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Chuck Hagel: “There is no glory in war, there is only suffering ...”

January 7 President Barack Obama has pushed 66-year-old Chuck Hagel to the post of Secretary of Defense. It cannot be said that this nomination suits all senators. Even Hagel's party members, Republicans, including such celebrities as Graham and McCain, gave him serious dressing the other day. The latter, for example, was genuinely outraged that Hagel considered and considers the position of George W. Bush on Iraq is fundamentally wrong, and the military operation itself is a mistake. Also, many cannot forgive a candidate, a former sergeant who fought in Vietnam and twice wounded, that he does not approve of the activities of the "Jewish lobby" in the United States, advocates a diplomatic solution to the nuclear issue in Iran, and even admits the possibility of negotiations with Hezbollah. Hagel got to the point of talking about a world without nuclear weapons. And this is the future Minister of Defense? The "hawks" were outraged. Only one of the Republicans said he would vote for Chuck.

Charles Timothy "Chuck" Hagel was born October 4 1946 of the year in North Platte (Nebraska). In 1967-1968 he served in the US Army, participated in the war in Vietnam. Awarded with two Purple Hearts.

In 1971, Hagel graduated from the University of Nebraska. Then his career quickly went up the hill. From the same 1971 of the year to 1977 of the year, he already worked on Capitol Hill in the office of one Republican congressman. He spent the next four years of his life working in several lobbying companies in Washington.

In 1981, Charles Timothy was appointed deputy director of the US Department of Veterans Affairs. (This post is he leftby disagreeing with the views of the immediate superior on the problem of rendering assistance to military personnel affected by the use of the Agent Orange in Viet Nam).

In the middle of 1980's, he founded one of the first US cellular companies. Got rich, became a multimillionaire.

In 1997-2009 was the US senator from Nebraska. In the Senate, he was a member of the Foreign Affairs, Intelligence and Banking Committees, and at the end of 2008, he was considered one of the possible candidates for the position of US Secretary of State.

For the past few years, Hagel has worked at Georgetown University, while also co-chairing the presidential intelligence advisory group.

Last week, a weary, eight-hour discussion took place in the Senate Armed Services Committee about whether Chuck Hagel could be appointed to the post of defense minister.

Representatives of the “Great Old Party” expressed concernthat he will be too soft a minister. They did not like his calls to cut spending on Pentagon programs and talk about a world without nuclear weapons. A separate issue was his unwillingness to solve the Iranian nuclear problem by military means. Hagel had to clarify:

“Like the president, I am sure that Iran cannot be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons. You can act here in different ways. My position was that we should not conduct work to contain Iran, but to play for the advance. As Minister of Defense, I, of course, will prepare the ministry for any development of events. This is my job and my responsibility. ”

That is, he does not want to fight with Iran, but he will submit to the president if he orders.

As for the operation in Iraq, which Hagel had previously criticized, John McCain spoke sharply. He did not hesitate to say that the members of the committee were embarrassed by the political views of the candidate and they are not sure that Hagel will be able to professionally and objectively judge the environment. Next, McCain spoke of Hagel's position on Iraq.

Hagel: Then the operation seemed necessary, but then ...
McCain: Answer, please, directly. Were you right or not when you called the Iraqi operation the worst example of foreign policy since Vietnam? Were you right or not? Yes or no?
Hagel: My attitude to the operation was ...
McCain: Answer the question, Senator Hagel! Were you right? Answer - and you will be free.
Hagel: Then I will not answer - “yes” or “no.”
McCain: So we write: "Refuses to answer." Let's continue ...

The Israeli issue was also raised at the hearing. While working in the Senate in 1997-2009, Chuck is often performed criticized Israeli policies and refused to support the initiatives of pro-Israel American public organizations. Once he even disapprovingly spoke of the powerful “Jewish lobby” in the United States, saying that he himself was “not an Israeli senator, but an American senator.” Then he was labeled an anti-Semite.

It should also be noted that Senator Hagel condemned attempts to push the United States and Israel into war with Iran. In his bold judgments, he went so far as to allow the possibility of negotiations with Hezbollah. All of this logically fit into the mainstream of solving the Iranian nuclear issue through diplomacy.

