"Our Answer to Spielberg", or Should Foreign Cinema Be Banned - 2

In continuation of my previous article on the need to ban foreign films.

Dark Knight of Stalin Gotham.

So, in this article I will not talk about films of foreign production. Instead, I would like to consider the production of our cinema on the example of one very symbolic picture.

What is this movie? I give hints:
* This is the most expensive movie in stories Russian cinema with a budget of more than 1,5 billion eight order 55 million dollars.
* This is a film with the largest in the post-Soviet history of rolling circulation: the number of rolled copies of only the first part of the film compiled 1060 instances.
* This is the most popular film in the history of Russian cinema: it was advertised in the media, in banners, on the Internet and even in the State Duma.
* This is a movie with the biggest support in the story from power structures. Assistance, assistants, extras and equipment were provided by the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Emergencies Ministry and the Central Museum of Railway Transport of the Russian Federation.
* This is one of the longest-running films of a modern cinema-photographer. On the shooting took more 8 years.
* This is the only film that the Prime Minister of Russia managed to visit on the set. Владимир Путин (in May 2008 of the year) and then President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev (in August 2008 of the year).
* For the premiere of this picture was specially refitted State Kremlin Palace Russia's largest digital cinema hall
* The first part of this film immediately went to the Cannes Film Festival and was nominated for "Golden palm branch".
* The second part of this film was immediately chosen by the Russian Oscar Committee as a candidate for the award. "Oscar" from Russia in the category "The best film in a foreign language". Later the nomination slowed down the head of ROCK Vladimir Menshov.
And also:
* This film before the premiere was advertised as "Great film about the Great War" and "Our answer to Spielberg" (another option is "Our answer to Ordinary Ryan").
* This is the most failure film in the history of Russian film distribution. The first and second parts collected respectively $ 7,46 million and $ 1,5 million, which in total amounted to less than 1 / 6 of the cost paintings.
* This is a movie left the largest number of negative reviews In Internet.
* To watch this movie forcibly drove schoolchildren a number of cities.
* This is a film that received the most diverse group of "ill-wishers": from schoolchildren and students to veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

So, we have the dulogy "Burnt by the Sun - 2. Imminence" and "Burnt by the Sun - 2. Citadel" from the great and unsinkable Nikita Sergeevich Mikhalkov.

How did this miracle come about? Let's give the floor to Mikhalkov himself:
"And here's another thing I would like to say: when I watched Spielberg’s famous film“ To Save Private Ryan ”, and many other Western pictures about the Second World War, I felt uneasy: these tapes create the feeling that the most terrible and cruel the history of mankind our allies won the war, although it is well known that they entered it in the 1944 year, waiting for the moment when it became clear that we would break the fascists anyway.

Therefore, I wanted to make a picture that could arouse national immunity ... "

(http://trite.ru - Mikhalkov's personal film company site)

Further Nikita Sergeevich admits how hard the shooting was:
“A large team of historians and consultants worked on collecting materials for this tape. The film crew watched over 60 hours of newsreels of both Russian and German trophy, as well as materials from the US and British military archives. The director himself studied hundreds of pages of documents memoirs and letters of that time, and besides, almost everything that until recently was hidden in the archives of the FSB and special security, and only in recent years became available for use. Therefore, all events, details and The images in the picture have a real basis.
For example, at the very beginning of the war, one of the methods of psychological pressure of the German army on enemy troops in the occupied territory was the use of awesome dust masks put on by German cavalrymen and their horses, or huge canvases with swastikas that were attached to the towers of advancing tanks. Or another example: German pilots bombarded our positions with leaky tin spoons with insulting words or empty iron barrels. Falling from the sky, they made such a piercing and shocking sound that our soldiers were saddled from horror and even lost their mind. "(From the same place)

Oh, those eternally closed Soviet secret archives ...

I do not want to review the content of this film footage. Especially since it was done a long time ago and done with high quality.
I advise you to look both for general development and for understanding the topic of discussion. Very interesting. Much more interesting and instructive than the film itself.

Here is a review of the first part ("Standing Up") from Evgeny Bazhenov:

Here is an overview of the second part ("The Citadel") from Dmitry "Goblin" Puchkov.

