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Remember Vienna, remember the Alps and the Danube? ..

Remember Vienna, remember the Alps and the Danube? ..By the beginning of World War II, all of Europe was literally crammed with dictators: Pilsudski, then Beck in Poland, Smetona in Lithuania, Ulmanis in Latvia, General Metasas in Greece, Mussolini in Italy, General Anthony Carmon and Salazar in Portugal, Primo de Rivera, then Franco in Spain, Dolphus in Austria, the racist regime of Marshal Pétain in France, Ahmat Zogu in Albania, Marshal Antonescu in Romania, Pats in Estonia, Marshal Mannerheim in Finland, Admiral Horthy in Hungary, Tsankov, and then Tsar Boris in Bulgaria, Quisling in Norway, Ante Pavelic in Croatia, monseny p Tiso in Slovakia ...

Most of them became the Fuhrer in their states even before 1933, when Hitler came to power in Germany, uniting the European rulers to march on the East.

It seems to be not Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg that were not dictatorial and did not fight with the USSR. They would send the Soviet-German front from 90 to 110 thousand soldiers, but Sweden and Switzerland who formally declared neutrality together with Spain (the Blue SS division and air squadron) over 50 thousand volunteers. The last military unit manned by the Norwegians and the Danes (the Norland division) will be routed by the Red Army already near Berlin. The German author of the book “The Results of the Second World War” (1953) K. Pfeffer testifies: “Most of the volunteers from Western Europe went to the Eastern Front only because they saw this as a common task of the West ... Volunteers from Western Europe, as a rule, were attached to connections and parts of the SS ... "

The prominent English historian A. Taylor wrote about two “neutral” countries least of all dependent on Nazism, Switzerland and Sweden, that they “could bring Germany more benefits than if they were in the position of vanquished. Germany received iron ore from Sweden, precision instruments from Switzerland. Without this, she could not continue the war. ” Almost every third fascist projectile was made of steel smelted from Swedish ore, and almost all the necessary tungsten came from Portugal ...

Czechoslovakia, the former in 1930-ies. world exporter weaponsHaving 45 fully mobilized and well-armed divisions, without a single shot surrendered to the German group, which consisted of 30 divisions. But the factories of only one Czech concern Skoda from August 1938 (the capture of the Sudeten Germans) until September 1939 will give the Nazis the same military output as the British all the military factories in England. The Nazis will attack the Soviet Union, having in their 21 tank divisions of 5 divisions armed with Czech tanks.

The overwhelming majority of citizens of European countries collaborated with the Nazis, guided by both ideological and purely selfish considerations in the hope of profit on the rich expanses of Russia. And the Fuhrer actually led the European crusade against Soviet Russia. Germany’s ambassador to the Vatican, von Bergen, reported to Berlin 24 on June 1941, that “in circles close to the Vatican, they welcome this new phase of the war with known relief and follow its course with particular interest” ...

What is left over? Slavic Poland? Partly yes. But it is worth remembering that soldiers and officers who had passports of Polish citizens on 100.000 September 1 fought over 1939 in September in the Hitler army. Professor Richard Kaczmarek, Director of the Institute stories The University of Silesia, the author of the book “Poles in the Wehrmacht,” states that “about half a million passed through the German army during the war of the Poles” (not to mention the Home Army, which was subordinate to the government in London and often fought against the Red Army and partisans, rather than Wehrmacht). Only in 1942, the Poles made up 40-45% of the personnel of the Wehrmacht 96 Infantry Division, about 30% of the 57 Division, about 30% of the 11-division (together with the Czechs), about 12% of the 110 division ... From an interview R. Kaczmarek of the Polish Gazeta Wyborcza: “We can assume that 2-3 has millions of people in Poland who have a relative who served in the Wehrmacht. How many of them know what became of them? Probably a few. Students constantly come to me and ask how to establish what happened to my uncle, with my grandfather. Their relatives were silent about this, they got off with the phrase that the grandfather died in the war. But this is no longer enough for the third post-war generation ”...

