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CBO business is not a hindrance

CBO business is not a hindrance

Russian-Ukrainian "mutually beneficial commercial project"
Is the trade appropriate?

April 29, 2023 news agency "RIA News”with reference to Deputy Sergey Lavrov provided some details from the sphere of Russian-Ukrainian trade activity in the current difficult conditions for the country. From the statement of a high-ranking Russian diplomat, it followed that Kyiv, being a commercial partner of the Kremlin in the ammonia export deal, constantly puts forward some additional political demands: "Unfortunately, all this time - relatively speaking, since September - we have been receiving various political demands from the Ukrainian side through intermediaries, through the UN" – the diplomat Vershinin is perplexed.

Of course, what demands can Kyiv have if the Russian side considers this deal mutually beneficial:

“We have always considered ammonia and talked about it to those with whom we are negotiating as a mutually beneficial commercial project,”

- quotes his words news agency TASS.

And indeed, what political demands can the partners have if the deal is mutually beneficial?!

Without the relativity of benefits for the above "partners", such a statement at a time when people are dying on both sides looks, to put it mildly, blasphemous. It turns out that, on the one hand, according to the official version, Kremlin leads “merciless struggle” against Ukrainian Nazism (carries out denazification), and on the other hand, builds “mutually beneficial commercial projects” with the leaders of the still not completely denazified country (in the terminology of the Russian Foreign Ministry). But is it conceivable?!

And how in such a situation to tell the Russian people why they should die?

Isn't that why, just recently, the Russian State Duma adopted a number of legislative initiativesaimed at limiting the rights and freedoms of Russian citizens in order to raise the level of "patriotism" to a new unprecedented height? Most likely, the Kremlin believes that by imposing such restrictions, the Russian population will not have to tell in detail about such deals with the Ukrainian regime, which the Kremlin rightfully considers Nazi.

Ukrainian arguments

Considering the above bargaining around "mutually beneficial commercial project", a recent incident with Ukrainian drones over the Kremlin can be considered a kind of official Kyiv's argument to defend its own commercial interests. In the same logic, the SVO could also be considered a conditional "trade war" between Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs, if not for the outright banderization of a certain part of the population of the former Ukrainian SSR.

Although from the point of view of the main participant in the conflict - the US administration, this confrontation is precisely a trade war. But for the once fraternal peoples of the former RSFSR and the Ukrainian SSR, it is rather difficult to even assume the presence of the trade interests of their "rulers" in this conflict. But, as they say, a fact is the most stubborn thing in the world. And a high-ranking Russian diplomat spoke about this fact.

The newspaper "Version" in October last year tried to understand the "ammonia intricacies" of the current moment. In the article "Trubamir" the main (according to the publication - ed.) beneficiaries of the transaction were indicated: according to Versiya, there are business interests of the United States (Trammo), Ukraine and Russian billionaire Dmitry Mazepin.

It makes sense to slightly supplement the study of "Versia", having considered in more detail the interests of Ukraine in this matter, since on the Internet today you can find enough information to quantify the deal.

People die for metal

These words of Mephistopheles' couplets from Gounod's Faust are the best suited to the current situation, with the only amendment that today people are dying for "painted paper", but this does not change the general meaning. There are other important words in these verses - “Satan rules the ball there, the ball rules there!”without which the picture of the modern world would be incomplete.

One can try to compile a quantitative description of the conditional "metal" for which people from both sides in the NWO die, based on an analysis of the data available on the Internet, but who is in this stories Satan in human form (or their whole brigade is hiding under this name), for obvious reasons, each reader will determine for himself.

So, from open sources information can be gleaned that the total length of the Togliatti-Odessa ammonia pipeline is about 2 kilometers, of which the length of the Ukrainian section of the pipe is about 500 km. It is clear that the interests of Ukraine in this matter are payment for transit. The nominal capacity of the ammonia pipeline is 1 million tons/year, but the actual capacity is 018 million tons/year.

