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“Russia has put four missile carriers into the sea”: Operational command “South” urged to prepare for a new missile attack

“Russia has put four missile carriers into the sea”: Operational command “South” urged to prepare for a new missile attack

The danger of a missile attack remains; Russia has launched four carriers of Kalibr cruise missiles into the sea. This was announced by the speaker of the operational command "South" Natalia Gumenyuk.

Russia has launched two surface and two underwater Kalibr carriers into the sea, Ukraine should expect a missile attack, but not a massive one, as it was before, but a targeted one. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine suggests that Russia has changed tactics again, now moving on to pinpoint strikes. According to the Ukrainian generals, pinpoint strikes are more effective and allow achieving the desired results.

The ship grouping of the enemy in the Black Sea consists of 16 ships, including 4 missile carriers - 2 surface and 2 underwater. And this means that more than 20 "Caliber" can be ready for a salvo

- said the representative of the command "South".

At the same time, Russian troops, in the event of a missile attack, will not be able to effectively use drones-kamikaze because a storm warning has been issued. In this case, they may attract Aviation, and strikes will be launched from several directions, including to confuse Ukrainian air defense.

Earlier, the operational command "South" reported on the new tactics of Russian missile strikes, and this is due to the fact that Russia allegedly has significantly fewer precision-guided missiles and even fewer kamikaze drones.

Now they want to neutralize our air defense and deliver effective strikes (...) the objective situation is that Russia already has much fewer missiles, but still has them. Production almost stopped, but there are still

- added Gumenyuk.

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  1. Argon
    Argon 5 March 2023 13: 51
    It would be necessary to carry a pair of missiles against the radar under the belly of geraniums and, if a beam is detected, attack.
    1. dmi.pris1
      dmi.pris1 5 March 2023 14: 19
      I don’t know what’s under the belly. But to organize a raid from different directions, with a bunch of false targets .. Yes, what is it, the specialists know very well without us. There would be an order
    2. Diger
      Diger 5 March 2023 14: 20
      Quote: Argon
      It would be necessary to carry a pair of missiles against the radar under the belly of geraniums and, if a beam is detected, attack.

      wrote without thinking, you see?
      1. There is nothing to hook them to the belly of the missiles. The ZM-14 has neither AKU, nor APU, nor pylons. And there are 2 such buns, you can’t even find a place to tie a wire if ... if you don’t take it on your chest.
      2. The aerodynamic resistance of these pepelats will reduce the speed of the cruise missile below 500 km and its thin long wing will not produce the required lift, but even if this were removed, the launch range would drop to 400 km.
      3. "Pair of geraniums" is 2* 200 Kg = 400 kg
      ZM-14 has a mass of warheads, kg = 450, i.e. you propose to abandon the warhead and send a pacifier to the target, the cost of the delivery vehicle is about $1.
      To call it stupid is to praise such an innovator
      why come up with nonsense when the Russian Federation only has an An-2 of various modifications of about 1500, which are beautiful and
      very cheaply they turn into a means of powdering the "brains" of air defense and revealing their location! The Azerbaijanis will not let you lie, and the Armenians, crying, will confirm.
      If Hungary has MiG-21s and Su-22 fighter-bombers in storage, then where did they go from the former most powerful army in the world, from the country that produced them?

      if, yes, if yes, mushrooms were growing in the mouth, then there would be not a mouth, but a whole garden
      1. Argon
        Argon 5 March 2023 15: 25
        Thanks for breaking it down and breaking it down. I only had an idea and did not see "geraniums" in my eyes (only from photo - video) TTX is also from the Internet. There are no attachment points and a no brainer, but it meant factory refinement! Just like an idea.
        1. S. Sergei
          S. Sergei 5 March 2023 16: 27
          Geranium is primitive for the sake of price reduction. She barely drags herself and there is no point in improving her.
          1. Egeny
            Egeny 6 March 2023 12: 09
            Thanks for chewing

            Hasan, the people did not understand sarcasm, so a little inflamed. There are some smart guys here.
        2. Diger
          Diger 5 March 2023 17: 32
          How do you think about why the krbd carries 500 kg for thousands of kilometers?
          Because they have a very high aerodynamic quality.
          There is no way to lower it.
          Here are the means of overcoming air defense, such as the L-504 862-4-22 trap shooting system, as on the latest modifications of the X-101, it will probably not be superfluous.
        3. The comment was deleted.
      2. Sergey3
        Sergey3 5 March 2023 15: 38
        If Hungary has MiG-21s and Su-22 fighter-bombers in storage, then where did they go from the former most powerful army in the world, from the country that produced them?

