Europe is trying to intimidate Russia while the US is busy with its own problems

Europe is trying to intimidate Russia while the US is busy with its own problems

Today I decided to touch on a topic that is probably of interest to everyone, judging by your questions. The topic is truly serious, even scary, simply because it concerns us all. Every single one of them, from old people to babies. The question in different versions, from veiled to direct, is heard in many comments. What will happen when the West realizes that the war in Ukraine is lost?

Indeed, what is happening today in the military and political leadership of Europe? What's going on inside NATO? How does the alliance plan to celebrate its anniversary? Let me remind you that NATO will soon celebrate its 75th anniversary. Everyone understands perfectly well that such a significant age for the military bloc could not just pass by.

From a defensive alliance, taking into account the power of the Department of Internal Affairs, the alliance has long turned into an aggressive one, changing many of the initially accepted principles. The transformation is evident. We have already seen numerous military conflicts where NATO countries took part as aggressors. And the geography has changed quite a lot.

The success of operations in third countries instilled in the heads of the bloc's leaders the idea of ​​their omnipotence. Alas, our actions in the Northern Military District zone also contributed to the strengthening of such thoughts in hot Western heads. “The Russians are humane and will not act like the Israelis in Gaza”...

I have written repeatedly that in recent decades the fear of war has disappeared in the world. No, where military operations are currently or recently taking place, there is such an understanding, but in well-fed Europe, as in the United States, today real war has become an analogue of computer games. Sit in front of the screen and watch how people and equipment move across the screen...

Another fact looks even worse. The world has stopped fearing nuclear war! Moreover, there is no logic in the appearance of recklessness on the issue of nuclear war. If you put together what people say about the impossibility of nuclear war, it turns out to be complete nonsense.

“We can do anything! The Russians understand everything perfectly and will not respond with a nuclear strike weapons. For Russians, even war should be humane. Therefore, in order to defeat Russia today, it is enough to strike with such force that the Russian army does not have time to react. Take Moscow in three days – and that’s it, Russia will begin to fall apart on its own”...

Doesn't remind you of anything? This is a hybrid of the thoughts of one brilliant French fool who managed to take Moscow before losing the empire, and another German fool who dreamed of a blitzkrieg, but brought grief to his people for many decades, defeat instead of a quick victory. Europeans are unteachable! Most people have a memory like a fish. Ten minutes passed, and the fish forgot about the hook from which it had just fallen...

Why is Europe not afraid of war with Russia?

Really, why? It is clear to everyone that this is happening. And European politicians say this directly. All these decisions about the militarization of the economy are nothing more than preparation for a big war. Leave the tales about the need for help to Ukraine for the Ukrainians.

They believe that their army, without Western supplies, will be able to hold the front for years. We understand that the SVO cannot last forever. Ukrainians do not have the very 5-10 years that are necessary to transfer Western industry to a war footing. For the modern Ukrainian regime, such a distant future simply does not exist...

Those who lived in the USSR remember how military conflicts developed at that time. NATO and the Warsaw Division, when such a conflict arose or even threatened, almost instantly contacted at the highest level and began negotiations and consultations, trying to prevent the conflict from growing and the nuclear powers, primarily the USA and the USSR, being drawn into it.

What are we seeing now? Russia is crushing the Zelensky regime. Neither the US nor the West as a whole is doing anything to resolve the situation. On the contrary, Brussels and Washington are putting pressure on Kyiv, forcing them to continue the war “until the last Ukrainian.” At the same time, we see how, with the help of the United States, Israel is destroying another people, the Palestinians. Here Moscow can no longer do anything to stop this massacre...

In addition, we have to return to nuclear weapons again. Look at the primary sources of speeches by presidents, prime ministers and high-ranking officials of the leading nuclear powers - each of them talks about unconditional victory over the enemy in the event of a nuclear war. Not about the destruction of humanity, but about victory! Okay Americans. Distances, a large area and the power of their own nuclear forces allow them to hope for some result. And the French? What about the British and others?

In principle, I understand the logic of European politicians regarding the war with Russia. In Soviet times, Europe understood that if the threat of war arose, hostilities would instantly engulf the entire continent. The border of NATO and the Warsaw Division corresponded to the border of the Federal Republic of Germany and the GDR. And the Germans understood perfectly well that they would be the first victims. But the French, Spaniards, Portuguese, and Italians will not “stay aside.”

