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Battle of Stalingrad in photos

Battle of Stalingrad in photos

Tanks and armored vehicles of the 24th Wehrmacht tank division advancing in the steppes on Stalingrad.

German infantry among the ruins of the destroyed Stalingrad.

Calculation of the German 50-mm anti-tank gun PaK 38 at one of the intersections of Stalingrad.

The position of the German machine-gun crew in one of the houses of Stalingrad.

Soldiers of the 545 Infantry Regiment of the 389 Infantry Division of the Wehrmacht at the ruins of the Red October plant in Stalingrad. On the left you can see the German ACS StuG III.

German sappers under the guise of the self-propelled gun "Sturmgeshuts" (StuG III) are sent to the Soviet positions in Stalingrad.

German SAU Marder III on the outskirts of Stalingrad.

German medium tank Pz.Kpfw. IV with the number "833" from the 14-th Panzer Division of the Wehrmacht on the German positions in Stalingrad. On the tower, in front of the number is viewed the tactical emblem of the division.

Panzergrenadery 16-th Panzer Division of the Wehrmacht, left to the bank of the Volga near Stalingrad

Stalingrad, autumn 1942 of the year. The officer sets the combat mission to the non-commissioned officers of the German 389 Infantry Division in Stalingrad. Most likely, these are commanders of subunits and crews, since the majority of people are standing next to an officer who has binoculars on his chest. Left, in the foreground - armed with the captured Soviet rifle SVT-40.

German ober-lieutenant with captured Soviet machine PPSh in the ruins of Stalingrad.

The first bombing of Stalingrad. Women with belongings flee to the shelter.

Residents of Stalingrad carry their belongings, going to the evacuation.

Minesweeper Koshuba mines the entrance to the house during street battles.

Sappers clear the way to the assault group.

Sappers mine approaches and entrances to the building.

A worker at the Stalingrad Red October factory with a DT-29 machine gun.

Red Army soldiers calculating the 12,7-mm DShK anti-aircraft machine gun observe the flight of a pair of Il-2 attack aircraft.

The gun ZiS-3 Sergeant Afanasyev firing in the battle for Stalingrad.

Fighters 13-th Guards Rifle Division in Stalingrad in the hours of rest.

Residents of the occupied part of Stalingrad prepare their own food.

Soviet soldiers and commanders (in the center there are two lieutenant generals, a little to the right - major general) are considering the German tank Pz.Kpfw captured near Stalingrad. III Ausf. L. The tank has emblems of two German tank divisions: on the turret, above the 223 number (seen in the photo from other angles) - a diamond-shaped ribbon (14-I tank division) and on the wing in front of the caterpillar - a galloping horseman who takes barrier (24-I tank division).

Trucks GAZ-MM, used as fuel trucks, during refueling at one of the stations near Stalingrad. The engine hoods are covered with covers, instead of doors there are tarpaulin valves. Don Front, winter 1942 — 1943's.

Red Army soldiers from the dugout in Stalingrad are busy cleaning weapons, PPSH-41 submachine guns and DP-27 machine guns.

A column of Soviet armored vehicles BA-64 enters the firing line south of Stalingrad.

Soviet machine gunners on the roof of a house in Stalingrad.

Soviet gunners, stationed at the German military cemetery, firing at German positions in Stalingrad from 76-mm divisional gun model 1942, ZiS-3.

Soviet machine-gunners with the Maxim machine-gun of the 1910 model of the year change their position near Stalingrad.

Soviet mortar gunners with 82-mm mortar change position in the area of ​​Stalingrad.

Disguised Soviet tank T-34-76 on the east bank of the Volga during the defense of Stalingrad.

Soviet soldiers firing 45-mm anti-tank gun model 1937, 53-K on German positions in Stalingrad.

Mass grave of Soviet soldiers on the banks of the Volga in Stalingrad. The fence is made from the backs of the beds.

Soviet soldiers are moving an 76-mm 1927 model regimental cannon to the firing line at Stalingrad.

Soviet fighters view the captured Nazi flag on the banks of the Volga in Stalingrad.

Soviet officers at the observation point in the shop Stalingrad factory "Red October".

Workers of the Stalingrad Tractor Plant (FCZ) to protect their plant from the advancing German troops. The fighter in the foreground is armed with a tank gun Dygtereva (DT), which was installed on the factory produced tanks T-34.

Destroyed by the battles of the Stalingrad Tractor Plant bird's-eye view.

The central entrance of the Stalingrad metallurgical plant "Red October" after the end of the fighting.

Soviet snipers go to the firing position in a ruined house in Stalingrad.

Red Army soldiers capture a German sniper in the destroyed house of Stalingrad.

The attack of Soviet soldiers on a destroyed house in Stalingrad captured by German troops.

The commander of the 62 Army of the Stalingrad Front, Lieutenant-General Vasily Ivanovich Chuykov (with a stick) and a member of the military council of the Stalingrad Front, Lieutenant-General Kuzma Akimovich Gurov (on the left of Chuikov) in the Stalingrad area.

