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Wounded on the battlefield do not throw

Wounded on the battlefield do not throwAmong the military medics of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces), recently awarded the highest military insignia, there are many representatives of the “Russian street”. These heroes continue the traditions of Russian military medicine, among the famous representatives of which the first are always called such eminent doctors as Nikolai Pirogov and Sergey Botkin, direct participants of the Crimean War 1855 of the year and the Russian-Turkish War of 1877 – 1878.


In the IDF there are three categories of doctors: medical orderlies, paramedics (paramedics) and doctors. All of them, in the case of an appeal, are sent to military units with weapons and a miniature set of medical equipment and essential drugs. According to the staff distribution of duties, the medical instructor is present in each platoon. In addition to the usual weapons of a fighter, he is obliged to carry folding stretchers and first-aid equipment. In the companies and battalions, the positions of senior medical orderlies are determined. Paramedics provide assistance in companies and evacuation centers. In the field, it is on paramedics that the main responsibility for the deployment of hospitals lies. However, there are no inpatient hospitals in Israel. Still the founder of the IDF Haim Sheba Medical Corps (IC) (real name Shiber; 1901 – 1972), a native of Romania, a graduate of the Medical Faculty of the University of Vienna, Lieutenant Colonel of the British Army, participant in the Second World War, created a system in which military medicine was largely integrated into a civilian health care system.

Brigadier General Professor Arieh Eldad (born 1950) made a significant contribution to the development of military medicine in the Jewish state. For many years he headed the IDF BK. He is the son of Israel (Washer) of Eldad (1910 – 1996), a native of Ukraine, one of the leaders of Lehi (Hebrew abbreviation of “Lohamei Herut Israel” - “Fighters for Freedom of Israel”), an underground Jewish military organization that fought with the British to create the then Palestine independent Jewish state. Another well-known military physician with “Russian” roots is General Efraim Sneh (born 1944), the son of prominent Israeli communist Moshe Sne (real name Kleinbaum; 1909 – 1972), a native of Ukraine, a graduate of the Medical Faculty of the University of Warsaw. Efraim Snee graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University, served as a doctor in the amphibious brigade. It should be noted that Arieh Eldad and Efraim Sneh made an important contribution to medical science, both of which received doctoral degrees in plastic surgery and immunology, respectively. Their students work in the research department of the IDF VC.

In Israel, graduates of medical faculties of universities are becoming military doctors; after seven years of study, they undergo a special four-month course of field therapy and surgery. Usually they sign a contract for a five-year service life. If the contract is not further extended, the medical officer remains in reserve and monthly retraining takes place annually. Doctors who have received education abroad and have not served in the IDF are also obliged to undergo intensive training courses for infantry officers. Special combat training is provided by doctors who are called into special forces and reconnaissance and sabotage units. In the IDF, doctors who graduated from Soviet and Russian specialized universities are considered to be high professionals. All of them are called “Russians” (in quotes and without them), regardless of the place of birth and ethnic origin. And as the military "Russian" doctors deserve high marks.


In January, 2009, a high military award, was awarded to Major Medical Service Alexander Kataev. The then chief of the General Staff, Gabi Ashkenazi, presented him with a Calash (an abbreviation for the Hebrew “Tsiyun les Shevah”: translated from “The Sign of Valor”). During Operation Cast Lead, Major Kataev, commanding a group of medics, managed to organize the evacuation of seriously wounded soldiers, and he saved twelve people under enemy fire.
For the evacuation of the wounded in the IDF, special armored vehicles, armored personnel carriers, helicopters and tank bullets are used, which are heavy equipped for mobile first-aid posts Tanks "Merkava" (translated from Hebrew - "Chariot") of Israeli production.

Among those rescued by Alexander Kataev was Private Beni Spitzer, who was wounded in the head, legs and arms. Major Kataev evacuated Spitzer with two hands, which were torn off during the explosion. At the hospital, the hands were sewn, but only one hand got accustomed. Kataev pulled the commander of one of the battalions of the Golani brigade, Colonel Avi Peled, out of the ruins of a Palestinian building collapsed as a result of shelling.
In fact, Alexander could claim another award. However, there are a number of limitations in Israeli reward law. For example, an IDF soldier cannot receive more than one distinction or medal in a single war. In principle, you can not get more than two medals of the same rank. In Israel, it is not customary to award generals. And one more limitation: in the Israeli army, military personnel are not awarded for well-done or well-done work, but for their courage and heroism.

The Israeli hero Alexander Kataev was born in Dushanbe in 1969, and upon reaching the draft age he served two years in the Soviet army. Then he tried to enter the Military Medical Academy in St. Petersburg, and when the attempt failed, he returned to Dushanbe and graduated from the local medical institute. In the 26 years, along with his family, Alexander repatriated to Israel with a great desire to become a military doctor. His wish came true, for 17 years he has served in the IDF for the past five years, occupying the post of head of the military medical center in Jerusalem.


Alexey Kalganov, who graduated from the Chelyabinsk Medical Institute in 1989, even received two military awards. But he participated in two wars. In the Jewish state, Kalganov repatriated in 1992 and immediately began working as an orthopedist at a local hospital. Dr. Kalganov was annually called up for military gatherings, and in 2004, in the Beit-Lehem area, during the operation “Protective Wall”, he saved the first soldier.

Here's how it was told by Kalganov himself on the pages of the Israeli Russian-language newspaper Vesti: “We covered our special forces, who started a fight with the militants ... Four soldiers were seriously injured. One bullet landed in the mouth. I looked - everything is torn up. I thought he was dead, but the pulse was still palpable. I quickly inserted a tube into the throat, pumped blood from the lungs, and we evacuated it along with other wounded people. In truth, I had no doubt that he was not a tenant, but he not only survived, but almost completely recovered ... Everyone decided some seconds. He was just lucky that he was not just a doctor, but a surgeon. ”

It was for the salvation of this soldier that Captain Kalganov received the first award. The military doctor Alexei Kalganov received the second military medal during the Second Lebanon War, when he served as a battalion doctor. The award order says it rather dryly: “For dedication in the performance of a combat mission, personal example and professionalism in the battles at the village of Ayta al-Shaab in South Lebanon 5 August 2006 of the year”.

