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About the servants of the devil in the papal cassock

About the servants of the devil in the papal cassock

Heads of Western states and their governments, NATO soldiers, intelligence agencies with weapons in their hands they fight against the Russian Federation with their own and others' hands. The same thing, but with hypocritical smiles, sermons on their lips, is done by Catholic popes and their subordinates.

In November 2022, Pope Francis gave an interview to the American Christian magazine America. The Pontifex said:

“As a general rule, the most violent, perhaps, are those who are from Russia, but do not adhere to the Russian tradition, such as Chechens, Buryats and so on.”

R. Kadyrov, M. Zakharova commented on the words of the pope. I really liked the answer of the hero of Russia, the commander of the special forces, Major General A. Alaudinov, who deservedly called the pontiff "the main Satanist."
His answer was aired on the 60 Minutes program:

“Hearing the words of the Pope for the first time, it occurred to me that the greatest harm to the religion of Christians was caused by the Catholic Church. Initially, the Catholic Church went down the path of Satan: the Inquisition, the announcement of the Crusades, which led to the destruction of hundreds of thousands of Christians in all these satanic announcements that were beneficial to the Catholic Church only from an economic position. The church that officially announced that LGBT marriages are allowed, the church that rewrote the Bible, removing from it all the points regarding the words “male” and “woman”, and positions where all sodomite ties are prohibited, which distributes such copies of the Bible today in all languages ​​of the world. The Church of Satanists, which is headed by the Pope, considered that the Chechens and Buryats behaved especially cruelly in this war.

I have already said these words: “Who are the judges?” It turns out, the main Satanist who is silent all the time when thousands of civilians are being killed in the Donbass, who does not say a word when a huge number of Muslims are being killed around the world. On the contrary, he welcomes this, he believes that the war with Russia is a good thing.

Praise the Almighty that we were able to inflict such damage on them that even the main Satanist - the Pope of Rome was able to notice Chechens and Buryats in this mass of Russians and other nationalities who are fighting against Satanists and fascists. I believe that this is a call for us to intensify the fight against them even more. You don't need to pay attention to them. We will win! Jihad is declared today against these Satanists, Muslims and Christians stand side by side in this formation.”

It is well known that the main source of income for the Vatican is the donations of believers, which they invest in securities, real estate, form deposits in banks, build churches, schools, higher educational institutions, "houses of mercy and charitable organizations."

In the documentary film of the TV channel Zvezda “Mother Teresa. Angel from Hell" say that “The Mercy Corps Charitable Foundation collects and transmits information about the Lugansk People's Republic to the US State Department. The Red Cross collects personal data of combatants in the Donbass and transfers it to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. The Threat Reduction Agency is developing bioweapons in labs around the world.".

A. Alaudinov did not just call the pontiff Francis "the chief Satanist" for a reason. The Pope's statements are well known and quoted. So, in an interview in 2013, he stated: “If a person is gay and has good will and strives for God, who am I to judge him?” He noted that homosexuals “should not become marginalized, but should be integrated into society ”, supported liberal archbishops who speak out in favor of support for same-sex marriage.

The researchers cite a 2016 pope statement: “The Roman Catholic Church and ordinary Christians must apologize to gays for their previous attitude towards them,” suggests “avoiding any manifestation of unfair discrimination against them.”

You can read that in October 2020, in the documentary Francesco, Pope Francis stated: “Homosexuals have the right to a family. They are children of God. We need civil union laws to protect their rights in this way.”

Pope Francis did not stop there and advocated that families of gay men be given children for adoption.

A. Skripunov in the article "Hundreds of pedophiles, thousands of children" writes that shocking secrets of the church were revealed in the USA. So, in 2018 in the States it turned out that in the state of Pennsylvania, hiding behind the dignity, 300 pedophile priests destroyed the lives of thousands of children and adolescents. These bastards scrupulously chose children from incomplete or dysfunctional families. Only two criminals were brought to trial. For the rest, the statute of limitations had expired or the representatives of the Catholic "clergy" were so high-ranking that this could not be done. Some of those who were abused committed suicide. 300 pedophiles ruined the lives of children, thousands of priests and hundreds of bishops covered these facts. The Catholic Church of the United States paid those who turned to the police $ 2 billion.

The problem of pedophilia exists in every country where there is a representation of the Vatican. An investigation on this topic was conducted by the Italian journalist Emiliano Fittipaldi and published the book Lust. The described crimes against children were committed during the reign of Pope Francis, who does not fight criminals, but promotes those who cover up the priests who committed atrocities.