Captured in good condition German tank Pz.Kpfw. Iv. Territory of the Stalingrad Tractor Plant.

Captured Field Marshal Friedrich Paulus (Friedrich Paulus, right), the commander of the Wehrmacht’s 6 Army surrounded in Stalingrad, and his adjutant Wilhelm Adam were escorted to the headquarters of the Soviet 64 Army.

Soviet troops in the attack, in the foreground a horse-drawn carriage with food, behind the Soviet tanks T-34. Stalingrad front. Author photo name: "The roads of the offensive."

Soviet troops in the offensive near Stalingrad, in the foreground the famous Katyusha rocket launchers, behind the T-34 tanks.

The soldier pulls a wounded comrade from the battlefield on the outskirts of Stalingrad.

Residents of the Soviet village, previously occupied by the Germans, meet the crew of a light tank T-60 from the composition of the Soviet liberators. District of Stalingrad.

Soviet tank crews in T-34 tanks after the end of the fighting in Stalingrad.

Tankers of the 24 of the Soviet tank corps (from 26 of December 1942 of the year - 2 of the Guards) on the armor of the T-34 tank during the liquidation of the German forces encircled near Stalingrad.

German soldier's cemetery in the village of Stalingrad.

Captured German officers 6-th army of the Wehrmacht in Stalingrad. The first four, from left to right: Major General Otto Korfes, commander of the 295 Infantry Division; Lieutenant Colonel Gerhard Dissel, Chief of Staff of the 295 Infantry Division; artillery general Max Pfeffer, commander of the 4 Army Corps; General of Artillery Walter von Zeidlitz-Kurzbach (Walther von Seydlitz-Kurzbach), commander of the 51 Army Corps.

A resident of Stalingrad and passing German prisoners of war.

German prisoners in the area of ​​Stalingrad.

German prisoners captured at Stalingrad, divide the bread.

Column of captured Germans, Romanians and Italians Stalingrad.

The graves of German soldiers in the destroyed Stalingrad.

After encircling the German 6 Army at Stalingrad and blocking the ways of its food supply, a famine began in the German troops. The Germans ate all the livestock of the locals, all the domestic animals and the horses killed during the fighting in Stalingrad.

Tank T-34 with its own name "Homeland" on the Square of Fallen Fighters in Stalingrad. To the left you can see the famous building of the central department store, badly damaged during the fighting.

Frontline cameraman shoots a column of German prisoners in Stalingrad. The column moves along the bank of the Volga.

German prisoners of war at Stalingrad.

The surviving civilians after the end of the Battle of Stalingrad. Spring-early summer 1943 year.

May Day demonstration in the destroyed Stalingrad. In the foreground is the tail of the downed German He-111 bomber.

Soviet women dismantled debris at the railway station in Stalingrad.

Soviet children are returning home from lessons from the destroyed school in liberated Stalingrad.

Children at the desks of the destroyed school in Stalingrad. Spring 1943 of the year.

German prisoners are loading a car with bricks in Stalingrad.

The famous fountain "Children's dance" in Stalingrad in 1948 year.

Helmet with a skull of a Soviet soldier in Stalingrad. Found during debris analysis in the fall of 1945.
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  1. VY16
    VY16 2 February 2013 09: 42
    Thanks for the material, I looked with interest.
  2. korp67
    korp67 2 February 2013 09: 44
    Be sure to show these photos to children.
  3. omsbon
    omsbon 2 February 2013 09: 51
    Holy time, holy brotherhood of all those who defeated the enemy!
    You can clearly see how the facial expressions of the Germans changed, at the beginning and at the end of the battle.
  4. Hleb
    Hleb 2 February 2013 09: 54
    two such different and incomparable wars, but the first association when viewing photos is Grozny
    1. survivor
      survivor 2 February 2013 10: 52
      Aslambek Sharipov street. 1995 March-April. building in the distance, oil institute. had to be in 1995 at the end of January. yeah, whoever saw associations with Stalingrad are complete. the building is on the left, in my hostel, but I can’t vouch. he himself, when he got after the capture, did not recognize.
      1. воронов
        воронов 2 February 2013 19: 33
        In my opinion, the theme here is Stalingrad, not Grozny, but for that matter I personally Grozny hollowed twice and I’ll bring some more
        1. Hleb
          Hleb 2 February 2013 20: 02
          I personally Grozny twice hollowed and let another

          in my opinion here is the theme of Stalingrad-Why are you telling us about your "exploits" then? Well, you reproached and okay
          1. Andrey77
            Andrey77 3 February 2013 14: 54
            Nobody needs to be blamed, all cities look the same when conducting military operations. Keningsberg, you can not distinguish from Grozny, and Berlin from Smolensk.
        2. tverskoi77
          tverskoi77 2 February 2013 23: 42
          about, for that matter, I personally Grozny hollowed twice and still bring

