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Olympiad Security and Russian Black Sea Fleet

The Decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated May 14, 2010 “On ensuring security during the XXII Olympic Winter Games and XI Paralympic Winter Games 2014 in Sochi”, among other things, prescribes: “... to determine the specific boundaries of the territory and water area within which enhanced security measures ... ” The areas of the Black Sea, which are adjacent to the coast of the Krasnodar Territory and the Caucasus and are the area of ​​responsibility of the Black Sea, certainly belong to such water areas. fleet Russia.

Course on the Olympics

In a recent conversation with the captain of the rank 1 A.V. Tolmachev, commander of the missile boat brigade, I drew attention to his words that one of the ships is currently performing tasks in the area of ​​the Winter Olympic Games.

It turned out that the Mirage small rocket ship was not the only ship of the brigade that would ensure the safety of the Olympics from the sea. In December last year, in the same area, the tasks of the Shtil RRC were fulfilled, and in late January another ship returned to Sevastopol naval compound - MPK "Muromets". Within a month he was working on the tasks of the anti-sabotage support for the Olympics.

Olympiad Security and Russian Black Sea Fleet
MRK "Shtil"

In addition, the crew acquired the skills of a defensive battle in case the enemy would attack from the sea or from the air. Ships and boats of the Black Sea Fleet will also provide anti-mine defenses and cover for speedboats to break through. Seamen "Muromtsa" conducted training exercises with the crew of the sea minesweeper "Vice-Admiral Zakharyin" of the Novorossiysk naval base (NVB), whose ships will also take part in solving the tasks of protecting Sochi games.

The crews of the sea-sweeper “Turbinist” and other fleet ships are preparing for the planned exercises in the area. Do not stand aside and the court of security. In February-March, in the Novorossiysk region, in accordance with the plan, the medium sea tanker Koyda of a detachment of support vessels was working, which, together with NBM ships, performs training tasks to ensure the safety of the Olympics.

The forces of the fleet envisage the implementation of a whole range of measures for protection from the sea using ships, aviation and combat swimmers. Last year, exercises were held at the SEC in Tsemess Bay, and the personnel of the logistics department and divers took part in them. Were involved MPK "Kasimov" minesweeper "Mineral waters", as well as one of the BDK. During the exercises, measures were taken to destroy sabotage groups. "Fighting swimmers neutralized saboteurs, and divers inspected the ships in order to search for mines left by the enemy," said the chief officer of the headquarters of the strategic nuclear weapons.

We add that by the year 2014 a special-purpose group will be formed on the Black Sea Fleet, which will protect the coast of Sochi from the penetration of sabotage groups, it will consist of four new anti-sabotage boats of the 21980 Rook project. In August of last year, the first such ship entered the Black Sea Fleet, two more are now being completed and two were recently laid at the Zelenodolsk plant.

In addition to standard weapons - 14,5 mm machine gun MTPU, anti-sabotage grenade launchers DP-64 and DP-65A of four Igla MANPADS - boats are equipped with a special sonar that can search for divers at depths up to 100 m, under current conditions and complex bottom relief. The anti-sabotage kit includes light and noise grenades that blind the enemy diver and stun him with a sound strike. In addition to the eight crew members, there may be five divers on board. After the Olympics, by the 2015, the anti-sabotage group “Grachat” of the Russian Black Sea Fleet will be expanded to six boats.

It should be noted that in the diving patrol mode, the boat was successfully tested while ensuring the security of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in June 2012.

Together with the Black Sea Fleet, the marine zone will also be guarded by the ships of the Coast Guard of the border service of the FSB of Russia. Last year, they received two unmanned aircraft complexes (each includes two helicopters) Horizon Air S-100.

"Horizon" is based on ships and is intended for reconnaissance (including at night), border security, rescue operations, is able to be in 5 air for hours and work at air temperatures from -40 to + 50.

The drone was successfully used in the marine part of the Kavkaz-2012 exercises. In 2013, several such complexes will arrive in the fleet.

We will talk about the alleged threats and some measures to block them, but for now let's see what the underestimation of risk factors can lead to, and also make a little excursion into history preparations for the Moscow Olympics 1980, which the USSR conducted without serious excesses, despite the very difficult international situation.

