing state secrets.
    Кстати в начале прошлого года была информация,что ПЛ "Саров" именуемую "лошарик" ставили на ремонт.Теперь понятно для чего.
    1. ed65b
      ed65b 23 May 2013 12: 05 New
      A losharik seems to be able to dive for 6 km. And there they stick.)))))))
      1. kostyan77708
        kostyan77708 23 May 2013 12: 27 New
        they just stumble or just prepare to replace missiles with a long stumble, who knows ... maybe at one time they also listened to Sakharov ....
        1. valokordin
          valokordin 23 May 2013 13: 02 New
          Quote: kostyan77708
          they just stumble or just prepare to replace missiles with a long stumble, who knows ... maybe at one time they also listened to Sakharov ....

          And you are probably a fan of Sakharov readings, or an admirer of Elena Bonaire's singing.
          1. Mikhail3
            Mikhail3 23 May 2013 15: 49 New
            А вы наверно не в курсе, какой такой Сахаров на самом деле голубь мира был. Для приятного времени провождения, а так же для ума наполнения от души рекомендую вам набрать в поисковике: Олег Дивов "При Сталине, когда в стране порядок был". Серьезно, удовольствие получите немалое. Ну и про Сахарова, мил-дружка прогрессивного человечества, там тоже есть...
    2. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 23 May 2013 15: 45 New
      Воот! Ну теперь начнется... С середины лета "Саров" начнет ширять по мировому океану из стороны в сторону. Какой там, говорите, у американских подлодок ресурс? А у кораблей? Придется проверять ВСЕ маршруты наших лодок. Все, абсолютно все перемещения наших военных кораблей. Причем не просто проходить вслед. Нужно будет искать, нырять, тралить... носиться вылупя глаза, будто очумелая псина. Гонка вооружений? В эту игру можно играть не только в одни ворота. Секвестр бюджета опять же...
      Our first priority is a convincing container with a super-paired self-destruction system. So no octopus! And sort it out guys. There was a rocket or a simulator package ... I have not heard such great news for a long time ...
    3. Volkhov
      Volkhov 23 May 2013 16: 17 New
      Quote: Captain45
      Кстати в начале прошлого года была информация,что ПЛ "Саров" именуемую "лошарик" ставили на ремонт.Теперь понятно для чего.

      Sarov was not Losharik at all, and he shook it so that the repair moved to disassembling and moving the equipment to another bathyscaphe, a smaller one, unfinished in the 90s.
      Question why superbombs at the bottom of the White Sea and the principle of symmetry of the answer is not interesting?
      1. Captain45
        Captain45 23 May 2013 17: 22 New
        Quote: Volkhov
        Sarov is not at all Losharik,

        Ну тогда значит ошибся не только я,но корресподенты телеканала "Звезда" на котором дня 3-4 тому назад была передача про ПЛ "Саров" и корреспондент сказал, что её ласково называют "лошариком" за конструкцию прочного корпуса,который состоит из нескольких сфер-шаров, что позволяет ей погружаться на глубину 6000 метров.Кстати про "Саров" была статья на ВО,посмотрите сами.
    4. 955535
      955535 23 May 2013 17: 36 New
      Quote: Captain45
      ПЛ "Саров" именуемую "лошарик" ставили на ремонт.

      "Саров" это "Саров", а Лошарик - это совсем другой корабль.
  10. pa_nik
    pa_nik 23 May 2013 12: 22 New
    To this topic... wink "В свою очередь, начальник Генштаба Валерий Герасимов, выступая на конференции, сообщил, что Минобороны разработало систему нейтрализации ПРО. "Комплекс военно-технических мероприятий, направленных на нейтрализацию возможного отрицательного влияния глобальной системы ПРО США на потенциал российских ядерных сил, разработан, и мы этого не скрываем", - отчитался генерал."
    1. mabuta
      mabuta 23 May 2013 12: 51 New
      To this topic..