Now the “most aggressive” ones will be the first to be dealt with. Those who were previously under the umbrella of the Department of Internal Affairs. Poles, Balts, Romanians and other Eastern Europeans. I don't feel sorry for them. While the point is, while the Russian army will wipe these states off the face of the earth, Europeans hope for the end of the war. To that same blitzkrieg.

Only the missile defense system, and even the air defense system, as it turned out after the attack on Kyiv, will not be able to destroy all of Russia’s missiles. And President Putin has repeatedly warned that attacks will be carried out on decision-making centers. That is, distances today play only a conditional role as defenders. Paris, Berlin, Brussels and other Western capitals will be destroyed even before the destruction of Warsaw or Tallinn...

I am also very amazed by the fact that despite the successes Russia demonstrates in the economy and in military affairs, Europe and the United States still consider us the Russia they saw in the 90s of the last century. No, I understand that this attitude is largely formed by our former citizens who fled then and already know practically nothing about modern Russia. They act as experts in the West.

Perhaps, let me emphasize, perhaps this is another reason why the West considers it possible to threaten Moscow. We are a “regional power” that will never dare to respond to NATO aggression. At least in conversations with citizens of European countries, not specialists, but with ordinary people, I often notice this. People simply cannot believe what they see on the Internet. The most common opinion is “this is Moscow (St. Petersburg), this is not Russia.”

Hence the reluctance to recognize the right to influence European politics. Hence the ignoring of all the warnings expressed by various Russian officials and deputies. I remember the reaction to President Putin’s “Munich speech” in 2007. I remember the West's reaction to the Russian president's statement in December 2021. Zero. We listened and forgot...

We, according to the established opinion in the West, are the losers of the war. Not the Second World War, but the “cold” one... We must kneel and listen to the orders of the new master. Perhaps this is why they began to support Ukraine. Do the Russians, defeated in the Cold War, dare to do anything without permission? This means they need to be punished again.

And the French president dared to open his mouth and threaten Moscow for the same reason. Europe lives with a “lag” of 20-25 years from reality. That’s why Macron was surprised when even the most aggressive politicians did not support him. How so? Russia does not have the right to self-defense. The power of NATO is so superior to the Russians that... Next, again, is a synthesis of the ideas of Napoleon and Hitler, with which I began this material.

Today, the West, and especially Europe, has not yet grasped the fact that its role in world politics is no longer as important as it used to be. The United States has perfectly worked out the option of destroying competitors with the help of third countries. Europeans already understand that without cheap Russian resources, the economies of their countries are dying. So there are only two options for European leaders. And both are losers.

The first is to go against your master and ignore Washington’s demands to sever all relations with Russia. I think it’s clear what this will mean for Europe. Economic, political and military leverage is now in the hands of the Americans. So, overthrowing any European government, replacing any president or prime minister with one loyal to the United States is not a problem at all.

The second way is a war with Russia. Without the participation of the United States, this is obviously a lost cause. The Americans have never spoken directly, like the Europeans, about their desire to participate in the intervention in Russia. It’s just that people in Washington understand how harmful this idea is. So, in the event of an escalation, Europe, with almost 100 percent probability, will receive a slap in the face.

How do the Europeans want to defeat us?

Very briefly about the plans of European leaders to conquer Russia. It is clear that such plans exist. And we know about it. Moreover, the European “long tongues” are throwing some parts of the agreements into the press for their own PR. Then it's a matter of technology. Synthesis, analysis - and a more or less accurate picture of what is happening is ready. If you check the conclusions through other channels, then everything falls into place.

Women from politics are especially “good” in the role of Russian intelligence officers. We all remember these women, even when they were kicked out of work. But they leave the deepest mark on our hearts. Remember the Americans Jennifer Psaki, Victoria Nuland, Condoleezza Rice, Hilary Clinton?

And the European ladies... Remember the British Liz Truss, the Danish Matt Frederiksen, the German Ursula von der Leyen, Natalia Gavrilitsa and Maia Sandu from Moldova?.. A list of those women who “create history Europe and America" ​​is great. But now we are only interested in one lady. This is the former head of the political planning department of the French Ministry of Defense, Karina Stacchetti.

