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Who provokes the war in Europe

Who provokes the war in Europe

For fifteen years, or maybe even twenty, after some, even seemingly minor incidents with aircraft, skirmishes between Russia and NATO, the topic of an open conflict between Moscow and Brussels is being accelerated in the press and especially in social networks. A lot of materials appear about the power of the Armed Forces of both sides, about the economic strength of the Russian Federation and the EU, and so on.

Today, after the recent attack on the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol, this topic is again in trend. “Indisputable evidence of the preparation of an attack on Russia” has already appeared. Like concentrating NATO units in Poland or stationing a US light airborne division in Romania.

I was surprised to read that the 101st Airborne Division is the elite of the US Airborne Forces. Strange, but when she was an airborne assault, there was somehow no talk of her elitism. The 101st Airborne Division is truly the most combat-ready unit of the US Army in Europe. 15 thousand personnel (almost 100% deployment).

But, like all airborne forces, including Russian ones, the division is designed to quickly capture a bridgehead and hold it until the main forces approach. At the same time, in this connection there really are units that are trained according to the same methodology as the units of the MTR. It's the divisions. But the maximum they can do is to temporarily destabilize the situation in our rear, and then they will be eliminated.

So, with the next question, we completely destroy the theory that the Americans attacked our formations in Ukraine. Even with the use of the division and the success of the operation, the question arises of who are these very “main forces”? Ukrainians, Poles, Romanians?.. Who? The very use of the US Airborne Forces suggests that the Pentagon is well aware of the "power" of the armies of its allies. The classic version of the elephant and Pug.

Global confrontation, but not war

Even before the start of the NWO, it was clear that the world security system had collapsed. I wrote about the fact that there are practically no agreements between Moscow and Washington, except for those that expire in 3-4 years, that limit offensive weapons. It was clear that the time was coming for another arms race. Well, the beginning of the NWO actually determined the place where the events would take place.

Do you remember how SVO started? From the first days, arms supplies to Kyiv began, an attack on the Russian economy. Then to everything Russian: from culture and sports to private business and funds invested by the state in Western banks. And at the same time, the possibility of a NATO attack on Russia began to be discussed in political circles.

It was clear that the West was probing Moscow's reaction to Kyiv's almost open support. It must be admitted that we did not calculate the very “red line” that NATO would go to. So the next step followed. I mean the appearance of mercenaries and PMCs in the ranks of the Ukrainian army. It became clear that it was impossible to finish the NWO with limited forces and means.

Around the same time, our response to Western PMCs also appeared. Reports about Russian PMCs began to appear in various media. At the beginning, these were messages from Syria, Africa, and then messages appeared from the Donbass. Remember the final shots from one of the first films about Donbass? When the Ukrainian unit is destroyed by no one knows who? The famous "we'll help you a little here"?

Well, partial mobilization. Not the panic saturation of the front with untrained "partisans", as it was and is in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but training, combat coordination and work in specific, as close as possible to combat conditions. Simply put, the quality of the personnel of the Ukrainian and allied armies today is clearly different. Both the army replenishment and the volunteers.

Thus, President Putin openly made it clear to the West and, above all, to Washington, that Russia is not going to concede.

The same thing happened with another "trump card", which they tried to play in Brussels. I mean nuclear weapon. A couple of months ago, the Western media began to write actively about tactical nuclear weapons. This naturally attracted the attention of many analysts. There was not a penny - and suddenly altyn. No one was interested in the topic for many years - and suddenly such interest.

It was curious how the opinion of the townsfolk, including, unfortunately, ours, about the nuclear conflict is changing. The absurd idea that after the use of tactical nuclear weapons the answer will follow in the same format "has seized the masses." Although even without special knowledge, it is clear that after the use of nuclear weapons, no one will comply with any restrictions. The answer will be "to the fullest" - strategic weapons of nuclear weapons.

Russia conducted its exercises on time and clearly showed how it would look in reality. "Thunder" struck, and a peasant there, in the West, crossed himself. And immediately, as if on cue, talk about tactical nuclear weapons stopped. Today, this topic is not even mentioned in social networks, not to mention the media. The myth about the use of tactical nuclear weapons against a country that owns strategic nuclear weapons has collapsed.

Well, the last puncture of the West is the economy. All these sanctions, bans, confiscations and other things that were supposed to destroy the Russian economy really led to difficulties. In all countries. But, if you look closely, you get a strange picture. The biggest challenges are in Europe. In the United States, China and Russia, the economy has survived and is even profitable.

Europe is very afraid of war with Russia. Historical memory, as it turned out, exists. To fight and shed other people's blood - yes, but Europeans do not agree to risk their own well-being, their own lives. Yes, and there is nothing for them to fight now. There is no global superiority in weapons and technology. Most of what could fight has already been transferred to Kyiv. And to go “to the bayonet” on the Russians is a thin gut.

I think that today the heads of European politicians are busy thinking about how to get out of the current situation with the least losses. How to preserve at least the remnants of European prosperity ...

It's not worth relaxing

But we should not think that the danger of global war has disappeared. Yes, NATO as a whole is against war, but no one has canceled the desire of some countries to start this mess. Moreover, as the history of mankind shows, the European war is a huge field for obtaining superprofits by third countries, such as the United States or Britain.

I think it is not worth talking about the advantages that Washington receives in the created situation and in a possible confrontation between Europe and Russia. So much has been written about this that those who are interested in this issue can already explain almost everything on their own. And the fact that there are states in Europe that are ready to unleash a war for the sake of the interests of the United States is clear to everyone.

So, let's remember the ZNPP. Why is Kyiv so stubbornly drowning its own special forces in the reservoir? After all, attempts have already been made to capture the station. The answer is quite simple and has long been voiced by the clown and his minions. The Russians want to blow up the nuclear power plant so that a nuclear cloud will cover Eastern Europe and thus deprive NATO of the opportunity to help Ukraine.

