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The new binoculars recognize the identity of a person with 200 meters

The next plan has matured from the US Navy. Now it concerns the development of special binoculars, which will allow to recognize the identity of a person from a distance of up to two hundred meters.

Such an optical device can be created on the basis of the project with the Californian company StereoVision Img. The project concerns the creation of a special 3D wireless human face recognition system. At the same time, the meaning of the project is not even to obtain a relatively accurate image of the faces, but to identify the person with the help of a remote retinal scan of his eye. The test period is defined in 15 months, and during this time the miraculous binoculars, according to experts of the Navy, should acquire the final version of the design.

After the binoculars "see" the image of the retina of a person, he will transmit the picture over the wireless network to identify the target. In addition to the scanning system, binoculars can also be used as an ordinary optical device, which a naval sailor simply needs.

Representatives of the US Navy reported that the new binoculars do not plan to use as an optical sight for a particular type weapons. Although if not planned, it is not entirely clear why the military called an object caught in the field of view of binoculars solely by purpose. Let us leave this fact on the conscience of American sailors.

Today, the technology of remote human recognition by the retina is already available to StereoVision Img. Special sensors allow you to recognize a person at a certain distance, and can be used, for example, for pass control when entering a secret object without a pass mode or special cards. This system, which is called 3DMobileID, successfully recognizes the human retina from a distance not higher than 100 m. For the US military, this distance seemed insufficient, and they set the task of the company to double it.

If such a system is implemented, it is possible that far from only sailors will be able to use it. Experts say that the option of remote recognition of a person’s identity can also be used when accessing special databases, data repositories, etc.
Already today, biometric scanners are used by Americans in Afghanistan. However, for the time being, the work of scanners is connected with the fact that a person for identification is very close to the scanner. If new versions of remote scanners are introduced, this will increase safety on the streets of Afghan (and not only Afghan) cities.
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  1. lechatormosis
    lechatormosis 11 February 2013 09: 37 New
    in conditions of fog, rain, snow, sandstorm, not a damn, this system will not see
    another Wonderwaffle for entertainment
    1. domokl
      domokl 11 February 2013 09: 47 New
      Quote: lehatormoz
      in conditions of fog, rain, snow, sandstorm, not a damn, this system will not see
      And if he sees, then what? By this binoculars you still need a decent enough computer to compare the data ... And the data itself needs to be collected together ...
      and for enemy reconnaissance such binoculars would be best as a source on the quantitative composition of the parts ... lol
      1. crazyrom
        crazyrom 26 February 2013 01: 17 New
        With 200 meters see the retina? What kind of mockery is this? You need a camera in 10 gigapixels. In short, a specific cut.
    2. Fantomac
      Fantomac 11 February 2013 09: 55 New
      In the distant 60s, the Americans invented a pen for one million $ (For astronauts) Russians found the solution "Pencil", which is better?
      1. танк
        танк 11 February 2013 10: 46 New
        It has long been known that this is a myth, because. When writing, the pencil leaves graphite dust, which, in weightlessness, scatters and falls into the most complex equipment, thereby causing a serious malfunction.
        I see no reason to ironically this situation, because. When developing this binocular, it may turn out not "recognizing from 200 meters", but for example, just excellent binoculars with other distinguishing characteristics. I personally do not like such news.
        1. Corsair
          Corsair 11 February 2013 21: 23 New
          And pencils are not all graphite! fellow
      2. Pimply
        Pimply 11 February 2013 14: 49 New
        Are you aware that Space Pen is a highly demanded product? The writing ball is made of tungsten carbide and is very precisely installed to avoid leakage. Inks are thixotropic - solid in the normal state and liquefy when writing; squeezed out with compressed nitrogen at a pressure of about 2,4 atm. A sliding float separates the ink from the compressed gas. It is claimed that with a pen you can write three times more than a regular ballpoint pen (but this is conditional). She can also write at heights of up to 3810 m. The operating temperature range is from −35 to 120 ° C. Service life is 100 years.

        Development cost one million, but investors invested money, not NASA. NASA - and then the USSR (which also bought these pens) they cost 6 bucks apiece.
        1. Papakiko
          Papakiko 11 February 2013 22: 26 New
          You understand business.
          And here you can see, for example, without ento binoculars, the essence of each marine:
          Political correctness is called.
          And in the forehead the "star" is burning wink
    3. ShturmKGB
      ShturmKGB 11 February 2013 10: 43 New
      The US system is aimed at full control of the population, soon they will simply start to snatch people out of the crowd and put them in camps ... model democracy ...
  2. Castor oil
    Castor oil 11 February 2013 09: 37 New
    Although the budget is pre-crisis, it is still rather big, so they are "sawing" while there is something to cut. It would also be necessary, based on the expanded needs of the Pentagon, to design "foreskin scanners" for public toilets - to distinguish Arabs from "non-Arabs" wink
  3. Reindeer herder
    Reindeer herder 11 February 2013 09: 38 New
    Another small step in total personality control. It is in the spirit of Western democracy
    1. Uncle Serozha
      Uncle Serozha 11 February 2013 09: 53 New
      Quote: Reindeer Herder
      Another small step in total personality control. It is in the spirit of Western democracy

