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“Hang on, we are in shit!”

The ringing Grozny morning on December 31 was blown up by the roar of hundreds of motors. In several directions, armored columns of federal troops rushed towards the Chechen capital. The technique was menacing and beautifully beautiful. In one of the BMP-2 at number 639, our fellow countryman from Saransk Maxim Trifonov. BMP Commander Junior Sergeant Trifonov served in the infamous 81st Motor Rifle Regiment in the 90th tank divisions of the Volga Military District.

Their regiment arrived under the Chechen capital in mid-December. When the unit approached the city, the Chechens got in touch. They told the Russians to get out. On the morning of December 30, the machine commanders summoned the company commander and said: “Tomorrow we will be moving to Grozny”. We started training and decided to check the weapons. The equipment was expelled into the field and shot out from it in the nearby forest plantations. Maxim's car jammed gun. The equipment in the regiment was, in principle, not old, it was driven from Germany, but some of the vehicles were faulty and they were being repaired literally on the move: just before loading, trucks with spare parts arrived right up to the train - the on-site specialists changed the faulty units. By car Maxim twice removed the fuel heater. There is also this fault - the gun.

Issued 500 ammunition shells on each machine. Additional ammunition placed on the roof of the troop compartment behind the tower. The equipment was lined up and the crews were ordered to sleep in cars. The night was calm, without shooting, but no one slept. But Maxim wasn’t at all dreaming - he was putting a gun in order with a whole two officers the whole night. They took a long time, but by the morning they repaired ... In the hours before entering Grozny there was no fear: the New Year was on the nose - the holiday, after all, was in a good mood. No one knew what awaits them in the Chechen capital then ...

The regiment of Maxim Trifonov on the morning of December 31 entered the city as part of the first echelon. Now they say that the command did not set any tasks for the regiment. Say, just took it and drove into the city. But Maxim specifies that the first battalion in the third company, which owned his car, was ordered to immediately take the Severny airport and get off to the railway station. And then go to the presidential palace.

The column hit the road. Three T-80 battalions of the 6-Tank Regiment of their division were assigned to each company. There were no militants in the empty airport. The battalion went through the quarters of the private sector of the Chechen capital. The BMP is designed for 10 people, but in the cars there was only a 5 team - the crew itself and two arrows. Maxim treated his combat vehicle in two ways. On the one hand, he liked her for good maneuverability, on the other hand, the soldiers deciphered the BMP abbreviation as “the mass grave of infantry”. Indeed, the car has light bulletproof armor that cannot even withstand the bullets of a large-caliber machine gun, a line of which could pierce the body of the BMP through and turn the car into a flaming torch. In addition, the powerful and quick-fire 30-mm gun had an unreliable fire control system, which also had difficulties.

BMP-2 - the main means of support for infantry in combat. A completely successful car turned out to be unsuitable for conducting war in urban environments.

The column moved through the city, everything was calm and nothing foreshadowed trouble. The locals walked along the streets. Maxim remembered a woman with a big bag, in which, probably, there were products for celebrating the New Year. With their column was the technique 131-th Maikop brigade. Movement speed was average, 35 kilometers. When they arrived at high-rise buildings, the militants began shooting at them. One of the tanks began to smoke. The crew quickly left the padded car. Russian troops fired grenade launchers and automatic weapons. It threw the commotion into motion. Part of the machines began to unfold, the Maikop brigade began to wedge into the column of the 81 regiment. The voice of the company officer sounded in the headphones: “Turn around and go through a dangerous section at a higher speed”. Two hundred meters from the station at the turn of the column was again hit by grenade launchers, they were supported by machine guns and snipers. Chechens managed to burn two BMP. Their crews managed to escape. To cover the dangerous area, there were three more infantry fighting vehicles left here, one of which was Maxim, a communications vehicle, a pair of tanks and the Tunguska anti-aircraft installation. The crews, leaving the BMP, occupied the nearby empty polyclinic building. Chechens did not stop shelling. Another BMP flared up again. Our war was peculiar. Being in the building of the clinic, they spotted the firing point of the Chechens. Then the crew returned to the car and, without starting the engine, turned the turret around and sent a portion of shells to where the militants fired. Two tanks also hit Dudayevites every now and then. The tankers also had their own tactics: one tank stood, the other continuously maneuvered. Then they changed, constantly covering each other. "Tunguska" in the battle did not participate, the militants managed to damage it. Incessant shooting lasted for many hours. At times it was very hot, the commanders asked for reinforcements and they were told: "Hold on, we are here in shit too." Over time, of all the technology remained only a connected machine, the rest of the BMP burned. Tankers left somewhere. But despite the fierce shelling, none of the clinics occupying the defenses in the building, which is two dozen people, died. Wounded, however, were. Having lost the technique, the group decided to go to their station. In the fever of the battle, they did not notice how the New Year arrived, an alarming silence hung, the skirmish stopped, the lull continued for about twenty minutes. At one o'clock in the morning, the wounded were loaded onto the surviving car and she went to the station. The survivors rushed after her. They arrived quickly, a hospital was deployed in the station building, where they received injuries and tried to help. I remember forever: our dead soldiers, about five people, lay on white snow.