That is, an explosion at the ZNPP is an attack on NATO and, according to that very notorious 5th article of the treaty, the alliance will be obliged to stand up for its members. Sneaky enough, but in the style of Kyiv plan. Any way to translate the conflict into a European format... But it didn't work out. And now it won't work. There was too much noise around.

But the Americans also have no less vile allies who can put a bunch of crap under our doors. And already a couple of times they tried, or rather, they did it. I mean the sabotage on the SP branches and the drone attack on Sevastopol. Does anyone doubt that these were sabotage? I think no. Does anyone doubt that citizens of other countries participated in the preparation and conduct of these sabotage?

Let's start with sabotage on gas pipelines. According to the statements of our president and the Defense Ministry, and such statements are made only in the presence of reinforced concrete evidence, several countries could have participated in the sabotage. USA, Britain and Poland... The rest either simply did not know about the preparation, or their fleet was used in the dark.

Now an attempt to strike at the fleet in the Sevastopol. It is clear that after an unsuccessful attempt by those who tried to carry it out. No. Kyiv says that they did not participate, other countries do "make big eyes." But there is objective data. There are fragments of drones and even whole drones that are raised from the bottom. And now it has become clear that the inspirers, organizers and developers of plans for these operations are not Ukrainians at all...

Two countries that today pose a danger not so much to us as to Europe, Britain and Poland did not stop at the first sabotage. And they won't stop. According to Western media reports, Russia has stepped up its submarine fleet and ... is carrying out sabotage on communication cables near Britain. Several accidents have been reported on such cables.

The picture is quite interesting. For some reason, our boats operate near the islands, in British waters. And accidents look kind of stupid. A maximum of a week to eliminate the consequences. I think the Russian submarine fleet has the ability to destroy cables in places where repairs would be difficult. According to the same scheme as they undermined the joint venture.

At first glance, cable sabotage does not look as threatening as gas pipeline sabotage. But in reality, it can be quite serious. The lack of communication deprives the West of the possibility of transferring funds that are used to pay for military orders and more. So, in one case, after an accident on a canal linking Britain and Norway, the British were unable to pay for gas supplies.

I think that we should expect a repetition of sabotage in the future. Not so much in order to somehow seriously harm us, but to test our nervous system. According to the plan of Western specialists, we must “flare up” and respond somewhere, that is, strike at the fleet or territories of the NATO state. And there you can raise a terrible howl about the aggressiveness of Moscow and demand the fulfillment of the requirements of the 5th article of the treaty.

Be prepared, but don't freak out

The most common question people ask is pretty simple. So will there be a war with NATO? Will Western politicians stop in Ukraine or will the fighting be transferred to neighboring countries? The question is not idle. There is a union treaty, there is a country that trusts us, and on whose borders NATO troops are concentrated.

No matter what we say about our own slovenliness and disregard for the NVO, we understand that if the war crosses the borders of Ukraine, that very second part of the well-known saying about our slowness in harnessing horses will come. Again, you have to "drive fast."

I very often hear the idiotic (excuse me for such an assessment) phrase - the West will wage war to the last Ukrainian. Have we forgotten how to think? What Ukrainian? Are our soldiers dying? I think that it is more correct to speak not to the last Ukrainian, but to the last Slav! We are also not needed by the West, just as Ukrainians are not needed.

History, as I already wrote, is the science of the future. Consider how a small people of the Anglo-Saxons conquered territories with a population hundreds of times greater than their own. Ukraine, or rather, the population of this country, today, without realizing it, is fighting for the Anglo-Saxons and instead of the Anglo-Saxons.

We can't understand simple things. Remember the reports that we are captured for the second, and sometimes for the third time? Do you remember the tone of the messages? These are the bastards in power in Kyiv. Former prisoners are again mobilized. Well, yes. Only they don’t mobilize, but they themselves volunteer. Sami. Allegedly to protect their homeland. In the same way as prisoners released from Ukrainian captivity return to duty.

Yesterday I watched a video from Ukrainian sources, in which a Ukrainian tank crushes our wounded soldiers in the trenches on a tip from UAV operators. The video is not closed, it can be found in social networks. What's this? Is it the criminal authorities in Kyiv that are forcing tankers to wrap soldiers' guts on their tracks? Are these fascists from Azov? No, these are ordinary soldiers and sergeants.

But insight comes. It's hard, but it comes. The example of Zaporozhye and Kherson regions proves this. For a long, very long time we will have to catch saboteurs, accomplices and other scum. But the population is already becoming truly Russians. And without the support of the population, these scumbags will not last long.

And then the Anglo-Saxons will have a choice. Fight on your own or calm down and live peacefully. Maybe not always, but for some long period. There is an understanding of this in England itself. That is why they are so actively provoking Russia to some kind of attack. To replace unreliable Ukrainians with Poles and other "friends" who defected to allies from the former Soviet bloc.

We need to take into account the "desires of the enemy" and not succumb to provocations. Respond adequately to provocations, but without hysteria. How is it happening today. This is the guarantee that the war will not spread to other countries. Again, Europe is afraid of war. Europe does not want to fight. But she is stubbornly pushed to do so.

The US and Britain also have no desire to compete with the Russian army. All repeats. Nobody wants war, and war is coming. Our task is not to give a reason for it to start. To answer "it hurts, but gently," as Lelik said in Gaidai's famous comedy.