It is necessary to point out that Chuck Hagel promised to fulfill the Russian-American agreement on the reduction of strategic offensive arms (START-3). is he сказал to the senators:

“I intend to continue implementing the START-3 agreement and follow the disarmament agreements. I intend to maintain our strategic forces in full readiness and at the proper level. ”

However he saidThat the United States will continue to develop and deploy its missile defense systems around the world:

"The United States intends to continue the development and deployment abroad of elements of the missile defense system ... The United States cannot agree to limit its missile defense or publicize information about it that could put our systems at risk."

Ex-senator stressed that the missile defense system is directed exclusively against Iran and the DPRK. It was then that he proceeded to identify the main external enemies of the United States. Russia was not on their list. Main threat in his opinion, now represent Iran, the DPRK and Pakistan:

“Iran’s problem is serious. I agree with the position of Barack Obama that Iran should not possess nuclear weapons. The danger is also the DPRK with its missile and nuclear programs. Pakistan is another challenge. ”

He expressed his position: when solving problems, the United States should consult with the international community and not rush to use military force. Military force is an extreme measure, and it follows only diplomacy and sanctions that have not yielded results.

As for Iran’s nuclear problem, it should be resolved with the help of international sanctions. And they should be coordinated with Russia and the UN Security Council.

Hagel confirmed that the US defense department plans to continue the implementation of existing disarmament and non-proliferation agreements, while continuing the course set by the Obama administration in previous years. Speaking in the Senate, Hagel said that the United States should remain the strongest military power in the world and provide assistance to the rest of the world community.

After mentioning the help, he turned to the Afghan issue. The role and number of US troops in Afghanistan should be precisely defined. The main priority is the withdrawal of troops from this country:

“The withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan in the designated time frame (until the end of 2014 year) is a top priority. I confirm that the position of Barack Obama that the United States should focus only on training Afghan forces and counter-terrorism in Afghanistan will be implemented. ”

The candidate for the Minister of Defense and the "slippery" topic touched. He assured the senators that the new leadership of the Pentagon is not going to restore restrictions on the service of homosexuals in the armed forces:

“I intend to continue the implementation of the law, which put an end to the practice called“ Don't Ask Don't Tell. ” In full its (law) volume.

Thus, Hagel "justified" before the senators. We are talking about his old statements (1998) concerning the sexual orientation of the applicant for the post of ambassador to Luxembourg, chosen by Bill Clinton.

Hagel also touched upon such a modern strategic trend as cyber warfare. According to him, the fight against cyber threat will remain the main priority for the Pentagon in the future:

“Cyber ​​attacks remain the most dangerous and complex threat of the United States. They can damage not only the defense of the country, but also the actions of law enforcement agencies, companies, people. This is a threat to national security, and we will continue to fight it. ”

As a result of the hearings, the picture was the following: of the Republicans from 45, only one senator said that he would vote for Hagel. However, this is unlikely to change anything. The fact is that the majority in the Senate belongs to the Democrats (their 55), and they are almost all ready to vote for Hagel. The alignment is a bit strange - the Republicans will be against the Republican, the Democrats will be for the Republican, but as it happened. In the blog Washington Post they have no doubt that Chuck will win through the majority of Democrats votes and will soon become the head of the Pentagon. Chris Chiliz writes that Republican senators could, of course, choose the hearing as a platform for provoking clashes with the president, but given their previous decision to retreat before the “fiscal cliff” and also to temporarily cancel the national debt ceiling, such tactical activity seems unlikely.

Jeffrey Goldberg, columnist Bloombergreminds readers. that in 2008, Hagel’s book America: Our Next Chapter was published. In it, the author wrote that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict “cannot be viewed in isolation. The stone fell into a calm lake, and the ripples go on and on and on. Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon will feel this effect stronger than others. Further afield, Afghanistan and Pakistan; Everything that affects their political stability will have an impact on the two new economic superpowers - India and China. ”

Goldberg says he would like to hear Hagel's opinion on this topic today. After all, Hagel’s hypothesis, built on the idea that the Middle East, freed from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, would become a “calm lake” was completely discredited by reality.

Yes, the analyst writes, of course, it is important to find a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And it is true that some Islamist terrorist groups use conflict as a tool. But these same terrorists invariably move away from a compromise that would allow the two states, Israel and Palestine, to coexist peacefully, live side by side: the terrorists are against the very existence of Israel. They are trying to undermine the peace process, because they fear that it will legitimize the existence of a country they hate.