The second sleepless night made itself felt and came to the station, Maxim was forgotten in an anxious dream. In the morning, the soldiers of the 81 regiment and Maikop brigade began to lay the windows of the station building with sandbags. At about ten o'clock the shelling began again, which lasted all day. The team did not want to miss the paratroopers, so that they cleaned the factory buildings, from where there was heavy fire. Our ordered in this direction not to shoot, so as not to hurt their own. After some time, the order was canceled. From 60, only 14 returned from the paratroopers who left to clean.

The commanders remembered the military equipment left at the station square. They collected the driver and sent them under the cover of automatic fire to take the car to a safe place. The first to wound up the T-72 tank of the Maikop brigade: the engine started, a cloud of black smoke splashed out of the exhaust pipe, and almost immediately a rocket-propelled grenade hit the tank. T-72 fired up. The driver turned off the engine and came back. An attempt to start a T-80 was also unsuccessful. This tank, too, almost immediately shot down, the truth is where with more severe consequences. The T-80 detonated ammunition. A tank tower weighing 6 tons of explosives tilted about fifteen meters. The beauty and pride of the domestic tank building has become a smoking pile of scrap metal. The driver and this time managed to leave the tank in time. Could withdraw only three BMP. True, one of them was hit on the way. The two survivors took refuge near the building clinics. The remaining tanks and armored vehicles remaining at the station, and these are several dozen pieces, were finally destroyed by the militants.

The main battle tanks T-80BV and T-72B are the main workhorses of the Chechen war.

Heavy bloody battle at the station building did not stop. Chechens incessantly attacked. Our, as they could, fired back. The number of the killed grew. At first they were carried out into the street, and soon more than a dozen corpses were already lying there. But then the shelling became so dense that it became life-threatening to carry the dead into the streets. And their bodies were piled inside the station building. Some of the defenders began to lose their nerves: one lieutenant in a deranged state ran out into the street, the militants shot him almost immediately. The medical officer became hysterical: "We will not get out of here, we must go and surrender." Seeing that his words did not find support, the doctor calmed down, taking himself in hand. But on the whole, the guys did well, although the nervous tension was hellish, and besides, militants were constantly connected to the radio network and offered captivity. Maxim said that no one wanted to surrender to the Chechens, although of course there were such cases in other units.

On January 2, part of the defenders decided to withdraw from the station. They remembered the two surviving BMP. One of the officers said that he had hidden a T-72 tank nearby, driving him into the house. It was on this technique that it was decided to get out of the environment. The first thing they began to evacuate the wounded. They were carried in the arms to the clinic, where the BMP stood. A 42 man was put on the first car, the second BMP was unlucky - the Chechens succeeded in smashing it. The tank also put the wounded. This “seventy-doubles” managed to get out of the city, but the Chechens shot the fighting vehicle with 42 wounded and most of them died. Maxim was in a group of 30 people who were walking out of town. They were lucky, got out without a loss, although they were fired. We went to the pass and came across a tank with the wounded.

Because of the steepness of the lift, the tank had to be thrown. They wanted to blow up, but changed their mind, the driver disabled all electrical wiring. The patrol leading in front of the main group came across three infantry fighting vehicles of the Russian troops. Seriously wounded were taken to the hospital, and the rest of the trucks arrived. A week lived in part of the internal troops. Then left for Mozdok.

