Ground drone "Tosha" TX 45SM

Ground drone "Tosha" TX 45SM

More than once in telegram channels there have been questions about why we don’t have unmanned vehicles like the Estonian THeMIS. I would like to present a completely domestic development, although not tracked, but on wheels, made according to the 6x6 formula with individual drive for each wheel.

The vehicle has a range of up to 200 km, depending on the power of the installed battery. It is controlled via radio, but it can also be controlled via cable.

Due to the lack of an internal combustion engine, according to the creators, the car is practically invisible in a thermal imager.

What can this platform be used for?

For example, to deliver ammunition to positions or to evacuate the wounded. But that’s not all. Various things can be installed on the platform weaponand then she turns into a fighter Robot, which, thanks to its low profile, will not be easy to destroy.

The car turned out to be maneuverable, as can be seen from the video, easy to control and has good maneuverability.

The weight of transported cargo can be up to one ton. The structure itself weighs 350 kilograms and is capable of speeds of up to 70 km/h.
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    12 December 2023 22: 24
    Awesome equipment, in open spaces for FPV drones, better than a cart with large wheels
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    12 December 2023 22: 34
    It looks much more usable than Temis, but wheels are not the best solution in terms of the height of the structure and also cross-country ability. They won’t send it to 200 km anyway, and they won’t push it to 70 km/h either.
    however, for certain tasks it is quite attractive.
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      13 December 2023 08: 11
      Quote: Knell Wardenheart
      but wheels are not the best solution in terms of the height of the structure and cross-country ability too.

      In terms of height, yes, but the cross-country ability... and where did you get the idea that a vehicle with six wheels, where each wheel is driven, has worse cross-country ability than its tracked counterpart? Yes, and its survivability is higher, since the loss of one of the wheels does not entail a 100% stop of this machine, and the speed of movement will obviously be higher
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        13 December 2023 15: 24
        “a vehicle with six wheels, where each wheel is driven, has worse cross-country ability than its tracked counterpart”
        It is worse with individual drive for each wheel.
        If the total power is equal to the tracked version, then the wheeled version will not be able to take steep climbs, the front axle will be unloaded and will not be able to provide traction due to lack of traction, and the rear axle will not have enough installation power.
        Or the drives need to be resized, then the mass and the price.
        An option is a blocked wheel drive on one side (as on the Bobcat), but such a transmission is again not free.
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          13 December 2023 15: 42
          The maximum power of the drone is 50 l/s. Power 1 wheel 8 hp It's not about the power of wheels and all-terrain vehicles. There are quite different movement characteristics. Well, for example, a tracked vehicle, especially without suspension, simply tips over when moving over an obstacle. Wheeled vehicles can take an obstacle with acceleration by simply flying up to the obstacle. Grass has different cross-country ability; for many all-terrain vehicles with rubber tracks, grass is a serious obstacle; it clogs up the space between the track and the vehicle. But very deep snow, on the contrary, is a problem for wheeled vehicles.
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            14 December 2023 23: 50
            "It's not about the power of the wheels"
            The point, among other things, is the power of the wheels. This was a problem for Krymsk.
            If you answered me, then you did not consider the question of a steep climb (30...35 °).
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      16 December 2023 23: 33
      Walking technology is still being developed.
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    12 December 2023 23: 11
    As a military product it is still very, very serious.
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    12 December 2023 23: 33
    Das ist fantastisch

    In my opinion, it’s very good that it’s on wheels, because it’s very light, where won’t it go? It will go almost everywhere and is faster and easier than caterpillar tracks.

    At the same time, it is not clear what the stunning new thing is here and why it didn’t exist before, how much it costs and when it will be brought to fruition and whether it will be brought to fruition at all.

    Constant boastful reports, budget theft, news in the future tense and isolated instances.

    What else is there to bring to mind, attach a machine gun, grenade launcher or mortar with remote control or a radio repeater to such a cart, ****** here I did not write obscene language. If only there was a lot of it and it could be cheap. Let it fight, defeating the best and most trained soldiers and without suffering losses on our part.