        Campaign everything is in a very deplorable state. In the 90s, they must have been well taken off, there is a lot of gold and other precious metals in Soviet-built devices.
      3. 26rus
        26rus 5 March 2023 17: 25
        "Why invent nonsense when the Russian Federation only has about 2 An-1500s of various modifications, which are beautiful and
        very cheaply they turn into a means of powdering the "brains" of air defense and revealing their location!
        Well, you also offer no less nonsense. Firstly, where did you get the data on one and a half thousand An-2s? There are only about 200 of them in the Russian Register now, EMNIP, and most of them are owned by small private airlines, which, with the last effort, maintain them in a state of airworthiness. It is naive to believe that they are eager to get rid of them, because this is a direct path to bankruptcy, since there is nothing to replace them at the moment. The fact that in the hands of the state - DOSAAF Aviation Forest Protection, etc. - you propose to eliminate them recourse ? If you propose to restore what is lying around in landfills and forest belts, you are simply tormented, because there are no longer repair capacities and it will be more expensive than making new ones.
        1. Diger
          Diger 5 March 2023 19: 35
          Quote: 26rus
          Well, you also offer no less nonsense.

          well, you suggest.
          Quote: 26rus
          In the Russian Register of them now, EMNIP, there are only about 200

          What is the "EMNIP registry"?
          In total, more than 18 thousand An-2s were built

          Azerbaijan was not looking for EMNIP, but simply bought from the Czech Republic and other Europe.
          An-2 of the Azerbaijani Air Force at Yevlakh Airport

          It costs a penny, it opens an air defense radar, an expensive missile to destroy

          Azerbaijan (poor compared to the Russian Federation), which has never built anything from flying smog. RF - can't?

          2022: 42 "maize" were spotted at the border air base Sescha in the Bryansk region. Converted into drones, they can serve as targets for Ukrainian air defense
          Quote: 26rus
          If you propose to restore what is lying around in landfills and forest belts

          I did not throw them in landfills and forest belts.
          We must ask those who left them there

          they couldn’t save what they inherited from civilization, don’t whine. build yours.
  2. Boniface
    Boniface 5 March 2023 13: 54
    well - expect "gifts" on March 8
    warships of the Navy have loaded the BZ and are carrying the "idea of ​​denazification" to the Slavs who have gone mad!
    1. seregatara1969
      seregatara1969 5 March 2023 16: 56
      But how to properly prepare for a missile attack?
  3. Marshal_Lann
    Marshal_Lann 5 March 2023 13: 57
    Come on, let's bang already on the transport (railway, bridges) infrastructure and on all this disgusting Russophobic community that they have in power.
    1. smart ass
      smart ass 5 March 2023 15: 16
      Let's better bang 300 grams !!!!!
      1. HAM
        HAM 5 March 2023 15: 45
        Harmful in advance! So the administration warned, not useful information.
    2. Metallurg_2
      Metallurg_2 5 March 2023 21: 13
      Write an appeal to the Presidential Administration. It will be reviewed and within 30 days they will send you a written response that "everything is going according to plan."
    3. January
      January 5 March 2023 21: 31
      You don't even have to write anything...
  4. Lt. Air Force stock
    Lt. Air Force stock 5 March 2023 14: 00
    Drones must be used in swarms, and we want to solve a combat mission in small numbers.
    1. Fizik13
      Fizik13 5 March 2023 19: 00
      Quote: Lt. air force reserve
      Drones must be used in swarms, and we want to solve a combat mission in small numbers.

      It's one thing to write out all sorts of figurines during holidays and presentations with a swarm of drones. and it’s another matter to use it in battle, and each has its own goal.
      The Americans were the first to try with the help of the Basmachi in Syria, it did not work out.
      The Hussites in Saudi Arabia were the second to try, it turned out, the Americans blew it, they said the drones you had were of the wrong design and took their air defense systems.
      Now WE are testing new technologies on the CBO, before that no one worked like that. Unless the Americans are in Syria, and out of 59 Indian Ax cruise missiles, less than a quarter reached the target.
      Do not worry, we will bring this technology to perfection, because we have a vast testing ground.
  5. antivirus
    antivirus 5 March 2023 14: 05
    About international rules and law: how many javelins from the east of Ukhria were sold to the rebels in Mexico?
    After all, the United States is against a free zone on the border with Mexico.
    Let's support the descendants of the Aztecs and the Cortes against the descendants of the Churchills and other basps.
    Or are we in a ditch of "international law"?
    1. dmi.pris1
      dmi.pris1 5 March 2023 14: 13
      Are there rebels in Mexico? Pancho Villa 2.0?
      1. Murmur 55
        Murmur 55 5 March 2023 14: 37
        dmi.pris 1 hi, it is unlikely that those who feed from the United States will not allow their cash cow to be "defatted" and therefore all the rebels will have problems from cortels who have their income from the Americans.
  6. al3x
    al3x 5 March 2023 14: 29
    Pivden? What is it on Khlokhlyatsky Friday? drinks
    1. Xnumx vis
      Xnumx vis 5 March 2023 16: 11
      Quote: al3x
      Pivden? What is it on Khlokhlyatsky Friday? drinks