Naturally, the film, or rather its both parts, had a deafening failure in film distribution. You see, well, did not want the "hamsters" to watch a movie, cutting the truth of the uterus, so to speak, to live and without anesthesia. And even our respected glossy film critics, who swallowed up with the ecstasy of "May Day's 4", turned away from the director genius of Nikita Sergeyevich.

Reviews for "Upcoming":

"The great film about the great war was shot by a great director for great money and with the participation of great actors.
The irony in such a great cause is quite appropriate, especially since the author of this work has long since lost this vital feeling for any artist ... "(journalist and critic Xenia Larin)

“It would be better for this film to remain a legend. So that people take part and the money was spent, and each participant believed that he had contributed to a great cause, and the audience believed that Nikita Mikhalkov’s ten years of life and a half thousand of his companions were well spent. a picture would somehow be hidden under the pretext of copyright perfectionism. By golly, it would have been more rewarding. " (writer and journalist Dmitry Bykov)

“Following the answer,“ Ryan Ryan ”didn’t work out. Even the individual scenes from Spielberg’s movie, like an epic landing on Omaha Beach, didn’t work out. Neither 50’s million budget dollars, nor eight years of working on the movie was enough. The national version of Inglorious Bastards ". Like the Tarantino film, Mikhalkov's film has no relation to real events. Like Tarantino, all the characters behave and talk like a director, he is the author of the script. Only Tarantino has a distinct plot, a normal editing, a brilliant Christophe Ltz and the star Brad Pitt. In our case, an incoherent set of short films, a stupid acting game and no script. By the way, the Tarantino film is more expensive than exactly Pitt's fee, 20 million dollars. Something in the movie does not Quentin understand.
The picture has nothing to do with Victory Day or the veterans ... "(network journalist Dmitry Puchkov" Goblin ")

"Pornography is by no means simulated sexual intercourse on the screen: it may be necessary due to the artistic logic of the film, as in Leos Karaks's Field X, and ceases to be pornography. Pornography is the emasculation of love reduced to piston movement. A pornographer does not know how to film love , he only knows how to shoot mechanics. A pornographer alienates love. A person has two non-alienable assets: love and death. "US-2" - death pornography, which is more dangerous, more terrible and disgusting than love pornography. NM replaces the emotions that death causes, its mechanics. " (Mikhail Trofimenkov "b")

Reviews for "Citadel":

“The idea to revive the heroes, over whose death the first“ Burnt by the Sun ”viewers wept, was strange. But now the claims to it also disappeared. When the head of 15 is thousands of officers, armed with cuttings from shovels, Kotov - and behind him all the command - goes like water on the water, and under the thug harmonica to storm the citadel, but it effectively explodes before their eyes, you understand: there is no contradiction between the parts of the trilogy. The heroes were indeed killed in the 1937 year, and all the subsequent - their death thugs. " (film critic Mikhail Trofimenkov)

"There are no doubts that pedigree populations of Russians exist and purebreds exist, the creators of the epic. Purebred people live in the picture pedigree destinies take off, fall, rise again, rebel against destiny and show humility. But the purebred are not singled out - they have The fate is usually collective. Therefore, they look ugly, scream heart-rendingly, behave disgustingly, eat celery donated by purebreds and try their watches presented to them on a tooth: are they gold? And, of course, they die in batches. ichayshey war and survive - that with such peers caliber allies, like mosquitoes, spiders and mice and always under the leadership of a hereditary champion on genetics -. if that, fortunately, is near. " (chief editor of the web project “However,” journalist Victor Marakhovsky)

Mikhalkov answers to criticism, so to speak.

Concerning the discontent of veterans:
"As for the veterans, whom I respect very much, they have already received their cinema for 65 years after Victory. These are great, great films, but there is not the whole truth about the war, it was impossible to say a lot before."

Concerning Stalinism:
"This picture is not for Stalin, not against Stalin, it is a picture about love. It is about the love of father and daughter against the background of war and Stalinism and everything else."

Concerning the failure at the box office:
"Critics should be happy, because it means that for the first time in Russia, for big money, an art-house, strictly author's cinema was shot, which by definition is not capable of giving large fees."

