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Main strategic potentialGood health to all!

Having recently read an article on our website about “parallel realities,” “the spiritual envelope of the Earth,” decided to present his view of this “vinaigrette.” This is just my opinion and it is by definition subjective. To all amateurs and “professionals” of mysticism, as well as “egregors”, “coordinator of the planet Earth”, and so on and so forth, I want to remind the following history. By the way, there is a much more effective method “to achieve enlightenment,” try opening the door of the refrigerator faster than the inside light comes on.

In the Renaissance, when the question “what is man?” Arose, what was in us from “God,” and what came from us? King Louis of France (I do not remember the number) conducted a simple experiment. I bought several (more than a dozen) perfectly healthy babies and put them in a guarded castle. By assigning to them servants who, on pain of death, were forbidden to talk and generally communicate with children in general. The goal of all this was simple: if man is God's creation (in the orthodox sense), then isolation will have no effect on the development of these children, and as a result they will grow quite normal. As a result, completely underdeveloped people grew up, or rather they could have been called people with a very big stretch, rather they looked like animals. No way they could not teach speech after the termination of the experiment. I do not intend to offend the feelings of believers, but any idea, even the best, can be brought to the point of absurdity.

For an individual, absolute value is time, and you can’t argue with that, but for the state? In my opinion, this is the intellectual potential of its people. So it turns out that education is the most important “technological” process of the state, its main function. No “breakthrough” or “breakthrough” will succeed if no one is able to read, and vice versa, if world science is concentrated in the country, this state cannot be an outsider. So we were the most reading people in the world, with the best education system, with advanced science. There were ...

About education, or rather about his view of it, and decided to write. In any case, consistency and a systematic approach are important. The now introduced "Bologna" system does not prepare smart and creative people, but consumers. The whole process of learning is reduced to stuffing young brains with a bunch of information, often unnecessary, and sometimes contradictory, creating a sort of “porridge”. Now there is a lot of terrorism, violence, drugs, moral deformity and other cases destroying the country. So after all, a holy place is never empty. Teach people to create, to realize themselves and all the above-mentioned “dirt” will become a thing of the past, perhaps a small percentage of “freaks” will remain, but these will be isolated cases.

The education system consists of several components: this includes pre-school education, a “school” program, out-of-school education, and the organization of teachers' work, and the identification of talented people. In general, the system itself should be organized in such a way that it becomes an honorable and advantageous to become a talented, creative citizen, and extremely unprofitable and contemptiously illiterate "vegetable." I will try to disclose in more detail my understanding of the foregoing.

Preschool education

The brain, like a muscle - requires training. And his ability to learn new things, unfortunately, is not straightforward in time. It is a well-known fact that if a child does not learn to speak before the 8-10 years, he will never speak. Therefore, training should begin in kindergarten. Moreover, the process of preschool education should take place in a playful way. In my opinion, the emphasis at the initial stage of education should be made on functional development. The main subjects of pre-school education: the organization of the memorization system, the ability to own both left and right hands, reading, drawing, games for the development of logic. For example, children are invited to present in their minds a large, beautiful one-story (as long as a one-story) building and call it “HOUSE OF KNOWLEDGE”. To facilitate this, there is a poster on the wall with a drawing of such a building. Next, mentally you need to open the doors and go inside, to focus the child’s attention on the cleanliness and order of the large, round hall. In the wall, near the entrance door, suggest “to create” doors with a large “ALFAVIT” inscription, opening which the trainee enters a bright, clean room, where the letter “A” stands on the shelf (for example). Ask "mentally" to take this letter in hand, twist it and wipe the "dust" into place. Set a home task: go before bedtime and play with a letter (letters, over time), wipe it (them) from dust into place. Over time, with the development of figurative thinking and memory, we suggest that children themselves create such rooms with a name for example: “Birthday”, “Favorite cartoon”, “Trip to grandmother”, etc. To accustom the child every night to “enter” his “HOUSE OF KNOWLEDGE” and restore order there. When the children are comfortable, offer to “create” a door labeled “Oblivion”, opening which you find yourself in a beautiful room, in the middle of which there is a deep well. Offer to submit any negative point, the event in the form of a stone and throw it into the well. Before entering the school, suggest to name the first floor “Kindergarten”. That is, to create a system for memorizing and retrieving images, which is the basis of knowledge. This system should be constantly developed both at school and at the institute.
Children are shown at the initial stage, a simple figure: a letter, a triangle, an asterisk, a ball. After that, this figure hides. The child needs to close his eyes and present this figure. Then draw it first with the right and then with the left hand. You can also develop all kinds of educational games for the right and left hands. As you know, the right hand is controlled by the left hemisphere, and the left - right. Accordingly, it is necessary to develop both hemispheres.

