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Is this a war? War!

It is very unpleasant, you know, to be a prophet in his own country. Especially if you prophesy not very nice things. But, alas ...
Here: I expressed my opinion on the topic historical comparisons. Good or bad is the third thing. The fact is that after a certain number of days he received direct confirmation of his innocence. A certain organism (the hand does not rise to be called a man) painted another libel:

Is this a war? War!
Negotiations of the Soviet command with representatives of the headquarters of the Kwantung Army on the conditions for the surrender of Japanese troops

I'm not going to ask stupid questions on the topic of “where the administration is looking,” because for me personally, the admins policy is clear and understandable. Anyone who considers it possible to say something is entitled to it. If thus does not violate the rules of the site. That is democracy. And I think that's right. Another question is how we should respond to such “creativity”.

And it is necessary to respond as follows: respond similar to similar. If a creature like this falcon begins to pick up a broomstick and dirty our history with it, then any sane and patriotic person should pick up a broomstick at least of the same size and smear a stink from history. Lovers of mud - in the mud.

On different Internet resources such here appear ... tvartsy. It is clear from what word. Skunks stories. And the further, by all appearances, there will be more. I would not be surprised if the next arguments about the lute of the Russian winter in Stalingrad begin soon. Or about the lack of talent of our command during the blockade of Leningrad. Time to remember comes up ... You understand what I mean.

It seems to me that the closer to 2015 the year, the more worms and other reptiles move out of the manured historical soil.

Absolutely it is not necessary to hang all the responsibility on the admins, who pass through the entire flow of information, separating the wheat from the chaff. It may be simpler: not to succumb to provocations of journalists, but to spread such a reaction to their writings so that they would never think of another libel here any more. For "like treat like." Every spit in our past must be answered with hundreds.

This is a war. Without shooting and hand-to-hand (a pity), but the war. With an adversary who has neither honor nor conscience. Who is fighting a libel with our grandfathers who fought with weapons and their wives forging these weapons. And carry this stuff in the brain already our children.

What am I talking about? About 9 May. About the holiday, which should be in 100 years, the greatest day in our history. Because for him it is paid too expensive. And, in the 2015 year, when the seventieth anniversary of the Victory will be celebrated, I would like to look into the eyes of the surviving veterans with a clear conscience, because if they had done everything to protect me (if not yet born), then I in turn, did everything to protect the memory of what they did.

So I myself will, and urge others to give such here Borisov falcons, what they deserve.

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  1. sergo0000
    sergo0000 23 November 2012 07: 54
    Yesterday there was no time to read this opus. Today I found and read it.
    Really raving gray gelding! fool
    Bitches get paid and they write.
    One such m.dak for a fraction of the small and the island wanted to give the Jonians.
    1. alexng
      alexng 23 November 2012 09: 23
      Oh how much more nonsense we have to see on the Internet.
      The circus left, but the clowns remained. But no, if the clowns remained, then the circus did not go away. By the way, recently their libel has been working against themselves, but as long as they understand this, they themselves will be rid of their cunning. And there ... you can also send them without looking at the numerous filters. They urge us to be tolerant, but by the way, what should we do, but they don’t? It's time to give back and identify the true authors of these nonsense, and put on public display (censure).
      1. Kaa
        Kaa 23 November 2012 12: 37
        Quote: alexneg
        It's time to give back and identify the true authors of these nonsense, and put on public display

        Yes, the circus, unfortunately, hasn’t left anywhere yet, the clowns are the same, and the customers are known, just do something with them, they’re stone untouchables?
        1. S_mirnov
          S_mirnov 23 November 2012 13: 33
          The blackening of our Victory is a necessary stage in terms of the West, to review the results of the Second World War. A very large territory, in their opinion, belongs to Russia. But objectively, we do not have a combat-ready army to protect this territory. Nevertheless, they are afraid to fight with us, they created a too big reserve in the USSR, so far, despite the efforts of Gorbaty, EBN and GDP, it has not yet been possible to completely destroy our army. But it’s very difficult to defend history if the president of your country denigrates it!

          but the truth will win anyway!