Pedophiles in the bosom of the Italian Catholic Church have surpassed their American counterparts with their cynicism. So, the victims of two pedophiles were 67 deaf and mute children, with whom the priest lived under the same roof of the institution. Charges were brought against 21 priests, but the case never went to trial.

Fittipaldi reports that in Australia, 7% of the current Catholics are pedophiles, and they go unpunished. The only thing the church does is pay compensation in case of filing a claim.

In countries such as Italy, Spain, Latin America, where the moral authority of the Catholic Church is very high, unlike the United States, there is a "culture of silence."

Earlier, Emiliano Fittipaldi was put on trial by the Vatican for revealing in his book "Greed" and "Merchants in the Temple" the truth about the financial fraud of the so-called Holy See in cooperation with the Italian mafia, organizing a system of collecting money for canonization of the deceased, for spending by cardinals and bishops of millions of dollars for personal needs, allocated for the repair of hospitals.

In France, it has been documented that 8 children between the ages of 14 and XNUMX have been victims of pedophiles - ministers of the French Catholic Church. Sometimes, even after the victims reached adulthood, they continued to be mocked. Karaeva E. in the article “France learned the truth about itself: its elites raped children” writes:

“The point of view that pedophilia is a sign of a talented and creative person was so popular among wealthy French bohemia that its main celebrities wrote open letters demanding that the age of consent be lowered, ceasing to consider this act a crime.”

Historians identify periods of immoral deposition of the Roman popes, highlighting the "epoch of pornocracy" (904-963) and the "epoch of the humiliated state of the papacy" (904-1048). It can also be expected that in the future historians will supplement these periods and give them new names.

Recently I read a book by O. Chetverikova "Werewolves, or who is behind the Vatican", in which the Jesuit Pope Francis received a capacious nickname - "a werewolf in a papal cassock", and the author described that

“The essence of Jesuitism is in its extreme hypocrisy, hypocrisy, accustoming believers to violate the moral law without suspecting it, without transgressing before the letter of the law. And in this business they have no equal. As Yu.F. Samarin points out, the Jesuit order made a great "world deal", concluding "a union between truth and falsehood, good and evil, God's truth and human untruth." <...>
It is in the system of morality of the Jesuits, who brought up entire generations of representatives of the European elite (Catholics, Protestants, enlighteners, etc.), that one can find the origins of that “double morality”, which has become one of the key principles of Western diplomacy and a convenient weapon for defending the interests of Western ruling circles in the world. politics.
Thanks to its specialization and methods of work, the order turned into a strike force of Catholicism, receiving the name "black guard" or "squadrons of the pope."

This article is not about the immoral image of the representatives of the Roman Catholic Church. It is about two aspects of their activity: about the spiritual decay of the flock, and participation in the organization of undermining the state system directed against the USSR.

The squadrons or guards of the pope do not hide their participation in the coup in Ukraine, they tried to rock Belarus, and before that they supported the destruction of the Russian Empire, all fascist regimes and wars against the USSR, participated in the destruction of the military alliance of the European socialist states of the Warsaw Pact countries and are still active participants anti-Russian campaign.

I would like to tell you a little about the popes who supported fascism and fought against the USSR.

Pius XI and support for fascism

The years of the pontificate of Pius XI are from 1922 to 1939.

In the 30s of the XX century, he called on the Western peoples to a long struggle and a "crusade" against the USSR under the slogan "with God against the atheists." Subsequently, the speeches of Pope Pius XI will form the basis of the fascist ideology as fighters for Christian values ​​against the USSR, which carries the danger of socialism and communism to Europe. It is no coincidence that the plan of attack on the Soviet Union was named after the German Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa, the leader of the third "crusade".

The papacy walked alongside fascism and acted with it in the same direction, trying to give the massacre of people an aura of higher ideals approved by heaven.

M. A. Zaborov in the book “The Papacy and the Crusades writes”:

"God is with us" - such a motto was inscribed on the belt buckles of the Nazi warriors. The slogan of a crusade against Bolshevism, proclaimed by the German fascists, served as a banner for the darkest part of the soldiers of the fascist German army, Catholics and Protestants, drugged by Nazi propaganda.