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  1. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 2 November 2022 05: 33
    Answer "it hurts, but gently," as Lelik said
    1. Civil
      Civil 2 November 2022 09: 48
      Well, probably everyone will go backhanded when the Abrams and Fe-15 are handed over to the ukrams.
  2. G17
    G17 2 November 2022 05: 38
    It is too late to ask such questions and deceive ourselves. The war with NATO (World War III) began on February 24, 2022. It's just that over the past few months there has been a gradual expansion of its scale. NATO saboteurs, NATO weapons, NATO intelligence, NATO servicemen are fighting against us, who are killing our soldiers, our civilians, shelling Russian cities and villages, blowing up our gas pipelines. Now NATO is preparing under the guise of a peacekeeping operation to seize Transnistria and Western Ukraine. So June 22 is long overdue. And the authorities need to stop disorienting society with games of a special operation, and directly and honestly admit that there is a real war going on, and a world war at that. And act like you're at war.
    1. novel66
      novel66 2 November 2022 09: 01
      The Third World War

      fourth, yes. we lost the third, it ended with the collapse of the USSR, and we ended up in the role of Germany after WWI
      1. dSK
        dSK 2 November 2022 11: 58
        Quote: novel xnumx
        as Germany after WWI

        - and we still pay the contribution ..
        1. Zaurbek
          Zaurbek 2 November 2022 15: 52
          The indemnity began to be paid from the moment the Dollar was untied from physical gold ....... from that moment on, the cards were rolled to the gentlemen (approximately from Reagan). And everyone pays synchronously, except for the West .....
    2. mikh-korsakov
      mikh-korsakov 2 November 2022 15: 23
      I quote the author: "Respond adequately to provocations, but without hysteria. How is it today." I would like to ask the author which of the adequate responses to the sabotage TODAY he can refer to. There are no "adequate" answers to provocations. The convocation of the UN Security Council cannot be considered adequate answers. But these answers are ineffective due to impotence. We know how to frown our eyebrows, but it's ridiculous. The author is right about the fact that the West has a powerful trump card - sabotage. A similar thing happened in our history in the early 2000s: blowing up houses in Moscow, Beslan, etc. An effective response then was the physical destruction of the patrons of the militants. But we do not have such an opportunity, it is not necessary to explain why. Therefore, in conditions of impunity, sabotage will increase. Maybe, yes, the US and Britain do not want to compete directly, but they will shit, and in the absence of an effective response, they will shit on the rise. There is an example in history. Stalin urged to the end not to succumb to provocations - he did not resist evil, everyone knows what this led to
      1. Essex62
        Essex62 2 November 2022 21: 05
        Stalin was not mistaken in any way and had no doubt that there would be a war. He needed time to win, from which he warned against sudden movements. To give no reason. And Hitler, by the way, didn’t spoil much, on the contrary, he imitated friendship. And it is very simple to protect the country from scoundrels - a steel curtain with a lock and clean, clean.
  3. ivan2022
    ivan2022 2 November 2022 05: 40
    The reason for the crisis in the West is the lack of a reliable supply of Russian raw materials. They will find a replacement.
    And the causes of our problems are the suicidal policies of the last 30 years. There is a difference. You can’t put someone else’s head on, but your own doesn’t work well. Where to get?

    The provocation of war is in our own stupidity: ".. If only there was no war." Whoever thinks so, he first gets a disgrace, and then a war. Shame 1991 we have already passed. Now we get the following....
    1. Rakitin
      Rakitin 2 November 2022 10: 05
      Here with "replacement will find" just also there are problems. In essence, today's global crisis is connected with the global exhaustion of available resources. To get out of it, not only a new technological transition is needed, but also deletion from the conditional "golden billion" of most of the voracious, but unproductive eaters. Like the 600 million Europeans who, over the decades of Euro-socialism, have become accustomed to working little and consuming almost as much as Americans. At the same time, it is completely on a foreign resource base, in contrast to the United States, where most of the resources are our own. Now Europe is being drowned, and the Russian Federation is acting as a "bad boy" hired by global puppeteers for such an unpleasant mission.
  4. parusnik
    parusnik 2 November 2022 05: 50
    Yes, and there is nothing for them to fight now.
    Yes, and not by anyone. Who will work to provide migrants with benefits? And Europe is full of them. War for Europe is social upheaval ..
    1. Victor Leningradets
      Victor Leningradets 2 November 2022 07: 08
      Here migrants will fight.
      This slag, which is now in Europe, is only suitable for mine clearance, but if you purposefully import all sorts of Somali pirates and militants, arm them and send them to rob lands in the east, there will be a double benefit. And Russia - a dokuka, and Europe - the disposal of those who have come in large numbers. And from the survivors, Janissary units can be formed.
    2. Monster_Fat
      Monster_Fat 2 November 2022 10: 02
      Absolutely right. What both sides diligently avoided during the Soviet era happened. Who is to blame for this? Who brought the situation to this point and drove it to a dead end, from which no way out is seen, except for a war to the "last Slav" (according to the same author) or "the whole world into dust" - a thermonuclear war? I think a lot of people understand this, they just don't talk about it here. Another thing is sad, many do not really understand the seriousness of what is happening, they do not understand that this will soon affect absolutely everyone, that everything cannot now end successfully, they continue to hope for the enemy’s fatigue, for the winter, for some kind of miracle, they again underestimate the real potential of the enemy and overestimate their own.
  5. Belisarius
    Belisarius 2 November 2022 05: 56
    A strange article. Has the power and, moreover, the entire socio-economic model quietly changed in Russia? Capital has ceased to flow to the West, but at least our enterprises are now registered in Russia? Is the country's financial system independent? Or did we start waging war, and not the NWO, and stopped offering our respected Ukrainian partners to have mercy and sit down with us at the negotiating table? No, we are still the same. So what kind of "war" between Russia and NATO can we talk about if our leadership is fighting even with Maidan Ukraine within strictly defined limits and with the help of "gestures of good will to reach peace agreements"?
    Our leadership will only start such a war if they start bombing Rublyovka, and even then they will most likely only express concern. And why is it the USA? For them, everything is perfect, why should they anger the client by provoking him to inappropriate activity. Yes, the amazing weakness shown by the Russian Federation provokes them to transfer more and more dangerous weapons to Ukraine. But for now, that's enough for them. They do not need any direct war.
    PS Separately, I was surprised by conclusions like - the United States and Britain do not want to compete with the forces of the Russian army. I didn’t understand something The Russian army has already taken Lvov? Or, nevertheless, in the 8th month of the war, she defends herself near Svatovo and Kremennaya. Where do such interesting conclusions come from?
    1. Asad
      Asad 2 November 2022 08: 35
      After the phrase, how well our mobilized wars are being prepared, not at all like in Ukraine, I did not read further.
    2. soloist2424
      soloist2424 2 November 2022 11: 09
      According to you, Russia (its elites) is in complete subordination to the West. So why start a fuss with SVO at all, arrange a performance? Russia would give on the orders of the West, what she was told and all short-lived.
      1. Kurganets-45
        Kurganets-45 2 November 2022 14: 59
        because there are people and the army who will not understand such fuete at all, and will raise the "decision makers" on pitchforks and hang them on poles (at least this probability is clearly not zero)
      2. Belisarius
        Belisarius 2 November 2022 15: 20
        Quote from solist2424
        According to you, Russia (its elites) is in complete subordination to the West. So why start a fuss with SVO at all, arrange a performance?

