First ATGMs and tanks, then coffins: a video about the cynicism of the American “allies” of Ukraine appeared online

First ATGMs and tanks, then coffins: a video about the cynicism of the American “allies” of Ukraine appeared online

The fact that Ukraine and, in particular, its population for the United States are only a tool used to weaken Russia has already been said more than once and is unlikely to surprise anyone. “War to the last Ukrainian” has long turned from a phrase of speech into a harsh reality.

The above is perfectly demonstrated by a video that went viral. The video clearly demonstrates the cynicism of Ukraine’s American allies, who first approve supplies to Kyiv weapons, and then coffins. In this case, the document is stamped with the blood of Ukrainian citizens.

In this case, it is noteworthy that the end of the video fully corresponds to current realities. On the territory of our “western neighbor” the most severe wave of mobilization of all time is being carried out. According to some reports, summonses are already being served even to people with disabilities of the third group.

It is obvious that the human resource of the Kyiv puppets of the West is coming to an end. At the same time, they are trying to “scrape out” everything to the last, just to please their overseas masters.

According to information recently announced by former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko, the losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces since the beginning of the conflict could reach over half a million people.

At the same time, the video may turn out to be prophetic regarding the supply of coffins to Ukraine as a last measure of support from the United States. After all, given the recent budget disputes, it is unlikely that the White House administration will be able to help Kyiv with weapons, at least in the volumes that were supplied previously.
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    1. -3
      11 January 2024 13: 50
      Funny video. On the planet of victorious capitalism and digital concentration camp, call for sanity.
      No, a normal, honest thing would have been done for the tax-paying population. They say that you are ruled by worthy people and you must, after praying, go to war to maintain their status with a profit.
    2. +6
      11 January 2024 13: 56
      As a result, the war benefits transnational corporations in Europe, England and the USA.
      1. -9
        11 January 2024 14: 03
        How quickly you kept silent about Russian joint-stock companies in the chain of military-industrial complex and industry in general. Well, of course, ours are not capitalist murderers, but native, lifelong patriots of the Russian land, yeah.
        1. +4
          11 January 2024 14: 39
          I honestly tried to find meaning in your comment and realized that there was none, you wrote it in a hurry.
      2. +2
        11 January 2024 14: 24
        Quote: 75Sergey
        As a result, the war benefits transnational corporations in Europe, England and the USA.

        By the way, Ukrainian black soils have already been sold to these corporations. Is this why there was a “regrouping and a gesture of goodwill” and now the transnational government of Russia is participating in the disposal of the excess population of those black soils instead of destroying the Kyiv gang and occupying territories?
        1. -1
          11 January 2024 14: 36
          Listen, what does it physically look like? That’s how much I hear about the sale of Ukrainian black soil, and I imagine how it is loaded with excavators onto railway trains and taken away. How is it in life? Or is this an overseas investor buying up land in a warring region? Such a kick-ass investment, to put it bluntly.
          1. +3
            11 January 2024 14: 49
            they were bought when there was no war, but they hoped to remove the population of the LDPR because there are shale gas and lithium deposits there. both are completely killing the land, so the LDPR had to be evicted from their lands, and a little to the west, Monsanto had already bought up all the black soil.
          2. +1
            11 January 2024 20: 01
            No, just as they sold plots on the Moon, they also sold them in Ukraine.
          3. +1
            12 January 2024 10: 21
            Chernozem is loaded onto railway trains and taken away along with infantry and anti-tank mines... So this is normal. [media=loaded onto trains and taken away]
    3. +1
      11 January 2024 14: 01
      Have you seen the light? Or did the American Ivanov create this video?
      Everyone made their own choice. The homeland is not chosen by Bandera, it is created by Russia, including former Ukrainians
    4. +3
      11 January 2024 14: 37
      In general, they can supply coffins as humanitarian aid. Although on the outskirts it was already proposed to bury it ecologically. It seems they suggested folding the corpse compactly and burying it in a bag. And plant trees at the burial sites.
    5. +2
      12 January 2024 11: 10
      The video is reminiscent of American stamps about the USSR. It should have been more fun and cynical: more light in the studio, the stupid smoke removed, the general fatter, his cap off his head on the table, a cigar in his teeth, and so that he would smile when he put the seals.
    6. 0
      13 January 2024 09: 09
      In that cartoon of the 60s, the American general, after a successful combat episode, opened the safe and took out a thick stack of dolars, which he casually threw into his desk drawer, unfastening a couple of pieces of paper for the officer. The Soviet general, in turn, took a medal from the safe and pinned it on the officer, and poured himself a glass of vodka, then, rummaging through the safe, took out a gold star and pinned it on his chest.

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