          What cities of Russia are you still ready to play along?
          1. воронов
            воронов 3 February 2013 14: 12
            There are many of them, for example, Tbilisi, Lviv, Chisinau, Vilnius yet to list?
            1. Andrey77
              Andrey77 3 February 2013 14: 57
              You do not care whom to fight? I fight because I fight? (C) Porthos, Three Musketeers.
              1. воронов
                воронов 3 February 2013 15: 08
                You are not at the address, it’s all the same to mercenaries with whom to fight, if only they paid money, we were taught and educated in Soviet universities and academies by other standards
        3. Andrey77
          Andrey77 3 February 2013 14: 51
          A very similar frame. But there is only one topic - war.
    2. воронов
      воронов 2 February 2013 19: 28
      And why did you drag Grozny here, do you put the "Czechs" with the defenders of Stalingrad on the same level?
      1. survivor
        survivor 2 February 2013 19: 50
        well, honor and praise to you.
        I didn’t drag in Grozny. Just Gleb posted a photo, I reacted. when you Grozny hollowed, I lived in it. so HOW and WHAT you bombed know not by hearsay ... pride in that and remove a little !!!
        1. воронов
          воронов 2 February 2013 21: 28
          I didn’t bomb Grozny, but stormed, that is. executed the order no more, but no less
      2. Hleb
        Hleb 2 February 2013 20: 01
        I do not put on the "one board". I explained at once. And for whom do you keep people? When you say "dragged"? I "braided" chtoli? clearly wrote. that this is my first association when I saw the photo. I at least said what I think. I saw the war. I fought. and I look at these photos from the perspective of the Chechen war and imagine, even if only one percentage. but you hardly fought and your idea of ​​war is most likely built on the basis of photographs. you will catch the essence. grief and devastation is what I saw. this is what war always brings. and you are trying to put yourself as a moderator. a step away from the topic type retreated.
        1. survivor
          survivor 2 February 2013 20: 08
          God forbid Gleb.I absolutely did not want to offend you. sorry if I offended you anyway. I just lived in this city and perfectly understood what you wanted to say with your post with a photo. You are absolutely right, the war brings only ruin and bitterness. And I was not going to expose myself to anyone, much less a moderator. Any war is first of all grief. if somewhere in my answers you saw something that offended you? sorry again. totally had no such thought
          1. Hleb
            Hleb 2 February 2013 20: 13
            you confuse comments. I answer воронов
        2. воронов
          воронов 2 February 2013 21: 35
          Too many "I" in your comment, who served and fought where, is reflected in the LD and in mine, including, for 30 years of service in the calendars and 3 wars, I have seen something and it is not for you to reprimand me and hang labels comrade . "major general"
        3. Moritz
          Moritz 3 February 2013 11: 32
          You, of course, excuse me, but your association (photo with views of Grozny) is a little out of place in the topic about Stalingrad, and further "bazaars" fought, did not fight, all the more you do not paint.

          My grandfather went through the whole war and his brother. So on the ninth of May I went to congratulate them in turn, it would seem such a day, two front-line soldiers, two brothers should sit at the same table, celebrate a holiday, share memories. No, on this day they were just drinking alone. Neither one nor the other ever said anything about the war. And I so wanted to go to the veterans' parade with them, because both have such an iconostasis (Krasnaya Zvezda, Glory, Battle of the Patriotic War, For Courage), but they did not go and did not come to school, no matter how many I called them to "lessons in courage", I was very offended by them then.