      It’s good to hear such news, for lunch digestion. drinks
  11. MG42
    MG42 23 May 2013 12: 57 New
    previous launch of the LGM-30

    comp simulation MMIII - LGM-30

    Reliable enough rocket, despite its age.
  12. Denis
    Denis 23 May 2013 15: 41 New
    Each test run symbolizes the hard work and dedication of those involved in the mission.
    It’s about their own people, what are they so worried about by the DPRK tests?
    This is certainly a preoccupied herd ...
  13. gregor6549
    gregor6549 23 May 2013 15: 45 New
    Смысл статьи вполне понятен. США провели очередное испытание своей баллистической ракеты при котором неизрасходованное топливо сливается на такой высоте где оно опасность, если и представляет (теоретически), то намного меньшую, чем представляют тысячи металлических и неметаллических фрагментов разнообразных спутников и ракет, запущенных в космос за прошедшие десятилетия всеми, кому не лень, и до сих пор бороздящих "Большой театр" на разных высотах.
    Вот что не вполне ясно, так это комментарии некоторых сильно озабоченных "ами" комментаторов. А что Россия не проводит испытания своих ракет аналогичного и других классов?
    Conducts, quite often, and it would be strange and stupid if she didn’t.
    Слухи о преждевременной кончине экономики США тоже несколько преувеличенны, тем более что она , эта экономика хоть и медленно, но выздоравливает. В любом случае пусть о ней болит голова у тех обитателей барака где живет Обама. Сами его выбрали "назло всем", сами пусть с ним и мучаются.
    И о хитростях с замаскированными на дне морском, в ж/д и морских контейнерах ракетами. Что это даст кроме головной боли самим же себе? Ведь массированный запуск любых межконтинентальных баллистических ракет (да и средней дальности тоже) будет тут же обнаружен оппонентом, после чего последует не менее массированный ответный удар и комментировать подобные статьи будет уже некому. Неужто вся предыдущая история с географией и разными "вундерваффе" никого и ничему не научила? Печально, если это так. Хотя, кто сейчас интересуется недавней историей. Все хотят попасть в новую с приключениями на свою же з..цу, пардон, голову.

    PS I will add that there is something to detect such launches. There are sensors on geostationary satellites, and over-horizon super-long-wave radars, and ground-based and marine-based radar PKOs with phrased antenna arrays and much more. If someone hopes that the satellites can be knocked down before, then only young men have such hopes. And therefore, the game of hide and seek will not work here, no matter what side it is conducted
    1. Old skeptic
      Old skeptic 23 May 2013 21: 21 New
      Уважаемый, ракеты на дне для гарантированного ответного удара, чтобы супостат не сильно надеялся на свою ПРО и десять раз подумал, прежде чем протянуть свои костлявые рученки к разным красным кнопкам. А для ответного удара плевать засекли пуск или нет, все равно мир уже погрузился в "гиену огненную".
  14. Vtel
    Vtel 23 May 2013 15: 51 New
    Since 1970, intercontinental ballistic missiles of this type have been in service with the U.S. Army; their production was stopped in 1978.