But the story of Captain Kalganov in the first person: “The enemy decided to shoot rockets at the house in which we took refuge in order to bring it down on us. Most were slightly injured, but one soldier did not have time to jump out after all - he suffocated from the acrid smoke that quickly spread after the explosion. I tried to insert a tube into his throat to restore breathing, and I could not: he had developed severe edema. Then I cut the wounded larynx - a trivial surgical operation, in this case carried out in the field, and inserted a tube directly into the throat ... Closer to the night they called a helicopter and evacuated it along with a dozen lightly wounded. This guy survived. By the way, I know him well - more than one year we have been together at the reserve training. ”

Dr. Kalganov showed heroism and 13 of August of the same year in the battle of the village of Jbeil Abu-Twil. He could be presented to the award and for this fight. But in Israel, as I noted above, they do not award twice in one war. And today Kalganov remains a military doctor in reserve, the commander of the medical unit. “I tell my medical officers that we are not at war on the front lines, but are saving the wounded,” says Captain Kalganov on the pages of the same newspaper, Vesti. “Professionals who have been specially trained for this fight, and we only have a weapon in case of emergency.”

Wounded soldiers were taken to the city hospital.

Military doctor Oleg Vyazemsky, a native of Moscow, received higher medical education at the Hebrew (Jewish) University in Jerusalem. He has served as a doctor in an infantry battalion for five years. In an interview with an NVO correspondent, Vyazemsky emphasized that an IDF soldier could receive a referral to a doctor of any profile if necessary. Dentistry, which in principle is very expensive here, is free for all military personnel. Ordering and making glasses is also free. If necessary, the IDF doctor can call to the wounded helicopter with the resuscitation team to any point at which this injured military was.

It is impossible not to pay attention to how the Israeli military medics are instructed in this case. “It will be easier for you when explaining the case to explain the commissions,” say the big ranks in the IDF VC, “why you called the helicopter without good reason than if you didn’t call, but the helicopter was most likely needed.” In other words, the IDF is ready to chase a helicopter for nothing, but just not to miss the life-threatening condition of a wounded or sick soldier.

In Israel, military doctors are very high demands. They are obliged not only to be able to provide first aid, including resuscitation, intubation and artificial respiration, but also to install pleural drainage (a tube for pumping air from the lung sheath) in case of rupture of this membrane and lung collapse. A military doctor, even if he is not a surgeon or resuscitator by specialization, but, for example, a dermatologist or oculist, must be able to do a tracheostomy - a tracheal incision to provide breathing. That is precisely to increase the universal medical qualifications and organized officer courses for doctors who are drafted into the IDF. In Israeli military medicine and disaster medicine, in principle, an algorithm has been developed for the treatment of multiple lesions, taking into account the sequence of problems that confront a doctor in multitrauma. It turned out that when the doctor encounters multiple injuries of the victim, it is first necessary to ensure that the injured person has airway and ventilation, without paying special attention to burns, bleeding and open fractures.


The military medal was posthumously awarded the reserve physician captain Igor Rotshtein. He was born in 1971 year. After graduation, he entered the Tomsk Medical Institute, but left the second course in the then Soviet Army. After serving two years on the Chinese border, he returned to the university and received a higher medical education. Then Igor repatriated to the Jewish state. In Israel in peacetime, he worked as a surgeon at the Poria hospital in the city of Tiberias on the shores of Lake Tiberias. From 3 on August 4 on August 2006, in the area of ​​the village of Markabe in southern Lebanon, Captain Rothstein, a military doctor with a 13 fire support company battalion of the Golani Brigade, heroically died, saving the lives of the soldiers. One of his colleagues Igor left a Facebook post about him: “He was a Doctor, Officer, Man”.

4 February 1997 of the year in the area of ​​the northern border during the collision of two Israeli helicopters killed young IDF medical officers Captain Vitaly Radinsky, a graduate of the Chelyabinsk Medical Institute, and captain Vadim Melnik, a graduate of the Kiev Medical Institute (KMI). Professor Lyle-Anson Best, head of the department of thoracic (thoracic) surgery at the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa, called Radzinsky "the most brilliant surgeon he has met in his life."

Vadim Melnik before he entered the KMI, served two years in the Soviet army. Working in Israel at the Safed City Hospital, he earned a reputation as a talented anesthesiologist. Speaking about Vitaly, Dr. Mark Tverskoy, Head of the Anesthesiology Department of the Tsfat Hospital, expressed confidence that “if it were not for his premature death, then this doctor would have been a first-class scientist.”

The award for courage, shown during the Second Lebanon War, was given to the military doctor of the 52 Tank Battalion, Captain Marina Kaminska. Then she was 32 of the year. She was the first woman to enter South Lebanon on her tank hull. In the area of ​​the village of Bint Jbail, under enemy fire, she was able to assist several soldiers and literally saved the life of Lieutenant Gidon Goldenberg, deputy commander of the special unit of the Golani brigade. It is interesting to note that Marina was a medical officer in the Soviet army, and after moving to Israel, she became the first female doctor in the IDF combat units.

The medal of distinction from the commander of the Israeli Air Force, Major General Ido Nehoshtana, was also received by junior lieutenant, military paramedic, 20-year-old St. Petersburg native Anastasia Bagdalova. In August, 2011, terrorists who penetrated into the area of ​​the most famous Israeli resort of Eilat on the Red Sea, fired on buses and cars. Eight people were killed and seventeen were injured. Nastya Bagdalova was in one of the shelled buses. She helped the five wounded. Replying later to the journalists' questions about how she was able to orient herself and provide medical assistance on the bus, Anastasia replied: “In such situations, the head starts to work by itself — you use your clothes ... Actually, I took off my shirt, and then a girl brought me a sporty elastic bandage. He also went to work. ”

The junior lieutenant of the medical service Bagdalov saved the life of a soldier named Gal, who was sitting next to her on the bus. Both knees pierced him with one bullet. The fragment broke the artery. Began to whip blood. Then again let us give the floor to Anastasia: “The only thing I could do was hold my wound with my hands. Only in this way could I stop the blood. Naturally, I already stayed with him. Here you don’t think about the time or where to get the forces - when such an injection of adrenaline, the forces appear by themselves. Your eyes are getting darker, but you continue to act automatically. ”
That guy survived. Nastya continues to be friends with him and his family.