Munich Olympics - carelessness and irresponsibility

On the night of 5 on September 1972 of the year in 4: 30, a well-armed group of eight people made their way to the Olympic Village in Munich. They were members of the Palestinian extremist group Black September. Dressed in tracksuits, they dragged knapsacks that carried Kalashnikov assault rifles (AKM), TT pistols and grenades.

The terrorists entered the location of the Israeli national team in Conollie Strasse, 31, and with the help of stolen keys, entered the apartments. After shooting two athletes who actively resisted and took nine athletes and coaches hostage, they demanded that 12 free and securely pass into Egypt 00 Palestinians detained in Israel and 234 prisoners held in Western Europe prisons .

Terrorists promised to kill one athlete every hour if their demands are not met. Israel’s response followed immediately: there will be no negotiations, and on September 6, the German police conducted a failed assault on the plane where the terrorists were. All the hostages were killed, one policeman and five invaders also died.

A subsequent investigation revealed that the conduct of the attack was facilitated by the carelessness and incompetence of the German authorities who were trying to achieve political goals at the expense of security requirements.

By the time the hostages were taken, the second week of the Olympiad was taking place. The West German Olympic Committee maintained an open and friendly atmosphere in the Olympic Village to help erase the memories of the warlike German military look. There was no armed guard, and the athletes often entered the village without showing a pass or bypass checkpoints altogether.

In fact, the organizers presented what threats they might face. A few months before the Olympiad, experts described possible attack scenarios in order to develop security measures. Among the 26 prediction options, including terrorist attacks by various factions, ranging from Basque ETA and ending with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), was the “situation number 21”, which was almost completely realized by the terrorists.

In addition, last year the German Der Spiegel published information that the German authorities had been warned by a Palestinian informer in Beirut about the Palestinians' intention to hold an “incident” at the Olympic Games, but this warning was ignored.

After Munich, the approaches to the security of public events were revised towards tightening. Although after this it was not possible to avoid tragedies. 27 July 1996 of the year during the Atlanta Games an improvised explosive device weighing about 20 kg (!) Exploded in the Olympic Park. As a result, two people died, 111 were injured, many were left disabled. An investigation has shown that the explosion could have been prevented.

The threats have not disappeared

At the next three summer Olympics managed to ensure complete safety. The terrorists in Sydney were simply not reachable. During the Athens Olympics, there was talk that the Greeks were able to simply negotiate with the leaders of the terrorists, although they spent 1,5 a billion dollars on ensuring security. In Beijing, in 2008, this was out of the question, although there is evidence that the Chinese police managed to prevent a terrorist attack.

At the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City after the tragedy in the US in September 2001, security measures were simply draconian, the American security staff did not stand on ceremony even with IOC members. Thus, the geography of terrorism at the Olympics has not expanded to date and consists of two episodes: Munich-72 and Atlanta-96, but the threats have not disappeared, we can say responsibly that they have increased.

In ancient Greece, the Olympic Games were considered a celebration of peace. During their conduct, all hostilities between the warring Greek states ceased. But today everything is different, individuals, organizations and even states involved in terrorism use the Olympic Games to declare themselves or to do their own dirty things under their cover.

W. Treger, President of the German NOC during the days of the 1972 Olympics in Munich was the mayor of the Olympic Village. Here's what he said about the possibility of terrorist acts during the games: “I would like in this connection only to quote the words that the terrorists told me in 1972 during the negotiations with them:“ We have nothing against the Olympic Games, we have nothing against you, we even have nothing against the hostages we have taken. But the Olympics are a showcase for the whole world, and today we used it. ”

It is impossible not to recall the date and 08.08.08. M. Saakashvili, who, I am sure, is still waiting for the court, chose the opening day of the Olympic Games in Beijing as the starting date of the aggression against South Ossetia. We will not dwell on this in detail, much has been written about his cynical plans.