From words and sermons, the Vatican, led by Pius XI, moved to action, gathering a coalition against the USSR. He signed international treaties with Czechoslovakia, Romania; with the fascist states - Italy, led by Mussolini, declaring that the Duce is "a man sent by providence"; Germany, expressing contentment that "a person like Hitler" is at the head of Germany, the Vatican became the first state to sign an agreement (concordat) with the Fuhrer's government in 1933; also supported Franco's rebellion in Spain.

Researchers write that Pope Pius XI and the Roman curia made a lot of efforts to prevent opposition to fascism from the flock. They were blind to the horrors perpetrated by the Nazis in Europe.

Historians quote Mussolini:

“The Vatican, of course, had much more in common with a fascist state than with a liberal regime. Both Catholicism and Fascism were autocratic, ruled by one man; both were absolutist, <...> both insisted on the subjection of the individual to the system, both paid attention to external ceremonies and mass psychology.

Pontiff Pius XI, in addition to his commitment to the German Reich, forced the bishops of the German and Austrian Catholic churches to take an oath of allegiance to Hitler.

Recently I read that 400 years before Hitler, Pope Paul IV, persecuting the Jews of Rome, came up with the idea of ​​“marking” Jews with yellow stars on clothes.

Pius XII - "Hitler's dad" and support for Finland in the Soviet-Finnish war

Pontiff Pius XI was succeeded by Pius XII, who stories remained as "Hitler's dad".

In December 1939, he spoke on the radio, not only called on the European peoples to fight on the side of Finland with weapons in their hands, but also financed the Finnish side, was depressed by the victory of the USSR in the war.

The Vatican approved the occupation of Czechoslovakia by Germany, Albania by Italy, and Germany's attack on Poland.

Apparently, the Pontiff understood and supported the actions of England, France and the United States, which are gathering the German people into a single powerful fist, and European industry is being trained to help them.

Pius XII welcomed the attack of fascist Germany on the USSR, approved the "holy war against godless communism." Heading the largest intelligence service in the world, the Pope was informed about all the atrocities of the Nazis in the USSR, the horrors committed in concentration camps and in the occupied territories. Hitler's racial theory was fully supported and blessed by the Vatican.

Benedict XVI and the Hitler Youth

One of the representatives of the Hitler Youth became the pontiff. Benedict XVI is a German-born pope who was at the head of the Vatican from 2005 to 2013. During World War II, he was a member of the Hitler Youth, a soldier in an anti-aircraft battalion, a member of the military Austrian National Socialist Legion, created under the patronage of Himmler. In 1945, he surrendered to American troops, and was released a few months later.

In 2006, Benedict XVI gave a lecture at the University of Regensburg, where he said that the prophet Muhammad brought to the world only "something evil and inhuman, such as his order to spread the faith he preached by the sword." These words caused a storm of discontent in the Muslim world.

I would like to quote the candidate of historical sciences O. V. Chetverikova:

“It is significant that with such a pronounced anti-Christianity, the Nazi elite highly valued the experience of the Jesuits, which had a special influence on them, which they did not hide.

A. Hitler himself admitted:

“First of all, I studied with the Jesuits… The world has never created anything more magnificent than the hierarchical structure of the Catholic Church. I directly transferred a lot of things from there to the structure of my party. After all, the Church has endured for almost two thousand years, in the midst of universal changes - and this means something. <...>

W. Schellenberg, head of the SS Security Service, in his memoirs pointed out:

“Himmler had the best and largest collection of books about the Jesuit order. For years he studied this vast literature at night. Therefore, he built the organization of the SS according to the principles of the Jesuit order. <...>

Himmler himself, as Reichsführer SS, was a general in the order. The leadership structure was similar to the hierarchical system of the Catholic Church.

That is why in the SS Security Service, almost all the main posts were occupied by Catholic priests dressed in SS uniforms. G. Himmler's uncle, a Jesuit priest, was also a high-ranking officer.

Among the last persons who were at the reception of Hitler on April 20, 1945, are representatives of the Roman Catholic Church.

O. Chetverikova writes:

“It is known that the order owns 15 universities (including the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome, the Catalan International University in Barcelona, ​​etc., located mainly in Latin America), 11 financial and commercial schools, 97 technical education institutions and 170 student hostels. In addition, members of the order work in 500 universities, more than 600 newspapers and magazines, 52 radio and television stations, 38 news agencies and 12 film companies.

From this we can conclude that the science of "double standards" will continue to pour into the mill of Western propaganda.