      Pivden - noon The sun is at its zenith - south. . Zahid - west. I hope it is clear and without explanation. Pivnoch-North, Skhid, sounds somehow strange .. But this is East-Sunrise. That's such bullshit baby! laughing drinks .
      1. dmi.pris1
        dmi.pris1 5 March 2023 17: 15
        In general, I thought that pivden is the south in Ukrainian. There, in Kerch, the station is Kerch Pivdennaya (as it used to be called), now Kerch is South. Here, the translator looked. Noon-noon
  7. Petr_Koldunov
    Petr_Koldunov 5 March 2023 14: 46
    And why does Russia need to shy away at the ukroreich with Caliber - to take ships out to sea? Indeed, even a Northern Fleet ship from somewhere in Severodvinsk can bang on the territory of Ukraine :)))
    So what for the ships of the Black Sea Fleet go far out to sea for this?
    1. Aken
      Aken 5 March 2023 15: 09
      Put a hundred containers on the barges and shoot yourself. Apparently it's difficult.
    2. Alexander 3
      Alexander 3 5 March 2023 15: 12
      Calibers do not prescribe the route. The on-board computer leads the rocket to a given point. It also chooses the height. When crossing airways, a collision with civilian ships is possible. Missiles are launched where there is no such threat.
      1. Aken
        Aken 5 March 2023 15: 27
        Ours do not fly to Ukraine. And who flies - those are not ours.
  8. Ulan.1812
    Ulan.1812 5 March 2023 15: 43
    I wonder why the pan-heads decided that "production was stopped"?
    The wind blew?
  9. the same doctor
    the same doctor 5 March 2023 15: 52
    Didn't understand? Why put something out to sea if the calibers from Sevastopol reach any point in Ukraine?
    if we are to make a marine carrier, then take a dry cargo ship, install hundreds of hail installations on it, swim closer to the shore and hammer!
  10. yriyko67
    yriyko67 5 March 2023 15: 59
    Quote: Boniface
    well - expect "gifts" on March 8
    warships of the Navy have loaded the BZ and are carrying the "idea of ​​denazification" to the Slavs who have gone mad!

    July 5 marks the 165th anniversary of the birth of the legend of the communist movement, the German-Jewish activist Clara Zetkin. Her life was full of contradictions. A world-famous feminist, she established the International Day of March 8, a holiday that today's followers of her ideas can not stand. A German who did not want to change her citizenship, she nevertheless lived in exile for half her life. A journalist and politician who personally knew Karl Marx and Lenin, she earned money by washing clothes. And once, when she was robbed on the way, Clara Zetkin, without batting an eyelid, dressed as a man to sit at the card table. At that time, she won enough money to continue her journey. By the way, she was in a hurry then to meet with Krupskaya and Lenin. In honor of the anniversary of this wonderful woman, we talk about her life and adventures.....
  11. yriyko67
    yriyko67 5 March 2023 16: 10
    The future activist in the fight for women's rights was born on June 5, 1857 in Saxony, in the town of Wiederau, just south of Leipzig. At that time, her name was Clara Josephine Eisner. She became Clara Zetkin later, when she took the name of her common-law husband.
    The future feminist was born in a progressive family, which largely predetermined her future. Her mother, Josephine Vitale, was a feminist, loved the books of George Sand, made friends and communicated with the leaders of the bourgeois women's movement, encouraged the fair sex to play sports and achieved the emergence of a women's gymnastics association in her hometown. Clara Zetkin's father was a school teacher and church organist. He encouraged the studies of his progressive wife and did much to ensure that his daughter received a good education and read a lot.

    She attended their revolutionary circle, where she met her future common-law husband Osip Zetkin, a populist socialist from Odessa, who was seven years older than her.

    In Paris, they had a hard time: the couple was interrupted by rare part-time jobs and often changed rented apartments, since they could not regularly pay for the apartment. Osip Zetkin published articles from time to time, worked as a translator and played cards. Clara also gave private lessons, but more often she earned money by washing clothes in wealthy families.

    Nevertheless, they even liked the life of the exiles: in Paris, Clara met and became friends with the daughter of Karl Marx and her husband, an outstanding Marxist theorist.

    In 1883, the couple had a son, Maxim, and two years later, their second son, Konstantin. The appearance of children did not make Clara Zetkin a housewife: she continued her political activities and did a lot to create a second international.

    In 1889, largely through her efforts, the first congress of the Second International was held in Paris. There Clara Zetkin gave a lecture on the role of women in the construction of socialism. And also about her right to work and financial independence from a man.

    In the same year, 1889, Osip Zetkin died of tuberculosis.