Looking ahead, I will say that until recently, one of the main problems in ensuring the security of the Olympic Games in Sochi, of course, was the policy of the Georgian authorities, led by Saakashvili, their desire for revenge, the constant increase of tension on the borders with Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

When the current Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili’s party came to power, Georgia is pursuing a much more realistic policy. Moreover, the Prime Minister himself publicly rejected attempts to boycott the Olympics. But with all this, there are still influential anti-Russian forces in the face of Saakashvili’s United National Movement party who may try to play the Olympic card, and this factor cannot be discounted.

Moscow Olympics lessons

In the media comments on the aforementioned Presidential Decree, it was stated that the planned security arrangements would use the Soviet experience of holding the Olympic Games 1980 in Moscow ...

Held for the first time in a socialist country, "behind the Iron Curtain"

The Moscow Olympiad was supposed to demonstrate the growing openness of the USSR in connection with the process of detente of international tension that had begun. But it became hostage to the cold war policy, being in the center of the fierce confrontation of two socio-political systems.

To overcome the obstacles the USSR had to use all the means at its disposal - political, diplomatic,

economic (in general, over the 2 billion rubles were allocated to the Olympics by the country's budget), as well as assistance from domestic and friendly foreign intelligence services.

23 December 1975 was adopted by a closed resolution of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the Council of Ministers of the USSR "On measures for the preparation and holding of the Olympic Games 1980." And since then, the “Olympic question” has always been “under control” in the highest party and Soviet instances. In the structure of the Organizing Committee "Olympiad - 80" subsequently, a security commission was created.

Let me give you fact, not received widespread fame. The scale and complexity of the tasks for preparing the Moscow Olympics caused uncertainty even among the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU, L.I. Brezhnev, and for some time seriously discussed the issue of abandoning its implementation. If this had happened, today the question of holding the Olympics in Russia might not have stood.

The period of preparation for the Olympiad was characterized by an increase in international terrorism, and already in 70-s many countries in the world were shaken by the terrorist attacks of the Irish Republican Army, the Basque ETA and the West German Red Army Faction, and numerous Palestinian and Islamist organizations.

Moreover, these and other extremist groups acted not only in their own territory, but also abroad. As evidenced by numerous acts of terror:
- in October 1977, at the airport of Mallorca, a group of terrorists seized a German Lufthansa plane;
- In February, 1978 killed an 12 man in a blast at a restaurant in Belfast, 30 visitors were injured;
- In May, 1978 in Italy, former Prime Minister Aldo Moro was abducted and killed by terrorists from the Red Brigades;
- In August, 1979 was killed by a relative of the British Queen, Lord Mountbatten, as a result of an explosion of a boat ...

In January, 1977 and in Moscow there were three explosions - the largest and most terrible terrorist act in the USSR during the entire post-war period, as a result of which 7 died and 37 people were injured. The author of these lines had to participate in the search for terrorists related, as it turned out later, with one of the separatist nationalist organizations. They were identified and arrested in September of the same year.

Over time, the international situation deteriorated significantly due to the entry of Soviet troops into Afghanistan (DRA) 27 in December 1979, which caused a serious surge in pan-Islamic solidarity and active support of anti-government forces in the DRA from the United States, Saudi Arabia, Great Britain, Iran, etc.

It should be especially emphasized here that, contrary to popular belief, the boycott of the Moscow Olympiad was not a “response” to the entry of Soviet troops into the DRA (at the request of its leadership), but was planned, starting from 1977, the input served only as a pretext. More than six months before the Afghan events, 25 April 1979, Mr. Yu.V. Andropov informed the CPSU Central Committee "On the hostile activities of the enemy in connection with the Olympics - 80": "The materials received by the State Security Committee indicate that the enemy's special services, ideological sabotage centers and foreign anti-Soviet organizations ... continue to campaign to discredit the Olympics - 80.

At the same time, certain changes occur in the tactics of the enemy's subversive activities. While in 1977 and the first half of 1978, the most characteristic of its activities were calls to boycott the Moscow Olympics, recently the idea of ​​using the 1980 Olympic Games of the year for terrorist and sabotage extremist actions in the USSR has been put forward. ".

Today, decades later, one cannot objectively admit that all this hostile activity around the Olympics in Moscow pursued purely selfish, political goals and interests of individual countries.

