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Alexander Rahr: The West elevated its values ​​to the status of a new religion.

Alexander Rahr: The West elevated its values ​​to the status of a new religion.Against the background of successful economic cooperation in Russian-European relations, the “conflict of values” has nevertheless become increasingly acute. Europeans demand that Russia recognize the only true model of democracy. Russia does not agree with this position. But why the West does not want to hear its arguments? Why did Europe and the West become so dogmatic and is a respectful dialogue between them and Russia possible? How do trends of modern society influence this? The observer of the magazine “However” Marine Voskanyan talked about this with a well-known German political scientist, an expert in Russian-German relations, a scientific director of the German-Russian Forum and a member of the coordinating committee of the Petersburg Dialogue Forum Alexander Rarom.

Policy values ​​or realpolitik?

Despite the productive economic cooperation, there is an opinion that in politics now is not the best period of Russian-German relations. Why?

- Yes, the trade turnover between Russia and Germany is growing, but we should not exaggerate the significance of this relationship. Russia simply sells more gas and oil, rare metals and minerals that German industry and economy need. Machines, high-tech equipment, which is not produced independently in the country today, are imported into Russia. But in essence, this is the same model as under Ivan the Terrible, when wood and furs were exported to Europe, and the Kremlin and churches were built by foreign experts.

You have repeatedly stressed that Germany has two different approaches in foreign policy towards Russia.

- In Germany, there are two points of view on Russia, this is true. The first is that Russia abandoned communism, Russia does not need to be afraid, you can trade with it, you can earn big money in Russia and Russia is a big market that Europe needs, since the Russian middle class, unlike the weakening middle class of Europe, has money to consume European goods. Therefore, a part of German society, especially business, is committed to friendship with Russia. But there is another part of society. This is the elite, politicians and intellectuals who view the rest of the world from the position of liberal values. It is important to note that this is their position not only in relation to Russia. They believe that Western democracy won in the Cold War, and therefore the West has the right to moral superiority over those countries where in the XX century there was an “unlawful state”.

It turns out that the “export of values” today has become for Europe the main foreign policy task?

- Twenty years ago, such an instructive position could not be, people were busy with more pragmatic issues - to preserve a fragile peace, to establish economic relations between Western countries. Today, Europe, both in foreign and in domestic politics, is becoming more and more oriented towards the primacy of liberal democratic values, it is admired by them. This is also a defensive reaction in many ways. In economic terms, Asia has overtaken Europe, but Europe says: morality is on our side, be equal to it. The military power of Europe is no longer the same as before, its own industry, with the exception of Germany, in fact also does not develop. After China overtakes the West, the Asian capitalist model can be a better role model than the European one. Europe is afraid of becoming a “museum of democracy”. But it already seems to many that European values ​​are like a work of art that was created as a result of the Enlightenment in European stories, but which must be modified, brought closer to reality.

Undoubtedly, everyone wants to live in a state of law, to be protected from the arbitrariness of the authorities. But many are annoyed by how the West elevated its values ​​to the status of a new religion or dogma.

But how can the dogmatism of Europeans be combined with such value as multiculturalism?

- Multiculturalism is only one of many liberal values. Here in the West, a gender factor has also appeared, for example, the minimum quota for 40% of women in company management. And the protection of the rights of sex minorities. Europe wants to give the individual the right of maximum freedom, but where is the goal and limits of such freedom? Indeed, for centuries and decades people have won real freedom for themselves. But today the struggle for even greater rights and freedom is turning into a cult of minorities. Indeed, it is good when minority rights are protected, but what happens if minority rights dominate the rights and ethics of the majority?

Where did the Europeans have such arrogant self-righteousness?

“I already said this: a quarter of a century ago, the West won the Cold War.” This is a key victory for the United States, Britain, France and Germany - for the Germans today there is no greater celebration than the fall of the Berlin Wall. Victory in the Cold War, do not be offended, in the eyes of a Western man the same triumph as in the eyes of the Russians is a victory over Hitler. And the USA, it turns out, won twice, both in 1945 and 1991.

It is also strongly influenced by the position on the question of the Second World War. Any attempts to equalize Stalin and Hitler in Russia cause rejection. The Russians, even regardless of their political orientation, believe that the Soviet Union saved Europe from Hitler at the cost of millions of lives. And Germany itself, too. And when they hear such comparisons, it causes outrage.

- In Germany, a completely different point of view prevails. That Germany was saved by the Americans - from Hitler and from the Russians. It is believed that the Second World War was launched by Hitler and Stalin, Hitler attacked first, otherwise Stalin would have attacked Europe. Russia did not forgive the seizure of Eastern European territories, the Prague events of 68 year. It is believed that the GDR - it was a Soviet concentration camp. In the minds of Europeans, the atrocities of Hitler and Stalin became equal.

And it is completely incomprehensible to Europeans why Russia does not celebrate 91 year as the main holiday of liberation and does not repent for having enslaved half of Europe. It is surprising that the Russians have forgotten the names of Soviet dissidents, and for the majority of Russians, all this means nothing.

For European political theory, the ideas of Jurgen Habermas on communication and dialogue as a basis for solving any problems are very important. But it is obvious that not everyone wants to enter into a dialogue in which the other side speaks from positions of superiority. And dialogue inside Europe is not always successful.

- The West has recently lost the desire for dialogue, before the policy of the West seemed to me much more tolerant. Today, the West listens less to others, other people's arguments are not interesting to him, instead, it “crushes”, absolutely convinced that it is right. Misconceptions appear from such self-confidence, for example, about the possibility of liberalizing the Arab world or all Muslim immigrants can be re-educated as Democrats.

In Egypt, after the elections, Islamists came to power, in Tunisia, women - university teachers are forced to wear headscarves and hide their faces. In free elections, the people elect not democrats at all.

- In the West, they hope that it is possible to agree with the Muslim Brotherhood. And that a certain increase in religiosity is an acceptable price for free elections. And we are confident that by supporting information and economically pro-Western politicians there, they will be able to influence the situation. But apparently, the West is still afraid of radical extremists. While Al-Qaeda’s structures appear to have missed the appearance of Al-Qaeda in Yemen, NATO contingents are now going to fight in Mali. After destroying the terrorists, the West hopes to make friends with moderate Islamists.

The desire of the West to see the leaders of the Arab world only pro-Western politicians recalls the well-known joke that "democracy is the power of democrats."

- We in the West will have to learn history again. Western-style democracy will not be around the world anyway. On different continents, there are societies with a historical burden to a more pronounced vertical and continuity of power. In some countries, the revolution of "progressive forces" can destroy what has provided stability in the state for centuries. It is necessary to recognize that there are countries where the population is ready to live in conditions of less political freedom, but to have greater stability and material well-being.

