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US wars and mind manipulation

At the end of March, the correspondent of the American television channel CNN Amber Lion made a sensational statement that the television channel employees were instructed to broadcast a fabricated news and block information, the publication of which is undesirable for the US administration. According to the journalist, the American media are manipulating the news and now “the same thing is happening with Iraq”: Syria and Iran are being demonized, public opinion is being formed in support of the war against these countries ...

E.Lion confirmed that CNN employees receive fees from the US government for fabricated news, and expressed concern about the disappearance of independent journalists whose activities did not follow the White House’s course. According to the journalist, they could be arrested and tortured under the pretext of accusations of terrorism.

As you know, the best varieties of lies are obtained from half-truths. Hollywood has achieved particular success in the manufacture of this product. History Pentagon-Hollywood collaboration began back in the year 1927, during the making of the silent film Wings. Today, the US military helps the “dream factory” with whatever it can.

According to US law, the Pentagon, like the CIA, has no right to engage in propaganda inside the country. However, the output found. Back in 2001, the personal political consultant of US President C. Rove held a meeting with the heads of leading television companies and film studios. Present around 50 top executives of the “world of illusions”, including representatives of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox, HBO, Columbia Pictures, Metro Goldwin Meyer, Sony Pictures, Dreamworks, 20 Century Fox ”,“ Universal Pictures ”,“ Warner Brothers ”,“ Paramount Pictures ”,“ Viacom ”and others. The main focus of cooperation between the US administration and Hollywood in the information area was“ uniting efforts to combat terrorism ”.

Americans contribute to the maximum spread of misinformation through foreign, primarily European, media (among which they call, for example, Reuters and France Press), and The New York Times noted several years ago that this initiative belongs to the Strategic Influence Department (SALT) - a small a special unit created within the Pentagon structure shortly after 11 September 2001. The task is to use the “black” methods of information warfare to process foreign audiences by throwing up false information foreign reporters, including "of friendly and allied states of the USA."

The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have become a testing ground not only for the latest American weapons, but also for modern technologies of mind manipulation. The videos produced for the orders of the Pentagon are largely made on the models of Hollywood producers involved in the production of TV shows and feature films. The pioneer here can be considered D. Brookheimer, the producer of the famous military blockbusters (“The Landing of the Black Hawk”, “Pearl Harbor”, etc.). His supposedly documentary television series “Portraits from the Front,” about American soldiers in Afghanistan, received in its time the support of the US Secretary of Defense.

In 2006, the British The Independent reported that the US government is actively using not only film production, but also custom fake TV news. In particular, the experts of the non-profit organization Media and Democracy Center, which monitored 10 TV channels for 77 months, whose audience is half the population of the United States, concluded that “US television companies fill the broadcast of news programs with video materials created in government and large corporations ... Moreover, the producers of such custom-made commercials have learned how to create materials that do not differ from the news transmitted by independent authors. ”

Here you can recall the TV movie, which at one time played a huge role in the turn of public opinion in the United States to support the first Gulf War. In the frame, an 15-year-old girl depicting a Kuwaiti refugee tells that she saw with her own eyes how Iraqi soldiers condemned 15 babies from a maternity hospital in Kuwait to death. Interviews with the girl twisted on American TV hundreds of times. The name of the girl was hidden - she allegedly had a family back home, and she could suffer from the soldiers of Saddam Hussein. To understand the significance of this video, let us add that President George Bush Sr. used the story of the dead babies 10 once in 40 days of the military propaganda campaign. It was subsequently proved that the girl shown on TV was not a refugee, but the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States. Moreover, she is a member of the royal family that governs Kuwait, all her relatives have enormous fortunes, estates abroad and live in the West ...

The New York Times accused the Pentagon and the US administration of placing custom-made stories on American television even earlier than the British in the spring of 2005. In total, according to the American press, this kind of custom-made materials, which look like news reports, prepared at least 20 government departments. According to The New York Times, the Pentagon and the US Census Bureau "produced and distributed hundreds of similar news materials." In one of these videos, “a resident of Iraq freed from the regime of Saddam Hussein” greets American soldiers with exclamations: “Thank you, Bush! Thank you, USA! ”The investigation showed that the hero of the video (by the way, the real American) was shot not in Baghdad, but in Kansas City ...

