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President Putin in Novosibirsk waited and prepared

President Putin in Novosibirsk waited and prepared

At the aviation plant them. Chkalov for the head of state prepared a presentation of the final assembly stage of the Su-34 front-line bomber. The company received a state contract before 2020, retooled production, retrained employees. How the President communicated with the workers showed television about internet we can say that he was immediately filled with comments on this topic. The Novosibirsk plant faces an important task: in two years, seven dozen Su-34 aircraft will be sent to our troops for armament. The plans of our government to put on guard the air borders of our country 120 such combat vehicles. The main goal of the President’s visit to the capital of Siberia is to discuss with experts what the combat situation is aviation countries, evaluate the prospects for the development of the Air Force. As the president put it, everything must be done on time, while there is money, then it may happen that the funds run out and time is lost.

At the solemn meeting devoted to the 100 anniversary of the legendary air ace Alexander Pokryshkin, Putin arrived spontaneously at the Opera and Ballet Theater. The video immediately fell into internet tvA little late, also showed the speech of the President. According to Putin, three times the hero of the Soviet Union, Air Marshal Alexander Pokryshkin was a real citizen of his country. Pokryshkin was a man with a capital letter. AT stories his catch phrase remained: "My guys are more precious than a downed plane."

Peace Initiatives

Next to the president in Novosibirsk were both Defense Minister Shoigu and Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin. It seems that Vladimir Vladimirovich seriously decided to make friends with Sergei Kuzhugetovich and Dmitry Olegovich. The army and the defense industry should hear each other.