Some financial assessment of Ukraine's interests can be made based on the data of the economic dispute between the Russian fertilizer manufacturer Togliattiazot (ToAZ) and the Ukrainian transport operator Ukrhimtransammiak, which took place in 2017. Let's refer to Kommersant publication data, from which it follows that the total cost of transit transportation of ammonia through the Ukrainian part of the ammonia pipeline is $43,77 per ton (this is in 2017 prices). In the same year, the Ukrainian side raised the cost of pumping to $55,09 per ton, and because of this, in fact, there was a dispute between economic entities.

We don’t know what the cost of pumping is today, but we can assume that it is clearly no less than the one indicated by the Kommersant publication in 2017. Also is knownthat in 2020, 2,51 million tons of ammonia were pumped through the Togliatti-Odessa ammonia pipeline. According to experts, in 2020, taking into account the transshipment of cargo in the port of Odessa, transit through Ukraine already cost $50,0/ton, and it was more profitable than transporting ammonia by transport wagons.

In total, from the given data, it is possible to estimate the possible total volume of Ukrainian income from transit for the year - it is 125 million US dollars. For the Ukrainian economy, which is in ruins today, this is a very good amount. And do not forget that Ukraine buys weapon for currency (hohlogryvnia is not needed today).

Calculate the income of the American "partner" from the resale of ammonia on the world market of this, in the words of Sergei Vershinin, "mutually beneficial commercial project", is not possible due to the lack of open information. But, given that the sanctions imposed by the Americans are aimed specifically at minimizing Russian income and increasing the profitability of American traders, it must be assumed that the American "partners" have in this "mutually beneficial commercial project" the bulk of the profits without investing anything in nitrogen production.

It is unfortunate that such arithmetic is not able to appreciate those who "die for the metal" on both sides of the conflict.

Not only ammonia

As is known (again, from open sources), the ammonia deal is part of the so-called "grain deal". The grain deal is generally a classic scheme described earlier in Soviet literature: "Citizens! Life dictates its own laws, its cruel laws. I won't tell you the purpose of our meeting - you know it. The goal is holy. From everywhere we hear groans. From all parts of our vast country cry for help. We must lend a helping hand, and we will. Some of you serve and eat bread and butter, others are engaged in seasonal work and eat sandwiches with caviar. Both of them sleep in their beds and are covered with warm blankets. Only small children, homeless, are without a guardian. These flowers of the street, or, as the proletarians of mental labor put it, flowers on the pavement, deserve a better fate. We, gentlemen of the jury, must help them. And we, gentlemen of the jury, will help them.”.

These words, once said the son of a Turkish citizen, Bender, could well have been pronounced by a real Turkish citizen, Erdogan, replacing Soviet homeless children with African ones, and / or the executive director of the UN World Food Program, David Beasley, who recently called for an extension of the “grain deal” at any cost, stating:

“The Black Sea Grain Initiative must be renewed at any cost. Millions in starving countries depend on this grain. This is very important and critical. Lives are at stake,

- quotes his words the newspaper "Vedomosti". In the performance of Ostap Bender, it sounded like this: “Comrades! Ostap continued. - We need immediate help! We must snatch the children from the tenacious paws of the street, and we will snatch them out of there! Let's help the kids! Let us remember that children are the flowers of life. I invite you now to make your contributions and help the children. Only for children and no one else. Do you understand me?" Agree, the meaning is completely the same ...

As you know, the money collected by the organizers of the secret union "Sword and Plowshare" did not get to the homeless in any way. All proceeds went to the purchase of chairs from the living room set of Madame Petukhova and the maintenance of the concessionaires. The same thing happened with the grain deal - the trade route from Odessa to Africa, contrary to common sense and geographical considerations, for some reason ran through Europe:

“While a billion people in a number of the poorest countries were starving, the European Union, imposing anti-Russian sanctions, redirected grain supplies from Ukraine to itself, poor countries received less than 3% of the total grain volume,”

- leads the newspaper "Izvestia" words of the Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Property, Land and Property Relations Sergei Gavrilov.