Reading is the most important skill, no video can compare with reading, because figurative thinking develops while reading, and video turns it off. It is necessary to read the child and ask to retell it. As the memorization system develops, syllables, words, and stories must be kept in the “House of Knowledge”. In our computer age, it is quite possible to organize some kind of "reading room" in the manner of tablet computers with speed reading training programs.

Drawing is also very important, because it teaches self-expression. You can draw on arbitrary themes, the only condition: to draw part of the picture with your right hand, and part of the left.

Games on the development of the logical apparatus are well known. For example, there are three nouns: Sun, tomato and cucumber. It is necessary to remove one “extra” and explain why it is “superfluous”. In this example, it could be a cucumber, the sun and a tomato are round, or the sun, a cucumber and a tomato are vegetables (or an extra tomato, why? Because I ate it). As you master the game, word sets can be complicated (4 and more words). Here is another example, three words are given. It is necessary to come up with as many sentences as possible containing these words. And there are a lot of such simple but very useful games, in the school they are replaced by mathematics.

The purpose of preschool education is to form a system of figurative thinking and memorization, the development of the left and right hemispheres of the brain, reading. That is, the creation of methods of knowledge of the world in a playful way, so that the learning process would bring joy, not boredom.


School is the most important period in life. It was at this time that the knowledge base, the basic skills of knowledge were laid. We are all different and our abilities are different. To someone it is easy, that one thing, to someone else. In Soviet times, there was an unofficial division of students in preparation: the most prepared children were enrolled in the “A” class, less in the “B”, even less in the “B” and so on. This is a good practice. If, for example, a “weak” student falls into the “strong” class, then he will hopelessly lag behind and generally lose interest in learning. After each year of study, it is necessary to conduct examinations (just do not get hung up on them) and sort the students into classes according to their results. If, for example, a child is lagging behind in 1-2 subjects, it is enough to tighten it with additional classes during the holidays (for example, 1 month of June), if the systematic lag should be transferred to the less capable class, he automatically goes into a more "advanced" class.
The school cycle itself, in my opinion, should be divided into “primary” school (1-4 class inclusive), “secondary” school (5-8 class inclusive), and “senior” (9-11 class).

In the “elementary” school, the program continues the development of figurative memory, mastering both hands equally, speed reading, drawing, but writing, math, speech development, work, music are added. Moreover, training figurative memory, possession of both hands is included in all subjects. At the end of the “elementary” school, the student must read at a decent speed, be fluent with both hands, be able to retell the proposed story with “his” words. The amount of knowledge in mathematics and other "serious" subjects must correspond to the "Soviet" level, if not deeper.

In the "secondary" school, the emphasis in training is on "core" subjects. This is primarily speed reading, algebra, geometry, Russian (plus the national language, if required), literature, history, physics, chemistry, biology, foreign language, geography, biology, drawing. In the "secondary" school, the task of mastering the right and left hands is also becoming more complicated - it is necessary to learn how to simultaneously write the same thing with both hands simultaneously.
In the “high school” classes will regroup according to professional characteristics. "Physical and mathematical" class, "chemical and biological" class, "humanitarian" class. If, for example, a student is fluent in mathematics and physics, and most importantly wants to develop in this direction, then he will be better off learning in a class with a physical and mathematical bias. If someone is better given languages, history, then accordingly he will develop more in a “humanitarian” class. In the "high" school, teenagers learn to wield two hands independently. This will teach to focus, to think more “volumetricly”. For example, a student with the right hand solves the problem, and with the left he writes, as dictated, a proof of the theorem. Or he writes an essay with his right hand, and with the left one he makes illustrations to the essay. The speed reading and development of the "House of Knowledge" is also moving to a higher level.