      So it seemed to me. Perhaps this development is carried out on the budget of the Navy, so as not to arouse suspicion and not disturb public opinion. But the real customer may well be the police - if they are really preparing for the riots, such a thing would allow a good evidence base for the participants in the demonstrations.
  4. older
    older 11 February 2013 09: 38 New
    The Americans are burning ... I wonder what kind of bioscanning binoculars are needed? Suppose that identification has occurred, and then what? We need a supercomputer for reconciling data, data about all the fighters in the area ...
    In my opinion, this is a portable bioscanner, nothing more ...
  5. Kolyan 2
    Kolyan 2 11 February 2013 10: 05 New
    Another mess with the mattresses. fool
  6. Krsk
    Krsk 11 February 2013 10: 09 New
    Give the US Navy APPLE 5 with a vertical take-off. Crap is complete, well, but cool ...
  7. Svarog
    Svarog 11 February 2013 10: 09 New
    These developments will be needed not for binoculars, but for security cameras at infrastructure facilities (train stations, airports). In order for common people to raise the noise ahead of time, while they spent it as "binoculars for sailors" - it will be possible to explain why such difficult operating conditions (mainly fog, high humidity, direct water hit).
    There is no need for a calculator for each "binocular" - information will be transmitted to the "center" via wireless / wire communication, processed and responded there.
  8. Apollo
    Apollo 11 February 2013 10: 12 New
    I think this is a bluff or not, but you still need to pay attention. Actually, in modern wars you can’t go far on patriotism alone. I think that all the latest developments in the USA are monitored by special services not only in China but also in Russia, and this is quite normal. only secrets of a political and economic nature, secrets in the field of the latest achievements of science and technology are also important. Because everything is interconnected.
  9. IRBIS
    IRBIS 11 February 2013 10: 26 New
    Interestingly, and what the hell to naval sailors such a system? Who are they going to look at? Whom to seek out and whose personalities to define? Most likely, the "office" covered its order in this way. This system is just right for them. In addition to other systems of control over "democracy" at home, and not only.
  10. military
    military 11 February 2013 10: 28 New
    hi I didn’t want to interfere in the patriotic dialogue, but ... I personally like the idea itself, even if its priority belongs to the enemy ...
    scanned, dumped data over a secure wireless network to a powerful remote server, received an identification result ... and the question "hu out of hu?"
    and, for some reason, it seems that if the authorship of such a development were not positioned by the amers, but by the domestic defense industry, now most of the praise would be seen here ... request
    not so stupid, these amers ... and to believe that their defense industry is not capable of anything - at least naive ...
    Quote: older
    In my opinion, this is a portable bioscanner, nothing more ... Need a supercomputer to verify data ...

    right ... only remote ... at 200 m ... and I don't think our security officials would refuse such "binoculars" ... only, so far no one has offered it to them ... but it's a pity ...
    with regard to the "supercomp" - for them it is just not a problem ... just as not a question and the creation of a closed wireless network ... drinks
  11. leon-iv
    leon-iv 11 February 2013 11: 16 New
    Selling a false nose and mustache.
    1. military
      military 11 February 2013 11: 28 New
      Quote: leon-iv
      Selling a false nose and mustache.

      complete with contact lenses and polarized chameleon glasses ... drinks
  12. vilenich
    vilenich 11 February 2013 11: 17 New
    I see a system that is really useful for internal use, but how to use it for military purposes, and even at sea, is a question. Apparently, the order of special services was really funded from the sea budget.
  13. Slevinst
    Slevinst 11 February 2013 11: 21 New
    all this is certainly cool, but only under ideal conditions, if you use it for military operations, it’s most likely created for tracking your own, I can’t imagine a marine in ambush sitting two hundred meters away and there the terrorists are sitting in a heap or squatting, but you need to understand which of them is Benlad, with beards is all on one face, looks at one scan recognition. Barak Huseynovich, on the second Hussein Barakovich, on the third here he is bin Laden, and then the UAV message and a strike is made, in principle a useful thing
  14. anchonsha
    anchonsha 11 February 2013 11: 29 New
    Nothing is being done in the USA just like that, just as Obama in the latest news calls on Russia to reduce its nuclear warheads, which is dangerous for Russia itself. Amers have created a lot of other weapons with mass destruction of the population, as well as high-precision weapons.
    1. leon-iv
      leon-iv 11 February 2013 11: 38 New
      and what further our technically send them.
      And about this face recognition face recognition
      1 Have a data center tier2 in the database area
      2 Steady channel from binoculars to the data center
      3 Resource binoculars for energy consumption.
  15. simbirzit
    simbirzit 11 February 2013 11: 55 New
    in the sight of a sniper rifle, any face is clearly visible ...
  16. Averias
    Averias 11 February 2013 12: 13 New
    To pound, kill me with a globe. And why should sailors? There the distances are a little different, what is 200 meters for a large ship, if the enemy ship approached you 200 meters, your business is seams.
    Or such an idea was inspired by the incident that occurred at the congress of veterans of the United States Navy - when in an advertising and patriotic video, Russian ships were shown flying the American flag.
    Apparently after such an embarrassment, they decided to look through such binoculars, the Russian face runs around the deck, or whoever else. That's a joke so funny.
  17. Region65
    Region65 11 February 2013 12: 30 New
    pin to the station will finish playing with your gadgets))))) and devices :))) all in spillikins of games :) oh, their technology a la "Star Wars" .... stealth turned out to be not stealth at all, cool drones with an enviable " precision "they hammer at the allied troops, civilians and so on, precision weapons hit with an error of tens of kilometers, hammer at each other, now they want to introduce preventive executions :) what will happen with these binoculars? I understand with us in the old fashioned way and everything is reliable "wait, who is coming?" "your own with a bottle" your pass, a bottle - stop :))))))
  18. Nevsky
    Nevsky 11 February 2013 21: 32 New
    The usual disguised total control over citizens. Or why in the law on new biometric passports, there is a 3D scan of the face, and in other countries of the retina ?! In 7-10 years, we will all be crocheted. what
  19. Gonoriy
    Gonoriy 14 February 2016 12: 48 New
    An interesting little thing. In any case, it will complicate the life of terrorists, and this is good for everyone.