Basic Military Training: 520 pages, hundreds of pictures, diagrams and tactical tricks

Basic Military Training: 520 pages, hundreds of pictures, diagrams and tactical tricks

Original textbook

In March 2023, a new textbook on basic military training will be published. Even though the basics of basic military training have begun to be studied in many educational institutions (schools, colleges and universities), relevant ministries and departments have not yet developed a modern textbook.

Therefore, the book that will be discussed is a one-of-a-kind publication. There is no other military manual with such a number of visual color illustrations, and the material is as updated as possible as of the beginning of 2023. The language of presentation is lively and understandable, information style is now popular in some environments.

This book should have appeared long before the X-hour. It should have been written by someone else, preferably a graduate of an elite military academy or an entire team of authors. But it just so happened that this difficult work fell to the lot of just one person, not burdened with high ranks, positions and awards. Nevertheless, it was possible to create a unique manual in its own way, which can significantly increase the minimum-optimal level of theoretical training.

What is unique?

Work began in 2019. I wanted to create a manual on tactical and special training of special forces and reconnaissance units. The author just served in one of these places and wanted to somehow summarize all the nuances.

After February 2022, the original plans were revised, and a book on CWP appeared. It is based on the provisions of charters, manuals, materials from educational and periodical publications, selected taking into account the experience of modern military operations.

I had to study a huge amount of information, talk with experts, participants in the events, and then double-check it all. After all, experience without appropriate analysis and awareness can be extremely dangerous. What worked in one situation may be useless in another: wars change, and with them the theaters of combat operations, the enemy, the weapons used and methods of combat are transformed.

Of course, it is possible to fight without knowledge of theory, but with theory, the likelihood of avoiding childhood mistakes and preserving life and health is much higher.

Each chapter of the publication is a compromise between the desire to cover the topic, the limited volume of the manual and legal requirements. We had to constantly cut off the excess. I hope I didn’t overdo it, and I managed to leave only the most necessary.

After studying the material presented, readers will gain a general understanding of many military issues. And if you want to study a subject in depth, then with the existing base it will not be difficult. You will already understand which direction to move next.

At any threshold of immersion in military topics and regardless of the level of education and length of service, I’m sure there will definitely be something interesting in this book.

First, readers are introduced to equipment echelons, communications, drones and engineering training. Then they study the topography, the procedure for handling weapons and move on to work on the ground - tactical actions in various conditions, i.e., they try to figure out how the acquired knowledge is applied as a whole on the battlefield.

The appendices outline other equally important aspects of military science that did not find a place in the main part of the publication.
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  1. +9
    30 March 2024 04: 08
    Of course, the textbook is useful and necessary...judging by the sections for educational instruction in military affairs, it is perfect for a teenager.
    I would like the author to add a section to the textbook with links to useful literature and sites with military topics that are interesting for young people. hi
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      31 March 2024 04: 32
      This book should have appeared long before the X-hour. It should have been written by someone else, preferably a graduate of an elite military academy or an entire team of authors.

      And it should start with the section “Mobilization readiness”...
      I’m not sure that in basic military training the “Radio Communications” section should have been given 35 pages. What could be written there? If only, the procedure for conducting negotiations via radio communications and explain the principles of open and closed (classified) channels?
      * * *
      Basic military training at school and life safety should go hand in hand.
  2. 0
    30 March 2024 04: 22
    Military affairs is such a thing where theory without practice is dead. But with practice we will be bad. This is initial training - children.
    1. 0
      30 March 2024 15: 28
      Quote: Spare
      Military affairs is such a thing where theory without practice is dead.

      Any serious business, profession, without practical skills leads only to the stands, but not to the design table or machine!
    2. +6
      30 March 2024 18: 50
      No, military affairs is when you are immediately dead without theory, and not theory without practice is dead.
  3. +9
    30 March 2024 04: 36
    I don’t know who the representatives of the Ministry of Education want to prepare for graduation from school, only military training involves some nuances that require proven health and sufficient physical fitness.
    You cannot approach this formally and try to teach a course to a young fighter at school. Most likely, a general understanding of the threat of war, the characteristics of weapons and safety measures when handling weapons and ammunition are important.
    Practical shooting skills and self-defense techniques will most likely be useful.
    An important part can be taken by first aid techniques...
    * * *
    The country needs soldiers, but not everyone is capable of becoming one or has the physical predisposition for this. And the country also needs qualified specialists of various professions and... mothers. In our time, girls took the course “Household Economics” and knew how to mend a shirt or cook cabbage soup (borscht). And today’s young girls, for the most part, are like in that joke: “Frying, boiling, steaming is bad, very bad. Making love has golden hands.”
    * * *
    This is my opinion.
    1. 0
      30 March 2024 05: 08
      The country needs soldiers, but not everyone is capable of becoming one or has the physical predisposition for this.
      A modern army is no longer a physical confrontation between two opponents, as it was a century ago. The modern Army is stuffed with science-intensive and high-tech products, which require the work of the head rather than strong hands, so any “nerd” is quite suitable for service. Of course, there are duty stations where strong hands are required, but with the development of science and technology, such places are becoming fewer and fewer
      1. +9
        30 March 2024 06: 52
        Quote: Dutchman Michel
        The modern Army is stuffed with science-intensive and high-tech products, which require the work of the head rather than strong hands, so any “nerd” is quite suitable for service.