The only European country that did not want to take part in the fascist madness that swept all of Europe was Serbia. The signing of the 25 March in Vienna by the Prime Minister Tsvetkovich of the Rome-Berlin-Tokyo axis by the Prime Minister, which provided for the transfer of the entire economy of Yugoslavia to Hitler with the right of free movement of German troops, caused an outrage of popular indignation in the Balkans. Two days later, the prime minister was overthrown, and the pact was terminated. In Belgrade and throughout the country, the population rejoiced, celebrating the victory. On the streets burned effigies of the overthrown premier collaborator. In Berlin, these events caused such rage that Hitler on the same day signed a directive with the code name "Punishment." The European press launched a frantic anti-Serb campaign, rushed to describe the "persecution of the German minority" in Serbia. Began the spread of fake photos, close-up showing the "refugees", called "victims of the Yugoslav terror." The invasion of the German forces and its satellites began with the 1940-day continuous bombardment of Belgrade, under which more than 2 thousands of people died. Although the Serbs shot down 18 bombers, the total tonnage of bombs dropped on Belgrade exceeded 40 tons.

Every person celebrating 9 on May Victory Day should know that this day brought the uprising of the southern Slavs closer. Thanks to the Serbs, the beginning of the implementation of the “Barbarossa” plan and the invasion of the USSR was postponed for a month, and as a result of the onset of the autumn thaw, the Hitlerite technology began to waste fuel (about a third), which slowed down the blitzkrieg; in the midst of the decisive battles near Moscow, Hitler was forced to redeploy some of the divisions so necessary for his generals on the Eastern front to the West - against the recalcitrant Serbs.

By the beginning of the Second World War, all authoritarian regimes in Europe were gigantic purulent boils on the body of European civilization. Of the two dozen (excluding “dwarf”) European countries that existed by June 1941, almost half - Spain, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia (separated from the Czech Republic at that time), Finland, Croatia (highlighted and then from Yugoslavia) - together with Germany entered the war against Russia / USSR, sending their armed forces to the Eastern Front. Apart from the number of troops of these official allies of Germany, more than 1.800.000 citizens of all European countries fought in the Wehrmacht and the SS alone!

A general impression of who fought against Soviet Russia and how could be made up of prisoners of war in May 1945: Poles surrendered to 60280, French 23136, Croats 21822, Dutch 4729, Belgians 2010, Luxembourgers 1652, dates - 456, several thousand Czechs. This is only a part of captured from several European countries that seem not to have fought against the USSR. Suffice to say that, around 600.000, prisoners from the armies of Germany and its allies were released by the Soviet command directly on the fronts after appropriate verification.

In the ensuing titanic struggle, the Soviet people managed to defeat the authoritarian-fascist plagues that had grown into the body of Europe. However, it should not be forgotten that Nazism and totalitarianism are a product of European progressism and rationalism. No wonder the end of the war and the Nazi fascists, and their vassals from other countries tried to surrender to the British and Americans, but not the Soviet troops. So judge for yourself which regime is closer to the Nazis - Soviet or Western "liberal-democratic".

Although the war that began in June 1941 was a struggle for life and death between two ideological opposites - fascism and communism, for our ancestors this antagonism did not play any role. For them it was the Great Patriotic War. The war against the enemy who attacked the country. The war of survival. Holy war!
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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 18 May 2013 07: 44 New
    Indeed, all of Europe and half the world fought against the Soviet Union.
    But our grandfathers and fathers won!
    And very few were cut off after the Victory tentacles, which were drawn to us from all sides.
    And when growing new ones, chop them not sparing.
    1. Sosland
      Sosland 18 May 2013 12: 25 New
      everything is right, now the situation is similar, and not a hundred dozen of these traitors inside our country will be typed, decency must unite, let’s start with ourselves, with a neighbor on the site, we need to be together
    2. Nordwest
      Nordwest 18 May 2013 23: 47 New
      Albania alone sent more than 150 million soldiers to the eastern front and Monaco about 10 million. Everything will fit into the latest history, the main thing is to distribute the places correctly, where are yours and where are strangers. Well, the main abscess, the dictatorship of the proletariat, will probably take the place of honor of the savior of the universe. Somewhere we already passed it.
      1. azatoz
        azatoz 20 May 2013 00: 21 New
        Nordwest Yesterday, 23:47 p.m. ↑