    2. ikrut
      ikrut 23 November 2012 14: 32
      Bravo, Banshee - I support and shake my hand. You can always count on my support here.
    3. alfa-typ
      alfa-typ 25 November 2012 06: 49
      I absolutely agree with the author !!! Propaganda is being conducted against everything Russian, our enemies want to take everything from us, even the most sacred. We must fight this, and if not we, then who but us!
  2. smel
    smel 23 November 2012 08: 19
    Thanks to the author. I got acquainted with Borka Sokolov. Yesterday I did not have enough time to read the nonsense of Sokolovsky. Today I looked. I will know the villains by name
    1. ikrut
      ikrut 23 November 2012 14: 35
      Ya. Yesterday, in a note, I unsubscribed about the B. Falcon, but there were a couple of minus signers. Looks like he really likes.
  3. Igarr
    Igarr 23 November 2012 08: 48
    Well, we are in the same boat.
  4. Egen
    Egen 23 November 2012 08: 59
    Her, Roman, well, why are you getting excited, emotions are splashing out. What for?
    I agree, yesterday's article about the Japanese ... uh ... somewhat one-sided :) We all (well, not all) understand this. It is clear that the Japanese did not fight with sticks :), in general, I respect the Japanese as a soldier, with their Bushido and samurai spirit. But most of our troops were experienced, and the commander ... well, you can argue about talent, but experience was immeasurable ...
    Nevertheless, you must admit that in any conjecture there is some piece of truth. Always and in everything. For example, that the best units of the Japanese were not in China, but on the islands. At least this is logical. But I do not have accurate comparative information about this. And you would instead of emotions just bring numbers, estimates, analysis, and - your conclusions from different sources ... :))
    Speaking of the honor and conscience of the Japanese. I read about the experiences of their doctors during the war. There is no reason not to trust information. It’s not good, it does not fit in my mind with a samurai honor. But, to us, eastern people, they still don’t understand such a bastard ... And, I believe, as in Germany, ordinary soldiers remained faithful to their honor and did not mess themselves with concentration camps and others ...
    1. Roman Skomorokhov
      23 November 2012 09: 50
      Quote: Egen
      Her, Roman, well, why are you getting excited, emotions are splashing out. What for?

      Well, such an organism, what can I do?

      However, I’ll explain something. You see, I'm not going to fight on paper with the Germans or the Japanese. Let the soldiers lie quietly where they were laid to rest. And in no case was I going to touch their memory and skills. There they have someone to remember and honor, whatever their goals and objectives. They were soldiers, and that’s it. They carried out the orders that they were given. Point.

      I meant completely different. Not those who fought with our warriors, but those who spit on the honor and dignity of our soldiers with just such publications. For the Russian soldier, the fallen Russian soldier, is the most unprotected of all those who fell during the Second World War. It is his graves that are desecrated, they are trying to slander his memory, talking about how wrong and what filthy technique he fought. I’m talking about this.

      Well, Americans or Japanese wrote there. everything is clear here. But when they write, it’s kind of like by the name / passport of the Russians ... Not ... This is where the enemy should not go.

      About the dead as is customary? Or good, or nothing. Can we talk about our millions? Yes, this is a crime. And even more so when they are trying to prove that, they say, they fought with the weak, the poor and the wretched.

      So I went to shit, I go and I will go until I die. Everyone has their own war. I have one.
      1. DYMITRY
        DYMITRY 23 November 2012 10: 34
        Good day, Roman.
        In the near future, the number of such "deep analytical articles on history" will increase significantly. Direct financing of NGOs from abroad will be significantly reduced due to the known law. The freed up funds will be thrown in just the same "unwilling and handshake" bloggers, historians and other similar evil spirits. So we are waiting for streams of dirt on everything that is sacred in our life. Absolutely everything will be fouled. And how to resist this without resorting to mass plantings, I personally, frankly, have no idea. And therefore, too, "go to shit" from powerlessness. It would be a matter of real life, you could at least beat the face, but what to do online? Do you have any ideas?
        1. Roman Skomorokhov
          23 November 2012 11: 37
          And what ideas can there be ... Similar kick out like. My opinion is that for every such scribble there should go three, pushing the author where he should. Into damp soil.

          I’m not starting from impotence yet. Quite the contrary. Everything that boils, I will concentratedly throw away at such. And write for those who are still interested. If possible, of course, without emotion.
      2. Rink
        Rink 23 November 2012 12: 01
        Quote: Banshee
        So I went to shit, I go and I will go until I die. Everyone has their own war. I have one.

