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The legendary gunsmith Mikhail Kalashnikov addressed the Russians with New Year's greetings

The legendary gunsmith Mikhail Kalashnikov addressed the Russians with New Year's greetings, "Russia has taken the next, 14 billionth bar in arms exports. Thus, we once again proved to the world that our weapon - reliable and demanded in the foreign market. That is what I will think about when I raise a New Year's glass. And also about the fact that the living thread of traditions and relations with history. That youth education should be based on examples of courage and self-sacrifice of heroes, ”the Kalashnikov statement reads, the text of which entered Interfax on Thursday.

The appeal notes that the 70 anniversary of the Great Victory is not far off. “And we should celebrate this wonderful holiday nicely and with dignity, without leaving the slightest chance to the detractors of our Victory. So, for example, this is done in the framework of the International Relay of Memory and Thanks to“ The Land of the Feat - Hero's Homeland, ”Kalashnikov says.

"I admit, I dream together with the participants and organizers of this patriotic project, implemented on a voluntary basis by the Institute of Social Memory of the Academy of Military Sciences, to visit Berlin in 2015, touch the walls of the Reichstag, to which I, a tankman sergeant, didn’t I had a chance to reach the victorious 45. God willing, I will fulfill my dream, "says Kalashnikov.

"And I also want the Almighty to give strength, tolerance and strength of spirit to all the people, multiply the faith in Great Russia. I am convinced that this will be so, because it’s not by chance that the New Year is celebrated with the bright holiday of the Nativity of Christ, bringing joy to human soul and love of neighbors, "- said in the Kalashnikov appeal.

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  1. Igor
    Igor 27 December 2012 18: 43
    It’s better for my grandfather not to go to Germany, otherwise he will see how the losers live compared to the winners and the blow is enough.
    1. Mitek
      Mitek 27 December 2012 19: 17
      Will not be enough. Grandfather is far from stupid. But HEALTH Grandfather should wish !!)
      1. Igor
        Igor 27 December 2012 19: 24
        Quote: Mitek
        But HEALTH Grandfather should wish !!)

        By itself!
    2. Committee
      Committee 27 December 2012 19: 54
      Igorek, if I take him for a walk in Berlin, where real life is, and not a "showcase", then he certainly won't be enough, but on the contrary, he will add pride for our country.
    3. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 27 December 2012 21: 21
      Now they are paying with the crisis at the expense of this "showcase". industry and agriculture did not develop, but they made a free life for themselves with printed candy wrappers. Now the bubble has burst.
      But at the same time let there be so many Muslims in Germany.
    4. Joker
      Joker 27 December 2012 22: 29
      Well, I was in this Berlin a month ago, so what? Not enough blow, moreover, I wanted to get home faster. Do not get fooled by the tinsel, look deep into it, the inside is rotten.
  2. MG42
    MG42 27 December 2012 18: 49
    Well said Kalashnikov - a true patriot of his homeland! soldier
    1. S_mirnov
      S_mirnov 27 December 2012 22: 10
      "Russia has taken another, 14 billion bar in the export of arms." Minus as much as you like, but this is a huckster's toast! I don’t believe that Kalashnikov began his speech with bargaining, because the point is not how many weapons we sold, but how our army is armed. And Kalashnikov - health and many years!
      1. Funker1981
        Funker1981 28 December 2012 15: 24
        I will not pass, but I do not agree to the account of trading. If you read carefully, the next sentence says "Thus, we once again proved to the world that our weapon is reliable."
  3. Yuri11076
    Yuri11076 27 December 2012 18: 52
    Health to Mikhail Timofeevich !!!
  4. homosum20
    homosum20 27 December 2012 18: 55
    Thanks to Mikhail Timofeevich for congratulations.
    Igor, not enough of his blow. Not that he experienced life. And there is nothing special.
    Many years to Kalashnikov and a good New Year.
  5. Igor
    Igor 27 December 2012 19: 02
    Quote: homosum20
    Igor, not enough of his blow. Not that he experienced life. And there is nothing special.

    So 93 years already, only recently in the hospital lay (((
  6. omsbon
    omsbon 27 December 2012 19: 03
    Health and long life, to you Mikhail Timofeevich!
  7. Alekseir162
    Alekseir162 27 December 2012 19: 12
    Many and good summers, to you Mikhail Timofeevich!
  8. sergskak
    sergskak 27 December 2012 19: 13
    Lord, yes health is more important! The achievement of the nation!
  9. Bender
    Bender 27 December 2012 19: 22
    Thanks to Mikhail Timofeevich for the words! And the most important thing of many years of his life and health! He is a man of legend and his Name is forever inscribed in the history of Russia and the World! soldier
  10. Download Do Re Mi
    Download Do Re Mi 27 December 2012 19: 26
    Yes, His name is already inscribed in the history of Mankind! good hi soldier
  11. polly
    polly 27 December 2012 19: 38
    Not a man - but a living legend! Here it is Soviet leaven, and an example of the present, and not in speeches and on paper of patriotism. Thank you, Mikhail Timofeevich, we will believe in Russia!

