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Czech President Zeman said there was a mistake in assessing the President of the Russian Federation and called for more help to Ukraine

Czech President Zeman said there was a mistake in assessing the President of the Russian Federation and called for more help to Ukraine

Czech President Milos Zeman made an unexpected confession. He said that he was “deeply mistaken” when assessing the role of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Previously, Zeman noted, he believed that Putin was only interested in Russia's internal interests. But now he thinks otherwise.

The President of the Czech Republic also stressed that he supports the increase in assistance to Ukraine. True, the Czech Republic already provides it on a large scale, in accordance with the financial and military capabilities of this small state. Czech Republic supplies Ukraine weapon, ammunition, provides other assistance. Earlier, the Czech press wrote that the Czech Republic "provides the maximum assistance from all NATO countries to Ukraine as a percentage of GDP."

Although some call me a Russian agent, I believe that we should stand in solidarity with the attacked

Zeman said.

The President of the Czech Republic did not explain what exactly influenced his attitude towards Vladimir Putin. Most likely, it is not so much about Russia's special military operation in Ukraine, but about the general position of Western countries in relation to the Russian Federation. Although, for example, no one bothers the leader of Hungary, Viktor Orban, to express an opinion that is fundamentally different from the position of other countries - members of NATO and the European Union, and not even to provide military support to Ukraine.
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  1. Andobor
    Andobor 12 December 2022 13: 58
    Again, the Czechs help the Nazis, I would like to hope this time they will not get off easily, hiding behind the Slavs.
    1. Evil 55
      Evil 55 12 December 2022 14: 04
      No one poured more dirt on Russia and did nasty things, like the unkind Slavs .. Yes, and our obscure, incomprehensible actions also make a considerable contribution. So they really can believe in their victory .. hi
      1. Shurik70
        Shurik70 12 December 2022 18: 11
        some call me a Russian agent

        Yes Yes. That is why the Czech Republic was officially declared an unfriendly country immediately along with the United States, long before the NWO.
        That's it. USA and Czech Republic. Equally hostile.
        And both Zeman and Trump were called "Putin's agents" by the internal press.
        They themselves are not funny?
    2. voice of reason
      voice of reason 12 December 2022 14: 18
      All this Czech Republic of theirs was built on the stolen gold of Kolchak, on the stolen gold reserves of the Republic of Ingushetia. They ended up in Siberia because they did not want to fight for the “nenka” of Austria-Hungary, then it was beneficial to recall the Slavic brotherhood. Then in WWII, they riveted clothes for Hitler, and supplied him with other equipment, then it was beneficial to recall German traditions. then they again went over to the Warsaw Pact, now it’s more profitable to be in NATO. In general, since they adopted Catholicism, they have been adjusting to the masters as girls of easy virtue to the tastes of the client. Bulgarians also have such masters of camouflage ... non-brothers in general
      1. Vyacheslav Krylov
        Vyacheslav Krylov 13 December 2022 02: 13
        Quote: voice of reason
        such masters of camouflage ...

        Satisfy any political fantasies of clients...
    3. Kaufman
      Kaufman 12 December 2022 14: 46
      Everyone helps the Nazis. Regardless of skin color and religious affiliation. Israel, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Morocco, South Korea are also Nazis in your opinion?
      1. Ivan Ivanov
        Ivan Ivanov 12 December 2022 14: 58
        Sympathetic to the Nazis, at best - naive, stupid, deceived. The old Czech does not belong to the latter.
        1. Kaufman
          Kaufman 12 December 2022 15: 22
          What is this category? Nazi sympathizers? How can one sympathize with the idea of ​​the superiority of one race over others, especially when it comes to Jews, Arabs, Koreans?
          1. Al manah
            Al manah 12 December 2022 16: 19
            Ask this question to the Israelis who support Bandera.
      2. dmitry_2
        dmitry_2 12 December 2022 23: 48
        they are unlikely to be Nazis. But everyone is looking for their own benefit, suddenly something falls
    4. Barberry25
      Barberry25 12 December 2022 15: 13
      it’s more correct here so that ours don’t start playing mouse brotherhood later and forgive everyone their sins ..
    5. amba_2
      amba_2 12 December 2022 15: 49
      Actually, the Czechs do not belong to the Slavic group, the Slovaks are not quite Slavs either! !
  2. Alexga
    Alexga 12 December 2022 13: 58
    There is nothing surprising in this, Zeman is the same product of modern Western Europe. Personal beliefs change depending on the prevailing situation.
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 12 December 2022 14: 17
      Quote: AlexGa
      Personal beliefs change depending on the prevailing situation.