Europe in crisis

American political scientist Walter Lacker, one of the leading staff of the Washington-based Center for International and Strategic Studies, in his latest book, After the Fall: The European Dream and the Decline of the Continent, writes that this is a big question - will other countries listen to European propaganda of values ​​against the background of the economic and military weakness of Europe itself?

- Russia does not fully understand that Western Europe is much more closely connected with America than it might seem, if you look at a geographical map. Europe relies on the support of the United States as the strongest power in the world and expects America to “back up” Europe. While there is America, Europe is not afraid of external enemies. The West is still inspired by the American way of life, from which, as we believe, breathes freedom. And after the end of the Cold War, the West is convinced that this spirit of freedom must make happy the rest of humanity. This ideology reminds me of Lenin and Trotsky. They also believed that the world proletarian revolution should be carried out. And the West today is exporting a "middle class revolution" all over the world, and not by peaceful means.

But how is this possible against the backdrop of the economic crisis in the EU and internal problems, the huge numbers of unemployment in Greece, Spain?

- Nevertheless, there is a conviction that these problems will be solved only through the strengthening of democratic mechanisms and the principles of a market economy. Interestingly, national sovereignties are no longer the last truth in international law, the globalization of world politics and world economy occurs through the construction of a “global village” (global village) and a global “civil society” that will swallow up all countries. There is confidence that a completely liberated individual will always make a choice in favor of an optimal economic and social structure. Do you disagree with that?

But after all, the mechanism of free elections can theoretically, against the background of crises, lead to the growth of right-wing, nationalist sentiments completely opposite to these ideals within Europe ...

- To prevent this from happening, Europe creates huge financial funds from the funds of richer countries in order to support southern European countries. There is a belief that, thanks to big money and necessary reforms, these countries will solve their problems and be even more integrated into a united Europe. A more united Europe is a barrier to radicalism.

And how do citizens in Germany look at such support, which is largely carried out at their expense?

- Ordinary citizens - against, elite - for. Politicians believe that “letting go” of Greece is by no means impossible, since if you help her solve her problems, she will remain a market for German and European products.

And besides, if Greece leaves the eurozone, its debts will never be paid at all. And so there is hope that, continuing the tough measures, Greece will return some of the debts.

Such schemes are based on confidence in the stable position of Europe in the long term. But for example, if a large-scale military conflict begins in the Middle East, this can change everything very much, and this will not happen too far from Europe. Can we hope for stability in such a volatile world?

- The Western man in the street will tell you that NATO has the strongest army in the world and that we have the most developed technical weapon, The same Drones, which will allow us to bomb the enemy's territory without the direct participation of manpower. But the West will not actually go to war where there can be heavy casualties, such as in Iran or Syria. Another thing is terrorists and Bedouins on camels in Mali. With more dangerous countries, the West speaks the language of economic sanctions.

The mentality and often the arrogant position of Europe evokes the greatest aversion among conservative and patriotic forces in Russia. But there is a paradox here - these people are often experts and big admirers of classical European culture (which, as they believe, modern liberalism is destroying). In general, in spite of any friction, Russia remains a country very European-oriented. And she is very offended that in response to this craving for Europe, she constantly receives reproaches. Even if we talk about Putin, he has repeatedly appealed to Europe with proposals to deepen cooperation, but it is obvious that with a condition not to impose other values ​​on Russia. These suggestions did not find a response.

- Again we returned to the topic of the Cold War. While Russia has not adopted a liberal democracy, it is not considered as a full-fledged partner or ally of Europe. The question is how to break the barriers of Russia and still penetrate into Europe. After all, Russia is an integral part of historical Europe. Russia does not accept only transatlantic Europe without its participation. Interestingly, and vice versa, the United States and individual countries of the European Union will do everything so that Russia does not recreate its past influence on Europe. We did not feel this opposition in the 90s, now it will intensify. The West will demand disarmament from Russia. And Russia will demand a “divorce from America” from Europe. In my opinion, this is the historical logic of today.

But in Russia, many believed that the end of the Cold War does not mean a division into winners and losers ...

- I will say even tougher. Some in the West think that communism was equal to Nazism. Germany, after the surrender in 1945, apologized for her sins to the whole world, paid reparations to everyone. See, even today the Greeks still demand money from Germany for the damage caused by him during that war. So, there is a point of view that Russia should completely capitulate after the overthrow of communism, pay reparations, apologize and repent for the sins of Lenin, Stalin, Brezhnev. Russia, however, rejected the “German model” of repentance. And therefore, according to some intellectuals in the West, now it is, if not a pariah, then, in any case, a failed state in a civilized sense. Russia is being offered to study democracy - and if it sits on the school bench again, it will be petted. All this is not funny. In this regard, one cannot underestimate the role of the countries of the former Warsaw Pact and the post-Soviet space. In Western Ukraine, in the Baltic states, in Georgia, even in many Central Asian republics, the entire national policy is based on anti-Russian rhetoric.

In Russia, they look at Europe with a great degree of idealization and sympathy. And people really cannot understand these positions.

“And by the way, Putin also thought that if he offered friendship to Germany, then Germany would gladly agree to such a partnership, because this is economically beneficial, especially since Putin himself is a“ Germanophile ”. And I agree that in Russia people do not understand where these claims come from, for example, the sharp resolution of the Bundestag about the lack of respect for human rights in Russia.

They also do not understand it because Russia is an important energy partner of Germany.

- Russian gas accounts for 25 – 30% of the total volume consumed. It's a lot. But this is not a monopoly and no dependence. Do not forget that the gas itself is only 20% of energy consumption in Germany. However, after the abandonment of nuclear energy, the role of gas increases.

Nevertheless, the combination of such a policy of values ​​and economic cooperation looks very strange.

- The Germans firmly wish that Russia had an independent parliament, elections were held, like in the West, that the winner would receive his “democratic” 51%, and the opposition candidate would have support up to 49% of votes, not 20, as in Russia today. The Germans want to see more critical media in Russia, independent courts that can defend the interests of the common citizen, even if the state is against it. In Russia, by the way, they do not argue with this, but the mentor tone that is constantly present in this dialogue is annoying.

Omitted 90

Europe expects a greater presence of opposition in the media. But, with the possible exception of central television, the entire spectrum of political views is represented in the Russian media. The paper press and the Internet are very much critical of the current government.

- Anyway, in Europe they are convinced that the Kremlin deliberately deprives the opposition of the opportunity to broadly express its position.

