What Europeans did not please the victory of the USSR in the Second World War?


We all change with age. Not only our appearance is changing, but also the attitudes about the boundaries of bad and good, the picture of the surrounding world is refined and complicated. The society is changing in the same way, the point of view is shifting and it is not always easy to catch these changes, being in a modern twitter-like flow of information. You can understand them only by looking from the side for a sufficiently long period of time.

Sometimes the changes are so serious that it is very difficult for different generations to imagine the other’s thinking. In fact, the “fools” were Komsomol members, they threw warm, cozy parent apartments and drove volunteers to uninhabited areas to “shock Komsomol constructions”. Bloody totalitarian regime completely powdered brains. And if we take that Komsomol member and show him a modern social network, he will not believe that he has fallen into the same country. Indeed, the country is completely different, the model of development and values ​​have changed. And this is not good or bad, it is natural. But let's still see where and where we go. And for this we are going to 50 years ago in the sixties.

The end of the Khrushchev thaw and the beginning of the era of stagnation in the USSR, the first man in space, the Soviet dudes, the end of the hippie era and the first Woodstock, created ARPANET - a small jellyfish that will grow into a giant spit called INTERNET. In the west, the economic miracle is unprecedented economic growth in West Germany and France, as well as in Greece, Italy and Japan. They will not pay their price for the miracle soon. At the very beginning of the sixties, the construction of the Berlin Wall draws a line between the Soviet bloc and the west.

Now it is not even believed that our troops and special services then stood in the very center of Europe. The sixties saw the height of the Cold War, the Caribbean crisis showed how close humanity is to repeating recent mistakes on a new scale.

But even then, everyone remembered the last war and the Nuremberg trial, remembered Churchill's speech, and the ceremonial ceremonial Sword of Stalingrad, which before the transfer to the Soviet Union was exhibited with religious honors in several temples in Great Britain, including Westminster Abbey.

It is in 60 that the wonderful book by Alexander Vert “Russia in the 1941-1945 War” is published in the west. Werth was in the USSR from July 1941 to 1946 year as a correspondent for the Sunday Times newspaper and the BBC radio company. In the book, he without any dill and political bias tells about the feat of the Russian people and the war on the eastern front. For the first time the book was published in the USA in 1964, then in England, France, Germany and other countries. And strength was still alive in the memory of people, grinding the Wehrmacht military machine. This power was there, very close, behind the wall.

The Red Army defeated 507 Nazi and 100 divisions of its allies, almost 3,5 times more than the allies on all fronts of World War II. On the Soviet-German front, the German armed forces suffered more than 73% of losses. Here the bulk of the military equipment of the Wehrmacht was destroyed: more than 75% of aircraft (over 70 thousand), up to 75% tanks and assault guns (about 50 thousand), 74% of artillery guns (167 thousand).

For three long years, we fought 3 / 4 of the fascist troops virtually one-on-one, and after breaking and opening the second front, it was 2 / 3.

From 1 418 days active battles were coming 1 320. On the North African front, respectively, from 1 068 - 309; Italian from 663 - 49. The spatial range was: on the front of 4 - 6 thousand km, which is 4 times more North African, Italian and Western European fronts together;

Estimates of losses on our part are very different - the losses of the civilian population are estimated by different authors from 15 to 30 millions. War losses (including those killed in captivity) from official 8,6 to 13 millions.

We will not analyze now who calculated more precisely the causes of these losses. Consider only one indicator from a comparative statistical analysis. Namely, the resistance of the troops is the ratio of the number of killed to the number of prisoners, how many must be killed in order to demoralize the rest. Not to say that the coefficient is absolutely accurate, but when adjusting official losses in a big way, it only increases. For Soviet troops, this is the ratio of 1,7, for Germany and Italy, 0,9, and for the French troops, for example, this ratio was 0,05 - we kill 5 and 100 are thrown weapon. If our grandfathers fought like the French then, there would be no loss of 9 millions, but judging by the numbers, this is not a battle, it is a little more serious than field exercises. I do not detract now the feat of the French resistance, but who would de Gaulle be, would we not defeat Hitler? Now he would be considered an ordinary separatist, sympathizing with the Communists and opposing the legitimate government of Pétain.

And even at the height of the cold war, political scientists and historians of the Western bloc did not equate socialism and fascism, and the inadmissibility of Nazism lay in the laws of many countries.

Let's go back in our days. In the European media you will not hear that every fourth Belarusian died in the war, they don’t recall the blood-drenched land of Ukraine or the millions of Russians who died of diseases, famine, bombings. The genocide and mass destruction of the Orthodox Serbian population is forgotten. But in the Estonian city of Pärnu, a monument to the legionaries of the Estonian Waffen SS division was opened, and in Latvia in Latvia marches of SS legionnaires are held. And in parallel with this, the Balts, together with the Poles, are actively continuing to demand some incomprehensible repentance from Russia.

Ukrainian veterans of the OUN-UPA by decree of President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko of January 29 2010 were recognized as a belligerent and fighters for the independence of Ukraine. There are specific heroes - Roman Shukhevych was the deputy commander in the Nachtigall special unit formed and trained by the Abwehr for operations as part of the Brandenburg 800 commando unit, since May 1943 has been the head of the OUN. October 12 2007 Shukhevych was awarded the honorary title of Hero of Ukraine.

At the international round table "Slave Labor under Nazism. Exploiters and Victims", held in January 27 1999, the former "Ostarbeiter" and Dachau prisoner Boris Grigoryevich Yelchenko voiced a very interesting point - workers from Western countries, unlike ours, were paid , and the French, for example, went home on vacation. Despite this, the compensation paid to the "Westerners" in 7-10 times ours, and since the same 1999, our citizens who worked at German factories are denied the right to compensation. Among these plants are BMW, Bosch, Opel, Siemens and others.

What happened to the world? How did the winners turn into losers in 50 years, and why is it now completely considered normal to equate socialism and fascism? Why are compensations distributed so selectively? Why in some countries are the fascist accomplices called heroes?

There are many reasons. One of them is that we actually fought not just with Germany, in fact it was a war with all continental Europe, and it is simply impossible to forgive our victory, it’s easiest to just forget and replace it with something else. And the second, whether the reason, or the consequence - in the modern media space there is only one crime of fascism. It monopolized and eclipsed almost all that is said about the war. This crime is called the special word "burnt offering" aka Holocaust.

I don’t want to go into conspiracy theories, I don’t have doubts about the murder of many Jews, there are doubts in specific figures, and there are serious complaints about the political dance of Israel on the bones of concentration camp prisoners. I do not understand why, on the one hand, Nazi accomplices are declared heroes and participate in marches, but on the other hand, scientists who do not deny, but simply call for dialogue and express their points of view on exact numbers of murdered Jews are subject to criminal prosecution forfeiting academic ranks and planted for real terms.