But at the same time, Ukraine launched unmanned drones to the shores of Sevastopol, using the "grain corridor".

RIA Novosti reported on the official statement of the Russian Ministry of Defense:

“On March 23 and April 24 of this year, in violation of these guarantees, Ukraine launched repeated attacks on the base of the Chernomorsky fleet in the city of Sevastopol and the civilian infrastructure of the Crimea by unmanned boats. The analysis of the route of movement of Ukrainian unmanned boats showed that they were all launched from the water area of ​​the port of Odessa, designated for the implementation of the "Black Sea Initiative". Their deployment was carried out in the area of ​​the humanitarian corridor, which is also involved in the export of agricultural products from the ports of Ukraine.”

So do Russia need these deals?!

Or are there such powerful beneficiaries of trade in the NWO period in Russia that even Vladimir Putin is unable to bring order to this issue?

Reports from the front...

Thus, while the whole country is watching with bated breath how our military has not been able to take Artyomovsk / Bakhmut for more than eight months (since August 2022), because, according to Evgeny Prigozhin, the Wagner PMC fighters on the front line lack shells, the Kremlin is busy with shady deals with its old "partners", who have long turned into enemies of Russia. What is it - idiocy or betrayal?!

Now Yevgeny Prigozhin announced the decision to withdraw Wagner PMC from Artyomovsk. The talking head of the Kremlin made a very restrained comment on this: “Of course, we saw him in the media,” Putin's press secretary responded to a question from journalists. Peskov linked his refusal to comment on the words of Prigozhin to the fact that the situation in Artemovsk is related to the special operation.- приводит words by Dmitry Peskov, information resource.

So, perhaps, the Russian Ministry of Defense is also a participant in the “mutually beneficial commercial project” that Sergey Vershinin spoke about, and the Wagner PMC’s shell shortage is nothing more than part of the announced project. After all, the Wagnerites were declared a “criminal organization” as the main “partner” of the ammonia project, and, perhaps, it is precisely on this basis that the Russian Ministry of Defense does not supply the necessary shells to the front line?

Agree, in the current situation, everything can be expected, if the country during the NWO period is actively trading with enemies, then why not?!

"To please the god of gold
The edge on the edge of war;
And human blood by the river
Damask steel flows along the blade!

How can one fail to recall the famous verses of Mephistopheles from the immortal opera by Charles Gounod.

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  1. Proton
    Proton 11 May 2023 04: 18
    Damned non-believers!
    While the leadership of the country is waging an uncompromising battle against evil and sending their own sons to the war in the ranks of Wagner, the irresponsible bourgeois, on their own initiative, are trading with the enemy.
    It's time to deal with the traitors with the punishing sword of justice!
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 11 May 2023 04: 57
      Russian-Ukrainian "mutually beneficial commercial project"
      Quote: Proton
      the bourgeois, on their own initiative, trade with the enemy.

      Colleague, you are wrong! Where there is money, there is no patriotism!
      1. Civil
        Civil 11 May 2023 07: 49
        Damned non-believers!

        And even now I don’t understand ... 90% of all deputies of all levels of representative bodies of power are businessmen. This is the ruling social class.:
        1. We chose them ourselves to represent our interests.
        2. I looked out the window carefully - everyone is happy. After the elections, I also look - everyone is happy. And the deputies and the broad masses of the people.
        3. We disperse on sofas.
        1. flicker
          flicker 11 May 2023 12: 52
          businessmen. This is the ruling class
          And this layer must be divided into those who want to merge with the West and those who do not.
          Those who want to merge with the West are the so-called "pro-Western oligarchs", they are pursuing a very precise destructive policy to destroy Russia.
          Strange as it may seem, they are pursuing this policy through Prigogine.
          And the subtlety of their policy is that they use the private successes of PMC Wagner to strike at the Russian Defense Ministry.
          The stronger the successes of Wagner, the stronger Prigozhin hits the Russian Defense Ministry, and therefore the state of Russia.
          For example, the costs of PMC Wagner:
          According to the data, combat allowances for fighters in the private Wagner formation are paid in generous amounts:

          every month - 240 rubles;
          for a severe wound - 500 rubles;
          for amputation of limbs - from 1 to 2 million rubles, as well as a monthly payment of 60 rubles until full recovery and prosthetics;
          in case of death - from 1 to 5 million rubles, as well as 100 rubles for the funeral.

