Enemy need to know in person, or about Brzezinski's favorite hobby

Enemy need to know in person, or about Brzezinski's favorite hobbyFor most Russians who are watching the ups and downs of world politics, it would probably be difficult to call a more odious figure in their eyes than Zbigniew Brzezinski, because of the ingrained dislike of this American of Polish-Jewish origin to Russia, its downright pathological Russophobia. John Kenneth Galbraith once very precisely defined: “Brzezinski's favorite hobby is to harm Russia” ... (1)

Despite his old age (in March 2012, the “Big Zbig” celebrated 84's birthday), he continues with passion to indulge in his beloved hobby. However, this is not even striking. It is striking that in Russia, in which he laid down all his life, his books are published in thousands of copies, republished, (2) that he is invited to Russia for some forums, and many Russian media accept him with open arms. So a few days ago, Russian citizens were introduced to the text of the intimate conversation of Brzezinski with the international commentator of the Moscow radio station Kommersant-FM Konstantin von Eggert. (3)

And here it is necessary to give a few words to the interviewer. The shape is specific. This graduate of the Institute of Asian and African Countries of Moscow State University in 1998-2009. He worked at the Moscow Bureau of the Russian Service BBC, including on the site of the chief editor. Nestled in Chatham House, the London Royal Institute of International Relations, is a member of the editorial board of Pro et Contra magazine, published by the Moscow office of the Carnegie Foundation. In 2009-2010 He was vice-president of the American oil and gas company Exxon Mobil Russia Inc. (This is a journalist!). In 2008, apparently, for loyalty to free journalism, he was awarded the title of Honorary Member of the civil division of the Order of the British Empire, and Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus rewarded him with the Commander's Cross For Services to Lithuania (?!). In Russia, this servant of the British Crown prefers not to mention his nobility (background), and in the West he boasts about him tremendously. In 2010, Eggert was elected President of the British Alumni Club, established at 1998 in Moscow. The club is also specific: it unites Russian graduates of British educational institutions and operates with the financial and information support of the British Council and the British Embassy in Russia. (4)

Eggert’s figure deserves special attention because he purposefully drives into the minds of Russians a sense of their national inferiority, insolvency, historical guilt, worthlessness. That is, he is working on undermining the foundations of Russian statehood. Here are some of the examples of his work: “Unwillingness to settle accounts with a shameful past is one of the reasons for a faded present and foggy future”; (5) “Voluntarily or involuntarily, we remain the heirs of Lenin - Stalin - Brezhnev, the Gulag and the queues for sausage, the war in Afghanistan and communal life. Because there is no strength for ourselves to admit that, with the exception of victory in the war and Gagarin’s flight, maybe two or three more names like Shostakovich, the 6th century is a century lost for Russia. ” (XNUMX)

Along with the repetition of these vulgarities from the time of the late Gorbachev, Eggert speaks about the future of Russia. He is especially nervous about the project of the Eurasian Economic Union. In particular, this member of the British Club calls the strategic union of Russia and Belarus nothing more than “intolerably shameful”. (7)

So, it was Konstantin Eggert who won the honor of interviewing the chief Russophobe of modern times. How did this time please the “Big Zbig” with the attention of the Russian audience attentive to it? In general, over half a century or more, his rhetoric has not changed. Something I remind you.

In the middle of the 1950s, Zbigniew Brzezinski, together with Karl Friedrich, developed new conceptual foundations of the Cold War. It was the Brzezinski-Friedrich tandem that for the first time proposed to weapons of the information war against Russia, the identification of the Soviet political system and Hitler’s Nazism as two “totalitarianisms”. From this moment on, the comparison of the incomparable - the Soviet system and the Western totalitarian regimes of the 20th century - has taken root to this day. Let me remind you that in November 1939, at the first scientific symposium on the nature of a totalitarian state, the remarkable American researcher Carlton Hayes explained that totalitarianism is a market economy phenomenon, a phenomenon of bourgeois civilization and outside of it, it does not work. Carlton Hayes attributed the totalitarian regimes to Italy Mussolini and Hitler's Germany. The Stalinist Soviet Union, in his conviction, is a completely different type of state. However, the "conceptual virus" with the assistance of Brzezinski began to spread, and since then he has poisoned many minds. Specifically, this is expressed not only in calls for Russia to repent for "enslavement" during the Second World War of European peoples (including the Russian Baltic Pomerania), but also in the demands of receiving monetary "compensation" from Moscow.

