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"A people with such sons cannot be defeated." Letters from the front

Letters of our soldiers are taken from the book "Letters of the fatherly order". It was published in Kemerovo in 1987. Its compilers are A. B. Berlin and L. G. Chukhontseva, who carefully gathered together the soldier “triangles” and other military documents kept in families. Today, these museum relics are the most honest characteristic of the patriotic sentiments with which the soldiers and officers of the Red Army went into battle and died in the name of the Motherland.

Letters of Konstantin Zhuravlev

October 10 1941 year.

"A people with such sons cannot be defeated." Letters from the frontHello, dear Klavochka!

Today I want to talk to you on a very important issue. In recent days we have had a lot of talk in connection with the dismissal of students who have not learned from our Tomsk artillery school to graduate. I also slightly succumbed to this mood. Come on, Klava, let's discuss the issue in earnest. Institute need to finish. It is not bad to get a completed engineering education, then get a job, get a reservation, that is, gain a foothold in the factory during the war and live in comparative peace in this difficult time for the country. All this is not bad. But when I read or listen to radio reports about military actions, how the cities and villages of the fascist bastards occupy, how they scoff at women and children, a completely different desire covers me. And if you imagine that you would be in the place of those who stay in occupied areas, our children were and suffered the same fate, is it possible to think about something else other than to strive to go to the front, destroy, wipe out lands of these creeps?

To visit the front, which is not rear, destined to our generation. We need to justify our role in order to look our children directly in the eyes when they ask: "Tell me, Dad, how did you fight against the fascists?" Ponder, Klavochka, soberly.

All the way to your Kostya

15 June 1942 of the year.

Hello, dear son Tolya!

22 June marks a year since I didn't see you. I really miss you, I often remember you. You are already five years old, that's how big you are. Grow up, son, be clever, love your little brother, teach him. I'll be back soon. Here we chase all the Nazis, and come back.

Kiss you, your dad

Guard Senior Lieutenant Zhuravlev died at the Kursk Bulge in July 1943. He was buried in the village Ozhigovo Oryol region. His wife Klavdiya Andreevna after the war graduated from the Siberian Metallurgical Institute, worked at the Kuznetsk Metallurgical Combine. The sons Anatoly and Boris also received higher education, in the 1987 year - both candidates of technical sciences.

Letters of twin brothers Dmitry and Andrey Gadёnov

July 16 1941 year.

Mom, my health is still good. Only with Andrei we were separated by an enemy fragment - he was wounded in the chest. Sent to the hospital.

Dad, you know what it means to fall under artillery shelling, cross machine-gun fire. But I must say that I will beat the enemy mercilessly, until victory.

Your Dmitry

25 August 1941 year.

A letter from the hospital.

If you receive this letter, do not write to the address indicated. My wounds are healing, I may soon go to the front.

Andrey Gadionov

10th of November 1942.

Wounded in the right leg. We had surgery, pulled out a shard. Light wound - I am already going to bandage myself. I hope that soon everything will heal and again I will beat the German reptile. For the exhausted our Soviet people, for you, my relatives.

Your son guard sergeant Andrei Gadjonov

Irina Egorovna Gadyonova.

"Your son Andrei Leontievich Gadionov, loyal to the military oath, died the death of the brave in the battle for the socialist Motherland. He was buried with military honors of January 12 of 1943 of the year."

Two days later, Lieutenant Dmitry Leontievich Gadionov died. Both are buried in the village of Tsybinka near Stalingrad. There were twelve children in the big Gadionovs family. Four sons went to war, returned one. Before the war, the twin brothers worked at the Baydaevskaya mine.

A letter from schoolchildren to their teacher, Alexander Benevolensky, to the front

Without date.

In the days when you, dear Alexander Konstantinovich, without sparing your life, are defending every meter of Soviet territory, we swear to learn "good" and "excellent", to be disciplined, to help the front. Only you, dear defenders of the Motherland, smash the enemy hated by the entire Soviet people. Let him know that in our pioneer hearts a great fire of hatred for him is burning.

The teacher's answer.

1943 year, March.

Hello, dear and forever loved by me guys! An hour ago, he recalled in the dugout the combat results of his loved ones. The door opened - and the postman enters the dugout along with the clubs of cold air. Gives me a letter written in child's hand, with excitement I open the envelope. My comrades asked you to read your letter out loud, which I did. We are all pleased that our little comrades remember us, send us their pioneer greetings. Your warm words, your wishes are very dear to us. They warm us. For four months now, as I and my comrades have been on this sector of the front. We arrived here on days when the enemy, gathering all his strength, tried to seize the city. Hundreds of aircraft flew over us, they dropped hundreds of tons of bombs every day. The city was covered with smoke from fires, houses, factories, piles of wood, gas tanks burned, and what was created by the long-term work of the peoples of our Motherland burned.

