After a rocket attack on a hospital in Gaza, thousands of Iranians demand a declaration of war on Israel

After a rocket attack on a hospital in Gaza, thousands of Iranians demand a declaration of war on Israel

The Israel Defense Forces said it has completed its investigation into yesterday's barbaric attack on the Al-Ahli Baptist hospital in the Gaza Strip, which, according to the Palestinian side, killed between 300 and 800 civilians. The IDF did not say anything new, accusing Islamic Jihad (*organization recognized as terrorist and banned in the Russian Federation) of shelling the medical facility.

Meanwhile, even without taking into account the call of the Shiite movement Hezbollah for all Arabs and Muslims to hold a “day of rage” against Israel today, anti-Israeli mass protests have been taking place in many countries for several days, in some cases with clashes with the police. Protests have also swept across Europe, where hundreds of thousands of Muslims from less prosperous countries around the world have moved over the past few years as a result of soft migration policies supported by the EU and the leaders of some states.

German tabloid Bild reports that several hundred protesters gathered at the Brandenburg Gate yesterday, some attacking police who cordoned off the nearby Holocaust Memorial. By midnight the protesters had dispersed.

However, today new unrest has broken out in the Berlin district of Neukölln, where many Palestinian supporters live. Stones and pyrotechnics were thrown at law enforcement officers and firefighters who arrived at the scene of unrest. Protesters tried to build barricades and set several cars on fire. The police used water cannons to disperse the crowd.

On Brunnenstrasse in the city center, unknown persons threw Molotov cocktails at the Jewish center “Kahal Addas Israel”, on the basis of which a synagogue and a Torah school operate. The fire was prevented.

The authorities of Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Cuba, Iraq, Venezuela and Iran agree with Palestine that it is Israel that is guilty of shelling the Gaza hospital. Tehran accused the United States of involvement in the barbaric attack on a medical facility. It is believed that the Israeli Air Force used American JDAM glide bombs to strike the hospital. Even Western experts and journalists note that Hamas and Palestinian jihadists simply do not have the ammunition capable of causing such destruction. But the IDF was similar weapons, including those produced in the USA, has.

The flames of US-Israeli bombs dropped on innocent Palestinians being treated for injuries in a Gaza hospital tonight will soon engulf the Zionists

- Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi said immediately after the tragedy.

In Iran, thousands of protesters are demanding a declaration of war on Israel. A black flag was raised at the mausoleum of Imam Reza in Mashhad, Iran, which means a call for revenge or war. Israeli actions were condemned by the chairman of the African Union Commission, Musa Faki Mahamat, calling them a “war crime.” Saudi Arabia and Turkey blamed Jerusalem for violating humanitarian rules of war. Jordan canceled a summit on the situation in the Gaza Strip, which was to be held on Wednesday in Amman with the participation of the leaders of the United States, Egypt and Palestine.

It is noteworthy that not only the countries of the Muslim world, the Global South, but also some European states, albeit in a peculiar form, criticize Israel for its inhumane attitude towards the Palestinians. The EU leadership, as well as the foreign ministries of France, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK, condemned the attack without identifying those responsible. Japan adheres to the same position.

At the same time, the heads of these states, EU and EC officials simultaneously express “doubts” about Israel’s involvement in the attack on a hospital in Gaza. This is not Bucha or the Mariupol Drama Theater. So you can’t immediately assign the culprits, and even contrary to Washington’s position.

In most Muslim and Arab countries, protesters gather in front of the Israeli and US embassies. Thousands of angry people filled the streets and gathered in front of American embassies in Lebanon, Cairo, Tunisia, Kuwait, and Jordan. In Ankara, protesters attempted to storm the Israeli embassy. In the city of Malatya, the Turks stormed an American military base. In Iran, due to the absence of the Israeli and US embassies, the French diplomatic mission building was chosen as the target of the attack.
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  1. -11
    18 October 2023 16: 07
    Islamic Jihad launched a missile into a hospital parking lot
    not on purpose.
    It was a breakdown of the rocket engine after launch.
    Islamic Jihad rocket crash site in daylight:
    1. -1
      18 October 2023 16: 30
      Maybe you're right....
    2. +5
      18 October 2023 16: 40
      If the Barmalei had missiles capable of killing so many people at once, rubble would already be scattered from Jewish cities in different directions...
      1. -5
        18 October 2023 16: 59
        People died from fires that started after a rocket fell into a parking lot.
        The two main hospital buildings are intact. There are only some broken windows. The roof with solar panels is intact. There is not a single crater from a rocket or bomb.
        1. +1
          18 October 2023 17: 10
          Once again, does Hamas have missiles with a warhead capable of killing 500 people at once? Even in the parking lot, although it’s not clear what they were doing there?
      2. +1
        18 October 2023 17: 01
        Quote: paul3390
        If the Barmalei had missiles capable of killing so many people at once, rubble would already be scattered from Jewish cities in different directions...

