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Russian aviation company "Ilyushin" turned 80 years


The famous separate design bureau (OKB), creating the aircraft brand "IL" - now OJSC "Aviation complex to them. S.V. Ilyushin "- today marks the 80th anniversary of its founding. During this period, aircraft designers have developed more than 230 and created over 120 types of aircraft of various modifications.

Over the past years "over the 60 thousand IL" aircraft were built at serial plants. According to ITAR-TASS, general director - Ilyushin general designer Viktor Livanov, the distinctive features of these machines are "simplicity of design, manufacturability, high reliability, a great resource, easy piloting and maintenance. "

The range of IL aircraft currently in operation is quite wide: passenger, military transport, cargo, special purpose, etc. A special need for Russia is currently felt in aircraft for regional and local lines of the IL-114 family. The national company of Uzbekistan is successfully operating the IL-114-100 airliner built earlier in Tashkent. According to Livanov, its serial production in Uzbekistan has been completed, "but in Russia, unfortunately, it has not been organized."

In Russia, Belarus, South Korea and Laos, several dozen lightweight multi-purpose Il-103 airplanes are used, which are used for flight crew training, monitoring, and forest protection. This aircraft, as before IL-96T, for the first time in Russia received a certificate of US airworthiness.

The passenger wide-body long-haul IL-96-300 airliners are operated in a special flight unit "Russia" (for transportation of the country's leaders), as well as in the Aeroflot. Three planes have been flying successfully for several years in a national Cuban airline. According to the head of the Ilyushin company, “today the IL-96-300 fully meets the ICAO requirements for noise and exhaust emissions, and is also capable of landing according to the highest category of ICAO (" blindly "). The cargo aircraft of this IL-96- family 400T is actively operated by Polet Airlines. It is capable of transporting 92 tons of cargo and is the most load-lifting frameless liner in our country.

“It is necessary to support the mass production of these machines in order not to lose the only design-production school in the country to create wide-bodied aircraft,” said Viktor Livanov.

Five years ago, the Ilyushin company began designing with the use of digital technologies a new modification of the military transport aircraft - Il-76MD-90А. Taking into account the use of new engines, almost the entire energy complex has been replaced by a modern one. A new radio equipment, modern flight-navigation complex and automatic flight control system were installed. A contract has been concluded between the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the United Aircraft Corporation to supply X-NUMX IL-39MD-76A transport aircraft.

To implement new projects and programs, the Ilyushin firm actively works with young people in professionally oriented colleges, secondary and higher educational institutions. For this purpose, budget places are reserved for university applicants, the company pays students additional scholarships, deferments from military service are provided for the period of study, employment in the specialty is guaranteed.

Since 2013, there is a provision that determines the procedure for the submission of partial monetary compensation for reimbursement of expenses related to the payment of rent of residential premises to Ilyushin employees.

"The company provides interest-free loans to young professionals for various needs and obtaining a bank loan to improve housing conditions and subsidize interest rates," said Viktor Livanov.
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  1. MilaPhone
    MilaPhone 17 May 2013 13: 29 New
    Verse about IL-2.

    They'll lift me out of the swamp
    And piled on a pedestal
    What would serve as a symbol
    It reminded me of something ...

    The discovery does not last forever ...
    And after pathos speeches
    In trophy mercy Power will rush off
    With a bunch of loyal devotees.

    And everything will wander sadly ...
    It will rain, and again,
    As then - under a layer of silt,
    I will again - remember ...

    Rodceh's broken windows.
    Flying to the front. The hungry rear.
    I’m darned in a hundred and six places!
    I buried two shooters ...

    Anti-aircraft guns system, as if by shooting.
    Thin Masses on the tail.
    How to fulfill the goals
    And they came back. Though not all ...

    Like unfaithful brothers
    Having taken the last fierce battle
    With a cursing curse
    Merged with the round Earth.

    And the grave will not correct them,
    We - "humpbacked" - have no graves ...
    Standing on an alien new world ...
    I sentenced myself ...

    Sentenced posthumously - to battle!
    For the souls of the dead - the living ...
    The only warrior on the field
    In incomplete eight combat ...
    1. Sochi
      Sochi 17 May 2013 13: 41 New
      Thank you, good poems. After all, it all began with him, with a legend!
  2. smershspy
    smershspy 17 May 2013 13: 37 New
    Happy holiday! New successes! Hooray!
  3. Armata
    Armata 17 May 2013 13: 44 New
    Happy holiday, and we will try to make you the right time to make stands for the glider for your 476.
    1. klimpopov
      klimpopov 17 May 2013 14: 13 New
      Exactly. Happy holiday! The main thing is to work!
      But I like this device. Very nice plane.
  4. Alexander IV
    Alexander IV 17 May 2013 14: 16 New
    Happy holiday! And thanks for the great cars!
  5. shpuntik
    shpuntik 17 May 2013 14: 20 New
    Happy anniversary! I wish the company success, to compete with Boeing and Airbus. I hope the current leader will not rest on our laurels, will provide our fleet of civilian aircraft. So that on vacation I could fly not only on the IL-96, but also on the IL-62, on the double-decker IL-86.
  6. Canep
    Canep 17 May 2013 14: 29 New
    I would like to wish IL-106, Il-116, Il-126, Il-136, etc. Off topic: how will the Boeings be numbered after the 797th?
  7. kudwar68
    kudwar68 17 May 2013 15: 25 New
    Happy Ilyushushintsy, happy anniversary and thanks for the hard worker Il-76! Rescued many times.
  8. duchy
    duchy 17 May 2013 16: 24 New
    Happy holiday !! Success, achievement, prosperity. Strong wings and high speeds. drinks
  9. pinecone
    pinecone 17 May 2013 16: 38 New
    The correct verses, only the "Mercia" from the Government are not trophy, but bought from the Germans with national money.
  10. avt
    avt 17 May 2013 17: 39 New
    We will not talk about problems, just with a HOLIDAY!
  11. Dimitr
    Dimitr 17 May 2013 23: 28 New
    Happy Ilyushushintsy! He flew only on IL-76, there is nothing new to say, a miracle machine!
  12. Zubr
    Zubr 18 May 2013 22: 26 New