A.Magidovich spoke most accurately on this topic, analyzing the adoption of the UN General Assembly resolution 2007 of the year: “Despite the fact that very few people really deny the fact of the Jewish genocide during the Second World War, many people don’t understand why it’s up to the responsibility of denying it ? If the Holocaust is an obvious fact? stories, then why do we need responsibility for denying the obvious? Why would the UN not introduce then the responsibility for denial and other obvious things, say, the sphericity of the earth or the multiplication table? If in the history of the Holocaust there are unobvious moments that are controversial for historians, then again, why is it necessary to legally forbid anyone to doubt? This is reminiscent of the medieval inquisition, which also punished for denying the "obvious" thing - that the earth is flat and stands on three pillars. "

And now, actually, why I even raised this topic. This was prompted by a visit to two places in Berlin: at home near Checkpoint Charlie (Haus am Checkpoint Charlie) and Zeughaus (Zeughaus). The first is the Museum of the Berlin Wall, and the second is the German Historical Museum.

The Berlin Wall Museum is a museum of two ideas - the personal tragedy of people for whom the Cold War was not just an abstraction, and the Iron Curtain is not just a beautiful allegory, but a concrete concrete wall. The second idea of ​​the museum is to show "what evil" the Soviet Union was. The victorious Western bloc once again "kicks" the loser - in the museum, for example, you can see a bunch of medals with the title "scrap metal" or a red flag with the signature "crimes were committed under this flag." So that everyone understands the continuity of the USSR and this Russia, there is a separate room about the bloody deeds of the new regime.

The German Historical Museum gave me the quintessence of everything written above, as usual, in the guidebook - because they are written in such a way as to simply and in a few words convey the necessary thought, the most important thing about a particular epoch or event.

What Europeans did not please the victory of the USSR in the Second World War?

So, the 15-30 of the millions of "Soviet functionaries" are listed last in the list of victims after Jews and Gypsies. And they were killed, it turns out, not even on a racial basis, so in principle there is no question of genocide. Yes, and not particularly sorry for them, because, having visited the previous museum, we remember that crimes were committed under the Soviet flag. And the national socialist state, it turns out, fought not for paradise for the separately chosen Aryan race, but for the sake of exterminating the Jews, to which it applied all its forces.

I want to note another important detail - modern media and the fullness of museums do not always correspond to public opinion, in one of the articles I mentioned the cognitive crisis of school textbooks that absolutely do not express public opinion. The same with the media, they express only the point of view of the capital behind them, or the ruling elite, and not the point of view of the population of a particular country. People still can read and think for themselves. Those who saw the sixties with their own eyes are also alive.

The revision of the results of the Second World War is already obvious to everyone. The UN suffers from a severe form of impotence, which is probably incurable. Does anyone else remember the League of Nations? Unshakable once borders have already been revised, once forgotten territorial claims taken out from under the cloth. Will reconsider such a result of the Second World War, like Israel, I can not judge.

In the museum of the Berlin Wall there is Khodorkovsky, who is not related to it, but for some reason I did not find an exposition about the modern twin - the Israeli security wall in Jerusalem. After all, as historical experience has shown - the walls that passed by the fate of people sooner or later collapse. But how it will be, and whether it will be at all - only time will tell.
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  1. fenix57
    28 February 2013 06: 33
    Whatever the world would be, do not defeat fascist Germany if the Soviet Union didn’t say anything. The people of the USSR had little choice: either win or be destroyed. But the Anglo-Saxons agreed, there would be no doubt about that. hi
    1. +10
      28 February 2013 06: 40
      Quote: fenix57
      But the Anglo-Saxons agreed, there would be no doubt about that.

      It is understandable, two hyenas from one flock. Or more, in short, they have one relationship.
    2. +22
      28 February 2013 06: 45
      And the article is very good PLUS. A rarity in the press is such an analysis. It is rare to find indications of the weak memory of gay people ..
      I consider the history of the Great Patriotic War to be taught everywhere - in schools (in great detail), in institutes and academies. No politician should climb onto the podium of a political Olympus without knowledge of the history of the state and the wars of Russia in particular. Even those who want to exploit the bowels of the earth, own factories and factories, pursue an economic policy - must first prove their worth as a person and a patriot of the country. Enough to promote universal values. They can be tackled only after the fate of every Russian acquires value
      1. +7
        28 February 2013 11: 38
        Good analysis of the author. Zionists took revenge on Germany, because now they are paid, and if terror, then only against the Jews. The ideology imposed on the modern world about the 2 world war is only a holocaust. This is what suffering the world should think of. Therefore, they give the servants of the Baltic states and Westerners their importance to inflate in order to distract attention from the main thing.
      2. rolik
        28 February 2013 13: 05
        Quote: smel
        I consider the history of the Great Patriotic War to be taught everywhere

        It must not only be taught. It must be made a part of the state’s foreign policy and loudly (to the whole planet) to say who actually won the victory over the fascists. And for some reason our politicians are embarrassed by this. Nefig hesitate, this is our victory and we did not steal it. I believe that it is necessary to create NPOs in all countries of the Western world that would be engaged (and not write reports on the work done) by explaining to the local inhabitants the role of the USSR in World War II.
      3. +1
        1 March 2013 11: 14
        I welcome everyone, for Pavel, I agree with you, modern youth forgets about the Great Patriotic War, and one even told me in person that at the beginning of the war (1941) there were no t-34 tanks !!! This is generally nonsense !!! in the states, in general, they vaccinate children that without amers, war could not be won. My children are growing up, Allah will give more children, I say THANKS HUGE, but I will teach history myself, I do not trust the school curriculum.
      4. krisostomus
        1 March 2013 11: 46
        Well, there is no analysis in the article, but there is an attempt to "ideologize" the Great Patriotic War in the interpretation of the modern rather vague state of "ideology" in Russia.
        First, no one in the West has ever questioned the victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War - a just and heroic war, but this war should not be confused with World War II, in which all the participating countries, including the USSR, fought for their geopolitical goals and very far from justice, and even more so "ideology". Who has forgotten - I will recall the words of Molotov at the Session of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR in October 1939, spoken after the partition of Poland between the USSR and Germany - "... The ideology of Hitlerism, like any other ideological system, can be recognized or denied, it is a matter of political views. But any person will understand that ideology cannot be destroyed by force, one cannot end a war with it. Therefore, it is not only senseless, but also criminal to wage a war like the war for the destruction of Hitlerism .... "That is, while the USSR could" augment "the territories of other states , like Germany - the war declared by the West to "Hitlerism" was criminal, but as soon as Germany wanted to "grow" at the expense of the USSR, it became no longer criminal and the USSR immediately changed its "ideology" and former "warmongers" England, the United States had already called into the "allies" and asked for help. Moreover, he recognized the Government of Poland or the state, which on September 17, 1939 declared non-existent.
        Therefore, not all peoples and states associate the Soviet warrior with a liberator from fascism, especially from those who, even before the Nazis, managed to grab something or add something to themselves. From the point of view of a Soviet person, this was the success of foreign and military policy in achieving geopolitical goals. From the point of view of the other side, it is an aggressor and an occupier. These are the "universal human values" we get.
    3. Vanek
      28 February 2013 07: 00
      Quote: fenix57
      The people of the USSR had little choice:

      But what is the actual choice? The ENEMY has come to our land. All.