It is necessary to exclude “extra” disciplines from the school program, for example, my daughter at school studied the “OBZHD” subject - the basics of life safety. The program of this subject included, among other things, the study of human internal organs: what the lungs consist of (Trachea, bronchi, alveoli), pancreas, which cells produce insulin, etc. Why does the 10 summer child need this information? Ask her now, she will remember nothing. But mathematics is given in very poor volume. Mathematics in general should be the main subject, both in the "primary" and in the "secondary" and "higher" schools.

Out-of-school education

At the time of my childhood, there were the stations of "young technicians", the magazines "Technique of Youth", "Young Technician", the correspondence school of Radio Electronics, the correspondence course of Physics and Mathematics. In schools there were circles Mathematical, Physical, Chemical, Literary. Why not revive it? Now computerization provides an opportunity to raise out-of-school education to a new height. It is necessary to create a single scientific database, where all materials necessary for training, additional materials, as well as advanced scientific works will be collected. All information should be strictly structured and publicly available.

Organization of the learning process

Any inert system is doomed. Therefore, the education system should be a dynamic, developing object. It should be an element of competition among the teaching staff. Each teacher can be assigned a certain rating, moreover, the same rating should be given to the school. Depending on the results of the mandatory annual examinations, calculate the ratings and, depending on the score, index the salaries of the teachers and the school administration. To prevent collusion, students must take examinations from another school. And whatever the training may be reduced to knowing the tickets (or tests), the latter must not be known in advance and each class must be equipped with a video camera. All video material of each lesson should be collected in the regional commission and selectively controlled by it.

Identification of gifted citizens and promotion of advanced ideas in the industry.

By itself, the education system divorced from industry will not bring anything good for the country. Most of the most talented and successful scientists simply move to the west and will work for the benefit of someone else's economy. There is only one way out - to create within all countries a system for identifying talented people and introducing their ideas into production. And here it is not necessary to invent anything. We have a RAS - Russian Academy of Sciences, and so it should be connected to solve this problem. Each regional department of the Russian Academy of Sciences must maintain an Internet resource where, after a thorough examination, articles that can be sent by mail to any citizen of the country, from schoolchildren to pensioner, should be published. During the year, a number of the most promising articles are collected in each regional department of the RAS, which are sent to the central committee of the RAS. Of the entire mass of submitted articles, those that are of the greatest interest to the country are approved. Further funding of the authors to continue the research work. Someone is just a simple grant to continue the theoretical work on their topic, and to whom it is possible to build a scientific center, if its idea is so promising. When accepting an article for consideration, copyright compliance and patent registration are guaranteed. It is quite easy to do this, just before sending your work you need to register and get a digital signature. For example, a young researcher became interested in a breakthrough theory, he writes an article with a scientific substantiation of his idea and publishes (registers) it, at the same time protecting his rights and receiving grants. But in addition to this, the state has the opportunity to assess the potential of this scientific work, and if it deserves that, to carry out targeted financing of its work.


Empires are created in the minds and hearts, or rather people consolidate a common value system, a common mental language. What can be the most effective means of creating it? Creativity and creation, is it not God's spark in each of us? There are no such obstacles that human thought can not overcome, multiplied by the desire for self-expression. In the modern, fast-paced world, knowledge itself is no longer so important, the more important is the ability to master the new, learns the new, the advanced. Is this the most important strategic potential of the state, its main weapon? The answer, in my opinion, is obvious.

In conclusion, I propose a joke about a conversation in "different" languages.

Little Johnny decided to walk the last two lessons. Running out of school, he saw his grandmother, who stopped him and asked:
- Son, how to find the area of ​​Ilyich?
-Babul, I am not very good at math, but it seems that I need to multiply the length of Ilyich by the width of Ilyich .... - Vovochka answered, scratching his head.