Do you really not understand that objectively the opposition that led the people to Bolotnaya does not have the mass support of the entire population? Not Moscow, and the majority of Russians. And the opposition, even in general, does not hide its real attitude to this majority, considering it a dark mass, which brainlessly votes for who they will say. But people refuse to support liberal politicians simply because no one wants to go back to the 90s. After all, the opposition itself admits that the 90's experience has instilled in Russians a complete antipathy towards liberalism and its values.

- We in Europe really “slept through” 90. We were euphoric about what was happening in the post-Soviet space. The army was disbanded, the rockets were dismantled, Russia imitated the West in everything, we all, as missionaries, moved east to democratize Russia. Only one thing frightened us then: so that the communists would not return to power. But we turned a blind eye to the social distress of the majority of the people. They taught capitalism, not how to build a socially just society. Years pass, and we admit our mistake. It was necessary not to stick money to Yeltsin, but to invent a certain European analogue to the American "Marshall Plan."

Although in Russia the transition from the Soviet system to the capitalist system took place very hard, but now, after 20 years, Russia as a whole is living normally. But what happens in most other post-Soviet countries? Even if you don’t remember what people in these republics went through at the beginning of 90, when there is no light, no heat, no water. But now in the end it is generally a degradation. Millions of people in this space live as in the Stone Age, without work, without medicine, without education, no prospects - except to go to a more prosperous country as a disenfranchised cheap worker. What did this “victorious” model of democracy give them, besides the fall in the standard of living and the failure in the Middle Ages?

- In the West, they believe that worse than Soviet totalitarianism still could not be anything for them, so they got the main value - freedom. In the West, they simply do not understand why the Poles, Czechs, Hungarians, Georgians threw off the totalitarian past with such joy, and Russia seems to be still marking time in it. Just as with Libya or Iraq - today it is obvious that, under their dictatorial regimes, people lived there much better than they do now and what they will live in 10 years. But for the West it is not clear. And the post-Soviet countries will be helped, and in any case they will do everything so that they do not enter into any Customs Union or the Eurasian Union.

Nevertheless, nothing has discredited the concepts of democracy and freedom as these 90s.

- Yes, and therefore today all hope for a new Russian middle class, which is Europeanized. There are expectations that the changes will be simply demographic. Every year in Russia there will be fewer and fewer people who have nostalgia for the USSR, and there will be more and more young people who are still focused on Europe. By the way, these new young Russians are less negatively related to 90 years than previous generations.

New middle class and internet

In my opinion, there are great illusions with regard to this new youth. This is some kind of crooked mirror in which the young middle class of million-plus cities is disproportionately reflected. Although the request for change in society really is. But it lies in a different plane. It is rather a request for meanings and ideas.

- Meaning and ideas are always better than wild materialism. The problem of today is that there is no national idea either in Russia or in the West. There used to be ideas, in the past, humanity moved by ideas. But now there are few thinking people. Even the struggle for universal values ​​has become a kind of farce. Russia often speaks of its spirituality. Can not see it really. And Europe today only counts money, and the desire not to lose a high standard of living drives politicians and society. But earlier for the European idea they “fought” differently, somehow everything was more ideological.

Perhaps the mass culture and the information society with the Internet, which give people a substitute for ideas, and a surrogate feeling of participating in something important are to blame.

- Everyone can click a button and have their own tribune on the Internet. And an understanding of its importance becomes inadequate. The most dangerous thing is when people break out of the virtual world of computer games into the real one, grab a weapon and shoot - as massacres in some American schools show.

In your opinion, can the Internet have such a strong influence on personality and society?

- My Russian grandmothers told me: "Modesty decorates a person." Today it is absolutely the opposite. Modesty ruins a person's career. You have to spin yourself every minute. And the Internet is very conducive. All this talk of solidarity on the Web is a myth. There is always an "I". This new individualism and narcissism, this disappearance of hierarchies is a key new trend. There is no shame, moral barriers disappear there. But I do not want to blacken the Internet; Of course, it contributes to global communication, the knowledge of almost everything, and everything is available and at such a speed.

This self-realization via the Internet reflects the request for great meanings. People want to do something, change something. They were called to the meeting, and they went. And the chance for the future is where to send people's requests for change.

- Our life today is not aimed at fighting for ideals, but at preserving the existing comfort. Previously, people thought more about philosophy, the meaning of life, sacrificed themselves for ideas and beliefs. Now the significance of religion in Western societies is fading. A person no longer has time to comprehend life, he is constantly distracted by some trinkets.

The main thing is the pursuit of personal happiness in the American version. The materialistic american way of life is brilliant. Live for today and create cloudless weather all the time.

Twenty years ago, if tourists walked through the old European city, they looked at architecture. And now, even in Venice, you walk down the street and look not at architecture, but only at the windows. And this lifestyle also spreads in Russia.

Lack of ideas

From your point of view, what kind of ideas are we experiencing today?

- I think that there is not enough viable left idea. She traditionally helped keep the balance - for the sake of social justice in any society. And the financial crisis occurred because in the current world order nothing holds back the financial elites. Earlier in Europe it was fashionable for young people to be leftist, among intellectuals, in universities. Today, most of them only need a career, and they only want to quickly adapt to the current system.

And by the way, in my opinion, this is also relevant for the Russian youth and middle class.

- Over the past 12 years in Russia there have been giant changes. And the middle class in Russia really lives much better than the middle class in Greece or Spain. Russians have never lived with such wealth as they are today. Of course, not all, but enough. My Russian friends think that we should live much better, because in Europe there is higher wages, but Europeans give a third of their income for housing, up to half of their nominal wages are taxed, everyone is forced to pay compulsory insurance — medical, etc. And in Russia, people were given apartments, for utility bills they give in comparison with us - a penny. Taxes for well-earned citizens in Germany - 42%, in France - 75%, and you for all - 13%. Russian tourists live in hotels that not every ordinary German can afford. And yet the Russians complain.

In Russia, by the way, in the youth environment there are also counterbalances to liberal ideas and the consumer paradigm. For example, a rematch of the Soviet idea. Moreover, unlike the older generation, which actually lived in the USSR and saw its flaws, these young people idealize those times. And she is anti-liberal, anti-Western. And against the background of Europe’s actions, unfortunately, it is anti-European.

- What is this anti-Europeanism based on?

This is an obvious response to the mentoring position of Europe. In addition, people see the double standards of all these claims and declarations on human rights. How do human rights combine with the bombings of Yugoslavia, Libya, with non-citizen passports in Latvia among tens of thousands of people, with processions of SS veterans in the Baltic States? And Europe is silent. And the Russians are able to see such things well.