“In the modern world there are no limited conflicts. A big war has already been unleashed, and this concerns not only Ukraine. We (Europeans) are all involved in the conflict."

How do you like the recognition? The men mumble something, and the “iron ladies” cut the truth right in the eyes. Europe is already at war with Russia – period! Europe is involved... By whom? Russia? Or did you get in yourself? Karina Stacketti gave an interesting interview to the Ukrlife information channel. That's where the quotes come from.

Let's continue. The question of opening a second front with NATO troops did not bother her at all. One feels that she is aware of the plans being discussed in Europe.

“At the moment we cannot rule out this scenario. No one in Europe can allow Russia to defeat Ukraine; the opening of a second front is real and inevitable.”

What follows is less interesting simply because all this has been known for a long time. Something like “we will start, and then Russia will fall apart into small pieces.” But how will they kill us? Karina gives an answer to this question as well. But it looks somehow strange. Europe and the United States will fight “from afar.” They will muddy the waters inside Russia, take advantage of some mistakes and blunders of our authorities, while they will not get under Russian shells and missiles.

“...different scenarios will be applied, we must carefully monitor the internal situation [in the country]. Russia is exhausted, I’m not sure that new people can be mobilized, I’m not sure that the people of Russia want a long war...”

I won't even argue. There is no person in Russia who would like a long, let alone large-scale war. But the other part of the statement speaks of complete ignorance of the Russian mentality. Russia has always been distinguished by the fact that in the event of a major war it sent well-motivated people to the front.

Even during periods of military crises, such as the defense of Leningrad, Moscow, Sevastopol, Voronezh and other cities, they went into battle at the call of their hearts. We remember the militia, we remember the partisans. Mobilization, even partial, will naturally cause some tension in society. But it’s stupid to talk about unrest - the past elections showed the mood of Russians.

It seems to me that the West today has set the task of its military to rattle weapons in order to intimidate Moscow. All these exercises, troop transfers, etc. are just a chain of events designed to solve this problem. We must recognize NATO's strength and our weakness.

Instead of ending

They have been trying to intimidate us for a long time. Remember how the Ukrainians called our army to Ukraine? “Come, we are waiting for you...” Well, they came, so what? Where are the waiters? Why, instead of calls to “come”, you hear the traditional “what are we for?”

I remember how recently NATO announced the largest exercise in its history. I then read so many opinions about how scared we would be of these teachings. How a formidable alliance will silence not only the Russian, but also the Belarusian army. So what's the result? Yesterday Poland suspended exercises due to the death of a fifth soldier. Fifth! No war, no enemy.

Moreover, the exercise command issued an order prohibiting the use of any explosive materials and military ammunition during the exercises. Now NATO soldiers and officers will fight only on maps and in classrooms. Otherwise they will run over each other or shoot each other... And these “supermen” will intimidate our fighters? Will they “dominate the European theater of operations”?

Well, one more touch in favor of the poor. All the mucking about in Europe is possible only until the elections in the United States are over. Now the United States has let go of the reins a little and is solving its own problems. But whoever becomes the next President of the United States, Europe will instantly tighten the collar so that all stupid thoughts will immediately disappear. Every cricket knows its nest.

Well, one last thing. They literally just sent me a post from one of the commanders of the Russian Navy ships. It concerns athletes who “cry” because they will not go to the Olympics. But this post is interesting to me in the sense of the opportunity to intimidate a Russian fighter. I think such a commander has a team to match:

“You never know who has been preparing for something all their life?

For example, all my life I have been preparing and dreaming of launching a torpedo attack on an American submarine, bombarding it with jet depth charges, seeing how hundreds of tons of water are thrown into the air by the force of explosions, how debris, papers, clothes float to the surface of the sea, and oil stains spread out. - that’s it, she’s gone!

I still dream about this at night too!

Why am I worse than these athletes?

Then give us, ship commanders, once every 4 years the opportunity to shoot at an American, well, to hell with it, an English submarine! Moreover, we, the commanders, would certainly do this not anonymously, but under the St. Andrew’s flag!