Another activity of Brzezinski was the participation in the creation and development of such well-known anti-Russian structures as the Bilderberg Club (founded in 1954), the Club of Rome (organized in 1968), the Trilateral Commission (created in 1973), behind which stand Rockefellers. In truth, Brzezinski’s contribution to fomenting the Cold War against the USSR is difficult to overestimate. In particular, he was one of the developers of the “great idea” (8) to lure the Soviet Union to Afghanistan. I must say, our hero was so intoxicated by the dismemberment of the USSR in 1991, that in a series of interviews he was in a hurry to attribute the Afghan "merit" to himself. In fact, this idea (Afghanistan as a trap for the USSR) belongs to the British orientalist and intelligence officer Bernard Lewis, Brzezinski only advanced it.

In 1997, perhaps the most famous work of Brzezinski, “The Great Chessboard. America's domination and its strategic imperatives, in which the author talked about the 30-year-old, at least the domination of America, and Russia was predicted bankruptcy and final collapse. (9) One more Brzezinski program book, “Choice. Global dominance or global leadership. ” Recall that he writes about the significance of the destruction of the Soviet Union and the preservation of a weak Russia for the West: “The choice made by Russia and the only available choice for it, even if dictated by tactical motives, provided the West with a strategic chance. He created the prerequisites for the progressive geopolitical expansion of the Western community further and further into the depths of Eurasia. The expansion of the bonds between the West and Russia opened up to the penetration of the West, and above all America, into the once-reserved zone of the Russian neighboring countries. But ultimately, Russia simply does not have an alternative if it wants to save the most valuable of its territorial possessions. The incalculable natural riches of Siberia are what promises Russia the most bright prospects, and without Western assistance, Russia cannot be entirely confident in maintaining its sovereignty over this land (italics mine - EP). ” (2003)

The promises of "bright prospects" of Russia, provided that it is supported by the West, are dictated by one thing - the fear of Brzezinski and others like him before the rebirth of Russia. For the third decade, the West has sought to prevent this by any means. October 25 1995 at a meeting in the Joint Chiefs of Staff, then-US President B. Clinton put it this way: "We allowed Russia to be a power, but only one country will be the empire - the United States." (11) Ten years later, Brzezinski will develop this setup in the book Choice.

However, times are changing. Russia is not just alive, it is starting to work on the geo-economic structuring of the Eurasian space, which in the minds of the American establishment has long been owned by America. As Brzezinski wrote, since the end of the twentieth century. for the first time in history, a non-Eurasian power - the United States - "has become not only the main arbiter in relations between Eurasian states, but also the most powerful power in the world." (12) However, the West understands perfectly well that its leadership in the world "directly depends on how long and efficiently (emphasized by me. - EP) its superiority on the Eurasian continent will remain". (13) And for this it is necessary to finally turn Russia into a territory dependent on American leadership. However, tactics to quickly undermine Russia from within, to create chaos on its new borders did not work. So tactics need to be changed. And Big Zbig again takes up the pen.

In 2012, Brzezinski’s new work, Strategic Vision, appears (14) in which there are two main lines. The first is the characteristic of the modern state of America. The second is the search for US development options that would allow America to escape the fate of the Soviet Union. Brzezinski makes no secret: “The United States of 2010-2012 is very reminiscent of the Soviet Union in the 1980's.” He identifies significant similarities between the two types of states:

• a frozen, stuck and reform-less political system;

• financial bankruptcy due to military adventures and a bloated military budget;

• the falling standard of living of the US population;

• the presence of a political class that is not sensitive to growing social inequality and who thinks only about its own enrichment;

• Attempts to compensate for the declining legitimacy of power within the United States by seeking foreign policy threats;

• US foreign policy leading to self-isolation in the world. (15)

And hence the main question: what should be done so that the United States retains “global leadership”? The answer for those who are familiar with Brzezinski’s many years of work may seem unexpected. Russophobe offers an alliance with Russia!

No, he did not change his attitude towards a country whose "economy strongly resembles the economy of Nigeria." (16) Just things in the States and the States are so bad that we can only try to lure Russia with words about its “European nature”, try to convince Russian leaders that their “primary goal should be to become a full-fledged member of Europe”.