          The amount of the award ranges from 150 to 700 thousand rubles.
          and another interesting fact:
          According to information received from representatives of Wagner in Crimea, the money is issued in cash, and not transferred to bank cards.
          Those. you can’t control where you came from (who helped then?) and how much you spent.

          From there:
          financing of Wagner's activities, payment of salaries and compensations are made at the expense of Yevgeny Prigozhin's personal funds.

          Where does Prigogine get such money from? And we are talking about hundreds of billions of rubles.
          Can anyone help?

          Can pro-Western oligarchs help?
          Can Ukrainian oligarchs (Kolomoisky, Poroshenko, etc.) help?
          And if they help, then they probably want to recapture the money back? For example, through the collapse of Russia.

          And if they help, then they probably set tasks (to capture the patriotic public, then collapse the front, and then blame the authorities for this and raise a rebellion)?

          Maybe the owners of money began to demand from Prigogine a return, a result?
          Like, spent money, where is the result?

          Isn't that why our "hero" Prigogine throws out such numbers? Either I leave, then I leave to rest, then I stay, then there are shells, then they are not.
          It's just kind of hysterical.
          This is understandable soon the owners (who generously financed him - and we are talking about hundreds of billions of rubles) may skin him.

          For, he squandered the money, but did not complete the task (he could not raise a protest wave in Russia).
          1. Civil
            Civil 11 May 2023 13: 58
            And this layer must be divided into those who want to merge with the West and those who do not.

            Or maybe it is necessary to elect other segments of the population to the council, meetings and thoughts? For example, from the military, doctors, teachers, workers, farmers, and just hard workers from services, from housewives, from pensioners, from scientists, from IT people ... so that there are everyone, and not just those many candy wrappers?
        2. Nikolay310
          Nikolay310 11 May 2023 21: 51
          Have you chosen??? Are these the same elections in which the program counted longer than people? Well, yes ... but, by the way, do you know that for an attempt to protest they gave Sakharovo 10 days in Moscow? Two administrative offices, and the third criminal ... hence all your "satisfied"
    2. fa2998
      fa2998 11 May 2023 05: 57
      Quote: Proton
      Damned non-believers!
      While the leadership of the country is waging an uncompromising battle against evil and sending their own sons to the war in the ranks of Wagner, the irresponsible bourgeois, on their own initiative, are trading with the enemy.
      It's time to deal with the traitors with the punishing sword of justice!

      You wrote some kind of abracadabra! We don’t have independent government, business, or justice. Everything has grown together into a single agglomerate. Therefore, the NWO does not go through so well - there in Ukraine there are property and interests of our "aces". Everything is done with the permission of the authorities, and no one will be convicted, we have a court pocket", works on call. This is what we call the vertical of power, which has already been "strengthened" for 20 years. hi
    3. IgorZ
      IgorZ 11 May 2023 08: 04
      Today, 04: 18
      Damned non-believers!
      While the leadership of the country is waging an unrelenting battle against evil and sending their own sons to the war in the ranks of Wagner