        It may be useful, but not in places with possible direct contact with the enemy, where it is very difficult to “chat” a healthy man.
        1. 0
          30 March 2024 18: 54
          Already at the end of the last century, those who looked at the enemy through the sight were 10-15% of the total number. Although they drop out faster than others, four times faster. So it will be about 50/50 overall.
  4. +2
    30 March 2024 04: 57
    Only military training involves certain nuances that require proven health and sufficient physical fitness.

    Let me disagree with you... a short-sighted nerd who skillfully plays computer shooters can easily chase a coolly pumped up special forces soldier around in circles with the help of a UAV loaded with explosives.
    There is a video on the Internet where small drones are chasing individual fighters... and they can’t do anything about it... some are really lucky... they fight back with a stick.
    In order to press the button that initiates the detonation of a UAV, you don’t need excellent health... skinny bespectacled people and fat nerds will do.
    1. +7
      30 March 2024 07: 02
      Quote: Lech from Android.
      Skinny bespectacled people and fat nerds will do.

      True, at the same time, they will have to learn to steadfastly endure the hardships and deprivations of military service, learn to be content with army rations and be able to defend themselves from an attack when the enemy is several meters away, and pressing a button cannot resolve the situation.
      And you will need to drive a coolly pumped up special forces soldier around in circles not when you want, but when you need to and don’t want to. I have seen such short-sighted people playing at night and sleeping day and night...
      1. 0
        31 March 2024 15: 44
        Quote: ROSS 42

        True, at the same time, they will have to learn to endure the hardships and deprivations of military service, learn to be content with army rations and be able to defend themselves from attack when the enemy is at a distance of several meters,
        and at the very least, carry a bulletproof vest and equipment on yourself, and not die from the load after a hundred-meter run in all this.
  5. +6
    30 March 2024 05: 03
    At first glance it looks good. Purely subjectively, it is superior in some ways and inferior in some ways to the USSR textbook, but the first edition is always followed by subsequent ones, revised and expanded. The right thing to do.
    1. +5
      30 March 2024 05: 22
      I honestly admit, I don’t remember the NVP textbook. I studied in high school in the 70s. But I remember the military instructor wonderfully - Colonel Pavel Ivanovich Chibisov. A wonderful asshole, and demanding
      1. +3
        30 March 2024 09: 54
        Was. Several editions, in the sense of reprinting. Very smart. Even examples of tactics of the US Army infantry squad, etc. can be found on the Internet, just for fun.
        1. +3
          30 March 2024 10: 46
          Yes, I’m starting to remember, without asking, no. The cover was quite simple. Guys must wear a tie to classes.. Under the leadership of Pavel Ivanovich, a shooting range was built at the school, and a room with samples of military equipment, equipment.. OZK, radio stations, etc..
      2. +2
        30 March 2024 11: 57
        Quote from: dmi.pris1
        Wonderful asshole
        Ambiguous typo.
        Quote from: dmi.pris1
        Honestly, I don’t remember the NVP textbook
        But I remember how they wanted to ban the old NVP textbooks as a guide for terrorists. Then I was smart enough not to do this, but whether it will be enough now and whether the author of the textbook will fly to it - I’m not sure.
        1. +3
          30 March 2024 14: 00
          I didn’t check, I repent. And I apologize to the colonel-teacher, who has been in heaven for a long time...
        2. 0
          30 March 2024 19: 01
          But imagine they hid an old textbook from us! I argued with the helicopter pilot, he said that there was a textbook. I remember exactly, we didn’t. And I remembered that the teachers discussed among themselves not to give the textbook. And because of this, he was completely unprepared in the army in terms of tactics and other aspects.
          School teachers then contributed to the growing casualties in Afghanistan.
          Only the riflemen were organized well, the circle was led by a military instructor.
          1. 0
            30 March 2024 19: 10
            Quote: Sergey Alexandrovich
            But imagine they hid an old textbook from us!
            I can totally imagine it. Even old math textbooks are hard to get, but here it is.
            Quote: Sergey Alexandrovich
            School teachers then contributed to the growing casualties in Afghanistan.
            During Afghan times, the textbook was available. And the subject was taught.
            1. -1
              30 March 2024 19: 11
              The subject was taught by stepping and putting on gas masks. But they didn’t give me the textbook. The class teacher was an advanced madam, she went to France for an internship, I believe she got the textbook hidden. Well, or the instruction came from the ministry.
              1. 0
                30 March 2024 19: 20
                Everything depended on the military commander. In addition to step training, there was also shooting at a shooting range, studying mines and the like. The colonel wore Air Force buttonholes, but he also seemed to know engineering.
              2. +2
                31 March 2024 09: 12
                "The class teacher was an advanced madam, she went to France for an internship,"- in the 1970s? To France?teacher? fool
                It was a very outstanding school.....
                "Well, or the instruction came from the ministry." - if such an instruction had come, the textbook would have been confiscated all country. Along with the removal of the subject from the curriculum.
                I graduated from high school in 1987 - there was NVP.
          2. +1
            31 March 2024 00: 36
            And I remembered that the teachers agreed among themselves not to give the textbook. And because of this, he was completely unprepared in the army in terms of tactics and other aspects.
            School teachers then contributed to the increase in casualties in Afghanistan." - original turns out that hidden textbooks are to blame for the losses.....
            So everything that is written in the NVP textbook was taught in the army in 2 weeks.
            And the very idea of ​​a hidden textbook in the USSR, and according to the NVP - they would also have hidden a political economy textbook in a university, yeah... To sit more securely...
            Well, unless your classmates smoked their textbooks quickly
      3. -1
        30 March 2024 19: 10
        You don’t remember the textbook because you weren’t given it, just like we weren’t.
      4. +1
        31 March 2024 11: 04
        I honestly admit, I don’t remember the NVP textbook.

