The Joint Special Mobile Brigade of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba is one of the most closed special forces in the world.

The Joint Special Mobile Brigade of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba is one of the most closed special forces in the world.

Elite units of the Cuban army. Many people may have heard about them. But the details of their preparation and activities are hardly known to a wide circle of people.

In his recent material, “Military Acceptance” talks about one of the most closed and little-known special forces in the world - the joint special mobile brigade of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba.

A distinctive feature of this special unit is the ability to fight without machine guns, bulletproof vests, helmets and even without shoes. However, these fighters do not need them, since their profile is sabotage activities on enemy territory.

As explained in the Cuban army, the unit’s fighters do not wear shoes in order to move as quietly as possible. To do this, they undergo special training that makes their feet literally “iron.”

At the same time, the Cuban saboteurs have “iron” not only in their heels. A fighter, like a yogi, can easily lie down on a stretched barbed wire, his colleague will walk on top of him, and he will not receive any injuries.

Another feature of the work of this unit is the use of underground shelters. Cuban soldiers dig deep, narrow holes in enemy territory, like rabbit holes. They can then stay there for up to a week, only going out for short periods to complete tasks. In particular, mining or blowing up important enemy targets.

Typically, the fighters of the above-mentioned Cuban special forces use a Kalashnikov assault rifle as a weapon. In this case, this is selected weapon not by chance. After all, it’s unlikely that any other machine will work properly after they dig into the ground with it and drag it along the sand.

It is worth noting that for each task, its own camouflage line is created. At the same time, we are not talking about some kind of device or form, but about a special paint - a pigment that is absolutely harmless to health. After all, as mentioned above, the fighters of the joint special mobile brigade of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba operate without body armor, special ammunition, and sometimes without weapons at all.

Before becoming part of a sabotage unit, recruits undergo training in the jungle, learning to camouflage, move silently and survive in extreme conditions. They are also trained in the use of terrain for natural cover and in explosives engineering.

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    1. -3
      February 13 2024
      Funny. Reminds me of the Indian national football team, which plays football barefoot.
    2. +2
      February 13 2024
      Well done Cubans! They know how to fight. Remember how they gave in to the Americans in Grenada in 1983.
      1. KCA
        February 13 2024
        Well, it wasn’t special forces there, but a brigade of ordinary Cuban construction workers :-)
        1. +2
          February 13 2024
          and a team of ordinary Cuban builders:-

          These Cuban "builders" shot down about a hundred American helicopters. Machete probably.
        2. -1
          February 13 2024
          a team of Cuban ordinary builders :-)