They received new equipment there and returned to Grozny again ...

Having returned from Chechnya, Maxim and his fellow soldiers seemed to be out of work. The state, in the name of the territorial integrity of which they shed blood, essentially forgot about them.
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  1. igordok
    igordok 14 November 2012 09: 10
    Well done guys. Fulfilled the order, no matter what.
    Unfortunately, very little first-hand information.
  2. Vito
    Vito 14 November 2012 09: 34
    Thank you for telling you, DEAR Vitaliy Moiseev!
    Footage from the news about the New Year's assault on the formidable (the first Chechen one) was forever in my memory. A terrible and bitter sight, destroyed equipment and charred dead warriors nearby, alone and in small heaps.
    They were brought into the city without even thinking that everything would end like this and this causes bitterness and bewilderment (at least for me).
    Recently visited his city SARANSK, he has changed a lot over the past five years and has become prettier. It is especially nice to look at young people, slim, athletic and fun !!!
    SARANSK - hello to you MORDOVIA!
    1. skullcap
      skullcap 14 November 2012 10: 24
      Vito Today, 09: 34
      my memory has remained forever ... A horrible and bitter sight, destroyed machinery and burned dead warriors near, alone and in small groups.
      Plus, the memory of the betrayal of our journalists, who shot our media in the back of our soldier, remained forever in my memory.
      And the most shameful thing is that one of the most foul magazines - Masyuk - is now in the presidential council on the rights of man. Along with Satanidze and other obscurantists who have established severe political censorship in the country.
      1. aviator46
        aviator46 15 November 2012 17: 01
        Do not drive the blizzard - not Masyuk, nor Kovaly, nor journalists, started this war ...
        They did not turn Chechnya into ruins, killing tens of thousands of civilians of all nationalities ..
        Shaimiev at that time "separated" Tatarstan from the Russian Federation ... and still "de jure" it is separated - and nothing.
        And with Dudaev, it was possible and necessary to come to an agreement .., but Yeltsin had a 2% rating, so for the "rating" the war began, which we lost.
        Now the Russian Federation pays indemnity to Chechnya.
  3. Ascetic
    Ascetic 14 November 2012 10: 14
    Full radio interception from the storming of Grozny 131 Maikop Motorized Rifle Brigade. 131 The brigade was surrounded and took refuge at the railway station. Almost all of the armored vehicles were burned. The hoarse voice (the only voice using mate on the air) belongs to the brigade commander - Colonel Ivan Savin. His call sign is the tenth, also Caliber-10. He saved several survivors. But he himself died from a wound with a splinter in the eye. At the end of the radio interception, one can hear that the commander is being sought, but he is no longer alive ...
    At the beginning of the video, Savin’s talks with the nits of human rights activist Kovalev

    1. Vito
      Vito 14 November 2012 11: 58
      Ascetic ,skullcap I welcome you dear hi
      That's who a rare filth, so it KOVALEV. There is more blood of our soldiers on it than on some Chechen bandits! He lives paskuda and writes articles, but in fact prisons cry for him! And some of the journalists also tried.
      AND AT ALL, it was a very strange war, full of betrayal and inept actions of the army leadership.
      Normal fight prevented our army, it is definitely !!!
      1. UzRus
        UzRus 14 November 2012 12: 53
        Well, Kovalev is a "human rights activist". Only the rights of the wrong people, he defended.
        1. bask
          bask 14 November 2012 20: 36
          I can’t watch the footage of the battles in Chechnya, especially the 1st war. How many guys lied, nothing, these suckers .... they were filthy, and they constantly shot in the back ,,, betrayed ,,,. ETERNAL MEMORY TO ALL RUSSIAN. BOYS KILLED IN THIS WAR. Only a Russian soldier could withstand this. We went to BMP-2, although at that time in the UAE 200 people sold BMP-3s. In the city, on bare, BMP-shahs. Even not equipped with the simplest., Anti-cumulative iron screens. Now a new equipment is being created. And it will be suitable in urban combat. Or again, LIFE soldiers will pay ???????
          1. Kars
            Kars 14 November 2012 20: 54
            Quote: bask
            We were on a BMP-2, although at that time in the UAE and the like 200 sold BMP-3

