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Boeing makes B61 nuclear aerial bomb planning and control

Boeing makes B61 nuclear aerial bomb planning and control

Boeing will develop a new tail unit for the B61 (Mod 12) free-fall nuclear bombshell as a measure to extend the life of these munitions, UPI reports on November 29. The contract was signed with the US Air Force in the amount of $ 178 million and its implementation will take three years.

The B61 nuclear bomb was developed at the start of the 1960s and entered service in the 1968 year. The upgraded B61 (Mod 12) will receive new parts to improve reliability.

“Boeing provides a wide range of reliable and affordable solutions for aviation free fall ammunition for more than 10 years. We will apply our successful experience in new tail fins to make these bombs a vital containment capability, ”said Debbie Rub, vice president and general manager of the Missile and Unmanned Aerial System Division.

The company said it would conduct this work in consultation with the Department of Defense and the US Department of Energy.

B61 (Mod 12) will be planning, which will increase the range of application, and will be equipped with a nuclear warhead with 50 CT power. Improving the accuracy of the hit will allow the bomb to have a striking power comparable to the B61-7 strategic nuclear bombs with 360 CT power, reports New bombs will go into service with the F-15E, F-16 and Tornado fighter-bombers deployed in Europe, and will also become part of the F-35 stealth fighter armament.

Participants in Western military forums, in particular,, believe that in this modernization program, Boeing will use JDAM technology - equipping free-fall bombs with a high-precision guidance system and control surfaces. Some do not see the point in accurately targeting nuclear bombs, since the B61 has an 20 km radius of destruction, but some forum participants are of the opinion that high-precision targeting can be useful for hitting enemy’s highly secure underground objects.

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  1. crazyrom
    crazyrom 4 December 2012 06: 44
    There is a lack of money to create something new. They are trying to fasten the tail to the old bombs so as not to change yet ... Well, well, there will still be roofing felts.
    1. snek
      snek 4 December 2012 07: 37
      Americans have long been paying little attention to the development of nuclear weapons (at least in comparison with conventional weapons)
      1. tronin.maxim
        tronin.maxim 4 December 2012 07: 42
        Now one of the main directions in the Americans is hypersonic missiles! If they succeed (and I hope not) then this will give them a serious trump card!
        1. alexng
          alexng 4 December 2012 08: 03
          The main problem in this matter is small-sized plasma generators. In Russia, it seems like this issue has already been decided. Just a new round of weapons. What rockets, but imagine that you can get an airplane in a plasma shell. Plasma - this will be the next step in armament.
          1. tronin.maxim
            tronin.maxim 4 December 2012 08: 10
            Quote: alexneg
            What rockets, but imagine that you can get an airplane in a plasma shell

            Imagine: The highest degree of invisibility (stealth); high speed! I can imagine if our ICBMs will have such characteristics!
            1. alexng
              alexng 4 December 2012 12: 26
              Invisibility is just one plus, but maneuvering at tremendous speeds, this is the main feature of such systems.
              1. Wedmak
                Wedmak 4 December 2012 12: 33
                Ahem, there is an assumption that the pilot in such systems will no longer be. At such speeds, it will smudge on the walls. Plasma does not cancel inertia.
                1. alexng
                  alexng 4 December 2012 16: 11
                  Naturally, it should be a drone.
    2. Lissyara
      Lissyara 4 December 2012 11: 46
      A nuclear weapon is not a regular ammunition, there has always been enough money for it, enough and will last, like the Americans, as we do.
  2. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 4 December 2012 06: 47
    An interesting upgrade option to extend your life! It is a pity that they do not write about our ideas in this direction!
    1. Lytzeff
      Lytzeff 4 December 2012 07: 05
      Yes, let them not write, the main thing is that the work go wink
  3. donchepano
    donchepano 4 December 2012 07: 19
    YES. And we all disarmed, shrunk. NO FAITH OF THE YANKOSAM SHOULD BE.
  4. The comment was deleted.
    1. Wedmak
      Wedmak 4 December 2012 09: 57
      I'm just sure that any specialized research institute will be able to produce such "inventions" in a month. It will be compact, planning and manageable.
      1. Lissyara
        Lissyara 4 December 2012 11: 48
        unfortunately you are mistaken.
        There is no way to get off here for a month. R&D, state tests (it is clear that without a vigorous head), state. acceptance ...
        A year and a half, at best.
        1. Wedmak
          Wedmak 4 December 2012 11: 52
          Mmm ... I don’t know, I don’t know. There is nothing complicated about putting wings on a bomb. In planning management too. We also have adjustable ammunition - everything has already been practically developed.
          1. dirty trick
            dirty trick 4 December 2012 13: 34
            let me add a little to your support:
            R&D, state tests, state acceptance are the things that exist in our country. this is not in the usa, all the directing and controlling functions for the company's products are carried out by the Boeing (if it is) by the Boeing itself. as you might guess, this greatly speeds up the development and implementation, and the month you named is quite real.
      2. patsantre
        patsantre 4 December 2012 12: 24
        The JDAM system is based on GPS, with regard to our CABs, there is a different guidance method. As for GLONASS, something I don’t really believe in it yet.
  5. Volkhov
    Volkhov 4 December 2012 09: 11
    No one was surprised by the promotional message about the atomic bombs in the demo version?
    It’s just that the Zionists smoothly lose the Nazis like an ingot bill and make plans for knocking out doors - this is their new model of a cowboy colt. It is necessary on the Internet to create a map of objects of those and others and move away from them.
  6. Rus2012
    4 December 2012 11: 50
    Quote: rudolff
    You're wrong. By the number of tactical nuclear charges, we are significantly ahead of the Americans. In general, their pragmatism can be envied. Why invent something, if the old can still serve. And all that’s all, screw the controlled stabilizers and install the guidance head! And you can even drive such happiness into the window! Good is not a sin to learn.