Hence, Hagel's hypotheses about the connection of the conflict between Israel and Palestine with instability throughout the Middle East seem to the observer to be false. Goldberg notes that civil wars here are completely unrelated to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Syrian civil war? - he asks a question to himself. No, they are not related to a Palestinian-Israeli peace settlement. Slow the collapse of Yemen? No connection too. Chaos and violence in Libya? And it is not related. Chaos and fundamentalism in Egypt? But the establishment of a Palestinian state in the West Bank would not stop the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak or the gain of the Muslim Brotherhood. Terrorism in Algeria? And this is out of touch. Iranian nuclear program? And what, the creation of a Palestinian state would convince the world that the Iranian regime stopped its pursuit of nuclear weapons? Sunni and Shiite civil war in Iraq? Riots in Bahrain? Pakistani al-Qaida shelters? Where is the connection?

Why is it important? - Asks the analyst. “Because our leaders must be realistic, unlike the“ realist ”in quotes. We need to understand the root causes of the unrest in the Middle East. How can realists in quotes protect us from threats, the author asks if they do not understand the reasons for these threats? Decades of dictatorship (in many cases with the tacit consent of the US government) have done from the Middle East what it is today: here and misogyny, and low education, and corruption, and the politicization of Islam, and religious hatred.

Hagel wants to lead the US Department of Defense. Goldberg would like to know if he still believes in his “connection” hypothesis. A more important reviewer is the question of whether Obama is in captivity of this erroneous concept ...

Justin Green ("The Daily Beast"), quoting the material Goldberg, discusses the same topic. She sincerely hopes that the day will come when lasting peace will be established on the holy land. The existence of two states, the journalist notes, is morally and materially preferable to their alternatives, and the prospect of a future without two states is the most depressing.

Green does not accuse Israel of being disinterested in the world. She recalls that Hamas is “openly virulent” in relation to the state of Israel, while Fatah leaders mutter something in English about recognizing Israel, but at the same time pushing incendiary speeches in Arabic. On the part of the international community, we are witnessing "blatant condescension." So why would a pragmatic Israel engage in promoting the peace process? - the journalist asks. - To appease those who seek to destroy him?

Hagel, in her opinion, deliberately retains a point of view on the existing "connection". His hypothesis about a stone thrown into a “calm lake” reflects his silence that significant changes have taken place in recent decades. Is the resolution of the conflict between Israel and Palestine suddenly causing peace in the entire conflict region? And this is what we want from our Minister of Defense?

The journalist has no doubt that Hagel is an expert in international affairs. She does not even doubt that he is a man who truly thinks that the "constant pain" of the Middle East can be resolved by solving a long-standing conflict. But his thoughts on this issue, she says, are naive and divorced from reality.

Hagel is a good person and deservedly respected public servant. But he is mistaken about Israel, writes Green. And it can not be ignored.

Amy Davidson (Military Journalist, «The New Yorker») writes about Hagel quite differently.

She believes that Hagel did not stay very well in the Senate because of intellectual dishonesty in the hall, insinuations and the general tension of the situation. With the exception of extremely precise defense-related questions, everything else was a little like trying to get real information about what Hagel would do as minister in a particular case. Especially the candidate tortured Israeli issue.

For example, Lindsey Graham stated that the refusal of Hagel in 2000 to sign a letter approved by the AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the American-Israeli Public Relations Committee) and supporting Israel and condemning the Palestinians, “chills chills on the back.”

And Ted Cruz, the new Texas senator, asked:

“Do you think it is right that Israel committed, I quote,“ nauseous slaughter, ”as you put it, on the floor of the Senate?”

However, David Weigel pointed out that such a question distorts the facts: Hagel spoke at the time of the middle of the war in Lebanon, that

“The nauseous slaughter on both sides must end, and it must end now. President Bush should call for an immediate ceasefire. This madness must end. ”

And in the same speech, he said that the United States would remain committed to the defense of Israel.

(And Sen. Mike Lee, a Republican from the state of Utah, writes Chris McGrill (The Guardian), put pressure on Hagel with a question: will he now support his own statement that the Israelis “keep the Palestinians in a cage like animals”? Hagel replied in the negative: “If I had the ability to edit ... I would like to go back and change the words and the meaning”).

