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Pskov paratroopers announced the signal "Collection"

Sudden checks of the combat readiness of the troops become regular.

Pskov paratroopers announced the signal "Collection"The practice of sudden inspections of the combat readiness of troops is becoming more and more widespread in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. And now, without warning, military units not only the Supreme Commander-in-Chief or the Minister of Defense are alerted, such checks are beginning to be organized at a lower level of control — in the Armed Forces and the types of troops.

Yesterday, at the direction of the commander of the Airborne Forces (Airborne Forces) Colonel-General Vladimir Shamanov, a sudden check of the combat readiness and combat capability of one of the assault landing regiments stationed in the city of Pskov of the 76 Guards airborne assault division started. Rather, the very rise of the personnel of the divisions and control bodies of the unit in alarm occurred even the day before, on April 16. The reinforced battalion group of the regiment on a standard vehicle made a march to the “Strugi Krasny” training ground located in 70 kilometers from the regional center. And she started there to perform control exercises on firing from the armament of the airborne combat vehicles (BMD). About 500 military personnel, 29 armored vehicles, over 30 units of special automotive vehicles take part in practical actions.

As the spokesman for the Office of the Press Service and Information of the Russian Defense Ministry for the Airborne Forces Colonel Alexander Kucherenko, told the NG editorial office that today the commander of the Airborne Forces Colonel-General Vladimir Shamanov "will personally participate in conducting control test driving units machines and shooting from regular small arms ". This test with the practical implementation by the units of actions to bring the military units to the highest levels of combat readiness is carried out directly by the decision of the commander of the Airborne Forces. He intends to assess with utmost criticality the real readiness of the troops to perform tasks for their intended purpose. The results of a sudden inspection will be the basis of the overall assessment of the 76 Guards Air Assault Division following the results of the winter training period of the 2013 year.

In accordance with the decisions of higher bodies of the military command and control, the military units of the Airborne Forces from the beginning of 2013 participated in two sudden checks of the combat readiness of troops (forces) - in the Central and Southern military districts. In February, units of the Ivanovo Airborne Force (Western Military District) were suddenly raised by alarm, deployed by a military transport aviation to the Urals near Chelyabinsk, where they completed tasks together with the military units of the Central Military District. That check was initiated by Supreme Commander-in-Chief Vladimir Putin.

However, the second one in the south of Russia is also on the written order of the president. In the last large-scale verification of the combat readiness of the troops (forces) of the Southern Military District, paratroopers of the Novorossiysk air assault (mountain) formation, parachute regiment of the Tula division from Ryazan, reconnaissance of the 45-th separate special forces regiment stationed near Moscow Kubinka took part in March. By the way, the really high intensity of combat training in the Black Sea coast then caused, in March, a somewhat nervous reaction from the NATO command. I was offended that they, they said, had not been warned in advance about such powerful maneuvers in relative proximity to the borders of Southern European countries, to European transport routes and communications. They from our side calmly replied that 7 thousand of military personnel participating in the exercise is much less than the quantitative threshold after which it is necessary to notify all neighbors. In general, these exercises were aimed at solving exclusively internal tasks: not to demonstrate the strength of someone, but to find out what kind of defense potential actually exists in one or another strategic direction.

Actually for the sake of this, the practice of sudden inspections of troops is reviving. In an interview with our newspaper, the Chief of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces, Army General Valery Gerasimov, confirmed that such checks would be carried out regularly and at different levels of command and control. Indeed, for more than 20 years, nothing like this has happened in the Russian Armed Forces. During this time, the composition of military personnel in the army and navy. Their ability to fulfill the tasks of defending the country, repelling aggression needs serious checks.
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  1. Garrin
    Garrin April 19 2013 06: 47 New
    The practice of sudden checks of combat readiness of troops is becoming more widespread in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

    This makes me happy. Finally, our army begins to climb out of the Serdyukovsky stagnant swamp. Keep it up!
    1. tronin.maxim
      tronin.maxim April 19 2013 07: 09 New
      Quote: Garrin
      from Serdyukovsky stagnant swamp.

      No, this is a quagmire! The mess and the madhouse are so much that a quick way out of this does not threaten us.
      1. Garrin
        Garrin April 19 2013 07: 20 New
        Quote: tronin.maxim
        There is so much mess and a madhouse that a quick way out of this does not threaten us.