          Distracted, sorry. But this is so with me, the associations arose "about fought."
        4. воронов
          воронов 3 February 2013 14: 35
          You probably didn’t "drag in", at least I didn’t call you that, but you cannot be called naive either, because in pursuit of a certain goal, you did not in vain put up a photo of Grozny on the day of celebration of the 70th anniversary of the victory at STALINGRAD. was engaged in counterintelligence SMERSH, and then, special departments.
    3. them
      them 2 February 2013 21: 25
      All cities after the storm look the same ...
      1. Andrey77
        Andrey77 3 February 2013 15: 00
        Answered above. This is true. The skeletons of the concrete boxes of the five-story buildings are the same everywhere.
    4. dobry-ork
      dobry-ork 2 February 2013 23: 53
      What does Grozny have to do with it?
      1. воронов
        воронов 3 February 2013 14: 19
        And I'm talking about the same, but some local "pacifists, liberals, democrats and tolerants" like "Gleb", "Survivor" are trying to put an equal sign between STALINGRAD and Grozny, thereby once again throw mud at and discredit our army
        1. survivor
          survivor 3 February 2013 16: 11
          no need to slander. neither when he was neither a Nazi scientist, much less a liberal and a democrat! and I didn’t put an equal sign! do not be foolish, sickly! Stalingrad was defended by the SOVIET army and the SOVIET people. no one argues or belittles heroism and patriotism! I, too, did not touch the Russian army with anything! I was told only what is written above. If you yourself thought up something there, then yours and yours is purely yours! yes, I lived in the city of Grozny for the period 1989-95 and for this reason I gave my comment under the photo of Gleb, you started to carry all kinds of nonsense! blame someone for something, explain it to someone. Please read my comments again (since they didn’t understand the first time), and then draw conclusions. do not confuse round and green ... otherwise 99,9% of Russians won the Great Patriotic War, or something else comes to mind! cap presses?
          The Soviet people won the war! showed massive heroism and self-sacrifice! honor to him and our memory!
          1. воронов
            воронов 3 February 2013 17: 57
            What has been done is done this you and a certain "Gleb" here tried to equate the victory at STALINGRAD with the events in Grozny, and now you are dodging as if they misunderstood you. What is it that is pressing me or not pressing you? It should not. Apparently, you have squeezed in the place where conscience is, basic knowledge of history and the influence of those historical events on modern realities
            1. survivor
              survivor 3 February 2013 18: 14
              I would not want to raise a crumble on this resource, especially in this topic. and yet, I ask you to re-read my comments and explain where you see the equal sign between the victory at STALINGRAD and the events in Grozny. If you mean that people died, then yes, I compared here. If the war didn’t builds, but destroys, too. however, these comparisons have nothing to be ashamed of and they will not tell you to me in what place and with what my conscience is clamped!
              again, never when had no habit of dodging. but not about that.
              nevertheless, the topic is far from me, including the begun sracha. On this, I apologize to the odnoforumchanami for this srach!
  5. Sirs
    Sirs 2 February 2013 10: 10
    Eternal glory to the people of the winner !!!
  6. zelenchenkov.petr1
    zelenchenkov.petr1 2 February 2013 10: 12
    Hermag Goering: "And even millennia later every german will pronounce the word Stalingrad with sacred trepidation! "(January 30, 1943)
    Erase memory, deprive characters, degenerate heroes, undermine faith, etc. ......, - the tasks of our enemies!There is Stalingrad ....... all over the world, but not Volograd !!!
    He is Stalingrad, Stalingrad ..... !!!
    1. подводник
      подводник 2 February 2013 10: 48
      Who served the Khrushchev .... who, with the stroke of his pen, tried, due to his personal motives, to erase from the human memory the Holy Feat of the People ???
      Thank you for the photo, excellent material ... I would like to see more!
  7. S_mirnov
    S_mirnov 2 February 2013 10: 13
    Very good selection, thanks.
  8. Drappier
    Drappier 2 February 2013 10: 27
    Thanks for the selection, very informative. Somewhere in those parts there were both legs of my grandfather .... At 17 with a tail of years ...
  9. wolk71
    wolk71 2 February 2013 10: 28
    Great selection. Our grandfathers won a great victory !!! We should be proud and bow low. And the tongue dries of the one who says that it was not the USSR that defeated the Nazis.
    1. Ilmir099
      Ilmir099 3 February 2013 18: 52
      I completely agree with you.
  10. avt
    avt 2 February 2013 10: 32
    HEALTHY !! good Thank you! good
  11. AK-47
    AK-47 2 February 2013 10: 35
    Red flag over the Square of Fallen Fighters liberated Stalingrad. In the background is a department store building where the headquarters of the Wehrmacht's surrounded 6 Army, led by Field Marshal Paulus, was captured. On the square - German trucks captured by Soviet troops.
  12. enot555
    enot555 2 February 2013 10: 38
  13. erased
    erased 2 February 2013 10: 39
    We were attacked by the strongest army at that time. Mobilized. experienced, with high morale. She reached Moscow and Stalingrad! And she vanished! Because you can fight against Russian (Soviet), but you can’t defeat them!
    Stalingrad is the greatest battle and example of the strength of the Soviet people and the Red Army!
    Glory to them and eternal memory! For eternal times!
    1. APASUS
      APASUS 2 February 2013 12: 51
      Quote: erased
      We were attacked by the strongest army at that time. Mobilized. experienced, with high morale. She reached Moscow and Stalingrad! And she vanished! Because you can fight against Russian (Soviet), but you can’t defeat them!

      It seems they began to show television programs about war on TV! Pushed these House and singing underpants !!! And then really our youth will believe that the Americans won the war !!
      I would have introduced the Great Patriotic War subject at school !!
    2. nickname 1 and 2
      nickname 1 and 2 2 February 2013 22: 32
      Quote: erased
      We were attacked by the strongest army at that time.


      Quote: erased
      You can fight against Russian (Soviet), but you can’t defeat them!

