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Completed the creation of a mobile combat complex CLUB-K

Completed the creation of a mobile combat complex CLUB-K

The mobile-modular missile system CLUB-K, which has no analogues in the world, opens a new page in the creation of defensive weapons new generation.

Our country has not only proved that it can in the shortest possible time create and bring to the market fundamentally new weapons systems. Domestic experts actually opened a revolutionary direction in the design of military equipment. According to the head of the concern, which developed the CLUB-K, Georgy Antsev, comes the era of modular weapons. The combat systems will be assembled from a kind of cubes. And Russia in this direction is becoming a fashion trendsetter.

The idea of ​​placing various combat systems in special mobile modules is not new. However, only we have guessed that the use of standard containers - 20 and 40 foot - as such modules. In them are hidden multipurpose missiles of type X-35UE, 3М14, 3М54, as well as reconnaissance and command and control systems. It is assumed the use of unmanned helicopters of the original design. From the container cubes, you can easily and quickly collect defensive missile systems of any power and for any purpose, and then secretly move them to the zone of possible hostilities. Any container ship with Club-K complexes becomes a missile carrier with a crushing salvo. And any train with such containers or a convoy of heavy container trucks - powerful rocket units capable of appearing where the enemy is not waiting.

Know-how not only in high mobility, but also ease of maintenance, as well as one-time use. There is no need for special and expensive vehicles, transport-charging machines, much more that is required in classical rocket systems.

The costs of any state on such rocket weapons become available. Not by chance, interest in CLUB-K on the global arms market is growing. By the way, the appearance of the first such systems in the form of layouts at international exhibitions even frightened some in the West. Moreover, one of the semantic contents of the English word "club" is a cudgel. And the Russian club will crush anything.

Any container ship with Club-K complexes becomes a rocket carrier with a crushing salvo

However, according to Antsev, fears are in vain, since we are not talking about offensive, but purely defensive weapons. Container CLUB-K will not allow to approach the enemy coastline the fleet and will not be allowed to attack on the ground. Any target at ranges up to 300 km will be destroyed either by one high-precision missile, or by their simultaneous salvo. At the same time, identifying the launchers to the enemy will be very difficult.

For the first time, the complex in export performance was shown at the LIMA-2009 gunsmith. And if four years ago it was shown in the form of posters and in mock-ups, then at the LIMA-2013 showroom that is opening today, potential foreign customers will be shown a virtually finished system.

Last year there were successful launches, which confirmed that it is possible to place missiles in containers and shoot from them. Then fired anti-ship missile X-35. Its peculiarity is that the rocket flies to the target at a height of no more than fifteen meters, and four meters in the final segment of the trajectory. To repel her blow is almost impossible. One such rocket is guaranteed to destroy a warship with a displacement of 5000 tons.

To date, the formation of the missile complex as a whole has been fully completed. And the readers of “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” are the first to see CLUB-K in its full complement.

However, if necessary, the configuration of the complex, as well as its missile equipment, can vary within the widest possible range - it’s not for nothing that it is modular.
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  1. Vanek
    Vanek 28 March 2013 06: 47 New
    Moreover, one of the semantic contents of the English word "club" is a club