      And I thought that opinions can change, but beliefs never. Otherwise it is not a belief.
      1. Alexga
        Alexga 12 December 2022 14: 24
        I also thought so, but when close people instantly changed their beliefs, then families and states are destroyed. Ukraine is a prime example of this.
      2. amba_2
        amba_2 12 December 2022 15: 58
        It is not difficult to understand this "shifter", a typical image of a modern "gay-European" person - a weather vane, the "Eurodollar" wind will blow from the west, he is with them, and the "oil and gas" wind will blow from the east (when it is strong), believe me, one of the first will be in line, and clutching Russian rubles in their hands, in accordance with our law!
  3. Amateur
    Amateur 12 December 2022 13: 59
    Did you get grandpa? And then he "spoke" a lot in the "free democratic Czech Republic."
    1. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 12 December 2022 14: 06
      Quote: Amateur
      Did you get grandpa? And then he "spoke" a lot in the "free democratic Czech Republic."

      Fascism and democracy are such a thing, "swindlers" were squeezed in the door, immediately switched from democracy to fascism (it all depends on the door).
      1. Incvizitor
        Incvizitor 12 December 2022 16: 49
        Western democracy is fascism and the most totalitarian.
  4. vagrant
    vagrant 12 December 2022 14: 00
    Well, it looks like he was shown compromising material on him. Gotta get changed.
    1. Al manah
      Al manah 12 December 2022 16: 22
      They may simply not be allowed into some kind of business until they change their shoes.
  5. Vasyan1971
    Vasyan1971 12 December 2022 14: 03
    The Czech Republic supplies Ukraine with weapons, ammunition, and provides other assistance.

    Genetic memory is a powerful thing!
  6. Uprun
    Uprun 12 December 2022 14: 04
    Campaign, they put "irrefutable" evidence of explosions in warehouses on the table ....
  7. nellyjuri
    nellyjuri 12 December 2022 14: 06
    What progress. Already changing his mind. Learn to change your mind quickly. Already preparing to sing praises to Putin. In short, Zeman's point is already working.
  8. Max Inquisitive
    Max Inquisitive 12 December 2022 14: 10
    Looking at his Nazi face, everything becomes clear.
  9. Arkady007
    Arkady007 12 December 2022 14: 10
    I don’t know how he assessed the role of Putin and what he thought of him, but he pumped Ukraine with weapons when approving the Minsk agreements, just like Germany.
  10. Jsem_CZEKO68
    Jsem_CZEKO68 12 December 2022 14: 10
    Stydím se za našeho presidenta Zemana, jako většina občanů ČR. Po očkování na Covid se zdá být Zeman nesvéprávný a už nedokáže rozlišit, že Ruská akce na Ukrajině má za úkol také ochránit Rusky mluvící občany na Ukrajině před genocidou Banderovskému režimu. Co se stalo r.2014 na Ukrajině??..ztratil pamět?
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 12 December 2022 14: 29
      I am ashamed of our President Zeman, as are most citizens of the Czech Republic. After being vaccinated against Covid-19, Zeman seems inconsistent and can no longer understand that Russia's actions in Ukraine are also aimed at protecting Russian-speaking citizens in Ukraine from genocide by the Bandera regime. What happened in Ukraine in 2014??..Lost memory?
      It is a translation....
    2. VLAD-96
      VLAD-96 12 December 2022 14: 51
      Nyní je takový názor v Evropě proti systému, buďte opatrní, jinak Bůh nebude pronásledován.
    3. Incvizitor
      Incvizitor 12 December 2022 16: 51
      In general, he somehow held on, but the Nazis put the squeeze on. It was clear that he would not last long in such an environment, and he did not decide anything.
      1. Jsem_CZEKO68
        Jsem_CZEKO68 14 December 2022 16: 27
        Zeman měl za sebou většinu občanů, kteří mu věřili, ale
  11. Fizik13
    Fizik13 12 December 2022 14: 12
    Something has not been heard from Zeman's grandfather for a long time, the old man must have been ill.
  12. alekc75
    alekc75 12 December 2022 14: 15
    another watered prostitute! when we finish off the Nazis, what will he sing?
  13. Ulan.1812
    Ulan.1812 12 December 2022 14: 16
    And the Americans put this in the pose of ZY.
    Fuck grandpa.
    It is dangerous in the West not to support the party line.
    EFIM LYUBIN 12 December 2022 14: 19
    Another representative of the "brotherly" people from the Bolshevik fairy tale about the brotherhood of peoples! The same enemies of Russia as all European nations! Suffice it to recall the Napoleonic invasion with its multinational army and the times of the Great Patriotic War, when of all European nations only the British did not fight against the USSR on the side of Germany - they themselves fought against Germany! Although the British were, are and will be the most zealous Russophobes in Europe.
    1. RUR
      RUR 12 December 2022 14: 45
      Well, listen to you, it’s not clear why the Pact and the Protocol were condemned in the USSR after 40-50 years of lies and denial
  15. Volhv
    Volhv 12 December 2022 14: 21
    Vilkopopovichsky Zeman ... still changed his shoes ...
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 12 December 2022 14: 33
      Quote from Volhv
      .did change shoes ...