Some more examples. During the war in South Ossetia, the journalists of the Russia Today TV channel, who worked in Tskhinvali, caught the American television channel CNN for a fake - the extradition of personnel from Tskhinvali for the appearance of a destroyed Gori. But how in August 2008 was used by Reuters in the information war against Russia. In both pictures the same person lies, depicting a dead man, but in different poses and in different places. The second one in black (this is also the same person) in the first case costs near an imaginary corpse, in the second, sitting, crying - only now half-naked and in jeans of a different color, while the “deceased” did not change his pants, although yellow the veil is covered ...

US wars and mind manipulation

Special groups of such "mobile dead" played a major role in the information war against Libya. Depending on the situation, they portrayed in front of the cameras of western correspondents on the streets of the cities of Qatar or Turkey, either “victims of the Gaddafi regime” or “heroic rebels”. After Libya, the "living dead" were in Syria, this time "victims of the Assad regime." Before you are shots from various reports, which are essentially one well-directed “report” on the reprisals of the “repressive Syrian regime” with the civilian population of Homs. The main character is the same person. "Dead" - Palestinian name is Khaled Abu Salah. In Syria (and not only) is known as one of the leading figures of opposition propaganda ...

As T. Wilson, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency of the United States (RUMO), stated in 2002, future wars will be fought for globalization, which is equivalent to Americanization, and the main thing here is the perception of American values. Simply put, even the threat to American ideas about a new world order becomes a pretext for war.

Finally, you can recall the startling results of a survey conducted among US citizens in August 2003 about the war in Iraq. 69% of those polled then declared their belief that Saddam Hussein was personally involved in the preparation of the September 11 terrorist attacks on September 2001. And despite the fact that the White House was not able to provide a single piece of evidence that indicates any links between Iraq and Al-Qaida, which carried out the attacks, according to the official version. Does this mean that the western man in the street can be programmed to believe in anything, nonsense? Apparently, yes. And here is the last, especially alarming proof of this: since the end of January 2013, the Western media began to fill with heartbreaking stories about the hungry North Koreans, devouring supposedly their own children and relatives dug up from their graves. The Washington Post, The Sunday Times, The Independent, The Daily Mail are seriously writing about it ... Commentators have already noted that all this is extremely reminiscent of stories about "babies torn up in maternity hospitals of Kuwait by Iraqi soldiers" that preceded the Gulf War of the Year in the Gulf ...

The editorial board of Voenniy Obozreniye urgently needs a proofreader. Requirements: impeccable knowledge of the Russian language, diligence, discipline. Contact: [email protected]

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  1. Circle
    Circle April 7 2013 07: 33 New
    It’s already time to stop looking at this world with wide closed eyes. Everyone, without exception.
    1. Kolya
      Kolya April 7 2013 09: 55 New
      CBC channel (North America) showed the corpse of an Arab boy who was killed twice, first by the intelligence services of Gaddafi, and after half a year, the intelligence services of Syria. It is easy to guess who actually killed him.
      1. donchepano
        donchepano April 7 2013 18: 47 New
        Quote: Kohl
        CBC channel (North America) showed the corpse of an Arab boy who was killed twice, first by the intelligence services of Gaddafi, and after half a year, the intelligence services of Syria. It is easy to guess who actually killed him.