The enemy did not regret anything. But we managed to fulfill the order of Stalin and the dictates of the Motherland: "Back not a step!" We survived, although at times it was very difficult, especially in the days when there was thick ice on the Volga and people under artillery and mortar fire had to deliver food and ammunition to us by boat.

The fact that Stalingrad defended, the merit of not only the soldiers, but also of the entire Soviet people, is the merit of the rear, which uninterruptedly forged us weapon, sent equipment, ammunition. Remember, guys, there will be a holiday on our street ...

Master the knowledge, study firmly the Russian language and literature, geography and history, military and German. We promise you to complete our tasks, and you can handle your tasks perfectly. If we do this, then we will defeat the enemy.

Sincere greetings

A. Benevolensky

A. K. Benevolensky - hereditary teacher.

After graduating from the Pedagogical Institute, he worked at the Tutalskaya station of the Kemerovo Region at the railway school No. 26.

Killed 6 May 1943, near Kharkov.

Letter from the Hero of the Soviet Union Sergeant Mikhail Vlasov

October 5 1943 year.

Hello, mother, brother Vanya, sister Anfisa and Vera!

I am alive and well, which I wish for you. I was hit in the right leg by a splinter. Awarded the medal "For Courage". And soon I rejoin the battle. Must receive the Order of the Red Banner. If I die for my homeland, I will be an order bearer. The other day, a mine exploded near me, killed my comrades, and I survived. I live well, I have enough. We drive the Germans in such a way that they run and leave everything behind. I captured one German in a trench, shook it in a blanket and brought it to my own. Write more often.

Your son M. Vlasov

Mikhail Maksimovich Vlasov from under Mariinsk. He graduated from the seven-year school, worked as a tractor driver in the Berikulskaya MTS. The Heavy. Hero received for forcing the Dnieper. The father and brother of the Hero also fought at the front.

Killed 19 October 1943, near Gomel.

Letters of tank lieutenant Ivan Sorokin

28 April 1943 of the year.

Dear, beloved friend Uncle Peter!

How hard it becomes to live when you do not receive letters from your relatives, beloved people. I remember you, and I want to shout loudly into the blue distance that I have a beloved friend Uncle Peter, who will never forget me and in the difficult moment of life will stretch my hand and say: "I am with you, my dear Vanya!" With such faith and hope, I live and wait for better days.

Spring thunderstorms thundered, everything became green, all nature came to life, everything from nature to life lives its own life, I want to plunge into such a life with my head, to forget the present. Uncle Peter, spring has come, for the first time I am listening to the singing of a nightingale. There are such evenings when you do not pay attention to the shelling, and listen to the nightingale song. Thoughts flow and fly away, as quickly as if they are trying to run ahead of death. And how do nightingales sing! There is such a moment when there are two or three of them, then they try each other better to whistle their little song. Here at this moment there is no hunting to go to the dugout.

3th of November 1944.

Dear Uncle Peter!

Yesterday I received a letter from Nyura. He writes that he lives badly. We have to work a lot, except for the communications commander, she is an assistant platoon commander. Well done maiden! I'm happy for her. She writes how glad she was when she received a letter from you. Happily at heart, when you listen on the radio about the successes of the Leningrad Front. Glory to our heroes! Eternal memory to those who died for the happiness of the people! You ask, Uncle Peter, when this mess will end? It is difficult, very difficult to answer, but according to all signs, no farther than the spring of 1945. True, the Finns talked hard about the world, but the Germans are not Finns, and they need to be poured much harder than the Finns. But maybe everything will end faster than we assume.

Ivan Sorokin died at the Polish city of Malagos in January 1945.

Letter of Anna Sorokina (Nyura) to Peter Semenovich Sorokin

Dear, dear uncle Peter!

Our Vanya was killed, my dear brother. I should never forget him, but what a pity, Uncle Peter, was almost there and did not know anything, until she received a letter from her sister, she received a funeral. Tye Shura writes that she is terribly worried, sick and is in the hospital. Still, because in her hands there are three more. I do not find a place for myself. After all, they were almost there! I am also in Poland, in the city of Poznan, and now we are going to Berlin. How terrible to die, and even more terrible when you lose someone ...

She left that day after the shift into the forest, lay down, look into the sky. And I feel something happening to me. I do not know how to explain that. My youth is over, I realized that such a war, I guess. Or did you understand life? How painful when someone leaves. And then my brother. And where, at least in their own land, even to visit the grave, and in fact there, in a foreign land, you will not even see the grave.

Well, everything, Uncle Peter. I hasten to change.

I hold you tight, your Nyura

Anna Sorokina in 1942 year after graduating from school in the city of Stalinsk volunteered to go to the front and ended the war in Berlin. Participated in the war with Japan. In the 1987 year - retired.