        We had a textbook on "GO". There was no textbook on "NVP".
        1. 0
          April 3 2024 19: 46
          There was a Mammoth. (There was a mammoth). March 31, 2024 11:04. New yours - "...We had a textbook on "GO". There was no textbook on "NVP"..."

          Don't argue. there was a textbook. You weren't there yet. For confirmation, see the Internet...
          R.S. As a student, incl. according to the "Tutorial on NVP" publishing house DOSAAF Moscow -1972
          Regarding the NEW textbook itself. Of course some additions are needed. but take the old textbook as a basis. Just look at the table of contents of the so-called. new and old. Current life safety standards with elements of non-technical preparations, incl. according to the clock, it’s just an imitation of activity with work based on pictures. leading to student indifference. wassat Sclerosis according to VSEUBUCH (NVP). gain experience in organizing work and training on the enemy’s explosive potential belay . A smart person never forgets the experience of an enemy.
          We need servicemen with practical experience as teachers.
          Recently, access to such people has been blocked by the requirement to have a teacher’s education bully . Only political officers met this requirement. belay
          Good logistics and camps with mentors at training centers. as in the USSR for technical labor specialties. There will be both knowledge and initial experience. Otherwise... when men had never picked up an AK... For Russia it was like a mark on the forehead - Ku-Ku. negative hi
          1. 0
            April 3 2024 20: 55
            Quote: boni592807
            Don't argue. there was a textbook. You weren't there yet.

            "Tutorial on CWP" publishing house DOSAAF Moscow -1972

            I received my school certificate in 1972 year. wink
            We had “GO”, within the framework of which NVP was given. Then for the first time I held a real Degtyarev machine gun in my hands. wink And I found out what the wrench is in the buttstock for. Probably every girl my age could easily assemble and disassemble a Kalash.
            The emphasis of the subject was on protecting the population from the threat of weapons of mass destruction, action in case of fire, earthquake. on the basics of medical care... Pre-army training was in DOSAAF, mainly in technical specialties, drivers, and future paratroopers jumped.
            There was a system. And it was right.
            PS A few years ago I jokingly asked if a gas mask would save you from carbon smoke and how. Will you answer offhand?
            1. 0
              April 7 2024 21: 46
              There was a Mammoth. (There was a mammoth). 3 April 2024 20:55. your -
              1. "...I received my school certificate in 1972..."
              I respect hi
              2. We had a separate NVP item.
              The knowledge and skills you indicated are the same. least...
              3. yours - "..PS A few years ago I jokingly asked if a gas mask would save you from carbon smoke and how. Will you answer offhand?.."
              ......Certainly . An ordinary gas mask will not protect you. Need Hopcalite cartridge hi
              4. I have a question for you:
              "...Basic military training. Material from Wikipedia :
              In 1967 year with the adoption of the new edition of the “USSR Law on Universal Military Duty”, pre-conscription training was resumed for students in senior secondary schools, students in secondary vocational and technical secondary educational institutions entitled “Basic military training”[1]
              IF YOU ARE A 1972 SCHOOL GRADUATE. THAT'S HOW YOUR NVP COULD ENTER THE GO. ONLY during the period of Perestroika, by order of the Ministry of Education of the RSFSR No. 62 of October 17, 1990, the NVP in schools of the RSFSR was actually abolished, belay No. hi
              The purpose of the NVP is for young people to gain knowledge about military service and military affairs, acquire practical skills in handling weapons, personal protective equipment (gas mask, respirator), medical dressings, and so on, which is one of the components of the state’s mobilization capabilities[1][2].
              CVP in the secondary education system. Organization of the NVP!!!
              Young men of pre-conscription and conscription age and girls were subject to training. ]In secondary schools CVP was taught from 9th grade (with 10 years of education)
              NVP teachers, as a rule, were appointed from among officers who had completed active military service, who had retired to the reserves due to their length of service, and who had been trained to teach this subject. The name military leader (voenruk)[6] was assigned to them. On average, the schedule provided for two hours of CVP classes per week, which were usually held on the same day in paired lessons. To fully study the subject, schools, vocational schools and secondary specialized educational institutions were provided with the appropriate educational and material base[1][2]:
              R.S. Perhaps you got something mixed up!?
              1. 0
                April 8 2024 00: 59
                Quote: boni592807
                Perhaps you got something mixed up!?