        Albania alone sent more than 150 million soldiers to the eastern front and Monaco about 10 million Otkuda v Albanii stolko soldat? A Monako? Vi ne pereputali ???
    3. Alx1miK
      Alx1miK 19 May 2013 21: 47 New
      I agree with everything, but a mistake in the text. "Quisling in Norway." Quisling wanted a lot, but received a little. He had no real power for a minute. So to the dictators of Europe it is not necessary to attribute it. Fucking dictator of him.
  2. Atlon
    Atlon 18 May 2013 09: 12 New
    Yeah ... About this, even in the Soviet school they did not say what to expect now ?! To the author plus, bookmark the article! And the info is in the face of any Europeans trying to teach us to poke their nose, or talking about the Soviet "occupation". But it was necessary not to restore the national economy in the "occupied" territories, but to ruin everything completely and plunder! For European villainy. In a word, a geyropa is a garbage dump of civilization ...
  3. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 18 May 2013 09: 17 New
    “In the West there is a concept that Russia is an aggressor ... in the 1939th century, when Poland was divided, Russia absorbed the lion's share of the territory; in the 1945th century, she was an oppressor of Poland and Finland ... An outside observer, if one existed, would say that the Russian victory over the Swedes and Poles in the 1812th century is only a counterattack ... in the 1915th century the best part of the original Russian territory is almost all Belarus and Ukraine - was torn away from Russian Orthodox Christianity and annexed to Western Christianity ... The Polish conquests of the original Russian territory ... were returned to Russia only in the last phase of the world war of 1918-1918. In the XVII century, the Polish invaders penetrated into the very heart of Russia, right up to Moscow itself and were driven back only at the cost of tremendous efforts on the part of the Russians, and the Swedes cut off Russia from the Baltic, annexing the entire east coast to the northern reaches of Polish possessions. In 291, Napoleon repeated the Polish success of the 1941th century ... The Germans, who invaded its borders in XNUMX, captured Ukraine and reached the Caucasus. After the collapse of the Germans, it was the turn of the British, French, Americans and Japanese, who in XNUMX [XNUMX] invaded Russia from four sides. And finally, in XNUMX, the Germans again launched an offensive, more formidable and brutal than ever. It is true that the Russian armies fought in Western lands, but they always came as allies of one of the Western countries in their endless family quarrels. The chronicles of the centuries-old struggle between the two branches of Christianity, perhaps, truly reflect that the Russians were victims of aggression, and the people of the West - aggressors ... The Russians incurred a hostile attitude from the West because of their stubborn commitment to an alien civilization .''-- Arnold Toynbee
  4. M. Peter
    M. Peter 18 May 2013 09: 19 New
    Serbs, but well done. Probably the only ones among Europeans who had traitors and those who joined the ranks of the EU army.
  5. crasever
    crasever 18 May 2013 09: 22 New
    The sultry Spanish “blue division” had rather sour under Leningrad - even in a positional war it suffered heavy losses, defectors appeared on the Soviet side, and once the Russian heavy artillery, as if covering the headquarters, where the fun of Spanish and German high-ranking officers was going (from the ruins got shovels), generally turned the life of the Francoists into a daily nightmare, constantly "paying attention" to the shot targets ...
  6. uzer 13
    uzer 13 18 May 2013 09: 38 New
    Russia has no friends, this has long been known. The army, aviation and navy are our friends.
  7. omsbon
    omsbon 18 May 2013 09: 41 New
    In 1941, we were opposed by almost all of Europe led by Adolf, but she fell under the blow of a Russian fist. By now, it has recovered, added new "members", has united in the EU and wants revenge in the form of a review of the outcome of the war. That is, to put everything upside down, but forgets that the memory can be updated with a new fist.
    1. Atlon
      Atlon 18 May 2013 10: 24 New
      Quote: omsbon
      In 1941, we were opposed by almost all of Europe led by Adolf, but she fell under the blow of a Russian fist.