All forces - in the "fist"

So, we have already decided that the danger from Georgia will not be dominant. A much greater danger to the Olympics will present a threat from the possible terrorist actions of radical Islamic (Wahhabi) groups in some North Caucasian republics. In this case, the greatest danger is represented by organizations associated with foreign centers. It is also possible that international terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaida are becoming more active closer to the Olympic Games. There is no doubt that already now they are trying to introduce their agents in the areas of the competition.

The complexity of the situation lies in the fact that to discredit the ability of the Russian authorities to control the situation and ensure the safety of its participants, it is enough for the criminals to conduct several explosions on the eve of the Olympic Games and not necessarily at the Olympic facilities, which may lead to the refusal of some athletes and guests from coming to us. I'm not talking about the fact that such events will deal a strong blow to the prestige of Russia.

In fact, gangs of terrorists in the North Caucasus have long been driven far into the mountains, but for the time being they still have a theoretical opportunity to seep through the gorges into the Krasnaya Polyana area. Therefore, at the time of the Winter Games, a defensive perimeter will be created, special forces of the Southern Military District will cover the south of Krasnodar Territory and the territory of Karachay-Cherkessia from the penetration of gangster formations from problem regions. Such a military order at the first meeting in the new year was given by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu of the Sochi Operational Group (OG) established in August 2012 of the year, Izvestia reported. The OG includes the 22-I and 10-I Special Forces Brigade of the Southern Military District. Both brigades have considerable combat experience and good training.

Horizon Eyre S-100

Special Forces will begin to patrol the mountain passes, passes and gorges, arrange ambushes, put barriers, conduct an active search in the area. By order of the minister, they got the most difficult part of the defensive perimeter being created along the Greater Caucasus Range from Krasnaya Polyana to the administrative border between Karachay-Cherkessia and Kabardino-Balkaria, further down to the plain in the Kislovodsk, Yessentuki, Mineralnye Vody region. In addition to countering possible attacks by alien terrorists, special forces must normalize the situation in the region.

Much attention will be paid to interaction with aviation, because in the mountains, fast and accurate disembarkation and evacuation of combat groups, fire destruction of the enemy from the air play a decisive role. Therefore, aviation aviation is made up of helicopters and airplanes of one of the best units in the Russian Air Force from airfields in the Kuban and in the Stavropol region.
These are the upgraded Su-25CM attack aircraft and the latest Mi-28Н, Mi-35М and Mi-8AMTSH helicopters.

This year, in Sochi, under the leadership of a representative of the FSB, the operational headquarters responsible for the security of the Olympic Games, which will coordinate the efforts of all involved structures, began operating. One of the tasks of the headquarters is to control the development of 2014 border posts located on the Abkhaz-Georgian border before 18. Most of them are already active.

In solving the main task will be involved the Russian units of Abkhazia. The port of Ochamchira is equipped with a base of Russian maritime border guards, which is armed with a division of patrol boats of the type “Mangust” and “Sobol”.

In addition to the 3800 military personnel of the 7 military base in Gudauta, stationed on a permanent basis, special forces units of the Ministry of Defense operate in the mountains, including soldiers of the 45 separate guards regiment of the special forces of the Airborne Forces, who received the Order of Kutuzov for military service.

The regiment was tasked to “not miss reconnaissance and sabotage groups from Georgia to the Russian borders in the area of ​​Sochi.” But such a danger still persists. And not from the Georgian commandos, but from the militants still remaining in the Pankisi Gorge.

It has already been said that the Armed Forces, special services and the Ministry of Emergency Situations receive new equipment and weapons, increasing their ability to successfully meet the challenges of security. Thus, 100 intelligence robot robots (Plastun information reconnaissance complexes), intended for patrolling and quick detection of suspicious objects and people in a crowd, are available to the Special Purpose Center of the FSB.
“Plastun” is a self-propelled robot with a mass of 40 – 50 kg, a carrying capacity of up to 100 kg and a speed of up to 0,7 m / s. Together with him is offered an information robot with side video cameras. The robot is equipped with a thermal imager and a system that allows to detect optics and recognize a sniper, in addition they will be equipped with gas analyzers (for the detection of explosives) and systems for the detection of suspicious objects. It is also equipped with a motion automation system and a range finder.

