The road against Rostec leads to prison

The road against Rostec leads to prison

Newspaper "Kommersant". June 6, 2023. A case was initiated against the shareholder of the Ministry of Health. I highly recommend that before reading this article, read what Kommersant correspondent Dmitry Astakhov wrote. He quite clearly described everything that is happening, but it still needs to be translated into normal language, because there are legal issues that radically change the understanding of the situation.

What is the essence: The investigating authorities of the Perm Territory initiated a criminal case against Yuri Medvedyuk, the owner of Metatron LLC, which is a minority shareholder of PJSC MZ, and he himself is on the board of directors.

According to the investigation, he abused his powers and committed actions with other persons that allegedly led to the impossibility of technical re-equipment of the enterprise. Earlier, Metatron and representatives of MZ (Motovilikha Plants) appealed to the Federal Antimonopoly Service against the actions of the auction organizer for the sale of Motovilikha property. They are convinced that the valuation of the lot is greatly underestimated.

In fact, the essence of the shareholders' claims was completely different, but it would be better if Yuri Medvedyuk himself, whom we have known since last year, more precisely, since my first publication about Motovilikha, spoke about this. Therefore, naturally, I took advantage of this, and we talked about what was happening.

Yuri, what is going on with you personally and at the enterprise as a whole, why such turns?

If we talk about me personally, today (June 9) in the morning there was a search in the apartment of my mother, the most golden person, a pensioner, and earlier a mathematics teacher at school number 93 in the city of Perm, with many years (more than 40 years) of experience, who learned more than one generation of worthy, smart, decent people.

What was she looking for? Apparently me, or maybe my thoughts, maybe photos of my childhood or my cat, which could bite the director, who did not comply with the State Defense Order or the bankruptcy trustee, who did not register the Unified Property Complex of the plant, on the equipment of which the same director produces the State Defense Order. I don't know, but that's how it feels.

But in general... Rostec Group of Companies is implementing its capabilities in the field of "legal gop-stop technology", which manifests itself in the complete absence of compliance with the law in general.

It looks funny if it weren't really very, very sad.

Can such a search be considered as an element of pressure?

Yes, sure. It is the only way to look at it, and nothing else.

Your turn?

Yes, definitely. I haven't been served with a warrant yet, but I'll demonstrate the one that was served on another person in an open case. There are phrases...

Let's start with the fact that you state your point of view on everything that happens

The state company Rostec, being the main creditor and at the same time the main shareholder of PJSC MZ, decided to liquidate, destroy, what other synonyms can be used, bury in the literal sense (in relation to a legal entity the term is quite applicable) PJSC Motovilikhinskiye Zavody. Remove from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities after the sale of machine tools, buildings, workshops, and all property on the balance sheet of MZ PJSC, which leases it to two of its subsidiaries, SKB CJSC and MGM LLC, which have concluded state defense orders for very important types of special products (I specifically omit the names, from my point of view, even they should be closed today). More than 4 thousand specialists work on the premises of PJSC "MZ", are employees of these enterprises.

What is the main problem here?

The main problem is that MZ PJSC provides SKB CJSC and MGM LLC with everything from production facilities to the last wrench. These are not just “daughters”, it is actually one entity, a holding. And the sale of the property of PJSC "MZ" will inevitably affect the work of two enterprises operating under the State Defense Order.

But bankruptcy with bailout is a pretty logical move in some cases, isn't it?

Yes, yes. But this is when we are talking about bankruptcy. But in our case it is not so. In our case, at MZ PJSC, by the decision of RT-Capital (a subsidiary of Rostec, which is struggling with unprofitable enterprises by selling them), a bankruptcy proceedings procedure has been introduced.

We read the federal law on insolvency / bankruptcy, bankruptcy proceedings are very different from external and other types. Bankruptcy proceedings are generally the final stage in the bankruptcy case of an organization. As part of bankruptcy proceedings, the property of a legal entity is put up for auction in order to repay the claims of creditors, at the expense of proceeds from the sale of property. Upon completion of settlements with counterparties, if there is not enough money, the remaining debts are written off, the organization is declared bankrupt.

That is, what we oppose is happening: the sale of ALL property of PJSC MZ. LIQUIDATION of a legal entity after the sale of its property at auction.

A cool decision by the managers of Rostec, especially during the most difficult events of the NWO.

I really want to emphasize and convey to everyone who sees this: Rostec does not want to complete the procedure by signing the Settlement Agreement with creditors, but rather the LIQUIDATION of MZ PJSC, the parent company, the foundations of the foundations on whose equipment the State Defense Order is carried out.

And here I want to show everyone that I am being charged. Here is the ruling.

Please pay attention to the wording of the claims. It turns out that by my actions “with a group of unidentified persons” (this is to apply the clause more weightily), I “used my powers contrary to the legitimate interests of PJSC “MZ”, did not allow the bankruptcy procedure to be completed on time, “which led to the impossibility of carrying out a technical re-equipment, modernization of equipment, reconstruction and construction of new facilities.

Somehow it is not entirely clear, is it really necessary to bankrupt the enterprise and sell off the property in order to implement such grandiose plans?

No! This is not about the bankruptcy procedure, but about the liquidation of the enterprise! In fact, as Mikhail Bulgakov said, "And this is a case of so-called lies!" I have already said that the bankruptcy administration is the final, the liquidation of the enterprise, just what we, the shareholders, opposed!

Here the question is WHAT are they going to re-equip, re-equip (this is what I seem to be preventing them from doing), if they (that is, PJSC "MZ") LIQUIDATE at the moment?

…to the foundations we will destroy, and then…?

I will allow myself a small digression, just to remind readers. In May, we published an article "Motovilikha Plants": defense in anticipation of a counteroffensive, in which we pointed out what is happening there, and this article can serve as a certain confirmation of the words of Yuri, because here: List of items sold at Motovilikha you can still see a list of everything that Rostec put up for sale. And any normal person can understand on the basis of these lists that after the sale of this equipment, there will be no PJSC "MZ" anymore.