        The information war now precedes the "usual" one and largely determines its results. And the specificity of war with information is such that not everyone can write, you need a certain talent and the art of rhetoric. You need a certain knowledge base in order to conclusively catch liars.

        So thank you so much! You are doing a great job ...
      3. baltika-18
        baltika-18 23 November 2012 12: 37
        Quote: Banshee
        For a Russian soldier, a fallen Russian soldier - this is the most unprotected of all those who fell during the Second World War. They are desecrating his graves, they are trying to slander his memory, talking about how wrong and what filthy technique he fought. I AM

        I agree with you Roman. You did what you wrote correctly. I do not know what Sokolov was guided by, but the spirit of denigrating the Soviet past creeps not only from the pen of scribblers like Sokolov, but unfortunately from the TV screens. The word is also a weapon. Good luck.
    2. dmb
      dmb 23 November 2012 12: 50
      Let me interfere. And it is not necessary to "understand to the bottom" desire, to put experiments on people. If you said that you do not understand music, literature or tradition to the bottom, that you eat raw fish, I would still understand you. But the whole world knows that it is not good to burn prisoners in a crematorium and chop off prisoners' heads with sabers, and it does not depend on the mentality of the nation. About loyalty to the honor of German soldiers, you are good. But it is not clear why two thirds of those killed in our country are civilians, and the "honest soldiers" Keitel and Jodl "were hanged.
    3. I think so
      I think so 23 November 2012 17: 02
      Ek turned up the road ".... ordinary soldiers remained faithful ...". You brother did not go far from the monsters blackening the history of Russia and justifying the beasts who came here to harass the Russian people. How nicely "ordinary soldiers" you are not even more trenchant than those who bluntly denigrate you, you brothers, you foul up our grandfathers by comparing them to "ordinary soldiers of the Wehrmacht or Japanese samurai." This is even more blasphemous than openly speaking "your" historical emissions.
      1. Egen
        Egen 24 November 2012 14: 55
        You also excuse me, brother, like writing competent reasoning, but look at this question one-sidedly :) What do you think, "Russian" = "good", and "coming" = always "beast"? "We" are always right and "they" are always wrong? Well, so we will go far ... There is patriotism and there is nationalism. I mean one thing and you mean another. If, in your opinion, "ours are good because they are ours, and not our radishes, we will fill them with hats", then this is an underestimation of the enemy = a crime :) Who said that the enemy should be respected? There is also a war. What is the face of the war, remember? Have you been to the war? When the boy you just walked past and mentally regretted that he was such a poor ragged, he simply took and shot in the back your friend, the FRIEND with whom you studied at school, no matter how pompous it sounds, they divided everything in half - both stew and cartridges and together a hundred times have already said goodbye to this world - and now it just once and not - and you also this boy and will you regret? Won't you "go berserk"? Well, then you are a saint, where do we go ... Ask around those who WERE in Afghanistan ...
        Do you remember how many Russians were in the German troops? And the Vlasovites, etc.? How many Russians did the Germans kill with Russian hands? In your opinion, Vlasov is better than Rommel because he is "Russian"? Or did they not hang Rommel of the same simply because he did not live? :) I don’t remember Manstein either that he was strongly accused of war crimes, although he was imprisoned. And as far as I remember, the soldiers loved (for their care) and respected (for their personality) Rommel and Manstein, but I don’t remember something about Keitel and Jodel ...
        I will answer for my grandfathers. I know where one of them died and what awards we keep. Therefore, I ask you not to offend without knowing. If your grandfathers fought with mine, and not with the Vlasovites :), then I also worship them as well as mine, and incl. for what Roman wrote about - that they defeated skilled soldiers, and not some kind of "beasts - murderers of the civilian population." Because the one who kills the unarmed is a coward. And in this way you are not belittling our soldiers who won a gang of cowards? In my opinion, this is even trickier :)
        Therefore, I apologize for disagreeing, but either you and I didn’t understand each other, or I don’t like your nationalism, which you cover with patriotism, IMHO you turned the topic wrong, I wrote not about that :(
        1. Roman Skomorokhov
          24 November 2012 15: 12
          Quote: Egen
          Speaking of the honor and conscience of the Japanese. I read about the experiences of their doctors during the war. There is no reason not to trust information. It’s not good, it does not fit in my mind with a samurai honor. But, to us, eastern people, they still don’t understand such a bastard ... And, I believe, as in Germany, ordinary soldiers remained faithful to their honor and did not mess themselves with concentration camps and others ...