            With such an organization and the numerical superiority of the militants, there wouldn’t be much difference. It wasn’t a matter of technology.
            1. bask
              bask 14 November 2012 21: 11
              I agree. The troops not prepared for the city battle, even theoretically. Throw in ,, hell ,,, and sheer betrayal. Almost all the tanks. T80 and T 72 were without DZ ((there were no boxes of fun cc in them)). That's the charter the use of tanks in battle (((((leon)))) The Russian armored vehicles should always be laid down., additional protection. (((((from the general’s fool)))) Suddenly another will send into battle in the city.
      2. Samovar
        Samovar 14 November 2012 13: 01
        Quote: Vito
        it was a very strange war, full of betrayal and inept actions of the army leadership
      3. Samovar
        Samovar 14 November 2012 13: 03
        Quote: Vito
        it was a very strange war, full of betrayal and inept actions of the army leadership

        Someone called the first Chechnya a sold out war. Here is perhaps the most accurate definition.
        1. Prometey
          Prometey 14 November 2012 13: 24
          Yes, in fact, the second war was no less venal than the first.
      4. Ascetic
        Ascetic 14 November 2012 18: 59

        some phrases from the book "My war. Chechen diary of a trench general"(Gennady Troshev) and from an article in the magazine.

        “In the battles for Grozny, the first prisoners appeared, around which battles unfolded with the participation of Moscow politicians, human rights activists and journalists. The then Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation, S. Kovalev, played a particularly unkind role.who openly called on our soldiers to surrender under his powerful guarantees of liberation. And they did not think much about what awaits them in captivity by the "good" Chechens. I will cite here the words of Captain Sergei N., who languished for eight months in a pit near Shali: "He asked God for one thing - to die faster ..." You can talk about beatings, sadistic tortures, public executions and other "delights" of Chechen captivity for a long time - the reader is not surprise. But cutting off heads, removing skin and scalps from living soldiers, crucified bodies in the windows of houses - this was the first time federal troops had to face such a thing in Grozny.

        "Pavel Sergeevich is a cast of the army. He is our flesh of flesh. We believed and hoped together with him, made mistakes and were mistaken, disappointed and ashamed and worried about something we had done out of ignorance. And if we called S. Yushenkov or the human rights activist S. Kovalev - "bastard", then (no offense to them will be told) the absolute majority of the military and dignified them, and still dignify "

        In recent years, Chechen bandits have seized more than 100 thousand apartments and houses belonging to Russians, Dagestanis, people of other nationalities. The Chechens enslaved almost 50 thousand of their neighbors. And how many “slaves” bent their backs on the construction of an alpine road through the Main Caucasian Range to Georgia, went on a makeshift oil refinery, and processed poppy and hemp plantations. And here the question involuntarily begs: why were our human rights defenders-professionals Bonner, Shabad, Kovalev and others so indifferent to such genocide? Probably, Russian defense is not included in the register of generously funded cases.
        1. iva12936
          iva12936 27 October 2013 21: 36
          Totally agree!
    2. UzRus
      UzRus 14 November 2012 12: 51
      Awful shots, just my heart bleeds ... And radio interception - without comment at all ...
  4. evil
    evil 14 November 2012 10: 15
    It's a pity Boriska, Pasha - a Mercedes and their team evaded responsibility and they themselves died in abundance in their bed
    1. Lieutenant colonel
      Lieutenant colonel 15 November 2012 03: 08
      It’s not too late to drive an aspen stake into a trowel.
  5. Slevinst
    Slevinst 14 November 2012 10: 26
    Well done guys honor and glory to the dead and alive, and command a huge minus for the organization.
  6. Dart weyder
    Dart weyder 14 November 2012 10: 31
    just handed over with /// ki boys, so shamefully, and went unpunished, insulting for men - and for the living and for the dead angry
  7. Eric
    Eric 14 November 2012 10: 50
    I advise everyone to read the book "I - Caliber 10". The book is documentary as much as possible, written by enthusiasts, where information is collected bit by bit ...
    1. Nuar
      Nuar 14 November 2012 13: 05
      You would share links, dear ...
      1. Middle-brother
        Middle-brother 15 November 2012 17: 28

  8. vezunchik
    vezunchik 14 November 2012 11: 12
    So who is responsible for war crimes? Who will be responsible for hundreds of thousands of dead in Chechnya ???
    1. UzRus
      UzRus 14 November 2012 11: 24
      Those who must answer are themselves in a different world. The answer is simple - NO ONE.
  9. Slevinst
    Slevinst 14 November 2012 11: 13
    Quote: vezunchik

    So who is responsible for war crimes? Who will be responsible for hundreds of thousands of dead in Chechnya ???