And more about the claims against me. In bankruptcy proceedings (in which MZ PJSC is located), since this, according to the law, is the stage of liquidation of a legal entity that has terminated production, all powers of the governing bodies in accordance with the statutory documents of the legal entity (director, board of directors, meeting of shareholders) are completely TERMINATED . And, accordingly, they have no influence at all on the situation.

Only the decisions of the liquidator (the bankruptcy commissioner) and members of the creditors' committee (the Rostec company represented by RT Capital and others) have legal force.

The fact that I, as a shareholder of MZ PJSC, together with other shareholders, applied to the OFAS in order to prevent the liquidation of MZ PJSC, is, you know, not done out of harm. Excuse me, but the question for 500 is, on what equipment would CJSC SKB carry out the state defense order, if the managers of Rostec sold the plant. And the big question is who would buy it.

So, what is next? What are the prospects?

What's next? We will continue further. The fact that a case has been started does not mean anything, it is clear that “no person - no problem”, but we, the shareholders, still exist and although we absolutely cannot influence the situation, except for various appeals, we will continue do it.

My next step, as a citizen, is an appeal to the director of the FSB of Russia, Bortnikov.

Director of the FSB of Russia A.V. Bortnikov

Statement of a crime, violation of state secrets, sabotage, treason.

The bankruptcy trustee of PJSC MZ, trying to liquidate the legal entity PJSC Motovilikhinskiye Zavody, an enterprise located in the register of strategic enterprises of the Russian Federation, published in the public domain a complete list of equipment, fixed production assets, sizes and quantitative indications of buildings, workshops, land plots, engaged in the production of special equipment as part of the implementation of the State Defense Order. With indication of manufacturers and years of production of unique equipment of the steel complex.

The list is closed to access.

A group of persons, including the bankruptcy trustee of PJSC "MZ", members of the creditors' committee of PJSC "MZ", participants in the meeting of creditors of PJSC "MZ" who voted "FOR" (meeting of creditors in July 2022) decided to liquidate the existing machine-building holding of PJSC "MZ", carried out an attempt to sell his property at auction, as having ceased production activities, and without registration in a single property complex (requirement for strategic enterprises that have ceased operations, subject to liquidation, Articles 195, 196 of the Federal Law -127).

Due to the limited number of bidders, the price of property of PJSC MZ was supposed to be reduced to a minimum of 830 million rubles per 1 lot (bidding regulation number 13) and sold in favor of Remdizel LLC, located in the Republic of Tatarstan, the participants of Remdizel LLC are individuals.

Additionally, I ask for state support in terminating the bankruptcy proceedings of MZ PJSC and concluding a settlement agreement with creditors with debt forgiveness up to 10 percent of the amount of claims.

Here, the gentlemen from Rostec have really done so much that it just needs to be cleared up at least partially.

So, to draw a line, can we say that you, as a representative of a group of shareholders, oppose the liquidation and bankruptcy of the PJSC "MZ" enterprise in favor of forgiveness of part of the debts and the continuation of the factories?

Yes, here you just need to clearly understand that bankruptcy can be useful. These are amicable agreements, these are reorganizations, bankruptcy is not yet the death of an enterprise. But the liquidation of an enterprise within the framework of bankruptcy proceedings is liquidation. Shot, if you will.

In general, from a legal point of view, Rostec is now engaged in replacing one way out of the current situation with another. Such a method as liquidation is never applied to a working enterprise. Competition management is for those enterprises that no longer work and do not produce anything. But PJSC "MZ" and its subsidiaries are not.

At PJSC "MZ" - competitive management. The bankruptcy trustee can only liquidate the enterprise, sell its property and give money to creditors. That's it, according to the law, he no longer has functions, and they are not needed in this situation.

As you understand, since 2018, there has been no bankruptcy management at Motovilikha, and this is logical, the plant was working, the state defense order was being carried out, and everything else would be insane.

Perhaps it would have been smarter to change the bankruptcy management to an external one and sell the entire enterprise, but then they should have given so much money for Motovilikha to be enough for both creditors and shareholders. It is unrealistic to find such a buyer, and indeed, the circle of buyers is small.

In general, besides liquidation, are there other ways of developing events?

Yes, they are. Especially when the enterprise is operating, and we are not talking about profit, for example, it just works “to zero”. There are options in which an enterprise, especially a working one, can just exit the bankruptcy procedure. And this is precisely the way out of the procedure, and not liquidation.

I have a question about a document. Are you accused of signing some fictitious protocols that were used by you in order to participate in the process and represent the interests of shareholders in the bankruptcy case of MZ PJSC?

As for protocols. In accordance with Federal Law No. 127 on bankruptcy, if an enterprise is in the process of bankruptcy management, then all management bodies represented by the director, board of directors, board of shareholders, they are abolished. If under external management directors and shareholders can still somehow influence the situation, then under competitive management, the functions of former managers are completely abolished. All decisions are made by the bankruptcy trustee and the council of creditors.

The only thing that shareholders can do in such a situation is to participate in court and challenge the actions of the liquidator there. All. There are no other legal options. But even in order to appear for participation in the trial, shareholders are required to choose a representative. One to represent them.

In general, if you look at the law on joint-stock companies, there is no such thing as a “representative of shareholders”. This is a gap in our legislation, this is only in the bankruptcy law. It is clear why this was done, shareholders should have at least a ghostly chance to protect their interests in the same arbitration court. If their interests are violated by the same bankruptcy trustee.

So, it was the COURT that asked us, the shareholders, to appeal against the actions of Rostec, which is both a shareholder and a creditor, and decided to liquidate the enterprise.

We, private shareholders, who own 35% of the shares, decided that yes, since the court asks to do this, it’s not a question. We held a meeting in absentia, and as a result, this very protocol appeared, in which I was chosen as a representative. This is not the minutes of the meeting of shareholders, it is rather a form of application to the court, where we decided that one person will represent the interests of our group. And this statement was confirmed by extracts from the Register, which confirmed that this was done by real shareholders.

Everything, all the other claims against me are the free work of the “Rostekhov”, because I can’t present anything: since 2018, since the start of competitive management, neither as a shareholder, nor as a member of the Board of Directors, I can’t do anything for our factory. By law, I can’t, and therefore accusing me of disrupting the construction and re-equipment of the enterprise is very unscientific fiction.