Regards Ziqzaq
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  1. Rustiger
    Rustiger 11 May 2013 07: 50
    Yes, everything seems to be true, dear Zigzag wrote. And it was said more than once and not by one person.
    Specifics, what is wrong with all this mess, and who needs it (specifics), up there. . .
    Sorry. . .
    But to be honest, there is a lot of bukuff in the article, and there is little desire, and there is no time to desire to delve into such a serious issue on an early Saturday morning. hi I’ll think about it later. . .
  2. fenix57
    fenix57 11 May 2013 07: 52
    "try to open the refrigerator door faster than the inside light comes on."- I tried it, it worked !!!!, - THE BULB BURNED! ...
    The Ministry of Education and Science led by PHYSICS-THEORETICS seems to have forgotten that getting an education is the END of THEORY and the beginning of a PRACTICAL LIFE. hi
    1. My address
      My address 11 May 2013 08: 45
      I do not know how physicists are, but Mysovsky graduates-metallurgists in the Union were not valued for superficial knowledge. Met steelworkers, foundry workers and distributors. I do not believe in miracles like all departments are bad, but physicists are at the level of Moscow State University.
    2. Kaa
      Kaa 11 May 2013 13: 37
      Quote: fenix57
      The leadership of PHYSICS-THEORETICS seems to have forgotten that getting an education is the END of THEORY and the beginning of PRACTICAL LIFE.

      Just as the author does not quite correctly represent the tasks of the same RAS - this is a fundamental science, with a return in tens of years. So it will in no way and cannot deal with the problems of looking for practical ways to solve specific PRACTICAL problems in articles. It would be more logical to return the TARGETED training of specialists, DIRECTED financing by superholdings of some (better, of course, all) universities and young scientists. Growth is needed, to For example, to Gazprom, please include in the expenses the financing of universities in the field of geology, petrochemistry, the creation of equipment and software. And from the budget, the preferential financing should be transferred in the field of training teachers, doctors, historians, politicians, and, naturally, STAFF FOR DEFENSE ... Then the existing funding will be enough for these industries - and enterprises - will invest funds in training specialists and conducting R&D in relation to their tasks, and not "engineers of the broadest", that is, no profile, especially managers, economists, etc., since "are terribly far they are from the people. "
    3. ziqzaq
      11 May 2013 14: 41
      Quote: fenix57
      At the Ministry of Education and Science, led by PHYSICS-THEORETICS

      The tree is recognized by its fruits ...
      From a theoretical physicist he transformed into a traitor physicist, I don’t know what kind of physicist he was, but the corrupt one came out excellent .....
  3. aszzz888
    aszzz888 11 May 2013 08: 01
    [i] At the time of my childhood there were stations of “young technicians”, magazines “Technique of Youth”, “Young Technician”, correspondence school of Radio Electronics, correspondence Physics and Mathematics school. In schools there were circles of Mathematical, Physical, Chemical, Literary. Why not revive it? [i]

    It is simply necessary by and large. And also to object to the undeservedly forgotten FZU, GPTU, SPTU where practical work (practice) was given. There was a lot of good in the old education system.
  4. My address
    My address 11 May 2013 08: 11
    I agree. An excellent master at work will hardly correct the muck that was previously laid in the pupil’s head by a bad teacher.
  5. treskoed
    treskoed 11 May 2013 08: 16
    There is no OBZH subject - there is OBZH! Studied from grade 5, i.e. at 10 years old they’re not studying. In the program - behavior in various difficult situations. Before asserting, look at least at the daughter’s textbook about what is written there.
  6. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 11 May 2013 08: 17
    That was in the USSR pioneers in school, abolished, spat on. What did they give the children in return? Compare at that time there was a newspaper "Pionerskaya Pravda" there were magazines and newsreels, and I don't need to lie, we were brought up in the spirit of decency and honesty. Not all, but most were all the same. What is being taught in school now? who is being brought up? I don't even want to continue, and so everyone can see everything that happens without me.
    1. d.gksueyjd
      d.gksueyjd 11 May 2013 16: 11
      Quote: vladsolo56
      What is being taught at school now? whom are they raising?

      The school is now teaching the science of "survival in a democratic society" - help with homework, help pay back. "If you don't like the way the teacher teaches at school, hire a tutor." "Only paid education will significantly increase the level of education in the Russian Federation." "You (the parents) are obliged to provide everything necessary according to the requirements of the school." "The curriculum is approved by the school director." Etc...
  7. Tartary
    Tartary 11 May 2013 08: 25
    Quote: Rustiger
    Yes, everything seems to be true, dear Zigzag wrote. And it was said more than once and not by one person.
    Specifics, what is wrong with all this mess, and who needs it (specifics), up there. . .
    Sorry. . .
    But to be honest, there is a lot of bukuff in the article, and there is little desire, and there is no time to desire to delve into such a serious issue on an early Saturday morning. I’ll think about it later. . .

