Memoirs of an eyewitness to the American atomic bombing of Nagasaki

Memoirs of an eyewitness to the American atomic bombing of Nagasaki

The American bombing of the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945 will forever remain a tragic event in stories humanity. After all, this was the first (if we consider both strikes as one whole) and, fortunately, the only combat use of nuclear weapons. weapons.

According to preliminary data, US military strikes on August 6 and 9 claimed the lives of 90 to 166 thousand people in Hiroshima and from 60 to 80 thousand in Nagasaki. Moreover, in this case we are talking about losses directly from explosions.

Meanwhile, a huge number of Japanese lives were taken by the consequences of the bombing. Thus, according to data from open sources, death from acute radiation sickness reached its peak 3-4 weeks after the explosion and began to decline only after 7-8 weeks. Moreover, many of those who managed to survive had serious health problems for the rest of their days.

An eyewitness to the Fat Man explosion shared his memories of what happened in Nagasaki on August 9, 1945. Misaki Ikeda was 6 years old at the time.

As the man said, that day he was playing with his friend Shige. The boys climbed onto the roof of the university hospital, which was located about 700 meters from the epicenter of the explosion.

At some point, Misaki's friend said that he wanted to go to the toilet and it was time for them to go down. As a result, the friends left the roof and got into the elevator.

As an eyewitness to the explosion said, when the elevator doors opened on the first floor, he saw a blinding flash, from which he lost consciousness. Then, when he woke up, his eyes were dark.

However, when the boy’s vision returned, a terrible picture with fires and destruction appeared before his eyes. Shige also survived, and he and Misaki followed the other survivors into the mountains, where people took refuge in a small temple.

On the way, the boy saw a woman carrying her child on her back. The baby was dead...

When Misaki told her this, the woman began to shake and call for her baby, and then burst into loud tears. According to an eyewitness to the tragedy, this was the first time in his life when he saw an adult crying bitterly.

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  1. +3
    13 March 2024 17: 06
    Then the men in black erased the Japanese's memory of this.
    1. +4
      13 March 2024 17: 30
      Quote: Vlad is short
      Then the men in black erased the Japanese's memory of this
      They all remember well
      1. -1
        13 March 2024 18: 38
        Quote: Dutchman Michel
        They all remember well

        Yeah ...
        It is clear that without normal people the state will disappear. It will fall apart and share with neighbors where there are adequate people.
        Since Japan still exists, there are still normal people there.
        But politics is determined not by all people, but by a small group in power.
        - Now “...” due to the fact that Russia threatens with nuclear weapons, the path to a world without nuclear weapons is becoming increasingly difficult

        This is a fragment of a speech by Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida at the anniversary of Hiroshima 2023.
        There is not a word about the USA in his speech.
        There are no more samurai in politics in Japan. The merchants are the only ones left.
        1. 0
          14 March 2024 19: 11
          The Japanese are generally terrified of Americans; it is very difficult to find Americans in Japanese films or cartoons. Germans or Russians are everywhere, but Americans can be counted on one hand. So they just know well who to fear, don't forget
  2. +4
    13 March 2024 17: 07
    700 meters from the epicenter! 20 THOUSAND TONS.
    This is for some who write about the all-powerful ODAB, which costs nothing to demolish the city.
    1. -2
      13 March 2024 17: 40
      excuse me, but who writes that ODAB can demolish the city?!!!
      1. 0
        13 March 2024 17: 48
        A lot of them. Here you are.

        (Andromeda Gektor)
        Therefore, dropping several high-power Bombs ODAB will finish the history of Avdiivka and, in general, all living organisms that have been present there since 2014
        1. 0
          13 March 2024 17: 56
          Or here. This is about a building that survived in Hiroshima, 160 meters from the epicenter.