Letters from Alexey Pavlovsky

5th of January 1943

My dear wife! Dear daughter!

What I have been striving for over a year and a half has happened. I'm at the front. I, as a Communist, a citizen of my country, have had the great honor of defending my Motherland in arms. Know, my dear, as long as my eyes see, while my hands and feet can fly a plane, I will defend my Homeland until my last breath, to the last drop of blood.

You can kill a person. But the people who have such sons cannot be defeated. Motherland will live.

Early April 1943.

I am a guard lieutenant now. Got a sign of the guard. He went to the rear of the enemy. If you read anything about parts of Lieutenant-General Tolbukhin, this is us. Goodbye my dear. The main thing - do not worry. I hug and kiss my single and dear ones. Never forget. I do not want to think that this letter may be the last. Continue writing again, because although it is not clear, it is possible that the letters will be delivered. I will justify the confidence of the party in the new work in the same way as I have justified so far. In the battles for the Soviet homeland from a private in three months I reached the guard of senior lieutenant.

Always your Alexey

3 June 1943 of the year.

A letter from the hospital.

Dear Zinul!

... Tomorrow, the commission will say whether I will drive again or remain a Red Army soldier on the ground. In my opinion, I am very healthy and will certainly be in the air. The results will be reported immediately. Do not write the answer to this letter here, at this time I will be there, where the guns are rattling, machine guns crack, shells are torn, where death dies over a person every minute, every second will again decide whether to live or not, to be or not to be our homeland is free. And I answer again: life and freedom - to be. That's what we are Communist Guards. And to fight with the enemy - in the air or on the ground - is it all the same? Hey.

Your Alex

July 25 1943 year.

... Now it is clear that the Russians repelled the onslaught of the enemy. And survived! And now they are driving the enemy west. Today we are sure that the Eagle is about to be Soviet again. And this brings the hour of the final victory, the hour of the meeting, the meeting about which you write in your letters.


The battalion commander of the 19 airborne guards regiment of the 10 airborne guards division of the guard captain Alexey Andreevich Pavlovsky participated in the battles on the Stalingrad, North-West and Steppe fronts. October 8 1943 was contused and captured by the Germans along with a group of wounded comrades. They were brutally tortured - burned alive.

Streets and pioneer squads in Novokuznetsk and Khabarovsk, a highway in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, named after the Hero of the Soviet Union Alexey Pavlovsky, a memorial plaque on the main building of the Siberian Metallurgical Institute in Novokuznetsk in which he studied is installed in his honor.

Letters of senior sergeant Ivan Gavrik

5 June 1943 of the year.

Dear Dad, Mom! I have a full order. Alive and well. A lot of work asked us German. However, he will soon come to an end, we will avenge the burned cities and villages, for the dead old men, children, women ...

For outstanding services to the homeland of our division awarded the title of the Guard. So please love and favor.


13 September 1943 year.

Sorry, relatives. There is no time to write. It is necessary to finish the fascists.

Your son Ivan

Guard senior sergeant Gavrik buried in the village of Kamenka, in Ukraine, near the city of Kamenetz-Podolsk. In 1987, the pioneer squads in Ukraine and in the city of Ussuriysk, where Ivan Petrovich Gavrik studied, bore his name.

Letters of intelligence officer Alexander Polivanov

December 16 1943 year.

Hello to faraway Siberia, to the motherland, father, mother, brother Van!

I received a letter from you. I hasten to inform you that while I am alive and well, I continue with my comrades to beat the brutal fascists in the same spirit, with the same force. What am I doing at the front? I am in the intelligence unit. I am a scout, which means climbing German defenses, recognizing enemy plans. Sometimes the task is to take the burned "tongue". We take it. For one captive Fritz, I received the Order of the Red Star. The work is very interesting, although sometimes dangerous. I applied for a party candidate. I think they will soon. Do not grieve about me. Soon the war will end, then we'll live well.

Your son Alexander

16th of January 1944

With the guards front-line greetings to dad, mother and brother Van!

I received a letter from which I learned that you live well.

It calms me down.

Today, i.e. 16 January 1944, I lost my two countrymen, Kemerovo residents, with whom all the lights and waters had passed. We divided the whole burden of war amongst ourselves. And today, they were killed by the Pskud-German. For the fact that we are defending the independence of our Motherland, for the fact that we do not want to live under the yoke of the Germans. For this they destroy us. But do not destroy. For them - my friends - I will retaliate triple. Let them kill me, but new generations will come to my place and they will take revenge for me. Do not worry about me. On that and war to solve the question: we them or they us.