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    Among the branches
    Bastard, he trill so wonderfully flooded.
    All enchanted - what a sassy!
    As if he did not love and did not fall in love.
    She is gone.
    And went into the forest
    In the bushes there was a huge kid.
    Stood like a stump
    There's a fathom in the shoulders
    In the hands of a huge spruce club.
    I raised a scream
    But this moment
    With a club, he stroked my skull.
    The suit tore off
    He took off his boots
    What mother gave birth to left me.
    A nightingale Among the branches
    Bastard, he trill so wonderfully flooded.
    1. Dinver
      28 March 2013 07: 15 New
      Video CLUB-K (modera stick to the news forgot to stick):
      1. tupolev-95
        tupolev-95 28 March 2013 10: 33 New
        An excellent video is how to advertise your product! No obscure terrorists - here he is the enemy, his equipment, here are the countermeasures.
        1. fktrcfylh.h09
          fktrcfylh.h09 30 March 2013 20: 06 New
          finally Russia begins to show its fist
  2. Genera
    Genera 28 March 2013 06: 49 New
    Well, now the moment of the “Caribbean crisis” can come anywhere, anytime. A serious deterrent. I’m waiting from Putin for the already forgotten winged expression "-I will show you" Kuzkin’s mother ""
    1. Mitek
      Mitek 28 March 2013 08: 32 New
      GDP is not so stupid as to say so)) It’s sobering in a frustrated voice that it’s about bad “partners”)))). And on the topic, great news. How many such toys can be put in the Kaliningrad ports and warehouses .... ABM received another fiery greetings. And imagine what kind of smut will be with amers. Wherever their fleet was, all container ships, and indeed all cargo ships become a potential threat and everything needs to be led. And when operating off the coast ... there you need to track trucks too. In short, large port cities cannot be approached. And to the small ones too. These launchers cannot be traced from space.
    2. edge
      edge 28 March 2013 09: 45 New
      this strawberry will appeal to British and American people ...... rest in peace drinks
      1. GHG
        GHG 28 March 2013 20: 45 New
        Diversification ... her mother (schA fashionable) I know an organization that produces both cookers and submarines.
  3. Vanek
    Vanek 28 March 2013 06: 50 New
    Already quickly adopted. Really formidable thing. Especially in terms of stealth.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 28 March 2013 07: 00 New
      Quote: Vanek
      Already quickly adopted.

      When delivered, the amers will shy away from any bulk carrier, and given that many of our bulk carriers sail under convenient flags, you need to take everything under the gun wassat
      hello Ivan hi
      1. fktrcfylh.h09
        fktrcfylh.h09 30 March 2013 20: 10 New
        there is a steam locomotive - it’s carrying containers, in Germany, Italy, France - it’s carrying itself and carrying it, it’s with seals)))

        there is a steamer carrying containers with the English flag, with seals)))
    2. self-propelled
      self-propelled 28 March 2013 07: 24 New
      Quote: Vanek
      Already quickly adopted. Really formidable thing. Especially in terms of stealth.

      I agree, cool thing. just imagine how much snot there will be if such containers are found on a ship, for example, in the port of Amsterdam wassat
      1. Vanek
        Vanek 28 March 2013 07: 34 New
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        under the gun you need to take everything


        Alexander hi

        Quote: self-propelled
        if such containers are detected

        Not the fact that they discover.

        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 28 March 2013 07: 40 New
          Quote: Vanek

          But it is impossible, because there are also such options for Klab.
          The border with Poland, there are long-range and suddenly .......... belay belay belay Oil painting, Poland is spitting out laughing
          1. Vanek
            Vanek 28 March 2013 07: 48 New
            Quote: Alexander Romanov
            stand long-range

            According to news, especially in bad weather, wagons in traffic jams are standing on the border. Traffic jams are kilometer. And who knows, who knows ..............
            1. Alexander Romanov
              Alexander Romanov 28 March 2013 08: 01 New
              Quote: Vanek
              . Traffic jams are kilometer. And who knows, who knows.

              And who knows what kind of conteiners go along the railway of Europe belay Where do not spit everywhere they ..... surround laughing
              1. Vanek
                Vanek 28 March 2013 08: 10 New
                Trucks, "piece of iron", dry cargo ships ..............

                Like Mango Mango.

                We have such systems, but we won’t tell you about them.
        2. nickname 1 and 2
          nickname 1 and 2 28 March 2013 09: 22 New
          Where did he get it, where did he get it? = Found! I’m going, I’m looking and it’s swimming! Freebie?
          Yeah! How not to take it! They tried to open it, but it’s not like that! Kylo was not found suitable! We think we’ll come home and open it = surprise!

          And here you are!

          But seriously, you can’t sell IT!