In 2010, the Israeli system of training military nurses and nurses changed. Three-year courses for the IDF nursing staff were closed, and for three years you can become a military nurse or nurse only by obtaining an academic degree at Tel Aviv University. Thus, the middle level worker will at least have a bachelor's degree. Although it is possible to get a master's and even a doctoral degree in the specialty of a nurse and a nurse. In fact, their education is approaching medical, but their skills and abilities are more practical.

In this regard, Major Rachel Meizan, head of the nursing service at the IDF Medical Department, said in an interview in the Vesti newspaper: “In fact, it’s not just a change of concept, but a kind of revolution. I am convinced that our graduates will change the situation not only in the army, but also in Israeli medicine in general. Because military nurses and medics are a special "caste." They are not only good specialists who, assisting the soldiers, including the wounded, are confronted with the most difficult cases, but also potential leaders, given that many of them have officer ranks and commanding experience. ”

And indeed, the Logistics Service, which actively begins to act in emergency situations, primarily involves military nurses and nurses.

One of the most prominent Israeli military historians, Alexander Shulman, in his study “Guardian to His Brother,” cites the oath of the IDF military medics, in which there are such words:

“I swear to always be“ my brother's guardian, ”whether in battle, in the evacuation of a wounded man, or in a hospital ward. I swear that the words of the commandment of self-sacrifice will be imprinted in my heart forever: "Never leave the wounded on the battlefield."
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  1. Diesel
    Diesel 18 May 2013 15: 10
    A Jewish article about valor and courage darted. Ugh, who here found her a place. It would be better about the exploits of soldiers in the Second World War wrote
    1. domovoi
      domovoi 18 May 2013 15: 19
      really lately only heard about the Jews. then special forces, then bombing, then valiant doctors ...
    2. vladsolo56
      vladsolo56 18 May 2013 15: 24
      By the way, a lot of Jews served in the Soviet army, maybe you didn’t know? And there were many military doctors who saved the lives of wounded Soviet soldiers. Your anti-Semitism just rolls over
      1. domovoi
        domovoi 18 May 2013 15: 49
        what does the Soviet Jews have to do with it? we are talking about the doctors of the army of Israel, which not only does the ally of the main enemy of Russia, it also strikes at a sovereign country
        1. washi
          washi 18 May 2013 16: 29
          It was written about the army of Israel, but All, Soviet, laid all the foundations. Including the fact that they do not abandon their own.
          If there are no articles about ours. Then draw conclusions from other people's articles.
          1. cumastra1
            cumastra1 18 May 2013 18: 16
            many of our doctors, the best specialists, left for Israel. For example, when I was distributing, it was a long time ago, in the first year, as emigration - repatriation was allowed, in the city there was not a single neurologist older than the second category - everyone left for their historical homeland. Naturally, they "keep the brand" there too. And a little more about the problem. Have you noticed how rapidly the medical staff is "aging"? Young people do not go to linear medicine. Unprofitable, hard and not prestigious. At this rate, only paramedics will soon remain in polyclinics (paramedics), with all the ensuing consequences. The health of the population is already not very good ... If urgent measures are not taken, then the entire healthcare system will have to be rebuilt.
          2. The comment was deleted.
        2. individual
          individual 19 May 2013 06: 59
          This is the point.
          Here is not so much professionalism as politics.
    3. Army1
      Army1 18 May 2013 16: 41
      Zahal has recently become a brand, like the film Do not mess with Zohan.
      1. patline
        patline 18 May 2013 16: 51
        Don’t talk.
        Jewish PR from all sides occupied the Runet. As the Georgians PiArili at one time, now Israel sticks out from everywhere. And everything is like a carbon copy - the same, one team probably promotes.
        1. Army1
          Army1 18 May 2013 22: 49
          I remember a bear being carried out, threatened there by something.
    4. Tourist Breakfast
      Tourist Breakfast 19 May 2013 01: 10
      There is a section on the site: "Military Archive => Army of the World". I should have published this article there.
    5. 123tank
      123tank 19 May 2013 06: 45
      Respected! And how do you like the last sentence?
    6. Che
      Che 19 May 2013 09: 35
      Diesel. And what about military medicine at present? I don’t think so. I wish our specialist could be heard. I hope that Taburetkin has not yet destroyed it.
  2. Santa Fe
    Santa Fe 18 May 2013 15: 14
    44 th
    IDF is a pattern.
    The most victorious and effective army in the world.
    1. domovoi
      domovoi 18 May 2013 15: 17
      you didn’t receive heatstroke for an hour? fool
      1. Santa Fe
        Santa Fe 18 May 2013 15: 39
        12 th
        Quote: domovoi
        you didn’t receive heatstroke for an hour?

        No matter how outraged the schoolchildren and cheers, any of the real Russian officers who had to go under bullets and bury their military comrades respect the experience of the IDF

        Such traditions must be adopted and learned to fight. That would not say "uryakalki" and hapkozakidatel.
        1. domovoi
          domovoi 18 May 2013 15: 50
          Can you say what will happen to the Israeli army if the United States ceases to sponsor it?
        2. Tatarus
          Tatarus 18 May 2013 15: 54
          Quote: SWEET_SIXTEEN
          any of the real Russian officers who had to go under bullets and bury their comrades in arms respects the experience of the Israel Defense Forces

          Any of the officers may relate ... And here you are a question. Given that the last war where it was
          Quote: SWEET_SIXTEEN
          walk under bullets and bury your comrades
          partly funded by the Jewish-American commune, you were not in these wars. That is an empty show off. Of course you need to study the experience of strangers, but admire your exploits. Once again, please delete the article. Just a place for interethnic backing tracks.
        3. T-100
          T-100 18 May 2013 15: 55
          No matter how outraged the schoolchildren and cheers, any of the real Russian officers who had to go under bullets and bury their military comrades respect the experience of the IDF