Hagel, recalls Amy Davidson, could have served in 1967 at a comfortable base in Germany, but he preferred Vietnam. He himself says: “... I have never been to Germany. My great-grandfathers from Germany. Probably a pretty good place, I thought, but I have to go where the war is going. ” Here the journalist sees the young man’s desire to do what he considered a matter of honor, and did it boldly. How he got to Vietnam was asked by a Democratic senator.

It turned out that he began service in the infantry in 1967 year. “And I just decided that if I was going to be in the army, it makes no sense to go to Germany,” said Hagel. Therefore, he asked to be sent to Vietnam. Further - more interesting.

“The office has become quiet. They put me in a separate room. They called a priest, a rabbi, officials, a psychiatrist. Everyone came to look at me, thinking that I was wrong, ran away from something or killed someone. I was checked for two days, wanting to make sure that I was fine. Then they forced me to wash the barracks for five days ... ”

Earlier, in an interview that Chuck Hagel gave at the Library of Congress in 2002, he said:

“I was wounded by shrapnel; my face was burned from above and below. Both eardrums ... burst. And until we could provide security in the area, our wounded could not be taken away by helicopter ...

I remember (in anticipation of doctors and evacuation) that I thought ... if I ever get out of all this, I will do everything in my power to ensure that war will be the last resort in the dispute that we, the people, will call on other people to resolve the conflict ...

Horror, pain, suffering of war, people just do not understand if they have not gone through it. There is no glory in war, there is only suffering ... ”

It should be noted that many American analysts expected the support of Hagel by Senator McCain, who also served in Vietnam. However, McCain, as mentioned above, turned out to be one of the most ardent debaters, who did not accept the candidacy of a former sergeant infantryman.

What can Russia expect from Hagel? It is unlikely that in the coming months there will be any changes in the relationship. The President of the United States will not arrive in Russia earlier than the September G20 summit in St. Petersburg - and the postponement of his visit is probably connected with the “lack of agreements in the field of arms control.” If Chuck Hagel’s candidacy is approved, the United States, as Hagel himself said, will continue deploying missile defense systems around the world. The military threat, according to the candidate for defense ministers, comes from Iran, the DPRK and Pakistan. Not bad that the Republican, like Mitt Romney, did not name Russia as an enemy.

As for Mr. Hagel’s anti-war rhetoric, it is rather convincing, since it has suffered from its own skin. True, the Republican's pacifism is not to the liking of the aggressive “hawk” McCain, who is unlikely to vote for Chuck. However, how far the one who has been appointed the head of the Pentagon can go in his objections to the war is a big question.

In the near future, if the candidacy is approved by the senators, it will become clear how Israeli politicians will react to the decision of the senate. In the light of strained relations due to the air raid by the Israeli air force on the suburbs of Damascus, this is very important. Israel and the United States are allies, but Netanyahu’s cool in relation to Obama may turn into Arctic ice when Charles Timothy comes alongside Barack Hussein, who has an original understanding of what is happening in the Middle East.

Observed and translated by Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. Vadivak
    Vadivak 4 February 2013 09: 18
    I watched their meeting with McCain, the latter behaved like a mongrel behind which a group of Dobermans, Well, plus black envy for a real soldier, a veteran who did not shoot at his own aircraft carrier and did not sit in captivity, but he knew all the charms of war