      I just didn’t understand from the article WHAT did we not please them?

      Hello to everyone. hi
      1. +11
        28 February 2013 08: 10
        Quote: Vanek
        I just didn’t understand from the article WHAT did we not please them?

        Hello, Ivan. hi How is this what? It is only they who must be the bearers of the beautiful, fair and fair in the world, and then some other Russians in bast shoes, earflaps, drunk and even the Communists defeated fascism. The mess. Well, the Balts are simply trying to dig at least some kind of diamond in a heap of der..ma of their history to raise national pride.
        1. Vanek
          28 February 2013 08: 18
          Quote: Vladimirets

          Eugene hi

          So I thought: - We’re taking them all the time. They cannot do anything with this. So they review, rage, again review. We are like a bone in the throat for them.
      2. DYMITRY
        28 February 2013 09: 00
        Quote: Vanek

        I just didn’t understand from the article WHAT did we not please them?

        Good day Vanek!
        Everything is very simple - we did not please them with the very fact of our existence!
        How is it that some strange barbarians once every 50 years have weighed the deafening stars of all civilized Europe for at least the last 200 years. (Napoleonic war, Crimean war (here many disagree with me, but I believe that Russia did not lose the Crimean war. Europeans did not achieve any of the goals of the war. The only battle was lost. And for some reason the victories of that war were forgotten) 1st World War II, World War II) And besides the 1st World War, Russia waged all the other listed wars against the entire united Geyropa.
        Now all this gay-European riffraff again feels stronger than Russia, and they hope for revenge. Hence, the denigration of everything connected with Russia. Puppeteers need to explain to the gay European man in the street why they need to fight with us. "The bloody hordes of Mordor must be destroyed !!!" - this is the only thing that a gay European man in the street should know about Russia.
        So we expect a new invasion.
        1. +2
          28 February 2013 14: 06
          Quote: DYMITRY
          Geyropeyskaya Shushera again feels stronger than Russia, and hopes for revenge

          They are not stronger than Us! They can only speak their tongues and grumble at Russia. There are NO combat-ready armies in GEYROPE! If only the "gays from the ropa" try to play off the Turks with Us ...
          1. +1
            3 March 2013 00: 56
            They tried already - the result: and the Turks got the Lyuli, and those who pitted, too. For the company, so as not to offend.
        2. +1
          1 March 2013 11: 21
          For Dimitri, they forgot History, they forgot that they beat them from the time of the Ladoga massacre.
      3. Kaa
        28 February 2013 11: 07
        Quote: Vanek
        I just didn’t understand from the article WHAT did we not please them?

        We had, as in the 18th and 19th centuries (twice), to liberate Europe (preferably the whole) and, with a sense of accomplishment, "crawl into our den to suck a paw and play balalaikas" - what else from "Russian bear "wait. We had to join Brayton Woods, accept the Marshall Plan, place the country's resources under their control and serve the American "new world order," not the failed Hitler, but the American. We had to give Crimea under the so-called "Crimean California" for immigrants from all over the world not to Palestine, but to the shores of the Black Sea. But Stalin refused to do all this, "captured" Eastern Europe. Do you think they are not offended?
        1. +1
          3 March 2013 00: 57
          And it’s better if they didn’t save. Saving the drowning is the work of the drowning.
      4. +7
        28 February 2013 11: 33
        I just didn’t understand from the article WHAT did we not please them?

        Yes, the fact that we exist !!!
      5. 0
        1 March 2013 11: 18
        Hello Ivan, We didn’t please that we won in that terrible war, ask a question, why did the arrogant Saxons not open a second front before? Yes, because they hoped that the Germans would defeat Us, and when they saw the opposite, they immediately opened a second front. In short, the Germans, the Britons, and indeed the whole west has already rotted.
    4. +15
      28 February 2013 07: 32
      PLUS, PLUS, PLUS, and many times PLUS.
      Fuck with him: as they say, but our "corruption officials" are not much behind the "gayropean" "oddballs".
      Here is their "masterpiece":

      The banner depicts the Israeli "Merkava Mk.2", and the tankers - soldiers of the 7th regular brigade of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF)
      I understand, of course, the "mattress" has an offense for:

      But it’s all the same trick of EP in Orel, like salt on a wound.
      You can, of course, say thank you to the party members for not posting a photo of the fascist Tiger on the poster
      1. +9
        28 February 2013 11: 13
        Papakiko, Well, what can you say against this banner? Nothing, because this reflects the essence of the ruling party of Russia. One word: s-ki.
    5. +18
      28 February 2013 07: 40
      The theme of the final essay on the 1946 exam was strange. “If the Germans won?” Vova P. strained all his imagination and creaked with a pen. Alas, it turned out some kind of monstrous unimaginable list of absurdities. This could not have happened in Russia. But in the end, not the Germans won ........

      1. There will be practically no industry in the country; the occupiers will be concerned only with pumping out natural resources from our territories.
      2. Instead of the people's militiamen from the people there will be policemen from the rabble, there will be a lot of them, and the people will be afraid of them by more gangsters.
      3. At each exit from the city the police will check those who are going to leave or come. Each resident will be required to register with the police at the place of residence.
      4. To maintain fear, wild units from mountain peoples will be created. From time to time they will attack the local population, rob, bomb and kill.
      5. Rulers will be recruited from particularly vile local residents. The children and wives of the rulers will live for safety abroad. And they themselves will live in villages behind barbed wire with protection ..
      6. All the nobility will ride only in black German cars with sirens. Ordinary people during their journey will need to run away to the side of the road, wait until they pass.
      7. In the end, Nazism will become the most popular teaching from general despair. People will unite in national teams.
      8. German goods will be considered the best and most desirable in Russia.
      9. The president will speak German much better than Russian.
      10. Instead of vodka, they will advertise and sell beer everywhere, as in Germany.
      11. Those who fought against the Germans will receive pennies, and on holidays a meager dry ration.
      12. The Russians killed in the war will be buried in common graves, just to mark somehow the burial.
      13. Most of the country's male population will pass through the camps. To break the will to resist.
      14. Teachers and doctors in the occupied territories will receive a minimum of maintenance, only so that the population is reduced and scotched.
      15. On the distant outskirts of Russia, such as Primorye, partisans will probably remain. They will attack the policemen, but intimidated people will not help them.
      16. Roads will be built every year by the "mountain peoples" brought in, but of poor quality, and gasoline will be made more expensive, so that the people sit at home.
      17. Weapons to the people will be strictly forbidden to have, so that they don’t suddenly rebel.
      18. For the life of the population they will set up cheap barracks with low ceilings, 8 meters per person. And they will make them pay their whole lives more and more .....
      19. The most agile and intelligent will give the opportunity to leave and live abroad, it will be considered a great success in life.
      20. Factories and factories will not be built, people will work in small workshops, collecting the things they need for life from spare parts.