- I understand that Western double standards are repugnant to many Russians. When Russia fought against Islamists and Arab mercenaries in Chechnya, Western intellectuals condemned it for suppressing the freedom of Chechens. Now the West itself has climbed into the war with the Islamists in Mali, and all the Western media applaud. On the other hand, it is again unclear what forces the West supported in the civil wars in Libya and Syria. When Russian special forces released hostages for children in Beslan and at the same time three hundred people were killed, the most severe international criticism fell on the Russian government. Now the Algerian troops, when they tried to free the foreign hostages, suffered a fiasco, as many of the captured were killed. In the West, the Algerian government is not only not blamed, but praised for its principles. These double approaches make it difficult to understand each other.

Alas, the West, with its contempt for everything Soviet, reproaches that Russia has not become an exemplary democracy, conducts a dismissive dialogue. This will change only when Europe realizes that it will be bad without Russia.

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  1. albert
    albert 6 February 2013 05: 47
    In the West, they put an equal sign between communism and fascism. Lies. What is the equality if all the fugitive Nazi criminals fled to hide in the West? They even rescued General Siro Isi, who was engaged in testing bacteriological weapons, to use his groundwork against us. Further. If you look at the current situation in the world, aren't the former SS men marrying in the Baltic countries, do they extol Antonescu, Horthy, Mannerheim and other Nazi bastards in Romania, Hungary? the same thing, and the West and Hitler are equal to each other.
    1. Uncle Serozha
      Uncle Serozha 6 February 2013 06: 03
      Your logic is quite sensible. But sound logic is of no interest to anyone if the task is to "reappoint" the winners of the Second World War. It is this task that is being solved by those who equate fascism and those who destroyed it.
      1. albert
        albert 6 February 2013 06: 13
        The main thing is that we never forget about it. That is why the West is so vigorously promoting its "liberal" values ​​in Russia.
        1. domokl
          domokl 6 February 2013 08: 23
          Quote: albert
          The main thing is that we never forget about it. That is why the West is so vigorously promoting its "liberal" values ​​in Russia.
          This has been going on for more than a century ... Only the West considers Moscow and St. Petersburg to be Russia, and Russia considers Moscow and St. Petersburg to be Moscow and St. Petersburg ..
          So it turns out, it seems that sprouts of Westernism appeared in Russia, and when they rely on them and try to bite off the Russian pie, Russians from Russia appear and, to put it mildly, heap on the biteers I really can’t ... The paradox of the Russian soul lol
          1. Goga
            Goga 6 February 2013 11: 37
            domokl - Greetings, Alexander, one thing surprises, for almost a thousand years Gay Europeans have been shitting on us as best they can. Attacks of "friendship" with Russia only happen when they have a complete abdragan, but as soon as the threat is eliminated by Russia's efforts, all "friendship" ceases and we again become "pigs" for them. At the same time (which is surprising) we are all the time with an arched back and ingratiating smile trying to look into their eyes and lament - we are also "Europeans", we are all yours .... But even Alexander Yaroslavovich (Nevsky) clearly calculated this situation and made the absolutely correct choice - to send Europeans through the forest - for which he deserved and was recognized by our church as a saint. Listening to our politicians, as the mantra of repeating - Russia is a European country, European choice, visa-free regime, etc., you are amazed - either they all have a zombie effect, or they are agents of influence - after all, what was clear to the Russian prince at 13 century, now it is simply obvious - to trade, yes, but otherwise from this rotten pederastic dump, into which Europe has become, one must stay away. Yes, and trading in the east can be no worse than in the west, lately, albeit slowly, but it starts to reach the initially pro-Western "St. Petersburg" top ....
      2. older
        older 6 February 2013 07: 05
        Quote: Uncle Seryozha
        No one is interested in sound logic if the task is to "reappoint" the winners in the Second World War. It is this task that is being solved
        Alas, this task has already been solved ... Europeans are sure that the Americans saved the world from Hitler and Stalin, the Japanese (according to polls up to 60%), that the Russians blew up the atomic bomb
        In the near future, Russia will probably have to extinguish the European fire again ... Everything is going to this ...
    2. Mitek
      Mitek 6 February 2013 06: 15
      The so-called European values ​​are a shame for a normal society. Europe is deeply sick ... And in 10 years, gentlemen from Africa, Turkey and other faithful will heal it, knowing the savagery of these doctors, we can assume that they will treat with great bloodletting. Our task is to prevent this infection from reaching us.
      1. albert
        albert 6 February 2013 06: 27
        Belolentochny infection is already here. It is necessary to undertake something more radical.
        1. domokl
          domokl 6 February 2013 08: 25
          Quote: albert
          Belolentochny infection is already here. It is necessary to undertake something more radical
          This infection is for Moscow ... In Zamkadye, they are nobody and they just call them nothing ...
          1. SASCHAmIXEEW
            SASCHAmIXEEW 6 February 2013 12: 37
            This is true! Moscow is not RUSSIA! And these seem to have imagined the opposite! Ghouls clowns! Something they played too much! I am not only about white tape workers but also about power!
          2. dmitreach
            dmitreach 6 February 2013 19: 15
            This infection is for Moscow ...

            The habit of looking for enemies abroad? (Abroad Moscow Ring Road) Nuka tell me at least one leader of the USSR / Russia who would be a native Muscovite, in the eleventh generation?
            This infection in Moscow because the Capital is a mirror of the Country. Not Martians live here. And every year there are more and more people coming for the ruble ...
      2. older
        older 6 February 2013 07: 09
        Quote: Mitek
        The so-called European values ​​are a shame for a normal society. Europe is deeply sick ..
        And you can’t argue ... The idea of ​​personal freedom brought to the point of obscurity (gays, tolerasts, etc.) has led Europeans to dissolve in Arabs now ... to self-destruct.
        But, there already appeared people who understand this ... It seems that understanding will slowly lead to new Nazis, new religious and ethnic conflicts ...
        1. Sergh
          Sergh 6 February 2013 07: 47
          only when Europe realizes that it will be bad without Russia.

