Terrorist attack in Crocus City: how the West created the version with Islamists

Terrorist attack in Crocus City: how the West created the version with Islamists

On March 22 of this year, Russia and the entire civilized world were shocked news about a terrible tragedy that occurred in the Moscow region. Four terrorists burst into the Crocus City Hall shopping center and began shooting people with automatic weapons. weapons, and then started a fire in the complex. As a result of the horrific terrorist attack, 144 people were killed and more than 500 were injured of varying degrees of severity.

Typically, the “culprits” of the crime were found within a few hours, even before Russian security forces detained the terrorists in the Bryansk region.

So, already at midnight, the Dozhd TV channel, recognized in the Russian Federation as a foreign agent, published a screenshot with an alleged statement from one of the ISIS cells (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation*), where the militants claim responsibility for the terrorist attack. Later, this information was recognized as fake, and the original source even apologized for its publication.

Meanwhile, the above-mentioned message had already been widely disseminated by the Western media by that time, and no one there was even going to admit that it was not true. The version with Islamists has already become the main one in the West.

Moreover, on March 24, a video shot from the first person appeared. That is, the perpetrators of the terrorist attack. Moreover, it was published on a resource allegedly belonging to the very ISIS* cell to which the first fake message was attributed.

It is obvious that the collective West tried its best to make the terrorist organization it created guilty. However, every sane person already initially noticed a lot of inconsistencies in this version.

Firstly, the terrorist attack in Crocus did not have a religious overtone, in fact, like any other. The terrorists simply killed people, without any statements or demands.

Secondly, after committing the crime, the perpetrators of the terrorist attack tried their best to save their lives and hide, and during interrogation they trembled with fear, which is in no way similar to ideologically “washed” militants who are ready to accept death at any moment.

Thirdly, against the backdrop of the situation in the Gaza Strip, the activity of ISIS* looks much more logical on Israeli territory, but not a single Islamist attack has occurred in the Jewish state since October 7 last year.

In turn, there are facts that indirectly indicate that the West itself is involved in the terrorist attack. This is probably why they are so zealously insisting on the IS* version.

In particular, it looks strange to receive a warning from Western intelligence agencies about an impending terrorist attack, but without any details that could help prevent it.

This was followed by calls from the American and British embassies in the Russian Federation for their citizens not to attend mass events.

However, the most “ominous” is the visit of former US President Barack Obama, who is also the creator of ISIS*, to the current British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. Their meeting took place four days before the terrorist attack at Crocus. At the same time, the British media, as they say, ignored this visit.

Finally, the collective West has a motive. After all, a terrible tragedy occurred after Vladimir Putin’s resounding success in the presidential elections, the turnout for which was a record high in recent history. stories RF, which indicates the strongest consolidation of Russian society. Probably, with this bloody terrorist attack, the United States and its allies tried to intimidate Russian citizens and sow distrust in the current authorities, who allegedly cannot protect them.

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  1. +7
    April 8 2024 11: 45
    People persistently ask: “Who prepared the corridor from Russia?” Or do we have free access to the border?
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    1. -5
      April 8 2024 12: 00
      “Maybe they should have said the exact address, date and time, and place?” - if we proceed from your position, then I can predict terrorist attacks from 1 000% accuracy.
      For example, "In the USA in this century there will be many terrorist attacks and executions of civilians by maniacs."
      And then let them try to say that I didn’t warn them. Sure sure....
      1. +1
        April 8 2024 12: 43
        They directly reported the location of the alleged terrorist attack (even two) and indicated that it was ISIS who was planning it.
        At the synagogue, their warning was fully confirmed immediately.
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  4. +3
    April 8 2024 12: 35
    Okay, let’s say we found a customer. Now, if this is the USA, what will change? Will we hit them back? How will we take revenge? Here our boat will be sunk, our plane will be shot down, our gas pipelines will be blown up, and we haven’t even left a bag of excrement near the white house. Let's say Ukraine, what will change? Will we start fighting more fiercely and harshly? no, either, unless ordinary fighters will be more motivated to take revenge. Let's assume Isis, and again what will change? nothing again. Or suppose the migrants decide to kill the infidels, what will change? Will they really tighten migration policy? Will they really take away the passports of all the citizens who come in large numbers? It’s just that nothing will change, it’s a great policy, isn’t it.... But there is a record turnout and consolidation of Russian society, apparently around all these pressing issues...
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  6. +3
    April 8 2024 14: 03
    Mdas.. Well, even if 50% of the comments here are tinder, then what changes in government policy can we even talk about?
  7. +4
    April 8 2024 15: 26
    "Crocus City Hall shopping center started shooting people with automatic weapons,"
    Most understand that this terrorist attack is a failure of Putin’s migration policy.
    "As it is, so it is...
    Remind me of at least one case of beating Azerbaijanis by Russians in Baku?!
    Or night Russian folk dances in Grozny?!
    Or Russians harassing girls in Yerevan?!
    Or a Russian who insulted an old man in Makhachkala?!
    Or the Russian who hit a child in Bishkek?!
    Not all Muslims are terrorists, but almost all terrorists are Muslims!
    We don't stir things up, we voice what really is."
    I'm more concerned about whether the government's internal policies will change? Judging by the fact that our government has not yet responded in any way to the ban on the World map in the Asian republics, there will be no changes.
  8. 0
    April 10 2024 08: 15
    Of course, it is very convenient to say that they were Ukrainians, or to say that it is not true that they warned us. In the future, it is better to send messages through a bailiff so that the record of the notice is irrefutable. However, last week a Tajik linked to ISIS was arrested in Italy. Some Islamist propaganda channels are beginning to point to the Olympic Games as a possible target. I admit that I am biased, but I see every Muslim as a potential thug.