          This phrase of yours prompted me to continue. I had to look through a bunch of sources, but it turned out a sort of essay showing the essence of the Japanese ... say, on a hundred-year scale.
          With regards to honor and conscience - there will be several points that you will probably be interested in.
          1. Egen
            Egen 24 November 2012 16: 22
            Be sure to be interested! Thank. Please inform the link. And if it’s easy about the sources, where did you find them? Unfortunately, it is somewhat behind the times, there is not enough time, maybe something new has appeared.
            For clarification about the current opinion about the Japanese. 20 years ago I met / studied karate, kendo, Bushido from one, as I understand it, a true samurai (well, it’s said loudly, I haven’t really learned it, be foolish :(), in spirit, etc. His sword is 17в - mmm, when You hold it in your hands - you feel that a legend blows ... True, I did not meet him in Japan, in my midst, but in America :) No, he is not there, but came to look after my granddaughter — I studied with me :) Cute modest girl, stern strict but honest man. In the war he was a child, but he told. That the Americans defeated them - he is offended, but does not hold evil. Like. Of course, he was subjective, and his environment was not the front, and after the war the Japanese became peaceful, but still - it's me that the truth is somewhere nearby :)
            Like most of us, we think that Americans are our enemies until the last child. But I lived among them for a long time, and I can say that ordinary Americans are up to us ... I don’t give a damn about how they are to us :) They have a home-family-work, and what’s overseas - nothing at all concerns. Nuclear threat? When it hangs for decades, everyone already perceives it a little. America’s policy (and alas, the whole world) is made by a small group of people, using technology to fool peoples - I think no one will argue with this :)
            Sorry, signed something :) I just wanted to say that your point of view is important in any way.
            Shl for "relatives" :): just do not immediately write me down as shpiens and enemies of the people :), I studied in the states and returned home to benefit the Motherland. It sounds silly, but true. I haven't made a fortune for myself, don't think :) Only in a foreign land do you understand what Motherland is, but you cannot understand Stirlitz :))
  5. IlyaKuv
    IlyaKuv 23 November 2012 09: 32
    Correctly said, to drive these traitors in the neck
    1. sapulid
      sapulid 23 November 2012 12: 49
      Where are you going to drive them? Internet, free territory. They need to be beaten with facts, to refute their sources, numbers, etc. Only in this way can we defend OUR HISTORY.
  6. sapulid
    sapulid 23 November 2012 11: 19
    Dear Roman, I did not like in your article the fact that by switching to "personality" you did not refute the arguments of your opponent. Minus.
    1. Roman Skomorokhov
      23 November 2012 11: 35
      Sorry, I thought I expressed everything quite clearly.

      And to prove that the sky is blue, and the water without color and smell ... thank you.

      To prove that the strength of the Japanese army is understated in that libel, and ours is exaggerated or vice versa - this, in fact, is the betrayal of our soldiers. The Japanese were strong. Otherwise, in 1942 they would not have stood from Mongolia to Australia. The Germans were strong. Otherwise, they would not have stood from the Atlantic Ocean to Moscow. We were just stronger. And the point.

      This scribbler is not my opponent. And I did not even intend to argue with him, it is below my dignity, which is based on historical truth. And with the likes of me, there can only be one method - a tub with slops and a bucket of tar. And to prove something ... everything was proved by my ancestors 9.05.1945. My job is to spit harder on someone who dares to spit in their direction.

      And the cons ... well, bet it is your right. You have your own opinion on this matter, I have my own.
      1. sapulid
        sapulid 23 November 2012 12: 44
        You know, the dispute must be reasoned, otherwise, it is a bazaar. If you want to prove him wrong, prove it with facts. The site contains many young people who studied history after the USSR. It is not for me to tell you about the quality of this "study". What is obvious to you is far from being true for them. Read your article with an open mind and your opponent's article. In one, insults, without any facts, in the second, figures and facts that you have not refuted ... With all due respect, the youth will choose your opponent, considering that you CANNOT refute his FACTS, that's why they switched for insults.