    Damn ... I also thought about it ...
    They educated us in the USSR — there were a lot of things that are missing now or I don’t notice with my last 20 years — there were circles, pioneer and Komsomol organizations, there were many sports sections, and all this would always be ...
    Today everything is somewhat different, but even enough of what resembles the USSR for children is enough ... Especially when children are brought up born in the USSR ...
    Honestly, I won’t take a look at the difference - my children and the children of my friends, despite all the screams about the ruined education system, are growing and developing not in the worst conditions, but in some even the best.

    I agree on one thing - education should not stagnate, much less go backwards.
    Education should develop together with society, in accordance with the development of civilization!
    Of course, we can only talk about Russian civilization, everything else is rubbish ... IMHO
  8. individual
    individual 11 May 2013 08: 55
    Zigzag, you get beautiful: "he solves the problem with his right hand, and writes it down with his left, dictation.
    We have a slightly different way: "to pick the truth with the left from the nose, and fumble with the right on the keyboard."
    In my opinion, more natural, close to a person.
    It’s a joke, but every joke has a fraction of a joke.
      VADIMKRSK 11 May 2013 12: 23
      Share jokes like it. Senior second grader. I don’t understand anything in textbooks. After the army at the Polytechnic, I passed a physical and mate by 5, he was surprised. But I could not help him do computer science. In his youth, he composed programs - building a maze, sportloto ...
      1. individual
        individual 11 May 2013 18: 42
        Yes, that is right
        Now the granddaughter is 12 years old. When she was 6 years old he gave her a cell phone and was proud of it until she came from the kindergarten and ... She said: "Grandpa, why is there no photo or video camera in the phone" ..?
  9. djon3volta
    djon3volta 11 May 2013 09: 01
    who visited any circles in childhood? what magazines leafed through? what did he watch on TV? where did he play after school? voooot! personally I'm glad that I formed in that period and not this one. I was already 5-6 years old and could read and write I loved designers, I visited various mugs for several years, the sports section, so I managed to absorb something useful for myself. And thank God that there was no Internet and all kinds of computers and gadgets. And most importantly no one died from the fact that there were no yoghurts, sneakers and chips. it is possible to drink kefir, chocolate HEAT BIRD and eat fried potatoes. now for try to prove to children that chips and snickers are shitty and it’s better not to spend it on them, it’s useless, don’t prove it.
    1. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets 11 May 2013 09: 44
      Quote: djon3volta
      who visited what circles in childhood?

      Mostly sports.
      Quote: djon3volta
      what magazines flipped through?

      "Pioneer", "Bonfire", "Young Naturalist", "Model Designer" and "Young Technician".
      Quote: djon3volta
      What did you watch on TV?

      You will not pay much attention, during the day there is a break of almost 3 hours, late in the evening the parents did not allow to watch. At the weekend "Visiting a fairy tale", "In the world of animals", "Travelers club".
      Quote: djon3volta
      where did you play after class?

      On the street, rarely at home.
      1. VADIMKRSK
        VADIMKRSK 11 May 2013 12: 33
        This is also my childhood. Bullet in the dash - 3 kopecks. Dad will give 1 p - you can walk all day. Also take a cousin sister. Severodvinsk, the 70s ...
    2. zart_arn
      zart_arn 11 May 2013 12: 44
      Eugene, and there were chips too. Moscow crisp called. That's the trouble, in the provinces they could not be found, ordered and brought from the capital. This is so, a pleasant memory of a happy childhood, which was really happy, despite the complete absence of computers and video equipment.
  10. Enot-poloskun
    Enot-poloskun 11 May 2013 09: 12
    I fundamentally agree with the author.

    Only ... The consumer society, whose hegemony is the United States, educated and thinking people are not needed.

    A simple example: an educated person will use some gadget for several years, and not change every six months to apple-6, apple-8, etc. He does not need it.

    An educated, reading person will reflect and ask questions, some of which will affect the authorities. And the questions will be uncomfortable.