Pius XII, USA, England, France, events in Hungary in 1956

At the end of the war, Prime Minister W. Churchill gave the order to prepare a plan for a joint attack by the United States and Great Britain on the USSR. On May 22, 1945, he was presented with a report code-named "Operation Unthinkable" with a specific date for the attack on the USSR - July 1, 1945.

Thanks to the scouts of the "Cambridge Five", Moscow learned about Operation Unthinkable 2 days before it began. G.K. Zhukov redeployed troops and grouped them to repel the attack.

During this period, the Americans already possessed the atomic bomb (July 16, 1945, they conducted the first tests of nuclear weapons).

Churchill's plan was rejected, but in 1948 the US National Security Council adopted a directive to shake the socialist camp.

The Vatican and its intelligence played an important role in this regard.

Today there is a lot of information about how Russia is disentangling the results of the pernicious decisions of N. Khrushchev. One of these decisions was an amnesty announced in 1955 for Nazi collaborators, including Bandera and Hungarian nationalists.

A. Dutov in the article “How Khrushchev blew up Hungary. An attempt at a fascist coup or the whole truth about the uprising in Hungary in 1956 ”writes that 5 SS divisions were created from the Hungarians, 1 army and 10 divisions fought on the Eastern Front in the Wehrmacht, not inferior to the punitive SS units in the fight against civilians. After the declared amnesty, 500 Magyar fascists returned to Hungary.

Khrushchev's report on Stalin's cult of personality in 1956 was used by foreign intelligence services, the US presidential and congressional apparatus, and the Vatican to destabilize the situation in Eastern Europe.

Y. Belous, I. Belous in the article “Hungary. 1956 Operation Focus: The first "Orange Revolution" according to the scenario of the CIA" provides information about the financial component for organizing a military mutiny in Hungary:

“In the summer of 1956, the US Congress, in addition to the $100 million allocated annually to finance subversive activities against the socialist countries, allocated another $25 million.
American newspapers candidly reported that this money was intended to "finance actions like those that led to the riots in Posen."

American instructors in camps in Germany prepared personnel for the operation in Hungary, Britain and France did not lag behind, who trained several hundred people.

P. Romanov writes about the role of the Vatican in the Hungarian events in the article “The Hungarian Rhapsody of 1956” as follows:

“Every Catholic church in Hungary became an underground center, the priest became an agitator, and Pius XII issued a bull in which he excommunicated the communists and all those who collaborated with them from the church.

The leaders of the underground Hungarian "Christian Front" regularly reported to the Holy See on the work done. Envoys from the Vatican also constantly came to Budapest, bringing with them a lot of money for subversive work. <...>

One of the most popular radio stations in Hungary at that time was Vatican Radio, and the radio station was by no means limited to talking about faith. On the contrary, she actively intervened in current politics, explaining to listeners the situation in the country. <...>

The protagonist of the opposition, who was prophesied in the West as the future leader of post-Soviet Hungary, the protege of the Vatican, Cardinal Jozsef Mindszenty, after the failure of the uprising, even threw an accusation against Washington:

"Eisenhower was responsible for the defeat of the Hungarian freedom fighters in the 1956 revolution."

There are many horrifying photos of the Hungarian events on the Internet. Researchers provide the following data on the weapons of "peaceful Hungarian" Protestants:

“During the day of the battle, Soviet troops disarmed about 4 rebels in Budapest, captured 000 tanks, two artillery depots, 15 anti-aircraft batteries, a huge number of small arms.

We are witnessing how the West always pursues many goals at the same time - economic, political, social, religious. The events in Hungary were no exception.

Political scientist N. Starikov in his book “War. With someone else's hands" provides information about the operation that the West covered up in Hungary:

“In July 1952, a revolution took place in Egypt, as a result of which the British puppet King Farouk lost power. At the head of the country stood the military, and Gamal Abdel Nasser became their leader. Here we come to the key point. The new government of Egypt announced the nationalization of the Suez Canal, the strategic importance of which has only increased over the past century since its construction. It was impossible to allow nationalization, that is, the loss of control over Suez. What is the nationalization of the channel in 1956? In fact, this is the transfer of it under the control of the USSR. To prevent this from happening, it was necessary to draw the Soviet Union into an armed conflict, no matter where, and then “suspend the situation”, expose the USSR as an aggressor. And then Moscow may simply not risk having two fronts at once in such a situation. The mutiny in Hungary in the autumn of 1956 was nothing more than a cover operation for another operation - the seizure of the Suez Canal by Western countries. The “hands” of the rebels in Budapest were needed only to create a situation for the USSR when it would be afraid to react to the Western invasion of Egypt.”