        There is no crater at the site of the explosion in the hospital; aerial bombs leave craters 15-20 meters in diameter
        1. +1
          18 October 2023 17: 05
          But who told you that the bomb was certainly high-explosive and necessarily a ton?? The planning kit can be hung on a 250-kilogram one. And this air blast is well shown here. As are the consequences.

        2. 0
          18 October 2023 20: 11
          Have you heard about air-detonated bombs? They don’t make craters. The United States and Israel have them in service.
      3. 0
        19 October 2023 00: 40
        Quote: paul3390
        If only the barmalei had missiles capable of killing so many people at once

        Well, maybe only if Ukraine shared missiles with them. wink laughing
    3. 0
      18 October 2023 18: 17
      Quote: voyaka uh
      It was a breakdown of the rocket engine after launch.

      What, did the engine stall?
  2. +3
    18 October 2023 16: 10
    All the same, the Arab-Islamic public reacts somehow sluggishly... They gathered, shouted, tried something, threw something at the cops, lit their cars and dispersed... By the way, the note does not indicate in what sense they dispersed ...
    1. +2
      18 October 2023 16: 20
      There is a lot of screaming, but little sense
      1. -1
        18 October 2023 18: 39
        They really shouldn’t declare war on those Jews... So they can get seriously screwed...
  3. +1
    18 October 2023 16: 18
    After a rocket attack on a hospital in Gaza, thousands of Iranians demand a declaration of war on Israel
    This has already happened more than once... it was cooler, tougher, so what???
    Nothing changes there.
  4. fiv
    18 October 2023 16: 35
    It seems like we supply saltpeter to Europe, but they keep smashing the windows with stones. The wrong protester has gone to Europe today!
  5. +2
    18 October 2023 16: 41
    After a rocket attack on a hospital in Gaza, thousands of Iranians demand a declaration of war on Israel

    Hm what
    Or maybe everything is being done for the sake of this? what
    That's the point.
    Pin dossiya is a bankrupt who has long lived on the belief that their green candy wrappers mean something and are backed by a serious economy, while their debt, not counting private debt, one national debt, has long exceeded all reasonable limits. This country alone should be like the rest of the planet combined. At whose expense is the banquet?
    Now, when there is almost no one left to simply rob, all that remains is to unleash a war, not a weak one, since the little ones are no longer helping, under the project “the war will write everything off.”
    Well, the Jews, as the main candy wrapper holders and printers, fulfilling their undertaken mission, “kindle the fire of war.”
    With the country У it didn’t work, because at the helm of Russia there was an intelligent leader with assistants. Yes, not everything is working out for the Government as it would like, but so far it has been possible to avoid the trap of the Third World War. Only the pin dossi have less and less time left so that they don’t have to declare themselves bankrupt, so they provoke “new fires.”
    1. +2
      18 October 2023 16: 51
      in the 21st century, no one can tell the truth. everyone is leading everyone into a fog, victims no longer care about anyone, the main thing is to disassociate yourself. and then: they will be completely forgotten amid new victims.
  6. -1
    18 October 2023 16: 53
    This is precisely what makes one doubt the involvement of the Israelis.
    Well, why are they so happy?
    1. -1
      19 October 2023 00: 57
      In such a situation, the main thing is to sow doubt. It is easier to fish in muddy water.
  7. -1
    19 October 2023 00: 52
    It’s hard to believe that the Arabs are capable of such a cynical act, despite all sorts of internal conflicts, which is what the east is rich in.

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