        Goebbels propaganda in action
      2. DimychDV
        DimychDV April 8 2013 04: 41 New
        Emigrant S. Dovlatov wrote about American television: “In one of the heartbreaking reports we are shown how a disheveled Shiite, wrapped in a national headdress, runs across the destroyed street of Beirut. But, you see, in a couple of months we see how the same Shiite with the same Kalash again runs across the same street in the same place and in the same scenery. But for some other reason. "
  2. fenix57
    fenix57 April 7 2013 07: 38 New
    Probably all this can be attributed to the category of "Psychological operations". The main goal of information and propaganda actions in the process of conducting psychological operations is to destabilize public life, decomposition from within, preparing the ground for the successful implementation of political, economic and military actions. hi
  3. svp67
    svp67 April 7 2013 07: 49 New
    This article directly echoes the "Hero and Betrayal" article. The third world war is underway and our opponents skillfully use "information" weapons, and we lost the first battles on this front, it is good that now our specialists have also begun to actively respond, this is clearly seen in the coverage of events in Syria. But you have to be very skillful about being objective, to understand that the information should be not only true, but operational and mass information. Only in this way will we help the "truth" to defeat the "falsehood"
    1. WWW.budanov
      WWW.budanov April 7 2013 09: 30 New
      I support you with your own words: "... information should be not only true, but operational and mass information. Only in this way will we help the" truth "to defeat the" falsehood "
      (old teacher)
    2. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 April 7 2013 12: 21 New
      If we don’t need it, it’s "specialist opposition." The worst thing that can happen to us is the involvement of such specialists for the manufacture of something similar, of course, for "good purposes"! This will be our final ruin.
      If we show something, it should be only and exclusively true. This is the most effective, unsurpassed method of counteraction. The hardest part about it is not to stumble over an uncomfortable truth. If, gritting our teeth, we hold on to this line, if we stubbornly adhere to the present events, all the false constructions will "dissipate like a creeping fog."
      And further. The most important thing for winning the "information war" is not even news. To win, you need to teach people. Teach, train to recognize fakes, resist manipulation and see the mechanisms of fooling. That's just ... If you teach people all this (somewhere for a month course. Nothing complicated), then you get such parsley ... The state will also not be able to use false manipulations! And to many, many of our rulers, this is just a sickle on the reproductive boundaries. They got into power with the help of these manipulations, they are held there exclusively thanks to them ... Then the government will reject them, and in their place will come those who do the real thing better than deceive, lie and twist intrigues. What could be worse ?! According to them - let the country die better ...
  4. domokl
    domokl April 7 2013 07: 54 New
    I liked the amazement of the author of the article, when thoughts suddenly led to the conclusion that it was possible to program the average person through the media fellow That's how it turns out .. and we thought what information wars are, what is ideological processing
  5. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov April 7 2013 08: 02 New
    Media is essentially a laying between the people and the government. In the United States, this gasket rotted into a single whole. The stand of tools in the hands of the government and that’s it.
    With regards to 69% of Americans who believed in Hussein's involvement by September 11, well, the proven Goebels method works - repeat the lie 1000 times and it will become true hi
    1. Delink
      Delink April 7 2013 09: 29 New
      Alexander, they have endless periods. Here are the gaskets and rot. respectfully
    2. Circle
      Circle April 7 2013 10: 56 New
      About Goebels. And for whom is the secret now that the descendants of the unfinished fascists today have entrenched themselves in Fashington? Hence the anger is so upon us. And they want to hit, and the 45th year the genes do not allow to forget. Everything is simple.
    3. Ruslan67
      Ruslan67 April 8 2013 04: 41 New
      Quote: Alexander Romanov
      Media is essentially a laying between the people and the government.

      Hi Sasha hi The problem is that we never had such a gasket. Or those who were near the authorities or prostitutes who did not find a place and they went west request
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov April 8 2013 05: 43 New
        Quote: Ruslan67
        The problem is that we never had such a gasket

        Hi Ruslan! the point is the submission of information, remember. like the girl who said that Georgia started the mouth of the warrior. A journalist must submit truthful information. Not ordered, then there will be no prostitution, but for now .......... negative
  6. horoh
    horoh April 7 2013 08: 30 New
    Indeed, it is easy to program a western man on a different box from the media. After all, they believe that in the event of some kind of cataclysm, Bruce Willis or Batman will save them (this is from an official survey). belay
  7. Tatarus
    Tatarus April 7 2013 08: 31 New
    The USA is neither a state nor a country. This formation is concentrated evil. Which of its citizens raises pigs (Remember Homer's Odyssey, when his sailors began to grunt from a happy life). This evil aims to destroy a normal person. Ponder, ponder everything. Who believes in God, who in Allah, Buddha, Dazhdbog (or Perun), And atheists think. America is trying to build a big global trough. For the world of pigs and livestock. And until I'm a pig, and until I'm a cattle, until the last I will fight against the United States and against herds of pigs. All liberoids are members of the herd, just talking. But no one, not even God, can rob me of my free will. And I deign. THE WORLD SHOULD BELONG TO A HUMAN, NOT a pig, and not cattle. Forget the phrase of Orthodoxy about God's servants. There is a phrase IMPORTANT. We are all children of the Creator. And as His son, I ask. Father, amputate the United States, for metastases can kill the whole body. And I (the body) I like. Let me be a microbe on its scale. Sorry, I didn’t want to offend anyone. But no, I'm lying. I really want to offend the USA. Several times, in a particularly perverse form.
    Pavel Tatarus
    1. Atlon
      Atlon April 7 2013 09: 31 New
      Quote: Tatarus
      But no, I'm lying. I really want to offend the USA. Several times, in a particularly perverse form.