    By the way, the author pays attention to the importance of reading. Let me remind you of medieval wisdom:

    "Successful in learning,
    I'm through books
    In constant reading
    Attained wisdom. "
      VADIMKRSK 11 May 2013 12: 40
      Reading is a brain effort ... Like a horizontal bar for biceps. Mathematics is the gymnastics of the mind.
  11. ole
    ole 11 May 2013 09: 34
    Medical services are paid, educational ones are tightened up, who has enough money to study, get treated, who do not have the state, you are unnecessary sad
    1. individual
      individual 11 May 2013 18: 49
      That liberals and build capitalism on the principle of natural selection but with a focus on financial security. Bubble stole live, multiply if not blue. And the state does not need the rest (quoting you).
  12. Roll
    Roll 11 May 2013 09: 37
    lol All is well in due time. As for education, each era requires its own education. Now the main focus will be on spiritual education, since humanitarian education is the key to saving humanity as a civilization. With regard to technical education, it is ALMOST doomed. It is the techies in the near future (maximum 25 years) will create the Artificial Intelligence that will make all possible discoveries in a short time. Already, super computers are doing work for hundreds of engineers. And This is with the lousy organization of scientific research. At the same time, it is difficult for a child to explain why mathematics is needed. It used to be clear that the seller needed to be able to count, and now the cashier is counting everything. Only bring the barcode. By iPhone you can get an answer to any question and why bother with textbooks.
    1. zart_arn
      zart_arn 11 May 2013 12: 50
      Quote: Rolm
      With regard to technical education, it is ALMOST doomed. It is the techies in the near future (maximum 25 years) will create the Artificial Intelligence that will make all possible discoveries in a short time.

      Michael, it’s immediately obvious that you are sooooo far from technical thought, you didn’t even get close, but still - funny, they made you laugh. Plus for the humor! laughing
  13. APASUS
    APASUS 11 May 2013 09: 53
    The education system consists of several components: this is pre-school education, and the "school" program, and out-of-school education, and the organization of labor of teachers, and the identification of gifted people. In general, the system itself should be organized in such a way that it becomes an honorable and profitable way to become a talented, creative citizen, and an extremely disadvantageous and despicable illiterate “vegetable”

