Volumetric explosion ammunition: the most dangerous weapon after nuclear

Volumetric explosion ammunition: the most dangerous weapon after nuclear

Volumetric explosion ammunition or thermobaric ammunition is called one of the most terrible types of weapons. According to some data, the volumetric explosion of the corresponding large-caliber ammunition is comparable in power to an ultra-small tactical nuclear weapons.

There are two subtypes of volumetric explosion ammunition: single-stroke and two-stroke. It is worth noting that the latter has much greater power per unit mass.

What is characteristic is that historically it was two-stroke volumetric detonating ammunition that appeared first. They remain the most common today.

The above-mentioned ammunition consists of a fuel tank, an explosive tube placed in its center, a fuse, a braking parachute and incendiary tablets. C4 plastid or a mixture of TNT and hexogen are often used as explosives.

The essence of how such ammunition works is that after being dropped at a certain altitude, the braking parachute opens. Then the fuse in the central tube is triggered, which leads to the destruction of the fuel tank and spraying of fuel.

At the same time, so-called tablets are thrown out, which also have their own detonator, which is triggered 1-2 seconds after the fuel has been sprayed, which has already turned into a cloud.

The ignition of the above-mentioned cloud is the vacuum explosion.

The damaging factors of such an explosion are the shock wave, which, as in nuclear weapons, first moves in different directions from the center and then returns back, and the temperature reaching 2000 degrees Celsius at the epicenter.

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  1. -4
    April 2 2024 15: 44
    As a destructive weapon, it is obvious that it is effective. But logically this is stupid! Therefore, any achievement in controlling higher energy density and at least understanding what it is will lead to more effective, but no longer destructive technologies.
    1. 0
      April 4 2024 12: 44
      Be easier.
      Whatever a person discovers, he will definitely make a weapon out of it.
      And with every decade, weapons become more and more effective.
      But I didn’t understand your logic about stupid logic.
      No one will drop powerful ammunition on a small target.
      Big bomb - big targets. Fortified area, strategic node. Yes, at least clear the minefield, where the “Serpent Gorynych” cannot approach.
  2. 0
    April 2 2024 15: 44
    The thing is, of course, creepy...
    and yes, what is this - “ultra-small tactical nuclear”?
    1. +2
      April 4 2024 05: 40
      Ultra-small tactical nuclear weapons are air bombs, torpedoes, artillery shells, mines with a yield of 50 kt or less
  3. +3
    April 2 2024 15: 56
    Shit video, I've never heard a dumber description of the process in my life
    The design of such a device according to its design
  4. 0
    April 2 2024 22: 05
    I've had enough of pleasing the idiots
  5. -1
    April 3 2024 18: 46
    Where are these bombs with us, why are they not used in the Northern Military District? They told us so much and even showed us the work of one of them. Or is there simply nothing to deliver them to enemy territory due to its unsuppressed air defense? I'm not talking about the sunshine and ODAB. I'm talking about the 11 ton Tsar bomb.
    1. 0
      April 4 2024 00: 15
      Quote: wladimirjankov
      Where are these bombs with us, why are they not used in the Northern Military District?

      If you believe the Western media, they do.