          Such traditions must be adopted and learned to fight. That would not say "uryakalki" and hapkozakidatel.
          YES let them fight as much as they want. Israel is a young state. They fought and wage war only with the weak, who cannot give a full large-scale answer. And we have been fighting for 1000 years, we have fought, and we will fight as long as there are enemies. We fought with the weak, our own kind, and with those who were stronger than us. We have a thousand years of experience, wounds, tragedies, victories and defeats.
          Old wounds do not have time to sew up, as new ones inflict on us. WE have fought enough !!!
          1. bezumnyiPIT
            bezumnyiPIT 18 May 2013 20: 04
            We’ll fight another thousand years of meat
        4. d_trader
          d_trader 18 May 2013 17: 12
          "Such traditions need to be adopted and learned to fight" And what else do you need to learn from others? How everyone loves to teach, but we are all such stupid undemocratic and backward. Our military traditions and our many years of experience in history seem to prove more than once to the whole world and especially zealous warriors what we stand for. And shove these Israeli warriors with their experience and traditions in one place, and then this article with your comments in the same place, so take the trouble to find a place.
        5. Anat1974
          Anat1974 18 May 2013 21: 36
          I’ll write right away - I am RUSSIAN. I am in no way related to the Jewish community. I don’t understand why they swindled SWEET_SIXTEEN. I believe that he is right. Any positive experience needs to be adopted, and the Israeli army is in many ways an example, including for us. Happiness mood will not lead to anything good. Regarding the article, I’ll say that in Grozny in 1995 we didn’t even hear about any tubes, the maximum was that we had this promedol (and then if it wasn’t replaced in the warehouse with water (in the winter it was determined that the tube was frozen, it froze. And percent 50 was frozen). Who fought tell me what your doctors had besides promidol, brilliant green and aspirin? And I think there was nothing. They had a nurse in every platoon, we ourselves were orderlies. I worship our military doctors, but the systems No, the officers' wives were in the sanitary unit, no one naturally went anywhere in the military.
          Why are you minus normal combat experience?
        6. commentor
          commentor 19 May 2013 10: 47
          Catch a plus.
    2. Phantom Revolution
      Phantom Revolution 18 May 2013 16: 26
      Quote: SWEET_SIXTEEN
      IDF is a pattern.
      The most victorious and effective army in the world.

      Whoa whoa whoa! How many bravado!) If not the sponsorship of the USA, which allocates money not only for military purchases, but also they also sponsored your vaunted cupola. Yes, and the Israeli army is not designed for protracted battles, and if there is no support from outside, then in a year of constant battles, this vaunted army will be blown away.
  3. Ragnarek
    Ragnarek 18 May 2013 15: 16
    IDF is a pattern.
    The most victorious and effective army in the world.

    og. The latest Lebanon war showed just that. as a public organization hezbollah in the tail and in the mane tearing pros from the tzahal. why this article on the patriotic RUSSIAN website?
    1. Phantom Revolution
      Phantom Revolution 18 May 2013 16: 27
      Apparently, who needs to be paid extra.
    2. woland05
      woland05 18 May 2013 17: 28
      Quote: Ragnarek
      why this article on the patriotic RUSSIAN website?

      Are being introduced. On, apparently, agents of influence appeared ....
  4. Yarbay
    Yarbay 18 May 2013 15: 18
    I came to the Research Institute of Clinical and Experimental Surgery and I was immediately appointed a senior research fellow. There I enrolled on a business trip to the war zone. My first front line operation took place in Agdam under continuous shelling by Armenians. For these purposes, Gurban Dzhamalovich from the Ministry of Defense organized the so-called ambulance train. There we operated on a soldier. First, in the village of Makhryzly, then in Agdam itself. There were a lot of wounded in Agdam. We began to distribute them among the districts, some were taken to Ganja, and some to other areas. The Ministry of Defense began to form advanced hospitals. At first, there were no special problems with the supply. Many dressings were left to us by the Soviet army. Until 1992, we did not need dressings. Then the Popular Front came to power, a crisis ensued, ”says the surgeon.
    However, N. Hajiyev did not come to Azerbaijan empty-handed. He brought artificial vessels from Moscow - prostheses, thanks to which he saved the lives of thousands of soldiers absolutely free of charge. “The same prostheses are now very expensive from 500 to 2 manat. I’m ready for a doctoral work on this subject, although I haven’t defended myself yet, ”says the surgeon.

    “At first, there were 8 surgeons at the front — traumatologists, general surgeons, and vascular surgeons. Today they are all alive. Sabir Mehdiyev teaches at the Medical University - an excellent specialist. There were neurosurgeons Zireddin muallim and Firuddin muallim, doctors Mejid Masimov, Galandar Dzhanbakhyshov, Vitaliy Maharramov, ”said Hajiyev.

    I had to work even during the bombing of the village of Garadaghly of the Khojavand region. Surgeons did not stop working even when Gradom broke windows in the operating room and turned the table over. At this time, doctors operated on a soldier.

    In unequal battles for the village of Garadaghly, 91 people died, 54 of which were killed on the same day. In total, 145 people (15 women, 13 children) died in the fight against Armenian mercenaries in the Khojavand region.
    “From Garadaghly we moved to Sarydzhaly. Today in Sarydzhaly is one of the advanced hospitals. There was the chief surgeon of the Ministry of Defense - Colonel, Dr. Allahverdiyev. The receiver of the Soviet Ministry of Defense - the Ministry of Defense of Russia only handed over the hospital to Azerbaijan. Then Dr. Allahverdiyev asked me to open a department of vascular surgery there - this was in 1992. I became the head of the department. Here we did the most complicated operations on carotid arteries damaged by wounds. 28 such operations and all successful! This greatly distinguished the work of Azerbaijani military doctors from Chechen and Afghan.
    1. Yarbay
      Yarbay 18 May 2013 15: 22
      According to statistics, we have only one amputation was from all this huge composition of injuries. There was not even a fatal outcome. Here we have developed an algorithm for the provision of medical care. I developed and implemented a temporary vascular shunt, the so-called endorshunt. The usual temporary shunt was also used in the Afghan war. You insert it into a wounded vessel so that the blood flows to the organ and there is no necrosis of the limb (death) or death in general. This is a worldwide practice. But the results of using a conventional shunt were not so effective. We have developed an even more perfect tool - a temporary shunt that lasts 74 hours. This time is necessary in order to evacuate the wounded from the front to the rear. Already in the hospital, we changed the temporary shunt to a plastic or natural vessel, which was made from the patient’s own material.
      We also developed a new method. If there was no prosthesis corresponding to the diameter of the vessel, we made the prosthesis of the required diameter from the patient’s own vessel and inserted using plastic options and thus saved the life of the person, ”says the surgeon
      Nazim Hajiyev not only worked in the operating room. He repeatedly had to pull fighters out of the combat zone.