In addition to other FSB units, the Special Purpose Center (CPS) forces are actively involved in security arrangements, which includes, in addition to other units, the A and B Offices (Alpha and Vympel units). The day-to-day work of Alpha employees is the neutralization of terrorists who seize air and water craft, ground transportation, and also hold hostages in buildings. About Vympel in the society is less known, he is also engaged in the fight against terrorists, but they specialize in high-risk operations and difficulties: these can be operations in hydroelectric power plants, dams, nuclear power plants, large factories and complex underground communications.

Alpha and Vympel take an active part in the counterterrorist operation in the North Caucasus, where they regularly polished their skills and acquired invaluable combat experience. Basically, their tasks are limited to the capture or destruction of field commanders and influential militants, as well as intelligence.

In 2011, on the territory of Sochi, Adygea and the Krasnodar Territory, the "Antiterror-2011" exercises took place, in which the fighters of the "Alpha" group and the FSB Aviation Administration participated. During the exercise, Russian Federal Security Service helicopters, armored vehicles, and dog handlers with dogs were involved. In total, more than 6 thousand people participated. The purpose of the events was to identify conditional sabotage and terrorist groups in a difficult operational situation and to destroy them.

Another exercise to prevent and suppress terrorist acts at the Olympic venues in Sochi was held in Adygea, Sochi, Tuapse, Absheron and Mosty districts of the Krasnodar Territory. They verified the reliability of the anti-sabotage and anti-terrorist protection of the Olympic infrastructure facilities. In the Krasnodar Territory and Adygea, measures were conducted to search for and detain conditional terrorists.

As the CPS officer told the author, combat missions, exercises and daily training are performed continuously, but only a small part of the information about these events gets into the media.

Public order in the Olympic Sochi, as reported in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, will provide more than 40 thousands of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and military personnel of internal troops.
About 24,5 thousands of police officers and 10 thousands of soldiers of the internal troops will be phased in to help the Sochi militia in stages. The staffing level of the Sochi police department is constantly increasing and will reach more than 5 thousands of employees.

In addition to the existing ones, two Ka-226 helicopters, two Mi-8 helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles were procured for the police. In addition, in order to control road safety, additional 300 video surveillance complexes have already been installed, video surveillance systems will also be installed in sports venues, recreation and guest accommodation areas, railway stations and airports.

As can be seen from this article, where the efforts of the state to ensure the security of a prestigious event for the country, which will attract the attention of the whole world, are very incomplete, the security threats to the Olympics can be prevented in a timely manner. But any efforts only become effective when the people implementing them have good training, clearly know the tasks before them and are aware of the high degree of responsibility, and ordinary citizens provide them with all possible assistance and assistance. The point is common.
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  1. ShturmKGB
    ShturmKGB 27 March 2013 15: 15
    Georgia can substitute, one must be on the alert ...
    1. Dinver
      Dinver 27 March 2013 15: 24
      Only "Georgia" is needed in quotes.
    2. smel
      smel 27 March 2013 15: 24
      Yes, we will defeat all trash. I am sure.
      1. domokl
        domokl 28 March 2013 05: 20
        It seems to me that not so much Georgia will now put sticks in the wheels, but Ukraine. It is clear that for the Games it will be necessary to introduce rakes from other fleets, but they must have a place somewhere .. This is where the increased pressure from Ukraine will begin .. It's not right , the main smut ...
        Georgia will begin to actively disseminate thoughts about strengthening the Russians in Abkhazia. And we cannot do without it. This means that a talking room at the UN level will begin.
        But the bandits will soon begin to receive in full ... It seems that this summer will be bloody ... All known bandit groups will be destroyed .. Without options. It is not possible to completely cover the mountains ... Only destruction ...
        But in general, Russia is an experienced fighter against terrorism and now fired and tested soldiers are serving in the Caucasus ... So security will be ensured ...
    3. Trofimov174
      Trofimov174 27 March 2013 15: 26
      The Georgian tie-eater by that time will already give up his post and the maximum he can do is to publish his memoirs about the 2008 conflict on the opening day of the Olympics.
    4. Vadivak
      Vadivak 27 March 2013 15: 38
      Georgia can substitute, one must be on the alert ..