          Yes, Europe will never understand anything, it will, from principle, with foam at the mouth, prove that it (Europe) is the navel of the earth. And poking a finger, and even more so sick, oh, how I do not like it.
          In the 90s, all of Europe and the Anglo-Saxons flew like flies to gomno in Russia, trampling each other to grab, then natzrat and drag them to their place in order to return again. From the outside it was disgusting to watch and listen to their heart-rending squeal of freebie enjoyment, so what they wanted, they got it, although somewhat grateful that they gave our brother a look at the true face of "pedagogue friends", otherwise we would now elbows bit if not in time to bite this "cock" shebla.
      3. Heccrbq
        Heccrbq 6 February 2013 15: 17
        I think this infection is already with us, but while the incubation period is sleeping, so to speak, whether we can handle it or not, it depends only on us.
    3. alexng
      alexng 6 February 2013 06: 30
      Now, when the West was no longer hindered from promoting its values, it turned out to be in full, and now any, even insignificant, opposition to Russia in this regard for the West becomes an insurmountable obstacle. The wolf turned out to be "raggy". I propose a mug for the peace of Western values. drinks
    4. older
      older 6 February 2013 07: 01
      A wonderful article .. Clever, intelligible .. Rar’s head ... And the fact that the West will never understand Russians was always clear ... Just because we have a Russian spirit ... We are not Europeans and Asians .. We are different and we are not victorious ... That is why the merits of the Russian people in preserving the West since the tsarist times have been hiding in every possible way ... It’s a shame to Westerners to honestly say that a Russian soldier periodically saves Europe ...
      1. mamba
        mamba 6 February 2013 15: 05
        Quote: older
        Rahr head ...

        Alexander Glebovich RAR - German journalist, political scientist, director of the Center. Bertold Beitz at the German Council on Foreign Policy (DGAP). Born in 1959 in Taipei (Taiwan). In 1988 he graduated from the University of Munich, where he studied the history of Eastern Europe. In 1995, he was director of programs for Russia and the CIS under the German Council on Foreign Policy. He was awarded the highest award of Germany - the Order of Merit for the Federal Republic of Germany - for his contribution to the development of German-Russian relations. Honorary Professor of MGIMO, member of the Foreign Policy Council of Germany. He is the author of biographies of M. Gorbachev (1986), V. Putin (German in the Kremlin, 2000), who made a lot of noise in the West and caused a hail of reproaches to the author for excessive sympathy for “these Russians”. This descendant of the Russian emigrants of the first wave is a sober-minded European, who longs for missed opportunities.
      SASCHAmIXEEW 6 February 2013 12: 28
      Quite right! The West will never become our friend! They are afraid of us! We are different! And most of the nouveau riche, who? Jews! They have a different mentality. It is necessary to trade and cooperate, but do not open embrace, Keep your distance, let them be afraid further! And in general, we are a self-sufficient country and we can easily live without the West! People? what the hell do we need west? Ask yourself a question! That we became happier from Western clothes? What did the West give, what you cannot live without !? Poisoned GMO products, corruption of our children from TV and media! What good have we got from the west? Who will answer, "democracy" that has changed since socialist times, before you just get fired from your job, and now, on the reduction, and the whole story! What we need? The most important question! And to the west, I would personally put it with the device, if they were overgrown .... m!
    6. wax
      wax 6 February 2013 15: 00
      An equal sign can be more justifiably placed between fascism and capitalism, but not communism. Exaggerated use of some external parallels cannot replace entity analysis. Using such a scholastic method, it can also be argued that the pig and the person are one and the same, because they have blood, lungs, heart, etc. (even the liver can be transplanted), the hereditary gene apparatus, cell structure, etc., etc.. Almost identical. I wonder how quickly the Internet stream washes away culture and education with pop music and a soup set of information. Could someone imagine in our country a quarter of a century ago that in order to become a famous singer, she would need not a voice, but boobs and a priest. And all this annoyingly rushing on the Internet, television. The insanity of Western society grew stronger and conquered other countries. I hope we do not turn into a snack.
  2. tor11121
    tor11121 6 February 2013 05: 47
    Europe is afraid of becoming a “museum of democracy" —so it has long been a wax museum with old horror stories.
    1. older
      older 6 February 2013 07: 12
      Quote: tor11121
      Europe is afraid of becoming a “museum of democracy" —so it has long been a wax museum with old horror stories.
      laughing It has already become ... What Europe once took over the world in Asia now ... The bubble of democracy has swollen to indecent dimensions ... How many more walls can withstand ... Nobody knows how to vent the air ... Democracy eliminated ...
  3. Sakhalininsk
    Sakhalininsk 6 February 2013 05: 54
    Personally, I always amazed by the squeal of Europe about some pan-European and universal values, and how byak people of Russia do not want to join these values.
    And what cultural and other spiritual values ​​can these general people say who have been despised for centuries, despised homosexual and other sodomy, eutonasia, other common European values ​​of a similar plan ... these are not values, this is a clear degradation and loss of all value guidelines, if in Europe it is considered the norm is that homosexuals in the church get married and doctors kill hopeless patients, I and my children don’t need such values.
    1. Kaa
      Kaa 6 February 2013 06: 38
      Quote: Sakhalininets
      Personally, I always amazed by the screech of Europe about some pan-European and pan-human values, and how byak residents of Russia do not want to join these values
      All the same, the "godfather" of my nickname Reidar Kipling was right when he said that "West is West, East is East, and they will never converge." While some civilians are going to trade with us as with savages (well, at least they don't offer beads), the military continue to intrigue (in this case against the Belarusians' brothers):
      “Belarusians should not only be deprived of the right to host the 2014 Ice Hockey World Championship, but also seriously reduce their standard of living,” the former chief of German intelligence (BND) and diplomat, and now the head of the association, said in an interview with Deutsche Welle on December 20 "Human rights in Belarus" Hans-Georg Wieck. According to Hans-Georg Wieck, the European Union and its structures have clear goals in relation to Belarus and other post-Soviet republics: "These are democracy, market economy, independent judiciary and, of course, the rights of everyone person ". If Belarus wants to cooperate with the EU, then it must accept these values. So far, there is no such desire on the part of the official Minsk, therefore the language of sanctions and threats against Belarus is acceptable, the former German intelligence officer believes." If any clan, regime managed to seize almost undivided power in the country, then he can intimidate and suppress the population for years and decades. But sooner or later, the negative aspects of authoritarian regimes outweigh. During my long life I have witnessed the collapse of many authoritarian regimes. Open societies can go through periods of crisis, but they cope with them. Authoritarian regimes are doomed to collapse, "Wick emphasized, characterizing the Belarusian problem. One of the means of pressure on Lukashenko, Vik, considers the boycott of the World Ice Hockey Championship, which is to be held in Minsk in 2014. At the same time, Vik is not interested in the wishes of Belarusian fans of this sport, he considers it more important to strike a blow at the pride of the leader of Belarus.In addition, in order to achieve the goals of the EU, Vik considers it quite acceptable to reduce or completely stop the purchase of oil products from Belarus, which will not only weaken the "Lukashenko regime", but will inevitably lead to a decrease in the living standards . "Everyone will suffer. So far, sanctions have been imposed only on firms headed by people from the president's inner circle. Sanctions prevent them from doing dark deeds. But the Lukashenka regime subsidizes Russia with preferential oil supplies, "the head of the Human Rights in Belarus organization outlined his position. According to Wick, the Russian government uses oil supplies as a lever of pressure on official Minsk. However, the German politician believes that Moscow will not be able to use with this instrument. "Russia goes to preferential supplies in order to tie Belarus to itself. But joining the WTO obliges Russia to unify prices in the domestic and foreign markets. So in the near future Moscow will not be able to use the oil price as a political lever in relations with Minsk, "Viktor said. Today, Hans-Georg Wieck is the head of the Berlin Association for Human Rights in Belarus." The report of this civic initiative, released recently contains a number of recommendations to European leaders on Brussels' policy towards Minsk. "
        SASCHAmIXEEW 6 February 2013 13: 01
        In general, accession to the WTO should have been decided in a referendum, this power simply threw us, as with the preservation of the Union! According to the referendum, the Union to be, but what do we have? The labeled ghoul led to the line ... and all .. the local princes ruffled everything! As if Russia with the same ghouls do not lose, they x ... they have where to molt! And they will leave us slaves to the new owners !? So what ..? I do not agree!!! Ots .....! I’ll dig up a machine gun and go into the forest, but I won’t give them life!
    2. older
      older 6 February 2013 07: 16
      Quote: Sakhalininets
      I am always struck by the squeal of Europe about some pan-European and pan-human values, and how byak people of Russia do not want to join these values.