      “I didn’t come across the Armenians directly, but in my life there were cases when I had to shoot back. The head of the hospital, Aly Kurbanov, gave us a Kalashnikov assault rifle for our own defense, when we went to the front line, into the trenches, to pull out wounded soldiers from there. In addition, we also provided first aid to the soldiers there. At these moments, the Armenians fired at us and tried to block our access to the wounded.
      However, the worst thing, according to the surgeon, is not the war itself, but something that he can never forget.

      “Next to the hospital in Agdam, we dug an impromptu morgue. There were a lot of wounded. They were brought on tarpaulins and left right at the operating room doors. There, nurses provided first aid, and at that time we operated on in the operating room. As soon as the operation was completed to one, another was served. I remember one day I went out into the corridor and saw how little boys of 8-10 years old helped nurses. One of them said that the soldier had died and asked the child to drag the gurney to the morgue. It was hard for the boy, but there was no one to help, because everyone was busy. The child was struggling to drag the dead soldier to the morgue. And you know, I still think: “Where are these children now, what happened to them?”

      But the children steadfastly endured the hardships of fate. Hajiyev saw another boy clutch a soldier’s wound with his hand so that it would not bleed. The nurse told him, “Get away, he's already dead,” but the boy did not want to believe it. “Look, he's still alive, look, blood is flowing,” he shouted in response.

      The soldier was indeed still alive, but died before the surgeons had time to open it. “I pulled the boy from the gurney; I didn’t want him to see all this. It affected me so much that I changed in relation to children. I can’t see how they offend children, how parents punish them. ”
      1. Anat1974
        Anat1974 18 May 2013 21: 45
        Thank you for the article!
        1. YuDDP
          YuDDP 18 May 2013 23: 15
          Quote: Anat1974
          Thank you for the article!

          And I have other thoughts after reading this article: "Why? Who needed this war? What did they want to achieve?"
    2. Ragnarek
      Ragnarek 18 May 2013 15: 32
      Yes, no one argues that every nation has talented doctors and courageous people. Why put on an patriotic site an article about executioners from the IDF? they would talk about concentration camps for Palestinians, about attacks on Syria and Lebanon
    3. Ezhaak
      Ezhaak 18 May 2013 19: 07
      Quote: Yarbay
      Research Institute of Clinical and Experimental Surgery

      Alibek, and this place somehow passed through my life. My father-in-law was operated on here. Amputated leg. After the second such operation, they sat with the surgeons; a successful outcome was noted. They told me, using the example of a father-in-law, what effect nicotine has on blood vessels. You will not believe, in the shortest possible time I stopped smoking. Once and forever
      1. Yarbay
        Yarbay 19 May 2013 14: 52
        Quote: Hedgehog
        Alibek, and this place somehow passed through my life. My father-in-law was operated on here. Amputated leg. After the second such operation, they sat with the surgeons; a successful outcome was noted. They told me, using the example of a father-in-law, what effect nicotine has on blood vessels. You will not believe, in the shortest possible time I stopped smoking. Once and forever

        I was also operated there, but I couldn’t quit smoking!
  5. volan
    volan 18 May 2013 15: 29
    This story is not about the victories of the IDF - it is a saga about the Doctors. Thank you very much for their military work!
    1. Tatarus
      Tatarus 18 May 2013 15: 51
      Quote: volan
      this is the saga of the Doctors

      And then we do not have our own doctors? Although why I decided that mine is with us and yours is in the same country. Jewish article for the joy of the Jews. Why on a Russian site?
    2. AlexxxNik
      AlexxxNik 18 May 2013 16: 54
      Quote: volan
      then the saga of the Doctors. Thank you very much for their military work!

      if the author wanted to describe the valor and dedication of the doctors, he could also add about helping the victims of the IDF, and this is a heartbreaking saga from the repertoire of the military enlistment office: go, go ahead and don’t be afraid, then you will be treated
  6. atesterev
    atesterev 18 May 2013 15: 31
    The article is informative in terms of the organization of medical support. Our ministry of health and social services could adopt much of their organization of medical services.
  7. Tatarus
    Tatarus 18 May 2013 15: 36
    The article seems to be thrown in to revitalize the fighting on the site. That's interesting. If they write that it is forbidden to incite, etc., etc., then why is this at all ??? You would still have recalled the memories of an American instructor about service in Afghanistan at the time of the stay of the USSR troops there. Well, crap. Now the massacre will begin with mutual disadvantages. ADMINS WHY DO YOU THIS ??? It got boring?
    1. domovoi
      domovoi 18 May 2013 15: 53
      probably. it reminds, as if to go to the bmw club website and say that AMG is better than M ///
    2. vladsolo56
      vladsolo56 18 May 2013 17: 44
      And let's set a general ban on visiting the site by all non-Russians, but that they are almost all enemies. Jews without exception, Caucasians, too, Asians selectively. Yes, and Russians should be sorted out, those who are for Orthodoxy and nationalism, this is our audience, all who do not support, out.
      1. Yarbay
        Yarbay 18 May 2013 18: 17
        Quote: vladsolo56
        And let's set a general ban on visiting the site by all non-Russians, and that they are almost all enemies

        But what about the proverb-enemy must be beat, that is, know in person ??))))))))))))))
        1. vladsolo56
          vladsolo56 18 May 2013 18: 20
          It is in the face, and not all without exception. The main thing is not to believe that anyone who is not with you is the enemy. It's too easy to label enemies today. Hatred is the normal mental state of many in our society.
          1. Yarbay
            Yarbay 18 May 2013 18: 48
            Quote: vladsolo56
            It is in the face, and not all without exception.