Total. Rostec still really wants to liquidate and sell the Motovilikhinskiye Zavody. For anyone, for anything. In March 2018, PJSC Motovilikhinskiye Zavody entered the bankruptcy proceedings with an amount of accounts payable of about 17,6 billion rubles. Now the property of the enterprise can be sold for 10% of the starting price, that is, for 831 million rubles. You can draw your own conclusions.

According to rumors, the main contender for the purchase of Motovilikha is the Remdiesel company from Naberezhnye Chelny. The company is, to put it mildly, classified.

Perm shareholders believe that Motovilikha should remain where it is, that is, in the Perm Territory. This will definitely protect the enterprise from moving and other difficulties. Metatron LLC, Avers LLC, Tera LLC, as well as an individual minority shareholder Ruslan Valitov, continue to challenge the actions of the bankruptcy trustee aimed at liquidating the enterprise.

And now, obviously, a new round in business. Criminal prosecution of shareholders who disagree with the actions of Rostec.

Of course, RT-Capital immediately denied participation in the initiation of a criminal case against Yuri Medvedyuk, but really, who admits to this? Although it is clear to a more or less reasonable person that if Medvedyuk interferes with Rostec so much, then the best place for him is in places, albeit not very remote from Perm, but in the traditions of Siberia and the Urals, not very comfortable.

The fact that the case is sewn with white threads is clear without any special investigations, it is enough just to read the document concocted in the Perm police department and ask a question about who benefits from Motovilikha working further for the good of the country.

But no, in Rostec, in addition to hypocrisy and outright juggling of facts, they decided to open a new milestone. Gardening creativity with planting objectionable and frankly interfering. Well, for some reason, there is no surprise at all. It's nothing personal, just money, right?

By the way, once again (and this is not the first article on the topic of Motovilikha), I invite Rostec to speak on the topic. Moreover, we would gladly publish their story on how to properly conduct business. Professionals are simply obliged to educate those who do not quite understand. I confess that I do not understand how it is possible to liquidate an enterprise, sell off property, and then start building, modernizing and re-equipping something.

So we are still open to the opinion of Rostec. And for the third time I invite you to comment on what has been written.
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  1. +19
    14 June 2023 04: 09
    I hope that when normal power is established in Russia, all these PJSCs will be transformed into federal state unitary enterprises, by any available means.
    1. +20
      14 June 2023 11: 18
      by any available means

      Since all the laws of the new Russia are written by the carriers of criminal consciousness, modern legislation only allows us to squeeze assets from the state and cut budgets. There are SIMPLY NO laws on the return to the state of anything previously stolen! And it won’t, because the same people from the nostalgic nineties are sitting in the Duma, whose kids settled tightly and forever in the west, where their deputies-parents plan to rush to a well-fed old age. And if according to the mind, then the very phenomenon of "Rostec" should have disappeared after buying Chinese quadrocopters, re-gluing nameplates and reselling their army at a thousandfold inflated price. But the court and the prosecutor's office have nothing to do with this. And it won't, because a raven won't peck out a crow's eye...
      1. +4
        14 June 2023 11: 59
        Amen! And there is nothing to add, everything is so, but the majority pretends that they do not understand this good
    2. +6
      14 June 2023 16: 07
      Do you really think that everything is different in FGUPAH?))
    3. +2
      15 June 2023 14: 39
      Believe me, this is not an option. Most of the current federal state unitary enterprises, in their organizational and legal specifics, are still "sharashkin" offices (in my experience), and often use them just to withdraw property.
  2. +33
    14 June 2023 04: 40
    Everything that was done by the state should belong to the state, and not to private shareholders, as in this case. Why the hell does 35% of military production belong to some LLCs and the rest. Interestingly, submarines, tanks and nuclear weapons also make all sorts of private traders?
    1. +9
      14 June 2023 08: 47
      "Is it interesting that private traders also make submarines, tanks and nuclear weapons?"
      I don’t know about Yao, but the tanks, the Chelyabinsk car factory are not private, or what?
      1. +8
        14 June 2023 11: 20
        I think private traders also do nuclear. See the form of ownership of such enterprises as SCC, the city of Seversk, enterprises of the city of Snezhinsk. There JSC, LLC and the like.
        1. fiv
          14 June 2023 21: 22
          If you are too lazy to look at the structure of the State Corporation "Rosatom" on the Internet, do not lie about the enterprises you are talking about. What's more, it's easy to check. All mentioned enterprises are FSUEs.
      2. -2
        14 June 2023 16: 09
        you are like a small child ... even worse than a private one ...) A JOINT-STOCK COMPANY is about the same as for suckers .. Sberbank))
    2. +8
      14 June 2023 09: 12
      Roman, with all due respect to you, you need to dig since the gorno-privatization of 1993, when the administration of the Perm Territory gave the enterprise to "their" people for a penny.
    3. The comment was deleted.
  3. +21
    14 June 2023 04: 58
    There is further action to destroy the country's defense production by bringing one or another military-industrial complex enterprise to bankruptcy, and as it has become in the order of things in our country, this is followed by the sale and liquidation of this enterprise, which has long assumed a mass character in the country. Moreover, taking into account the fact that the country is conducting hostilities, the elimination of Motovilikha is part of a plan to worsen consciousness and supply the warring units with the weapons and military equipment that they need right now, as well as components for it. It is necessary to revise the list of military-industrial complex enterprises in the direction of its increase and protect such enterprises as the Motovilinsky plants from bankruptcy by law. It is also forbidden to lend to the military-industrial complex at an inflated interest rate, for which purpose to create an exclusively lending structure at a minimum interest rate by creating a state bank similar to Sberbank with a ban on its privatization.
    1. +13
      14 June 2023 06: 56
      bringing one or another military-industrial complex enterprise to bankruptcy
      There are sanctions all around, there is nowhere to take money from, but they are used to eating sweetly, so they saw what is at hand.
  4. +13
    14 June 2023 05: 05
    The law in the state is determined by its laws, and the work of laws, law enforcement, is determined by the traditions and customs of society.
    As A. S. Pushkin said: "Custom is a despot among people." But the author clearly hints that in Russia "The law is what draws ....".