      Vera Pavlovna pondered the assessment for a long time. And put 3 for a good fantasy. smile
      1. Vanek
        28 February 2013 07: 57
        Quote: Asgard
        Alas, it turned out some monstrous unimaginable

        Vladimir hi

        It would seem absurd today. Then, after the experience and "not moving away" from what happened, this is quite normal, I think, thinking. Thinking for a child. After all, the graduation class at 46 is 8, well, maybe a maximum of 9 years. But how old is the 8th - 9th grade? That's right, 14-15 years old. An age discount can also be made.
      2. 0
        28 February 2013 08: 07
        11. Those who fought against the Germans will receive pennies, and on holidays a meager dry ration.
        Strange orders of the occupiers, those who fought against them in freedom, and on holidays they are congratulated (not on May 9th)
        Asgard 5t for diligence and stake for trolling quality
        1. DYMITRY
          28 February 2013 09: 04
          Quote: Irkutsk
          and count for trolling quality

          I agree. There are characters who turn any topic on spitting in P. Zadrali already !!!! Stop turning VO into "Matzo Ear" !!!!
          1. 0
            28 February 2013 09: 11
            There are characters who turn any topic into a spit in P
            And this is from unrequited love-hate, Freud would explain
      3. +3
        28 February 2013 09: 57
        Quote: Asgard
        10. Instead of vodka, they will advertise and sell beer everywhere, as in Germany.

        Of course, in 1946, Mr. Vova P. knew very well what advertising was and what beer was advertised in Germany.
        Quote: Asgard
        and gasoline will be made more expensive so that people sit at home.

        In 1946, the price of gasoline worried people least of all, because there were almost no private cars and almost no one knew such a thing as the "price of gasoline".

        The composition itself looks like a very cheap provocation and complete nonsense of modern "dissent".
      4. +4
        28 February 2013 10: 45
        Quote: Asgard
        But in the end, not the Germans won ........

        And nevertheless, what is written below, today we have in full. Unbelievable but true. what
        1. DYMITRY
          28 February 2013 11: 09
          Quote: Ribwort
          And nevertheless, what is written below, today we have in full. Unbelievable but true.

          Defeat in the Cold War, later betrayal of the top leadership of the USSR. Why be surprised? Yes, and the "composition" was written in our years. Is it incredible for you to predict the events that happened yesterday?
          1. +4
            28 February 2013 11: 24
            Quote: DYMITRY
            Yes, and the "composition" was written in our years.

            Of course ... And the essence of this "work" is to show, no matter how ridiculous these statements may look during the Soviet era, the policy of our leadership is capable of making such a "fairy tale come true."
            PS And someone seriously breaks the spears over authorship: Putin or not Putin ??? lol
      5. 0
        28 February 2013 11: 08
        222 2222222222222222222222222222222222

        Quote: Asgard
        The theme of the final essay on the 1946 exam was strange. “If the Germans won?” Vova P.

        Vova P. - is it like Putin? Not hard to guess...

        And after such a conjecture, you will argue that a schoolboy was able to write such an essay in 1946, and not an appositionist — a 21st-century liberal?

        Absurd absurdity, or rather, the World Bank grew, more precisely, the mess of crap ...

        Why did you (liberals) surrender to Putin? Attack Dima M., maybe sooner we will see more worthy in the Chairs ...
        1. +1
          28 February 2013 11: 18
          Quote: Tartary
          And after such a guess, you will argue that a schoolboy could write such an essay in 1946

          Do you seriously think that this work was really written once? Or that Putin himself wrote it in 19 ... a shaggy year? Not surprisingly, when there is nothing to say on the facts below, they focus on secondary matters, such as: Putin did not write this, and in general it is not a schoolboy ... Well, of course, he did not write. And certainly not a schoolboy. Asgard's post was essentially not about authorship. But if you do not understand, then there is no point in explaining something. hi
          1. +2
            28 February 2013 12: 17
            Quote: Ribwort
            But if you do not understand, then there is no point in explaining something.

            I understood or not, it’s a completely different matter and I didn’t ask someone to explain something to me ...
            But after all, the comments are read here by young people, who can take a joke of humor at face value ...
            It’s better to correct it with a comment ...
            Don't you find?
          2. +3
            28 February 2013 12: 37
            Ribwort (1)
            But if you do not understand, then there is no point in explaining something.

            Of course, no one thinks it was written in 1946, the conversation is that the troll is not talented. Somehow smarter than that, chtoli. Your doubts about our present and future pour water on the millstones of the drive of those who want to change our past. You are trolling here - you are rewriting the history of the Second World War. After all, an article about bastards who do not recognize the leading role of the USSR in the war. Shitting in comments kakby cast a shadow on it.
            1. 0
              28 February 2013 13: 30
              Quote: Irkutsk
              You are trolling here - you are rewriting the history of the Second World War.

              In Asgard’s commentary, I didn’t see a hint of an attempt to rewrite history or to doubt the role of our country in the Second World War.
              Quote: Irkutsk
              Your doubts about ours this...

              I admit, they are ...
              Quote: Irkutsk
              ... and the future ...

              As I wrote earlier, one fairy tale has already become a reality, described in the post of Asgard, whether we wanted it or not. So what are the reasons to be sure that our future is clean and cloudless? Do you suggest that you simply believe and not doubt it?
              It must be understood that such attempts by Western countries to rewrite history are being undertaken INCLUDING and with the connivance of our today's authorities. Could you imagine this in Soviet times? Or now there is no way to economically strangle the same Baltic for their affairs? I think there is ... Only here the concept of Homeland and Honor in our government, apparently, is not in honor. Sorry for the pun. Salvage has replaced all these concepts ...
              1. +1
                28 February 2013 16: 19
                And what did you personally (except for grumbling in the network) have done for Russia. Hammer and sickle is certainly super, but it is precisely the communist pupils who ruined the country in the 80-90s. Why do you blame all our troubles on the current government? Only the senile does not notice changes for the better. And sheer stupidity to believe that the tsar is to blame for everything, believe me, the world is more complicated
                1. +2
                  28 February 2013 17: 57
                  Quote: Irkutsk
                  And what did you personally (except for grumbling in the network) have done for Russia.

                  And what are you waiting for, what would I do for Russia? I work, my work is in demand, I regularly pay taxes. Small, but what a salary - such taxes. I have a family, two children ... Or was the question asked under the influence of films with Bruce Willis? I hasten to disappoint - I’m not capable of this.
                  Quote: Irkutsk
                  but it’s precisely the communist pupils who ruined the country in the 80-90s.