And what can we say about the Strategic Missile Forces officers who wait their whole lives for the opportunity to press a button?”

As Maestro said in the movie: “You’ll intimidate someone like that...”.
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  1. +13
    April 2 2024 04: 06
    Trump is a genius, he threatened countries that do not exceed the appropriate military spending threshold that the US will not protect them. Some countries immediately began discussing increased spending. And where will the purchases be made? Of course, from American weapons manufacturers. With one speech, he led the clients into the armory lobby behind him. Watch and find out how they deal with scammers from Europe.
    1. +16
      April 2 2024 05: 51
      I believe that at the moment, if Russia finally takes off its white gloves and begins to fight with the outskirts according to the rules of war, and not its own, and defeats the enemy on the battlefield, no NATO will send troops to the former Ukraine, well, maybe only to Galicia to create a buffer between with us and this will all end. Next, “Iron Curtain 2” will be installed for many years to come. NATO is now completely disunited and the bulk of its members are clearly not eager to burn in the fire of war. The United States is now focused on the Pacific Ocean region and the confrontation with China, and without them, NATO is absolutely incapable of combat. So put aside panic. Victory over the outskirts will be ours!
      1. +13
        April 2 2024 07: 15
        if Russia finally takes off its white gloves
        Do not confuse the country and the Kremlin celestials. Their interests are different.
        1. +5
          April 2 2024 07: 27
          I have always separated Gardamir from the deep Russian people, the “Kremlin celestials”, and I hope that if there is a betrayal of the interests of Russia, any rulers who betrayed its interests will be overthrown by the army and the people!
          1. +17
            April 2 2024 07: 42
            if there is a betrayal of Russian interests

            Excuse me, but what has happened to us over the last 30 years?
            1. +4
              April 2 2024 08: 02
              All bad things tend to end in difficult times.
              1. +9
                April 2 2024 08: 07
                Well, yes... This is only if those who have done bad things have realized their mistakes and are sincerely trying to correct them. Are you sure that this is exactly the case in relation to our ruling class, that is, the big bourgeoisie? As for me, it doesn’t look very similar.. Her goals remain the same - be it a carcass or a scarecrow - but to become a full-fledged part of the Western elite. And as soon as they give it to her, she won’t give a damn about Russia and its interests..

                And looking at the activities of, for example, our type of economic bloc - somehow the onset of all good things is not obvious...
              2. +10
                April 2 2024 08: 42
                Go to Forbes. Kremlin-backed oligarchs have significantly increased their assets. Unlike the people, they are in no hurry to list a small percentage in three letters.
              3. +2
                April 2 2024 18: 47
                One of Murphy's Laws says: "Everything that starts well ends badly. Everything that starts bad ends even worse." And in our history, “in difficult times,” bad things ended only when those “at the top” demonstrated an iron will to quickly overcome this bad thing, which, unfortunately, is not the case now.
              4. +1
                April 3 2024 05: 14
                Quote: vasyliy1
                All bad things tend to end in difficult times.

                It ends differently... Sometimes - 1905 and 1917 for example...
            2. +8
              April 2 2024 12: 27
              if there is a betrayal of Russian interests
              It always amused me when authors claim that everyone will stand up for the interests of the Russian Federation, especially those who betrayed the USSR. The USSR was betrayed for the sake of “a barrel of jam and a basket of Western cookies.” Do you think they won’t betray you again?! They will betray you. It’s just that the West hasn’t offered that price yet. Or maybe he won’t offer it, all their kids are there, it’s enough to take them as amanats.
          2. +6
            April 2 2024 18: 18
            Dear vasilyi1!
            Apparently, you forgot how the tankers of the court Kantemirov tank division shot at the White House. At the request of EBN. And this shameful division has not yet been disbanded... Then, it turns out, the army betrayed the interests of the people.
            1. -2
              April 3 2024 17: 32
              Who else would have wanted her to do this?