    Yes .... s .... We will not build a full-fledged "capitalism with a human face" soon. Although the whole world has already realized that capitalism is a thing of the past.

    Back in the first half of the last century, the economist D. Keynes said: "Capitalism is a strange delusion that the most vile people with the most vile motives can all together benefit society"

    It is only unclear whether he will leave along with our builders or will he drag us all along with him?
    1. 0
      14 June 2023 09: 17
      We will not build a full-fledged "capitalism with a human face" soon.
      With a sweet Gagarin smile
    2. +5
      14 June 2023 12: 16
      Quote: ivan2022
      Yes .... s .... We will not build a full-fledged "capitalism with a human face" soon.

      There can be no capitalism with a human face, if it has an animal muzzle by birth, plastic surgery does not help here.
  5. +32
    14 June 2023 05: 22
    Rat fights. The plant was always state-owned, the current government gave the plant to private owners, there is no corrupt government, smelly Chubais. A kick to all parties to steal hurt them. I don’t even want to read and plunge into shit with all the figurants.
    You won’t even find the form of ownership of factories before the revolution on the net, everything has been erased by modern thieves. That the thief is "Rostec", that the thief is Medvedyuk, poor thing, they did a search at my mother's house, and I suppose my mother has property for a couple of billions, like the mother of the chairman of the State Duma. that the thief of RT Capital has everyone's stigma in a cannon.
    1. +7
      14 June 2023 09: 14
      Rat fights.
      More precisely, a thief at a thief, steals a baton.
    2. -1
      14 June 2023 16: 51
      And for someone who "doesn't even want to read" you didn't leave a small comment.
    3. 0
      15 June 2023 14: 48
      The scheme with the transfer of property for rent to third parties, who fulfill the state order, is muddy. It's not about the "group of companies", it's some kind of scheme ...
  6. +18
    14 June 2023 05: 23
    And who is to blame? I remember, for the whole country, to the same question, being in the "tiliviziri" EBN answered: "It's all to blame, uh Chubais, you understand." And Chubais, what he said about privatization, they say, by conducting privatization, we are driving the last nails into the coffin of communism Chubais calmly left for Israel and took citizenship there, but his business lives and will live until the whole country is privatized, to such an extent that we will start paying for air.
    1. +11
      14 June 2023 05: 46
      And who is to blame? I remember all over the country

      How could such a situation with a defense plant arise?
      Whom does the author propose to regret? What those, what these, fosterlings of privatization.
      1. +9
        14 June 2023 07: 09
        We had the same situation with RMZ. A new director has arrived. Bankrupt the plant. Cut off all the shareholders who ate all the profits. And now the plant repairs not 12 cars a year, but more than 100. And salaries have increased significantly. Now it is a branch of Uralvagonzavod.
        1. +5
          14 June 2023 08: 26
          Quote: Sergey250455
          We had the same situation with RMZ. A new director has arrived. Bankrupt the plant. Cut off all the shareholders who ate all the profits. And now the plant repairs not 12 cars a year, but more than 100.

          There are thousands or tens of thousands opposite to the situation you describe. Let's hope that in this case it will be like you? lol
        2. +2
          14 June 2023 08: 32
          Quote: Sergey250455
          We had the same situation with RMZ.
          what rmz? Rubtsovsky? - so he produces (trying) equipment, and does not repair
          1. +2
            14 June 2023 09: 09
            They have already forgotten when they released a new technique. Repair only.
        3. +1
          14 June 2023 09: 12
          We had the same situation with RMZ.
          Is your situation with RMZ typical of enterprises throughout the country that have undergone privatization?
        4. Egg
          14 June 2023 11: 33
          Quote: Sergey250455
          bankrupt factory

          Highlighted the keyword, bankrupt, not liquidated!
          And here we are talking about liquidation.
        5. +5
          14 June 2023 13: 41
          We had the same situation with RMZ. A new director has arrived. Bankrupt the plant. Cut off all the shareholders who ate all the profits. And now the plant repairs not 12 cars a year, but more than 100. And salaries have increased significantly. Now it is a branch of Uralvagonzavod.

          Smart comment. drinks
          Here is the same situation. In fact, they are trying to return the plant to the state (with all the features of Rostec), and a group of shareholders have rested and want compensation.
          But against Chemezov they cannot be pulled out. Yes

          PS It is strange that the author of VO fit in for them. Although… wink
      2. AUL
        14 June 2023 07: 31
        Here is our fifth column. During the conduct of hostilities, an enterprise goes bankrupt (one of the few in the state that produces weapons), and all the authorities of the country cannot do anything, they only shrug their hands - capitalism says ...
        1. +1
          14 June 2023 09: 01
          and all the power of the country cannot do anything, only throws up its hands - capitalism they say ..
          Yeah, the market decides. I came and decides.
        2. +2
          14 June 2023 12: 03
          Here is our fifth column.
          She is the first, second, third and fourth .. Fifth, forget it smile
      3. +10
        14 June 2023 10: 39
        The article is clearly ordered. It puts pressure on pity - the mother is an ordinary teacher, the cat is at home, well, etc. Showdown between the privatizers of the old and new generations.
  7. +3
    14 June 2023 07: 28
    Oh, well, you have to. This has never happened before and here it is again! Purely according to the classics, when they planted liberda, everyone here happily murmured. Now they came for them and SUDDENLY it was no laughing matter
    1. +12
      14 June 2023 07: 42
      By the way, about liberda, everyone loves to curse actresses. Here are just the actors working with the language. And here the property of the country is being destroyed more and more seriously
      1. +3
        14 June 2023 09: 04
        actors work with language.
        They work with the language when the touring area is shrinking. And when the area was large, they sang praise and received medals and titles.
  8. +23
    14 June 2023 07: 46
    A vivid and typical example of our legislation, so to speak, is the result of the work of the State Duma. It is easier and faster for stupid sheep to go bankrupt and sell off than to manage a living enterprise and work to make a profit from it - and the law does not interfere with this, but indulges them. This is Putin's Russia.
    I know one office that deals with the recycling of metal. They told how they cut into metal plants that had become unnecessary, with new machines, the Moscow plant Kristall with hundred-year-old copper stills, put new foreign cars into the metal shredder, because it is more profitable for the dealer to destroy the car scratched during transportation and get full insurance than to sell the car at a discount. Because of the scratch!! It is impossible to listen to that foreman for a long time, it becomes hard.
    But what is the outcome of these laws? And the output in 2022 is 8500 dollar millionaires who left Russia. Only in the past. And the year before? You will say that their fortunes are acquired in a very different way? Oh is it?
    The appeal to the FSB general is more like a ceremony for the doomed than a step of justification and protection. Already this figure is aware and in the share of everything that happens. There is no need for this fuss with the offended general, he already has everything. I visited a couple of times in the apartment of a general of the office. He only has a toilet handle, according to the designer, it cost 400 euros. Yes, you yourself know how graduation is celebrated in their academy.
    Apparently, in Rus' it is always like this. I don't think things were much different in the 19th century. The half of the 20th century was different, but this inconvenience was sorted out.
    What about us? We live on. And our children.
    But all the same, what an abomination this State Duma is!
    1. +8
      14 June 2023 08: 41
      I recall the story of the T-500 agricultural aircraft, the production of which Rostec wants to crush under itself with the help of the bankruptcy of the developers. Here it is in its purest form - "neither to myself nor to people"
    2. 0
      15 June 2023 14: 33
      Quote: Galleon
      It is easier and faster for stupid sheep to go bankrupt and sell off than to manage a living enterprise and work to make a profit from it - and the law does not interfere with this, but indulges them. This is Putin's Russia.