        1) Why arrange SVO is just clear. To reach agreements with American partners on quite favorable terms for them (Donbass and Crimea - to us, the rest - to you) with a way out of the Ukrainian crisis. The complete analogy of Georgia-2008 is that we are under the capital, but we agree on minimal terms and leave. But this "brilliant plan" didn't work. Ukraine, as it were, is not Georgia a little, and in 14 years the West has come to know the leadership of the Russian Federation and its interests much better.
        2) Under the full control of the West? No, not under full. The Russian Federation, like other former republics of the USSR, inherited Soviet assets (and the Russian Federation received the most), including political independence. Most of the former republics have not retained this independence (including Ukraine since 2014), while the Russian Federation has retained it. That is, neither the CIA nor the State Department gave us Putin, and they do not determine the internal policy of the Russian Federation. The fact that a pro-Western course and the corresponding reforms are being pursued in the Russian Federation is a consequence of the internal attitudes and ideals of its political elite, and not the will of Washington. Even easier, if the conditional "patriot" Peskov sends his children to study and work in the West, this is an expression of his real ideals and interests , not an order from Washington.
        1. Essex62
          Essex62 2 November 2022 21: 19
          Excuse me, but do you separate Putin from this elite? That is, Peskov’s installations are pro-Western, but he doesn’t? Political independence is a big delusion. The global financial system belongs to who knows. Russia is up to its neck in this system.
          1. Belisarius
            Belisarius 2 November 2022 22: 44
            Quote: Essex62
            Excuse me, but do you separate Putin from this elite? That is, Peskov’s installations are pro-Western, but he doesn’t?

            Of course not. I don't separate. Peskov is just a specific example and a person about whom much is known for certain. After all, of course, the representatives of our "elites" are not fools and do not advertise their assets (often recorded on unauthorized persons through several companies-gaskets) and passports.
            For example, Count Sobchak, who decided to make us happy with her return, no one imagined that this candidate for the President of the Russian Federation, among other things, also had Israeli citizenship.
            1. Essex62
              Essex62 2 November 2022 23: 17
              Yes, it turned out to be embarrassing with Ksyusha. But maybe she received this citizenship after the candidacy? But I'm not talking about this. The main point of your post is that it is they themselves, not Washington's decree to them.
              Washington's order is, of course, not about us, especially since they themselves indicate to Washington. The pupae are there, on the strings. The USA is not a state, in the generally accepted sense, but a platform for printing colored candy wrappers, plus a shock fist, to impose these candy wrappers.
        2. soloist2424
          soloist2424 3 November 2022 19: 24
          Quote: Belisarius
          The fact that a pro-Western course and the corresponding reforms are being pursued in the Russian Federation is a consequence of the internal attitudes and ideals of its political elite, and not the will of Washington.

          Since the Russian elite does not act on orders, but on the basis of their convictions, then this is already not bad. We do not know all the thoughts of the decision-making elite, we can only guess. But... To demand from the elite that it return all its property and distribute it to the people is arrogant, it can end with another revolution, with all the consequences; especially during the war. Therefore, I see no reason to despair.
  6. Leader_Barmaleev
    Leader_Barmaleev 2 November 2022 06: 01
    In the article, the reflections of a fifth-grader nerd who are harassed by hooligans are seething with lush color - I will not twitch much, and I will not be beaten hard for it. The enemy must be destroyed always and everywhere. And you have to fight to either win or die. Any other line of behavior leads to defeat. But these defeatist sobs - do not succumb to provocations, do not cross the red lines, you need to understand and be able to forgive ... Stupid, the war is ALREADY on, but there are no rules in the war in love - what provocations for wild boars, what conventions in the hollow - you either won, or you don’t, and so that you are good and acceptable, any means, and the answer to “simple Ukrainian guys on a tank” should be such that the rest of the simple Ukrainian guys, at the mere thought of something like that, would piss in the corners, and not upload videos . In general, it seems to me that Alexander Staver is an enemy. He proposes to fight according to the rules dictated by the other side, and the rules do not recognize. And so you can only lose. And then what are all his leaf calls worth?
    1. soloist2424
      soloist2424 2 November 2022 11: 10
      Yes you? That is, you can safely hit nuclear weapons in Washington?
      1. Leader_Barmaleev
        Leader_Barmaleev 3 November 2022 02: 25
        If you hit boldly, then you can. And if you continue to chew snot, they will boldly hit us. You can, of course, put your head in the sand and believe that it will blow over. It won't carry.
  7. Gardamir
    Gardamir 2 November 2022 06: 22
    We need to take into account the "desires of the enemy" and not succumb to provocations
    Just like in 1941. The enemy is also at the border, and also do not succumb to provocations.
    On February 24, the Kremlin succumbed to provocations. And then he began to demonstrate, in red lines. which can be crossed, with a desire for negotiations, with gestures that Russia can be beaten, still will not answer.
    And if anyone does not agree, let them think why the Kremlin supplies Europe with gas, oil... and why it does not want to attack.
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 2 November 2022 07: 33
      Quote: Gardamir
      let him think why the Kremlin supplies Europe with gas, oil...and why it does not want to attack.

