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Only he did not return from battle

12 July 2012 The President of the Russian Federation signed a decree posthumously assigning the title of Hero of Russia to the Chief of Intelligence of the Labinsk Military Unit of the Interior Forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

The event is in general usual for our time: the internal troops are fighting troops; every year more than a dozen of their soldiers and officers are honored with orders and medals.

The originality of the incident was that the officer was honored with a high award eleven years after the feat he had accomplished.

Only he did not return from battleSergei was born on October 11, 1971 in the village of Grabovo, Bessonovsky District, Penza Region. He grew up like all normal boys: he studied, helped his parents with the housework, was pretty mischievous, liked to climb with friends in neighboring gardens, where, as you know, strawberries are always sweeter and apples are juicier. After graduating from high school, he entered Kazan Higher tank Red Banner School Command. However, he was not able to lead the multi-ton armored monsters into battle. After graduating in 1992, Lieutenant Kustov was assigned to the internal troops of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. It was such a time ...

However, Sergey Viktorovich never regretted such a sharp turnaround in his officer's fate. Back in college, he had a dream - to become a scout. When shoulder straps lay with a krapovoy lumen, this desire is even stronger. And he, with the stubbornness inherent in many tank crews, went to the intended goal.

After a rigorous selection, the lieutenant was enlisted in the reconnaissance company of one of the operational divisions of the North Caucasian District of the internal troops. And he quickly became his friend in a friendly, welded team of intelligence officers: fearless, loyal to friends, reliable in any business, Sergey more than once argued that with him you can go on the most dangerous and responsible tasks.

The first combat mission was not long in coming: at the end of 1992, Sergey together with his subordinates performed tasks in the area of ​​the Ossetian-Ingush conflict. The experience gained during the disarmament of the then insignificant militant groups, later came to him more than once.

Then there was the first Chechen campaign, on which he spent a total of more than a year, finally having formed as a military intelligence officer. Then he had the opportunity to experience everything: the joy of successful searches and ambushes, and bitterness from losing friends ... At the same time, the first state reward flashed on the chest of a young intelligence officer: for bravery and dedication shown during combat missions, he was awarded a medal Order "For Services to the Fatherland" II degree with the image of swords.

After the withdrawal of troops from Chechnya, practically no one doubted that the peaceful respite would be short-lived: the rebellious republic in front of our eyes turned into a haven for the variegated rabble who made the war his profession. And in August, 1999, detachments of militants and mercenaries invaded the territory of Dagestan.

Sergey Viktorovich met the second Chechen one already in the position of the intelligence chief of the Labinsky regiment of operational assignment. For him and his subordinates again came the hard, but familiar everyday life. Sometimes it was necessary, as they say, to walk on the very edge ...

In January, the 2000 of the year near Mesker-Yurt, the Labinians were ambushed. The fire — a dagger stitching a column from three directions — was sometimes such that heads could not be raised. Saved composure intelligence chief. Wounded in the leg, Sergei found the strength to lead the fight. Sensing a serious rebuff, the gangsters, without waiting for reinforcements to approach the Labins, hurried to get out. And Major Kustov for competent actions and skillful command of his subordinates in a difficult combat situation was presented to the Zhukov Medal. And he received it in March, returning from the hospital to his home unit.

October 11 Sergey celebrated the thirtieth anniversary. The term of his contract was coming to an end. The major decided to continue his service in the militia, having moved to his native places, where he was offered the post of deputy commander of the Penza special security forces.

December 1 The 2001 of the year he was supposed to begin his official duties at a new place. The family was packing their suitcases in preparation for the move, but then Sergei, who had returned from the regimental commander, was stunned by his spouse with unexpected news: he had to go on a business trip to Chechnya, because the replacement, the future intelligence chief, had not recovered after being wounded. Seeing how upset the house, the officer hugged his little son, kissed his pregnant wife and said: “For the last time, Yulenka. I promise - for the last time. "

Alas, this trip was really the last for him ...

On the last day of October, Major Kustov arrived at the temporary deployment point of the regiment. For three and a half weeks he managed to personally plan and lead eight ambushes, thirteen reconnaissance exits. Practically each of these measures yielded a result: nineteen militants were killed, forty-four people were detained on suspicion of involvement in illegal armed groups, seventeen machine guns, a carbine, four pistols, eight grenade launchers, a large amount of ammunition and explosives were seized.

On the night of 22 on 23 in November, intelligence officers of the internal troops headed by Major Kustov, together with the soldiers of the military commander's office and employees of the temporary department of the interior of the Shali district, conducted operational search activities in Avtury. And again in their hands were rich trophies.

Already in the morning the scouts started off. And on the eastern outskirts of Shali were ambushed. Militants have long been hunted for a major and his fighters who repeatedly confused their cards, destroyed gangster bases and cleared out caches. After waiting for a small column, they concentrated their fire on the head machine, where the group commander was located.

Sergey was seriously injured when a battered BTR was leaving. But overcoming pain, continued to cheer on his soldiers, leading an unequal battle. The very presence of the commander, his courageous behavior gave strength to intelligence officers.

They were able to hold out until the arrival of help and go to a safe area. A medical board flew past the wounded officer. But during the evacuation, Sergei Viktorovich died.

Co-workers suffered this loss. For many in the regiment, the intelligence chief was not just a friend to arms, he became a living embodiment of the best qualities of the Russian officer. They loved him, they believed in him, they hoped in him, with him and behind him they were ready for fire and water. And now he is gone ...
For courage and bravery shown in the performance of military duty in conditions fraught with the risk to life, Major Kustov, the command of a military unit, was posthumously presented to the title of Hero of the Russian Federation. However, due to the large-scale reorganization that began in the formation (the division was reorganized into a brigade, the regiment was turned into a separate battalion) and the fact that the officer’s documents had already begun to wander around the instances in connection with his transfer from internal troops to law enforcement agencies, the submission was not realized.