In fact, in the speeches about the "full member" I mean the "integration" of Russia into the Western system on the position of deep periphery. Let us recall the words of the remarkable Russian thinker Ivan Alexandrovich Ilyin: “The West is not a decree to us and not a prison. His culture is not the ideal of perfection ... We do not have salvation in Westernism. We have our own ways and our tasks. ” (17)

In the Strategic Vision, Brzezinski writes bluntly that “the future of the West depends on how the West manages to integrate Russia into itself ... Otherwise, America may dissolve into the international transnational network, among these numerous network structures, and stop somehow directing historical process. " (18) And the interview that Brzezinski gave the unfortunate descendant of Russian nobles, is designed to help the West "integrate Russia into itself" - with the gradual destruction of everything that it, Russia, differs from the West and makes Russia. And most of all, these gentlemen are afraid that in the Russian (post-Soviet) geopolitical space, once designated by Brzezinski as a “black hole”, reintegration processes have begun. So our hero conjures, broadcasting through Eggert: “You have such clever and talented people in Russia, you have so much potential energy ... and you are hanging around with some obsolete ideas about Eurasianism, nationalism, not to mention space claims to global leadership. " Really, what a claim? After all, Brzezinski took the role of the “only global superpower” to his second American homeland ?!

Or maybe (who knows?), This is the last attempt in Brzezinski’s life to prevent Russia from its vocation as the geopolitical center of the Eurasian equilibrium, the largest power in Eurasia, reviving after the “biggest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century” (V. Putin). Under the methodically carried out encirclement of Russia by the dense US missile defense system, the Big Zbig calls upon our country to cease to be itself, and instead to "be together with Europe and America." It is as if the consent to “be together” with the “global hegemon” who imagines himself is not tantamount to a sentence of historic death.

I want to end my notes on the inexhaustible representative of the “global elite” and its Russian agents with the words of Russian geopolitics A.Ye. Vandam (Edrikhina), said a hundred years ago: "Worse enmity with Anglo-Saxon, there can be only one thing - friendship with him." We will always remember this.


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  1. +3
    16 November 2012 06: 58
    No, well, he’s sure that McCain is already not a few years old and after all they don’t lie to the pine tree. 84 years old the clown, it’s time to think about higher matters, but he won’t scream to the top of the coffin. Listen to Brzezhinsky’s advice and do the opposite. Russia to give a gift, let it die. The whole country is ghouls and spend in hell, we were waiting for him there.
    1. MilaPhone
      16 November 2012 07: 20
      Political Kashchei Immortal. Needle in his egg!
      1. +1
        16 November 2012 07: 54
        He is not only Immortal, but also omnipresent.
        Wherever they shout or whisper about Russia's integration into the Western world or Greater Europe, this Kashchei stands behind the curtain.
        Although .., there is still a variation. The idea of ​​our greater closeness to the West (Western culture and values), the East. This refers to our partnership with China. As if we're going to integrate into this China fellow
        Brzez successfully exploits the centuries-old stratification of Russian society into Westerners and soil workers.
    2. predator.2
      16 November 2012 07: 26
      If the Russians are so stupid that they try to restore their empire, they will run into such conflicts that Chechnya and Afghanistan seem like a picnic to them.(Zbigniew Brzezinski, Open Media Research Institute Interview, November 15, 1996)
      I wonder what the old Jew is hinting at, maybe the last events in the Middle East, is this the prelude to these conflicts?
      1. 0
        16 November 2012 07: 58
        You are confusing Brzezinski with Kisenger. If the latter comes from a family of Polish Jews, then the first from Polish nobles. This of course does not say that Kisenger is a big fan of Russia, but in general for general information.
        1. 0
          16 November 2012 09: 33
          For the majority of Russians, the negative connotation of the word "Jew" has not an ethnic, but rather a worldview background. The Israeli is more likely a friend or ally of the Russian, in contrast to the Zionist capital, which provoked so much monstrousness both for the Jewish people themselves and for the rest of the population. IMHO.
        2. +1
          16 November 2012 14: 20
          The Poles (especially their "gentry" hate Russia no less than the Jews. If not more. So here "what's on the forehead, what's on the forehead."
          Brzezinski is an inveterate enemy of Russia. and any of his wishes for a "better life" for the Russians should UNIMINELY be interpreted as a desire for their destruction.
    3. +2
      16 November 2012 08: 18
      Hello, Alexander.
      Recently, I have had a strong feeling that the urdalak that we are discussing now is feeding on the negative that it emanates from Russia.
      And here is your initiative to drink a glass or two, when he has settled his legs, I fully support ... and even raise a toast, so that to hell with this rotten hell they put the poker in the ass.
      1. 0
        16 November 2012 08: 59
        Hello to you, Sergey.
        Quote: Sakhalininets
        I have a strong feeling that the urdalak that we are discussing now eats the negative that it emanates from Russia.