      I'm with you!
      "I will participate!" (film "Man from Boulevard des Capucines")
    2. TUMAN
      TUMAN April 7 2013 10: 48 New
      Quote: Tatarus
      . Forget the phrase of Orthodoxy about God's servants. There is a phrase IMPORTANT. We are all children of the Creator. And as His son, I ask. Father, amputate the United States, for metastases can kill the whole body. And I (the body) I like. Let me be a microbe on its scale. Sorry, I didn’t want to offend anyone. But no, I'm lying. I really want to offend the USA. Several times, in a particularly perverse form.

      Well said! I support! good
    3. Shturmovik
      Shturmovik April 7 2013 22: 49 New
      I have not read such a cry of the soul for a long time! I'm with you!!!!
  8. omsbon
    omsbon April 7 2013 08: 41 New
    At first CRIVDA wins, but then sooner or later TRUTH.
    1. Lyokha79
      Lyokha79 April 7 2013 13: 04 New
      I agree, but I would like it early.
  9. Fox
    Fox April 7 2013 08: 44 New
    Western media do not bother me. I am stressed by ours, not even the media, but by "commentators", competently telling about the starving North Korea, about the weapons of the 50s ... in general, I do not like people like: "I myself have not seen and have not read, but I condemn! "
  10. Atlon
    Atlon April 7 2013 08: 46 New
    And meanwhile:

    US postpones ballistic missile test so as not to annoy North Korea

    Washington. April 7th. INTERFAX - The United States decided to postpone the ballistic missile test in order not to aggravate the situation on the Korean Peninsula, the AR agency reported on Sunday night, citing military sources.

    The report says that US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has ordered the postponement of the test of the Minuteman 3 missile, which was long planned and was due to take place next week. The minister made such a decision on Friday, explaining that this step could be "mistakenly assessed (by the DPRK) and aggravate the Korean crisis," the statement said.

    The rocket launch from the Vandenberg US Air Force Base in California was postponed to May, the source said.


    All the same, Eun made the amers blast ... wink A very mixed signal for Iran. Whoever has a vigorous club is not contacted by the amers. laughing And even though yesterday in the news, small British and amers unanimously claimed that the Koreans had weak missiles, and the "vigorous" bombs were heavy, they would not reach, they say, those missiles to the Amerovskoy base, however, stupid ... laughing
  11. dimon-media
    dimon-media April 7 2013 08: 47 New
    How low .. The United States is weak to play in the open, always acting on the sly. Disgusting and disgusting. And what about ordinary people? Was the famous satirist Mikhail Zadornov right when he said about them - "well, stupid!" Apparently, YES, I was right. They still believe their press. I always leaned towards the version that in the same way they landed on the moon when there was nothing to cover the flight of Gagarin. To what people can stoop. All this is disgusting.
    1. Tatarus
      Tatarus April 7 2013 08: 55 New
      Quote: dimon-media
      The United States is weak to play open, always acting out of the blue.

      Honor does not allow a real person to strike meanly in the back. What is the USA? Not a big bunch of scoundrels at the helm. And a lot of ruminant grunts.
  12. treskoed
    treskoed April 7 2013 08: 55 New
    The media is one of the most effective types of weapons of mass destruction! During the fighting, you must use it to its full potential! The main thing is the end result, victory, and the winners are not judged.
  13. djon3volta
    djon3volta April 7 2013 09: 29 New
    “Thank you, Bush!” Thank you, USA! ”

    oh how much fool and really wassat who rejoice and openly write "thanks to America for accepting the Magnitsky Act" and hundreds of similar comments on many sites? like America helps us fight corruption .. Kadyrov looks especially funny on this list))) well, does Kadyrov really keep his savings in foreign banks or has real estate in the usa, or he was going there, but he will not be allowed now))) or Churov, Churov has millions of stashes there))) Well, most importantly, these commentators praise and support the USA! for some reason, the list is not Aligarhov Abramovich or Vekselberg, and there are those who really have no millions abroad.
  14. 400
    400 April 7 2013 10: 02 New
    With such news they will not last long. Everything secret, sooner or later, becomes apparent. And after exposure, such news may have the opposite effect. You just need to push in the right direction bully
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov April 7 2013 10: 15 New
      Quote: 400
      Everything secret, sooner or later, becomes apparent.