    Thank you Oleg.
    1. alex popov
      alex popov 4 February 2013 15: 26
      Two veterans of the same war. Two completely different people. nevertheless, a person’s attitude to war depends more on the person himself, and not on whether he fought or not.
      Not so long ago I read that Mackin spent a lot of time and money to improve his reputation after the Vietnamese captivity. Hence such a pathological hatred of everything Russian and clear signs of mental disorder. And given that he was shot down after 20 b.v. , survived and was in captivity until the end of the war (I also read, not from sources close to the Republican Party, that in cooperation he was not so "difficult" as described in the official biography, as well as the description of "terrible torture" was a little embellished and not confirmed by the majority of prisoners. "Captivity is not sugar, but you shouldn't lie too ..."), we can say that he was lucky and he did not enter the official number of those 58000 people and he did return home, and even using his father own connection, corrected "heroic past" was able to make a career in politics.
      1. cdrt
        cdrt 4 February 2013 23: 30
        About how his floors were forced to wash, when he said that he wanted to Vietnam - he delivered laughing Just in the style of Forrest Gump or Trick-22 laughing
        1. alex popov
          alex popov 5 February 2013 13: 17
          In addition to the "official biography", combed and smoothed for the elections, there is an alternative one:
          "John McCain was a typical" son "- the son and grandson of two four-star admirals - also the John McCains. Young Johnny - as the future senator was called in the family, from childhood did not shine with abilities, moreover, turning to his life path, you come to the conclusion that his "the roof moved down" long before Vietnam, if he ever had it. The connections of his dad - the admiral, and the image of Johnny's heroic grandfather still reached his diploma, he was the 895th out of 899 graduates of the Maritime Academy, but but he received a very prestigious distribution - to become a naval pilot. These are those who take off from aircraft carriers, the very cream of the naval aristocracy. The naval pilot had to study for another two and a half years, but already in the officer rank.

          To put it mildly, he was not the best student, but he still learned to fly, although not without loss. While training in Texas, he drowned his plane in the bay, but managed to get out of it and swim to the surface. To ditch the plane, not to break the skis, dad had to attract a friend of the admiral to hush up this story. But that was not the worst.
          After graduating from flight school, he was assigned to the Mediterranean group, where he managed to "distinguish himself" by invading the airspace of a sovereign state, flying over southern Spain, near Gibraltar. Then the case turned out to be much more serious than just a ditched plane. The Pope had to hush up the international incident. European newspapers wrote about the admiral's son, Americans behaving completely disrespectful, and the like. But dad did it, the case was hushed up and Johnny just made it home for the Cuban Missile Crisis. And then Vietnam began ... Young McCain for some time served as an adjutant for a certain admiral, and then he was sent to Mississippi as a flight instructor at the military airfield named after McCain, his grandfather. The airport and the adjoining village of Meridian were in a godforsaken corner of the American south, without any entertainment. Therefore, John took a plane from time to time to hit the road, say, to Philadelphia to unwind a little. In December 1965, he visited his parents in Philadelphia and on the way back crashed his plane somewhere in Virginia, thankfully in uninhabited area. He himself ejected safely. After that, he decided to apply to Vietnam.
          But the most important thing was ahead. Johnny grew, his qualifications grew, and his next victim was not only the plane, but also the whole aircraft carrier for the company. The Forrestal he served on flashed like a match after Johnny fired a missile salvo from his plane on deck - he was so eager to fight the damned commies.
          As a result of the assault strike of the dashing admiral's son, one and a half hundred sailors were killed, hundreds were injured and burned, a lot of aircraft on the deck were destroyed and the aircraft carrier itself was disabled for a year! McCain himself was immediately evacuated and transferred, out of harm's way, to another aircraft carrier. Where he was soon, during a combat mission, to the great relief of the US Navy, was shot down by a Soviet missile and was out of action for five and a half years. After returning to the US, doctors and physiotherapists said that he would no longer be able to fly. Johnny did not believe them, rightly assuming in this diagnosis the intrigues of ill-wishers seeking to close his "way to heaven". I did not believe it and took the plane into the air. This time he ejected without fractures. Experience is experience.
          1. Moritz
            Moritz 6 February 2013 00: 30
            Quote: alex popov
            In addition to the "official biography", combed and smoothed for the elections, there is also an alternative

            Quote: alex popov
            transferred, away from sin, to another aircraft carrier. Where he soon, during a sortie, to the great relief of the US Navy was shot down by a Soviet missile, and for five and a half years was out of order

            laughing but how did a person want to fly good
            1. alex popov
              alex popov 6 February 2013 11: 10
              His desire to "fly" cost taxpayers dearly: he ditched 4 planes, burned 22 planes, spoiled an aircraft carrier ... Just a "flying disaster")) Could he be a KGB agent and a professional saboteur? laughing
  2. Pula
    Pula 4 February 2013 09: 46
    Long live the hippies and the Forest Gumps! drinks
  3. Lopatov
    Lopatov 4 February 2013 09: 49
    Two Purple Hearts are two battle wounds.
    These are the civilian minister of defense ...
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 4 February 2013 10: 04
      Quote: Spade
      These are the civilian minister of defense ...