      Sarcasm counted. Too bad the text is short.
    4. Alex 1970
      Alex 1970 11 May 2023 08: 29
      How is that? Bees versus honey? Will they judge themselves? How. It's not about commentary, it's about life.
    5. AdAstra
      AdAstra 11 May 2023 09: 00
      You write please that this is sarcasm and irony laughing
    6. Arnok
      Arnok 11 May 2023 11: 09
      We urgently need to report this to the tsar-father! He go and does not know why such obscenities are happening!
      And more, guys! "Tell the sovereign that the British do not clean their guns with bricks" (c)
    7. AAK
      AAK 11 May 2023 14: 50
      Sarcasm! I understand and I love it. As for the serious thing, I can’t understand what else our “brats” need after such an article ... it’s either a cross or cowards ... But there are also other transits ... and there are also direct deliveries ...
  2. Nikolay Malyugin
    Nikolay Malyugin 11 May 2023 05: 22
    The hybrid war includes not only the information field, but also the financial sector. It is often hidden behind a veil of political disputes. And we must admit that business is not our strongest point. It is business that becomes a target from the West. We don't have to do business. All these games in the Great Patriotic War will not lead to good. And the fact that these games are going on can be seen from the headlines - "Kursk Duga-2", "Behind Moscow". We live at a time when it is precisely the problems of our time that are determined. You just need to take a businesslike approach to external and internal problems. Less words and more action.
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 11 May 2023 06: 46
    Kyiv, being a commercial partner of the Kremlin in the ammonia export deal, constantly puts forward some additional political demands.
    A rather strange situation even for the NWO, not to mention the war that is actually going on. The enemy is also a commercial partner, doesn't it sound strange? Maybe it's time to stop all business with the enemy, audit who and what is still trading and take tough measures. Otherwise, it turns out that we ourselves "feed" our enemy so that he has money for the war with us. And this smacks of treason already.
  4. Stas157
    Stas157 11 May 2023 06: 48
    in current difficult for country conditions

    And now everything
    difficult, mother!
    In difficult times, difficult decisions are made by very difficult leaders!
    The common people are only amazed.
  5. Ryaruav
    Ryaruav 11 May 2023 07: 33
    The billionaire has such a speaking surname - Mazepin
  6. Alex 1970
    Alex 1970 11 May 2023 08: 44
    Just hypothetically, Mikoyan would come to Stalin during the battle for Moscow and say, there is a profitable offer from Adolf, he really needs oil, there is nothing to refuel tanks, planes, let's build an oil pipeline to Germany? Can you imagine? Well, here you don’t even need to imagine, some other claims are being voiced, ugh !!!!! am
  7. AdAstra
    AdAstra 11 May 2023 08: 59
    Not only is it not a hindrance, but it even helps to get richer - +16 billion. USD "who needs a leg."
  8. Dimy4
    Dimy4 11 May 2023 09: 17
    ... and on the other hand, it builds “mutually beneficial commercial projects” with the leaders of a country that has not yet been completely denazified (in the terminology of the Russian Foreign Ministry).

    And this is the whole "bastardism" of the current government. You guys die, you don’t know why, but we both earned money, and we will earn. This is for those who are on the front line, the Kiev regime and its soldiers are the enemy, and for the Kremlin it is just another trading partner, as it was and remains.
  9. Maks1995
    Maks1995 11 May 2023 09: 55
    Well, now, more than a year has passed, and some have begun to reach ....

    Although not particularly hidden. There was also news here about record trade with Ukraine in the first months of 22 years, about deliveries of aluminum and titanium to them before the North-Eastern Military District.
    And shortly before the solarium, without hiding, the media discussed, the Kremlin decided how it would deliver - through Belarus or Azerbaijan? Then they spat, that's all, he delivers solarium to Ukraine directly. For agriculture, of course.

    They also wrote about the record wealth of the first 100 Russians from the Forbes list

    And about the supply of oil to the USA, and resources to the EU (record-breaking) - the media boasted excitedly.
    And that the EU will process oil into fuel for the Armed Forces of Ukraine is no-no.