      And this is true!
  14. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro 2 February 2013 10: 42
    Interesting photos, as they say - it is better to see once ... I especially liked the photo of the captured crusaders of the XNUMXth century. And they don't look so gaunt. Eternal Glory to our heroes who stopped these "supermen" and saved the world!
  15. Alekseir162
    Alekseir162 2 February 2013 10: 45
    Thank you so much for the selection of material, I saw many for the first time. Eternal glory to the defenders of the hero city of Stalingrad. soldier
  16. PistonizaToR
    PistonizaToR 2 February 2013 10: 56
    until the end, no one can eradicate the memory of the feat of the Soviet people, this cannot be burned ...
  17. survivor
    survivor 2 February 2013 11: 03
    however, attempts to distort the truth about the Great Patriotic War are constantly ongoing. it’s painful to hear from the young generation all that nonsense that is crushed into their heads!
  18. RUS-36
    RUS-36 2 February 2013 11: 11
    The eternal memory of the fallen and surviving defenders of our homeland. I bow to you.
  19. ICT
    ICT 2 February 2013 11: 35
    Lieutenant General V.I. Chuykov at the command observation post
    1. kin
      kin 2 February 2013 23: 08
      My grandfather loved him - Chuykov shore a simple soldier.
  20. Moritz
    Moritz 2 February 2013 11: 48
    it’s even hard to imagine the scale of this war. The mobilization of the whole country, the evacuation of tens of thousands of plants and factories, the front for many thousands of kilometers. A generation of heroes!

    1. MG42
      MG42 2 February 2013 14: 09
      After the battle of Stalingrad

      Germans killed near Stalingrad

      1. 1goose3
        1goose3 2 February 2013 22: 25
        Whoever comes to our land with a sword will perish by the sword. Clearly.
      2. kin
        kin 2 February 2013 22: 56
        The penultimate shot is a field of corpses. This is a good answer to those who write about too low losses of the Wehrmacht.
        1. 1goose3
          1goose3 2 February 2013 23: 41
          The penultimate shot is a field of corpses. This is a good answer to those who write about too low losses of the Wehrmacht.

          In the battles for Stalingrad, more than 1,2 million people from our side and more than 1,5 million from the Nazis died.
          The figures are terrifying. But we defended our land, our Motherland, And they came and ... received.
          1. Closecombat
            Closecombat 17 February 2014 22: 16
            If exactly the loss of 1129619 irrevocable and sanitary in the Red Army and 841000 in the Wehrmacht. The battle report from the Don begins.
          2. The comment was deleted.
  21. Onotollah
    Onotollah 2 February 2013 11: 49
    Thanks for the selection.
    Glory to the heroes!!
  22. kukuruzo
    kukuruzo 2 February 2013 12: 51
    at such moments, you forget about all the problems and contradictions, and are proud of the feat of your people, your country .... I think the government is rightly doing that it objects that other nations are trying to trample and slander, rewrite history ... this is very important, for it's millions died
  23. Arthurian
    Arthurian 2 February 2013 13: 26
    I read somewhere that they want to rename to Stalingrad again. At least they would rename it. I like Volgograd, but Stalingrad is a story! By the way, who knows, why was it renamed Volgograd?
    1. wrangel
      wrangel 2 February 2013 19: 30
      N.S. Khrushchev fought with the personality cult of I.V. Stalin (as well as unpleasant personal memories of Khrushchev).
    2. MichaelVl
      MichaelVl 3 February 2013 00: 02
      from news snippets, I realized that they would call Stalingrad on holidays (which holidays I haven’t caught yet. But, I think, on May 9 and February 2 for sure :)). Yandex wrote about 6 days a year. Those. during the celebrations.
    3. shasherin_pavel
      shasherin_pavel 6 February 2013 15: 33
      Because history teachers abroad cannot find the city of Stalingrad on modern maps. And it turns out in their heads that if there is no city, then the battle is somehow worthless.
  24. bazilio
    bazilio 2 February 2013 13: 46
    Stalingrad is a turning point not only in the Great Patriotic War, but also in World War II. Not only Soviet citizens admired the courage of the defenders of Stalingrad. On behalf of the people of Britain, King George 6 ordered that the defenders of Stalingrad be made and handed over to the Soviet side.

    Glory to the heroes, glory to the defenders and liberators.
    1. kin
      kin 2 February 2013 23: 00
      Where is this sword stored now?
      1. Aaron Zawi
        Aaron Zawi 3 February 2013 00: 31
        In the museum of local lore of defense of Tsaritsin / Stalingrad near the Central Station.
        1. bazilio
          bazilio 3 February 2013 14: 59
          Quote: Aron Zaavi
          Where is this sword stored now?