And now, after 11 years, thanks to the efforts of many caring people, the feat of the officer and his services to the Fatherland were appreciated.

14 September 2012 of the Penza Region Governor Vasily Bochkarev and Inspector-Coordinator of the STMT of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia Colonel-General Sergey Topchiy deposited Galina Nikolaevna and Viktor Dmitrievich Kustov, the Hero's parents - the Gold Star. The children of the brave officer Dmitry and Ivan took part in the solemn ceremony.

For all these years, the memory of Major Kustov was sacredly kept by his fellow countrymen: at the school that Sergei graduated, a memorial plaque was installed, among the high school students for several years there have been shooting competitions for the cup in his name. And in the near future in the village of Bessonovka, where the Hero was born, a monument will be erected to a brave reconnaissance officer.

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  1. strenadk
    strenadk 2 March 2013 10: 37
    Thank you for the article! Homeland must know its Heroes!
  2. igorgar
    igorgar 2 March 2013 11: 05
    While our soldiers are dying in the Caucasus, behind them, the minister-stool has stolen millions and is making himself an innocent young lady.
  3. Opera
    Opera 2 March 2013 11: 23
    And now, after 11 years ... Well, even so! Hollywood is making American * heroes * and Western media are sucking our fingers, while ours live (or no longer live) in the neighborhood, often unknown to anyone at all. There are probably so many of them that various ministries and departments * work * in the sweat of their faces and simply do not have time to reward, promote on time, and sometimes (do not judge * hard workers * strictly) and a dozen or so other awards will be lost. What is it about the Caucasus, when in Moscow near high offices this is all the time! I wanted to give an example and began to write so it became sickening. A lot of their Heroes of Russia known and unknown! Do not have time to DO!
    1. WADUHa
      WADUHa 3 March 2013 20: 37
      We have everything and always decide FRAMES !!!!
  4. Heccrbq
    Heccrbq 2 March 2013 12: 05
    Here is the diary of the chief of the art regiment, the actions of the regiment in Chechnya
    Mortar company
    Analysis of what is happening in the Caucasus since the 20s
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  5. DeerIvanovich
    DeerIvanovich 2 March 2013 12: 33
    sorry when such people leave ...
    1. APASUS
      APASUS 2 March 2013 15: 19
      Quote: DeerIvanovich
      sorry when such people leave ...

      And they don’t go anywhere !!!
      Our corrupt press put an end to them !!
      The one that raised the reformer of Chubais, the Minister of Social Development Zurabov on the shield !!
      Those who have only primary knowledge of what is happening in the regions
      and write about the exploits of our states !!
      And Heroes are not needed! They need reformers - Serdyukovs !!!!

      Minister Zurabov in person!
      1. APASUS
        APASUS 2 March 2013 16: 58
        Quote: APASUS
        And they don’t go wherever !!! Our sales press put an end to them !!

        What is the minus?
        For Chubais?
        For the corrupt press?
        What kind of rat appeared?
        1. Atrix
          Atrix 2 March 2013 18: 33
          Cons are put by people who believe that everything in Russia is just super and if you criticize Russia or tell the truth about the attitude of the state towards its Heroes and ordinary citizens. Here they put a minus to me catch +
          And the main thing is not + or - The main thing is to tell the truth no matter how disgusting it is for the rest of the pseudo-patriots and are not afraid for their rating
        2. wax
          wax 3 March 2013 14: 13
          I compensated you not my minus.
  6. MAG
    MAG 2 March 2013 15: 49
    He was a good man. We respected him alone among all the scouts, but there wasn’t an ambush, it was just a blast, then the scouts of the dogs shot and said that this was the blood of the militants.
  7. xetai9977
    xetai9977 2 March 2013 21: 08
  8. MAG
    MAG 3 March 2013 08: 30
    I served in this part and I know that I am writing a minus off topic
  9. kukuruzo
    kukuruzo 3 March 2013 16: 37
    Thank you for talking about such heroes. Patriot! in the wide media you need to talk about such people, instead of shows like House 2
  10. zeksus
    zeksus 3 March 2013 16: 59
    Glory to the hero!
  11. avega
    avega 4 March 2013 01: 34
    Homeland must know and honor its heroes !!! It is a pity that honor, respect and recognition in Our country come too late ... I believe that everything will change, and in school and class they will give due attention and time to such Heroes! ... the younger generation should know the history and deeds of their great-grandfathers! !!
  12. fenix57
    fenix57 4 March 2013 06: 49
    "On July 12, 2012 the President of the Russian Federation signed a decree posthumously conferring the title of Hero of Russia to the chief of intelligence of the Labinsk military unit of the internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Major Sergei Viktorovich Kustov ...."- on such OFFICERS our AF are kept. The generals were pushing their own (positions, orders, medals), how many awards have passed since then? Thanks to Major Kustov, thanks to everyone working in the "field" .... soldier
  13. zambo
    zambo 4 March 2013 08: 29
    Everlasting memory!
  14. O_RUS
    O_RUS 18 March 2013 12: 24
    Quote: Atrix
    And the main thing is not + or - The main thing is to tell the truth no matter how disgusting it is for the rest of the pseudo-patriots and are not afraid for their rating

  15. modestee
    modestee 11 December 2013 12: 16
    Sergei was a wonderful person, on several business trips were nearby. They leaked it cynically, and he understood very well what kind of hunt he was going for ... An officer with a capital letter, a worthy intelligence officer! Heavy loss!