    And it can and should be cheap, so that it’s as cheap as dirt.
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      13 December 2023 00: 04
      Yes, it also seems so, wheels are simpler and cheaper than tracks
    2. +2
      13 December 2023 02: 36
      And look what the military invents. By their order, any equipment is turned into a tank. The tank is of course all great, but the price and weight. We need light, mobile, convenient and cheap equipment. And of course it’s massive. Instead of buying 10 tanks, if Russia can provide the front with similar light carts, this means the mortality rate among the wounded will decrease. Will Russia be able to buy such drones as kamikaze drones to destroy strongholds? This means the front will go west.
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        13 December 2023 03: 19
        I think it would be unfair to blame the military for ordering tanks without first removing the rats from the so-called political leadership and economic bloc of the country. And then it suddenly turns out that even from the existing budget you can do a lot. And yes, I like the idea of ​​fast, mobile, cheap drones that carry firepower, which can be moved like pawns on a chessboard and which you don’t mind losing, because there are many of them and they cost pennies. But for this to happen, it is necessary to remove thieves from the budget, and this is impossible under the current political leadership of the country because they are flesh and blood.
        And apparently they also need tanks, they need to somehow decide all this seriously and honestly together, so that it is not an alternative choice, heavy equipment or light drones, they have already shown themselves positively in this war, they need to be used together, for every situation your set of tools. All over the state.
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    13 December 2023 00: 14
    On rubber tracks it will not be much heavier, but the layout will be better. To evacuate a wounded person, a minimum loading height is required.
    For the price: the tracked cart has 2 driving wheels with motors, the wheeled cart has 6.
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      13 December 2023 00: 37
      Then, perhaps, you need two trolleys - with a low profile for evacuating the wounded, for example, and a high-speed one on wheels, I imagine, for example, a quick night raid of a remotely controlled mortar battery behind enemy lines. It can still carry a lot of ammunition for its needs.
      Some objects can also be very well covered by air defense, and such a cavalry attack at night can have very serious consequences, attacks on headquarters, warehouses, air defense, and other important objects deep in the enemy’s defense. Despite the fact that it should objectively be very cheap and not a single soldier or pilot on our side is at risk.
      Accompanied by reconnaissance and target designator drones.
      And I don’t know, but it occurs to me that for evacuation there may be sleds of minimum height that can be dragged by smart carts.
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    13 December 2023 16: 52
    The topic contains one of the authors of this platform - Ivan Krasin. All questions can be asked to him directly. /
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      18 January 2024 14: 31
      In addition to the article:

      Dimensions: Length - 2,5 m, Width - 1,8 m, Height - 1,2 m.
      Weight: 1500 kg.
      Maximum speed: 30 km / h.
      Travel range: 100 km.
      Load capacity: up to 500 kg.
      Operating temperature: -20°C to +50°C.


      Unmanned: Tosha TX-45SM
      Maneuverability: Thanks to its design and wheeled chassis, the platform is able to navigate a variety of obstacles, including uneven terrain and water barriers.
      Stability: Tosha TX-45SM is equipped with a stabilization system that allows it to maintain balance when moving on uneven terrain.
      Multifunctionality: Thanks to the ability to install various removable modules and equipment, Tosha TX-45SM can be used in various fields, including transporting goods, inspecting hard-to-reach places, as well as for performing special tasks such as installation or agricultural work.
      Safety: Thanks to the use of advanced technology and sensor systems, the platform is able to detect obstacles in its path and avoid them.
      1. 0
        23 January 2024 13: 34
        Another clarification of the Tosh TX-45SM data. The numbers given above are not accurate.
        Dimensions: Length - 2,5 m, Width - 1,8 m, Height - 1,2 m.
        Weight: 350 kg.
        Maximum speed: 70 km / h.
        Travel range: 180 km.
        Load capacity: up to 1000 kg.
        Operating temperature: -20°C to +50°C.
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    31 March 2024 00: 44
    Now “Tosha” TX 45SM is being tested in Crimea, new videos will be coming soon