    KMK, this is an idea for their "pilezh" of the federal budget within the limits of what is permitted :)
    I read about these undertakings, incl. and about the rejection of brake parachutes in favor of aerodynamic braking, etc. etc.
    It's just that the department of freely falling bombs cannot open financial doors differently, otherwise the money will go to others. So they are being hungry.

    I found an article "How to steal ten billion"
    sooo symbolic!
  7. Lissyara
    Lissyara 4 December 2012 11: 50
    This is what finished me off!
    The new bombs will go into service with the F-15E, F-16 and Tornado fighter-bombers, deployed in Europe (or is it a mistake?), and also become part of the armament of stealth fighters F-35.
    And in our country it seems that only Iskanders are going to put in an enclave.
    1. Wedmak
      Wedmak 4 December 2012 11: 56
      Is there no limit to the number of deployed nuclear munitions in Europe?
      1. Lissyara
        Lissyara 4 December 2012 13: 16
        And here the FIG knows him, I'm talking about the count.
        The carriers of weapons (these bombs) are tactical aircraft, but somehow the power of 3,8 Hiroshima does not seem tactical.
  8. Rus2012
    4 December 2012 12: 13
    Quote: LiSSyara
    And in our country it seems that only Iskanders are going to put in an enclave.

    ... yes, we have a similar supersonic bomb :) "Natasha"
    % E1% E0)

    By the way, the latest versions look more sympathetic :)))

    Quote: Wedmak
    Is there no limit to the number of deployed nuclear munitions in Europe?

    It seems like a hunchback or ebn verbally agreed on the complete withdrawal of the United States of all the nuclear weapons, but things are still there. Something up to a hundred seems to be still stored in Dossland, Belgium, Turkey ...

    This is a trump card for our midiuk and Yankee sore callus ...
    In case of a sudden military action, they will not be able to get them out of the attack anyway. In the event of an escalation - if they manage to transfer them to the "allies" - an excuse to smash them to dust ...
  9. Rus2012
    4 December 2012 12: 38
    Quote: patsantre
    As for GLONASS, something I don’t really believe in him yet.

    you can believe, you can - disbelieve ... But our marimans and YES have been using satellite navigation since that century :)))

    Another thing is that pointing by satellite at the target of different missiles and shells was not used. O5 also due to a lack of confidence in the operability of satellite systems in the global NW.
    Recently, a new impetus has been given in this matter and the result is there - Sineva and Liner with satellite radio correction (+ astro correction).
    And the experience of sworn friends pushes :)))
    1. Lissyara
      Lissyara 4 December 2012 13: 23
      This is how the "great-grandfather" of GONASS was created to bind to the coordinates of SSBNs for launching missiles.
      On November 23, 1967, the first Russian navigation satellite (Cosmos-192) was launched into orbit. It ensured the accuracy of the location of consumers 250 - 300 meters ..
  10. Kosmodrom
    Kosmodrom 4 December 2012 14: 06
    Now, according to unofficial estimates, the United States has approximately 500 TNW units, of which about 200 are located in six US Air Force depots in five NATO countries (Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey, Germany). These bombs are designed to be delivered by the US Air Force F-16 fighter-bombers, as well as Belgian and British aircraft of the same type, and German-Italian Tornado attack tactical aircraft. According to the new US nuclear doctrine, all Tomahok sea-based nuclear-powered cruise missiles will be eliminated, but the B-61 air bombs will undergo a program to extend service life, improve safety and prevent unauthorized use. They are considered in the context of nuclear guarantees to allies, and their future deployment in Europe will be the subject of inter-alliance consultations. There is not enough reliable information regarding nuclear warheads in centralized storage in the United States. According to independent experts, about 2000–3500 warheads of the reserve are stored in the United States and approximately 4200 are intended for disposal.
    Currently, most expert assessments boil down to the presence in Russia of approximately 2000 tactical nuclear weapons.

    Other countries. France has 60 Mirage 2000N aircraft and 24 Super Ethandar carrier-based bomber fighters capable of delivering approximately 60 ASMP air-to-ground missiles to targets. These funds can be attributed to TNW, but France considers them part of its strategic forces.
    Other nuclear powers keep information about their non-strategic nuclear weapons in secret. According to experts, China has about 100-200 such funds, Israel - 80-120, Pakistan - about 90, India - about 80, DPRK - 6-10.
  11. gregor6549
    gregor6549 5 December 2012 06: 02
    Again mixed everything to the heap. This article is about improving the performance characteristics of an existing type of weapon in a relatively inexpensive way already tested on conventional ammunition. A normal approach, which is not a sin and learn, leaving the verbal blizzard outside the brackets