      And in the next article, we are told that Hitler was an idiot, attacked without preparation, and fought alone ... for some reason, he doesn’t allow you to post comments there, he writes all the time that “the message contains invalid text”, although the text is “literary” "written in language, without a hint of breaking the rules. I don’t know why, but it didn’t work after half an hour of trying. Article here:
      1. smile
        smile 18 May 2013 18: 57 New
        Sorry, but I do not agree with you - the article is just a small piece of Starikov’s book, the main idea of ​​which is that Hitler was created and raised by the Anglo-Saxons solely to incite us ... the book is justified enough. The fact that some of Starikov’s conclusions are controversial is true, in the military-technical issues and in military construction, Starikov also floats .. :)))), but there are few of them and they don’t make the whole weather ... as for “unavailability” - the book has a direct reference to the reason, which allows us to conclude that it was written in spite of the rezunovsky ravings. That is why the author uses Rezunov's branded verbal phrases like "unpreparedness" ...
    2. nnz226
      nnz226 18 May 2013 12: 10 New
      In order to discourage the desire to review the results of the WAR, you must be able to REVIEW these results !!!
  8. borisjdin1957
    borisjdin1957 18 May 2013 09: 49 New
    from the Don.
    How this echoes the times of the rise of Russia! Nothing has changed. The Catholic West will always be aggressive towards us. History has proved it more than once. And I hope it will always get it in the teeth!
  9. avt
    avt 18 May 2013 10: 13 New
    good Another good article today. Just pleased the author! We constantly need to be reminded that not two totalitarian regimes started a war, as the liberoids of the local and European spill assure us. The Soviet Union opposed Nazi Germany, which was ALL Europe, and this fact irritates them very much, and such articles dun them in their own way.
    1. Atlon
      Atlon 18 May 2013 10: 25 New
      Quote: avt
      Another good article today

      And one more bad one!
  10. Sirius-2
    Sirius-2 18 May 2013 10: 36 New
    It is enough to say that about 600.000 prisoners from the armies of Germany and its allies, after an appropriate check, were released by the Soviet command directly on the fronts.

    And why?!!! On what basis are they released ?!
    Once they fought against us, once the prisoners let them restore the destroyed!
    Something incomprehensible, not undisclosed!
    1. Thunderbolt
      Thunderbolt 18 May 2013 10: 53 New
      Quote: Sirius-2
      On what basis are they released ?!
      The countries whose citizens were these 600.000 prisoners of war were not officially at war with the USSR (or switched to the side of the anti-Hitler coalition) .1945, the Soviet Union was to restore peaceful life, establish diplomatic relations with European countries. Yes, and an article for mercenary appeared only in 70s. Word, everyone who obviously didn’t commit war crimes was allowed to go home, live their life alone with their own conscience. And even easier --- we are Russian wink
    2. Snoop
      Snoop 19 May 2013 10: 32 New
      Well, not everyone was released at the fronts and released home, some went to the created national units. Such as the Czechoslovak Corps. Now they say, fight against the Germans.
  11. dddym
    dddym 18 May 2013 10: 46 New
    Why are unopened? Prisoners should be kept at least - and in those years every piece of bread counted. Correctly released. Well then, how do we behave like the Poles who did not feed our prisoners at all?
  12. PValery53
    PValery53 18 May 2013 12: 11 New
    Judging by the latest facts, Europe, feeling its strength and forgetting the lessons of History, is increasingly boring against Great Russia. Did she forget who she was and who Russia? What, recall through the memory of their own skins?! ..
    1. prophet190
      prophet190 19 May 2013 06: 34 New
      I'm afraid this time they are doing their best! Not guys, we are already taught. If you smell fried again, then you won’t wait for Stalin’s kindness! Uncle Joseph thought that you are not like to forget the horrors of the Second World War, but as you can see, no-forgot.
  13. Waroc
    Waroc 18 May 2013 15: 16 New
    It will be necessary to remind - we recall, one thing is bad - and we ourselves will fall a lot on those fields. And there are not so many of us.
  14. Seraph
    Seraph 18 May 2013 16: 48 New
    REUTER reports on the increasing incidence of cannibalism observed in many places of the former European states. After the perfect collapse of the infrastructure of countries such as Germany and France, more and more people lose their human appearance and sink to a brutal state. Periodic raids of the Russian expeditionary forces do not give the proper result. A positive picture of the fight against cannibalism is observed in the territory of the Iberian Caliphate and in the counties of the former Great Britain controlled by the IRA.
    ITAR-TASS reports on the escalation of the interethnic conflict between Romanians and Hungarians: crowds armed with cold steel and Molotov cocktails smash the remains of civilization in the vast expanses from the ruins of Budapest to the quarantine zone of the Russian occupation zone of Constanta. The number of victims exceeded 300 thousand people.
    Etc .. So, maybe, informational messages will look in 15-20 years
  15. kostas
    kostas 18 May 2013 21: 37 New
    I already wrote that there were no Greeks on the eastern front. After the battle of Crete, where about seven thousand German paratroopers died, the surviving Navy and Greek Air Force went to Egypt, where they continued to actively fight against the axis forces. The country was divided into three occupation zones, German, Italian and Bulgarian. Terror and the atrocities of the invaders were opposed by a powerful guerrilla movement. We paid a huge price for victory, about 10% of the Greek population died in this war, the country was completely destroyed to the ground, and after that the British allies yazali us civil war, but that's another ... a terrible tragedy.
    1. prophet190
      prophet190 19 May 2013 06: 35 New
      Yes indeed, the horror is complete. Sorry.
    2. 3 inches.
      3 inches. 19 May 2013 10: 49 New
      By the way, Kostas on the participation of the Greeks in the war, the information mainly relates to fights with Italians. There is little information about the rest. At least in Russian. Can you try to fill in the gaps? I think many will be interested.
      1. Mikhail3
        Mikhail3 19 May 2013 19: 13 New
        I know. that the Greeks fiercely and inventively guerrilla. But everything happened in those places where the Anglo-Saxons ruled the ball completely. So there is simply no information - everything is destroyed ....
  16. Fitter65
    Fitter65 19 May 2013 03: 03 New
    Quote: Nordwest
    Albania alone sent more than 150 million soldiers to the eastern front and Monaco about 10 million.