          It was only in the USSR that such tough people served in a construction battalion that they were afraid to give them machine guns.
          And the Cuban "builders" shot down up to a hundred American helicopters.
    3. +2
      February 13 2024
      Serious guys, but taking into account conducting operations in a CERTAIN climatic zone. In the same jungle.
      But what about, for example, in the mountains?
    4. +1
      February 13 2024
      I would like to see these (knights of cloak and dagger) how they, with bare heels at minus 35, will dig a narrow crack in which they will camouflage and survive for a whole week? For their climate and neighboring countries, their preparation will probably be excellent.
      1. -1
        February 15 2024
        Yes, this is a bro as an advertisement)) under Quito Cuanavale they got great cradle caps and the Cubans didn’t roll cotton wool
    5. +1
      February 13 2024
      "... they operate without body armor, special ammunition, and sometimes without weapons at all."
    6. -1
      February 13 2024
      What kind of elite is there if in the country chicken, cereals and eggs are sold using coupons? And there is no beef or pork at all. They have also written about the Israeli army for decades. It turned out that not everything is so smooth and fluffy...
    7. -1
      February 13 2024
      You can’t lie like that on modern barbed wire, because there are not nails sticking out there, or something similar, but hatchet-shaped blades. Moreover, it is in the form of a spiral, or spring, made of 4-carbon steel, onto which blades and rings of about 1 m in diameter are welded. Judging by the photo, they are still training on the old thorn in Cuba. Today, special forces have a higher pain threshold, physical endurance, and psychological stability than other units. In recent decades, these qualities have been supplemented by specializations such as medic, chemist, mechanic, and in recent years one must be able to use drones, understand Android, Windows, etc., etc. No matter how brave the Cubans are, nothing will happen to them against the modern enemy. Nerds in virtual reality glasses pile in.
    8. -2
      February 13 2024
      Syrsky is preparing another portion of stew from Khokhlofascists..
    9. -1
      February 14 2024
      Les escribo desde Cuba. Aunque se representan sin zapatos, en alambre de púas, sosteniendo fuego, nadando atados y demás, no son salvajes ni primitivos.
      También emplean tecnología moderna (al menos en uso actual) y entre sus instructores se incluyen Spetsnaz, Vietnamitas y Norcoreanos. En cuanto a su experiencia actual, oficialmente Cuba no participa en ningún conflicto desde 1990 (23 años) pero repito: "oficialmente" porque algunos grupos han cumplido xon éxito misiones abroad y algunos no han regresado vivos de esas misiones. En Cuba hubo que esperar 36 años para conocer que varios generales (y algunos de sus hombres) habían participado en el terreno en la Revolución de Nicaragua (1980). En cuanto a Granada, ni eran comandos, ni eran constructores comunes. Eran constructores civiles pero seleccionados de los que eran reserva militar o habían pasado el servicio militar alguna vez, el jefe de la brigada constructora era un militar (de nombre Tortoló) y la mayoría de las armas (Ak 47 y algunos RPG2 chinos) no llegaron a distribution. En esa época los grupos de cubanos iban a todas partes con armas y primero iban hombres con un cobocimiento minimo básico militar, debido a los ataques con lanchas piratas y grupos "contra" de Miami. En angola los maestros y entrenadores cubanos tenían PPSH, y eso les salvó la vida en Cangamba.
      1. 0
        February 14 2024
        Cuando era niño, vio una serie cubana sobre sus fuerzas especiales en Nicaragua, el Salvador y Angola (algunos allí .... AVISPAS) se llamaba. Cuando a principios de los 90 practicaba karate, se practicaba según el sistema cubano, que fue modificado por Jō-Simon. Nuestro entrenador, oficial de la KGB, estudió y se formó en Cuba, y luego enseñó LS.
      2. 0
        February 14 2024
        Los cubanos también vinieron a los seminarios, pero solo algunos oficiales fueron admitidos
      3. 0
        February 14 2024
        Particularmente interesantes fueron las opciones de neutralización por medios improvisados ​​(pluma estilográfica, peine, silla)
      4. 0
        February 15 2024
        Hola cara )como vai vc deonde vc?
    10. 0
      February 14 2024
      Look, Vasily Ivanovich, I’ll crowbar you, but they, narrow-eyed ones, can do that with their hands!
    11. -1
      February 14 2024
      As a child, I saw a Cuban TV series about their special forces in Nicaragua, El Salvador and Angola (something there.... WASPES) called. When I was studying carats in the early 90s, I was practicing according to the Cuban system, which was modified by Jo-Simon. Our trainer, a KGB officer, studied and trained in Cuba, and then taught drugs.
    12. 0
      February 14 2024
      Forgive me, my Cuban colleague, but in a jungle war I would always rely only on the Kaibiles from Guatemala. hi

      Perdóneme, colega cubano, pero para la guerra en la selva siempre y sólo contaría con los Kaibiles de Guatemala. hi
    13. +1
      February 15 2024
      Cubans are some of the Best Warriors of our time.
      They proved this by participating in the Congo. And how many times have the Americans been pulled over!!!!
      Honor and Praise be to them. Our Respect!
    14. 0
      February 16 2024
      I may not understand something, but all this kungfu and war paint works in the modern realities of war.

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