Thus, the hands of the Vatican were in the blood of civilians in Hungary and Soviet soldiers.

John Paul II, Zbigniew Brzezinski and Ronald Reagan, events in Poland

For reference: Zbigniew's father, Tadeusz Brzezinski, was the consul in the USSR from 1936 to 1938, when a conspiracy was uncovered in the highest command structures of the Red Army, a conductor of Poland's policy as an ally of Nazi Germany, the inspirer and organizer of the Hitler-Pilsudski Pact, which was ahead of the Molotov Pact - Ribbentrop for 5 years.

Pole Z. Brzezinski in 1977–1981 He was National Security Adviser to President Carter.

The program he developed dragged the USSR into the Afghan trap, which he described with the phrase:

"Now we have a chance to give the Soviet Union its Vietnam War."

His famous quotes are:

“Ukraine for us is an outpost of the West. A new world order under US hegemony is being created against Russia, on the ruins of Russia and at the expense of Russia.”

“Russia is generally an extra country.”

“Russia can have as many nuclear suitcases as you like, but since the Russian elite has $500 billion in our banks, you still have to figure out whose elite it is. Yours or already ours?

In 1978, the Pole Karol Wojtyla became pope under the name John Paul II, his candidacy was lobbied by those who hated the USSR, including Z. Brzezinski and Paul VI.
Vatican Secretary Giovanni Battista Montini or the future Pope Paul VI helped the Nazis avoid international justice, organized their exit from Europe by secret paths, ensured a comfortable existence in Latin America, destroyed information about the atrocities of fascist accomplices, and collaborated with the United States.

O. V. Chetverikova writes about Montini:

“In particular, he played an active role in the collection of data on American strategic bombing targets in Japan, which was carried out by the Japanese branch of the Jesuit order. For this, the Americans paid the Vatican well, transferring to it, in particular, part of the cash desk of the Sicilian mafia and Italian freemasons.

The channels through which the Nazis left Europe were codenamed "Rat Lines". They were connected to the US espionage structure and covered by British intelligence. They were created in advance, back in 1943-1944 by Montini's assistant, the Austrian representative to the papal throne, Bishop Alois Gudal and the German Walter Rauff, known as the inventor of mobile automobile gas chambers for the punitive units of the SD and the Reich security police. In March 1945, together with Karl Wolff, Rauff led the well-known separate negotiations with Allen Dulles.

This operation was carried out under the guise of the activities of the Pontifical Commission for Assistance to Prisoners of War, and was financed both at the expense of Nazi funds laundered on the “black” market, and at the expense of Washington funds transferred through the same M. Taylor. As a result, the Vatican helped escape punishment to a large number of German, Croatian, Austrian, Hungarian and other war criminals, who first hid in monasteries under the guise of priests, and then with false passports, fled to Spain, Portugal, South America, Australia and Canada. It is believed that about 30 Nazis left Europe on Vatican passports. The “transfer” of Nazi gold was also carried out through the same channels.

The secretary could not organize all this, without the sanction of his "patron" - Pius XII, the same pontiff, nicknamed "Hitler's pope."

With the help of the Vatican, a political crisis was unleashed in Poland, they helped the Solidarity trade union, headed by L. Walesa. Researchers associate the formation and development of the Catholic and anti-Soviet movement with the activities of John Paul II.
On June 2, 1979, the pontiff made his first visit to Poland, three million people listened to him in Warsaw, held a prayer service and supported the fighters against the "Soviet regime at the Lenin Shipyard", and in 1980 Solidarity emerged.

The Vatican relied on Walesa as a brick in the foundation, pulling out which “the blast wave will reach Ukraine, the Baltic states, the Balkans and, possibly, Czechoslovakia, which will eventually lead to the collapse of the socialist camp,” writes O. Chetverikova.
The meeting between R. Reagan and John Paul II was of crucial importance, after which the US President announced a joint "crusade" against the "Evil Empire" - the USSR. The CIA and the Jesuit Curia developed Operation Open Book. The goal is to flood Poland with anti-communist literature, to organize and finance the strike movement. Solidarity was illegally financed through the Vatican Bank by transferring $500 million. The catalyst for the events was the visit of John Paul II to Poland.