                  They are as "communist" as the US is democratic ...
                  Quote: Irkutsk
                  Why do you blame all our troubles on the current government?

                  Not at all ... Only that which is obvious even to schoolchildren.
                  Quote: Irkutsk
                  Only the senile does not notice changes for the better.

                  Only a fool does not understand how these changes are achieved.
                  For the sake of interest, look, you have a lot of home appliances and items released in Russia. I suspect even the cowards are imported.
                  Quote: Irkutsk
                  And sheer stupidity to believe that the king is to blame for everything ...

                  But he plays not the last violin in this orchestra. And, if we imagine that little depends on him, the question arises: What for is he in general?
          3. DYMITRY
            28 February 2013 18: 04
            Quote: Ribwort
            Asgard's post was essentially not about authorship. But if you do not understand, then there is no point in explaining something

            Naturally, the post of Asgard is not about Authorship. The post is purely to once again spit on Putin. Once again, take the topic offtopic. It focuses on the fact that any topic raised on the site, some comrades translate into Putin's accusations of all mortal sins!
            1. +3
              28 February 2013 19: 09
              Quote: DYMITRY
              Once again, take the topic offtopic.

              As a matter of fact, we really somehow departed from the topic what With regard to this topic, I can only wish our government more active (I would even say aggressive) actions to protect the historical truth in the post-Soviet space and in the world as a whole.
      6. 0
        28 February 2013 14: 00
        I looked at the comments and did not expect such a spectrum and "interpretations" ...
        Vova P is not a "holiday-maker from Sochi" who is sitting in the Kremlin right now ... At least because of his age ... (he was born in 75 and since then the Earth has worn him)). He couldn't write a in 46 (and I think "tyamu" would have been enough))) but as well as wait .....
        This is a fairy tale, grotesque, and just similar to today's reality - the parallels born in the brain ..... (the brain amused))))

        A smart person even without drugs has something to laugh at when you watch the program "Time" or listen to the "lights" of economics and management ...

        Guys This is written to make you think .....

        Your right thoughts, words and deeds will help the Homeland, close and unfamiliar PEOPLE.

        Eh heh heh heh ....
        1. +2
          28 February 2013 15: 15
          Quote: Asgard
          Guys This is written to make you think .....

          Well, for clarity of the picture, discard the reference for the people, where did you get this fairy tale about the school essay from Vovochka P. from 1946 ...
          Maybe in the collection of anegdotes of the USSR?
          Then it was necessary to write like that.
          Maybe what famous storyteller wrote?
          It would also be nice to have such a site in the archive.
          But it seems to me that this "fairy tale" was born by our enemies, preoccupied with the topic of "soft power" before death.

          We are waiting, with the delivery of the source ..........
          1. +2
            28 February 2013 22: 35
            Quote: Tartary
            We are waiting, with the delivery of the source .......

            Stanislav Sadalsky "If the Germans won."here
            And then there was a repost on Echo Matzah here

            Such a normal political demotivator. Explicitly pro-liberal.
            1. 0
              1 March 2013 05: 58
              Quote: Ascetic
              Such a normal political demotivator. Explicitly pro-liberal.

              Thanks for the links ...
              I immediately read this demotivator, I felt de javu ...
              Sadalsky is probably good, especially since there is a different basis and presentation ...
              Although, apart from "Smoked", I did not like anything else in his artistic work ... And "Smoked" looks only next to Vysotsky.
              Echo Matzah is bad, they pick up things that are familiar for a long time and drag them in under the guise of new ones, and most importantly at the right time.
              Let the liberals then be Wang and other predictors quoted.

              In short, the post that we are discussing hurts the brain because of its unfair, but accurate presentation at the right time and under the corresponding article ...
              This is one of the examples of ingenious trolling, such things will be better than any black dirt towards Russia ...
        2. +4
          28 February 2013 16: 09
          Guys This is written to make you think .....
          And we thought - who are you, why are you, what are you for? You are from the alarmists - everything is bad, everything is gone, the plaster is removed. To restore order, we are ready to invite the democratoliberal community or the revolution you want. The fact that you fantasized on behalf of the party does not quite correspond with our reality, there were a lot of rebuttals on this site .. You did not guess about the year of birth of the current Russian president, the manuals should be changed. And I’ll ask you not to indicate what my thoughts should be correct, I live among the people, I am the people, your statements are wrong for me, they harm my homeland.
          Eh heh heh heh .... STUPID you however, or interested financially
          1. DYMITRY
            28 February 2013 18: 09
            Quote: Irkutsk
            And we thought - who are you, why are you, what are you for?

            The meaning of the stuffing was to divert the topic of discussion of the article, to the discussion of Putin. And I must admit, this was brilliantly successful, look at the number of comments in the thread.
          2. 0
            28 February 2013 18: 34
            Quote: Irkutsk
            Eh heh heh heh .... STUPID you however, or interested financially

            I put you + for quoting .... Me ....___________________________________________________ allow
            1. 0
              28 February 2013 18: 47
              have a nice one you too. I advise you to think with your head. Yes, and look back already. Where is the devastation?
          3. +1
            28 February 2013 19: 07
            Usually I don’t get involved in discussions, but I put you + for quoting me and the indicated inaccuracies .... I wrote from the phone and I don’t know how it turned out that instead 52 scored 75? So sorry ...
            Let me quote
            Quote: Irkutsk
            Eh heh heh heh .... STUPID you however, or interested financially
            The conclusions you make are wrong and in no way justified, I am writing to you, so that "windmills" are not born in your head and you mediocrely put your life on the fight against invented enemies ...
            There is a book in Spanish about a knight of a sad image (I forgot how it is called)) there this fight (anti-Wind)) is described in detail and by the way didn’t lead to anything ..... this is the result there .... (by the way, the Russian proverb says the same)))
            So once again I ask you to always think whether it will be possible to be proud of what you wrote - in a few years ....
            When I wrote an opus about Vova P .... (I meant my last name Petkevich))) I swear by the health of the children I didn’t even think about "Vovochka" (let him rest calmly in Sochi and fight utility tariffs)) so assumptions Smoke as you can see the identity is wrong .....