      Damn whom to compare with Serdyukov? Like nobody had such shit
      1. Lopatov
        Lopatov 4 February 2013 10: 19
        The idea was sound, to put in the place of the minister a good manager who was not connected in any way with either the Moscow Region or the near-army structures like the military-industrial complex.

        But the performance turned out to be out of the ordinary. The American Minister has a powerful counterweight - the Chairman of the KNS, the NHS in our opinion. We have not created such a counterweight.
        Moreover, they put on this place, to put it mildly, not that. A man who decided that if he is now a minister, then by default he is smarter than the "green men", and better than they understands the needs of the troops.

        In short, the idea is excellent, the execution is unsatisfactory. We often have this. Which makes you think about the situation in the conservatory.
        1. Vadivak
          Vadivak 4 February 2013 10: 44
          Quote: Spade
          The idea was sound, to put in the place of the minister a good manager who was not connected in any way with either the Moscow Region or the near-army structures like the military-industrial complex.

          May be. Although personally I think that boots should be made by a shoemaker, especially one who has served in the army. And then we, like the Strugatskys, in the "Doomed City" today is a scavenger, tomorrow the Minister of Education
          1. Lopatov
            Lopatov 4 February 2013 10: 56
            Roughly speaking, "little green men" should indicate the path of development of the Armed Forces, a civilian minister should provide this path financially.
            Contacting various contractors, guys from the military-industrial complex, politicians on whom financing depends, and so on.
            Previously, it was easier with this - "Motherland said: It is necessary ...", but now we have democracy and capitalism, and therefore an ordinary military man, even if he is a super professional, does not have the necessary skills.
            1. cdrt
              cdrt 4 February 2013 23: 32
              Not a fact - I remember one smart person who visited both the politician who controlled the military, and the military, and just a politician, said - War is too serious a matter to give it to the military
              1. Lopatov
                Lopatov 4 February 2013 23: 40
                This statement is attributed to many. And at the same time, not one of them was particularly famous for the leadership of the military.
          2. Lopatov
            Lopatov 4 February 2013 11: 25
            However, a civilian defense minister should have experience with regiment command. Or at least a company. In these two cases, he will definitely have an idea of ​​the economic activity of the troops from within.
          3. George
            George 4 February 2013 21: 55
            Hello all.
            And then we, like the Strugatskys, in the "Doomed City" today is a scavenger, tomorrow the Minister of Education. quote
            Or as with Suvorov, when he bowed to the lackey, and the retinue gasped, "Bows to the lackey!" , but Alexander Vasilyevich was not at all embarrassed, but said: "Today is a lackey, and tomorrow is a general!"
        2. valokordin
          valokordin 4 February 2013 10: 51
          [quote = Shovels]
          In short, the idea is excellent, the execution is unsatisfactory. We often have this. What makes you think about the situation in the conservatory, and what about the observatory?
      2. valokordin
        valokordin 4 February 2013 10: 49
        Quote: Vadivak

        Damn whom to compare with Serdyukov? Like nobody had such shit

        Two purple asses and stripes in the form of two bras.
  4. bdolah
    bdolah 4 February 2013 10: 03
    Yes, nothing will change, because, just like a shitty dancer, eggs interfere, so the United States is prevented by an intolerable itch to have the whole world as a zone of its national interests and unrequitedly "peacefully" bombing cities and countries to impose its vision of the world order. So an individual, especially such a contradictory person, will not create the weather.
    1. hrych
      hrych 4 February 2013 19: 13
      Yes, do not tell me, when was Bush, recruited the Rumsfelds and Cheney - even bigger psychopaths and fought two wars, and the current administration should be cleared up. Moreover, the war 08.08.08. on their conscience, although they screwed up to the fullest, and on Iran they would have been smashed back in 2010. And then the "anti-Semite" in the political sense, in general Benya Netanyahu became an orphan.
  5. Apollo
    Apollo 4 February 2013 10: 21
    quote-they can’t forgive the candidate, a former sergeant who fought in Vietnam and was twice wounded, that he does not approve of the activities of the “Jewish lobby” in the USA, advocates a diplomatic solution to the nuclear issue in Iran and even allows negotiations with Hezbollah. Hagel got to the point that he was talking about a world without nuclear weapons.

