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China imposes sanctions on two US citizens in response to allegations of human rights violations in Tibet

China imposes sanctions on two US citizens in response to allegations of human rights violations in Tibet

China imposed sanctions on two US citizens in response to allegations of human rights violations in China's Tibet Autonomous Region. This was reported in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country. The American authorities have severely criticized Beijing's position regarding its state policy towards national and religious minorities.

Yu Maochun, a former adviser to former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during the Trump administration, as well as Todd Stein, deputy director of personnel for the Congressional Executive Committee on China, were under the restrictions, the Chinese foreign ministry said.

These persons, as well as their close relatives, are prohibited from entering China, and their assets in China (if any) are frozen. As the Chinese Foreign Ministry added, in addition to freezing their assets in China, they will also be deprived of the opportunity to conclude any transactions with people and organizations within the jurisdiction of China.

Recall that on December 9, Washington illegally imposed sanctions on two Chinese officials because of the problem of "observance of human rights in Tibet." It was about Wu Yingjie, Secretary of the Communist Party in the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), as well as Zhang Hongbo, head of public security of the TAR. As US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken noted, Yingjie is accused of abusing human rights in Tibet (performing executions allegedly without trial, unlawful use of physical force against a person, and mass detentions).

In China, commenting on the US sanctions, they noted the following:

Washington fails to understand that sanctions are double-edged weapons, therefore, retaliatory measures against US citizens were taken.

Beijing also added that, while talking about human rights in Tibet, the US authorities should not forget about the rights of their own citizens, violations of which by US authorities are systematic.
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  1. Thrifty
    Thrifty 24 December 2022 11: 19
    Not enough, you need to impose such sanctions on the Chinese against a couple of dozen Yankees!
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 24 December 2022 11: 45
    Before Washington had time to report on sanctions against two representatives of the PRC, two weeks later it received sanctions against two of its officials in response. And this is a short period by diplomatic standards. Just as China responded to the detention of a representative of its company by detaining Canadians. That is, they do not argue for a long time, but simply act.
    1. Mini Mokik
      Mini Mokik 24 December 2022 12: 51
      But there is one difference - they will also be deprived of the ability to conclude any transactions with people and organizations that are within the jurisdiction of China. - And if the states "impose" sanctions, all their puppets obey them.
  3. Denis812
    Denis812 24 December 2022 11: 51
    Contracts will only be effective when they are asymmetric.
    Imposed sanctions on 2 Chinese - get sanctions on 200 Americans.
    Something like that.
    1. bath
      bath 24 December 2022 13: 47
      In the past, when China faced US sanctions, all it could do was "Protest".

      Later, some Chinese mailed some medicine to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, saying that he should strengthen his bones.

      Ironically, the letter was sent by registered mail and only one "Calcium Supplement" was sent at a time, forcing the MFA to sign for it each time.
  4. Fangaro
    Fangaro 24 December 2022 13: 53
    International gendarme. The US is concerned about everything in all countries. And they can't put things in order. Either African Americans shoot North Americans, or North Americans choke or shoot African Americans.