      Under Yeltsin and Gorbachev, this happened on a large scale. I remember an almost crying German designer from Frunze persuading me, the leader, to hire him in Moscow and help with the device in 1993. But then I did not have the authority to accept anyone and I knew that my bosses or more talented, experienced and smart people than me were leaving our work. And as for housing, I knew from the moment I came to work that I had no chance of getting a separate housing for myself as a graduate and working in my specialty. I was offered to move to Bashkiria and lose forever the right to a residence permit near Moscow. And now I have been offered to assist in the supply of gliders of UAV carriers with a payload of 250 kg to Russia. For 2 months of communication, I was offered control controllers for any drones and the development of a promising concept for controlling marine drones. And the representative through whom I talked with quite large bosses in the Moscow Region strictly advised me never to deal with such equipment again, but to drink vodka with him. As I understand it, the authorities are only interested in completely finished projects and factories that can be managed by crushing their former owners. And the leaders of the defense structures do not know how and do not want to manage the creation of a fundamentally new design or new production. It is too laborious and requires experience and a very great mind. In the same way, in private firms, a young owner with a team of like-minded people creates a new direction, but then he stiffens and hires pleasant assistants to mediate with his designers. And then, together with these bureaucrats, the old team begins to get rid of, replacing it with obedient, executive and polite bureaucrats and rude and incompetent people in the eyes of designers. In the end, the company is left with only mass production downtime and mediocre designers and workers who can copy something from Ukrainian or Chinese equipment but are not able to make a fundamentally new one. Although these mediocrities allow effective managers to optimize themselves freely by cutting salaries and introducing strict disciplinary regulations.
  9. +1
    14 June 2023 07: 49
    A typical system for assessing the work of "effective managers", while on the balance sheet is minus, it is impossible to report to the Supreme that the state corporation is effective and has reached self-sufficiency or increased profitability. Therefore, all assets are liquidated and it is better to start from scratch, there will be a clean history of the company and no one will compare production volumes per year, because there are no statistics and the enterprise is new, a bonus to everything is that the enterprise is new and in addition to state funding through Rostec, you can still collect loans and master the money. And modern top managers don’t care at all what kind of object it is, even though it holds the firmament :) due to the fact that the company is in the red, they don’t receive another millionth bonus!!! I suggest that the author contact not only Bortnikov, but also the chairman of the Investigative Committee, as well as make an appointment with Borisov. It will also be appropriate to place this information in the TG channels of military correspondents, this will significantly increase the reach of the audience and, accordingly, public outcry !!!!
    1. +2
      14 June 2023 16: 42
      And what about the SKR? wink The case is being handled by the investigative unit of the Main Investigative Directorate of the police headquarters, the investigator stands on the sidelines, does not shine.
  10. +9
    14 June 2023 07: 54
    In my opinion, this is another clear confirmation that in the created system of feudal capitalism, and even under the comprador so-called. self-proclaimed elite, no progress and development is possible, this is only about profit and loot. T.b. in conditions of complete irresponsibility and permissiveness, with an essentially absent judicial and legal system, self-removal from the management of the processes of the decrepit and degrading "vertical", assembled on the basis of nepotism, personal devotion and crime. Without a radical change in socio-economic policy, without a multiple to a fatal level of responsibility of the bureaucracy and "effective managers" at all levels for the results of their activities, without the nationalization of the financial and economic "bloc", restoring the SYSTEM of education and EDUCATION to the current current level, etc. and so on. it is difficult to expect any progress, development and victories. Moreover, you don’t need to invent anything, just comprehend and carry out the experience of our great ancestors of the 30-50s of the a.d. at a new level. into life, achieving similar results, the conditions are identical, the starting positions now are even better. Yes, still, I am sure that any religion, so diligently and hypocritically cultivated in our secular society by the "gifted", will never replace ideology in society, i.b. in modern conditions with modern education, rather, through the efforts of the ministry of education and juvenile workers, the absence of such.
    1. +6
      14 June 2023 08: 38
      Quote: seacap
      Moreover, you don’t need to invent anything, just comprehend and carry out the experience of our great ancestors of the 30-50s of the a.d. at a new level. into life, achieving similar results, the conditions are identical, the starting positions now are even better.
      I don’t understand how you imagine work - by the methods of the Bolsheviks in a capitalist country? this doesn’t happen .. under capitalism, capital rules .. and the teams of the 30-50s of the last century are not in the leadership, there is no country, and indeed the country of the 21st century is very different from the one 100 years ago ..
      1. 0
        15 June 2023 15: 14
        Quote: Level 2 Advisor
        I don’t understand how you imagine work - by the methods of the Bolsheviks in a capitalist country?