O. V. Chetverikova in her book gives the following information:

“And since the pontiff was even more decisive in this matter than Carter, Brzezinski wrote in his memoirs: “It was quite obvious to us that John Paul II was to be elected President of the United States, and Jimmy Carter was to be Pope.”

Brzezinski asked the Polish pontiff, through the bishops, to ensure that the Catholic European states supported the ultimatum to the USSR and prevent military intervention.

In 1938, A. Hitler was on the list of nominees for the Nobel Prize, and in 1939 he was nominated for the division of Czechoslovakia after the Munich Agreement. In 2004, Pope John Paul II was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for fighting communism and helping to transform the world after the fall of the Soviet Union.

The 1983 Nobel Peace Prize winner Walesa recently called for a change in the political system in Russia, organizing an uprising of the peoples, dismembering Russia and reducing the population of our country to 50 million.

The so-called “sinless pope” Francis at one of his speeches in early December 2022 “shed a tear”, speaking about the suffering of Ukrainians, but not a single tear or word about the inhabitants of Donbass for 8 years, as well as about the inhabitants of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. He also remained silent on Walesa's call to somehow reduce the population of our country by 100 million.

Thus, over the past 100 years, there has not been a single pontiff in the Vatican whose words and deeds would bring peace to mankind.


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  1. Lech from Android.
    Lech from Android. 13 December 2022 04: 55
    I fully agree with the content of the author of the article.
    And I support Chechens and Buryats in jihad against Catholic Satanism. smile
    Now open confrontation with the West has reached a higher level... spiritual.
    The line of struggle already passes through the souls of people, and this is a much more complex clash of worlds than a traditional war.
    The reformatting of the consciousness of the Ukrainian people by the catchers of the souls of Satan clearly showed that the word is stronger than a bullet and much more dangerous.
    1. Aerodrome
      Aerodrome 13 December 2022 05: 31
      I don’t understand at all where people have such zeal to put someone on the throne and lick his hands? he, the same horseradish (vegetable) from a neighboring garden, like you! why all this? Catholicism is generally a vivid example of the fact that religion is evil, and a tool to keep the population in check.
    2. Civil
      Civil 13 December 2022 07: 42
      Now open confrontation with the West has reached a higher level... spiritual.

      Yes, no question, let the mullahs clash with Catholic priests in an epic battle. Build them on the field in three rows opposite each other and let them pray for punishment against each other. So let's see whose kung fu is better. But I'm afraid they won't come.

      Religion according to Lenin is just a way to deceive the working people and an opportunity for the rich to subjugate the poor.
    3. Keer
      Keer 16 December 2022 01: 07
      The Buryats are Buddhists, and Christians, basically, it is the pope who, out of ignorance, considers them Muslims. Like Russians walk in hats embracing bears, and beyond the Urals there are evil hordes.
  2. Catfish
    Catfish 13 December 2022 05: 34

    This is not the form of the Hitler Youth, but the form of the auxiliary units of the Luftwaffe, where by the end of the war high school students were called up, incl. in anti-aircraft gunners and for this it was absolutely not necessary to be a member of the Hitler Youth. So I doubt this photo is from 1939.
    I am not a believer and for me all the priests are one - "opium for the people", but as for a specific article, then "A little lie gives rise to a big mistrust" (c) request
    1. Coward
      Coward 13 December 2022 08: 06
      But the wiki tells us that Joseph Alois Ratzinger, aka Benedict XVI, became a member of the Hitler Youth in 1941.
      It is strange that you did not bother to check your doubts on the Internet.
      1. Catfish
        Catfish 13 December 2022 08: 16
        Vicki says a lot of things, but you better bother to look into the dress code guide, then you can talk without wiki.
        1. Coward
          Coward 13 December 2022 08: 21
          I didn't say anything about uniforms. I dispelled your doubts about the Hitler Youth. If you don't want to watch the wiki, look at other sites for more information on it. You just have to be patient.
          1. Catfish
            Catfish 13 December 2022 09: 05
            Take care of your health yourself, but I didn’t ask you for advice.
        2. Andrei from Chelyabinsk
          Andrei from Chelyabinsk 13 December 2022 18: 30
          Quote: Sea Cat
          and you better bother to look into the dress code guide, then you can talk without a wiki.