      Not dried up yet, and Americans haven’t put dentures yet
    5. dmitry46
      dmitry46 27 March 2013 16: 30
      But where is Georgia flattery? our Black Sea Fleet will tear the entire Georgian army if necessary!
    6. Nevsky
      Nevsky 27 March 2013 20: 59
      I quote:

      About 24,5 thousands of police officers and 10 thousands of soldiers of the internal troops will be phased in to help the Sochi militia in stages. The staffing level of the Sochi police department is constantly increasing and will reach more than 5 thousands of employees.

      Or maybe strike in a very different and unexpected place? It is clear that an impregnable fortress will be made from Sochi. what
  2. Manager
    Manager 27 March 2013 15: 28
    No one will even try to hold .... at the time of the Olympics. There are more convenient cases.
    1. evgenii67
      evgenii67 27 March 2013 15: 39
      Quote: Manager
      There are more convenient cases.

      Before the Olympics, so as not to take place
      Immediately after, for example, with doping, but this is a completely different story, already passed
      1. Manager
        Manager 27 March 2013 15: 46
        First, everyone knows the safety measures before the Olympics, and during. You need to be an idiot to try to do something. For attempts of any kind will end in complete failure.
        Regarding more convenient cases ..... The moment of a change of power in Georgia, for example. Did not think about it?
        1. MstislavHrabr
          MstislavHrabr 27 March 2013 16: 48
          I don’t think everything is so complicated. And I won’t be surprised if an explosive device has already been laid in the foundation of any building ... With our slovenliness and the level of control over the construction ... Great care is needed for the workers!
  3. Ruslan_F38
    Ruslan_F38 27 March 2013 15: 42
    Yes, Georgia is unlikely to calm down while the Sahak is in power. I think it would be nice to send an aircraft carrier to discourage those who want to destabilize the situation and disrupt games.
  4. lechatormosis
    lechatormosis 27 March 2013 15: 51
    SPECIAL SERVICES-Close all preachers of Wahhabism in RUSSIA.
    Those who have completed training in SAUDI ARABIA must be especially registered as potential terrorists.
  5. erased
    erased 27 March 2013 15: 56
    Let's see how the Olympics go. And if suddenly someone decides "... to cross the border by the river ..." to beat immediately and on the spot. And then cut in a otvetku so that they would not dare to climb anymore.
  6. Z.A.M.
    Z.A.M. 27 March 2013 16: 00
    "Apart from other divisions FSB the forces of the Special Purpose Center (SPC) are actively involved in security measures ... "
    This is all good ... But there are also oddities.
    “Strange exercises took place in Orenburg - according to legend, terrorists seized a cinema with hostages. The role of terrorists was played by intelligence officers, and, voicing their demands, they said the following:“ I'm tired of chaos, Putinism, bloody gebnya. We, former officers, are gathered here. The demand is to release our leader, Colonel of the GRU Kvachkov, he was given an unlawful sentence. Withdrawal from the WTO, a ban on the entry of migrants from Asian countries. "
    These requirements were recorded by journalists of the Orenday portal, who were allowed to go to the cinema. The exercises traditionally ended with the successful release of the hostages, but now the entire Runet is discussing the amazing demands of the terrorists.
    "Apparently, they make it clear that whoever comes up with such slogans is a potential terrorist"; "I would sign with both hands under such demands. Am I a terrorist too?"; "Is this trolling by the FSB or just stupidity?"
    Andrei Balabanov, head of the press service of the RF FSB for the Orenburg Region, commented on the situation vaguely: "In the light of recent events in the world, the special services constantly have to improve their skills."