        Do not be surprised after that when young people accept the point of view of such "Suvorovs" who are rewriting our history. It is a pity that you were offended and did not draw the proper conclusion. With this approach, in my opinion, one should not get involved in polemics. Doing only worse for a good cause.
        1. Yura
          Yura 23 November 2012 13: 41
          Quote: sapulid
          You know, the dispute must be reasoned, otherwise, this is a bazaar. Want to prove it wrong, prove it with facts.

          I agree with you, but there are things that should not be doubted, there are things that must be handled carefully, this is the memory of our ancestors who defended the country as best they could and knew how, died and died from wounds after the war. Imagine their feelings caused by the knowledge that they are close: children, wives are engaged in hard labor in factories and on collective farm fields, their dreams after the war in which they went on the attack and each was the last. The meaning of all this is we, that is, the heirs, and if we do not remember this and defend the honor of our ancestors, then the point is that they did not and we are traitors. We must not allow any reasoning to interpret the events of the Great Patriotic War in a tone that belittles and offends our ancestors. Even the controversy itself is offensive here, therefore all incitements of the kind such as this article by Sokolov may be unreasoned and must be stopped in the bud without hesitation.
        2. sapulid
          sapulid 23 November 2012 13: 43
          Damn, cons, argue. Playing on emotions is not the best way to prove it. If you want to convince, persuade, and not "quietly" sculpt cons, showing your powerlessness. What is my wrong? In the fact that he did not lick the author's ass, but pointed out the obvious failure of the article? That, on the whole, I agree with his position, but disagree with the form of discussion he has chosen?

          If, for those who know, the Pythagorean theorem is an axiom, then for the rest, this axiom must be PROVEN.

          Damn, it smelled of anonymous denunciations, it became already sick.
          1. ikrut
            ikrut 23 November 2012 15: 00
            What can you personally prove to me? And why should I prove something to you? And yet - why do your brothers always choose topics for "discussion" and "proofs" from our history, our values, our achievements and tragedies? Let's discuss yours. Why, if doubts or questions about the Holocaust arise, are they immediately labeled anti-Semitism? Why are attempts to discuss Israeli policies so severely obstructed? and there are plenty of other examples too ..
          2. Roman Skomorokhov
            23 November 2012 18: 18
            Quote: sapulid
            The fact that he didn’t lick the author’s point, but indicated a clear failure of the article?

            Whatever it was. And about the failure ... the bulk of those who read do not think so.
            What do you need to prove? What did our ancestors deservedly win in that war? Whose will you be?
        3. ikrut
          ikrut 23 November 2012 14: 46
          You are talking nonsense, dear. There are topics for which disputes are irrelevant. Historical memory is one of these themes. As the poet said, "Honor must be saved instantly." If it's rude - for a disrespectful attitude to the memory of our heroic ancestors, you need to "beat in the snout". This is the best "argument".
          Any "truth" is subjective. And any values ​​are primarily created in the minds. IMHO. Remember how the USSR was ruined by "arguments". When they realized it and found counterarguments, it was too late. "Arguments" did their job. Because - I repeat. On principled positions - "right in the snout." And evidence of the correctness of such an act can be provided later. As an appendix.
        4. Goldmitro
          Goldmitro 23 November 2012 17: 36
          << ... that his FACTS you CANNOT refute, >>
          And who proved that these are facts? In light of the gigantic campaign deployed in the West to diminish the role of the USSR in World War II, a lot of all kinds of research by "experts" appeared, including references to "military primary sources", the purpose of which was to confirm this. him that the combat readiness of such and such a Japanese division was not 2%, but all 15%, to which he and you are calling does not make sense! The strength of the Japanese army is most eloquently indicated by the fact that Roosevelt and Churchill persistently begged Stalin to enter the war against Japan, to take upon itself the destruction of the Kwantung Army. ”Agree, if it were so weak, as Sokolov points out, then why would the Atlantic allies not defeat it themselves and take ALL laurels and territorial gains for themselves, not sharing victory with anyone? no need to powder your brains, supposedly, with scientific facts indicating percentages, etc. It is clear to everyone, including, I am sure, and you, that I wanted
          tell Sokolov with your "facts", but they DO NOT ROLL!
          1. sapulid
            sapulid 23 November 2012 18: 13
            Damn, for especially "gifted". There are a lot of users to whom NOBODY AND NEVER TOLD THE TRUTH, so please, WRITE IN ARGUMENTED.
          2. Roman Skomorokhov
            23 November 2012 18: 21
            Add the little fact that despite the fact that the amers knocked the Japanese out of the islands in the Pacific Ocean, they did not dare to tuck into Japanese territory. Because really there would be a fight no worse than in Germany. By that time, they already had a clear idea of ​​how people were fighting for their own. And if you plus the fanaticism and contempt for the death of the Japanese ... And here they went into the matter and atomic bombs, and the Soviet army. And another question, what was more productive.
            1. Egen
              Egen 24 November 2012 16: 27
              No, at what they "did not take the risk", these are completely different things - to storm the islands under the cover of 16-d guns and overwhelming superiority in everything (and then they got stuck on some islands), or a front in an overseas theater of operations is not a risk , but stupidity, and there you are not Vietnam - so the Americans are simply not idiots :)
        5. Roman Skomorokhov
          23 November 2012 18: 11
          Well, firstly, from my point of view there is nothing to be offended here, so I didn’t even think about doing it.