      Yes, because he, as one type in the play "In the Steppes of Ukraine" said (I'll just redo it a little), "I only settled down under capitalism and I'm not tired of it yet." To fight for real, in full force, it is necessary to restore socialism. But this "top" does not want. Did you listen to the speech of VVP in Valdai? Just count in the newspaper how many times he quoted V.I. Lenin and how much Solzhenitsyn. That's why nothing will really. Everywhere you want to be kind.
      1. Boris55
        Boris55 2 November 2022 09: 24
        Quote: Egoza
        we need to restore socialism.

        What kind of socialism do you mean: Trotsky, Stalin, Khrushchev-Brezhnev, or maybe Hunchbacked? Personally, I am for Stalin. And yes, I like the World that Putin is building. Without revolutions, scuffles, lowering the country into the Stone Age. The changes with which country he accepted, and what is, are striking.

        Quote: Egoza
        count in the newspaper how many times he quoted V.I. Lenin and how much Solzhenitsyn.

        Why not a transcript:

        He also said that we have a social state, i.e. care for children (starting almost from the moment of conception until the end of education) and a fence about old age (pensions are quite sufficient, it’s not enough to buy an island on the sea-ocean, but it’s enough for life).

        On the question of whether there will be an open war with NATO?

        It will be if they are sure that the fifth column in the country is ready to betray everything and everyone. Whether a nuclear strike will be inflicted on us, in which the traitors will also burn - no. After our demonstration of the nuclear triad, such ideas have been shelved by the West for the time being, but they still hope to remove Putin and install Medvedev (it’s not for nothing that he has been sitting in a sump for so many years).

        A couple of proverbs: “They don’t look for good from good” and “You won’t know the price of paradise without having been to hell.”
        The 90s was enough for me. I don't want anyone to experience this.
        1. Egoza
          Egoza 2 November 2022 09: 32
          What kind of socialism do you mean: Trotsky, Stalin, Khrushchev-Brezhnev, or maybe Humpbacked? Personally, I am for Stalin.

          True socialism was just in Comrade. I.V. Stalin. All the other "mentioned persons" rode on what HE left them, and already they had socialism only in words.
          1. Essex62
            Essex62 2 November 2022 21: 28
            A hedgehog with a snake, you and Boris, however, famously crossed. Nikita and LIB. The last one didn't ride. The country developed dynamically and socialism built developed. There were no less achievements and victories, if you do not take the Victory, than with Stalin. Only Lieberman's poison and illness stopped him. Next came the collapse. There was no one to pick up the banner.
            Stalinist socialism is mobilization, crisis. Society cannot live in such tension for a long time, it will break the thread.
    2. Ka-52
      Ka-52 2 November 2022 08: 24
      and why does not want to attack.

      set an example. Or do you prefer to cheer others up from the bushes?
      1. Monster_Fat
        Monster_Fat 2 November 2022 10: 31
        Here they call to fight "for real". How about for real? That is, to declare war on Ukraine, to obtain the status of an aggressor state in the UN, after that we will be expelled from all international organizations and absolutely everything will be blocked, and by the way, those who will support us will also be blocked. That is, our country will be in complete isolation, Turkey will close the straits as a belligerent state, etc. Inside the country, mobilization of all ages will be announced, industry will be transferred to "war rails", your whole life, all your plans, the plans of your relatives and children will be destroyed, etc. All the countries opposing Russia will receive carte blanche to supply anything to Ukraine and send troops if Ukraine officially asks for help, etc. Do you seriously think that you are ready for this? Russia's military-industrial complex has been destroyed, it is capable of producing a limited range of weapons in limited quantities, which is why they hoped to finish everything in the NVO in a short time, because there is neither the strength nor the means for massive strikes in the long run. The country does not have an established centralized system of management and management, which made it possible to quickly transfer the country's economy to a military footing. Russia will not pull a total war! How can you not understand this? If you "bit the bit" and your pride does not allow you to admit the obvious and you so want to win or die in what you think is a "holy war" against the "forces of evil", then ask if your wives, children, native! Why do you decide for others? Who gave you such a right?
        1. Dimy4
          Dimy4 2 November 2022 11: 28
          You suggest that we surrender and repent: "like forgive us Western democratic people, the demon beguiled us to attack poor Ukrainushka." But seriously, we have practically no choice, we will give up, the part of the population that is needed will go to the West as servants. And the rest will be sent to the Lord, to paradise, where one of our statesmen wants. If we do not give up and bring to the extreme point, then we will also die, but we are not alone.
          1. Monster_Fat
            Monster_Fat 2 November 2022 11: 42
            I propose to turn on your brains and soberly assess your potential and the potential of all opponents, not "wave your saber", but think about how you can end this story with negotiations. Let and losing something now. Everything can be brought back if the right lessons are learned from what happened. Take Armenia and Azerbaijan. How it all began and how it ends now. By the way, here many criticize the Kremlin for "inactivity", "for draining", etc. BUT! It seems that everyone has already understood and does not entertain illusions, they understand that there is only one way out - negotiations. And they follow this path. They are looking for ways to do this and leverage on Kyiv. And they do it right.
            1. sadam2
              sadam2 2 November 2022 18: 22
              Quote: Monster_Fat
              how can i end this story