      laughing I welcome Sergey! And it all began with you ... Europeans and Americans advocated the rejection of the use of animal skins when sewing clothes, and you sew, sew ... lol
      Well, then off and on ... Gomikoi don’t recognize, forbid parades laughing And as for the observance of laws and knocking on the police for violating traffic rules, I am generally silent ... So the Sakhalin people are to blame for everything .. All seven ... lol
  4. Warrawar
    Warrawar 6 February 2013 06: 10
    It seems that the average Europeans have a very bad head, since they cannot understand why the Russian people are rejected by their "universal values".
    1. Che
      Che 6 February 2013 08: 45

      The West is still inspired by the American way of life, from which, as we believe, it blows freedom. And after the end of the Cold War, the West is convinced that this rest of humanity must be made happy with this spirit of freedom.

      How many can you name who they "made happy" - all the countries of the Maghreb and the Middle East. Probably it is easier to list where these common people did not manage to climb.
        SASCHAmIXEEW 6 February 2013 13: 14
        In mymoy they don’t know what they are doing! I'm about the EU. The states are on the verge of collapse, and in general their design will collapse soon, and they all drag on the Fed!
      2. Sandov
        Sandov 6 February 2013 20: 21
        This canoe dates back to the Middle Ages, if not earlier. This brethren did not stop at anything.
  5. Humpty
    Humpty 6 February 2013 06: 16
    Europe is always happy when a Russian is bad. And in them there is an indestructible desire to eat butter from the Russian ladybug for free and to blame us for this. Pharisees. They smell, freebies will not be here and rage.
    1. alkach555
      alkach555 6 February 2013 07: 48
      Humpty: Hence the proverb-What is good for the Russian, then the German-death. They do not like it when we have a good
  6. dirty trick
    dirty trick 6 February 2013 06: 28
    why the hell do you need this europe? Now it is much more important to develop relations with our Asian neighbors - it is in Asia that the greatest potential is concentrated!
    1. Goga
      Goga 6 February 2013 11: 52
      dirty trick - Colleague, - quote - "why the hell is this Europe needed at all? Now it is much more important to develop relations with our Asian neighbors" - full "+"! I wrote above, I will repeat - already in the time of Alexander Nevsky it was clear with whom Russia was on the way from the west or from the east, the prince made the right choice, for which he was recognized as a "saint." Our leadership, in spite of the obvious mockery of the Europeans, is constantly trying to adhere to this garbage dump. Although in fairness it should be noted that recently life has been turning them in the right direction - this is a "pipe" from Siberia to the Pacific Ocean, and a "branch" from it to China and the intention to build an LNG plant in the east, so the hope for "wisdom "our leadership in this matter is. Again, I think, with their swagger, the Gay Europeans will nevertheless achieve the fact that we fully turn to face Asia, they would not be late ...
      1. dirty trick
        dirty trick 6 February 2013 13: 13
        Quote: Gogh
        Again, I think, with their swagger, the gay people will still achieve that we fully turn around to face Asia, not be late ...

        + dear! although this is a dangerous business - they can turn their backs on the gay men, they can take it as an invitation! it is advisable that before a U-turn it is fenced off by a curtain, preferably iron !!!
  7. Fox
    Fox 6 February 2013 06: 47
    like putting me on both the geyropu and its values.
    1. domokl
      domokl 6 February 2013 08: 30
      Quote: Fox
      like putting me on both the geyropu and its values.
      A classic example of tolerant commentary .. And the wolves are fed and the sheep are safe .. Amused ... laughing
  8. gazovic
    gazovic 6 February 2013 08: 16
    What are European values: to knock police on your neighbor, tell your child that homosexuality and lesbianism is the norm, take away the children from the mother is normal, declare war on the Tumba-Yumba tribe for not living according to the rules, not smoking their bamboo according to European standards etc. - it is cholera, typhoid or plague affecting their brains.
    But with such diseases, purification occurs only by fire.
    1. domokl
      domokl 6 February 2013 08: 33
      Quote: gazovic
      But with such diseases, purification occurs only by fire.
      Tough, but in some ways true ... It also seems to me that the point of no return for Europe has been passed and religious and national conflicts are next in turn ... It smells like a blood from the West .. it smells ...
      1. gazovic
        gazovic 6 February 2013 08: 53
        YOU look, blood is already pouring, soldiers of European armies in Afghanistan, Iraq, Mali. Armies are minimized, betting on technology, on uninhabited technology, and on a simple basis on inhuman technology.
        But the paradox is that the more Europeans participate in wars with a weak adversary whose tactics are only partisan methods, the more the belief that all wars will be like that is strengthened in their brains. Ivot is this and lead them all to the abyss as soon as they encounter a state that will wage war using all known methods (sabotage in the rear, striking at and in the territory of the enemy’s country, undermining technical, economic and energy threads, etc.) e.), all this will lead to a loss of spatial orientation of the state, police terror and the liberation of forces within the state who do not want to submit to the dominant nation.
  9. Jurkovs
    Jurkovs 6 February 2013 08: 29
    At the end of the 19th century, Dostoevsky and Nietzsche noticed that with the accelerated penetration of education into the masses, a tendency to idealize ideas, fetishism appeared. This is what Nietzsche called this phenomenon and predicted the flourishing of fetishism in the 20th century. This is how Marxism, Leninism, Bolshevism, Nazism, Maozism and the current democracy, expanded understanding of human rights, Islamic radicalism appeared. Fetishism is characterized by categorism, only we are right, everything or nothing, if the enemy does not surrender, they kill him and so on. At one time, not without our help, the generally sound idea of ​​socialism was screwed up. Now they are taking a good idea of ​​democracy to its logical conclusion, to complete absurdity. Only God knows what will replace it. However, Russia has soaked up this shit so that it distrusts the speeches of the newly-minted "agitators" and "commissars" and will no longer stand in the general rank. Germany stood in this line, despite the fact that she herself drank enough, apparently the mentality played a role.
  10. Forget
    Forget 6 February 2013 09: 05
    in general, it is surprising that the people of the West are free .... in fact, under the rule of the oligarchs, if most countries have an authoritarian regime, then in the West there is financial authoritarianism, and there is no freedom anywhere else in the world. A person will be truly free only when the individual and society will be organically whole, and no matter how cool it is only possible under communism ....
    and if you want to be free, so go to the steppe or to the mountains and live there as you like, although there are no wild animals that will show such a person freedom wassat
  11. fenix57
    fenix57 6 February 2013 09: 23
    "- I think that there is not enough viable leftist idea ... - Gayrope has enough ideas. However, there is fear, or:
  12. varyag
    varyag 6 February 2013 09: 51
    Rules of the game