            Sorry, I thought you wrote a serious offer above!
      2. Ezhaak
        Ezhaak 18 May 2013 19: 12
        Quote: vladsolo56
        And let's set a general ban on visiting the site by all non-Russians

        The idea is quite interesting. Just explain to me, too, what do you mean by the word "Russians"?
        1. vladsolo56
          vladsolo56 18 May 2013 19: 31
          What irony is not captured? strange like everything is extremely clear
          1. Ezhaak
            Ezhaak 18 May 2013 19: 34
            Quote: vladsolo56
            the irony is not caught?

            Sometimes it is not harmful to play safe. laughing
      3. Tatarus
        Tatarus 18 May 2013 21: 39
        Alarmed by your swinging issue. No one forbids visiting the site. The purpose of the laudatory article about another army on the Russian site is simply not clear. But the fact that you immediately break into a screech is really strange.
        Yes, let everyone come to my house,
        But let it be at home as I decide.
        Is the site Russian and patriotic? Yes.
        What is Russian and patriotic in the article? NOTHING. You still attribute to me racism.

        Quote: vladsolo56
        And let's set a general ban on visiting the site by all non-Russians, but that they are almost all enemies.

        Funny predictable looping reaction.
        1. vladsolo56
          vladsolo56 19 May 2013 07: 49
          look at the publication of the site. Yes and again, laudatory articles about weapons manufactured in the West, or there is a limitation, weapons can be praised, but normal people cannot. In the article, no one praised the freaks and killers. They only talked about the work of military doctors, and how they are celebrated in Israel. Personally, I did not notice anything laudatory to the Israeli army. But in many comments, hatred is very striking.
          1. Tatarus
            Tatarus 19 May 2013 14: 14
            I repeat once again. I am against the article only because we have already minded each other here. It was predictable. The article is competent and informative, but why lay it out if such a result was predictable? It feels like they specifically wanted to quarrel.
  8. Ragnarek
    Ragnarek 18 May 2013 15: 40
    Quote: volan
    This story is not about the victories of the IDF - it is a saga about the Doctors. Thank you very much for their military work!

    So they would write about Soviet military doctors of all nationalities
  9. bubla5
    bubla5 18 May 2013 16: 17
    I just don’t understand the meaning of the imposed article, it can be any state, just instead of Israel insert for example Syria and nothing will change, there may even be more heroism in doctors
  10. Victor
    Victor 18 May 2013 16: 27
    In fact, the article is out of place. Yes, in Israel there are a lot of immigrants from the USSR. So what of this? What is Russia for them? Nothing at all. Moreover, for most of the enemy. There are heroes in every army, but not every army needs to be heroized on such a site. So it turns out, then they have the Holocaust, then the best army in the world and kill anyone we want. Let them write about their heroes on Jewish sites. We have enough tactical and strategic understanding of the illegal actions of the Israeli army in relation to other nations.
    1. Tatarus
      Tatarus 18 May 2013 21: 42
      Quote: Victor
      Yes, in Israel there are a lot of immigrants from the USSR

      Victor, these are not natives. IT'S TRAITORS OF THE HOMELAND. The scientists and military men brought up by the Union switched to the service of another state. Those who left never had the concept of homeland. They were not slaughtered as white officers. They just created the conditions like everyone else in the country. And they pulled away at the first opportunity. Having stolen the baggage of knowledge and secrets. What kind of natives they are, they are defectors.
      1. Victor
        Victor 18 May 2013 22: 37
        Quote: Tatarus
        Having stolen the baggage of knowledge and secrets. What kind of natives they are, they are defectors.

        Yes, you are probably right. All Israeli science and industry is at the Soviet educational school. Before the Soviet era, it was almost impossible to find a scientist among Russian Jews, it was the Soviet government that gave them what they then dragged with them to Israel.
      2. Tourist Breakfast
        Tourist Breakfast 18 May 2013 22: 58
        The scientists and military men brought up by the Union switched to the service of another state.

        What about the fact that in the 90s, when these people left, the Soviet Union no longer existed?
        1. Tatarus
          Tatarus 18 May 2013 23: 41
          Homeland remains Homeland, regardless of name.
          1. Tourist Breakfast
            Tourist Breakfast 19 May 2013 01: 04
            Homeland remains Homeland, regardless of name.

            So how many Russians left the former Soviet republics after the collapse of the Union? Betrayed the homeland comes out?
            1. Tatarus
              Tatarus 19 May 2013 14: 17
              Kinda yes. Unfortunately. BUT I do not blame those who are now returning.
              1. Tourist Breakfast
                Tourist Breakfast 19 May 2013 15: 32
                In my opinion, the situation changed dramatically in the 90s, when nation-states emerged in place of the multinational USSR with a predominance of the "titular" nation and an unfavorable attitude towards the "non-indigenous". Both Jews and Russians felt it very well in Central Asia and the Caucasus.
  11. d_trader
    d_trader 18 May 2013 17: 20
    And let’s write an article about German machinists. How poor they drove the convoys over such an unfriendly Belarus and how they were derailed. And how was it hot at the firebox, and the young beautiful Frauilles German nurse skillfully did them dressings?
  12. nemec55
    nemec55 18 May 2013 17: 54
    [quote]. He is the son of Israel (Shaib) Eldad (1910–1996), a native of Ukraine, one of the leaders of LEKHI (the Hebrew abbreviation for “Lohamey Herut Israel” - [/ quote Something the same, Jacob gave birth to Isaacas Isaac Moysha Moisha Abraham and so on
  13. nevopros
    nevopros 18 May 2013 17: 54
    We must not forget our heroes.
  14. Stas
    Stas 18 May 2013 17: 58
    IDF is a pattern.
    The most victorious and effective army in the world.

    And with whom are they from serious opponents fought something ??? With the Germans, with the Russians, with the Vietnamese, with the Avgans (the Arabs never knew how to fight)?
    1. Santa Fe
      Santa Fe 18 May 2013 18: 25
      Quote: Stas
      And with whom are they from serious opponents fought something ???