                Maybe. I remember the textbook on Civil Defense, but there is no textbook on CVP. I remember the military leader.
                I remember here, I don’t remember there. wink
    2. 0
      April 1 2024 07: 44
      I agree with you... at least something. It’s just that the above comments are mostly criticized, but damn no one is trying to do anything similar. I think that this textbook will save many lives, and let the critics write to the author and pass on their experience if they have it.
  6. +11
    30 March 2024 05: 47
    my mother was a teacher and at home we had a thick book "Pioneer Leader". So I remember, when I was still in October, I began to study it on my own and with great interest for myself. At Pioneer age, from this book-album I no longer knew only about the Pioneer heroes, but I knew from there “secrets” for me, starting with fishing and survival on camping trips and ending with the “secrets” of how to make a sled for my beloved, but large, dog. And Rex sledded me easily through the winter crust, and while fishing in our small river I suddenly began to catch all the boys... But I remember the modest teaching of military training in my teens because it was just that: modest. I only realized this in a training detachment during military service. But I didn’t have any “Military Leader” books at home. .. I could imagine our joy if such manual books appeared when we were in high school and each of us could “study” it independently...
    1. +1
      30 March 2024 21: 49
      This is because in your childhood there was no computer with a telephone. Otherwise you could catch fish there.
  7. +7
    30 March 2024 06: 54
    Judging by the illustrations and table of contents, the textbook is really good. But a good textbook also requires a good NVP teacher with experience in military service, without whom the textbook is just an entertaining book with pictures. And of course the material and technical base.
  8. +8
    30 March 2024 07: 16
    The book is interesting, but without practice it is meaningless. We need some kind of training base. And you shouldn’t try to tell teenagers about all aspects of military affairs. You need to focus on the most important things - first aid, actions under fire and in general in emergency situations, signs of mining in the area, safe handling of weapons. And this is where we should concentrate our efforts. And again, most of the classes need practical ones, and accordingly we need mock-ups and training samples, and accordingly a state program to saturate schools with them. One textbook will not have the desired effect. Well, teachers are needed from among combat veterans, and there are many of them and many would find themselves in this business after being written off due to injury
  9. +3
    30 March 2024 08: 56
    When they print it, give me two.
  10. Owl
    30 March 2024 09: 00
    More medical training is needed, especially practice in assisting with fractures, bleeding, drowning (poisoning by combustion products) and self-help. These are the skills that, even if they are not useful, are necessary to know and be able to do, including in everyday life (fire, road accident).
  11. 0
    30 March 2024 09: 58
    On the one hand, it is a necessary thing.
    on the other hand, I immediately remember the boss’s words: “give birth to soldiers”, the rest “the state did not ask you to give birth” (unverbally)
  12. 0
    30 March 2024 10: 39
    Have you already brought the textbook to the Caribbean or not yet? :)
  13. +4
    30 March 2024 10: 47
    It's useful and necessary. However, in my opinion, one of the first chapters should be first aid, using a first aid kit, what to do during shelling, etc. These skills will be useful not only on the front lines. Accidents, terrorist attacks, shelling of peaceful cities - this is our reality, unfortunately. And such skills will be useful to all students.
  14. +3
    30 March 2024 11: 35
    As I understand it, the author of the article is the author of the textbook.
    And he is interested in our opinion.
    What can I say, at first glance, without opening the book, everything is not bad.
    And in more detail, you need to open a live textbook and at least leaf through it.
  15. +4
    30 March 2024 11: 50
    A good deed in any case.
    Protecting one's society - clan, tribe, state - is one of the main purposes of a person, along with obtaining food and reproduction.
    Failure to complete any of these tasks is the end for a given human community.
    And no spell “let a hundred flowers bloom” will help.
  16. +2
    30 March 2024 12: 10
    It would be nice to bring back a subject like Logic, which was canceled somewhere in the mid-50s, otherwise many people are unable to connect the two thoughts.
    1. 0
      30 March 2024 19: 07
      And immediately warn that when logic leads to a dead end, they ignore it and act as they should in their own interests. It’s like with etiquette, if it’s difficult to observe, they forget about it.
    2. 0
      30 March 2024 21: 50
      It was canceled so that people would not ask uncomfortable questions like why the party line is wavering; communism was promised already in this generation, but it will never come.
    3. +1
      31 March 2024 16: 11
      I suspect that logic was canceled due to the very low level of teaching of this discipline in most schools and the lack of trained specialists.
  17. -4
    30 March 2024 12: 24
    The author of the book is not on friendly terms! Offering this kind of crap to schoolchildren. 500 pages!!! Yeah, now schoolchildren will drop everything and read this book. But I spent the budget in good faith. Only after studying such a book, will you personally hope for such a soldier?
    No need to reinvent the wheel. Everything in life is as simple as in nature. How our CVP lessons went. Conducted by a career military man. Each lesson told interesting stories, that is, the future soldier should know the history of the country, exploits, betrayal. Then weapons. We started with small things: device, loading and ended with shooting at the shooting range. Everyone was shooting! Both boys and girls. Correct formation, movement, and marching steps were studied in theory. And all this without notebooks and textbooks!! And most importantly. The future soldier must be physically strong. And for this, not only were the physical education lessons focused, remember the GTO, but there were also free sections “on every corner.”
    In short, give me the opportunity, I’ll at least spit in the face of this author and the people at the Ministry of Education!!!
    1. +2
      31 March 2024 12: 43
      It's not a lot of extra knowledge, but this is definitely not extra. So whoever is too lazy to read will then not be too lazy to pick shrapnel out of their ass as in the photos above. For free and sweet vinegar so that when Captain Blackbeard captures this galleon, we will read it with pleasure and 500 and even 1000.
  18. -3
    30 March 2024 13: 13
    It's funny. But it’s useless, just like NVP lessons at school in general.
    There is nowhere to go, of course, they will study it. How aviria were studied at ammonia plants when Kuzhugetych was the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. laughing
  19. +1
    30 March 2024 14: 05
    Quote: antiaircrafter
    When they print it, give me two.