    There are quite a lot of videos on the Internet about the economic-imperialist reasons for the non-war.
    But the volunteers among the elites, Prigozhin blabbed, he does not know anyone. (except for the incomprehensible stray, the stump is clear)
  10. steelmaker
    steelmaker 11 May 2023 10: 03
    "as a mutually beneficial commercial project,"
    I constantly say that Putin started the NWO in order to "trade the Motherland" on his own terms.
    For me, that the capitalists, that the Nazis are one and the same. For both, a person's life means nothing, money is everything!!!
  11. Million
    Million 11 May 2023 11: 44
    I still didn’t understand why they started the NWO. It was possible to buy someone and everything would have done without a war.
  12. oleg varinov
    oleg varinov 11 May 2023 14: 50
    to whom war to whom mother dear
    we drive oil, we drive ammonia, we probably drive a lot more
  13. 16112014nk
    16112014nk 11 May 2023 18: 47
    Russian power = enemies of the people, sitting on traitors and chasing thieves. negative
  14. ivan2022
    ivan2022 11 May 2023 20: 28
    The mass of semi-fools who ruined their own country in 1991 "so as not to feed these and these and so that there is a strong owner" - has not yet received everything that it deserved. Dryuchit, Dryuchit and more Dryuchit ....... Teach, teach and teach capitalism! Hooray!
    AVESSALOM 11 May 2023 21: 44

    Fight, fool.k! And we will pump ammonia.))
    It was necessary to teach Marxism-Leninism, then they would know that this SVO is just a showdown between two capitalist states for spheres of influence, and patriotic slogans are for fools.
  16. 1erWahrheitsMinister_1984
    1erWahrheitsMinister_1984 11 May 2023 21: 53
    Wenn diese verräterischen Profiteure ihr Geld von ihren Nazi-Partnern
    nicht bekommen geschieht es ihnen recht...!!
  17. Alex66
    Alex66 12 May 2023 06: 44
    The Russian government does not reflect the interests of the peoples of Russia, its task is to achieve the recognition of our enemies in order to sit at the same table at the holiday on an equal footing. Tell Lavrov's daughter returned to Russia, is he concerned about this? Now there is an destruction of the peoples of Russia and Ukraine, covid did not help to clean up, what will happen in the deserted territory?
  18. Glagol1
    Glagol1 12 May 2023 15: 58
    It has always existed. Suffice it to recall the cooperation of American millionaires with Hitler through intermediaries after December 7, 1941, when the striped entered WW2. The Swedes sold the locomotives to Lenin bypassing the embargo.
    The Japanese loaded the USSR with machine tools, on which we sharpened low-noise propellers for nuclear submarines, at the time of COCOM, without asking too many questions. Gas goes to Southern Europe through the 404th. And there are hundreds of such examples. This is how our world works, good and evil are not just nearby, they are intertwined.
    1. Eule
      Eule 12 May 2023 16: 31
      The British bought gyrocompasses in the Reich to bomb the Reich.
      In return, they gave tungsten, from which the Germans made tools for the production of weapons and armor-piercing shells. Deliveries went through Argentina, by barter. Deliveries went until the autumn of 1944
  19. Valter1364
    Valter1364 12 May 2023 16: 08
    A dark story with this Togliattiazot. They built a sea terminal in Volna settlement. It was then that I met V.N. Makhlai. Interesting uncle. The motherfucker is terrible. I remember how the then governor of the Krasnodar Territory, Tkachev tried to squeeze all the money out of him. And Makhlai asked him for what purpose? Tkachev answered that kindergartens, nurseries, schools, hospitals should be built. But Makhlai did not give money. He just built hospitals, schools, nurseries, etc. Yes, but he served in the Pacific Fleet as a diver. And what is actually there, time will tell.
  20. there
    there 16 May 2023 15: 24
    People who love overseas countries more than their MOTHERLAND should not be allowed into business.
  21. Electrical
    Electrical 17 May 2023 17: 17
    Unfortunately yes! To whom is war, and to whom is mother dear! Money doesn't smell! Yes, and the children of the capitalists are holed up over the hill!