        Yes, there is nothing for him to eat anymore, although he is an enemy, he does not understand Prikrasno. That Russia cannot be stopped and the United States is losing its influence. A cry of despair and frustration of his own failure before leaving for another world. hi
    4. 0
      16 November 2012 08: 47
      • the presence of a political class that is not sensitive to growing social inequality and who thinks only about its own enrichment;

      coincide with this point ... do not say

      Brzezinski, he is a clear open enemy, there are comrades even better ... like the same Billy Clinton, who, in words, Leo Tolstoy and in fact .....
  2. +5
    16 November 2012 07: 13
    "Worse than enmity with Anglo-Saxon, there can only be one thing - friendship with him."
    Great approach to our foreign policy good
  3. 0
    16 November 2012 07: 48
    Elena, thanks, great stuff 5+
  4. 0
    16 November 2012 08: 49
    Enemy need to know in person- all you want to know about him is that Ramon Mercader is already pressing the button for his call.
  5. 0
    16 November 2012 09: 14
    Pan Zbyshek is a very difficult person and what he says to the general public conceptually differs from his true intentions. So, the title of the article (The enemy must be known in person, or About Brzezinski's favorite hobby.) How it is necessary to relate to this "Danai". It is not his attitude to Russia that surprises, it is just quite understandable, the number and activity of the "fifth column" carrying the propaganda of this elder's ideas into the mass consciousness of Russians is surprising, although one of the reasons for their success, I believe, is the lack of a clear ideological doctrine in our Power.
  6. 0
    16 November 2012 09: 46
    Polish Amer is a very creative and ingenious figure of the second half of the 20 century. In my opinion, it can be put on a par with Stalin. I can’t name a third person of their level. Even Lenin, with his Rappal Treaty and the strengthening of power in Russia, does not reach the level of Brzez.
    With the article I completely agree with such an enemy you need to know in person. Even if it causes severe emotional rejection.
  7. merkel1961
    16 November 2012 10: 02
    All these verbal tricks and the next whining of robbers from the high road quite understandably express the desire and hope to live for the "golden billion" at someone else's expense, once again using the resources of another country through open robbery, and the last two decades have shown the horned snout of a furry-tailed beast to the whole world a global hegemon who has taken on the double standards of human rights and democracy as a cover.
  8. 0
    16 November 2012 10: 56
    Polish-Jewish American

    That’s all said ...... worse than a Jewish Jew, there can be no one at all .... even purebred Jews here quietly smoke aside ...
  9. CEO
    16 November 2012 11: 03
    I liked a good article. And the syllable is good and thought.
  10. +1
    16 November 2012 11: 45
    old fart am
  11. 0
    16 November 2012 14: 40
    And not too much attention to this subject ... The dog barks ... the caravan is on.
    1. 0
      16 November 2012 16: 24
      And not too much attention to this subject ... The dog barks ... the caravan is on.

      It is, in a sense, a dosimeter. Instrument reflecting the trend of the mood of the Anglo-Saxon elite in relation to Russia.
      And ignore his age No.
      This is one of the minds of THEIR elite. And behind the mind are serious organizational and financial resources.
      All more than serious.
      1. -1
        16 November 2012 21: 40
        I completely agree with the article. I wrote a lot of pluses. But I would like to voice one wish. A person has so much time been the voice of the Western form of ideology (we must pay tribute to quality created and bearing fruit to its creators). I would like for us to find people with the same defending our interests with charisma, and also supported by our leaders and sponsors. I read a lot of Brzezinski (you need to know the enemy by sight) and I was always amazed at how the same action can be diametrically opposed and so convincing. Here's how to wage an ideological and informational war. we need and our enemies in this is not shameful. hi
        1. 0
          16 November 2012 22: 25
          ... it was always amazed how the same action can be provided to provide diametrically opposite and so convincing.

          He is a manure, polka :)) This is genetics.

          A.S. Pushkin:
          - I do not believe in the honesty of the player,
          - In love for a Pole in Russia ...
  12. His
    16 November 2012 23: 45
    Zbigniew typical Pole

"Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

“Non-profit organizations, unregistered public associations or individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent,” as well as media outlets performing the functions of a foreign agent: “Medusa”; "Voice of America"; "Realities"; "Present time"; "Radio Freedom"; Ponomarev Lev; Ponomarev Ilya; Savitskaya; Markelov; Kamalyagin; Apakhonchich; Makarevich; Dud; Gordon; Zhdanov; Medvedev; Fedorov; Mikhail Kasyanov; "Owl"; "Alliance of Doctors"; "RKK" "Levada Center"; "Memorial"; "Voice"; "Person and law"; "Rain"; "Mediazone"; "Deutsche Welle"; QMS "Caucasian Knot"; "Insider"; "New Newspaper"