              There are two conflicting factors here. Guarantor has a re-election in 16 months. some kind of victory is needed .. if it gives the back it will be crushed ... climb forward - even more unforeseen surprises .... the feeling that everything in the Kremlin is decided from the wheels ...
              and it's time to change your nickname - there won't be many fatty ones left))
          2. filibuster
            filibuster 2 November 2022 11: 52
            And a lot of the population was sent to the Lord in Paradise after the unsuccessful campaign of Tukhachevsky Poland, or what happened to the United States after the defeat in Vietnam?
            You can close your eyes and deny reality as much as you like, but now the situation is exactly the same as it was in the Crimean War, Russia is actually alone in isolation, even China, and even then we are neither an ally nor even a fellow traveler. Neither the US nor NATO has even begun to fight with us, so they only gave a few weapons to Ukraine, where the entire aid budget is only 93 billion dollars. That is, for years, until our complete exhaustion, they provide assistance to Ukraine.
            The most ideal option is to freeze the conflict at the current stage with the current territorial changes, a sort of North-South Korea, but very skillful work of diplomacy is needed to reach such an agreement.
        2. Ka-52
          Ka-52 3 November 2022 08: 46
          Monster_Fat (Yes What Difference)
          Yesterday, 11: 42
          Do your wives, children, relatives want the same fate! Why do you decide for others? Who gave you such a right?

          stop being a clown and pretending to be a clown. I did not offer anything and did not call for anything in these comments. Neither for war nor against war.
    3. Doctor
      Doctor 2 November 2022 10: 19
      And if anyone does not agree, let him think why the Kremlin supplies Europe with gas, oil...

      Need money...
      and why does not want to attack.

      No strength...
    4. soloist2424
      soloist2424 2 November 2022 11: 11
      Quote: Gardamir
      And if anyone does not agree, let them think why the Kremlin supplies Europe with gas, oil... and why it does not want to attack.

      That's right, in Ukraine, Putin's agents are fighting Putin's agents! But why? Has anyone gotten bored?
      1. Monster_Fat
        Monster_Fat 2 November 2022 11: 30
        Believe it or not, this is practically the case. It's just that someone re-read "smart" books and heard enough of "smart" advisers. I wrote here a couple of years ago that the situation should not be escalated, but weakened, even if I give up something now, but eventually return it back by other methods and gave an example of this, an old Russian proverb characterizing how following pride and escalating confrontation will end : "Word after word, with a fist on the table, and then for a knife."
        1. Essex62
          Essex62 2 November 2022 23: 34
          Everything, maybe it wasn’t bad if they wanted it from the other side. Attempts to put everything on the brakes were made and will be made in the future. The wrestlers somehow need to get out of the porridge. they don’t want and can’t. They have their own serious crisis and solve it for ours, with a geyropy, at the expense of the meadow, deliberately adamant. . And the revival of a competitor, after a certain time. But they do not seem to consider this possibility.
  8. Nikolay Malyugin
    Nikolay Malyugin 2 November 2022 06: 44
    The dark forces of imperialism need war. And they rejoice when there are calls on both sides to expand this war. Not the kind of war that is going on in Ukraine, but something serious that can enable the masters to survive and reduce the servants. There is a choice of a country that could fulfill this mission. Germany is no longer the same. Italy is used to the heat. The choice may fall on our country. I hope that these forces will not be able to outwit our leaders. And there are more than enough grounds for such thoughts. There are symposiums of dark forces in the world, where they do not hesitate to choose the main instigator of their mission.
  9. kor1vet1974
    kor1vet1974 2 November 2022 08: 01
    Who provokes the war in Europe
    "Dark" capitalists are trying to start a war with "light" capitalists. They will not share resources. And they cannot burst from greed.
  10. rocket757
    rocket757 2 November 2022 08: 19
    Global confrontation, but not war
    . What does NOT WAR mean??
    There are no casualties, human or otherwise??? Eat and not a little!!!
    There is no destruction and other things ... there are also quite a few!
    What else is "no" now???
  11. Million
    Million 2 November 2022 08: 34
    Nobody wants war, and war is coming.

    Does the author offer to surrender? It is already moving towards this.
    1. soloist2424
      soloist2424 2 November 2022 11: 13
      In my opinion, no. I did not see such a call.
  12. Maks1995
    Maks1995 2 November 2022 08: 50
    As always.
    We bomb Kyiv and annex European unrecognized countries and territories, but provoke a war - all sorts of others. Logically.

    As it were, Europe, NATO and Omerika, in violation of all agreements, had to meekly surrender Ukraine, smile joyfully, laugh, and pump gas into NATO. Logically.

    But naive.)))
    1. Boris55
      Boris55 2 November 2022 09: 52
      Quote: Max1995
      We bomb Kyiv and join European unrecognized country and territories

      How convenient it is to be an aquarium fish, absolutely not remembering what happened five minutes ago.

      Quote: Max1995
      Europe, NATO and Omerika, in violation of all agreements, had to meekly surrender Ukraine

      For starters, they shouldn't have taken her.

      Ukraine, as it were, a state, is only ~ 30 years old, and before that, it was a union state within the USSR for 70 years, and before that there was no Ukraine at all, it was the territory of Russia, and before Russia there was Rus' with its capital in Kyiv. Kyiv is also our city and we will not give it away to anyone.

      You throw back the entire thousand-year history of Rus', take the last 30 years and claim that this was the case? Do not make me laugh. Remember - We return our.
      1. Maks1995
        Maks1995 2 November 2022 10: 37
        Whoever slaughters and conquers - he returned.
        If China wants land behind Baikal, it will return its own.
        And Lithuania from the land to the Crimea - it was also once its own.
        And how many hetmans swore allegiance to the Polish king ...
        In general, there is always a reason for the imperialists to kill their neighbors ...

        1. soloist2424
          soloist2424 2 November 2022 11: 14
          In any case, the United States has nothing to do on Ukrainian soil.
          1. Maks1995
            Maks1995 2 November 2022 15: 42
            Clear stump, right. - for us. They would attach everything quickly, and kapets.

            And for them to leave is a loss of face (the guarantors of the nuclear deal) and one benefit to stay.
            And how agent Trump went bankrupt - they say that Europe began to forget about NATO, does not develop weapons, reduces the armed forces, everything becomes obsolete and rusts in warehouses ...