          In addition to the original, 3 more copies of this sword were later made.
          One copy is kept in England at the Swords Center of the Ulkinson Museum, London.
          Another copy is kept in the National Museum of Military History of South Africa
          The third copy is allegedly in private collection.
          It is noteworthy that during the Cold War, the original sword was brought 3 times to England as part of international exhibitions.
        2. Basilevs
          Basilevs 4 February 2013 21: 02
          I personally saw him in the Panorama, almost at the beginning of the exposition, on the wall.
  25. MG42
    MG42 2 February 2013 13: 55
    I will add a photo of Soviet soldiers in Stalingrad >>>

  26. Kubanets
    Kubanets 2 February 2013 15: 15
    Great selection is a big plus. I looked carefully and noticed that in most photos our fighters were clean-shaven. Such an army cannot be broken.
    1. kin
      kin 2 February 2013 23: 01
      I remember the documentary "The Great War ...". A series about Stalingrad ... It said something like: "... from that time in the Red Army it became not decent to look unshaven." I can not vouch for the accuracy of the quote.
    2. Basilevs
      Basilevs 4 February 2013 21: 02
      Quote: Kubanets
      noticed that in most photos our fighters are clean-shaven.

      By the way, just noticed !!
  27. Bambino
    Bambino 2 February 2013 15: 22
    Thanks to the author for the photo, when you watch them, you feel the story with all the fibers of the body. The memory and honor of the defenders of Stalingrad were given to the fascist reptile in the soup and teeth !!!
  28. Eric
    Eric 2 February 2013 15: 39
    "Come again" (C)
    1. The centurion
      The centurion 2 February 2013 16: 50
      Quote: Eric
      "Come again" (C)

      In our heroic military history, everything would be nothing if it were not for one big BUT. In order to pack in the Russian land to improve our chernozems, these millions of uninvited Gauls, Aryans and their satellites, as well as Vlasovites and Tollerants who joined them, have to put at least as many of their boys and girls, otherwise it does not work. And since war, as a rule, takes place on our territory, it is necessary to add as many more civilians. Here is such a centuries-old and joyless arithmetic. Therefore, it is better to sit at home in Geyrope. And we are more whole and calmer.
      1. Andrey77
        Andrey77 3 February 2013 15: 07
        Sooner or later, they will reveal data on the military operations of the USSR in Angola and other assholes of the world. Why did they die there?
        1. forma2
          forma2 4 February 2013 15: 59
          Chukchi, once you ask such a question.
          For interest for influence, for the barrier to world capitalism and the dispersal of the USA scattered by using hand tools (NATO, IMF, OSCE, human rights NGOs) and TD and TP.
      2. Genera
        Genera 4 February 2013 05: 50
        More precisely: We are calmer and healthier.
  29. faser
    faser 2 February 2013 16: 23
    our Ancestors decided the fate of the world. liberated the world from fascism. they were strong but we made them in this war.

    there were no Russians, nor Ukrainians, nor Kazakhs and Uzbeks. WAS THE ONE SOVIET PEOPLE
    1. survivor
      survivor 2 February 2013 17: 18
      and no matter what nationality the SOVIET MAN belongs to, for the enemy he always remained RUSSIAN! and no one was offended. all perceived adequately. all answered it the same way, either with a bayonet or with a bullet, and when with a spatula ...
      this is now on every corner we hear a separation by nationality. and so often we hear that we ourselves have already begun to share ((((this is an example of hostile propaganda though, if you dig around, what the hell is the difference, we are still Soviet! and our ancestors fought for this, for freedom. and the Motherland was there is one of them. and it was huge, from the plague, to the yurt, from the hut to the hut. look at the photos, because the faces in the photographs are completely different, but they have one thing in common, the knowledge that they are protecting their homeland!
      1. Bekzat
        Bekzat 5 February 2013 11: 56
        + Dear Magomed, to you !!!
    2. воронов
      воронов 2 February 2013 19: 39
      But 99,9% among them were RUSSIAN, which I.V. Stalin noted in his famous toast
      1. survivor
        survivor 2 February 2013 19: 53
        oh? tell it to Belarusians or Ukrainians, Uzbeks or Evenks. love your nationality, proud of it, it should, only without damage to those nearby! no one belittles the role of the Russian people, their heroism and military spirit, but the USSR won the war. I hope you do not need to decrypt?
        1. kin
          kin 2 February 2013 22: 52
          I agree: according to statistics, the BSSR lost about 3 million (from 26-27 - one of the figures for the total losses of the USSR). So 10% to Belarusians. I do not know about other nationalities.
        2. воронов
          воронов 4 February 2013 01: 13
          I’ve just given statistics, and not a supplication of the contribution of a particular nation of the USSR to the victory over fascist Germany, you are trying to impose a polemic on interethnic relations, as the events in Grozny imposed on the theme of victory in the STALINGRAD battle. By the way, the concept of Ukrainians did not exist before 20 years, until the formation of the USSR, but there were Little Russians who with Belarusians identified themselves with Russians
      2. MichaelVl
        MichaelVl 3 February 2013 00: 21
        99,9% is an exaggeration.
        For example, I watched one of Putin's press conferences, he called there "about 70%." I think this figure is closer to the truth. I think there is no need to shout about it (about the majority of Russians or the minority of other peoples), but it is useful to know.
        USSR - a great country was with one people! We must remember this and be proud! And cite the example of the USSR to their children and grandchildren, talk about the very heroic and patriotic feats that our fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers performed! Only then will we be a strong, united nation and country! And any propaganda and provocation from the outside will bounce off our country, and nothing can rock us morally and ideologically from the inside, which means it will be harder to crush against us, and it will be harder to defeat!