          “If this building (see below) had, for example, an underground parking lot, people would have survived in it.”
          and now, especially for you, Karl: if this building had an underground parking lot, then if odab was used, all that would be left of it would be rubble, along with the population
          1. -2
            13 March 2024 18: 10
            I don’t know about crushed stone, but if there is underground parking in the affected area, then people are definitely screwed
        2. -1
          13 March 2024 18: 07
          what's wrong here?!
          ODB is precisely designed to destroy manpower in closed positions
          the question is not the destruction of a populated area, they managed to do this without ML
        3. -1
          13 March 2024 18: 49
          Quote: bk316
          A lot of them. Here you are.

          Is Avdeevka a city? You look at its area and compare the number of inhabitants (in peacetime) with the number of deaths in Japan...
          29 sq. km - holy shit...
  3. -4
    13 March 2024 17: 15
    Memoirs of an eyewitness to the American atomic bombing of Nagasaki
    why do we need it? show it to the Japanese.
  4. Msi
    13 March 2024 18: 01
    If we had worked with tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine, then in a couple of generations the Ukrainians would be grateful to us that we stopped this war...
    1. -1
      13 March 2024 18: 18
      I am a supporter of the use of tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine, but I am opposed to their use in cities with people. The use should be for military purposes, if there are no civilians there. For example, when the Ukrainian Armed Forces carried out a counterattack, it was their columns that had to be attacked instead of the heroism of our soldiers. No matter what happens at the LBS, if we don’t take a significant advantage and territories by the fall, then the only way out will be in tactical nuclear weapons.
      1. fiv
        13 March 2024 18: 47
        TNW must be used against concentrations of forces and equipment. Khls move towards the front in small, stretched out groups; it is ineffective to use such ammunition against them. An airfield with airplanes, a training ground with troops, a fortified area, a naval base, Lviv, Rheinmetall factories, BAE SYSTEMS, CZ and others - these are the goals!
        1. 0
          13 March 2024 19: 58
          The General Staff obviously has developments on the use of tactical nuclear weapons. We must also estimate the current state of battles. There are clear goals that you mentioned. This is already a lot.
      2. 0
        13 March 2024 18: 49
        Any bomb does not sort people based on what is in your pocket, a civilian passport or a military ID. Also, a buried mine doesn’t tell who you are, a terribly cool warrior or a botanist from an agricultural technical school. War, like a bathhouse, equalizes everyone.
    2. man
      13 March 2024 20: 36
      If we had worked with tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine
      Damn, am I dreaming about this!!! am
      1. +1
        13 March 2024 21: 46
        Damn, am I dreaming about this!!!

        Dreaming or not dreaming! The reality is this! Some Western countries and some Ukrainian politicians declare Russia's defeat. And the threat of defeat means a threat to sovereignty and the automatic use of nuclear weapons and not only tactical ones. That's one thing. And second: For example, when the Ukrainian Armed Forces launched a counter-attack, it was necessary to attack its columns instead of putting our soldiers into the ground. This would be a good vaccination against Ukraine’s desire to fight. There would already be peace. And how many people would we have saved (Russian and Ukrainian soldiers) from that time in total? I think there could be up to a hundred thousand just killed.
  5. -1
    13 March 2024 18: 06
    They have no complaints against the United States today.
    They hit Japan and no one in the world was outraged or imposed sanctions.
    The strong are always right, it turns out.
    But the Kremlin is either weak or does not understand this.
  6. -1
    13 March 2024 18: 14
    Without the USSR entering the war and the defeat of the Kwantung Army, the Americans would have fought for another two years on the islands, then the same amount in China. The United States did everything to ensure that the USSR entered the war, thereby recouping its Lend-Lease several times over.
  7. -1
    13 March 2024 18: 43
    Listen to the commentators, the Japanese are poor and unfortunate victims of evil Americans
    And only good Germans lived in Dresden...
  8. -1
    13 March 2024 20: 52
    Anglo-Americans love to drink civilian blood. Either:
    a) Afghanistan
    (b) Vietnam
    c) Cambodia
    (d) Iraq
    f) Syria
    (f) Palestine
    (g) Japan, etc.
  9. -1
    15 March 2024 04: 52
    Well, how are the valiant samurai under the heel of America?

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