  7. mamba
    mamba 27 March 2013 16: 03
    The author of these lines had to participate in activities to search for terrorists related, as it turned out later, with one of the separatist nationalist organizations.
    It was the "National United Party of Armenia". In addition, the KGB assumed the involvement of the "Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia" in the terrorist attacks. On the instruction of the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Armenia, Demirchyan, not a single newspaper published in Armenian published a report on the terrorist act. At the trial, Zatikyan ended his last word with an appeal in Armenian: "Tell others that we are left with revenge, revenge and revenge again!"
    The right wheel is deflated in the Horizon Air S-100 photograph.
    1. Ascetic
      Ascetic 27 March 2013 21: 16
      Quote: mamba
      It was the "National United Party of Armenia". In addition, the KGB assumed the involvement of the "Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia" in the terrorist attacks. On the instruction of the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Armenia, Demirchyan, not a single newspaper published in Armenian published a report on the terrorist act. At the trial, Zatikyan ended his last word with an appeal in Armenian: "Tell others that we are left with revenge, revenge and revenge again!"

      On January 8, 1977, at 17:33, a bomb exploded in a Moscow metro car on the stage between the Izmailovskaya and Pervomaiskaya stations. At 18:05, an explosion occurred in the trading floor of grocery store No. 15 on Dzerzhinsky Street (now Bolshaya Lubyanka), not far from the building of the KGB of the USSR. The third explosion, 18:10, occurred near grocery store No. 5 on 25 October Street (now Nikolskaya). As a result of these attacks, 7 people were killed (all during the first explosion in the subway), 37 were injured.
      The best investigators of the prosecutor's office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the KGB of the USSR were thrown into the search for criminals. The KGB Major-General V.N. Udilov led the operational-search group. The operation received the code name "Explosives". More than 500 witnesses who saw the alleged perpetrators were interviewed. However, none of them could clearly describe the appearance of the terrorists, many were confused in their testimonies.
      According to the collected fragments of explosive devices (WU), the investigators installed parts and materials that were used in the manufacture of the WU. Having identified the places of production and sales of many of these materials, investigators outlined the circle of “suspected” cities that most often appeared: Yerevan, Rostov-on-Don, and Kharkov. There were versions that terrorist attacks could be arranged by Ukrainian or Armenian nationalists. Later, at a Tashkent airport, one of the KGB officers drew attention to the bag in the passenger’s hands: the bag was identical to the one used by the terrorists. It turned out that the bag was sewn in Yerevan.
      Experts also found that the electric welding of bombs was carried out by a special electrode, which was used only at defense industry enterprises. Based on this, they came to the conclusion that one of the terrorists works in the "defense industry".
      1. Ascetic
        Ascetic 27 March 2013 21: 16
        At the end of October 1977, the same criminals decided to carry out another terrorist attack and for this purpose arrived in Moscow, at Kursky Station. Having taken the return tickets for the Moscow-Yerevan train, they left, leaving a bag with a bomb in the waiting room of the station. A few minutes later, the orphaned thing attracted the attention of one of the passengers, who looked inside the bag and, having found skeins of wires and a clockwork, reported the find to the police on duty. As a result of the investigation, valuable evidence was obtained: a blue sports jacket with an Olympic patch from Yerevan and a cap with ear flaps. Detectives found several black hair on the cap.
        The police at all railway stations and at the country's airports in the direction of Transcaucasia were oriented towards the search for brunettes without outerwear with black curly hair. On the border of Georgia and Armenia, a black-haired young man in blue sports trousers (from the same suit as the blue jacket) was found in the third car of the Moscow-Yerevan train No. 55, he didn’t have outer clothing, nor were there documents and travel things. It was a worker Hakob Stepanyan (born in 1949). He rode with his friend - artist Zaven Baghdasaryan (born in 1954). Stepanyan and Baghdasaryan could not explain the purpose of the trip to Moscow. They were detained and transported to Yerevan. Later, Stepanyan's mother identified the bag in which the bomb was located, like the bag of her son. Searches in the apartments of the detainees revealed VU, which were similar to Moscow.
        According to the investigation, Stepan Zatikyan was the main organizer and leader of the attacks, Stepanyan and Baghdasaryan were their direct executors.
        During interrogations, Stepanyan and Baghdasaryan stated that they were intimidated by Zatikyan, who, sitting in prison, “moved” on the idea of ​​nationalism and insisted that the Russians should be punished for oppressing the Armenian people
        The trial in the Supreme Court of the USSR took place from January 16 to January 20, 1979. On January 24, all three were found guilty by the court and were sentenced to capital punishment - execution. On January 30, the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR rejected the application for clemency and on the same day the condemned were shot.
  8. Clueless
    Clueless 27 March 2013 17: 05
    for me, if the terrorists conceived something, they had been there for a long time - now it’s easy to build explosives during the construction, and they themselves will get temporary work, etc.