    Here are the enemies! And entom Obama from the barracks recently proposed GDP to reduce our missiles. Interestingly obey ali how?
  15. gregor6549
    gregor6549 23 May 2013 16: 28 New
    На сегодня вся эта т.н."конфронтация" Обамы с ВВП не более, чем игра на публику, т.е. "фуфло" и "дурилка картонная". Ни США, ни Россия воевать друг с другом не намерены. Нет из за чего и из за кого. Да и наличие нехилых счетов, недвижимости и семей российской элиты на "проклятом Западе" как то не сильно стимулирует эту элиту рубить сук на котором она сидит . Хотя конечно, на заседаниях думы она эта элита выпрыгивает из штанов и стучит ботинком по трибуне угрожая полазать Западу "кузькину мать" и вымыть сапоги в Индийском океане. Уже было и известно чем закончилось. Поэтому ругнувшись публично и обменявшись законами типа "закон Магнитского" ВВП и Обама звонят друг другу или хлопают друг друга по плечу на очередном форуме и подмигивают. Мол, как я тебя приложил мордой об стол, друже Обама? Нормально приложил, отвечает Обама, но ведь и я тебя тоже не в амбре мордой сунул, друг Володя. Так что квиты, хотя делить и нечего. А вот "скрепы" для укрепления "патриотизьма" в каждой из наших стран удалось отлить недурственные. Вот пусть патриоты далее и сражаются между собой, но только в Инете
  16. 1c-inform-city
    1c-inform-city 23 May 2013 19: 35 New
    They conduct tests only if they trace successful launches only 50%. They even had hearings in Congress on this occasion. And this article seems to me to hint that the launch was unsuccessful. 4000 km will not be enough. In general, the rackets are rotten.
  17. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 23 May 2013 19: 37 New
    The Americans in their role: the ordinary launch of ICBMs are trying to present as something heroic, supernatural event. At the same time they look like clowns. They are sure that no one except such Americans possesses such technologies.
  18. shinobi
    shinobi 23 May 2013 20: 07 New
    Наши рачительнее делают.Берут списанную "Сатану" и запускают ей малотонажные спутники с Плесецка.И все довольны
  19. Pilat2009
    Pilat2009 23 May 2013 20: 34 New
    Each test run symbolizes the hard work and dedication of those involved in the mission.

    I wonder what kind of work will be in the case of mass combat launches
  20. Dr. M2
    Dr. M2 24 May 2013 20: 24 New
    Yeltsin and Co. were glad to cut everything by agreement with the mustache, but there wasn’t enough capacity.
    The government was clearly pro-American, that’s how they caved in every way.
    And rocket mines with bunkers were flooded and exploded, but were not preserved in the event that kissing in the gums ended until better times

    I am not in defense of Yeltsin. And not against Putin. But ... Plato is my friend, but truth is more precious.
    Now a lot has gone at a normal pace. I do not argue. But in the first two terms of Putin, things were much worse than under EBN. In fact, in the 90s, the strategic potential inherited from the USSR was, on the whole, managed to be preserved. And from 1999-2000 the BEGINNING reduction began. And it continued for a year since 2009-2010. And only since then, from a level that is already incomparable with the USSR, it seems like some kind of rise. I will not say that it is very big.

    At EBN, the fleet received 14 nuclear submarines. And a surface missile cruiser with a nuclear power plant (Peter the Great). Under Putin, so far not a single nuclear submarine, well, or one, needs to be clarified.

    PS On the last day of 1999, while retiring, Russian President Yeltsin handed over to his successor strategic nuclear forces (SNF), numbering 1084 intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) and ballistic missiles of submarines (4916) with 81 warheads (warheads), as well as 926 aircraft with 5842 cruise missiles, with a total composition of 2000 charges. During 2007-405, strategic nuclear forces lost 2498 carriers and 440 charges. Namely, 2483 ICBMs and SLBMs were written off from 2007 warheads. In total, by the beginning of 3344, the composition of the strategic nuclear forces was already only 2000 charges. Produced for the period 2007-27 only 1990 missiles (more than three times less than during the "dashing" 160s) and one Tu-1990 (seven times less than in the XNUMXs).
    The Yeltsin Air Force Board received up to 100 aircraft (Tu-22M3, Su-24M, Su-27, Su-30, Su-35, MiG-29S, MiG-31B). In 2000-2007, only two new Su-34 aircraft were purchased for military aviation. In total, the Air Force has up to 1700 combat aircraft of various types.

    In 1992-1999, the Russian Navy received from industry about 50 warships and boats laid before the collapse of the USSR, including 14 nuclear submarines of a number of projects and one missile cruiser of project 1144 (Peter the Great). Since the year 2000, the entry of new ships into the fleet has fallen sharply.

    Вот так вот выглядит объективная картина. Не все так плохо в "лихие 90-е", и не все так хорошо сейчас.

    PPS Source - an article from Novaya Gazeta, the year since 2008.