    Well what can I say, an interesting and sensible person. Paradox, I get the impression that B. Obama and V. Putin are copying each other’s actions what notably.

    V. Putin appoints mediocre Serdyukov as Minister of Defense and B. Obama appoints weak-willed Panetta


    V. Putin appoints a strong and charismatic figure S. Shoigu Minister of Defense and B. Obama appoints a sober-minded and sober-minded Chuck Hagel

    They are the presidents. What do the candidates agree among themselves ??? laughing
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 4 February 2013 10: 29
      Quote: Apollon
      They are the presidents. What do the candidates agree among themselves ???

      Or maybe they just have one boss?
      1. strannik595
        strannik595 4 February 2013 10: 38
        in a hundred years we’ll find out ........ but the truth is somewhere nearby
        1. SSR
          SSR 4 February 2013 11: 52
          Quote: strannik595
          but the truth is somewhere nearby

          like the steering wheel of a Moulder.
          1. cdrt
            cdrt 4 February 2013 23: 35
            Of course they have one boss - to blame for everything ZOG rules the world laughing
  6. heruv1me
    heruv1me 4 February 2013 10: 30
    Give Timati US Secretary of Defense !!! Do not like this let them take ours!
    1. alex popov
      alex popov 4 February 2013 14: 59
      Not then: give Serdyukov US Secretary of Defense.
      1. Moritz
        Moritz 6 February 2013 00: 33
        Quote: alex popov
        Not then: give Serdyukov US Secretary of Defense.

        judging by his activities in our army, he was already
  7. Manager
    Manager 4 February 2013 10: 38
    the cc senator emphasized that the missile defense system is directed exclusively against Iran and the DPRK. It was then that he went on to identify the main external enemies of the United States. Russia was not on their list. The main threat, in his opinion, is now represented by Iran, North Korea and Pakistan:

    Oh how? Is it a stone in Our garden with you, they say they don’t even consider us for the enemy, or are they just trying to ignore the brain with childish ways?
  8. Natalia
    Natalia 4 February 2013 10: 42
    One person (even if he is decent) will not change the whole system, since it is too few to affect something. Yes, his opinion may affect ...... on the part ..... of some decisions, but the overall oil picture will not change.
    In addition, he said that the United States will not refuse to deploy a missile defense system around the world, and the same song is painfully familiar (this is not directed against RUSSIA)
    It’s not bad that the republican, like Mitt Romney, didn’t call Russia the enemy ...... of course he didn’t call him, he doesn’t seem like a rabid reckless hawk, but RUSSIA was and remains the main enemy of the United States. The only question is who openly declares this.
  9. fenix57
    fenix57 4 February 2013 10: 55
    "Moreover, they should be coordinated with Russia and the UN Security Council ... "- probably suggests that 66-year-old Chuck Hagel has common sense. hi
  10. 8 company
    8 company 4 February 2013 12: 36
    2 "Purple Hearts" - this is the Minister of Defense, I understand. It is in Russia that they pretend that they do not have real military professionals - either Stouretkin or MChSnik.
    1. Natalia
      Natalia 4 February 2013 14: 12
      But you just need to drip on Shoigu ..........
      1. Vadivak
        Vadivak 4 February 2013 16: 20
        Quote: Natalia
        But you just need to drip on Shoigu ......

        Kuzhugetovich did not serve in the army, but this does not relieve him of responsibility
    2. wax
      wax 4 February 2013 14: 39
      It's not about the rewards - we had a pro hero of Russia.
    3. cdrt
      cdrt 4 February 2013 23: 37
      And when did we have the last Minister of Defense with real wounds and medals? - Is it not Buckwheat
  11. Natalia
    Natalia 4 February 2013 14: 10
    Anyway, OUR Shoigu is cooler. good
    And that, that two purple hearts, and among other things, Shoigu stood at the origins of the most combat-ready and effective rescue organization (EMERCOM) for more than 20 years, and today the EMERCOM is the most effective emergency rescue organization in the world. And besides, the Ministry of Emergencies is a paramilitary organization.
    I have no doubt that Sergey Shoigu will take our armed forces to a new level.
    1. SSR
      SSR 4 February 2013 16: 50
      Quote: Natalia
      among other things, Shoigu stood at the origins the most efficient and effective rescue organization (MOE)

      Good day to you, Natalia.
      The most efficient and effective organization was under the USSR
      Civil defense - a system of measures to prepare for the defense and to protect the population, material and cultural values ​​from the dangers arising from the conduct of hostilities or as a result of these actions, as well as in the event of emergency situations of a natural and man-made nature.