    The world is not chess, but backgammon!
    You don’t take it all - in a flash
    Fates, billions of money -
    The hand is unclenched:

    And from the "zar" faceted, nimble,
    Waiting and calculating
    Sixes may fall out,
    This is with luck!

    It happens when the devil
    Denying us good
    They tear up the price of oil
    When the checkers are in the "head".

    There your thoughts -
    In the first chip, and then,
    Drop everything in security
    Shove into the Kremlin "house"!

    It's boring! Your interests
    Mother fed with milk -
    If the rules are tight for you -
    It is necessary to change the rules.

    I don’t want to, just take
    Your hanging in the balance
    To our Russian ruble
    Strengthened on the board.

    And we don’t need you fast!
    But we know the rules of the code.
    You, in the game, adventurers,
    You have to skip the move!

    And elite checkers squabbles
    We suppress the farce throughout the country.
    In the wise rules of the East
    You will have a beautiful "Mars"!
  13. polly
    polly 6 February 2013 10: 14
    “The Germans firmly want Russia to have an independent parliament, to hold elections like in the West, so that the winner gets his“ democratic ”51%, and the opposition candidate has the support of up to 49% of the vote, and not 20, as in Russia today. Germans want to see more critical media in Russia"- to want is not harmful! The main thing is that the boils do not jump out anywhere from excessive desire ...
  14. deman73
    deman73 6 February 2013 10: 20
    You can remember the Bundes and the whole Europe about 45
    1. подводник
      подводник 6 February 2013 11: 09

      The Bundos learned their lesson from the second time as "excellent" ....
      One phrase "Stalingrad" puts them in a hard stupor ... this is already at the genetic level, the memory of Russia ....
      Here amers and Britons will never calm down, as long as there is our country, while we are alive ...
      It was they who stood behind Sukashvili in 2008 ...
      Bush hoped with one single move to put Vovka on his knees, to humiliate him in the eyes of the whole world and Russia ....
      He then told Volodka (at the Beijing Olympics) that he "knows Sukashvili well, and he has very hot blood" and advised "friend Vladimir" not to interfere with him (Sukashvili) to restore order in his country ... Vovka answered him: " I have hot blood too! "
      Nobody expected such a shameful defeat from the Georgians .... in 8 days everything that had been so carefully and with great zeal was drilled by foreign specialists ... The Amers were simply handed out .... Their whole multi-move with the final "check and checkmate" "in Iran covered myself with a copper basin ...
      Bush did not know the Russian proverb: "Don't dig another hole ..."
      History needs to be known and taught ...
      After all, it, history (such a stsuka), if you do not study it, has the property of repeating itself ...
        SASCHAmIXEEW 6 February 2013 13: 46
        So history didn’t teach them anything either, they landed in the Severs, and they were in Vladik ... So now they need to set up a tsunami at home .... So that they wouldn’t be angry with God !!
      SASCHAmIXEEW 6 February 2013 13: 39
      So they drive a specialist into Bosko that they won the second world state! And of us 5 colony is trying to make idiots !!!
  15. sso-xnumx
    sso-xnumx 6 February 2013 10: 51
    All these liberal liberals and multiculturalists, as always in the old days, believe that Russia, if something happens, will be obliged to help them, with resources, soldiers, and moreover for free, and then they will gnaw off their piece again and again begin to live according to them. Can send them all and put in absolute dependence on us? Just again to snitch them all on the snout .................
    1. подводник
      подводник 6 February 2013 11: 31
      Take your time to destroy our guys .... tapping the snout - easy to say ....
      Let them each other for a start thin out
      Amer, organizing these Arab rebellions, not wanting to (or maybe wanting), opened a pandora’s box ... Now these same Arabs dream to bleed all over Gevrop .....
      I think you've already heard about Muslim patrols in London .... about the desire to blow up the Reichstag in Berlin ...
      In my opinion, events will soon occur in Gevrop that will make all these representatives of highly civilized individuals shudder at the horror of what is happening under their booty .....
        SASCHAmIXEEW 6 February 2013 13: 49
        It looks like the west has awakened famously ... to your head! If we unwittingly shake ourselves to be a big trouble for everyone !!
      2. mamba
        mamba 6 February 2013 14: 02
        Quote: submariner
        I think you've already heard about Muslim patrols in London .... about the desire to blow up the Reichstag in Berlin ... In my opinion, events will soon occur in Gevrop that will make all these representatives of highly civilized individuals shudder with horror

        Hello Volodya! And rehearsals of future events have already taken place in Paris and were accompanied by massive arsons and pogroms. Small arms muslim extremists while not used. But this - while the team was not. The time will come and any, even the most trifling, occasion to start the Islamic conquest in Europe will be used. And then democratic values, tolerance and human rights will be swept away by bearded uncles with Kalash, wrapped in colorful headscarves, a muezzin's voice will sound from the Eiffel tower, and Parisians will shyly move through the streets, covered with a burqa:
  16. IRBIS
    IRBIS 6 February 2013 10: 55
    Europe in crisis