        Glory to the heroes of Stalingrad!
        And glory to all our ancestors!
        Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!
        1. survivor
          survivor 3 February 2013 02: 30
          and you need to start now. and not even from children and grandchildren, but from themselves. it is from us that they will take both all the good and all the bad. my father was a nationalist, he loved and was proud of his nationality, but when at school I had a fight with a German boy and a fascist shouted at him in the heat, he beat me up himself! true at home, but strongly. and explained that it is not nationality that paints a person, but a person's nationality. "All Ingush will be judged by your actions. I would not like to be like an Ingush and like your father to blush because you cannot keep your words or your actions in check."
      3. Ols76
        Ols76 3 February 2013 06: 35
        Why do you need to repeat such stupidity.
      4. Genera
        Genera 4 February 2013 05: 56
        Propaganda in its purest form. How did Stalin know that exactly 99,9% were Russians. You are talking nonsense. Shame on you, even a military one!
      5. fed2912
        fed2912 4 February 2013 22: 56
        Read the memoirs of German soldiers and officers. Not the memoirs of generals, but those who froze in the trenches, stalled in tanks, burned in planes. Almost everyone can find references to the "Russian-Mongol hordes" ... I do not mean that there were few Germans and it was hard for them, but because the Red Army was very multinational.
    3. Bekzat
      Bekzat 5 February 2013 11: 55
      Greetings to all, I absolutely agree with Eric. + Dear to you. Eternal Glory to Our Grandfathers and Grandmothers Heroes !!!
  30. ya.zubkow
    ya.zubkow 2 February 2013 18: 14
    They gave us - life !!! Remember !!! We are proud !!!
  31. wrangel
    wrangel 2 February 2013 19: 39
    Without clinking glasses, for GRANDFUL!
  32. воронов
    воронов 2 February 2013 19: 42
    It must be done so that only about one mention of the word STALINGRAD of the enemies of RUSSIA would shake at least one hundred more years
    1. survivor
      survivor 2 February 2013 19: 55
      First of all, we are obliged to teach our children to honor our heroes, but when we can cope with this task, then any enemy will respect, or are afraid of
  33. Chukcha
    Chukcha 2 February 2013 19: 47
    Very good selection.
    Thank you.
  34. George
    George 2 February 2013 21: 15
    All on the ground, in the snow:
    and guns and banners.
    Only hands - to the sky. From the earth.
    I saw - behind the column the column, -
    I saw them wandering then.
    We wandered, stiff and weak, having received space in the end.
    like the indignant spirit of Russia,
    spat in their faces frantically!
    Tearing shawls and blankets on them,
    drove, whistling, from a snowdrift to a snowdrift,
    so that they, arrogant, "uterus, eggs, fat!"
    and "uterus, milk!"
    remembered by the coffin!
    They wandered, not even lips
    close to pray "Oh myne goth!"
    And out of the snow silently, like pipes
    burning huts
    the people looked at them ...
    Oh how they trembled, oh how they trembled
    from those motionless looks: not a reproach,
    and not forgiveness, -
    and not pity
    they read in them, and the sentence
    everything that was thrown on the card,
    entrusted with a single gun ...
    Well ! Forgetting Bonaparte’s share,
    they have now explored theirs!
  35. ikrut
    ikrut 2 February 2013 21: 27
    Very interesting and informative photos. Thanks to the author.
    At one point, even a thought arose - maybe I will see my father in the photo.
    The great pages of our history.
    1. mamba
      mamba 3 February 2013 11: 12
      Quote: ikrut
      At one point, even a thought arose - maybe I will see my father in the photo.

      I also had the thought that I might see my cousin. He was then a lieutenant and fought on the front line since August 23, 1942, when the 14th Panzer Corps of the 6th Army of the Germans reached the Volga and captured the heights north of Stalingrad. How difficult it was for our fighters can be judged by this map:

      On September 10, the 29th mechanized division of the Germans managed to break through to the Volga and the troops of the 62nd Army were cut off from the 64th defending south. The army of Chuikov left no more than 20 thousand people and 60 tanks. Many cars were without trucks and fit only as fixed firing points.
      And yet our grandfathers survived. Glory to the heroes!
  36. konvalval
    konvalval 2 February 2013 21: 38
    Glory and health to the living Stalingrad-won and eternal memory of the fallen!
  37. fellow misha
    fellow misha 2 February 2013 22: 23
    A deep bow to our grandfathers.

    From the letters of the Nazi soldier Erich Ott, sent from Stalingrad.