      Kennedy was soaked before everyone’s eyes, so was silence. Although everything is secret to everyone’s lead hi The society itself in the USA no longer needs the truth, it is simply not interesting.
      1. TUMAN
        TUMAN April 7 2013 13: 24 New
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        The society itself in the USA no longer needs the truth, it is simply not interesting.

        They are afraid of her, in order to live with the truth, they need to radically change the image of this very life! And it’s so good to live on loans and eat burgers, drinking it all with cola, that the very thought of change is shocking! And so they will exist until everything collapses!
  15. Zmey_2Garin
    Zmey_2Garin April 7 2013 10: 03 New
    And these people still have the audacity to forbid us to pick our noses !!! But seriously speaking, after reading this article, I really want to ask all this "free democratic West" - guys, what right then do you have to reproach us for the lack of democracy and freedom of speech? When your "free democratic press" is literally caught by the hand in lies and orders? I think that it is necessary as often as possible to publicly poke these "common people" into their own lies and hypocrisy. In war - as in war, and especially in information.
  16. Krapovy32
    Krapovy32 April 7 2013 10: 04 New
    On the one hand, lies and hypocrisy, personal gain of the United States. And on the other fate and life of people who fell under these interests. Someday the Americans wash their blood in their own territory.
  17. Zomanus
    Zomanus April 7 2013 10: 06 New
    Well, in general, normal work for the viewer. I, at one time, worked in the elections, and I really know how to make black PR and put a competitor rating to zero. It’s time for us to do the same. And then we regret all these bastards, try to find the good in them ...
  18. medwed1976
    medwed1976 April 7 2013 10: 06 New
    Great quote about the USA (and not only to this article)
    "America is the only country that has gone from barbarism straight to decline, bypassing the stage civilizations."
    Georges Clemenceau.
  19. Alikovo
    Alikovo April 7 2013 10: 51 New
    these manipulators guy pants, a shirt and sneakers could not change and traces of blood on his right hand are saved
  20. fenix57
    fenix57 April 7 2013 11: 49 New
    Quote: Alexander Romanov
    The society itself in the USA no longer needs the truth, it is simply not interesting.

    That's for sure, they have problems of a different nature:
    The US Senate Commission laid the blame for the events of September 11 on Hollywood. As it turned out, this organization misled President Bush. In securing New York, he relied heavily on
    spider man.
  21. medwed1976
    medwed1976 April 7 2013 11: 58 New
    "self-critical" americos about themselves "greats" part 1

    and part of 2
    [media = http: ///]
  22. razved
    razved April 7 2013 12: 59 New
    The information in this article is not new. Just until now, the journalists themselves have not talked about this.
  23. medwed1976
    medwed1976 April 7 2013 13: 38 New
    Here's another way
  24. Celmz
    Celmz April 7 2013 13: 54 New
    I don’t think that they are so stupid that they don’t understand all this fraud, they just degraded so much that it suits them, maybe not all but the majority, and now the same decay of Europe is on, the demons are in full possession of them - it’s no accident that Gerard escaped from there.
  25. krot
    krot April 7 2013 14: 18 New
    What is the strength in, brother..?
  26. shurup
    shurup April 7 2013 16: 04 New
    The clumsy anti-smoking campaign in the Russian media did not lead to a decrease in the number of smokers, but allowed meekly to raise prices for tobacco products.
    "Vesti" specially chooses the announcer to read out negative news, having a hysterical, choking female voice. Plots with the participation of the wise leadership of the Russian Federation are commented in a different key.
    If the citizens of the United States are shown the disinfected corpses of American soldiers, the "Vietnamese syndrome" will repeat itself, but the Pentagon does not like double rakes and skips plots like "somewhere in the Martians".
    Free media is easier to find in the Russian Federation, where the ideal consumer of noodles has not yet been fully formed than in the United States.
  27. Region65
    Region65 April 7 2013 17: 19 New
    the sufferer in the last photo was the hero of "Russia's Attack on Little Sweet Georgia")))) For several days of the war they just killed him in different places, raped, cut him, he burned, bled to death, then he saved some half-dead granny and did cheto there , I don't remember%)))) in general, an artist of the theater of drama and comedy named after Mishko Saakashvili, People's Artist of Georgia and Georgia (a state in the USA), an Oscar winner and a bunch of keychains.