    A new round of activity of Clara Zetkin came at the end of the 1890s, when the Polish revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg, who took an active part in the Second International, moved to Germany. Their wrestlers called them Wild Clara and Red Rose.

    Rosa was much younger than Clara Zetkin. Rosa Luxemburg's articles were highly valued by V. Lenin. Clara Zetkin met him and his wife Nadezhda Krupskaya in 1899. They often visited Zetkin.

    There is a legend that Clara Zetkin and Rosa Luxemburg, while on their way from Germany to meet Lenin, once got into a difficult situation, from which, however, they got out, including humor and ingenuity. On the way, two ladies were robbed, and they had nothing to go on. In the city where they stayed, there was a tavern where they played cards for money. Clara played cards very well, her father had taught her that. But the gamblers refused to sit down at the card table with a woman - they considered it humiliating and laughed at the ladies. Then they went to the trick: they dressed Clara Zetkin as a man (a suit and a hat were given to them by a socialist friend who received ladies in his house). They even glued mustaches and sideburns to Clara. That evening she won 1200 rubles - a considerable amount for those times, and the meeting of her friends with Lenin took place.

    In 1910, in Copenhagen, at a meeting of socialist women's organizations from different countries, Clara Zetkin put forward a proposal to establish an International Day for Women's Struggle for Their Rights - modeled on the May Day demonstrations, which by that time had already become a tradition. That day was March 8th.

    Flight to the USSR
    In the Soviet Union, Clara Zetkin was a celebrity. Her friendship with V. Lenin and Nadezhda Krupskaya opened up great opportunities for this outstanding woman. But she moved to the USSR only when the Nazis came to power in Germany. Prior to that, she was a permanent delegate to the Reichstag
  12. blackcat
    blackcat 5 March 2023 17: 45
    Quote: seregatara1969
    But how to properly prepare for a missile attack?

    Dig a grave, wrap yourself in a sheet and go to the bottom, well, wait for the arrival am
  13. Sergey39
    Sergey39 5 March 2023 17: 45
    Sorry, a woman about the fleet and in the fleet - this is zero! In order to strike with Calibers, you don’t have to go to sea! Ships and submarines could go to sea to complete course tasks!
  14. Popov I.P.
    Popov I.P. 5 March 2023 18: 23
    "The enemy ship grouping in the Black Sea consists of 16 ships, including 4 missile carriers - 2 surface and 2 underwater. This means that more than 20" Caliber "can be ready for a salvo," said the representative of the command "South" Madam (pani, frau , Mrs) the speaker of the Armed Forces of Ukraine does not own the materiel and therefore carries the nonsense of a gray horse (mare).The Black Sea Fleet includes 3 frigates pr. 11356, 4 RTOs pr. 21631, 6 pl pr. now on the NK 636.6 cr x 2 nose = 22800 cr and on the submarine 8 cr x 7 nose = 56, that is, 4 missiles in one salvo. part of the formation of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean Sea, and 6 pl ("Kolpino") is undergoing scheduled repairs. In total, the forces of the PG Black Sea Fleet in the Black Sea at the moment can send the enemy in one salvo. carriers of the Caspian flotilla (24 RK 80 and 11356 MRK pr. 1), which are able to reach Western Ukraine from Kaspiysk. And the myth that missiles are running out in the Russian Federation. - a hackneyed record of dill propaganda. The defense industry plants of the Russian Federation work in 636.6-1 shifts, the output has increased significantly (from 64 to 32 times for individual items). If there are not enough missiles, then why are Caliber firing according to combat training plans normally carried out in the Northern Fleet and Pacific Fleet, and the Admiral Gorshkov frigate went on a long voyage to the coast of South Africa with a full ammunition load of Caliber, Onyx and even Zircon ". In some comments, there are versions about the possibility of "calibrating" Ukraine with the help of the Baltic Fleet and even the Federation Council. Theoretically, this is possible: 1. from the Russian military in the Kronstadt region to Kiev, a little more than 1166.1 thousand km, and the BF now has 3 Caliber carriers (RTOs pr. 21631, 16) and plus 3 on the way 3. from Belomorsk to Kiev about 4 km, counting the number of carriers of "Caliber" SF is a little more difficult even for me, at the moment there are exactly 3 frigates pr. 50 ("Gorshkov" and "Kasatonov", plus "Golovko" on the way) and 1 pl. project 1 ("Severodvinsk" and "Kazan" plus "Arkhangelsk" are on the way), but how many submarines of the Northern Fleet can fire "Caliber-PL" from torpedo tubes - the question is? And it makes practically no sense to expand the theater of operations, close the airspace in the European part of the Russian Federation, and the range will be limited. It’s easier to quickly reload the CD carriers of the Black Sea Fleet, or in the summer, along the inland waterways of the Russian Federation, transfer from the Baltic Fleet to the Black Sea Fleet 6 RTOs pr.21631 22800.