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SR-3M: universal, small-sized, silent FSB special forces assault rifle

SR-3M: universal, small-sized, silent FSB special forces assault rifle

Special, versatile, small-sized, silent - all these advantages are combined in the SR-3M assault rifle. Given weapon produced by TsNIItochmash and is in service with the FSB special forces.

The upgraded version was developed on the basis of the SR-3 "Whirlwind" assault rifle, which came into the possession of the state security agencies back in 1996. Like its predecessor, the SR-3M was chambered for the special 9x39 mm SP5 and SP6 cartridges, as well as their counterparts 7N9 and 7N12.

The weapon is designed to destroy enemy manpower and is capable of penetrating armored vests of the 2nd and 3rd protection class. In addition, the machine can be used to destroy unarmored vehicles at a distance of up to 400 meters.

USM shock type allows you to fire in two modes - single shots and bursts. SR-3M box magazines are designed for 20 and 30 rounds. The latter is designed specifically for this model.

A two-position transitional rear sight and an adjustable front sight allow for aimed shooting from this machine gun at a distance of 100 to 200 meters. In the case of installing an optical sight, the effective firing range increases to 400 meters.

Unlike the Whirlwind, the SR-3M received a special clutch on the muzzle of the barrel, which is designed to install a quick-detachable silencer. On the receiver, on the left, there is a seat for mounting a bracket with a night and optical sight. The butt of the upgraded version of the CP-3 received a skeletal structure and folds sideways by analogy with the AS machine gun.

The weight of this weapon without a silencer and magazine is only 2,2 kg. With the above details, the weight of the machine increases by another 1 kg.

Tellingly, the SR-3M is called compact for a reason. Without a silencer and with a folded butt, the length of the machine is only 41 cm.


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  1. novel66
    novel66 6 September 2023 17: 47
    box stores

    New word??
  2. alystan
    alystan 6 September 2023 18: 12
    At the end of the 80s of the last century, the state security bodies of the USSR, along with standard models of small arms, needed new compact assault rifles to carry out various power actions that would ensure a confident defeat of enemy manpower, including those dressed in bulletproof vests.

    At the very beginning of the 90s, at TsNIITOCHMASH in Klimovsk near Moscow, designers A.D. Borisov and V.N. Levchenko presented a version of a shortened machine gun created on the basis of a special silent machine gun AS "Val", unified with it in terms of main details and intended for use of 9-mm cartridges SP-5 and SP-6.

    By 1994, the designers managed to create a reliable, easy-to-use and fairly effective weapon. The assault rifle designed in Klimovsk was very small in size, comparable to submachine guns, but significantly surpassed them in terms of firepower due to the use of special armor-piercing cartridges 9x39mm SP-6.

    The shape and small size of the machine made it possible to carry it discreetly, it could be hidden under outerwear. The machine could be safely used in fairly limited spaces.

  3. dump22
    dump22 6 September 2023 19: 29
    special cartridge 9x39 mm

    A very specific cartridge.
    Quite a heavy bullet and low initial velocity.
    Not army, purely special forces.
  4. Lynx2000
    Lynx2000 6 September 2023 23: 35
    what The SR-3 "Whirlwind" was initially adopted not only by state security agencies, but also by the Ministry of Internal Affairs (it was also used by employees of the RUBOP, then by the SOBR). SR-3M was also used by the Ministry of Internal Affairs...