            And then they have such a gift - HPP
      2. 2 Level Advisor
        2 Level Advisor 3 November 2022 09: 22
        Quote: Boris55
        Ukraine, as it were, a state, only ~ 30 years old, and before that 70 years a union state within the USSR, and before that Ukraine did not exist at all

        "The modern independent Russian state began its existence in December 1991. That is, 31 years old .. and before that, 70 years was a union state within the USSR, and before that there was no Russian Federation at all, it was the territory of Rus', the Russian Empire, later the USSR .. just like Ukraine" we are just a large part of the USSR, they are smaller .. the difference is only in the size of the territory and "inheritance" ..
        these are FACTS - or disagree with Constitution Day in 1991?
  13. yuriy55
    yuriy55 2 November 2022 09: 45
    The US and Britain also have no desire to compete with the Russian army. All repeats. Nobody wants war, and war is coming. Our task is not to give a reason for it to start. To answer "it hurts, but gently," as Lelik said in Gaidai's famous comedy.

    Eh, there it is!
    Or maybe it is Russia that does not want to compete with forces (or is not allowed to, is not given the go-ahead) with the US and GB special forces? What answers besides shaking the air and mixed funny promises and statements we have the opportunity to see?
    The revealed destruction on the "SP" indicates the involvement of the Anglo-Saxons in the terrorist act. What has been done in response? Where is this “Losharik” that can beat with its hoof at a depth of up to 6000 m and which tears communications into the trash and destroys the channels through which transactions take place? Or was it in a single copy, because it was of no value? We are more important than "Poseidon", the use of which is theoretically possible ... We need "Sarmat" more, because we need ...
    In the Russian Sea, some trash (!!!) decides FOR RUSSIA AND WITHOUT RUSSIA, how, when and how many ships will do who knows what, under the guise of food supply ... And who do they supply? And what do they supply?
    As it is boldly said: “TMV began on February 24” ... The genocide of the Russian and Russian population began much earlier ... Do you remember with what joy the West, together with Ukraine, noted the entry of Russian Crimea into Russia ... Crimea, which, according to bungling was left to Ukraine by the EBN-founder of the new Russia ... And what do you see the outcome of this TMV? How do you think Russia will be able to win?
    And now speeches are already heard: “We understand everything, but how could we not be left without pants ...” And what did you, the same gentlemen from television, sacrifice for the sake of victory, except for your own language? I remember the times when the Chinese people wore uniforms...Yes!!! Imagine!!! No neckline and leggings, no stilettos and glasses from Armani, but just in the usual uniform.
    To hell with these poseurs. Why, at the level of representatives of the highest authorities, do we not hear any explanations and decoding of responses to the damage caused and being caused to us?
    I did not graduate from KGB schools and did not dream of becoming a taxi driver, but I would have declared publicly who and how is to blame for prolonging the agony of the Nazis in Ukraine. I would have warned the British finally and irrevocably by blowing up a couple of pipes in the North Sea with the prospect (if they didn’t stop) of complete instantaneous destruction ... And what to expect, tell me? Sit and be silent? Peeking out of the bunker waiting for the arrival of American missiles?
    Decisions should be made as needed, and a long box is not the right way out.
    1. Boris55
      Boris55 2 November 2022 10: 03
      Quote: yuriy55
      How do you think Russia will be able to win?

      The change of political power in Ukraine, and it is desirable that the people of Ukraine themselves do this.
      About retaliatory measures - and in Ukraine the light went out.
    2. soloist2424
      soloist2424 2 November 2022 11: 16
      You never know who does what, this is no reason for Russia to become a monster. America has applied nuclear weapons, to follow its example?
    3. Essex62
      Essex62 2 November 2022 23: 43
      Quote: yuriy55
      In the Russian Sea, some trash (!!!) decides FOR RUSSIA AND WITHOUT RUSSIA, how, when and how many ships will do who knows what, under the guise of food supply ... And who do they supply? And what do they supply?

      The sea is really a little Turkish. If you look at the strength of the Black Sea Fleet and the fleet of the Sultan. And not only by the number of pennants, but also by the combat strength.
      1. sofkar
        sofkar 7 November 2022 00: 44
        Quote: Essex62
        The sea is really a little Turkish. If you look at the number

        And if you look at the straits ....
  14. Mazunga
    Mazunga 2 November 2022 10: 20
    a purely abstract and fantastic idea, and if some group of Thunbergites, outraged by all sorts of tsatskami pecks and suitably prepared and sufficiently equipped, arrange for Calder Hall, for example, in Sellafield, a big woman is just the middle of an old woman of England, after such a brazen desire to spoil for a long time will disappear
  15. Taimen
    Taimen 2 November 2022 10: 39
    Mr. Staver, write better about girls and vodka. At least it will make sense. Stop writing vague and justifying articles. You can also write about fishing, also readable.
  16. dandy
    dandy 2 November 2022 10: 46
    Maybe it was easier to solve this problem by ridding the world of the arrogant Saxons themselves? The roots of evil are mainly on this not so big island, what else is there. And the world ... I think everyone would only be grateful. Creatures, still search.
    1. soloist2424
      soloist2424 2 November 2022 11: 17
      Unfortunately, they have already bred on two continents.
    2. Vladimir80
      Vladimir80 2 November 2022 13: 02
      "Englishwoman crap" I agree with this 100%, but everything is not going smoothly in our kingdom either - who hid gold in Western banks, who lied about import substitution, combat readiness, the presence of modern weapons? And after all, the problem is not only at the very top, here the tangle of passions can be unraveled to the very bottom. In the end, we ourselves often do not know why we live - if for the sake of "financial well-being", then we must immediately give up and join the rainbow European family with songs (like Ukrainians).
  17. Dimy4
    Dimy4 2 November 2022 10: 49
    Who provokes the war in Europe

    But in the photo the first soldier carries a flag. These are the ones that provoke.
  18. dandy
    dandy 2 November 2022 10: 52
    In general, the saddest thing is that you and I understand everything correctly, we think correctly, but ... alas, we do not decide. Although, probably, if it were different, the whole world would already be in ruins.
  19. ivan2022
    ivan2022 2 November 2022 11: 04
    Quote: Rakitin
    Here with "replacement will find" just also there are problems. In essence, today's global crisis is connected with the global exhaustion of available resources. Now Europe is being drowned, and the Russian Federation acts as a "bad boy" hired by global puppeteers for such an unpleasant mission.