      Quote: Stas
      with Russians

      air battle 30 July 1970 of the year

      At that time, the Egyptian Air Force chief of staff, General Mubarak, and the adviser to the Egyptian Air Force commander, commander of the Soviet aviation group, General Dolnikov, were at the Bir-Areida remote command post. Mubarak warned Dolnikov that the Israelis were luring Soviet pilots into a trap, but he believed that two reconnaissance Mirage, without weapons, would become easy prey. Dolnikov remembered that on April 18 reconnaissance aircraft left the MiGs. He ordered twenty MiGs to be lifted to the sky in order to cut off the Mirage’s escape route. From the Egyptian airfield in Beni-Sueif (180 km south of Cairo) [2] two four MiGs rose under the command of Captain Yurchenko. Two more four MiGs under the command of Captain Kamenev took off from the Kom-Aushim airfield (120 km south-east of Cairo), the fifth four took off from the airfield in Catamia.
      Three groups of MiGs were approaching the Mirage link in the oncoming courses.

      The eight MiGs, under the command of Captain Yurchenko, became close to the demonstration group, but the Mirages unexpectedly turned to 180 °, and the eight MiGs joined the team of pursuers under the command of captain Kamenev.

      Sixteen MiGs flew behind the demonstrative link of the Mirages, having a huge advantage. When the strike group took an advantageous position for delivering the main strike, Mordechai Khod ordered the demonstration group to deliver an auxiliary strike to the MiGs. Two pairs of Mirages split apart, dropped their hanging tanks of fuel, turned around, and, taking military order, began to draw closer to the MiGs.
      Instead of two reconnaissance aircraft, Soviet pilots unexpectedly discovered the four Mirages. The captain Yurchenko, who correctly orientated himself in the situation, reported to the command post: "I see the four fighters."

      General Dolnikov gave the order to destroy the Mirages, but the Soviet pilots did not hear this command - at 14.20:XNUMX pm the Israelis turned on radio interference and blocked the Soviet communication line. The Soviet pilots suddenly discovered that they were surrounded by eight Mirages and blocked from above by four Phantoms. At this moment, the four Mirages launched a missile strike.

      The first MiG was shot down by the Mirage cannon fire, followed by the Sperrow missile launched by Avihu Bin-Nun. Asher Snir shot down the MiG with a rocket at an altitude of 10 thousand meters. The pilot of the downed MiG ejected. After the loss of the fourth and fifth MiGs, Dolnikov ordered the pilots to break away from the Israelis, and Soviet pilots began to leave the battle.

      In the battle of July 30 1970, the Israelis shot down five MiG-21, killed:
      - Zhuravlev Vladimir Alexandrovich
      - Yurchenko Nikolay Petrovich
      - Yakovlev Evgeny Gerasimovich

      On August 1 of 1970, the USSR Air Force commander Marshal Pavel Kutakhov flew to Cairo. He ordered an investigation into the armed clash with the enemy. 2 August Kutakhov ordered the cessation of flights of Soviet pilots in the area of ​​the Suez Canal and forbade its pilots to engage in battle with Israeli fighters.
      1. hrych
        hrych 19 May 2013 08: 12
        Well, there has not yet been a direct clash of decent fighters with the Jewish army, all the wars were Arab-Israeli and there was no other, maybe a couple of our instructors died, maybe the instructors banged a couple of Jews, and of course you can not boast, especially if you are not a prophet and do not know future. Another thing is geopolitics, where stupid political bureaucrats tried to build socialism among the Arabs, brought them money and weapons, and the State Department simply transplanted baboons from camels to gold toilets, which turned out to be much more effective. In principle, as always, they don’t notice an elephant, but it’s bad luck, now Iran leaves America alone, and the Wahhabi cannibals take control of the Arab world and new Magameds appear on top of gold toilets, plus they buy the best military equipment. So:
        The ranks of the armed forces of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia serve 224 people (including the National Guard). The service is contractual. Foreign mercenaries are also involved in military service. Each year, the draft age reaches 500 thousand people. Saudi Arabia is among the top ten countries in terms of funding for the armed forces, in 250 the military budget amounted to 2006 billion US dollars - 31,255% of GDP (the highest among the Gulf countries). Mobilization reserves - 10 million people The number of the armed forces is constantly growing, so in 5,9 they numbered only 1990 thousand people. Well, and unlimited human material in the form of headless jihad warriors of the entire Arab world. The main supplier of weapons for the kingdom is traditionally the United States (90% of all weapons). According to some reports (by the way, Israeli), Pakistan's nuclear program was sponsored by the Saudis and some of the warheads were transferred as payment, plus there are delivery vehicles capable of hitting Israel and against this background Iran's nuclear program is bullshit. The funny thing is that when choosing a dad in the person of London and Washington, the favorite brainchild will be not a Jew, but oil. The fact that the State Department is condoning the creation of a "New Caliphate" is probably already clear in Tel Aviv. These cannibals do not cause sympathy for me personally, and oddly enough, if something happens, I will "root" for Israel. Russia, so hateful to you, in which you live, has disagreements with Israel only over Syria and because of it, spoil relations and flattery in z.. silly, you are simply stupid.
      2. Che
        Che 19 May 2013 14: 09
        Quote: SWEET_SIXTEEN
        SWEET_SIXTEEN (1

        Where did this fiction come from in a sore imagination.
        Where ours were, yours were sorry in shit.
  15. CHILD
    CHILD 18 May 2013 18: 18
    it’s not clear .... why is this Jewish patriotism ??? let them write it, it’s more useful to them soon ..... how’s Bulgakov’s there? -clouds were gathering over Yerusalim ....)))
    1. datur
      datur 18 May 2013 20: 08
      [quote = KIND] it’s not clear .... why is this Jewish patriotism ??? let them write it, it’s more useful to them soon ..... how’s Bulgakov’s there? -clouds were gathering over Yerusalim ....-- and our wounded like! I don’t care who he is, the main thing is the result !!!! wink
      1. CHILD
        CHILD 20 May 2013 14: 58
        but where did our wounded come from ???? you think I'm mistaken, they aren’t ours anymore ... they all made their own choice! I don’t argue that they are probably wonderful people ... but at the expense of ours, vague doubts torment me ...
  16. tadjik
    tadjik 18 May 2013 18: 21
    Guys! What does the Nazi have to do with it. Alexander Kataev is my classmate, and I was VERY PLEASANT for him. Now my pride sticks out from all sides for our Dushanbe Soviet school, for our teachers (Russians, Jews, Germans, Tatars, Tajiks). Just time scattered everyone. One of my best friends at school was, and I know him well: ANSWER - if he was in another war - he would do the same. He is a doctor.
  17. VadimSt
    VadimSt 18 May 2013 20: 12
    What is really worthy of imitation in Israel is the principles of conscription and terms of service (3 years for a man and 2 years for a woman), the uncompromising use of force in cases of threat to national interests, the work of intelligence and special forces without regard to anyone's opinion, and most importantly - there their own, for the sake of political benefits or due to "emerging circumstances", do not merge!
    1. Ivan.
      Ivan. 18 May 2013 20: 29
      Quote: VadimSt
      and most importantly, they don’t drain their own people there, for the sake of political gains or due to "emerging circumstances"!