    If you're interested, I found a link to buy the book:

    My opinion.
    - A high-quality album published in the style of the Popular Mechanics magazine or some Osprey book about “knights and ancient Rome.”
    1. ada
      31 March 2024 00: 29
      That is, this is an advertisement for a certain “” IP Arkhireeva Elena Yuryevna? And a copy is valued at 2500 rubles, which is not for Voenizdat - the military publishing house of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.
      Founded in 1919.
      It produces official (open and closed) literature for the needs of the Russian Ministry of Defense, custom-made printed products for other ministries and departments, public organizations and individuals, as well as its own books and posters...
      Voenizdat is a military publishing house of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.
      Founded in 1919.

      1. ada
        April 3 2024 22: 45
        Yes, for your information, the site listed above is fake, opens via a link to “Military Publishing House”:
        Quote: ada

        Apparently - Kokhlomorsky.
  20. +4
    30 March 2024 14: 44
    The attempt certainly deserves attention and praise for the hard work done.
    But it is immediately clear that the author has never worked in a school and has not the slightest idea about the level of immersion in the subject area of ​​modern youth.
    Alas, this is not a textbook on NVP. This is a short reminder for the mobilized, i.e. a person who not only previously mastered the CVP course, but also served in military service.
    1. 0
      30 March 2024 19: 04
      I agree. Against the sergeant's manual for motorized riflemen, in my superficial opinion, it is an incomplete manual.
  21. -2
    30 March 2024 15: 51
    It's probably a good book. It is advisable to ban it as soon as possible. It’s a pity that the damage has already been done... NVP, this is not cramming some kind of super knowledge into the patient’s head. To think otherwise means completely, generally, completely not understanding how one begins to prepare for any serious undertaking or mastery. serious skills.
    First of all, as a basis, a person is carefully taught why and why he needs to learn it. Otherwise, all knowledge and skills will be strictly to the detriment of both him and those around him. And then the person is given basic skills. The most basic ones. From scratch. Breath. Focusing. overcoming fear and basic weapon skills. A young man simply cannot load anything else into his brain at the NVP stage.
    Various types of techniques, this is the next stage, and it is not for everyone. Not because THIS cannot be known to just anyone, but because only those who are ready for this can apply all this. For others, such skills inspire the illusion of false power, which leads to many troubles...
    1. +1
      30 March 2024 18: 54
      Basic Military Training is not a book. Know how to clean a machine gun. How to apply a tourniquet. Where to put your feet towards a grenade.
  22. 0
    30 March 2024 18: 31
    Reduction of the brochure to 50 pages. Next. elective. With a competent NVP student.
    1. 0
      30 March 2024 19: 26
      You shouldn’t be. But if they understood what they should do next, this is initial preparation.
  23. -2
    30 March 2024 19: 21
    Buy, read more details
  24. 0
    31 March 2024 16: 01
    We probably need to start with the regulations, the legal basis for the relationship between the commander and subordinates. Rules for handling weapons, features of guard duty, relationships with any commanders and superiors in terms of subordination - isn’t this important? In the end, the student must have an understanding of the punishment system and what constitutes a military crime.
  25. 0
    April 1 2024 00: 23
    I am the author of the textbook. I read the comments and realized that most commentators are simply not friends with their heads and live in some kind of world where they know and can do everything. I am very glad that I published this book. I am very glad that no one helped me - neither my leadership, nor any Ministries, that I spent only my own money and did not use any “budgets.” I am very glad that my books have already been distributed throughout the country and are helping people. Because there is nothing else! Open your eyes! There has been a military conflict in the country for three years now, and besides this publication there is no more modern literature!