    There is no global lack of resources. You yourself allude to it. When you write that everything was arranged in the USA. They arranged it because they are in control of the situation. . They also sell gas to Europe. . And they want to achieve more.

    Attacks on Russia are also not from a global absence. But because, as grandfather I. Krylov said: "The strong are always to blame for the weak" We are simply "ripe" for this.
    In February 2022, the President bluntly said that Russia had been driven into a corner. Therefore, the SVO began.

    We were appointed not as bad guys, but as weak ones. Previously, Ukraine worked, contributed to the GDP of the USSR, and now it contributes to US policy.

    And we arranged it ourselves, when in 1991 we "equipped Russia." We have done as much as no one in history has ever done. And "with my own hand".
    1. filibuster
      filibuster 2 November 2022 11: 44
      In February 2022, the President bluntly said that Russia had been driven into a corner. Therefore, the SVO began.

      But what if the President made a mistake or even lied, could this be?
  20. filibuster
    filibuster 2 November 2022 11: 43
    Listen, how much do they pay for such “jingo-patriotic” articles? I think, take something "hack". Judging by all the information that has been available over the past eight months, neither Europe nor the United States needed this war, why did they need all this, if good business was going on with Russia, resources went to the EU and the USA, although in Russia there was not the largest market, but quite decent, billions were “made”. They like to say here that the United States is trying to weaken Europe in this way, but this is because the understanding of the world goes according to our Russian realities, where there is one leader and one vertical of power, which is not the case either in the US or in the EU. The economies of the US and the EU are so tightly connected and a huge amount of US money is invested in the EU and vice versa
    This SVO, in my opinion, is natural, dictated more by internal reasons, a quick victorious action was needed, the dividends from which can be used in the next elections. And as a result, we can get a classic “small victorious war”, in which the international political situation was not correctly assessed, the enemy forces were not correctly assessed, and our own army and economy were overestimated.
    1. Vladimir80
      Vladimir80 2 November 2022 12: 55
      As they said in Roman law, "who benefits?" - so look around, who received the most dividends from this svo - the USA, China, Great Britain, partially Poland, northern Europe. And there is no need to object about the "falling standard of living in Europe." This is only on TV they say for our electorate. That's the clue who muddied this provocation! And we succumbed to it.
  21. 1536
    1536 2 November 2022 11: 59
    Not every transition to a new technological order ends in a global war, but every global war will mark the transition to a new technological order.
    During the Soviet Union, mankind relatively peacefully entered the fifth technological order at the turn of the 1970s. But after the destruction of the USSR, the world plunged into chaos. The transition to the sixth order was marked by a series of bloody wars and upheavals around the world. Actually, the collapse of the USSR occurred due to the inability of the ruling party in the country and managers to feel like citizens of a single country, and not of its individual constituent parts, which, allegedly, "will be easier to survive and develop" if you get rid of the "underbelly", and then "heads".
    However, there is hope that the transition to the seventh and subsequent stages will go along a peaceful path, as humanity will change its attitude towards many things that are considered unshakable today and will find a way out of seemingly hopeless situations.
    And what about Russia? An independent policy, both internal and external, should put at the forefront only the benefit for the people and the state, domestic industry and agriculture, science, culture and education, while suppressing all attempts to "make friends with partners", "friends" and other various lovers of profit anything at the expense of our country. Calls for the destruction of the state should be prosecuted along with such serious crimes as espionage, treason, etc. Paraphrasing V.I. Lenin, we can say that "every state is worth something if it knows how to defend itself."
  22. the same doctor
    the same doctor 2 November 2022 16: 16
    @/// Thus, President Putin openly made it clear to the West and, above all, to Washington, that Russia is not going to concede ... "
    Putin only "makes it clear", but does not fight at full strength. The West perceives this as weakness, cowardice and inability to fight. Starts pushing even more. Putin again "makes it clear". The West is stepping up pressure.
    So even before the use of tactical nuclear weapons against us, one can "understand"!
    It is necessary to fight, not to give understanding.
  23. ivan2022
    ivan2022 2 November 2022 21: 26
    Quote from: filibuster
    In February 2022, the President bluntly said that Russia had been driven into a corner. Therefore, the SVO began.

    But what if the President made a mistake or even lied, could this be?

    What if you lied or made a mistake?
    Could this be?
  24. runway-1
    runway-1 2 November 2022 21: 37
    I think that today the heads of European politicians are busy thinking about how to get out of the current situation with the least losses. How to preserve at least the remnants of European prosperity ...
    Not the other way around, by any chance?
  25. Altmann
    Altmann 2 November 2022 23: 19
    I like the openness of the article. He explains and proves what is happening in Europe, and at the same time is not aware of it. I personally gave up. People are unteachable, they have to go through their war, but there is a war, and the war will become more and more until we finally destroy ourselves. I confess that I do not want to go through such a time, to survive means to die later. However, I am glad to know that around America there is a regiment of Russian submarines with missiles capable of "erasing" major cities from the map of the world. It keeps me sane. The Bible clearly says that if someone hits you, you must immediately kill him or he will destroy you later. I edited the bible a bit, but the bible is correct. am
  26. iouris
    iouris 3 November 2022 16: 40
    Another weird title.
    Even the Pope has long told you that the Fourth World War is on. It's coming!!!
  27. The comment was deleted.