      (as forum users say, mountains of Soviet special equipment rusted and jerked). I don’t want to talk about the current Ministry of Emergencies, either good or bad ... because there is enough of both, but bad, mainly in the details. (I have many relatives and friends in the Ministry of Emergencies)
      1. cdrt
        cdrt 4 February 2013 23: 41
        I remember when when forests were burning throughout European Russia, Shoigu first made a statement that the Ministry of Emergency Situations began to extinguish actively, and then after 5-7 days he announced that they had switched to 2-shift work, including and at night (i.e. before that it turns out they worked 8 hours a day) feel
  12. ariy_t
    ariy_t 4 February 2013 14: 18
    I don’t understand ... These people ... Any person is ordinary, he kisses his wife, shakes his child on his knee, drinks beer after work. He is normal! But they call him, two months pass, and with a hack he cuts the same person as he, a sapper blade man! A bayonet battle is what it takes to get to stab a man with a bayonet, tear his throat .. This is a quote ..

    At all times, people who hate murder - even if legalized by politics, constitutions, whatever - have to hide their opinions from many who are used to other principles. No, no one in their right mind will yell: "I am a maniac! I like to shoot! I like people to die in thousands on my orders!" This, after all, is simply indecent. Therefore, the concepts of political and economic necessity, exacerbation of the class struggle, "Lebensraum" * [Living space (German).], "Superior race", "Untermenshen", "enemies of the people" and the devil knows what else arose. All of this justifies the murder. And everyone who seeks to strengthen their power, seeks, first of all, to tie the blood of those around them - because normal people, killing their own kind, cannot help but feel disgust. And those with a conscience are very easy to control. It is also easy to control snotty guys, who still do not think anything and enjoy real combat weapons. It is even easier when these two categories of people are mixed with each other. Such a part can be thrown into any massacre, and eighteen-year-olds will go there only because they do not yet realize a simple fact: death is forever, and your own death has no significance for the course of history. And those who have realized themselves will go to death, not even needed by anyone, simply out of a sense of duty, responsibility to eighteen-year-olds. And this is a quote .. But these are damn accurate quotes ...
    1. rainer
      rainer 5 February 2013 19: 39
      Sergey Anisimov. "Option" Bis "" Please excuse me comrade, the author tried to mention the person still wrote ...
  13. alex popov
    alex popov 4 February 2013 14: 56
    There is such a saying that the military wants to fight less than anyone, and politicians more than anyone.
    Where the words for politicians, for the military, blood and suffering.
  14. almamatkulov
    almamatkulov 4 February 2013 21: 03
    the feeling is that behind the soft-bodied defense minister, the Americans are planning to carry out something monstrous. for a wolf cannot suddenly become a vegetarian, even if his teeth are knocked out.
  15. panda
    panda 4 February 2013 21: 08
    Shoigu is a GRU cadre intelligence officer, and Chegel, as a candidate for minister, is talking about nothing at all, it is better to recommend Ramsfeld to Obama)
  16. sf43erdfhh
    sf43erdfhh 4 February 2013 22: 00
    Imagine, it turns out that our authorities have complete information about each of us. And now she has appeared on the Internet I was very surprised and scared
    my correspondence, addresses, phone numbers, even found my nude photo, I can’t even imagine from where. The good news is that the data can be deleted from the site, of course, I used it and I advise everyone not to hesitate
  17. I think so
    I think so 5 February 2013 00: 35
    Yes-ah-ah ... A bad picture is emerging for Russia if this Hagel becomes a minister ... In appearance, he gives the impression of an intelligent and purposeful ... and this is bad ... It would be better if the same Makein was hysterical or a fool Rumsfeld would have been, and this one is dangerous ...
  18. phantom359
    phantom359 5 February 2013 01: 49
    At least one adequate in a smelly swamp.
  19. Sirocco
    Sirocco 6 February 2013 17: 12
    America in its repertoire. For whom the stepmother’s war, but for the USA it’s a mother. And this mother serves them from the creation of the USA as a state.