    NONE! maybe in 50 - 100 years when everyone dies this question and raises
  10. UzRus
    UzRus 14 November 2012 11: 28
    And I remember the footage of the storming of Grozny from the film, which was shot by Alexander Nevzorov. They showed the wounded, who simply lay on the ground, in the mud. Mom, looking at this, cried and asked why they were not taken ...
    1. Lieutenant colonel
      Lieutenant colonel 15 November 2012 03: 14
      You know - sometimes they gritted their teeth but couldn’t do anything. I’m not making excuses, there was everything (I didn’t capture the first glory to God, then it was also different - as one familiar sapper used to say)
      1. Alex 241
        Alex 241 15 November 2012 03: 17
        Minesweeper is not a Siberian by any chance?
  11. hohryakov066
    hohryakov066 14 November 2012 11: 34
    Unfortunately, the reward for betrayal and scum in this life we ​​apparently will not see. I sincerely hope that even after death, those who committed this will be fully rewarded. Let them all the guys who died during this assault remember them and look at them to the end of all things!
  12. Lucky
    Lucky 14 November 2012 11: 47
    The next war won precisely on the Russian soldier, not quality. And quantity ((
  13. vladimirZ
    vladimirZ 14 November 2012 12: 10
    It is a pity for the soldiers and officers of the brigade who died due to the stupidity and illiteracy of the highest generals.
    What did these generals study at the academies, sitting there their riding breeches?
    What have they really forgotten about the experience of their fathers, who stormed not one hundred cities in the Second World War, the experience of organizing assault groups, the experience of the deaths of thousands of tanks brought into cities and cohabited there?
    At least one general who gave an illiterate and disastrous order was put on trial, expelled from the army without a pension for the senseless death of thousands of young soldiers? I think not, "hand washes hand."
    Hence the endlessness of illiterate military orders and decisions. Hence the "Serdyukovs" with their amateurish army reforms.
    1. UzRus
      UzRus 14 November 2012 13: 01
      No, there was not just and not only stupidity and illiteracy. There was real betrayal and betrayal. Because I don’t remember which program it was, it was a long time ago, they showed special forces guys who said that it was possible to fill up these bearded people and end the war, not quickly, but it was possible. And just did not give the opportunity to do it.
    2. Lieutenant colonel
      Lieutenant colonel 15 November 2012 03: 12
      Previously, the commanders who had the honor shot themselves if people died because of their feeble mind, but now they are trying to write a book about "" how they disagreed, but they were forced "
  14. rennim
    rennim 14 November 2012 13: 44
    If the current government honors the fallen and the memory of them ... it will immediately begin to seek and hand out what it deserves to all traitors ... If this does not happen ... all these reforms are worthless. The scum should get what they deserve ...
  15. George
    George 14 November 2012 13: 50
    I immediately recall the lawsuit of a goat who supplied the army with tuff bronziers and who was eventually acquitted. Eeeh, there wasn’t a willful general in our army who would give a damn about all the prohibitions and, if ... everything and everyone there.
  16. ser86
    ser86 14 November 2012 16: 03
    nevertheless, I believe that tanks should be designed with emphasis for urban battles
  17. 8 company
    8 company 14 November 2012 17: 37
    Quite detailed recollections of the participant in the battles at the railway station Denis Shachnev:

    In general, the picture is clear: the operation was disgustingly organized, and the then MO Grachev and the group commander Kvashnin were responsible for this.
    1. Lieutenant colonel
      Lieutenant colonel 15 November 2012 03: 16
      You still forgot the supreme then.
  18. I. Brovkin
    I. Brovkin 14 November 2012 19: 14
    The article is good, but very old. If I’m not mistaken, I read it back in that year on some website dedicated specifically to the war in Chechnya.
  19. Captain45
    Captain45 14 November 2012 20: 54
    Quote: Ascetic
    The Chechens enslaved almost 50 of thousands of their neighbors. And how many “slaves” bent their backs on the construction of an alpine road through the Main Caucasian Range to Georgia, went on a makeshift oil refinery, and processed poppy and hemp plantations.

