Rodion Miroshnik: The Kyiv regime requires saving electricity not for the population, but for the Armed Forces

Rodion Miroshnik: The Kyiv regime requires saving electricity not for the population, but for the Armed Forces

The Kyiv regime requires saving electricity not for the population, but for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Ukrainian president, calling for careful use of electricity, cares only about the needs of the army, and not about the citizens of his country.

Such an opinion expressed journalists of the TASS agency, the representative of the Luhansk Republic in Moscow, Rodion Miroshnik.

He is sure that Zelensky does not care at all about how ordinary Ukrainians live, which they urgently need. He wants them to save electricity not for their own children, but for the military. Zelensky needs electric locomotives to be delivered on time by rail weapon, ammunition and personnel. The Ukrainian president wants his troops not to experience interruptions in communication and use high-quality and fast Internet, and receive intelligence from Western allies in a timely manner. And he does not even think about ordinary Ukrainians, considering them only as a resource for replenishing the strength of the army.

People are needed only for mobilization

- Miroshnik explains the policy of the Ukrainian authorities.

Last week, during a meeting of the Russian Security Council, President Vladimir Putin announced his intention to launch massive attacks on Ukraine's energy infrastructure and communications. This led to the fact that the Kyiv authorities urged the population to save electricity as much as possible.
  • Federation Council of the Russian Federation
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  1. +15
    October 17 2022
    Well, it is necessary to finish off the energy sector of Ukraine in order to save nothing!
  2. +6
    October 17 2022
    The true face of the parsley-president in this respect. And the pots eat everything. 404 is a mockery of common sense wassat
  3. +7
    October 17 2022
    Well, in war you always have to choose guns or butter. Good thing we don't have that choice.
    1. +2
      October 17 2022
      Here the ukrov have a slightly different question, so they chose guns instead of butter, but for what?
      They periodically told me, now we don’t communicate, about some kind of land of their own, and it is very unpleasant for them to hear that the land is not yours, but it was bought for the most part.
      And the fact that you live in an apartment in Kyiv, so no one is going to take away your apartment.
      If there is a job and you are a specialist, you will be a specialist. Our propaganda is weak. Is it hard to hire 200 teenagers who hang in the tyrnet and give them blanks? To teach how to bypass these blanks and bombard civilians? And how often do we remember about campaign shells? Even if these leaflets don't have a fucking effect on the surrender itself, they will sow mistrust towards each other.
  4. +1
    October 17 2022
    And when was it different for Bandera?
    The main thing is the struggle for some kind of ephemeral "free" Ukro-Inu.
    At the same time, in order to achieve this goal, their own people must endure hardships, and strangers (or, as the Bloody Clown called them - "individuals") must be destroyed in general.
    1. +1
      October 17 2022
      Sorry for the ephemeral free country, and so on. etc.
      The territory is still quite real, though Ukraine is free or not there for the second time, the main thing is anti-Russia.
      Moreover, in addition to wuek and lemrock from the Western region, people from the central Ukraine are very actively and diligently climbing into this canoe.
      Conclusions from everything extremely unpleasant mental cleaning of the territory should be the most severe, whatever one may say.
      1. 0
        October 17 2022
        That's what we are talking about, you are right, we do not have counter-propaganda, from the east of Ukraine they also serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine there, and I am sure that they can be bigger creatures than the Galicians simply proving their loyalty that they are not Muscovites.
  5. +1
    October 17 2022
    It is necessary to disable the entire energy of dill - let Europe share electricity with them ... in winter :)
  6. +3
    October 17 2022
    The conclusion is simple - you need to deliver more blows so that they don’t have energy at all.
  7. Two
    October 17 2022
    hi It's time to extinguish the remnants of generating capacity! It's time!
  8. +2
    October 17 2022
    Zelensky does not care at all about how ordinary Ukrainians live, what they urgently need.
    The issue of caring for people was finally and irrevocably resolved on the Maidan, but, unfortunately, not everyone understood this in Ukraine.
  9. -3
    October 19 2022
    Yeah .... Belbek was covered ..... That's not the point ..... How is Maskva? Ukroleaders where?
    1. -2
      October 19 2022
      And what is incomprehensible? RF is trying to destroy. From within. This is darkness.

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