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Chinese engineer sues American intelligence

Chinese engineer sues American intelligenceUS intelligence "overlooked" the theft of military technology by a citizen of the PRC. The FBI sprinkles ashes on its head, but the deed is done - military information has been closed in the US for two years now as it is completely open in China

Chinese electronics engineer Steve Liu still received nearly six years in prison for spying for China. He was convicted by a New Jersey court.

The 49-year-old Chinese man worked for an American company, a leading Pentagon contractor. The engineer had access to research in space and navigation. Back in 2009, he left for historical homeland to give a course of lectures. And at the same time, he took with him to China thousands of secret files with descriptions and data of a device that allows drones to hit targets without communication with the satellite.

He conducted presentations at universities in the People's Republic of China and at conferences organized by the government, where he spoke in detail about American unmanned technology.

Apparently, the residents of American intelligence also participated in the same specialized conferences. For no one except them could convey to Washington, the FBI, that the Pentagon’s classified information was put up for sale in China. It is said that by manipulating it, Steve Liu expected to get a good job in China. However, in the fall of 2010, he returned to the US and was detained by FBI agents at the airport.

The investigation did not reveal the transfer of secret information from the engineer to the Chinese special services. Meanwhile, the court found that the Chinese engineer had jeopardized the national security of the United States.

According to the newspaper "The Washington post", losses from theft of technology in the Pentagon can be hundreds of millions of dollars. In the past four years, about 100 people have been arrested in the US for spying for China. Many more such cases are classified. They, in particular, are connected with the extensive and extensive Chinese diaspora in the United States, said Oleg Demidov, an expert of the PIR Center on Cyber ​​Security, saying:

"Many members of this diaspora are interested in American high-tech corporations and cooperate with them. In addition to the diaspora, there are simply representatives of the People's Republic of China who are temporarily working in the US to qualify as espionage or cyber espionage. The United States faces the fact that in recent years there have been more and more such cases. "

American companies such as Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Ford and Dow Chemical have suffered from the actions of residents working in China in recent years. One of the last cases was recorded in March. The retired US Army officer, Benjamin Pierce Bishop, was accused of divulging military secrets to a Chinese woman, with whom he had an affair. He gave his girlfriend information related to nuclear weapons, the detection of enemy ballistic missiles and the deployment of early warning systems. In a word, the Chinese diaspora gives the American special services an increasing headache. This is a systemic problem, says Oleg Demidov:

"Such cases of Americans are frankly frightening. Therefore, of course, we should expect a certain tightening of security measures. Meanwhile, no solution that would remove this problem at the system level is not foreseen - it is impossible to completely close the information. As it is impossible and absolutely to exclude cooperation cases American scientists and engineers with Chinese colleagues and passing them some sensitive information. "

Spy scandals in Sino-US relations will increase as China intensifies its efforts to reduce its technological gap with the United States. Obviously, in China itself we can expect a new surge of spyware revelations. Because Beijing will not allow Washington to bypass it even on this indicator.

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  1. queen
    queen 28 March 2013 10: 48 New
    Around alone enemies (persecution mania) artificial searches for enemies, the chip to them all in ...
  2. Trailer
    Trailer 28 March 2013 10: 54 New
    Chinese hackers broke into the Pentagon's network but failed to crack the password on the host computer. In this regard, the Communist Party of China issued a decree according to which every resident of China can try to enter one test password from that computer. As a result, on the 20 millionth request, the Pentagon's computer gave up and agreed that its password was "Mao Zedong."
  3. Kaetani
    Kaetani 28 March 2013 11: 32 New
    Simple so. just beautiful.
  4. kirieeleyson
    kirieeleyson 28 March 2013 17: 47 New
    Mdaaa ... it’s not for you to buy traffic lights, here there is a jerk of China in the confrontation with the United States and the creation of a precedent in US intelligence and counterintelligence. I think now we need:
    1. To master the technologies that are transferred to China.
    2. By the noise of the rising wave, prepare your new agent network in the United States.
    3. PRESS on all fronts of these islands, including active open political and economic confrontation. Only do this wisely, involving them headlong into conflicts.
  5. Rossmk
    Rossmk 29 March 2013 00: 58 New
    Eh. Not the USA already ... not those ... we wish them further degradation! good