    I would like to add a little. That in the formation of the individual is also involved in the external environment, culture. And you cannot grow a citizen in a cultural vacuum and a policy of non-interference in the affairs of the same media.
    You can’t bring up with one hand and show murders, debauchery, vulgarity on TV with the other!
  14. Withoutdream
    Withoutdream 11 May 2013 10: 00
    The article is pretty interesting. But it reads like a kind of utopia-fantasy. To implement such a program, it takes a lot of time, and most importantly, finances, which will not immediately bring large profits, which our sponsor, patron investor, or the state loves so much now. And without profit and a well-fed stomach of the latter, in the whole world now nothing turns and does not turn. And what would be the profit, the future specialists need to be linked to the sponsoring company, which pays for such high-quality training. In Soviet times, such a link was in a "general" format to the state. From childhood, everyone studied so that our country would be the strongest and greatest, for Soviet people to fly into space, for Soviet science and technology to increase the harvest and feed our vast Motherland, etc. etc. Now what? Now there is no goal or quality of education. What will today's youth answer the question: Why do you study? It is unlikely that the answer will be related to the country, if only indirectly. You can, of course, try to introduce such an education without any ultimate goal, but is our modern teaching staff ready for such a teaching load, with such a "smart" salary?
  15. mosgeo1
    mosgeo1 11 May 2013 10: 07
    Dear Zigzag. One can recall how the libraries of institutes and universities in the USSR were ruined, burning their funds, of communism, Marxism, and all other creators of Our knowledge, no worse than the Gestapo. Who did not suit the newly-made Power - the October Revolution, the Komsomol members, the trade unions, and the party members of the CPSU, who have not yet turned into converts. I hope you remember this chronologically, in contrast to our modern "HISTORY" - which is absurd. The possibilities for children were previously almost limitless and accessible. The boys did what they did: they were hooligans, biologists, chemists, model aircraft designers, railroad workers, rocket engineers, artists. Although I can't shoot with two hands, from the age of 14 I officially had a hunting weapon (a young hunter) with the right to carry, only that hunting was allowed with adults. The Japanese invented the calculator, but a few years later they banned its use in schools, realizing that it makes fools of their children! There is something to discuss, but of course it would be better to do something before it's too late!
    1. Roll
      Roll 11 May 2013 10: 23
      The main problem is not education, but understanding why this is necessary. If in 50-60 years it was considered prestigious to be a scientist, now everything has changed. A successful career requires not knowledge but a crust, which with a certain financial situation is easy. Then we raised a talented scientist well, and where is the guarantee that he will not go west, or become a sales manager. First of all, education should have meaning and relevance, and the rest, if there is state will and desire, is achievable. You can create boarding schools for talented children at the Academy of Sciences and grow the necessary and sufficient number of professionals. Now the mass of engineers as in the time of Khrushchev is unnecessary.
  16. Egoza
    Egoza 11 May 2013 10: 22
    In principle, there are many methods that will provide a truly harmonious and comprehensive education, and even preserve the health of children. I can tell you a lot, but I don't think everyone will be interested in the military website. If someone is interested, I advise you to look at the methods and manuals of N.A. Zaitsev. Teaching children to read, mathematics, speech development from 2 years old. Gives excellent results. And the methods of Dr. Bazarny - health preservation, patriotic education, real high results in the assimilation of knowledge. Everyone seems to know them, they are known, but at the state level, implementation is being slowed down. But quite recently a "seminar" was held on the methods of Bazarny, which was attended by almost ALL MINISTERS OF EDUCATION OF EUROPE. And many have already made a plan to start testing and mastering this technique in their country. And we .... WE WALK ON GOLD, BUT DON'T NOTICE IT !!! Or rather, no one needs it, because there is no profit right away, on the contrary, you need to invest money here in education, and the result ... well, there will be healthy children after school, no cardiovascular diseases, scoliosis, gastritis, excellent vision saved. ..but there is no PERSONAL benefit? And you can spit on the people!
  17. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 11 May 2013 11: 16
    Regarding the example of Louis, I don’t remember which one. We take the blank, and forge a sword from it. We take another and put it on the shelf. Will come out of the second sword? No, it won’t work out. Does this mean that in the manufacture of the sword the quality and composition of the workpiece do not matter? Of course no. Moreover, it is the quality of the workpiece that determines its subsequent processing, the methods of turning into a sword are practically incompatible for different metal compositions. Conclusion. Louis, as he should be, is a blockhead. I have absolutely nothing to prove ...
    Regarding the proposed methodology. But! The development of the thinking technique in this way will yield results fundamentally different from the current nightmare. That's just, as many commentators rightly point out here, those people on whom everything depends, for no reason want to introduce anything like that. Why?
    There is a reason as simple as a hum. These people will not be able to compete with those who are so trained. The USSR had a great education system (just don’t be so happy. You weren’t trained on it. It was developed, but used only partially), which stumbled over exactly the same thing. As soon as people "from the people" began to crowd the families of Moscow bosses ... everything was instantly trampled down. After all, another swindler and asshole who has climbed into the higher echelons is concerned about one thing - to hold on and climb higher!