    Himself in Shalazhi, in 2000, he pulled two out of the pit, from the year 98 they attacked the local bai, and in Orekhovo one woman was pulled out at 99, she was stolen in Moscow, her business was not bad, they took the ransom and did not let go. She was 35 years old, and she looked at all 70. One word with ... u ... ki, not "Czechs", but those who created this situation. They will not b ... m my forgiveness. Just cut them like Our guys were slaughtered. Publicly, under the camera, so that everyone can see, the same bureaucrats and know what awaits them for the betrayal of the Motherland. Maybe the bastards will be afraid to betray another time!
    1. alexdol
      alexdol 15 November 2012 22: 02
      Captain45 RU ". Just cut them like our guys were cut."
      I completely agree with you, although some say that cruelty cannot be answered with cruelty .... In this case, only reciprocal cruelty in my opinion can do something! With such bastards there is nothing to CEREON and talk about "human rights" .... Immediately I want to remember the murdered Colonel Budanov! He is a true hero of RUSSIA, and what did he deserve? What was he convicted for? Where is this current Russian government looking? Some questions - no answers! Rather, the answer suggests itself - this power is against the RUSSIAN people!
  20. Voin sveta82
    Voin sveta82 14 November 2012 21: 00
    Interestingly, someday the conscience will wake up at such snickering ... corrupt devils in uniform who sent our soldiers to where everything was sold ..))) Pigs ..- they would be there ...
  21. Captain45
    Captain45 14 November 2012 21: 11
    And also Ascetus - for the phonogram of radio communications THANKS, but the video sequence accompanying .... some "boikki" ..... I do not respect.
  22. Nicotine 7
    Nicotine 7 14 November 2012 22: 23
    For me, the 1st Chechen began on January 4, 1995. Now, on New Year’s, I only remember the guys and that’s it.
  23. mazdie
    mazdie 14 November 2012 22: 39
    The article is unambiguous + Like its heroes. And it remains for us to remember, and if anyone falls into power, do not repeat the mistakes of the predecessors.
  24. Nechai
    Nechai 15 November 2012 14: 51
    Quote: bask
    Almost all tanks. T80 and T 72 were without DZ ((there were no boxes of fun cc in them))

    "Three T-80 battalions of the 6th tank regiment of their division were allocated for each company."
    A month and a half before being sent to Chechnya, in Roshchinsky (Chernorechye) OO, an attempt was made to sell explosive plates from DZ blocks to poaching fishermen. They took only a soldier, and the fish lovers did not show up ... TO PREVENT such crimes in the future, the order was given to dismantle the DZ units. Explosive plates were handed over to the warehouse. Well, on alarm, for some reason they forgot to get them ... In the version of the poachers, I personally DO NOT BELIEVE, because The possibility of undermining these plates with conventional KD, KV and EDP looks very doubtful ...
    Crewing is a separate song ... Tragic ...
    When the train with equipment from Grozny arrived on Krasny Kryazhk, officers were gathered around the garrison who could control the T-80. For unloading platforms and driving cars to the Chernorechye park ...
    Quote: Reserve lieutenant colonel
    It’s not too late to drive an aspen stake into a trowel.

    So CONCRETE the mustache. Such an awesome huge reinforced concrete tricolor nadtsat eleven meters ... And the Mercedes was disposed of there.
  25. Alex_AS
    Alex_AS 15 November 2012 16: 14
    Everyone will be rewarded according to his deeds, personally I am sure of this. Maybe not in this world, but it will certainly be rewarded.
  26. older
    older 15 November 2012 19: 31
    Quote: Alex_AS
    Everyone will be rewarded according to his deeds, personally I am sure of this. Maybe not in this world, but it will certainly be rewarded.

    It’s not right, I don’t want once, somewhere, maybe it’s repaid, I need to immediately how it was to put pressure on such a thing ... Pasha Mercedes, Paskuda, he used the free general’s whole life, didn’t choke, provided children, and now he’s calm feeds the worms as indeed in the future we all (damn equality). How I would like to achieve the truth in this life.