      Well, and what does they learn from them? The fact that they do not merge just because they have all of their above. And everything else applies only to specific conditions, the Russians are certainly no more stupid than the Jews, and everything that happens in other armies is constantly being studied, and the application depends on those who are at the top, whoa!
        KVASNOI POTREOT 18 May 2013 21: 01
        it’s right not fig u4 to adopt positive experience with such "patriots" even enemies are not needed negative
        1. Phantom Revolution
          Phantom Revolution 19 May 2013 01: 32
          Quote: KVASNOI POTREOT
          it’s right not fig u4 to adopt positive experience with such "patriots" even enemies are not needed

          Where are only such mediocre trolls as you hire?)
  18. Alexan
    Alexan 18 May 2013 21: 52
    Is this a site of blind patriotism or a sober weighing of the potential capabilities of armies? While I see how the brains are knocked out in the army. We are the best, airborne forces forward, Stalin is our helmsman forever. Any stupid comments, just to get another star on virtual shoulder straps. This is how many times you have to yell "hurray" at the general? And I would like to know the real rank and combat experience of the next "field marshal" of this forum! It should be a shame, gentlemen! It is necessary to wear military awards, not jubilee, public badges.
  19. Ragnarek
    Ragnarek 18 May 2013 23: 46
    [quote = Aleksanya] Is this a site of blind patriotism or a sober weighing of the potential capabilities of the armies? While I see how the brains are knocked out in the army. We are the best, airborne forces forward, Stalin is our helmsman forever. Any stupid comments, just to get another star on virtual shoulder straps. This is how many times you have to yell "hurray" at the general? And I would like to know the real rank and combat experience of the next "field marshal" of this forum! It must be a shame, gentlemen! It is necessary to wear military awards, not commemorative, public badges. [/ Quo

    Well, why this passage? Critical remarks are also welcomed on the site - with reasonable argumentation, but not so much about ... Yes, I believe that we are the best, airborne forward and in the text, so what? There are problems they know and correct if possible. You do not like it - go to another site what is the problem
    1. Alexan
      Alexan 19 May 2013 00: 34
      A lot of rudeness, rudeness, elementary ignorance in the comments. But I'm on the site because of great articles, interesting analysis and ... professional evaluation in the comments. The Airborne Forces only respect for the fact that the first bullets are always in their body armor. And, God forbid, under the plate!
  20. Docklishin
    Docklishin 19 May 2013 00: 27
    Definitely, pig sistine is a big and fat minus. It is a pity that I can only put one. This is for "the most invincible army". I will not explain further ... ugh ...
    The system of providing medical care, both in military field conditions and at various stages of evacuation, has been worked out in our country to the smallest detail. We read "The Experience of Soviet Medicine in the Great Patriotic War", 35 volumes. Believe me - it is relevant to this day. Another thing is that the provision of transport, consumables, diagnostic equipment .... at the level of 60-70 years. Unfortunately, the farm has only recently started to recover in the country. production. in general, those who are responsible for it. And doctors (primarily surgeons) try to make good out of nothing. Although in single copies there are operating rooms based on Kamaz, air hospitals, etc. etc. The Ministry of Emergency Situations and Centrospas are actively involved. About training - I think that if a cadet (student) wishes, there are much more opportunities in Russia to become an excellent doctor than abroad. But then, what to do for a salary of 8 tr. Go to Israel? to the IDF?
  21. tsiklop70
    tsiklop70 19 May 2013 00: 29
    I live in an apartment with migrant workers from Armenia, and we don’t give a shit about who, where, from somewhere, to see a person from far away, 75% of Jews (no offense said) lived in Russia before the revolution, then the outflow to America went, and anywhere, but they have a state, their horse, and they, like we are right, in the person of their compatriots, they are heroes (like ours who died in Afghanistan, in / satellite / and other similar organizations, (and you should know about them) Americans- a different format, they like idle and n ... ...... that they are the best, etc. etc. etc. here is another conversation, here is about OUR PEOPLE — ours, in the soul — on shih, only about this and not about propaganda, it’s stupid to look through the lines, people, we are all essentially rednecks, touch us and n .... innocent people will suffer, but did anyone think about this? There are few examples? we are not stupid -we become Zionists without noticing this, Jews, even according to the horoscope, are a nation of bankers, but they know how to defend their homeland, this can be envied, no more, we will give more life for our own ... stop shitting each other, and men are already good, suddenly come in handy voditsa get drunk?
  22. Docklishin
    Docklishin 19 May 2013 00: 30
    Total. I liked the article. Our guys are great. And they didn’t leave from a good life.
  23. misham
    misham 19 May 2013 13: 12
    Normal article. If anyone here is anti-Semite. Then let it go on ......
    You should never leave your wounded. Better take the experience of the Israelis. The main thing is to save Private Ivanov. The Germans took their wounded out of Stalingrad hell as they could by plane. Not a single general abandoned his soldiers. And in Sevastopol, the Black Sea Fleet changed into civilian clothes when he dumped (he would have changed into a woman like Kerensky) he didn’t take anyone on the plane ...
    In general, about Israel. I don’t know what kind of military medicine they have there. I was a tourist there and saw their ambulances. All-wheel drive cars with all necessary equipment and tires are not bald ....
  24. il grand casino
    il grand casino 19 May 2013 23: 02
    In my opinion, any doctor who saves lives deserves only a bow to his feet. Who was on their table, I think, will understand me.