        There is no question of a quick exit. But a start has been made. I wrote about this, and it pleases.
    2. Ghenxnumx
      Ghenxnumx April 19 2013 08: 04 New
      Quote: Garrin
      This makes me happy. Finally, our army begins to climb out of the Serdyukovsky stagnant swamp. Keep it up!

      That's right. Sudden anxiety is better than "unexpected anxiety" soldier , which is known for a week and perfectly demonstrates the actual combat readiness of troops and their commanders, and not for show. hi
  2. Dart weyder
    Dart weyder April 19 2013 06: 56 New
    The ice has started, gentlemen of the jury, judges))))))))))))))))))))) although we only return to Soviet standards and weekdays regarding the army with small steps - but it pleases!
  3. horoh
    horoh April 19 2013 07: 04 New
    Go ahead and with the song !!! Keep it up!!!!
  4. OlegYugan
    OlegYugan April 19 2013 07: 09 New
    Well, that's nice, And then Millions to them for the disposal of shells laughing To the training ground and to tilize as much as you like
  5. Tatarus
    Tatarus April 19 2013 07: 35 New
    And then a thought. We need to conduct joint SCALE exercises with Cuba and Venezuela in the Caribbean. With the landing of naval and airborne assault forces with the support of the Navy and Air Force. soldier
    OH PLEASE!!!
    1. UFO
      UFO April 19 2013 08: 07 New
      Yes, yes - somehow a little bit of scale is not enough, but "dashing trouble is the beginning"! good
    2. Whitehorse
      Whitehorse April 19 2013 10: 50 New
      Quote: Tatarus
      joint SCALE exercises with Cuba and Venezuela in the Caribbean

      Better with NATO. On the Korean peninsula. And not exercises, but military operations. A terrorist country under its nose is not very nice.
  6. sergius60
    sergius60 April 19 2013 08: 31 New
    This is called the construction of the armed forces. That is, the process is continuous and constant. The ARMY is reborn. This is a fact.
  7. k220150
    k220150 April 19 2013 08: 46 New
    Dear friends! After Yeltsin-Shaposhnikovsky-Grachevsky -....- Serdyukovskaya-? abominations You relaxed too easily when you considered the matter done. Mb on the contrary, “They” consider the matter done. For the least, Sergey SHOIGOVICH KUZHUGET - the next dictator should not be imitated - I mean footcloths - but really work, and not like in the Ministry of Emergencies.
  8. Zubr
    Zubr April 19 2013 08: 49 New
    HEALTHY! Our lads, even though they feel the service, will be drawn into the process. We used to have three times a week, a training ground, a tank race track, oh and it was hard until the homemade pies flew out ... lol
    And then the cross 3 km was pulled in, so this is garbage, an easy warm-up ... smile
  9. Imperial
    Imperial April 19 2013 08: 59 New
    According to the results of the checks, we need a detailed debriefing, for whom they deserve service, and to whom they deserve it.
  10. DimychDV
    DimychDV April 19 2013 09: 08 New
    Or rather, overtake the Syrians. By the way, maybe that's why the teachings? ..
  11. Praetorian
    Praetorian April 19 2013 09: 26 New
    Someone here spoke about the revival above. I don’t know how it was in the 2000s, but I recovered almost two years ago. I will not call the troops, so as not to spoil the idea of ​​them. So, the realities of service in them, to put it mildly, were fundamentally different from my ideas before it began. Painting KAMAZ wheels, sticking in felled trees at the time of arrival of high ranks under the guise of "planting" parts, sewing on unnecessary biological breeches for ammunition until late at night, constant masturbation with property before the show. And take it wherever you want! They fed in a regiment for slaughter, which can not be said about the teachings. They generally howled from hunger. There was no technique, at least the one on which the exercises were conducted. Once in winter, both of our mustangs broke, which was soooo ... but the supply of our "group of forces" was paralyzed. =) At the neighboring company, by the way, the KAMAZ also came out. During the service, three exercises were held.
    Attitude towards service has remained twofold. There is something good, there is complete nonsense. In general, I did not regret that I visited there - I learned a lot about myself and about people. You don’t even think about this.
  12. Vtel
    Vtel April 19 2013 11: 21 New
    In, even in the State Duma, they would also have announced the fees so that they would not doze off!
    1. Alikovo
      Alikovo April 19 2013 11: 24 New
      and in the federation council too
  13. ixsus
    ixsus April 19 2013 17: 48 New
    They were offended that they were supposedly not warned in advance ...
    They carry water on the offended and x ... put laughing