              EBN was the president. That is, the supreme commander in chief. To disobey him would be rebellion.
        2. +4
          April 2 2024 16: 05
          In fact, in Europe they are counting on the fact that in Russia the people and the authorities are separate. You confirm their assumptions sad

          The bourgeoisie doesn’t care at all thanks to which part of the population in Russia the flame will flare up from a spark, whether it will be the fifth column, or cheers to the patriots, the main thing for them is that it flares up! bully

          As for a NATO invasion of Russia, this will not happen, it could easily end with a nuclear attack on France, England and Germany, and the Poles also understand that they will get it with special love laughing

          A foreign contingent in Ukraine is possible if there is a possibility of prolonging the conflict and aggravating the social situation in Russia. And our task is either to end the war before NATO is ready to send troops to 404, or to deprive the sense of sending troops! While we are trying to scare them with nuclear forces, NATO understands that this is a bluff feel
          They are clearly now trying to calculate the consequences for themselves (the reaction of the population to losses), the method of using their forces and how much the escalation will increase and at what threshold it should stop. I am sure that NATO aviation will begin to operate from its airfields and we will begin to strike at them, this will not lead to the Third World War, NATO will simply reassure its population and will block the air defense of its airfields. But we will have to fight in the air of Ukraine as adults and against a very strong opponent.

          And here the question is, how will Putin react to such a step by NATO? Will it start a nuclear war? Will he start firing hypersonic missiles deep into enemy territory at Paris? Or launch Geraniums at power plants?

          I think NATO strongly doubts this! the whole question is that they can increase the level of escalation without resorting to nuclear weapons, and we are able to win at the next round of escalation? And do we still have the opportunity to raise the level of escalation to a level that is not acceptable for NATO, but without leading to a nuclear war? belay
          1. +2
            April 2 2024 20: 47
            Quote: Eroma
            fire deep into enemy territory with hypersonic missiles at Paris?

            It's better to go straight to London.
            Or simply cover England with chalk and wash away with a tidal wave to basalt. As a demonstration of the seriousness of intentions, of course.
            If they don’t understand, then Paris is possible.
  2. +25
    April 2 2024 05: 14
    Good article, I don’t even know how to comment on it so as not to deserve the article myself. But the box with the victory champagne was again pulled out from under the table, the air already smells of victory and seems to be some kind of psychotropic substances. Well, I won’t say anything about economic successes, everyone already knows everything about military successes, the war has not yet been won, and the enemy is desperately resisting, but when you compare Avdeevka and, for example, Kharkov on the map, you realize that we haven’t started yet. About fear, you know, before they were really afraid of us, even without nuclear weapons, it’s just that the first years of the operation showed creative collaboration, with ingenious tactical decisions, turning our heroic soldiers into whipping boys at some point, I’m already silent about the impossibility of giving up showing off and eternal constructions. Yes, the article is patriotic, and that’s great, but you need to work on your mistakes, and not produce hats to throw at your enemies. There is no need to underestimate your opponents, you need to learn, even when you know how and are not afraid to go to an American submarine, but you can lose an entire ship from a cheap radio-controlled toy....
    1. +16
      April 2 2024 06: 29
      Is Russia crushing the Zelensky regime? Staver, isn’t it funny yourself? Which of these suffered in Kyiv? And in general, before the defeat, it was like before Beijing on all fours.
    2. -3
      April 2 2024 08: 26
      Quote from turembo
      Good article, I don’t even know how to comment on it

      There is not a word in the article about Africa, Taiwan....
      Quote from turembo
      but when you compare Avdeevka and, for example, Kharkov on the map,
      Are we really fighting for territory? Do you remember Mannerheim’s line? when we took it, the puppet government of Otto Kuusinen arose in Finland and the Baltic republics became Soviet without war?
      And lastly, despite the convincing victory in the Finnish War, the Great Patriotic War still struck!! so what's the rush now?
  3. +21
    April 2 2024 05: 52
    The article gives the impression that yesterday they liberated Kharkov, Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk, returned Kherson, reached Odessa, a people's republic was proclaimed in Chernigov, and Zelensky's government moved to Vinnitsa..
  4. +2
    April 2 2024 06: 14
    Just don’t remember the Soviet Union. Where on every corner there were slogans “We are for Peace”. Now for this they will be classified as pacifists. Still on the Eve. But from neither side are there any words for any agreements. It seems that someone at the top wants to give a big beating to humanity. After which humanity will calm down for many decades. First, lower consciousness to omeba. And then you can do everything, without the levers of self-rescue.
    1. +13
      April 2 2024 06: 28
      Now for this they will be classified as pacifists.
      No, to extremists...
    2. +12
      April 2 2024 06: 31
      What pacifists? To the enemies of our beautiful state, under the control of a wise leader...
    3. +4
      April 2 2024 08: 47
      Yes. But they also remembered about the “armored train standing on the siding.” And for “bukh galters in power” optimization is more important than three letters.
    4. +1
      April 2 2024 19: 30
      Quote: Nikolay Malyugin
      Just don’t remember the Soviet Union. Where there were slogans “We are for Peace” on every corner.