    August 23, 2942:
    “In the morning I was shocked by the beautiful sight: for the first time through fire and smoke I saw the Volga, calmly and majestically flowing in its channel. We have reached the desired goal - the Volga. But the city is still in the hands of the Russians. Why did the Russians rest on this shore, do they really think to fight on the very edge? This is madness."
    November 1942 of the year:
    “We hoped that before Christmas we would return to Germany, that Stalingrad was in our hands. What a great fallacy! This city has turned us into a crowd of insensible dead! Stalingrad is hell! Russians are not like people, they are made of iron, they do not know fatigue, do not know fear. Sailors, in severe frost, go on the attack in vests. Physically and spiritually, one Russian soldier is stronger than our whole company ... "

    The last letter is dated January 4, 1943:
    “Russian snipers and armor-piercers are undoubtedly the disciples of God. They lie in wait for us day and night, and do not miss. For 58 days we stormed one - the only house. We stormed in vain ... None of us will return to Germany, unless a miracle happens. And I don’t believe in miracles anymore. Time passed over to the Russians. ”
  38. Ducksar
    Ducksar 2 February 2013 22: 47
    Thanks for the photos, touched the soul. Glory to the Heroes, I myself will never forget the exploits of our people, and from childhood I will instill a sense of pride and responsibility.
  39. Garrin
    Garrin 2 February 2013 23: 09
    I looked through the photos. Emotions swept over, with the opposite polarity. On the one hand - PAIN, FURY, Anger, Hate, on the other - PRIDE, STRENGTH, GRATITUDE, CONFIDENCE.
  40. dobry-ork
    dobry-ork 2 February 2013 23: 55
    What is a street fight,
    We, the same age, do not know with you.
    But ask grandfather, father
    And they will answer, the severity of the face
    In a difficult conversation storing:
    - This is a fight of brick and lead,
    This is a battle where concrete and armor -
    Everything fell upon me.
    This is a battle where the windows spit
    The machine gun is completely brutalized,
    Where floor to floor fight -
    Our upper and lower not ours,
    Where from a flask a sip of wine
    You give a drink to a friend ...
    Fighting on the street is war
    Where salvation and death are the wall ...

    What is a street fight,
    We, the same age, will know with you
    According to stories, books, movies,
    And distant events link
    We will see a different color.
    For me it was a long time ago.
    And for those who are married to the war
    The environment, the blockade of the ring,
    Who is harsh and face today,
    Who attacked with a bang,
    It was recently. Yesterday.
    War does not stop in their heart.
    They know the price
    Does life have ...
  41. baku1999
    baku1999 3 February 2013 00: 22
    1. Aaron Zawi
      Aaron Zawi 3 February 2013 00: 39
      Aren't you ashamed with such an "avatar" in such a topic?
    2. подводник
      подводник 3 February 2013 09: 54

      Why are you mocking tutu above us ???
  42. Lord of the Sith
    Lord of the Sith 3 February 2013 05: 16
    Thanks for the great stuff !!
  43. Ols76
    Ols76 3 February 2013 06: 22
    Eternal glory and memory to the people of the winner!
  44. korm-yurii
    korm-yurii 3 February 2013 12: 02
    Somewhere in these ruins my grandfather Ilya Tikhonovich died.
  45. lemal
    lemal 3 February 2013 12: 08
    Thank you!
  46. Vladimir MCHPV
    Vladimir MCHPV 3 February 2013 12: 57
    Thank!!! A good selection of photos, some photos I see for the first time.
    1. Andrey77
      Andrey77 3 February 2013 15: 11
      The selection is great, especially the photo from MG42.
  47. forma2
    forma2 3 February 2013 13: 36
    Thank you Red Army soldiers for my life, for happiness !!!
  48. Scholarships
    Scholarships 3 February 2013 14: 07
    Stalingrad - it sounds proud!
    1. Andrey77
      Andrey77 3 February 2013 15: 09
      I don’t know ... In the sense of victory - yes, but in the sense of losses?
      1. Drednout
        Drednout 3 February 2013 20: 55
        And in the sense of losses - his grandfather (by father) could not personally find out. After he was blown up in Stalingrad, he was commissioned and lived only after two years after the victory. But my pride from this for my grandfather can not be reduced. The ridge of the Nazis was not broken in Normandy and not in Africa, namely in Stalingrad! If you are not a Euro - American history teacher, you will not argue.
  49. zeksus
    zeksus 3 February 2013 14: 33
    Immortal feat of the people !!!!!! But the memory of them in our hearts will not decay !!!
  50. pa_nik
    pa_nik 3 February 2013 18: 51
    Great-grandfather did not reach Stalingrad (went missing near Aksay) ... but his grandfather ended the war in Königsberg !!! Long live our ancestors who fell for the Fatherland !!! Hooray! soldier

    Quote: baku1999

    Bakinian, refer to the figures - the loss of personnel of the USSR Armed Forces is comparable with the losses of the Wehrmacht ... the rest of the losses on the part of our country are somehow killed civilians.