          Secondly, in life (take a word) there are situations (everyday, for example) when you can take and try to prove with reasonably that a person acts ... not humanly or something. And there are times when you just need to beat in the face with no arguments. Examples, I think, you yourself can pick up. This is one such case.

          You see, engaging in polemics is not always good for business. For when you enter into a polemic, you thereby make it clear that in the point of view of the rabbi there is a rational kernel or a fraction of the truth.

          I do not consider it necessary to refute the figures degrading the honor and dignity of my ancestors. I prefer to just spit and grind. As they say, smart people will understand, but fools are not sorry.

          You see, to refute this bunch of digits saying that the poor Japanese were not ready ... What then climbed? Well, they got ... Now, if they had reached such a level with such indicators, yes, they would have to sweat. And so ...
          1. sapulid
            sapulid 24 November 2012 05: 08
            Damn, minus me, you supplement your article. Agree that the format of the dispute you have chosen is incorrect. Then what are we arguing about? I emphasize that the numbers and facts of your opponent have a greater influence than your emotional statements.
            How many repetitions do you need? I hope that your head is nominal, although doubts began to gnaw at me ..
            1. Roman Skomorokhov
              24 November 2012 15: 14
              And my head is all right. I set you minus solely for your tone and meaning of statements. You can’t calmly say it yourself and go to the doctor.
              1. sapulid
                sapulid 24 November 2012 17: 06
                I wrote it very correctly, until you "quietly" began to minus. In addition, in the second message, I explained everything to you. As a mediocre author, you put the disadvantages to a well-reasoned critic. I feel sorry for your loved ones, if you are like that in life. Note, I, you, do not mold cons. You know, I am, by nature, clean.
  7. Bigriver
    Bigriver 23 November 2012 11: 36
    In fact - I agree. Boryusik - Mr. .., not a good character
    But, replaying with such every time somehow .. is not a method.
    This public has long-known weaknesses: lies and selective vision of the sources that they observe.
    In general, I "like" to read these :)) It is very clear how they bypass the inconvenient, but well-known information, facts, and run from them.

    I’ll take only one passage from Bory with weak and understaffed divisions:

    ... the Japanese infantry division in the state had 20 thousand people, in 1945 its number ranged from 9 to 18 thousand, in most cases amounting to 14-16 thousand.

    Borya should know that according to the state for the same year 1945, the RKKA rifle division was to have half the number — about 9500 people. And in fact, as a rule, it had from 8 to 9000 people.

    It would seem ... One of the indicators of the effectiveness of the army is: the speed of development of the operation, goals achieved, losses suffered.
    How diligently our non-fellow BS avoids the issue of losses! We take only combat irrevocability:
    - Japan - about 80 people.
    - Red Army - about 12 people.

  8. wax
    wax 23 November 2012 12: 01
    "... I would like to look into the eyes of the surviving veterans with a clear conscience, because if they did everything in their time to protect me (even if I was not born yet), then I, in turn, did everything to protect my memory about what they did ... "
    Gold words. Boris Sokolov has many well-published books. And in all the poisonous drools flow against all Russian. You feel disgusted by reading. But young people do not yet have immunity against misinformation. Who pays for this muddy stream of lies aimed at molesting youth? Is it time to ask the falcons by law?
    1. Bigriver
      Bigriver 23 November 2012 12: 23
      Who pays for this muddy stream of lies