      I remembered an old joke about this.
      - Yes, we will fight for peace so much so that not even one stone will be left unturned!
      And what is characteristic is that it was so! It is worth remembering the Triple (England, France, Israel) aggression against Egypt (1956). Then the Kremlin decisively declared that if the aggression does not stop, then we will send our volunteers and take the most decisive measures to establish peace in the BV. A day later, the fighting was stopped, and three days later (!) a peace treaty was signed.
  5. +4
    April 2 2024 06: 14
    Aleksandr cited remarkable testimonials from the commander of a Russian Navy ship at the end of the article. good I will re-read it more than once.
    1. +21
      April 2 2024 06: 38
      These wonderful words were said by a Soviet Officer. By the way, about forty years ago I spoke with one senior pilot of strategic aviation. So he said this - we are trained and prepared often for one real combat mission. And I don’t have a shadow of a doubt, my hand will not tremble. But these were Other People from Another State.
      1. +5
        April 2 2024 09: 29
        So he stated this - we are trained and prepared often for one real combat mission.

        That’s what the officer said, but now you look into our body and see only random people in military uniform
      2. +2
        April 2 2024 18: 29
        Unfortunately, I didn’t check the comment when I wrote it, I was in a hurry to get to work. Of course I wanted to write Great words.
        Here it is ---- the tablet's enemy artificial intelligence in action. It often spoils things, not only for me, but for others as well. But what I have here is perhaps the most vile. And this is an example and edification! Thanks for answering and I saw it.
        This was the Soviet Army! I really hope that the best qualities of the Soviet people are still preserved, no matter how the enemies of Russia and the USSR fight them today
  6. +11
    April 2 2024 06: 29
    They have been trying to intimidate us for a long time. Remember how the Ukrainians called our army to Ukraine? “Come, we are waiting for you...” Well, they came, so what? Where are the waiters? Why, instead of calls to “come”, you hear the traditional “what are we for?

    No, we remember something else - “they will greet you with flowers” ​​and “Kyiv in three days.” The respected author again took up throwing hats at enemies, he always did it well (in the virtual world). But in reality there is daily shelling of Belgorod and an increase in military supplies to the outskirts.
    P.S. No one respects or fears talkers and puppets.
  7. +4
    April 2 2024 07: 34
    Yes, somehow there is no end in sight, but at our work they again “voluntarily” collect money for their own, a friend works in the security forces, so they do it there on a permanent basis and also “voluntarily”! that they didn’t calculate the possibilities? And then what, will they take away your entire salary? There are already rumors that what was promised to the fighters is being delayed; there are many cases. So not everything is as beautiful as they portray it to us.
    1. +8
      April 2 2024 07: 59
      The article by propagandist Staver causes a backlash among readers. Maybe it’s worth retraining as a building manager? Yes
    2. +3
      April 2 2024 09: 31
      Yes, somehow there is no end in sight,and at our work they are again “voluntarily” collecting money for their own, a friend works in the security forces, so they do it there on a permanent basis and also “voluntarily”! that they didn’t calculate the possibilities?