But we are driving the Nazis. They are now retreating, unable to restrain the onslaught of our troops. Soon they kaput. Soon we will live better than we lived before the war. I am fighting so that I became a candidate member of the CPSU (b). The government awarded me two Orders of the Red Star, the Order of Glory of the 3 degree, the medal "For Courage". Of course, Dad, I'm at war not for the order, but for the liberation of our Motherland.

Your son Alexander.

14 February 1944, the scout Alexander Polivanov was killed in battle.

Sister of the Hero of the Soviet Union A. P. Maksimenko from her front-line friends, her brother

26 February 1945 year.

Hello, dear Grania Petrovna!

Accept our fiery front regards and best wishes in your life. Your beloved brother and our comrade died the death of the brave in a fierce battle with the enemies for their great homeland, for the honor and freedom of our people. Our military friend and commander, Hero of the Soviet Union, Major Maksimenko, fell from the hands of the sworn enemy of 16 in July 1944 in the 4 hour of the day near Lukovets, not far from Ternopil. They buried him with military honors in the city cemetery of Ternopil. It was very painful to part with his friend and hero.

The officers, sergeants, and fighters swore upon the Hero's coffin to brutally revenge the enemy for the death of a friend, for the tears of his parents. Since then, hundreds of fascists sent to the next world. Now let's go ahead to the fascist lair to once and for all wean the vile enemy from attacking our Homeland!

Be healthy and happy.

Alexander Petrovich Maksimenko from the city of Yurga, Kemerovo Region, launched the 10 war of September 1941. In 21, the year became the commander of an infantry regiment. Member of the CPSU (b) since April 1943. He was awarded the title of Hero for forcing the Dnieper. He was awarded two Orders of the Red Banner, the Orders of Lenin, the Red Star, Alexander Nevsky, Alexander Suvorov.

Native Heroes live in Yurga.
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  1. radio operator
    radio operator April 26 2013 08: 12
    Awesome letters!
    Reading them rolls a treacherous lump to the throat - what kind of people were, and ... what we are.
    Friends, we will be worthy of our grandfathers, great-grandfathers.
    Do not put the Russian Land to shame when we have to keep an answer.
    Sorry for the pathos, a little was felt.
    1. an-sar
      an-sar April 27 2013 18: 34
      You won’t believe the radio operator, I read and cried for 46 years! Eternal memory and glory to these people!
  2. Tartary
    Tartary April 26 2013 08: 46
    Eternal memory to our Heroes!

    "Let's remember all by name, remember with our grief -
    This is not necessary for the dead, it is for the living!
  3. Yura
    Yura April 26 2013 09: 53
    Eternal memory to the Heroes who gave us the future.
  4. RPG_
    RPG_ April 26 2013 11: 08
    Indescribable sensations tear me apart after reading. And there are simply no words. Great people and just heroes all as one.
  5. Prapor Afonya
    Prapor Afonya April 26 2013 12: 14
    Glory to the heroes who fell for their homeland!
  6. omsbon
    omsbon April 26 2013 12: 57
    The publication of letters from the front should be included in the school curriculum for the education of adolescents in patriotism, and the heibiber stuff should be thrown away once and for all!
    1. DDT_1976
      DDT_1976 April 26 2013 15: 01
      + 1!

      To begin with, I will read to my growing boys.
  7. Srgsoap
    Srgsoap April 26 2013 15: 08
    Eternal memory, bow to the earth. Thank you for your feat !!!
  8. George
    George April 26 2013 19: 55
    To you, veterans!

    Bright memory
    To those who are not!
    Who did not meet
    Peace Dawn

    Through the cannonade
    Through hunger
    Through fear
    Proudly Victory
    Carried on the shoulders.

    Oh god
    Give health
    To those who are alive
    After the battles
    Came back home!

    To you, veterans,
    In near and far ...
    Low bow
    To the ground !!!

    (G. Kucher)
    ALPETSEM April 26 2013 20: 00
    I have a similar book on the topic. only the title is different "They say the fallen heroes", a collection of recent letters from the front, notes from concentration camps, etc. thoughts and feelings of ordinary people on the eve of their death. I advise you to read.
  10. Marat
    Marat April 27 2013 14: 28
    And now we need to wage our "war", defending the honor of grandfathers and great-grandfathers. And no matter what uniform the enemy will wear: be it NATO camouflages, zhovto-blakitny zhupanki or suits from Versace bought in London at his place of residence ... the honor of grandfathers is our sacred duty, you must agree, it will be a shame to THEM, who gave their lives for our future. Therefore, I am satisfied with the collapse of the Reichstag !!! GLORY TO THE WINNERS !!!
  11. rom8622
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    I read, and could not hold back the tears that came to my eyes !!! All my life I will remember the Great feat of the Great People, and my children and grandchildren will also never forget, I will do my best for this !!!!