            If in a combat situation I would make decisions, in your way on the basis of assumptions, then obviously I would not write happy .....
            So let me offer you againthinkbefore you touch the "keyboard" and issue a THOUGHT ......
            Why do I have long branches, probably because there are always a lot of PEOPLE behind me and I am always the source of their confidence in tomorrow ... (I always say that it will be)))))
            Regards and all the best
            1. +1
              1 March 2013 04: 16
              I woke up, read, understood that you consider yourself the only source of right thoughts and have the right to speak the truth in the first person.
              I read your post on a nearby branch about people and nonhumans, religion and old sorcerers. Impressed, picky, I do not smoke this.
              Well, God bless you, down with doubt, forward and with the song.
              And Don Quixote has always been an example for decent people, although he did stupid things (and who does not do them)
              1. +1
                1 March 2013 19: 17
                And such a point of view has a right to exist ...
                capacitor positive (+) leadsoldier And exactly "Don Quixote".... the character is certainly human and not bad, but not a WARRIOR ....
                In terms of survival ....... neither he nor Dulcinea - NO CHANCE Alas....
    6. NKVD
      28 February 2013 11: 22
      To hell with this Europe, the main thing is that we know who put Germany "cancer" and we will never forget the feat of our people at the front and in the rear, and we just have to treat Geyrop and the like with contempt ...
    7. 0
      3 March 2013 00: 52
      It would not be long for them to live in peace! And they would die!
  2. SCS
    28 February 2013 06: 39
    I think in the near future it will be possible to carry these fans with a nose on the table to break the story and with it only through diplomatic means! but people still know the truth! so that
    1. +12
      28 February 2013 08: 38

      Would you like to review the results of the war?

      We can show you!
      1. Kubanets
        28 February 2013 09: 18
        Unfortunately, we cannot now. The ruling elite themselves have no number of “revisers” of history. But when the headquarters of the travel agency was near Berlin, the cruises were impressive and had respect.
        1. +5
          28 February 2013 11: 14
          Ehhhh, you're right here.
          First you need to deal with your "revisers". hi
      2. 0
        28 February 2013 11: 33
        And how many millions are you ready to put? Ready for a tactical nuclear strike?
        1. +4
          28 February 2013 11: 50
          Quote: viruskvartirus
          And how many millions are you ready to put? Ready for a tactical nuclear strike?

          This is why such a question?
          Sailors, Gastelo, Karbyshev, Kosmodemyanskaya and so on. were not exactly a fiction of communist propaganda.
          To live in slavery with "P ... V" in my opinion is blasphemy.
          What we have prepared for the Slavs can be viewed in Auschwitz and Buchenwald.
          Better a trench than cutlets! soldier
          1. +1
            28 February 2013 12: 46
            I will also defend my homeland to the last ... but I am not eager to show.
  3. +10
    28 February 2013 07: 06
    As if the Russians again did not have to prove what strength was. Not Europe, of course - they have not forgotten yet. But the unbeaten United States, shameful shaves and hot Turkish guys are clearly running up ...
    1. Vanek
      28 February 2013 07: 33
      Quote: Floock
      Not Europe of course - they have not forgotten

      Good morning, Floock.

      They all remember. Just memory is selective. 1812 then 1941, it's only 130 years old. And now, after the 45th, they start to get intoxicated, but 70 years have passed. I mean, the time span is shrinking. They all remember, but forgot.

      Quote: Floock
      As if the Russians again did not have to prove what strength was.

      Better not.........
      1. +4
        28 February 2013 07: 48
        Quote: Vanek
        Better not..

        Well they VERY VERY they ask!
        How to find the strength to deny them their "big request"? belay
        We will be able to support 1.7 co-incentive ...
        And they can stay on o.9, at least. soldier
        1. Vanek
          28 February 2013 08: 03
          Well, if only very, very asked. And as you know, we endure to the last.
          1. +1
            28 February 2013 12: 05
            Quote: Vanek
            And as you know, we endure to the last.

            That is the problem!
            And as you watch video from DVRs, you understand that we are the most nervous! And the fact that in Chelyabinsk on February 22.02.2013, 9, at 30-XNUMX in the morning, it says so at all about the universal scale of pohrenizm.
            "Mattress covers" admit this;
  4. Fox
    28 February 2013 07: 40
    the topic is correct ... plus an advance. the mythical Holocaust must be written directly: IT WASN'T HIM! but the author did not write about Jewish partisan detachments, but they were ... in Palestine. French resistance? I didn’t hear.
    1. +4
      28 February 2013 10: 41
      Well no FoxThe Holocaust was:
      This crime is called the special word "burnt offering" or the Holocaust.

      But in the West they modestly keep silent that they burned the Slavs. This topic is not raised by anyone and anywhere. It is believed that as a result of the Holocaust 5,5 million Jews were destroyed. Koshmar! Horror! And the destruction of at least 20 000 000 Slavs is so .. well, you think .. well IT HAPPENS. According to the Encyclopedia of Genocide, the total number of victims of the Slavic genocide ranged from 19,7 to 23,9 million people. And silence.
      1. +5
        28 February 2013 12: 04
        They could not call these terrible deeds the Holocaust of the Slavs ....... and they will never call ......... but the poor Jews all regret ..... despite the fact that loans to Hitler for military equipment and the army was kindly provided by Jewish bankers ..... In my opinion, the Jews conducted a purge under the guise of themselves and attributed it to the Holocaust
      2. +3
        28 February 2013 13: 31
        Quote: chehywed
        It is estimated that 5,5 million Jews were killed as a result of the Holocaust. Koshmar! Horror! And the destruction of at least 20 Slavs is so .. well, you think .. Well IT HAPPENS. According to the Encyclopedia of Genocide, the total number of victims of the Slavic genocide ranged from 000 to 000 million people. And silence.

        Jews from the Holocaust take advantage, Holocaust hide behind the world community, completing not quite necessary actions in relation to other peoples, I think no examples are needed. But the Slavs, well, the Slavs are not looking for benefits that can be derived from the ashes of the dead, the mentality is not the same. Our human values ​​in Europe, and even more so in America, cannot be understood.
    2. +6
      28 February 2013 11: 43
      Fox, do not be confused, consciously or not, the Holocaust of the Jews and the Holocaust of the peoples of the USSR and the Slavs of Europe. It's just that we did not come up with this word, but in the Russian language there is another: ISTREBLENIE. And the Jews must be respected for the fact that they do not forget this and regularly remind the whole world about it. And in Russia it seems to be forgotten. Even Putin suddenly became preoccupied with the complete falsification of history in Russian history textbooks. Soon the last participants of the Great Patriotic War will leave and that's it! Write what you want! Or hide what you want! And this applies not only to the Patriotic War, but also to the history of the USSR in general. Fresh example. Recently in Saratov, on Kirov Avenue, they asked a question to two guys: "Who is Kirov?" They laughed and replied that they did not know and suggested that this was the name of some rock group! This is how we live, and soon a certain part of our youth will become equal to Tajik or Kyrgyz migrant workers with literacy. Probably the Jews in Israel approached this issue a little differently, I think so.
  5. +6
    28 February 2013 07: 59
    For France, the Second World War is a shame from beginning to end. They merged Poland and Czechoslovakia, they themselves fled from the Germans, abandoning everything, the "resistance" dared the most - to add a laxative to the food of the Germans. With the opening of the second front, they also did not differ in anything except drunkenness and violation of discipline.
    1. +1
      28 February 2013 11: 05
      Quote: bairat
      "resistance" the maximum they dared to do was add a laxative to the food of the Germans.