      look at bank profits last year...
      look at the interest rate of our Central Bank and tell me - where will these profits go??
      where they came from - we know...
  8. +11
    April 2 2024 07: 34
    "Neither the US nor the West as a whole is doing anything to resolve the situation. On the contrary, "
    It is Russia that does nothing to defeat Ukraine! Remember!! Any conflict, popular revolt that does not threaten the loss of power, the authorities don’t care! Because this rebellion only affects the well-being of the people. No matter how many people in France protested against the pension reform, cars were burned, shops were smashed, and how did it all end? The Northern Military District is not in danger of losing power to either the United States, the EU, or especially Russia. Vice versa! The rich only get richer! So why should the SVO end? The destruction of Ukraine's energy structure will only affect the common people, present and future. Remember!!! As long as there are any bridges on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, there will be no offensive of ours! There will be no victory for us! There will be an imitation of an offensive, there will be talk about behold, behold, behold, behold, the front will collapse, etc. There will be a grinding of the Slavs, and there will be a resettlement of Central Asia to Russia. And this leads to terrorist acts and riots of the local population. But not to a change in government and state policy. Lenin simply said: “We will go a different way.”
    1. +8
      April 2 2024 08: 34
      And this leads to riots among the local population.

      Don't worry, it won't. The fatty brains of the majority of residents are incapable of resistance
      1. -1
        April 2 2024 14: 16
        "The bulk of the masses have brains swollen with fat.."
        What group do you consider yourself to be? When they say this, it seems that the speaker is a “resistance brain.” Have you ever held a general meeting at home at least once?
    2. +11
      April 2 2024 08: 55
      You see, neither the United States nor the West will attack Russia. because “Russia” already provides everything they need. Gas from France, uranium from the USA. Probably Nabiullina too. does not forget to make transfers to America.
      1. -3
        April 2 2024 14: 22
        “because Russia already gives everything they need...”
        Then why is NATO moving towards our borders? It’s the United States that won’t attack directly, and they don’t feel sorry for these fools. Ukraine is an example for you!
  9. -4
    April 2 2024 08: 38
    What needs to be done with the Europeans? 1. Immediate withdrawal of the Russian Federation from the Treaty on Nuclear Tests in Three Environments of 1963. 2. Immediate testing after the release of a small nuclear loaf with a capacity of at least 200 mt (now this is not a problem) with the possibility of being dropped from one carrier. The test can be carried out in Eastern Siberia, in the winter, with the invitation of as many of those same European representatives as possible to look at the results of the use, and the diameters of the lesion, in order to sharply refresh their memory 3. The Doctrine of the Use of Nuclear Weapons clearly states that it is guaranteed to be used by the Euro-fascist preventively by decision of the VG in order to prevent his new attack. This is guaranteed to refresh the memory of the European creatures. Well, the neo-Napoleons (macaroni) and neo-Hitlerites (Scholze) simply do not understand another language of communication with normal people since 1813 and 1945.
    1. +7
      April 2 2024 09: 25
      Did you think of Eastern Siberia yourself? Or did Simonyan suggest this stupidity?
      1. +5
        April 2 2024 10: 12
        Have you thought of Eastern Siberia yourself?
        "It's spring, Mowgli!" (c) smile
  10. +15
    April 2 2024 08: 46
    Strange article, strange thoughts.

    The author, apparently, had listened to enough propaganda and seriously believed in the success of our economy.

    Intimidate Russia? I don’t think this thought even occurred to anyone. The population of Russia simply does not receive the information that could frighten them. Perhaps some committed residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg may indeed be scared, but life in these cities is radically different from life in the rest of Russia.

    It is possible to intimidate our authorities, but it seems that they have their own fears there, judging by the way they act. And this is definitely not NATO.
    1. +8
      April 2 2024 10: 11
      Apparently, he had listened to enough propaganda and seriously believed in the success of our economy.
      He simply believes, but did not believe. He himself is a propagandist.
      1. +3
        April 2 2024 11: 27
        Quote: kor1vet1974
        Apparently, he had listened to enough propaganda and seriously believed in the success of our economy.
        He simply believes, but did not believe. He himself is a propagandist.

        Can a scorpion be poisoned by its own poison?
        1. +3
          April 2 2024 11: 48
          Can a scorpion be poisoned by its own poison?
          Well, how can I say? In the Middle East there is a legend that a scorpion, having fallen into a fiery trap, decides to take a desperate step - it stings itself, thereby saving itself from torment. This belief has become firmly established in the folklore of many peoples. However, modern science categorically refutes the possibility of “suicide” in scorpions. Scorpions were injected with multiple doses of their own poison. However, they remained completely unharmed.
          1. +3
            April 2 2024 13: 09
            "The scorpions were injected with multiple doses of their own poison. However, they remained completely unharmed."

