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The structure of Oboronservis today

Events related to the activities of OJSC Oboronservis at a time when this structure, which is part of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, was managed by Yevgeny Vasilyeva, caused a great public response in Russia. At the same time, the structure of Oboronservis included, and continues to be, judging by the information published on the official website of the company, several companies whose reputation has been tarnished. After the corruption scandal company closure it never happened, but instead the management of the company was replaced.

The structure of Oboronservis today

Consider what firms are part of Oboronservis today.

Slavyanka firm, established in 1995, continues to be listed as a member of the company. According to the description, Slavyanka OJSC is called upon to solve the following tasks: to manage the residential real estate fund of the Ministry of Defense, as well as to carry out a full range of works related to the maintenance of infrastructure systems. The structure of JSC "Slavyanka" consists of four hotel complex, operated on a commercial basis.
Today, Voentorg is a member of Oboronservis, which is committed to providing services for providing military personnel with uniforms, food, and also provides domestic services (for example, using the bath and laundry complex). The structure of Voentorg includes four departments of trade in military districts, as well as JSC 43-th TsEPK-Central Experimental Production Plant. Voentorg was created in 2009 year according to the personal order of the Minister of Defense.

In addition to these two companies, about which many have already heard, the company Oboronstroy is part of Oboronservis. This company is engaged in the fact that it builds facilities, as indicated on its page, in the interests of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. In addition, "Oboronstroy" is designed to introduce new technologies in the development of the construction sector of the Ministry of Defense. The company includes over three dozen open joint-stock companies engaged in the construction business in various regions of the country.

Modernization and repair of special military equipment is designed to deal with such a structure of Oboronservis as OAO Spetsremont. It includes repair plants for military purposes, at which work is carried out to restore various pieces of equipment and military equipment, as well as measures to introduce new technologies.

Repair aviation equipment is engaged in Aviaremont OJSC, which is part of Oboronservis.

As you can see, firms continue to work in their own directions. In some of them, the replacement of leadership.
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  1. Kyrgyz
    Kyrgyz 13 January 2013 16: 59
    It’s not very clear why firms should be liquidated, management is suspended, but life goes on, like no one says that the soldier must wash himself again, prepare to sweep, and the first pancake is always lumpy
    1. Sergyan
      Sergyan 13 January 2013 17: 30
      Damn it turned out very huge!
    2. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 13 January 2013 17: 35
      Quote: Kyrgyz
      It’s not very clear why companies should be liquidated,

      Because they are mired in theft, any company needs to be liquidated immediately after such cases. A transparent system is needed without such left-wing firms.
      1. Kyrgyz
        Kyrgyz 14 January 2013 06: 59
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        We need a transparent system without such left-wing firms.

        Firms are just not left-wingers with registered capital and pay taxes, if the left-wingers were all covered up and there would be, but such a scheme will not work today.
        What difference does it make what is on the signboard, it is important who works, so the first set of "workers" is being promoted, we are waiting for the next
  2. Sergyan
    Sergyan 13 January 2013 17: 27
    And why is it not indicated that Oboronservis also includes Oboronenergo? Which would not hurt to deal with the investigating authorities.
    1. Shabur
      Shabur 13 January 2013 22: 43
      Also a muddy organization this Oboronenergo
  3. Enjoy
    Enjoy 13 January 2013 17: 31
    Whatever corruption is there, I don’t see the point of spreading half the organizations serving the army into chips. And the tone of the article is as if the problem is not in people, but in serving the army.
  4. Apollo
    Apollo 13 January 2013 18: 03
    Many scandals are associated with the name "Oboronservis", it would be time to disband. Cases associated with this company remind me of a farce!
  5. nickname 1 and 2
    nickname 1 and 2 13 January 2013 19: 34
    Who will you work with, sir? After all, we all steal!
    1. Garrin
      Garrin 13 January 2013 20: 43
      Quote: nick 1 and 2
      After all, we all steal!

      Speak for yourself! am
  6. fenix57
    fenix57 13 January 2013 20: 05
    "... The "Oboronservis" today includes the "Voentorg" company, which is engaged in providing services for the provision of military personnel with uniforms, food, and also provides services of a domestic nature ... "- yes, everything is the same. Other people are different orders. There must be order in the end. AND..?
    Quote: nick 1 and 2
    Who will you work with, sir? After all, we all steal!

  7. suharev-52
    suharev-52 13 January 2013 21: 43
    The trouble is, if the cobbler will bake pies for you, and the baker will make boots. I still think the point is in this, and not in "Oboronservis" Sincerely.
  8. sashka
    sashka 13 January 2013 22: 32
    God .. What a "dregs" .. The country and the Army "hangs" on the wipers .. Glory !! Glory to the Great Stabilizer !!! Where is "esaul" ??
  9. Shabur
    Shabur 13 January 2013 22: 41
    Oboronenergo forgot the author.
  10. AK-74-1
    AK-74-1 14 January 2013 08: 53
    OJSC "Oboronservice" discredited the management first of all. Activities under this guide are proceeding in the manner prescribed by law. Economic crime is a very difficult area of ​​investigation. Therefore, it is impossible to conduct investigations in a short time, especially those committed by a group of persons using their official position. But OJSC "Oboronservice" is, first of all, commercial crimes, since the management of OJSC is not civil servants. Now look at the Federal Property Management Agency, where civil servants in general participated in corruption schemes. Our office is no less opaque, in addition, it also has access to state secrets.
    You just need to systematically change the management of the company and ensure the inevitability of punishment.