    This is how much the population in these states, if they sent so many soldiers !!!
  17. capitosha1rang
    capitosha1rang 19 May 2013 15: 39 New
    It turns out that one way or another all of Europe fought against the USSR?
    What was that?
    I do not believe in the mass madness of peoples, but once again I am convinced that "politics is the last refuge of villains" (Ezra Taft Benson).
  18. Old_kapitan
    Old_kapitan 20 May 2013 09: 41 New
    Although the war that began in June 1941 was a struggle for life and death between two ideological opposites - fascism and communism, for our ancestors this antagonism did not play any role. For them it was the Great Patriotic War. The war against the enemy who attacked the country. The war of survival. Holy war!
    A monument to the author for these words! Briefly and clearly.
  19. kostas
    kostas 20 May 2013 23: 09 New
    There is enough information about the partisan war in Greece, but this is usually the recollections of the participants in the resistance movement, there is also a documentary chronicle, as well as the official history of the General Staff of the ground forces of Greece, the Germans know everything and everyone, the British as direct participants in these events, and Soviet, I’m sure , they know a lot, but in Russian, I personally did not read anything, and this is politics, everything is connected with the result of the civil war in Greece, then the Cold War, imagine that in Greece itself, the Resistance Movement 1941-1944 abbr. EAM was at officially known in the 80s. One of the most striking and significant episodes of this war was the so-called battle for the harvest in the summer of 1943, when the partisans simply did not allow the occupants to take bread from the peasants, did not let them into the fertile breadbasket Thessaly, and thereby prevented a recurrence of hunger in the country, when about 42 thousand people died of starvation in Athens alone in the winter of 43 to 300. Germans and Italians called a specialist in the fight against partisans, a partisan fighter from Yugoslavia, now I don’t remember his name, the Italian was the count prince with the rank of major in the head of five hundred thugs landed on the Peloponese and began to advance inland, where it was destroyed in the afternoon. By the way, our partisans worked very closely with the partisans of Yugoslavia. The occupiers would have lost many times more if it were not for the brutal terror against civilians. one German soldier they shot 50 hostages, only in one village of Kalavrit they shot 1200 male villagers, from 12 years old and above.