            :) I know, that's why I wrote it.
  11. -4
    April 2 2024 09: 17
    Regarding the athletes: I wouldn’t go to that shithole myself. bedbugs, rats, migrants, strikes, street protests, Russophobia...
    want to repeat Munich 72?
    don't go - that's it!

    regarding fear:
    we will launch a preventive nuclear strike (V. Zhirinovsky) - period!
  12. +3
    April 2 2024 09: 34
    Remember how the Ukrainians called our army to Ukraine? “Come, we are waiting for you...” Well, they came, so what? Where are the waiters? Why, instead of calls to “come”, you hear the traditional “what are we for?

    maybe that was the case, only they arrived 8 years late.
    1. 0
      April 2 2024 17: 20
      “Remember how the Ukrainians called our army to Ukraine? “Come, we are waiting for you...”

      I do not remember. Our propaganda wrote this - I remember, but the rest is most likely fiction. We were deceived.
  13. +5
    April 2 2024 10: 09
    Remember how the Ukrainians called our army to Ukraine? “Come, we are waiting for you...”
    For the life of me, I don’t remember. But in the LPR, DPR they waited, they waited in Odessa, they waited in Kharkov, Kherson... in 2014, and we came there 10 years later... And somewhere we didn’t come from the word at all, but we came somewhere and then left. .
  14. +5
    April 2 2024 10: 33
    Western politicians should not be considered completely fools.
    Perhaps they know something about our politicians that will not allow them to launch a nuclear strike.
    But we, ordinary Russians, don’t know this.
    Is it logical
  15. +1
    April 2 2024 12: 12
    “From a defensive alliance, taking into account the power of the Department of Internal Affairs, the alliance has long turned into an aggressive one, changing many of the initially accepted principles.”
    When was NATO defensive?
  16. +5
    April 2 2024 13: 23
    No matter how much I try to find analytics in this author’s proclamations, nothing works. No matter how you look at it, it’s agitprop, and at the unicellular level at that.
  17. -6
    April 2 2024 15: 35
    Good article. Looking at the faces of NATO “fighters” in Europe, I want to cry. They are such plump and clean little paws. They won’t fight without air conditioning and a warm toilet. And until the first little blood. And the first 200 will force them to appeal to their parliament and the press about human rights.
  18. BAI
    April 2 2024 19: 03
    From a defensive alliance, taking into account the power of the Department of Internal Affairs, the alliance has long turned into an aggressive one

    I just want to say about another victim of the Unified State Examination, although the author has a Soviet education.
    When was NATO peaceful? At the time of its creation there were no other military blocs! The ATS appeared in response to the creation of NATO.
    Zhirinovsky got all angry at one time when one of the MGIMO teachers (also with a Soviet education) said that NATO was created in response to the creation of the Department of Internal Affairs.
    Is everything going in circles?
    Where and when was it written that the Department of Internal Affairs was going to attack first? From whom was NATO defending itself?
  19. 0
    April 2 2024 20: 55
    From the first paragraph, the author immediately becomes clear
  20. 0
    April 4 2024 08: 11
    The author asks why Europe is not afraid of war with Russia? Yes because too often
    And President Putin has repeatedly warned that attacks will be carried out on decision-making centers.

    Very many times. And not only him. But... the decision-making centers turned out to be some power plants, barracks and, at best, battalion headquarters... With very rare exceptions... Why is Zelya and his accomplices alive? Some say they'll install something else. If they put him there, he may not live until the evening either. Then they won’t find someone to put third... Chicken is bad, your own life is more valuable... Evil must be punished. Hard and fast. The sooner, the better. Then the bourgeoisie can think about their fate...
  21. 0
    April 8 2024 15: 28
    Quote: Reptiloid
    Unfortunately, I didn’t check the comment when I wrote it, I was in a hurry to get to work. Of course, I wanted to write wonderful words.
    Here it is ---- the tablet's enemy artificial intelligence in action. It often spoils things, not only for me, but for others as well. But what I have here is perhaps the most vile. And this is an example and edification!

    What stops you from writing with charcoal on birch bark? Firmly and enemies will not distort the meaning