        Now, since 1992, the country has been governed in the style of the Stalinist oligarchy of the 1937-1954 model. The Bolsheviks, after coming to power, experimented a lot with new cadres. Until about 1932, competitions were held, for example, for the production of artificial rubber technology or training gliders. With rubber, the Bolsheviks created an absolutely new production unknown to the rest of the world for about 20 rubles a year. In the glider competition, about 000 designs were proposed, and about a third of them were made. Moreover, the designers of specialized military departments and the Bauman Moscow State Technical University turned out to be outsiders in this competition. But then the communist engineers of the experimental aircraft factory wrote a letter to Stalin that it was impossible to launch so many different models into pilot production, but it was necessary to unite the designers into several no more than 100-3 firms and hold competitions between them. Clever writing eliminated through Stalin the excess with the dispersion of design personnel, but led to the bureaucratization of aircraft production. Under Khrushchev, the MGB lost its former power and the USSR was able to create competitive civil aviation, overtake the United States in space, nuclear energy, and make a more powerful press than in the United States. Under Brezhnev, after the case of Sinyavsky, which was actually inspired by the CIA, and Semichastny, with the top generals of the KGB, acted as an agent of influence of the CIA in it, the shadow of the KGB and the party-director bureaucracy again hung over the engineers and the degradation of the USSR began. According to Yevtushenko, Kennedy himself told him that the Sinyavsky trial was concocted by CIA officers who wanted the degradation of the USSR. This information was favorably received by the GRU, but aroused hatred and threats to Yevtushenko from the KGB with a threat to kill the poet right in the United States.
    2. 0
      15 June 2023 14: 38
      Quote: seacap
      In my opinion, this is another clear confirmation that in the created system of feudal capitalism, and even under the comprador so-called. self-proclaimed elite, no progress and development is possible, this is only about profit and loot.

      Perhaps the reason for this is that not smart and enterprising people are promoted to the top, but devoted and obedient, who take out their anger on their subordinates. This is possible with any system.
  11. +9
    14 June 2023 08: 16
    Didn't even read. The crook-lawyer received a defense plant for free and is trying to squeeze money from the state.
    It was these lawyers who brought the plant to bankruptcy.
  12. +9
    14 June 2023 08: 40
    I confess that I don’t understand how it is possible to liquidate an enterprise, sell off property, and then start building, modernizing and re-equipping something.

    Roman Viktorovich, how can one understand that a person who caused enormous damage to our army not only did not bear any responsibility for this, but also moved to this very Rostec.
    How to understand that Mr. Popov was removed from the post of general director of PMZ in Perm, and returned to the general director at JSC UEC "STAR". A person before the "generalship" led the personnel department, that is, he had no experience.
    More in Perm. The plant named after Dzerzhinsky, which was brought to bankruptcy, and then they were going to sell it to a construction company. There is a war, the plant makes fuses for shells ....
    The Council of Veterans and workers of the defense FGUP Dzerzhinsky Machine-Building Plant in Perm wrote down an appeal to President Vladimir Putin. The reason was the sale of the state-owned enterprise to the Moscow construction company PSK Spetsproektstroy LLC.

    The authors of the appeal ask the Commander-in-Chief to stop the sale of the defense plant to a construction company that does not plan to produce ammunition and unique military products.

    And what? Nothing, capitalism, but bad boys, henpecked bourgeois. Puff out cheeks, raise ratings, do what is already impossible not to do so that they are not accused of betrayal .... But, to do so that it was excruciatingly painful, for mediocre done, like, "they wanted the best" ... Here, only, it's better for the masters of world capitalism, but for Russia, already "as always." So, who is in charge of the country, and what will it lead to with the same SVO if it comes to the issue of the use of nuclear weapons?
  13. +4
    14 June 2023 08: 40
    All power to the Soviets!

    Quote: R. Skomorokhov
    I highly recommend that before reading this article, read what Kommersant correspondent Dmitry Astakhov wrote.

    Tell me who your friend is and I will tell you who you are.

    Well, just two in one - a lawyer who will not spare their mother for money and a pro-bourgeois newspaper ... "Echo of Moscow from Washington", "TV Rain from London" and "Kommersant" - a berry, working for the Medvedev clan, for that so that Russia remains a colony of the West ...

    "...and let some wicked taste the wrath of other wicked..." Not interested.
  14. +4
    14 June 2023 08: 44
    just business, nothing personal. mo, the commander-in-chief and other authorities - everything is purple - "the king has a lot." and the factories pass into other people's hairy hands - "this is who needs a leg." but after all, the power of the armed forces of the Russian Federation, and the state as a whole, only grows from this, right? laughing
  15. +10
    14 June 2023 08: 47
    Yuri Medvedyuk was born in 1970 in the city of Perm. He began his commercial activity at Permcombank during its heyday and managed to complete a course on managing securities and bills.

    Then he worked for many commercial structures in Perm, including: the Trading House of the Kama Pulp and Paper Mill, Papyrus LLC, Skys LLC, Kamkabel OJSC, enterprises known as the structures of the Perm "authoritative" businessman Vladimir Plotnikov.

    Yuri Stanislavovich also represented Business Union LLC in the history of the bankruptcy of Lesstroy OJSC. Acted on behalf of West Ural Metallurgical Company LLC in a situation related to an attempt to acquire a blocking stake in Lysva Metallurgical Plant OJSC.

    Medvedyuk owns a 10% stake in the authorized capital of PJSC Motovilikhinskiye Zavody. Bought a block of shares in November 2009 from CJSC Rusinvest.

