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Zelensky intends to press EU leaders to increase arms supplies and start negotiations on EU membership

Zelensky intends to press EU leaders to increase arms supplies and start negotiations on EU membership

Today and tomorrow, the Belgian capital will host a summit of EU leaders, in which Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is also going to participate. How could it be without a Chevalier of the Order of the Legion of Honor of France and a lover of hugging Western journalists ...

According to Reuters, the main issues that Zelensky will lobby for is an increase in the number weaponssupplied by Europe and accelerating the start of negotiations on his country's EU membership.

In addition to participating in the EU summit, Zelensky is due to address the European Parliament during his visit to the Belgian capital, the agency writes.

Reuters notes that it is unlikely that the Ukrainian president will be able to achieve immediate satisfaction of his requests, but this visit will give him the opportunity to personally speak to 27 EU leaders for the first time since the start of the Russian special operation.

The agency recalls that Zelensky's European tour began with a visit to London, where he held talks with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. After that, Zelensky met with French President Macron and German Chancellor Scholz in Paris.

It is likely that EU leaders in Brussels will also discuss new sanctions against Russia, the agency writes. Last month it was reported that the EU countries are working on the 10th package of sanctions, which should be ready by February 24 - the anniversary of the start of the NWO.
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    APASUS 9 February 2023 11: 47
    Why does Zelibobe need Ukraine's membership in the EU? Here he is stupid. After all, now Ukraine de facto has already joined the EU and is fully supplied, from the army to the budget. And no obligations. When Ukraine joins the EU, it will be imposed with such conditions that it will be possible to breathe only with the permission of Brussels
    1. credo
      credo 9 February 2023 11: 49
      By increasing the supply of weapons to Ukraine and without whining they will.
      On this issue, the owner is already trying to his fullest.

      It will be more difficult with EU membership, but everything also depends on the Host - as they decide in the USA, they will do it in the EU.
    2. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 9 February 2023 12: 37
      Quote: APASUS
      When Ukraine joins the EU, it will be subject to such conditions that it will be possible to breathe only with the permission of Brussels

      And what about the European Union with the territories of Crimea, Donbass and Khersonshchena and Zaporozhye. In what form should they be considered - to join the EU or to recognize that they are Russian. Having recognized Ukraine in the EU, it must immediately be recognized that these territories are part of Russia.
      1. Machito
        Machito 9 February 2023 13: 38
        All European countries want to have Ukraine as a member of NATO. laughing lol wassat
        In the literal sense of the word. laughing
  2. kor1vet1974
    kor1vet1974 9 February 2023 11: 47
    At the expense of weapons, it is possible that he will agree, and they will promise him membership in the EU, they say, as soon as, so at once.
  3. Uprun
    Uprun 9 February 2023 11: 47
    After the American tour - Ze's tour, he let the can around the world.
  4. know
    know 9 February 2023 11: 48
    Yes, Putin and Lavrov had to be able to make a pitiful clown with a catastrophically falling rating, whom no one in the world took seriously, to make a "hero of Ukraine" and a major figure in international politics, who kicks open the doors to the offices of world leaders, and his ambassadors behave in Europe, like Khan's Baskaks, demanding tribute and casually insulting the local rulers - and they do not dare to object and only smile pitifully and forcedly.
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 9 February 2023 11: 50
    Zelensky to address European Parliament
    Which will, according to the regulations, greet him with a standing ovation and thunderous applause. Another European circus to honor the Ukrainian Nazi hiding behind Jewish origin. Regarding the increase in supplies, Zelensky clearly went for blackmail mixed with blood, telling French journalists that the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Artemivsk would die until the West supplied the required amount of weapons.
    EU leaders in Brussels will also discuss new sanctions against Russia
    What a summit without discussing new sanctions against Russia. Walk, so walk.
  6. Ivan Ivanov
    Ivan Ivanov 9 February 2023 12: 01
    Nothing .. in response, we will mobilize another 300 thousand and dig trenches. With their non-initiative so-called. As a result, the Kremlin is setting the country up with "responsible behaviour".
  7. fuel oil
    fuel oil 9 February 2023 12: 03
    European 3,14ders, they are so peculiar now and will promise anything. And they will clap and nod joyfully. The main thing for them is that hostilities take place not in the territories of their countries and not by their "gender-correct" transmutants. And the opinion of the serfs providing profits from weapons programs is not interest. Without education, ethical standards, perverts will not lead Europe to anything good. There will be no Russia and there will be no Europe, but these politicians cannot understand this ...
  8. tihonmarine
    tihonmarine 9 February 2023 12: 30
    increasing the number of weapons supplied by Europe and accelerating the start of negotiations for his country's membership in the EU.

    Europe will give weapons unambiguously and in any quantity, but they will not receive EU membership without a doubt. Europe understands - "where are the limits of Ukraine, what are its borders." It is simply not possible to accept Ukraine in its current form.
  9. I dare to_notice_
    I dare to_notice_ 9 February 2023 12: 47
    You will get it from Lenka.
    Behave yourself.
  10. Ghost1
    Ghost1 9 February 2023 12: 55
    A comedian can demand, ask for weapons, but they cannot push through or achieve, for the reason that they do not solve anything, it all depends on his masters overseas and how they will tell their protégés what to give Ukraine.