    She is no longer in crisis, she is already in a deep anus. Together with their tolerance, multiculturalism, "democratic values" and other crap. You and I have the honor to witness the fall of all this. The main thing is that we don't get spattered ...
    1. подводник
      подводник 6 February 2013 11: 36
      Yes, the forest is cut, chips fly .... I think we want it or not, but if something happens, what’s going so, Russia will become their only refuge and salvation from the Muslim massacre ...
  17. Dart weyder
    Dart weyder 6 February 2013 11: 14
    so there is nothing to treat them well - just buy and sell, give them free rein - they will be so overwhelmed with their "freedom" that oxygen will stop flowing - they still think that it is better for us than under communism ... friends "
    GOLUBENKO 6 February 2013 11: 38
    The West is counting on our youth. Previously, in the 90s, gentlemen of the gay community had to be puzzled. Most youth are well-brought up by families, patriotic and critical of the West.
    1. Rubik
      Rubik 6 February 2013 12: 39
      Young people brought up in Western culture, which include cinema, music, computer games? Young people dressing in Western clothes, admiring Western cars and iPhones? Young people who, knowing English thanks to the network, communicate with Western friends? Give it up. There are, of course, young people and the one you are talking about, but as Rahr said - "In Russia, by the way, among the youth there are also counterbalances to liberal ideas and the consumer paradigm. For example, a revenge of the Soviet idea. And in contrast to the older generation, in the USSR and saw its shortcomings, this youth idealizes those times "such youth are not aware of the mistakes of the past and idealize it even more dangerous. By the way, I want to add that in Germany after the war, even 20 years later, there were "patriotic-minded" young people who idealized the entire imperial history of Germany and yearned for revenge. And where are these people now?
      SASCHAmIXEEW 6 February 2013 13: 54
      Your words to God’s ears too !! If so then from .. t in full!
    3. Tuzik
      Tuzik 6 February 2013 15: 05
      Of course counts! You look at what our youth has turned the West with its values! No culture, no values, no ideas, no duties, no responsibility! Here she is the hope of the West! We were simply infected with an infection, and we decompose ourselves from the inside.
  19. Lyokha79
    Lyokha79 6 February 2013 12: 10
    The West has come to believe in its righteousness to such an extent that they do not want to, and already cannot admit their mistakes. European politicians understand that in the countries that have gone through the "Arab spring" the idea of ​​democratization has safely and miserably failed, but admitting this means admitting to one's own shortsightedness and stupidity. Tolerance, which in the West, was elevated to the rank of an idol and selflessly worship him, will not lead to anything good. Being engaged in self-admiration and reveling in their own "civilization" they do not want to notice that they are rolling into the abyss. And the dog is with them.
  20. engineer74
    engineer74 6 February 2013 12: 42
    The position of Alexander Rahr himself is interesting - he constantly speaks of Russia's rejection of liberal values, laments the difficulty of dialogue and has never asked simple questions: Does Russia need their values? What did the Russians use before European democracy? And finally - Are their "values" really valuable?
    He is also a specialist in Russia, albeit with Russian roots.
    Well, in addition: I compared the means of production "machine tools, high-tech equipment" and the final product "Kremlin and churches" fool
  21. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro 6 February 2013 13: 06
    <<< Europeans demand from Russia to recognize their model of democracy as the only correct one. Russia does not agree with this position. >>
    We got it already with our model of gamecracy. Messrs Europeans, look for ears for your mentoring sermons of forestry gameocracy in other countries. Russia has already heard enough of them and HAS BEEN FOOD, especially in the 90s with the results of their implementation in practice and is fed up with Western values. So Russia is no longer a schoolboy, and Geyropa with her "values" is no longer a teacher for us: she would have figured out her shit first, where she is immersed more and more, before teaching others!

    1. wax
      wax 6 February 2013 15: 04
      Over the past 20 years, the West has convincingly proved to us that their ideology and values ​​are only a cover for their uterine lusts.
  22. Lettp
    Lettp 6 February 2013 13: 40
    I liked the questions with a lot more answers. Judging by the answers, Mr. Rar seemed a little inadequate to me, or something
    1. mamba
      mamba 6 February 2013 14: 23
      With whom you will lead, from that you will be typed. He quite got used to Europe, got a good job there: a leading political scientist in Eastern Europe and Russia. He reminds me of Nekrasov, who, lying on a sofa in a gentleman’s dressing gown, wrote poems about the hard life of his serfs. But Nekrasov, at least in words, worried about them, although he did nothing for their benefit, and Rar is telling us through his lip about democratic values ​​that we can’t reach. In a word: .rarwell that's not .zip.
      Alexander Rahr recently gave an interview to Komsomolskaya Pravda under the motto: "The brains of the Germans were amputated,", where he covers in more detail the psychology of Western Europeans and reveals the reasons for their attitude towards Russia.
  23. Tuzik
    Tuzik 6 February 2013 14: 49
    When the Russians understand that they don’t need someone else’s development model, the Chinese understood this and made their development model national, which rallied the population and strengthened the country. Whenever the power of the people (democracy) does not exist, this is just a screen for puppeteers, how many people - so many opinions - utopianism. in elections, 49-51% already need to divide the country into 2 camps. But the geyropa believes that the losing side in the amount of 49% of the population should live according to the rules and desires of the winning side, where is democracy and human rights and freedoms? All of their values ​​are a screen like a snow-white smile, and each year it bursts more and more, and the crisis is a consequence of the fact that they themselves have become entangled in their lies, they themselves have believed in their lies and blinded realities.
    GOLUBENKO 6 February 2013 23: 44
    Quote: Rubik
    Young people brought up in Western culture, which include cinema, music, computer games? Young people dressing in Western clothes, admiring Western cars and iPhones? Young people who, knowing English thanks to the network, communicate with Western friends? Give it up. There are, of course, young people and the one you are talking about, but as Rahr said - "In Russia, by the way, among the youth there are also counterbalances to liberal ideas and the consumer paradigm. For example, a revenge of the Soviet idea. And in contrast to the older generation, in the USSR and saw its shortcomings, this youth idealizes those times "such youth are not aware of the mistakes of the past and idealize it even more dangerous. By the way, I want to add that in Germany after the war, even 20 years later, there were "patriotic-minded" young people who idealized the entire imperial history of Germany and yearned for revenge. And where are these people now?

    Young people are different, like adults and older people. Therefore, trying to put the label of europhiles on all youth as political myopia or ignorance of the subject. I don’t know how in Ukraine, but in Russia all military-patriotic clubs and associations for children and youth organized by enthusiasts from among the Cossacks and reserve troops are full of youth.