    then the main thing is to hide before the game itself and then catch the trojan

    I hope that our work well, and the Olympics will be held without incident
    1. DimychDV
      DimychDV 28 March 2013 08: 12
      Yes, the risk also seems to me in a pre-introduced group with weapons and explosives. Go and let yourself slowly put the bons in the supports of bridges and structures, in the VIP stands and the spectator sectors ... However, specialists would already have found something. It is only for amers in catastrophe films that they press a button - and no bookmark has been detected by anyone in three months. Yeah, and also in the medical series: the doctor puzzles, the doctor puzzles over the cause, and then he says - and let's assign the patient a clinical blood test ... And instantly the picture becomes clear! ... And without this analysis, we don’t even go to the doctor ..
  9. DuraLexSedLex.
    DuraLexSedLex. 27 March 2013 17: 50
    For me, you don't need to be afraid of open confrontation, here you have enough of your own. Just next to Sochi there are "peaceful and kind", and most importantly, "calm" republics. And it's not a secret for anyone that these characters love to fire not only at weddings, and this is what they are afraid of, because for no one, it is not a secret that it is for this reason that someone gets away with it, then for a monument ... for an extinguished fire ... for the killed and robbed. And all because our rulers are afraid to screw someone in and break the thread ... but this is IMHO. How many people have so many opinions.
  10. krokodil25
    krokodil25 27 March 2013 18: 14
    Competitions of international class are already held in Sochi. CROWNS AND DAGGERS WILL MAKE EVERYTHING AS WELL !!!!
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 27 March 2013 22: 15
      Quote: krokodil25

      Aha! And we must also remember Suvorov: "Surprised - won!" And as one user wrote - "To sheathe the cart with boards, the bike-drive is inside, and the armored pole is ready" - and let all sorts of terrorists guess, what it is! It will be especially useful if active, conscious fans from Ukraine climb up! laughing
  11. svp67
    svp67 27 March 2013 18: 50
    War hero 08.08.08 "Mirage" -. and here is the most important Defender ...
    1. Geokingxnumx
      Geokingxnumx 27 March 2013 22: 02
      Quote: svp67
      War hero 08.08.08 "Mirage" -. and here is the most important Defender ...

      if you are talking about a sea battle, then it was not! the video says that "Mirage" drowned the boat "Tbilisi" about the truth is that "Tbilisi was sunk in Poti (the Airborne Forces did it)
  12. zinander
    zinander 27 March 2013 20: 02
    Georgia is unlikely to climb, but the bearded may very well be
  13. aviamed90
    aviamed90 27 March 2013 22: 02
    And who exactly needs this Olympiad? What, the budget will be filled? What is the practical meaning of this? It is necessary to protect the interests of the country, not sporting events, albeit on such a scale. And then, they gave a piece of the Barents Sea, and in Sochi we will show ourselves !!!
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 27 March 2013 22: 17
      Quote: aviamed90
      And who exactly needs this Olympiad? What, the budget will be filled?

      On the contrary! So much from the budget during the construction and holding can be cut! repeat
  14. Dmitry 2246
    Dmitry 2246 27 March 2013 22: 07
    The scale of the events is impressive. Of particular interest is the Rook and the Horizon Air S-100 for the first time I see. And manpower and means are involved in a mediocre military company. By the way, a good advertisement for special units.
  15. 120352
    120352 27 March 2013 22: 51
    I think you shouldn't worry about the Olympics. There will be no her. They plundered all the Bilalovs. Instead of the Olympics, there will be "Merry Starts", if there is enough money.
    1. studentmati
      studentmati 27 March 2013 22: 56
      I do not share your skepticism ...
  16. VadimSt
    VadimSt 28 March 2013 02: 16
    Image can also spoil crime! CIS pickpockets, as always, are also preparing for their records at the Olympic Games!