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Training flights of anti-submarine naval aviation helicopters of the Baltic Fleet

At the airport in the village of Donskoye, Kaliningrad Region, where a separate naval anti-submarine helicopter squadron of the sea is currently deployed aviation Of the Baltic fleet regular training flights took place. The units are armed with Ka-27 helicopters in anti-submarine (Ka-27PL) and search and rescue versions (Ka-27PS). During the training flights, the crews worked out anti-submarine exercises (search for a conventional enemy submarine using an onboard sonar system) and search and rescue tasks (raising a conditional victim from the ground).

Training flights of anti-submarine naval aviation helicopters of the Baltic Fleet

According to the press service of the Western Military District in the 2012 school year, the pilots made more than 250 landings of Ka-27 ship-based helicopters on the decks of the fleet ships. Squadron crews performed more than 1,5 thousand flights, 40% of them - at night. The total flight time of the pilots of the aviation unit was over 1,8 in thousands of hours, and the average flight time of each pilot was over 80 hours. As part of combat training with helicopter pilots, more than 60 training sessions were conducted to find and detect conditional enemy submarines during the day and night, as well as to search and rescue people in distress at sea, lifting them aboard from the surface of the water.

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  1. 7778
    7778 25 December 2012 09: 03 New
    beauties keep it up
  2. Lavr75
    Lavr75 25 December 2012 10: 21 New
    And the protective helmet of the NATO pilot-navigator "US Coast Guard" somehow does not fit with the St. Andrew's flag. Sorry, this is not a pilot, but a flight operator, but still. We no longer do our own.
  3. Lucky
    Lucky 25 December 2012 11: 52 New
    It's nice to watch such pictures!)) The soul rejoices!
  4. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 25 December 2012 19: 24 New
    Thanks for the article, the photos are cool, motivating, the news is great.
  5. Dendi
    Dendi 25 December 2012 23: 03 New
    One upsets the helicopters - Soviet, helmets - NATO ....
  6. knn54
    knn54 26 December 2012 15: 09 New
    Throughout its life, "enlightened Europe" tried to prevent Russia from entering the Baltic.
    Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen everywhere the components of the Navy: ships, ground services and, of course, aviation
  7. aleks-s2011
    aleks-s2011 22 March 2013 20: 26 New
    The article is a very big plus. I just didn’t read anything new