          Konstantin, but he could be a member of the Hitler Youth and serve in the Luftwaffe. Actually, to accuse of membership in the Hitler Youth is a little absurd for another reason - since some year, membership in the Hitler Youth has become mandatory for German children. But the author's phrase
          During World War II, he was a member of the Hitler Youth, a soldier in an anti-aircraft battalion, a member of the military Austrian National Socialist Legion, created under the patronage of Himmler.

          1. Catfish
            Catfish 14 December 2022 13: 31
            Andrey, good afternoon. smile

            I have a claim only to the photo and the caption under it. Only and everything. But, in my opinion, this indicates the author's lack of competence in this matter, this is about "a little lie and a big mistrust." Of course, he could be a member of the Hitler Youth and a member of anything, and when he joined the army he could wear any uniform, but it would no longer be the form of the Hitler Youth.

            This guy could also be a member of the Hitler Youth, but now he has a completely different uniform. smile

            So I'm only talking about the form, not the "content". smile
        3. RaDeVl
          RaDeVl 16 December 2022 08: 28
          The thing is that the youth organization of the Hitlerjungen often wore the uniform of units to which the direct unit assisted.
  3. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 13 December 2022 06: 17
    The Bible consists of two Testaments. Old and New. I remember when there were debates between parties before the elections. There was such a party "Motherland". So they simply brought the priest from opponents to hysterics when they started asking questions about the Testaments. He could only shout: Since you are so smart, write your Bible First, study the Old Testament. You will find a lot of interesting things for yourself. Were they peaceful there ?!
    1. evgen1221
      evgen1221 13 December 2022 08: 04
      I agree. And in both books there are simply a huge number of logical holes, contradictions to one another with a bunch of excuses for yourself loved at any given time of the action. The exodus of the Jews was nabuzili, raked on the spot from the authorities, washed off or kicked them out into the desert (to master the peripheral regions), while they staggered, believed in their own rightness in the incident and created a sect destructive to the then majority, for which they raked wherever they stuttered about it, hence the roots of malice to all who are against them and secrecy with duplicity. (A brief understanding of what is described in the book, if you do not look at all sorts of saints and other tinsel added already a multiple later)
  4. Amateur
    Amateur 13 December 2022 07: 07
    The Catholics began to fight the Orthodox as early as 395 AD. For 1627 years they have been doing nothing but trying to destroy Orthodoxy. Why should the current pope act differently?
    1. insafufa
      insafufa 13 December 2022 08: 05
      The Catholics began to fight the Orthodox as early as 395 AD. For 1627 years they have been doing nothing but trying to destroy Orthodoxy.
      Well, not only did they destroy Orthodoxy, but they also cut Muslims not badly in the Middle East and continue to cut them. The essence of Satanists however
  5. evgen1221
    evgen1221 13 December 2022 07: 53
    Any religion is a reflection of the society in which it exists, well, adjusted for its internal troubles of course. There are few resources in Europe, and therefore it is possible to survive by expansion, enslavement and deception of everyone indiscriminately. Hence the crusades and other achievements of Western civilization and the absolution of sins to your loved ones and for a small amount of money and so on. Moreover, there is no infallible religion in the world, all religions are used in one way or another for narrowly selfish purposes, a kind of symbiosis, one without the other will be bent. And Orthodoxy is no exception, we also did not like priests, and precisely because of the self-interest of the latter.
  6. Maks1995
    Maks1995 13 December 2022 10: 01
    Ah, familiar.
    On the one hand, everything is white and fluffy, on the other - black and scary.
    And endless descriptions - who said what from behind the hillock, and why he is so bad ....

    Not a word, but what kind of Buryats is dad talking about, nowhere ... (well, we kind of know their Chechens allah akbar ..)
  7. Aleprok
    Aleprok 14 December 2022 09: 08
    Satan can take on any form...
  8. GRAFIN_32
    GRAFIN_32 14 December 2022 20: 57
    The article is a masterpiece! I am delighted. You won't find something like this in the library.
  9. nikolaevskiy78
    nikolaevskiy78 15 December 2022 05: 47
    I just made a material on the situation in Kosovo - at the beginning of the collapse of Yugoslavia, Germany and the Vatican played the first violin. And they played in such a way that even NATO was indignant. It's like the devil would be outraged by his comrade-in-arms. The Vatican then did a lot in support of Croatian Nazism.
  10. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 15 December 2022 14: 41
    When in WWI the "Wild Division" did not capture the German "Iron" division, famous at that time, there was also a flurry of criticism against the Russian Empire and the Caucasus.