      "I take off my shoes, then I put on my shoes,
      I admire myself in the water "....
      V. Vysotsky
      1. Galleon
        Galleon 12 December 2022 15: 01
        "And yesterday everything around
        They told me, Earth is a friend!
        The earth is ours, they said
        Czech friend.
        1. Antey
          Antey 12 December 2022 16: 36
          It's amazing how trusting our people are.
  16. ANB
    ANB 12 December 2022 14: 36
    Home Credit was squeezed out from the Czechs, now you can drive out.
  17. HAM
    HAM 12 December 2022 14: 40
    They would play good hockey, make good "Javas" and not get into big games, and the Czechs would be happy ... but no, you want to be the "beloved wife" of the Americans, and there is a line of "beloved" ....
    1. Galleon
      Galleon 12 December 2022 15: 03
      There is no more Java or Chezet. It seems that Java is made in Brazil for the domestic market.
  18. Grossvater
    Grossvater 12 December 2022 14: 46
    It was necessary to roll out into a thin pancake in 45 for such diligent work for the Nazis.
  19. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 12 December 2022 14: 51
    Czech President Zeman announced an error in the assessment of the President of the Russian Federation and called for more help to Ukraine
    Czech dumpling is an unfinished German liver sausage. request
  20. alexey_444
    alexey_444 12 December 2022 14: 52
    Putin would continue to deal with internal affairs, so Satanists from the West do not give, they are afraid that again we will save the world from the Nazis. And it’s not enough for the Czechs to quack, not only did they strengthen the Wehrmacht’s war machine, they also helped with manpower, what kind of hatred for us is so stupid that the Germans will never understand that their strength is in alliance with us, so the Czechs with our help could chop Hitler, Czech the army was stronger than the German one and would have been kings in Europe and not sixes.
  21. Borymba
    Borymba 12 December 2022 14: 58
    Old morazmatik, changed his shoes again.
  22. evgen1221
    evgen1221 12 December 2022 15: 00
    It is better for Russia to finally forget all these isms about fraternal peoples, kindred countries and humanism with honesty and nobility towards Europe.
  23. aleksklo
    aleksklo 12 December 2022 15: 13
    Burn them all. And there - be what will be.
  24. iouris
    iouris 12 December 2022 15: 51
    Some of them are deceiving each other. Others are deceived. UzhOs!
  25. amba_2
    amba_2 12 December 2022 16: 06
    In some way, it looks like Biden, they should be together in the house of the "Veterans of the Anti-Russian Wars", in one ward they should be identified and chipped, otherwise I think both individuals have dementia, otherwise they will not be lost, they will be under the satellite, otherwise they will be lost, since they will always attribute to us, they say, Russia stole it for the museum of "wax" figures !!!
  26. Andrey A
    Andrey A 12 December 2022 16: 17
    We, apparently, were also mistaken in Zeman ...! It happens ... True friends, as you know, appear in bad times, in good times there are enough partners of all kinds ...
  27. MrTulandra
    MrTulandra 12 December 2022 16: 20
    He reached his gray beard, but everything is grimacing like a slut. Or did the fathers of democracy take his grandchildren by the gills? No.
  28. Honor_I have
    Honor_I have 12 December 2022 17: 47
    His shirt is closer to the body, Zeman surrendered.
  29. faterdom
    faterdom 12 December 2022 18: 44
    A serious compra was blinded to him, so his "opinion has changed."
    Although, however, he is some kind of independent.
    He was "for Putin" - in Prague, monuments were demolished and diplomats were expelled, now he is "against Putin" - they supply tanks.
    For the future - let them not be offended later, and do not squeal that the "Slavs" ...
    They are all Germans (also half-Slavs, look at the arrested ancient prince from the Obodrites).
  30. Govorun
    Govorun 12 December 2022 20: 10
    Although some call me a Russian agent, I believe that we should stand in solidarity with the attacked

    It’s just that someone hinted to Zeman that life is already short, and for someone it can become even shorter ... for the same reason, I consider Merkel’s words recently said about the fact that she initially “fooled” us with the Minsk agreements .. .
  31. opuonmed
    opuonmed 12 December 2022 22: 34
    put on those who have no pity, nothing! The Russian Federation showed weakness, it seems so to them when it left and did not destroy it in Ukraine xs why everything and everything! but the Czechs put on the enemies! the bet is made! It is time for the Russian Federation to destroy everything and everyone of their enemies as the enemies of the Russian Federation will live and the inhabitants will not!!
  32. likana
    likana 13 December 2022 00: 10
    Chekhov is called the best Germans among the Slavs. And their president, with the first two letters of his surname, coincides with the main Nazi of Ukraine ... And at first I thought that his surname had something from "Z" ... No, he turned out to be a banal Russophobe ... Well, the dog is with him. ..
    1. RUR
      RUR 13 December 2022 11: 08
      Well, the Czechs, after all, are not Moscow Eurasians, where the euro is Peter's, borrowing if you use the terminology of Dugin and other Eurasians
  33. Yellow bubble
    Yellow bubble 13 December 2022 00: 55
    The Czechs fought and helped against Russia all their lives, they howl and howl, dogs of other faiths.