    A professional quarrel in the service of crime, like other participants in the conflict. Shoot both sides for the failure of the defense order, nationalize the plant. Only then will the plant start working, the workers will receive wages, and the army will be armed
  16. +1
    14 June 2023 09: 04
    And what about Sibselmash? Everything was taken apart, sawn or not yet7
  17. +4
    14 June 2023 09: 09
    I understand correctly that these are the methods by which the industry is being transferred to a military footing, and with the help of such methods the amount of defense products will increase? smile
  18. +5
    14 June 2023 09: 12
    Many have already forgotten the history of their country, many perceive the events of 100 years ago as a fairy tale, the result, everything repeats itself. Below is a statement from the complete works of V.I. Lenin Volume 33 "State and Revolution"
    “The state,” says Engels, summing up his historical analysis, “is in no way a force imposed on society from outside. The state is also not "the reality of the moral idea", "the image and reality of reason", as Hegel claims.
    The state is the product of society at a certain stage of development; the state is the recognition that this society has become entangled in an insoluble contradiction with itself, has split into irreconcilable opposites, from which it is powerless to get rid of. And to
    these opposites, classes with conflicting economic interests,
    did not devour each other and society in a fruitless struggle, for this a force became necessary, apparently standing above society, a force that would moderate
    clash, kept him within the boundaries of "order". And this force, originating from society, but placing itself above it, alienating itself more and more from it, is the state” (pp. 177-178 of the sixth German edition)
    So, one should not be surprised why what is happening in our country is happening, and why the president behaves exactly the way he behaves. hi
  19. -3
    14 June 2023 09: 24
    State monopolies are evil. They rake up everything for themselves, dictate the will of the customer, strive to resolve issues by extra-legal, lobbying methods. Monopolies must be divided.
    1. +3
      14 June 2023 09: 40
      All power to the Soviets!

      Quote: Jonny_Su
      State monopolies are evil.

      We have a welfare state. To fulfill its obligations, the state simply needs a monopoly on critical industries. An example of when the state abandoned any monopoly on anything, we passed in the 90s: the treasury is empty, the army is not, sovereignty is as much for everyone as they can swallow .... The result is that the country almost collapsed. Thanks to Putin - he did not let the dream of the West come true.

      Quote: Jonny_Su
      Monopolies must be divided.

      To share - you don’t need much for this mind, but what about building something similar nearby and surpassing the state one (bigger, better, cheaper)?
      1. +3
        14 June 2023 11: 34
        Boris, I’m interested in your opinion .. when the GDP is gone, and he is no longer a young man, is it the end of us? after all, from your comments it follows that it is only on him that the Russian Federation rests ..
        Quote: Boris55
        To share - you don’t need much for this mind, but what about building something similar nearby and surpassing the state one (bigger, better, cheaper)?

        to surpass the state monopoly with full state support in its field? if we are talking about these factories, then start building armored personnel carriers in the expectation that the state from you - maybe - will start buying them? compete with Rostec and Chemezov in Russia? it is necessary to be inadequately self-confident in order to try .. i.e. not quite mentally healthy, once decided what will happen hi
        1. +1
          14 June 2023 14: 29
          All power to the Soviets!

          Quote: Level 2 Advisor
          when the GDP will not be ... - are we the end?

          When a leader of any level is changed, there is always a drawdown in the quality of management. This is an objective reality. What about Putin. Putin is a representative of the "siloviki" clan. The vector of the policy pursued by the "siloviki" will not change if their representative in power (Putin) changes.

          The state monopoly should provide the state with the fulfillment of its obligations to citizens: defense, food security, healthcare, education, energy ... Development of minerals and natural resources, etc., etc..

          Jeans, chewing gum - the prerogative of cooperatives.
          1. +3
            14 June 2023 16: 23
            I’m glad for your answer, it means you don’t have a “personality cult”, otherwise you already suspected hi I agree about monopolies .. but not completely .. defense, security, nuclear energy and valuable natural resources - the state monopoly should definitely be .. the rest is not at all necessary - this is where there can be competition between a private trader and the state .. there are very good ones - medical and educational institutions, electronics, agriculture, clothing, cars, etc. You described the situation, what would happen if the result of Perestroika corresponded to the idea, such as the new NEP ... but there is no USSR, but there is state capitalism and I don’t see any tendency to abolish it .. and management is “lame” with such a system as shows the situation with the plant mentioned in the article, and with many others ..
    2. +3
      14 June 2023 12: 08
      Monopolies must be divided.
      Here they are 33 years old and divided laughing They can’t divide among themselves, and along the way we have a lot of monopolies laughing
  20. +2
    14 June 2023 09: 31
    But it would be interesting to hear the opinion of the profile committee of the State Duma on the Motovilikhinsk plants, its necessity, ways out of the crisis, justification of the committee’s position and what is being done to increase the defense capability of Russia, in relation to this enterprise. I don’t think that the members of this committee are only puffing out their cheeks, and the fifth column is calmly cracking down on another defense enterprise, so I hope for an objective analysis and effective support for this enterprise, which is of great defense importance. Otherwise, why all these committees, it would be better then to direct the funds released from the disbanded committees to the gray purchase of analogues of equipment produced by Motovilikha factories abroad , military equipment is also better there than in Russia, since factories are not needed, but equipment is needed. Although, most likely, all hopes for such decisions will remain hopes for reasonableness and support for the country in a difficult period.
    1. +2
      14 June 2023 11: 29
      And they once have more important things to do about how to send subpoenas via SMS and release criminals from punishment if they deign to sign a contract with the Moscow Region, etc. and so on.
  21. +2
    14 June 2023 10: 59
    Yes... I forgot geography.
    I believed that the Perm Territory is somewhere in Siberia. And he, it turns out, is in the eastern part of European Russia. Where, if I were Chemezov, would I drag the enterprise from the Perm Territory? In the center, closer to Moscow. But not to Tatarstan, which looks to the other side. And then they rebuilt Ukraine at the expense of Russian impoverishment, like candy - and what happened? And independence turned out. They imagined a lot about themselves.
    Of course, they will tell me, they say, you are not Chemezov, know your place! I know. As they know their place and those who say it. I also know that useful enterprises should be dispersed throughout the country. If something is somewhere, then similar ones do not stop working. And now let's remember in passing the deceased aircraft factory in Tashkent ...
    Chemezov! You can't be stopped, right? Well, let's put that enterprise where it will be ours.
    I remind you that I have always been malicious for the integrity of Russia, as evidenced by my numerous comments when I was discussing the issue at VO.
    1. +1
      14 June 2023 15: 35
      And then they rebuilt Ukraine at the expense of Russian impoverishment, like candy - and what happened? And independence turned out. They imagined a lot about themselves.