          Each bulk carrier, etc. will have to inspect! And if they crash?
          don't understand where military is where civil
      2. Akhtuba73
        Akhtuba73 28 March 2013 09: 32 New
        "... the port of Amsterdam", the ports of North America, the countries of the Mediterranean Sea, Southeast Asia ... container sites of logistics and transport terminals of almost any state! Prospects however! Bravo to the developers and creators! I am proud!
  4. svp67
    svp67 28 March 2013 07: 13 New
    Such a weapon is the dream of a "fist", that is, a terrorist -))))
  5. Dangerous
    Dangerous 28 March 2013 07: 39 New
    When I first heard about this complex for the first time, another bravado thought. But no, they brought to life all the same, well done!
  6. Dmitry 2246
    Dmitry 2246 28 March 2013 07: 49 New
    Weapons of guaranteed retaliatory strike. And again, this drone helicopter. Mobile, competent, powerful, diverse, scary.
  7. nickname 1 and 2
    nickname 1 and 2 28 March 2013 08: 43 New
    And I remember about this (ie, similar) they told somewhere like in "Military Secret" but among the states.

    What is it, now the whole civilian fleet, in a couple of hours, will become a military?
    1. edge
      edge 28 March 2013 10: 04 New
      put 6 containers on the seiner and got an attack rocket carrier, dropped the containers into the sea and again the dream fisherman ...... straight
    2. fktrcfylh.h09
      fktrcfylh.h09 30 March 2013 20: 14 New
      they couldn’t do it, in general, the developer company was stolen by baking just about 150 yards of greenery
  8. erased
    erased 28 March 2013 08: 48 New
    Amused cartoon. And the weapon is good, as is the entire complex of control, communications, and a single conformational network. Well, of course rockets. That's what a gift to all Tolerasts and shit-oxtars. Oh, they are happy. And they are looking for an answer.
    1. fktrcfylh.h09
      fktrcfylh.h09 30 March 2013 20: 16 New
      the swamp will not survive this, since this is a violation of the human rights to pederasty and pedophilia ...
  9. JonnyT
    JonnyT 28 March 2013 09: 38 New
    with such a thing you can more brazenly promote your world interests.

    The good news is that the polymers have not yet been cured! Our engineers, engineers and scientists are our most formidable weapon!
  10. gorku68
    gorku68 28 March 2013 10: 10 New
    But suuuki and traitors for bucks who will sell places and application plans? Efficiency is half less. Yes, and international documents on the navigation of the merchant fleet, specifically container shipping, have been introduced for a long time and are in force. So that only defense really is. Along the borders and the coast.
  11. Semurg
    Semurg 28 March 2013 10: 13 New
    Yes, any ship with a flick of the wrist turns into a missile cruiser. But if this complex falls into the hands of scumbags, then the trouble of mine explosions will seem like minor jokes. In general, a club is a double-edged sword.
    1. fktrcfylh.h09
      fktrcfylh.h09 30 March 2013 20: 17 New
      if there is a converter located thousands of miles away, then nothing bad will happen, I think that this is provided
  12. zambo
    zambo 28 March 2013 14: 50 New
    Poor, cunning ... e Yankees ...

    Russian Ivan again responds with an effective penny invention to their multi-billion dollar aggressive ambitions.
  13. rudolff
    rudolff 28 March 2013 15: 02 New
    The thesis that this is a purely defensive weapon system just touches! Especially container option! Straight, Sicilian defense! Defense by attack.
  14. AlNikolaich
    AlNikolaich 28 March 2013 19: 57 New
    YESAA. In a word, "there are things bigger than Faust Goethe!"
    Especially if there is a sabotage option, for basing on the territory of the enemy. With remote control! good
  15. Gladius
    Gladius 28 March 2013 23: 39 New
    Yes, a powerful complex! Tracking its placement is unrealistic. The strongest blow can be obtained from anywhere. This moment must now be taken into account when preparing and planning military operations. How many additional means and equipment must be involved in this, but there are no guarantees that the measures taken will be able to detect this complex. Cool!!!
  16. knn54
    knn54 30 March 2013 20: 17 New
    It's time to buy atolls ...