He also suspected his opponents in a pre-planned campaign to slander his film:
“When the picture begins, as they say,“ wet ”for 8 months before its release, an order is immediately visible here. This is an absolute campaign, thought out.”

Oh. And how well this movie was advertised and advertised. Frequent blinks of a film crew in news agencies. Frequent workings of Nikita Sergeevich in programs like "Good Morning", where he enthusiastically praised his future masterpiece. Unprecedented PR and advertising in all informational streams: from tele and Internet, to banners and stickers. Universal support of the film with little girls of different levels: from the future Ministry of Culture of Medina, to local parliamentarians, forcing calling school to drive this film.
And people bought ... They hoped to see a good film about the Great War. Memory. Sorrow. Courage. Only for this, hire of the first part was 5 times higher than the second (7,42 million versus 1,5 million dollars). Nobody thought that he would see Mikhalkov’s naked boobs, the ass of a German pilot and an imbecile cadet trying to stab a tank with a bayonet.

By the way, Mikhalkov himself told about his film during the premiere in Japan:

You can certainly say that this is senile marasmus. But it is not. I'm afraid this is a system. System for desovetizatsii society. Etching certain settings and views on the history and replacement of others, "correct." Everything seems clear - it is necessary to show how beautiful the world is today and the past is miserable. And do not care about history. Only here “de-sovietization” in Mikhalkovskiy looks more like debilization. Show the stupidity and worthlessness of their ancestors? Degerize generals and officers, exposing them to drunkards and freaks? This is a very patriotic movie ...

This is what Vladimir Medinsky wrote on 28 on April 2010 on the United Russia website (at that time he was not yet a minister hacks culture):
“Well, I looked. I will say one thing. One can probably reproach Mikhalkov with indiscretion -“ The great film about the great war. ”In the artificiality of saving characters. In the length of some scenes. But this is not the main thing. The main thing - there was a correct film about the Great Patriotic War. These have already been - true for a long time. "The Ballad of the Soldier," "The Fate of Man." But there were other, harmful and ridiculous, - such as, for example, the “Bastards”.
“Burnt by the Sun-2. Forthcoming "- ideologically significant and exclusively necessary for the country today, the right movie. I will let the cinema experts from VGIK judge professional details. But in my opinion every senior student, every soldier should see this film. Need free sessions for veterans. It is necessary to promote this film with state support for rental abroad - especially in the near abroad. To remember. About our common tragedy. And a common victory.
If you want such a film in your life to be, run to watch. And I'll take my parents to the USC-2 at the weekend. "

The call Medina immediately understood the local officials of several cities. This kind of material has been splashed on the Internet:

Vladivostok schoolchildren were forced to watch the movie "Burnt by the Sun-2" instead of studying. The corresponding order was given by the officials of the local mayor's office to the principals of the city’s schools, the head teacher of one of the educational institutions said:
“Our school received calls from the department of general and supplementary education of the Vladivostok administration and said that high school students must watch the new film of Nikita Mikhalkov for patriotic education. We had to write a note to parents asking them to give their children money for a ticket, and on the day of viewing to cancel lessons, including in graduation classes. Together with us, the film was also watched by students from other schools, including pupils from deaf-and-dumb children. There was no sign language translation for them, "she said.
Similar was observed also in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Especially for this, when renting, in the law N 436-FZ "On the protection of children from information harmful to their health and development", the film was not given the age restriction class. Although the naked female breasts, mats, vulgarity and a sea of ​​violence, they seemed to call for this. Let me remind you that the law obliged to introduce an age class for any kind of film production.

Here is one of Mikhalkov's remarks after the failure of the film:
"I do not see a catastrophe in this, especially since I am absolutely sure that this new look at the war is unusual, it is annoying, but I assure you that behind this new look of ours, with which we look at what is happening, is very big, I would He said a huge layer of our future cinema and reappraisals of values ​​to which we have become accustomed.
“Anticipation” and “Citadel” are long-running projects. Movies for future generations».

The famous episode with the cake.

I failed at the box office

For TFR! For Mikhalkov!

With sticks on machine guns!

I got tired. Sadness Sadness ... Where is the grandmother? Where is the recognition?

Man in a leather coat. Lure for a sniper?

Pantservafe raises the sails ...