    If for this it is necessary to kill, rob and commit all the baseness known to people - he does it with pleasure. We believe that high power should work for the country, organizing us all for the common good. And the people who make up the high power were there primarily because they are obsessed with lust for power. Not the desire to control, not the ability to control they, these people are marked. They have another talent - to destroy everything and everything on their way up. You must admit that the first and the second are not only the same, but they are not close ... But to strangle a potential competitor, even if he will be a danger in the distant future, even if he can bring enormous benefits to the country and people - this is for the modern to us the power elite is absolutely natural. They crush education, as we crush mosquitoes. Unknowingly and death. Or consciously and then ...
    The autocratic rulers actively fought against such a degeneration of their elite. Because such a rebirth destroys the state and leads to its destruction. The methods were different and not always correct, but the main thing here is not even the method, but the tendency - to put to power, first of all, those who know how, and not those who frantically want it. Alas, democracy is a paradise for vile, unrestricted morally power-hungry people. The general world crisis has come because the power is ruled around by power-lovers and not by pros. "Power in the world was taken over by goons in Cardin's slippers, pushing engineers and scientists who knew how it all worked." Well, yes, that's how it is.
    There are many methods for teaching real people. Real people would drag us to leading positions in the world. The current government is opposed to the emergence and growth of real people with all the forces available to it. There is only one hope. The highest authority, people who have nowhere to grow, seem to begin to understand the situation in our country. The only hope is that this is actually happening. A sign of a true understanding of the situation will be a truly tough dictatorship. Otherwise, structural reform cannot be carried out, it is impossible in principle ...
  18. Severok
    Severok 11 May 2013 11: 19
    Good article. Explanatory. The only pity is that our Livanovs do not need this.
  19. ultra
    ultra 11 May 2013 13: 00
    The fact that education is a disaster is a fact, universities (for the most part) have turned into a conveyor for the sale of diplomas, I am generally silent about the school, For the article the author is a big plus! good
  20. astra
    astra 11 May 2013 14: 15
    Yes ... children are like plasticine, what you put in childhood, you will get the output.
  21. Igarr
    Igarr 11 May 2013 17: 35
    Spruce, who would protest ...
    ". At the end of the" elementary "school, the student must read at a decent speed, write fluently with both hands ..... "
    Honestly - I did not quite understand ....
    well, left-handed people were re-educated in our image, in the image of the West - there were a lot of people who feel poorly - what gender they specifically represent.
    Whether it’s the leader .. in the letter - p- .. whether it’s a girl .. in the letter -p-.
    Doesn't it seem to anyone that ... THE CHILD EDUCATION SYSTEM .. in the state is clearly connected with its successes in the WORLD ???
    Russian gymnasium students and cadets of real schools taught "the law of God", "ancient and Greek languages", the basics of commodity science, and even a lot of rubbish.
    Russian Empire .... a little ... did not win the First World War. The Russian Empire ... a little .. did not win .. all the rest of its wars.
    No, no ... there have been successes. Huge.
    But always .... a little bit was missing ... until Victory.
    In the Soviet Union they studied physics, mathematics, chemistry, natural science, botany, geography, and biology. Further - more .. and more specifically.
    NEVER - did not bother ... any esoteric !!!!
    Won - World War II. The result of education is May 9, 1945. The final result is April 12, 1961.
    Tell me that there were no ... esotericists in the USSR. Hee .... three times. Gurdjieff alone is worth it. Wolf Messing. Juna Davitashvili.
    Not in esoteric - PROBLEM.
    The problem is in relation to a similar state.
    Now the State has committed to EDUCATION ... big and fat ... well, and the result.
    A good article.
    But - toothless.
    1. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 11 May 2013 19: 22
      A person's thinking is almost entirely determined by how he ... uses his hands. What skills and how deep a person has to work with his hands - thus the brain is developed. Yes, there are completely "armless" scientists. That's just, on closer examination of their work ... In short, the ambidexter skill is one of the steps to the breadth of thinking, inaccessible to the "one-handed". One of the many steps ...
      1. Igarr
        Igarr 11 May 2013 21: 25
        At work, two ambi ...
        Here, simply, affect ... for better perception.
        It is interesting that the right hemisphere-left hand ... is a "creative" activity, as it is believed. Zaitsev, there, Andrey Danilko, Borya Moiseev ...
        As if ... Shpitalny, Kotin, Alferov, Shipunov, Korolev, Gryazev - did not CREATE ...
        The left hand is the left. There are many operations that I, like any person, are better left.
        And there are those that are just right.
  22. bubla5
    bubla5 11 May 2013 18: 37
    I don’t understand one thing everywhere in civilized European countries and not only adopt the experience of the formation of the former USSR, only our or not our reformers do the opposite
  23. individual
    individual 11 May 2013 21: 03
    In general, there are many questions "for life".
    They missed Serdyukov for, as they say, "successful reforms" in the armed forces, which were controlled by the president with a staff of his experts and advisers, and for the reform invested money. Shoigu came, - successively cancels all the results of the reforms and does it right or not quite (probably according to the instructions of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief and the expertise of the same advisers) We spend money again already on reformation.
    Au ... How to be? Aw ... How to live?
    And this is only about the ARMY.
  24. galiullinrasim
    galiullinrasim 12 May 2013 12: 49
    I don’t have to read everything all the more. I planted potatoes and sit for a while. I think so because the last 20 years they wanted to do something for the school for 15-20 years, good engineers and workers are not expected. About preparation for military service I’m silent. Everything has been replaced by a telly and comp. rostutno vigorous naughty guys and squishy guys. I think afternoon classes should be paid on a par with program classes
  25. Gardamir
    Gardamir 9 September 2013 07: 15
    It seems to me that one of the main types of education has been lost. This is the Internet and television.