      Just to blurt out something. It turns out that Ukraine is to blame here too. The path of least resistance is anyone's fault, but not me. The insidious Anglo-Saxons are still forgotten.
    2. 0
      15 June 2023 15: 19
      Quote: depressant
      Where, if I were Chemezov, would I drag the enterprise from the Perm Territory? In the center, closer to Moscow.

      Perm is a city with a million population and is quite attractive. Perm factories have existed for centuries. Why destroy them and transfer them to a new place? Surely 95% of the people who worked for them in another city will not even move to Moscow.
    3. 0
      15 June 2023 18: 46
      Your knowledge of the internal realities of the regions of Russia is even more impressive than your knowledge of the geography of Russia. In all other affected areas, you swim no better.
      Would not be dishonored.
  22. +2
    14 June 2023 11: 42
    Some kind of creepy mess.
    In fact, everything is simpler.

    Motovilikha bankrupt. There were no normal government orders, they lived on credit. They scored either 17 or 12 billion. To restart production, you need to go through the bankruptcy procedure, transferring the property to a new owner.

    Put up for sale all at once for 9 yards. Non-core assets (such as a sports complex) are bought out by the regional administration. The rest cannot be transferred to a new owner due to a legal conflict created by Metatron LLC (Megatron?! laughing ).

    The plant operates in 3 shifts and will continue under the new owner. hi
    1. +4
      14 June 2023 12: 11
      There were no normal government orders, they lived on credit.
      Amazing, right? For so many years, there were no normal government orders. Very, surprising. Why? Probably because we had only partners. But partners were not required. smile
      1. +2
        14 June 2023 13: 28
        Amazing, right? For so many years, there were no normal government orders. Very, surprising. Why? Probably because we had only partners. But partners were not required. smile

        Agas. But the partners threw and the day "M" came. Now you need to be able not only to cut, but also to produce. laughing
  23. +1
    14 June 2023 12: 13
    And if you dream up a little and imagine: the thieves have ruined all the factories, over the years everything has fallen into decay, the army has exhausted everything, they came and captured us in an easy way! All that is left will be divided by the new owners, and will the old grabbers, managers and managers be hanged publicly in the squares? for the amusement of the servants? That would be a show
    1. -2
      14 June 2023 20: 38
      Will not. But people like you will be hanged so that they don’t scratch their tongues. Chemezov and Putin will emerge, but they will bang you.
  24. +3
    14 June 2023 15: 27
    Motovilikha is one of only two enterprises in the Russian Federation, a cat. knows how to make stems. If you still ruin plant No. 9 in Yoburg, there will immediately be no one to do it.
    1. -1
      14 June 2023 20: 36
      So it's good. Everything goes according to plan. It was not possible to sell the country in a year - we will sell it in two.
  25. +1
    14 June 2023 20: 15
    Selling out Russia before handing it over, is that how it turns out?
  26. +1
    14 June 2023 20: 34
    Chemezov and his company to the gallows!!!!!! The problem is that Putin and his company of smiling traitors to the country are roofing him.
  27. -1
    14 June 2023 21: 19
    Quote: seacap

    Yes, even this is not necessary. We need social lifts as under Peter the Great. When people realize that not only pillar nobles can occupy the highest posts, that you can earn a rank in the army or receive a lot of money from the state for high-quality ship timber. Then those who are capable will understand that it is profitable to study, it is profitable to create high-quality production. And if all the places are occupied in advance by the nobility and nobles without a chance to move them, then no one will selflessly work for them. Though you educate them twice and train them three times. Will go to taxi drivers and couriers - the money is about the same, but the work is not dusty
  28. +3
    14 June 2023 21: 28
    Rostec is Chubais, this is Serdyukov, this is Chemezov and others.

    Everything is taken, you can't argue against it.
  29. -1
    15 June 2023 09: 05
    Quote: MBRBS
    I hope that when normal power is established in Russia, all these PJSCs will be transformed into federal state unitary enterprises, by any available means.

    but how is Krylov I.A. said: "and you are friends, no matter how you sit down - you are not good at musicians" therefore, the transformation of the OPF organization will not bring anything useful to my country
  30. 0
    15 June 2023 13: 00
    "Motovilikha" is the Legend of Russia!
    All this turbidity resembles a "dance on holy tombs."
    No wonder the Chinese said - "you need to start the ascent with executions."
  31. The comment was deleted.
  32. 0
    15 June 2023 23: 51
    You can remember a lot of similar stories... For example, about the heavy UAV Altair in 2018... About repair plants and bases all over Russia, which are still being sold for next to nothing...
  33. -1
    18 June 2023 19: 54
    I would be rather cautious about articles of similar content .... At present, there are quite a lot of "stuffings", especially with regard to the domestic military-industrial complex ... Let's try to analyze what was written ... Firstly, the current socio-economic system of Russia is far from that dream of the "Kremlin dreamers" - some kind of capitalism, but with a "Gagarin smile", that is, with a "human face". Years of building capitalism in Russia, but with a "Gagarin smile" have not been in vain for the worldview and worldview of Russians. On this "path", for the most part, we have lost the best qualities, concepts, ideological "beacons" that were developed by our grandfathers and fathers over decades of creative life. Selfishness, everyday indifference, admiration for the dollar and the West - have become domestic everyday life, which "penetrated" into education, culture, politics. Secondly, in the current, not simple, conditions, a certain law must operate that prevents the creation of and the implementation of "measures" in the structures of the military-industrial complex, similar to those described in R. Skomorokhov's article .... But "SMERSH-30" is needed, oh, how it is needed ..... Let me remind Comrade Mao's phrase: "The rise to a brighter future must begin with executions ....." These are the times now ... Either we will "put them in their place" or they (the West + USA) will "crush" us (through the internal liberal "hangout" of waiting people, officials who don't care, the de-ideologized consciousness of the masses) wiping feet on international law, common sense, sovereignty and, simply, the right to life of a Russian person .... And those heroic deeds of our soldiers on the fronts, the so-called NVO, occur, rather than because of, but in spite of the current Russian reality. Something like this...