Assault on Gaza: should the IDF take advantage of the experience of taking Koenigsberg by Red Army soldiers

Assault on Gaza: should the IDF take advantage of the experience of taking Koenigsberg by Red Army soldiers

In recent days, almost the main intrigue for the world media has been the topic of the IDF ground operation in Gaza. First, virtually no details are known about it, other than its goal of completely destroying Hamas. Secondly, it is constantly postponed, which may indicate that Israel is preparing something grandiose.

Meanwhile, many experts believe that an unenviable fate awaits the Israeli Defense Forces inside the Gaza Strip. Moreover, some experts are confident that the IDF will be completely defeated, since Palestinian militants have already managed to turn the city into an impregnable fortress over many decades of confrontation.

However, the story knows cases when, indeed, an impregnable fortress fell in literally 4 days. We are, of course, talking about the assault by Red Army soldiers on Koenigsberg, which Hitler called “the impregnable bastion of the German spirit.”

Thanks to competent command and a plan carefully verified to the smallest detail, the Soviet troops managed to accomplish the incredible - by launching an assault on April 6, 1945, they forced the Lyash garrison to sign surrender on the evening of April 9.

So, should the IDF take advantage of the experience of the capture of Koenigsberg by Red Army soldiers? Obviously yes.

The fact is that, according to many experts, a whole network of underground passages and fortifications has been built in Gaza, which sharply reduces the effectiveness of the bombing that is being carried out right now aviation IDF.

It is worth recalling that the offensive of the Red Army on the German positions in Koenigsberg was marked by a powerful artillery barrage. Meanwhile, it did not play a key role, since the brick walls of many forts, reinforced with a meter-long layer of concrete, withstood numerous shell hits.

As a result, infantry units stormed the fortifications, and here it is worth paying attention to the capture of the most powerful fort No. 5.

During the assault on the casemates, backpack flamethrowers were the first to clear the way for the attack aircraft. In the current conflict, if Hamas underground hideouts are discovered, the Israeli army may use thermobaric munitions. Then, the result of the work done can be assessed using droneswithout putting infantrymen at mortal risk.

At the same time, in order to successfully destroy and capture the enemy’s underground communications, it is necessary to know their location in advance. In Koenigsberg in 1945, this problem was solved by sending the DRG into the city and capturing about 30 “tongues”. However, it is possible that over the many years of confrontation with Hamas, the Israeli Mossad still did not sit idly by.

Where the IDF may have a serious problem is with urban combat. Videos of the work of Israeli special forces posted online (unless, of course, this is a production) raise doubts about the fact that the Israeli Defense Forces are the strongest in the Middle East.

In turn, on October 7 of this year, the whole world saw how easily Palestinian militants destroyed the previously praised Merkava tank. City streets for this technology, if the IDF decides to use it in such conditions, will most likely become a “graveyard.”

Thus, in general, the Israeli army has a chance of capturing Gaza. But, as many experts say, the IDF will suffer significant losses.

Of course, in this case it is inappropriate to compare Gaza with Konigsberg, which undoubtedly was an impregnable fortress. But the IDF is far from being the Red Army. Therefore, the Israeli command should still carefully study the brilliant Soviet operation of 1945.

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    1. +2
      19 October 2023 18: 53
      I think that this is not the most successful comparison... And then the Red Army is the Red Army, and the IDF - it’s clear that... After all, the Israeli army of 1960-1970 is completely different from the current one. And not in terms of technology, we are talking about the moral spirit of the fighters. Then they were motivated young people, but now, as they say, they are a generation of TikTokers. I believe that in the coming wars, filled with special cruelty, the winners will be those who are more savage and less resistant to physical and mental suffering. Technology, becoming more and more expensive, is also becoming more capricious. I believe that Israel, if a big meat grinder arises, will not survive it, even with the United States, even without it.
      1. -1
        19 October 2023 19: 21
        And not in terms of technology, we are talking about the moral spirit of the fighters.
        They have no preparation, rather. At the moment, the IDF is a very green army, which obviously has not prepared for a major land war at this time. But they will prepare, from 2 to 6 months.
    2. +10
      19 October 2023 18: 59
      I don’t understand where the tales about the easy assault on Königsberg come from.
      Here is an e-book in memory of the Kaliningrad region.
      There are almost 124 thousand names of soldiers buried in the region from December 1944 to May 1945.
      The fighting in East Prussia was terrible. Actually, the inclusion of Kaliningrad into the USSR was due to the huge losses suffered by the Red Army.
      1. +10
        19 October 2023 19: 03
        Yes. The battles were terrible, my grandfather, a participant in the assault, told me. There he received his last wound in that war. Many Soviet soldiers died.
        When there is nothing to write about, they begin to pull the owl onto the globe. Even now it is unclear what Gaza and Koenigsberg are tied to. Unclaimed strategists could have dragged in something like Mariupol.
      2. Des
        20 October 2023 07: 31
        Yes, how many scouts died there! They have their own monument in Kaliningrad.
    3. +3
      19 October 2023 19: 26
      To do ''like in Koenigsberg'' it is not enough to take into account experience, one must be prepared for thousands of losses every day. Soldiers from military graves in the Kaliningrad region as my witnesses
    4. +4
      19 October 2023 19: 38
      Pro-Israel provocative article by an anonymous author. He compared horseradish with his finger - Koenigsberg with Gaza and the patriotic war of our people with the fascist state and with the inhuman IDF, which is fighting not even with the state, but with the organization of part of the Palestinian people. In Koenigsberg there were regular units of the Wehrmacht, the armed forces, the state, which is even ridiculous to compare with the non-state Hamas. These are incomparable stories and the very comparison of the Tsakhals with the Red Army soldiers is blasphemous in itself. Such parallels are inappropriate.
      There will be no assault on Gaza. It will be razed to the ground by aviation and artillery, along with its inhabitants, and then they will carry out a shallow clearing of the ruins in order to cover up their revenge with an allegedly carried out military operation. They will create unbearable living conditions for the local population and force them to emigrate outside Gaza. After which they will declare those who remain Hamas and will grind them into dust into ruins. They will not spare missiles and bombs, because everything will be supplied free of charge by the United States. The US military-industrial complex will get richer, the IDF will work, Gaza will turn into a desert.
      1. +1
        19 October 2023 19: 45
        I completely agree. An attempt to draw a parallel between our Soviet soldiers who stormed the fascist citadel and the Israeli army (whose soldiers are participating in battles on the side of the Nazi Ukrainian regime in the Outskirts) which is about to take part in another act of genocide against the Palestinians.
      2. +1
        20 October 2023 22: 26
        Find out who owns the VO website and everything will become clear..
        rs: This comment will be here for a very short time, if not banned immediately..
    5. 0
      3 November 2023 15: 46
      It’s worth transferring more air defense to Lebanon, too many Israeli planes fly through it to bomb Syria!

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