    "Nails would be made of these people,
    There would be no stronger nails in the world! "

    N. Tikhonov "Ballad of Nails"
    1. Download Do Re Mi
      Download Do Re Mi 27 December 2012 19: 52
      He is a Russian man and a Russian hardened and savvy, with a Russian soul! hi
      1. Bender
        Bender 27 December 2012 19: 55
        Of course Russian! drinks
  12. almost demobil
    almost demobil 27 December 2012 19: 46
    Strong old man! May God grant him health. It is amazing why a feature film about this legendary man has not yet been made.
  13. Captain Vrungel
    Captain Vrungel 27 December 2012 20: 20
    Touch the Reichstag Mikhail Timofeevich. Your dreams come true. Good health. You are a man of the century. AK-47 is the state symbol of some countries. Monuments are installed on it, which means in your honor.
    1. sasha.28blaga
      sasha.28blaga 28 December 2012 03: 44
      In some countries, a Kalashnikov assault rifle is depicted on the coat of arms, flag, and monuments.
    TUNISIA 27 December 2012 20: 29
    The legendary gunsmith is mutually: health and long years! Mikhail Timofeevich has done too much for the Motherland and for this he is bowed low to the ground!
  15. APASUS
    APASUS 27 December 2012 20: 40
    It’s better to have people like Kalashnikov and not the President congratulate us on New Year. People who really represent the elite of our state !!!
  16. biglow
    biglow 27 December 2012 20: 55
    news of the hour At the request of viewers, Serdyukov was summoned to the prosecutor for a conversation, but he disappeared where.
  17. Lord of the Sith
    Lord of the Sith 27 December 2012 21: 21
    Long life, good health and strength !!!
  18. I. Brovkin
    I. Brovkin 27 December 2012 21: 22
    I suggest that on New Year's eve everyone (who already can and health allows) raise a glass for the health of Mikhail Kalashnikov. We wish him the realization of his dream to visit Berlin.
  19. Alyans
    Alyans 27 December 2012 22: 06
    Thus, we have once again proved to the world that our weapons are reliable and in demand on the foreign market.
    That's for sure. Thanks to this grandfather, everyone knows about him. Health to him and fulfillment of desire !!!
  20. Narkom
    Narkom 27 December 2012 22: 09
    Health "Grandfather"
  21. cherkas.oe
    cherkas.oe 27 December 2012 22: 25
    My grandfather Mikhail’s health and longevity, maybe while he’s alive, his conscience in the businessmen from weapons will not disappear.
  22. SlavaP
    SlavaP 27 December 2012 22: 49
    "I erected a monument not made by hands
    The folk path will not grow to it "
    A. Pushkin
    1. Leisure
      Leisure 28 December 2012 05: 44
      However, a classic.
  23. david210512
    david210512 27 December 2012 23: 42
    people like Mikhail Timofeevich Kalashnikov should live forever. from the bottom of my heart I wish you health and many more years of life to the Greatest Armourer !!!!!
  24. georg737577
    georg737577 28 December 2012 00: 10
    Grandfathers AK saved my life twice ... Thank you and a deep bow, Mikhail Timofeevich!
  25. bart74
    bart74 28 December 2012 01: 08
    Be sure to drink a glass on holidays for Grandfather Misha. Here's who to believe in when faith in Santa Claus ends! The real man is a legend! Health to you!
  26. Magadan
    Magadan 28 December 2012 03: 03
    "I also want The Most High gave strength, tolerance and strength of spirit to all the people, increased faith in Great Russia"

    Once again, my thesis proves that all Great People are believers. Because you can’t deceive the soul. The soul knows Who gives talent.
    May God give you good health, Grandfather Misha !!!
  27. boris.radevitch
    boris.radevitch 28 December 2012 03: 48
    Mikhail Kalashnikov of Siberian health and Happy New Year to our father !!! drinks
  28. cth; fyn
    cth; fyn 28 December 2012 07: 07
    HM, well, it’s clear that Mikhail Timofeevich’s health and all that, but where is the actual reference to the source ??? I would like to see all the congratulations, not passages and extracts.
  29. 16 REGION
    16 REGION 7 January 2013 18: 13
    I support everyone in the wishes !!!
    By the way, I would have watched the with great pleasure about his life path, but unfortunately there are none, but it’s a pity the spielberg should be corrected !!)))).
    By the way, I was in Izhevsk at the Kalashnikov Museum, very informative, and you can cheat on an excellent shooting gallery with almost all weapons (you should have your main passport with you).