      Well, don’t! poppies very well fought, led by fled Soviet prisoners of war!
      1. +3
        28 February 2013 11: 20
        Well, don’t! poppies fought very well

        That's only in Waffen SS, for some reason the French fought more than in the Resistance.
    2. +2
      28 February 2013 11: 54
      bairat, be fair, because some of the French still fought in Africa and the USSR. Remember Normandy-Neman. And Africa distracted part of the Wehrmacht and somehow helped us.
  6. GP
    28 February 2013 08: 05
    Quote from the article:
    “In general, an explanation can be found for the hostile attitude of the Europeans to Russia, to the Russian state. Imagine Europeans forced to go overseas, explore the vastness of distant America, Australia, colonize Africa and Asia, at a time when there is a huge a territory rich in natural resources that could be so successfully used for the good of Europe, but, alas, it is inaccessible because it belongs to the Russian state.It is clear what feeling the Europeans should have felt about Russia, which blocked the path of the European colonization desire to the east . "

    And there is no reason why Europe’s attitude will change. So they will be cunning, bustling, misinterpreting.
    Although the article is about Ukraine, the arguments presented in it well explain the behavior of Europeans. Full text here




    Not a single victory of Russia will satisfy the Europeans, but with great pleasure they will relish our defeats.
  7. rereture
    28 February 2013 08: 15
    Here's an interesting video about the debunking of European and American myths of World War II.

  8. +3
    28 February 2013 08: 25
    47 million Soviet citizens is this not genocide? And the turning of history upside down is what the West especially "shines" with. But the situation in Ukraine grieves especially with their una-unso and other nationalists, but about the yapping Balts and so everything is clear.
  9. konnd
    28 February 2013 08: 52
    So far, no one has canceled the rule - "Whoever throws a stone into History, she will answer with a volley of guns!"
  10. dmn2
    28 February 2013 09: 41
    I think that the title of the article is not entirely accurate. I would call it this: "Why did the existence of the USSR not please the West?"
    And the answer to this question is that the Stalinist USSR was an alternative to the West project, the fundamental difference of which is that Stalin implemented decisions that reflected the interests of the majority of the population, i.e. the vast country turned to face the common people and its backs to the exploiting classes. The idea was to eradicate the exploitation of man by man in any form, to eliminate the parasitism of the minority on the majority in the continuity of generations. Agree - this is exactly what the people of the Earth dream of - to be free and work together for the good of mankind, to build a just society, and not to serve parasites. The Stalinist USSR was consistently moving towards this goal, and the West understood that as soon as this goal was achieved, even in a single country, it (the West) would come to an end. people will see that it is possible to live differently ... and it will be much closer to them than working for a capitalist. That is why the united West came out against the USSR in 1941 (more precisely, Hitler spoke out, but the West created it - pumped it up with money, technology, etc.). Did not work out. Then they tried on the other side - and reached their goal after 40 years ... but so far all the successes of the USSR are like a sickle in the balls to our Western "friends", so they do their best to belittle the achievements of the USSR and personally discredit Stalin as a ruler which the country withstood in 2 wars, got stronger and turned into a superpower.
    1. +8
      28 February 2013 11: 13
      Dmitry! + 100 !!!!
      Add also the fact that the West is terribly jealous of the Soviet people! More than ever, the best human features — courage, steadfastness, courage, nobility, devotion to the MOTHERLAND, selflessness in the name of the people! And although now officially there is no Soviet people, but IT IS! The West feels it perfectly, and that's trying to burn out its memory! And the inferiority complex works - they jump, spit with saliva, but they can’t do it! They stand too low, and fall lower and lower! And then there is the USSR (albeit under a different name) may be reborn! Scary to them! To swoon, to wet pants!
    2. Perch_xnumx
      28 February 2013 13: 50
      And for this it was necessary to condemn innocent people to death? And the investigative actions were according to the law? Stalin did not know what was going on in the authorities, did not receive summaries on his desk, did not receive documents for his signature? Wasn't he the most important person in the country who could single-handedly say "Germany will not attack the USSR and who does not agree that alarmist and enemy of the people"? And what happened in reality and what consequences did it lead to?
      Love Stalin - your business. I have a different point of view.
  11. avt
    28 February 2013 09: 58
    What? Yes, by winning and surviving, and now we live!
  12. +4
    28 February 2013 10: 14
    We are the winners, and this is the main thing, and the fact that Europe is yapping is a pug in the service of its mistress
  13. +6
    28 February 2013 10: 48
    Here in Ukraine, the nationalist pro-fascist party "Svoboda", a social-nationalist party, won 37 seats out of 450 in the Ukrainian parliament. Financing of her election campaign was carried out by the Ukrainian billionaire Kolomoisky, a friend of the disgraced Russian oligarch Berezovsky, who now lives in London, they say they often meet, as well as unknown financial organizations of the United States and Canada, through international Ukrainian organizations and a number of Western European banks. The Ukrainian authorities turn a blind eye to the revival of fascism in Ukraine, and according to some sources they even assist it. I would like to know: what do they think about this in Russia?
  14. dmb
    28 February 2013 10: 50
    I will not switch to Latin, but Woe to the Vanquished. We were the winners before the group led by the bald "best German" came to power. The current "German" differs from the bald one only in rhetoric. Anticipating a chorus of outraged, with a standard set of phrases about white ribbons, I want to ask which of the following is being done for the good of Russia and its people: the rise in energy prices, the actual introduction of paid medical care, the introduction of the "Bologna" education system. Transfer of budget funds to the management of a private company, placement in the American bank of the Stabilization Fund. You can list it endlessly. I foresee that especially gifted worshipers of the leader will cite the fall of Serdyukov as a vivid example of tangible benefit. Let me remind you that he was appointed by the leader and for seven whole years, despite numerous speeches and experts and the majority of the country's population, he said: "He is good." When the "good" stole a third of that defense budget, he was put aside. Now, in order to somehow compensate for the consequences of theft, we (and not Serdyukov) will pay the remaining two-thirds of that budget. Hurray-ah.
  15. DDR
    28 February 2013 11: 05
    As long as WE remember our story and our children will know OUR history, the west can yap even until blue in the face, and if we forget, history has the ability to punish!
  16. -2
    28 February 2013 11: 10
    Quote: Asgard
    The theme of the final essay on the 1946 exam was strange. “If the Germans won?” Vova P.

    Vova P. - is it like Putin? Not hard to guess...

    And after such a conjecture, you will argue that a schoolboy was able to write such an essay in 1946, and not an appositionist — a 21st-century liberal?

    Absurd absurdity, or rather, the World Bank grew, even more precisely, an apprehension crap ... And she wrote her most ardent enemy of Russia.