    How many experts there are here - I'm shocked. Everyone knows how to do it, what manuals to write, how thick, how many pages. Well, go ahead and do it! Spend your time, get experts, collect and analyze material, pay artists out of your own pocket, look for a printing house, form an individual entrepreneur, figure out how to fill out tax returns, work with delivery services, communicate with readers, and listen to every smart guy on how to do it. You all know why you haven’t done anything yet? I’m not angry, it’s always funny for me to read such low-grade opuses that are far from the process of creating something new and new.

    But the dog barks, and the caravan moves on. Therefore, this book will go to an exhibition at the end of spring, where I will try to explain to people from the ministry that it is needed because there is nothing else. And this comment, like yours, will fade into oblivion. I will have my book, and you will have your crazy scream.
    1. 0
      April 1 2024 08: 04
      Thank you for your work and I believe that my comment above is very consistent with what you have stated here. Although...... I agree with you.... at least something. It’s just that the above comments are mostly criticized, but damn no one is trying to do anything similar. I think that this textbook will save many lives, and let the critics write to the author and pass on their experience if they have it.
    2. 0
      April 1 2024 12: 10
      You know, Author, I will allow myself to sign in order to be as accurate as possible in what I want to convey.
      Let me start with the fact that you, as an Author and a caring person, are clearly and unconditionally well done in your work, which looks detailed and of high quality. In our country, very little scientific, educational or popular science literature has been published in recent years, so every major publication is worth its weight in gold. You, as the author, take all this to heart, because it is yours, hard-won, the fruit of your labor and the quintessence of your constructions. I understand, I agree. There are a lot of prudes who don’t appreciate it - some are too lazy to read, some think that the rod is the best teacher, some just want to smear everything with poop for their own amusement. What can I say - RuNet 2024, as it is.

      My complaint, if it can be called a complaint, is not to you and not to your book, which I have NOT YET read, unfortunately, although I have been waiting for something like this for a long time. My complaint is rather about our modern society, which has one claw caught on the end of 2021, and the other dangles in the present. We have here “sort of like a Northern Military District,” but in fact this has long been the largest border conflict since the Second World War, it is no longer a virtual threat from NATO members, arms deliveries, arrivals and sabotage on our territory. However, a number of societies still exist in some kind of duality, as if it were all somewhere on Mars, and a number of our politicians and elites exist in the same duality. It would seem that precisely IN SUCH times, already for 2 years, it would be necessary to organize courses in military specialties for those who, in the event of a major mobilization, do not want to become meat, it is necessary to publish and popularize books like yours, albeit in a partitioned, segmented version or in the form of brochures and really make it accessible and widespread, we need to conduct exercises and training in a good way on survival and organization in conditions of TA or shelling, at least somehow revive civil defense in order to at least support our “nuclear juicy speeches in DAM style". But NO, shit doesn’t happen, and now volunteers coexist with naked parties and youth and gaming festivals. Already 2 years.
      You see, Author, I will emphasize once again that my complaint is not against you or your book. Generally speaking, this book should have been written by our state, as long as it is at least a little concerned about the survival or mobilization of the population’s brains. And publish it - but not in a version in which it will sit side by side on carved bookshelves with the Encyclopedia Britannica and the limited collector's edition of Harry Potter, but in a format so that it can be bought and not spit on the fact that it is expensive and rich, so that it will be mass-produced publication, like the books “1001 answers to a collective farmer’s question about radio and electricity,” published at the dawn of the USSR to educate the masses.
      Even then, even that frankly ghoul government didn’t give a damn about the level of awareness of the population, but now it’s as if the current government is peeing on it from the balcony.