      IMHO, there is no conspiracy. This is pure marketing. There is a whole layer of so-called historical-publicists, sniffing the air, catching a socio-political order in the West, and writing their "creations", with the prospect of getting circulation there, in the West.
      All this is hats and the satisfaction of their specific inclinations.
  9. arnulla
    arnulla 23 November 2012 12: 44
    The nation is dumbing quietly, being fought for all kinds of falcons, Suvorov-rezuns and other Svanidze ... But I must agree to their bullshit, I agree. do not understand...
  10. Papakiko
    Papakiko 23 November 2012 12: 55
    Let amuse yourself is an innocent prank in comparison with the Serdyukovs and Fursenko.
    1. hommer
      hommer 23 November 2012 14: 22
      Quote: Papakiko
      Let amuse yourself is an innocent prank in comparison with the Serdyukovs and Fursenko.

      I do not agree with you. These are not innocent pranks, this is an insult to the memory of our fathers and grandfathers. Concerning the great Victory, no fabrications should be allowed! am
      In Ukraine, too, began creeping, petty, with the same "innocent pranks"!
  11. Shkodnik65
    Shkodnik65 23 November 2012 14: 15
    Why wonder? I give an example. The son is returning from school, all of which are nerves. In the process of ascertaining the causes of the excited state, the following becomes clear: the history of Russia covered the topic of the Russo-Japanese War of 1904. A history teacher (not a young girl, but a lady of Balzac age) tells the children that the captain of the cruiser Varyag Rudnev needed to be prosecuted for exposing his subordinates to unjustified risk in a hopeless situation. According to this so-called teacher, there was only one way out - to give up. That is, Madame about such concepts as military honor, heroism and valor, and never heard of. Apparently she did not know that the JAPANESE awarded Rudnev the ORDER, in respect of his act. From what I heard from my son, I was shocked! But I was pleased that the whole class, (children !!!) as one, were indignant at the position of the teacher about the battle at Chemulpo. But upset that this was happening in a gymnasium, a fairly decent gymnasium ...
    1. Yura
      Yura 23 November 2012 16: 13
      Quote: Shkodnik65
      But I was pleased that the whole class, (children !!!) as one, were indignant at the position of the teacher about the battle at Chemulpo.

      - I was very encouraged, our children almost intuitively know that there is truth, that there is honor, that there is decency, our parenting business is to develop this and prevent these feelings from disappearing in our ambiguous reality, and not let out the routine of survival. It is a source of self-esteem and dignity.
  12. George
    George 23 November 2012 14: 48
    I ask the help of those who know.
    I wanted to write an article about the feat of Leonty Korenny, but with a mixed sense of regret (that such an article exists) and joy (that our glorious Hero is not forgotten) I saw such an article here. True, I wanted to add a photo of the monument (which was not in the article ) and a few words. Problems occurred while moving the photo. I changed the scale, only the result is the same - the photo is in full screen and that's it. Explain. who knows. Thanks in advance.
  13. Yariath
    Yariath 23 November 2012 16: 26
    Roman, I fully support your article. It is impossible to ignore the next provocative information "group", since our enemies do not intend to end the war against our people.

    Statistics is nothing more than an abstract way of hiding the essence of an event. As a specialist in the military field, I, honestly, have always been little interested in quantitative proportions and ratios. An event is always the result of quality, professionalism and willingness to bring the matter to an end. It seems to me that no matter how much the Sokolovs broadcast about the unpreparedness, inability and lack of possibility of something there for the Japanese, our superiority in operation, and, above all, qualitative in the human dimension, is a fact that has made history. And the feat included in it, as if someone would not want it.

    In addition to all kinds of statistics, there is a documentary chronicle. In it, everyone can see the silent concentration of people who are gray with experience in the war. The eyes that saw all the worst that a person can see. And the intention to put an end to this once and for all. Much can be read from the expression on the faces of our Soviet heroes: both full confidence in their commanders, who will set only the right tasks, and determination to once again overcome all the hardships of military life, if only this would end, and the desire to finally live a peaceful life, and longing in the homeland ... A lot, if you look carefully. It is extremely beneficial for historians to ignore all this, squeezing millions of lives into meaningless numbers, which are extremely convenient to manipulate. Feats are not measured by numbers.

    Thank you personally for the article, Roman. soldier
    1. Roman Skomorokhov
      23 November 2012 18: 27
      "Feats are not measured by numbers" - they said great, no words.