    Why did you (liberals) surrender to Putin? Attack your Dima M., maybe sooner we will see more worthy in the Chairs ...
    1. 0
      28 February 2013 13: 40
      Quote: Tartary
      Vova P. - is it like Putin? Not hard to guess...

      And in what year was Putin born? Let's start with this. Ordinary Internet crap, which are many in the topics of networks like "Odnoklassniki" this essay.
  17. +3
    28 February 2013 11: 14
    A strange statement of the question is what displeased the victory of the USSR and therefore displeased that our victory was their defeat.
  18. Ruslan80
    28 February 2013 11: 25
    For those who do not understand: There is another distortion of history, where the victims are exclusively Jews (as one Jew said, but we didn’t fight, like there’s nothing to be kneaded for) The winners of fascism are exclusively west, and the USSR and Germany are two aggressors with a fascist regime facing their foreheads.
  19. +5
    28 February 2013 11: 30
    What can I say ... praise the author for the article? This is trite and I think he does not need. Man wrote the prada. We can say that truth and justice will triumph, it’s worth fighting for, you need to tell this truth to children.
  20. +3
    28 February 2013 12: 33
    Very deep and informative article. Thanks a lot to the author.
    Indeed, the next substitution of the truth experienced by our fathers and grandfathers and washed with their blood is outraged by another lie that is beneficial for the owners of the “independent media” and “generally recognized world authorities of historical science”.
    You read modern historians and it turns out that if the fascists in the course of the war did not include among the peoples and Jews among their victims, then there would be no reason to talk about the crimes of fascism. Then everything would be comme il faut.
    I not only recognize the right of any people to honor their victims, moreover: I believe that they are obliged to do so.
    But at the same time, everyone must also honor the sacrifices of other nations.
    And the Jews act dishonestly: they honor their fallen, and do not consider others to be people.
    I remember how, at one time, the sucker Walesa, who reached the power in Poland, tried to remind the world that the Polish people made the same bloody sacrifice in the war as the Jewish one - 6 million (numbers are not discussing now) and that they must also be honored and how quickly he was gagged.
    And what can 30 say to millions of Soviet people (in Spark in 87 or 88, the editor of which was a Jew Korotich, which means the confidence level is the same, it was published that “Stalin put 50-70 millions of Soviet people in this war”) .
    Such a biased approach in assessing the loss of peoples clearly indicates that the Jews consider only their own people, and the rest of the people - for unclean animals. And this is an extreme form of racism, no better than German fascism.
    Then it turns out that, in all fairness, it is the Jews who do not have the moral right to make claims to the Germans for their racist actions.
    Or they themselves must abandon the racist ideology.
    And to recognize that the genocide that the Nazis staged for the Slavs is an order of magnitude worse than the Holocaust.
  21. zmey
    28 February 2013 12: 47
    That's right here, a comrade wrote on - so many free resources at hand, just export them, but they can’t take them! Aborigines get in the way! It’s almost useless to fight against aborigines. when the weak calmly reach Warsaw, and when the evil to Istanbul or Paris - twisting everyone with such p ... dzuley that Europe pounds in fear for another 20-30 years.
    So gayropeytsy try to put pressure on the psyche !!! - like "you have a bloody story, the rulers are murderers, psychopaths, villains, there is NO science at all, culture is one continuous savagery (where is same-sex love ???) or a faint resemblance of" Western cultures " And they slip in specially selected facts formulated in such a way that the average person goes in horror, and a knowledgeable person does not understand how to distort the facts so ?? !!!
    That's the way they put pressure on US - you are NOBODY and there is NO way to bother you !!!
  22. Alikovo
    28 February 2013 13: 07
    Europe still expresses dissatisfaction with our victory. the West distorts our history by asserting that the main decisive front of World War 2 was in the Pacific and Western Europe. claiming this they are deceiving themselves.
    1. +2
      28 February 2013 13: 48
      And it’s very sad that we have both writers and journalists who turn the facts around, question the role of commanders in the Second World War, present the feat of the people as spontaneity, and not as one unifying force in the struggle against the enslavers and executioners, for the Motherland, for the future .
  23. -1
    28 February 2013 13: 31
    I put a minus article. It is shown that everyone considers us anointed to the Victory over Nazism, but it is not said why? The title does not match the text, unfortunately. I hope the forum will supplement the text.
  24. +4
    28 February 2013 13: 42
    <<< ... that we actually fought not just with Germany, in fact it was a war with all of continental Europe, and it is simply impossible to forgive our victory, the easiest way is to forget it and replace it with something else. >>>
    Yes, it was a real CRUSH of the West, illuminated by the church, against Russia (the USSR in the West has always been perceived as Russia). All industry in Europe worked for Hitler. About 2 million European citizens participated as volunteers in the campaign: Austrians, Czechs and Slovaks, Poles, French, Croats, Jews, Dutch, Belgians, Luxembourgers, Danes, Gypsies, Norwegians, Swedes ... According to some sources, on the side Hitler fought about 200 thousand French! Compare this with the size of the Normandie-Niemen squadron, which fought on our side. Moreover, the French compound fought near Moscow on the Borodino field and, as in 1812, got snot and was defeated. The Vatican, which blessed the campaign against Russia, at the end of the war helped the fascist functionaries to hide from retaliation in Latin America.
    Hence the complete unanimity and consensus of Europe on the reassessment of the role of Russia in World War II. Taking advantage of the power of the Western media, an INFORMATION Crusade was launched against Russia with the aim of minimizing its role in liberating the world from Nazism, denigrating it, putting it on a par with Nazi Germany! Unfortunately, this position finds support in our "advanced intelligentsia", who loves Western gameokratic values ​​and has the most negative impact on our young generation. So Russia is forced to conduct an all-round defense against modern revisionists of history. But our business is RIGHT and WE WILL WIN!
  25. +3
    28 February 2013 14: 19
    our grandfathers fought and won. My grandfather is a winner, whatever one may say
  26. +3
    28 February 2013 14: 47
    Quote: fenix57
    The people of the USSR had little choice: either win or be destroyed.

    The Patriotic War, then the Great Patriotic War, “once, by chance, twice, is suggestive ...” You can draw parallels between these wars, I think they have a lot in common, the only difference is that each time is larger. Particularly intriguing are the patterns in the premises of these warriors, because you can draw these parallels in our time, and how to predict the further development of events, experience is the best remedy for the rake. In the end, analyzing the past, you make the present, you plan the future. And if it is impossible to change the future, even if it is vertically, then you still need to really prepare for it ... Why every time we are put before a choice, we don’t need to choose, it must already be made, "We are peaceful people, but our armored train stands on siding ". As some ancient Chinese said: "You should not hope that the enemy will not come, it is better to hope for what you will meet him."
  27. 0
    2 March 2013 20: 00
    Well, how can you love those you were afraid of, and have been afraid of all your life? We’ll be ... they will continue to do this.
    It is time to divide the population not only by race, but also by culture.