      I hope I conveyed my message to you and did not offend your feelings as an artist. With respect and creative success.
    3. 0
      April 1 2024 21: 55
      It is unclear to whom your complaints are addressed, and it is unclear what they are. But my complaints are very specific.
      For example, shooting from an AGS grenade launcher. Raise and lower the barrel from where and where? What elevation angle provides the greatest range? There is nothing about this, but if the firing angle with the greatest range is not specified, where should it be lowered and raised?
      There are two types of sights, the angle is in thousandths. You have nothing about this.
      Pictures without proper explanation only confuse.
      For AGS the score is "3-".
      And the firing angles in the room, I don’t understand in detail why? The first thing you need to do is throw a grenade into the room, then you can enter.
      If this is a manual for the police, then it’s understandable, but in battle, the first thing is a hand grenade and then finish off the shell-shocked enemy.
    4. ada
      April 3 2024 22: 31
      Quote: Simon Fenikovich
      I am the author of the textbook. ...

      Well, you have no reason to be offended, because you yourself submitted the article for consideration indicating the material you prepared and should be prepared, I believe, for what usually happens on the site. Be patient, read, delve into it, clarify, etc. Draw some conclusions, if you want a substantive conversation, contact the commentators, not everyone here will be able to help you, but it is clearly visible that a number of “accomplices in military warfare” have knowledge and skills, perhaps - ideas that will be useful to you, if, of course, you are going to continue your endeavor. Oh, so - forgive me generously, but you cannot be the author of a textbook by the definition of the very concept of “textbook”, since the subject of study itself must be fully supported by the educational process, including educational and methodological, defined and highlighted “in in kind" the contingent itself intended for training, that is, students or trainees - pupils, cadets, students, ... someone specifically being trained and where he is located - in a secondary school, TU, college, etc. educational organization with a subject in a given discipline and all this is determined by federal legislation in the field of defense and education, a number of official documents from at least two departments - the Min. defense and education and further down to the organizations of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Education themselves, which directly plan and carry out educational activities and bear responsibility for this, and the educational material intended for this - textbooks, teaching aids, etc., is approved according to the appropriate procedure and published.
      Then - yes!, and since no, then..., and all that happens is a conversation between non-specialists on an incomprehensible topic, call me.
      Now, if you told us how you built a relationship with the Moscow Region on the issue of preparing educational materials, what assignment you received and other requirements for the materials, what is the list of documents, publications and literature (resources), lists of reviewers, etc., then the conversation would be subject-specific and would be conducted with the author of the textbook or manual project. Currently, you are the author of a privately published work with a military focus without any responsibility for the material (except for the general one), and on the other hand, an open book - voluntary readers and all this has nothing to do with the education system in our country.
      This is what it is - reality! No NVP.
      We need many subsequent generations of both sexes educated as citizens and patriots by studying in educational organizations of the country, including military training on a scientific basis! A shift ready for independent life, with the necessary collective potential to continue our race, and not like what is being produced today. This level cannot be achieved with just a book - a manual, you must understand this.
      Back in the late 80s, it became clear that the existing system of military training of citizens (both in peacetime and in wartime) for pre-war training of conscripts and planned for a special period, for training citizens who are not in the reserve in the basics of military training or simple military training , becomes insufficient for the growing training requirements of a modern soldier and it is necessary to conduct military-scientific research on the problem of manning the armed forces and its training. But, the 90s have come... . Instead of powerful, well-echeloned and reserved armed forces that would be able to withstand modern military challenges and threats and further, for the foreseeable future, on the scale of an integral union of socialist republics, we received an absurd remake with an essence alien to us, where service to the fatherland and its defense is not Sparing their belly, they became not a sacred duty, an honorable duty and a sacrifice in their name, but work for a separate category of the population. And by 2009, measures to transition to a new look for the Armed Forces destroyed the remnants of the Soviet foundation in the formation of one of the most powerful military machines in the world and subsequently deprived it of its mobilization potential. No matter the NVP, life safety is not at the same level.
      And what should have happened on a limited scale in the Russian Federation: military service for students of the corresponding ages in high school simultaneously with mastering the curriculum in regular subjects during the period of receiving general education directly at a military training center at a secondary school or technical school to obtain the primary military education necessary for entering military service by conscription or contract (this is a separate issue) and as a base, instead of the pre-war training of citizens in simple military training programs for training reserves for staffing training and reserve military personnel with trained personnel in wartime. What did you get? There is a surge in the Armed Forces Reserve and a lot of workers and military meat on the labor market, and now the migrant market is in a surge, but there is no sense.
      Just imagine what level of quality your study guide or textbook should have been, but even now they should not be lower, but higher - the requirements are only growing by leaps and bounds. This can only be done by a well-trained and equipped group of specialists.
      Don't be offended, please take note.
  26. +1
    April 1 2024 12: 49
    The NVP textbook is needed. It should be understandable to everyone and be a primary textbook for the entire population.