A poem appeared on the web on this topic.
"SS Armored Division" Leybshtandart Nikita Mikhalkov "is dedicated to:
(on the motive of "Brigantine", of course)

Tired of bad alcohol
Pour tired eyes!
Only you blow it - right in the open field.
Pantservaffe raises the sail.

Shturmbannführer, leaning on a rail,
Gave an order to add Marseille,
Because on the speer burner
Sorry for the state ruble!

He said, do not whine, do not itch
Do not drive the Fuhrer into longing,
And go better grab
Oil fields of Baku.

Let it now stumble, an infection!
Creaked out captive.
On Moscow ready vdarit at once
Göpner, Goth and Heinz Guderian!

A storm will break out - we will argue with a storm
In dead calm - we crawl on oars!
And in the distant Barents Sea
Krigsmarine truck knead black soil ...

And again in verse:

On the field, the tanks rumbled under the canopy of scarlet sails
Komdiv Sergey Petrovich Kotov their mother from under a mustache.
and at that moment in Berlin, Hitler invited the minions to himself
and there was Goering, there was Goebbels, and Goering Goebbels asked:


- Why sails on tanks, they slow down
and cause inevitable fuel overrun
but if the head wind comes, it will be turned by natural force,
He can overturn the tanks, or put them upright!
besides the Luftwaffe eagles increase non-combat losses
15 best aces are no longer listed
seeing caravans of tanks afloat
paralyzed with laughter, they did not come out of the dive.


- Then, that is so gothic, as if a Viking canoe
on the rod threateningly float up, the Teutonic knights are full,
they have golden shoulder straps, the captain has flared trousers,
you will not go round them on a dog, you will not take a naked hand.
Everything is purely true Aryan, everything is multi-layered and glamorous -
the Bolsheviks, seeing this, will go crazy, they will become ill
in the struggle of ideas are not important tanks, not airplanes, and PR
PR! PR and propaganda - that's a crushing blow!

PS: Communist MP Nikolai Ryabov addressed 19 on May 2010 of the year with a protocol commission to the Duma Committee on Culture in connection with the possible waste of public funds spent on the project “Burnt by the Sun-2: Upcoming”. However, Mikhalkov himself said that "the words of the people's representatives did not concern him." 21 May 2010, the State Duma of the Russian Federation refused to send a request to the Ministry of Culture about how much budget was spent on making the film.

PSS: 19 September 2011, it became known that the Russian Oscar Committee chose Mikhalkov's tape as the candidate for the Oscar from Russia in the category “Best film in a foreign language”. However, director Vladimir Menshov, who heads the Russian Oscar Committee, eventually refused to sign the protocol of the selection committee, finding the decision unfair and adding the following:

“Besides all, so to speak, the merits and demerits of art, this is one part of a great epic. In order to enter the film“ The Citadel, ”you need to watch the previous films. There are a lot of things that are completely unexplained and inexplicable if you watch the film separately. Even from this position it was impossible to engage in the nomination of this film. In short, it was possible to choose. But part of the commission came with a ready-made solution and did not give in to any arguments. I said: give me the arguments for what reason we put forward this picture I’ll be asked, journalists will attack now! But everyone lowered their eyes and waited for the vote, which showed everything. For this reason, I think the commission’s decision is deeply unfair. Everything rests on Mikhalkov’s personal power. I’ll need to inject fresh blood into the Russian Oscar committee he had new people who would not depend on Mikhalkov, he presented his film to the commission, which was not very correct.The year was fruitful - “Elena” Zvyagintsev, “Chapito-show” by Loban, “Once there was a woman” Smirnova have a few movie s that this year could claim. Now I ask what else should be done so that the author, if he did not admit his defeat, then lowered his pride. May sit, think and choose another way. "

PSSS: Of course, we can say that a separate creation does not characterize the national cinema as a whole. But after all here only the lazy one does not see the system: “Penalty” - “Bastards” - “US-2” - “4 of the day in May”. Films, made with the money of the Ministry of Culture and Cinematography of the Russian Federation. Ministries, whose goals include the support and development of the national identity of the people, their culture and respect for history! Yes, there are good films. But this does not remove the main question: why and for whom were these films made, gentlemen ministers? ...
Sergei N.
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