    Because all capable men must serve. If there are health restrictions, that is, “fit for non-combatant”, must serve non-combatant, there are almost more such places in the modern army than “combatant”.

    Now “who wanted to” and “who couldn’t get away with it” serve, this is wrong.

    What the Author wrote, it seems to me, is what a young man needs before serving. Probably, as the learning process progresses, what kind of feedback there is from the textbook and the technology on the LBS changes, adjustments will be made, but it’s unlikely that they will be significant.

    Thanks to the Author (twice to the Author :)) for the work.
  27. RMT
    April 2 2024 08: 07
    2500 rubles per book. Not cheap. The slogan "Make money on everything!" In action.
  28. RMT
    April 2 2024 12: 46
    "Basic military training" 2nd edition edited by Lieutenant General Popov A.M. recommended by the board of the USSR Ministry of Education as a textbook, 1979. 308pp.
    5. Introduction
    17. § 2. The Armed Forces of the USSR at the present stage
    27. § 3. CPSU on the tasks of the Soviet Armed Forces during the construction of communism
    34. § 4. Command, political and engineering personnel. Political agencies, party and Komsomol organizations of the Soviet Armed Forces
    55. § 6. Soviet military legislation on service in the Armed Forces of the USSR
    74. § 2. Disciplinary Charter of the Armed Forces of the USSR
    81. § 3. Charter of the garrison and guard services of the Armed Forces of the USSR
    102. § 2. Actions of a soldier in battle
    119. § 3. Separation on the offensive
    124. § 4. Separation in defense
    126. § 5. Intelligence. Platoon on reconnaissance patrol
    131. § 6. March and marching guard
    136. § 7. Location and outpost security
    140. Chapter IV. FIRE PREPARATION
    146. § 2. Small-caliber rifle
    149. § 3. Techniques and rules for shooting from a small-caliber rifle
    176. § 5. Weapon care, storage and conservation
    179. § 6. Techniques and rules of shooting and shooting at stationary targets
    188. § 7. Hand fragmentation grenades
    198. Chapter V. COMBAT TRAINING
    202. § 2. Formation techniques and movement without weapons and with weapons
    210. § 3. Giving military honor, breaking ranks and approaching the superior
    213. § 4. Buildings of the department
    217. § 5. Actions of personnel near and on vehicles
    224. § 2. Movement along azimuths
    227. § 3. The concept of a topographic map. Working with the map
    245. Chapter VII. CIVIL DEFENSE
    247. § 2. Characteristics of weapons of mass destruction of the armies of imperialist states
    258. § 3. Protection from weapons of mass destruction
    279. § 4. Radiation and chemical reconnaissance devices
    298. § 6. Rescue and urgent emergency restoration work in the affected areas and in areas of natural disasters
  29. +2
    April 3 2024 00: 46
    Quote: ROSS 42
    The country needs soldiers, but not everyone is capable of becoming one or has the physical predisposition for this.

    And it will have to.
  30. 0
    April 3 2024 20: 10
    - Equipment and equipment - yes.
    - Armor protection is not for schools.
    - Radio communications - mainly for organizations like DOSAAF.
    - UAV - yes.
    - Sapper training - partially.
    - Equipment and disguise - yes.
    - Topography - yes.
    - Fire training - partially.
    - Tactics - partially.
    - Intelligence - partially.
    - Work com. platoon - not for schools.
    - First aid and first aid kit - yes.
    - Life in the field - yes.
    - In schools it will be extremely difficult to provide the material base for classes on the recommended material... If the textbook is intended for schools at all.
  31. 0
    April 5 2024 15: 20
    I will never be able to understand why we don’t want to finally create a strong, motivated, well-trained and armed personnel army of the 21st century. And the number is not 800 thousand, but at least 2 million. And the service life is not 1 year, but at least 3 with the possibility of extending the contract from 3 to retirement age. And such an army that every normal man would consider it his duty and honor to serve in it. Is this unrealistic? We've been talking about this for 30 years and now... the children have been given a book, now the country can live in peace. It's a shame for the State
  32. 0
    April 8 2024 21: 42
    This is not for NVP, this is for students of the Military Academy. Frunze. There the training period was reduced to one year. And if you take away the preparation for the parade, then there will barely be 10 months at all. But the furniture maker managed to cut up the SDK, and now the teacher there is a lieutenant colonel. That is, he did not command a regiment, but he teaches.
  33. 0
    April 18 2024 14: 57
    Slightly off topic, but I remember: there was this “Book of Future Commanders” by Anatoly Mityaev. My brother and I studied it from cover to cover several times. Even in early childhood, she developed an interest in military affairs. When moving around the garrisons, it got lost somewhere. For their sixtieth birthday, the children presented a modern edition. A luxurious tome! Now I will study it with my grandson.